The Remake: The Second Coming Redone


The Categories

Welcome back to the randomness! Today, my dear friends, I will be talking about the remake. Ah. The remake. The bread and butter of the movie industry these days.

When a remake is announced, I noticed that people fall into three categories:

Category One: That is cool. You want to get some bread for the table.


Category Three: This is a remake? How old is this movie? Way before I was born! *snaps gum*

Either way, the remake invokes strong reaction.

Up until recently, I usually fell in the second category. I am very protective of certain shows and movies. If I fall in love with a show or movie, I want it to stay the same. When I attach to a movie or show I tend to become attached to everyone involved with it and around it.  Just look below at a post where I angrily denounce the Dirty Dancing remake (seriously…scroll down…it is awesome).  I did not want anyone remaking a film that I had attached such happychildhood memories.

However, recently, I was watching Brows Held High; an art house review series by Kyle Kallgren (Check it out. It is great for movie nerds like me).  He was reviewing Shakespeare films from different eras. At the end of the “10 Things I Hate About You” review he said something that made me stop.

He said:

…I think it is necessary to retell stories. Not just to remind ourselves why they are told but to reevaluate why they reflect us…”

Do we need the remake movies and television shows to show how far we have come as a society? I did not see it that way until I turned on the television to HBO.

Let me explain further.

Amanda Explains Things: Freaky Friday Edition

Freaky_friday_post Freakyfriday1976

Freaky Friday. I grew up with the Jamie Lee Curtis and version. I only recently saw the original with Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris.

The one I know had a family dealing with a new stepfather, a mother who is very busy with her career and a daughter acting out. The original had a stay at home mom dealing with a busy husband and a daughter who wanted her mother off her back.

The two movies have very different stories but the main lesson remains the same. If anything Freaky Friday (2003) displays how much things have changed with families, society’s expectations and with pop culture. In the remake, the mom has a full time career, raising two kids and has a wedding to plan. The kids are focused on their own problems and cannot understand why mom does the things she does.

The 1976 version was a lot simpler with a mom who had to be the one that scheduled everyone’s day and a daughter who just wanted to do her own thing. The stories are different but the lesson stayed the same. We will never understand how person looks at life until we walk in their shoes.

These two films, under the same name with the same message, still shows how much we have changed. Maybe that remake had to happen to show us that regardless of the time period certain lessons need to be learned again.

I kind of like looking at remakes that way. So, for now. I will look at remakes with an open mind. Try not to judge them and look as my generations look at society as it stands today.

Except Dirty Dancing. I do not think you can improve on perfection.


What do you think? Should we be more open to remakes or should we banish them to the deep underground of horrible ideas. Until then….the randomness has come to an end. Enjoy.


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