The Golden Girls Favorites

I’ve always been a Golden Girls fan.  Recently, Hulu released the whole series onto their service, and that has created a monster. Having now re-watched the entire series in the matter of a week (Shut up. My mom thinks I’m cool) I have a new respect for what the show stood for and the extra laughs I got now that I’m an adult watching this show. When you are a kid, you miss a lot of the jokes.

Anyway, having come out of the other side of that rewatch with a renewed view of the show, I have found my top three favorite episodes. Keep reading to find out what they are!


“The Case of the Libertine Belle” – Aired September 28, 1991


 Blanche hosts a company event at the Maltese Falcon Club Mystery Nights. However, Blanche gets into some hot water after her boss is found murdered in her room.

Why is it Great?

This is a classic because of how everyone played a part in this episode. Usually, there is one plot, and everyone veers off to little plots, but this one was focused on one place.  It made the jokes sharper, and for once, Rose got the upper hand over her roommates. The mystery is a lot of fun too.

Favorite Quote


Sophia Petrillo: Not part of the show, people! Not part of the show!

“Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?” – Aired December 3, 1988


The girls $10,000 scratch-off ticket is left in Blanches new jacket which is accidently given away to charity. They chase the jacket down to a homeless shelter where they spend the night.

Why is it Great?

This episode always bored me as a kid. I always thought the song at the end was corny as well. However, as an adult, that episode just broke my heart. Not only does the show break the stereotype of what people consider a homeless person to be, but they also point out that we don’t seem to try and take care of these people. It must have been big for a sitcom to highlight these people and highlight that we aren’t doing enough to help them live as a productive person in society.

Favorite Quote


Ida: The retirement home costs money, the doctors cost money, medicine costs money. I always thought it was so sad I’d outlived my whole family, but I didn’t know that it was going to be a punishment.

“Mrs. George Devereaux” – Aired: November 17, 1990


Blanche’s husband comes back from the dead, faking his death to take down his business partner. Meanwhile, Dorothy has two celebrities chasing after her affections.

Why is it Great?

This episode lets us go beyond the ‘sex-pot’ image and see that she does miss her husband.  She does dream that he is alive and she could continue her old life with him.  Breaks my heart when it turns out to be a dream. Though, all the little subplots within the dream are hilarious. Dorothy being fought over by two celebrities and Sophia admitting she was a spy is something fun to see. By the way, I’d totally buy Sophia being a spy in real life. It makes sense.

Favorite Quote


There is so much to love when it comes to The Golden Girls. You can now watch those episodes and more on Hulu.

What are your favorite episodes? Tell me below in the comments section or shoot me a tweet. I love to talk television with anyone.


Stick around for more Golden Girls fun while I nitpick at some Golden Girls plot holes! Until next time.


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