I am Not a Social Media Mean Girl (or am I?)

Welcome back! I have been a soap opera fan since I was a little girl. I never truly appreciated the storylines and characters until I hit my 20’s and had time between classes to get obsessed with the storylines.

Even better? I had Twitter to talk to other fans in real time. No longer would I have to talk to my dog and call my grandmother to dish about the show. Yes, for a soap opera, you dish. Not talk.  Having Twitter made it easier to talk about the current storylines, the different ways they could go and my favorite characters. I especially love to talk about the characters I hated.

I would get into long conversations with people about the characters that truly drove me up a wall. Sometimes we would start to talk about the actors or actresses. Sometimes things got rough but who would notice? Twitter is a big place.

Recently, I came across an article in Soap Opera Digest that talks about a soap actress, Heather Tom, joking about being the least liked character on Bold and Beautiful only to be attacked for the joke. People talked about her acting and how she didn’t deserve her awards. She stood up for herself instead of letting the Twitter users win.

That got me thinking of all the times I’ve had conversations about actors or actresses on Twitter. I don’t think we were that mean, but more than likely these people saw a version of these tweets on their timelines. I felt my stomach clench.

I never wanted to be the mean girl. Not at this age. I’ve been the mean girl when I was nine. I didn’t like it then. Then when I got older, I became the target of mean girls and boys for many reasons. I know how it feels. Why would I do that to anyone else?

Getting caught in the moment and being sure that these people will never see my tweets is the real reason I make fun of actors and their work on Twitter. Apparently, they do sometimes see those tweets. That just makes me feel like a real idiot. When it comes to soap operas, some actors aren’t good. It is because they are learning. However, to attack an actor for something beyond their control (bad writing, bad sets, bad chemistry) is a mean girl act. Something I will admit to doing.

Maybe it is time to be more constructive with our criticism and less cruel. Let us calm the inner mean girl in all of us.


What do you think? Are you a ‘mean girl’ on Twitter or do you think it ultimately doesn’t matter when talking about actors on a television show? Comment below!


Midnight Twitter and Click Bait Madness

Welcome back! Recently I have been spending my time on the midnight Twitter. What is the midnight Twitter you ask? It is Twitter without the sane people to keep it balanced. Midnight Twitter is filled with people who start rumors, conspiracy theories or patriciate in general stupidity (trolls).

Since I have insomnia at the moment, I get caught up in all the drama that midnight Twitter brings. I look at it and in my sleepy stupor, and I start to get worked up over what I read. Most of the time it is the opinion of a random person. Then the group think kicks in and the comments get nastier and nastier.

I expect that from the midnight Twitter. They know the people who can debunk their stupidity is asleep. I have slowly learned not to take what they say as a consensus. Not everyone in the country feels that way. It is just the views of a few people that try to start problems.

Lately, I’ve noticed that midnight Twitter is staying online, even as the sun rises. Those types of individuals are growing in numbers. They are starting to include journalists and institutions that have a duty to be as transparent and report facts.

Recently, I noticed that reporters that I trusted to fully source and write only the facts as they saw them are starting to fall into the midnight Twitter crowd. They see that facts don’t drive people to read their work. They see articles that have no substance, but a great ‘click-bait’ title is getting them hits and attention (regardless how the facts are presented).  They start to follow suit. It riles up midnight Twitter because now they have substantial people on their side. People who were trusted to present the facts as just facts are now glorified Buzzfeed writers.


News media that tries to play doctor for views. (image credit: headoverfeels.com)


I’m sick of it. I admit, I get caught up in the Midnight Twitter madness. I see a click bait article, and I read it. I hate myself later. I know what I did was just feeding into the cycle. It is hard to break free from that cycle as a consumer of media. I don’t have complete access to the facts. I just have the newspapers, blogs, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. I want news, and that is all I got. Whatever the reporters or eyewitnesses write. If the people who are supposed to report the truth starts falling to the trolls and midnight Twitter for better views or clicks, what hope do I have to get a balanced viewpoint on any news event?

I hope that people come back to their senses and start reporting the facts, not just the gossip. Facts never lie. Gossip only distorts the truth.

What do you think? Do you think ‘click-bait’ writers have gone too far or do you think I’m being oversensitive and need to get some sleep? Comment below!