Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 10, 2017

Welcome to the preshow. This is how I feel about fandom today.


Let’s get on with the show!


Thank you for noticing. The Whites aren’t paying for anything. No one finds this weird. Where is their money?

The Hospital

Once again, the Whites think they are better than anyone.

Also, THING. Screw her.

Also, Rebecca. He doesn’t want you. He never wanted you. He wanted all of what you forced onto him with Aaron. Dumb whore.

She doesn’t care about Aaron. Hearing Aarons name come out of her mouth made me stabby.

Bernice’s Beauty

Well, this spoiler clip makes more sense now.

Everyone talking about death. Money. Interesting.



Everyone is at the scrapyard for once.

How did Aaron hear about the job before Bernice and Victoria? Odd.

This reminds me of when Aaron tried to run too before Robert and Aaron joined forces to fight Gordon. History repeating itself? Robron coming together to fight the Whites?

I love how honest Robert is being with Aaron. *heart eyes*

I really love this conversation. Aaron generally knows everything and Robert told him how he is feeling. I REALLY love these scenes.

EH….Rebecca made it her mission to do it but ok. There is canon proof of that.

Never say never, Aaron. *wink*

So, I hate to break this to Aaron, but it wasn’t just Robert that broke them. So, EVERYTHING is Roberts fault. Not Rebecca who took advantage of a drunk man. Not Aaron whos lack of anger management got him thrown into jail and not The Whites trying to frame Andy Sugden. NONE OF THAT WAS PARTS TO THIS STORY. Just Robert. Either that means, a big fall is coming for everyone, or the show is just as blind as a good amount of the fandom.

My thought? Aaron was angry and wanted to hurt Aaron accidentally defending Rebecca. Rebecca doesn’t need to be defended. She is a dumb whore who expected Robert to be her man. Sorry, Robert is Aarons. Aaron is Roberts. They are going to find their way back. I see this talk as a cleansing talk.

The Pub Crew

Rodney pissed off cracks me up.

THANK YOU CHAS. She is rubbing it in everywhere. You hate her too. We can be friends. I also love how she won’t play The White Family ‘kiss their ass’ game. She might be the voice of fandom.  Also, Chas didn’t need to be there. She needed to say that line for a reason. Soaps don’t just have characters saying random things. They don’t have time to spare to do that.

Victoria is still a dumb cow.

Home Farm

Everyone losing their shit over The Whites makes my skin crawl.

No one finds that Lachlan’s comments are weird? They aren’t telling him off. He is just allowed to talk shit? Sure. Whatever.

Now you care Victoria. Fuck off.

Aaron and his disapproval is the only way Robert was going to try and do this. He needed to hear from Aaron even if it was harsh.  He is going to try now and you can’t fault him for that.

I’m in the minority, but I’m fine with Robert being into the baby. Why? More than likely…its, not his.

Also, ‘US’…more proof she is up to something. Honey…he cares about the baby, and he is being nice to you, so he can stay in his life. Don’t get it twisted.

Did the baby just answer him! Awwww, that is a cute little SJ. This is adorable. Since it’s about SJ and not Rebecca. By the way, Ryan and a baby? My ovaries are dead. I’m done. It’s too cute.

General Thoughts and Questions

I love that a lot of history has finally been pulled up. The Sugdens hating The Whites. This might be a set up for Andy to show back up.  Also, why are the Sugdens paying for everything if The Whites are rich? Also, Lachlan’s comments are officially out there for everyone to hear. Anyone going to notice him unraveling? Also, US. Let’s remember that. She still thinks she has a chance with Robert when we know full well…she doesn’t. Not once after everything went down did Robert say or show he wanted to be with Rebecca. So…where is this coming from? Thoughts?

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!


‘The Incident Debacle’ aka Storylines? Storylines, I know!

Yes, it is me. Back with another opinion. Everyone must be so excited to read this one.  Anyway, if you enjoy my ramblings on Emmerdale/Robert and Aaron, please continue reading! I truly appreciate the people who do.

So, as I have written before, I was raised on soap operas. There is an old family story that gets passed around whenever we have a few too many.  When I was about four or 6 months old (the age is never agreed on), my mom put me down on a blanket facing her as she folded laundry and waited for The Young and the Restless to start. As those opening chords played through the speakers on the television, I stopped dead and turned my head towards the sound.  I knew it already and tried to turn myself around to watch the show (or so my mom says).  So, when I said I was raised on soap operas I was really raised on soap operas (in utero action here).  I love them. I hate them. I can’t imagine television without them.

Since I was raised on soap operas, I have seen every type of storyline. I’ve had my heart broken, I have laughed, I’ve been shocked, and I’ve been smug because I figured out the big twist before my grandmother. Which was no small feat considering my grandmother was listening to soap operas on the radio before watching them on television.  (I’m still quite proud of that. Getting a twist before my grandma. It’s about the little things people.)

Since I know storylines I wanted to give my opinion on the storyline.  We all know what I’m talking about.  We sit and analyze the hell out of it, feel ok with it, get angry at it, give up/never give up on it, but we can’t stop talking about this storyline.  I guess I will name it for the sake of this piece. We will call it ‘The Incident Debacle.’ Mostly because it won’t upset people.

Anyway, what I am seeing (mostly on Twitter but it is slowly making its way to Tumblr) is this one fear.  That the story will turn into something else.  I’m just going to say it. It may be uncomfortable for some to hear it but I need to say it to prove my point.  Some fear, thanks to DS nonsense, that Robert will fall for Rebecca and must choose between Aaron and Rebecca.


Ok. Here is why there is a 99% chance of that NOT happening.  I’ve seen this story before (Young and the Restless is doing an exact copy of this story right now. I can’t escape it!) and I know the signs.  I guess it is all about story structure.  For the show to go down that road this would have had/going to happen:

  • Robert and Rebecca would have to build their relationship up from the minute she arrived in town.
  • Robert would have to regularly spend time with her and want to spend time with her beyond what he was using her for.
  • Wanted to be around her.
  • Have deep conversations about the past that leaves them feeling closer.
  • After the incident, they would be drawn to each other. Enough to sleep together again.
  • Robert would feel torn enough to draw away from Aaron.
  • The baby would be the one to tip the scales towards Rebecca.

So. Let us review, shall we?

  • Robert and Rebecca haven’t built their relationship further. The two of them set in the past during a time that Robert is trying to grow from. Better himself.
  • Robert only spent time with her when they had to plan their revenge plot (that never got off the ground. Did anyone else notice that?) and always found his way to get out of meetings early if she went down a path he wasn’t comfortable with.
  • Robert never set out to find her just to hang out. She always found him. (Sober at least. That is for another piece.)
  • Anytime she mentioned Robert’s father or mother, it wasn’t out of fondness, and you can tell it was to make Robert uncomfortable.
  • After ‘The Incident’ Robert woke up alone and ashamed. He made it his mission to make sure she knew it as the biggest mistake of his life sleeping with her. Not since then has he tried to sleep with her.
  • The only time Robert felt torn from Aaron was to make sure Rebecca took care of the problem. It wasn’t out of love. It was out of fear.
  • The baby reveal after ‘The Big Reveal Episode’ only made Robert more desperate for Aaron, not Rebecca.

See the difference? Not once has the show shown they were going this route of Robert falling for Rebecca. It has been about Aaron and Robert from the beginning.  This story is all about Robert and Aaron being forced to face the big issues they have been shuffling under the rug since they were reunited.  Robert is facing the consequences of his actions and Aaron is going to be facing his consequences very soon (Hello Jason!).

Want more proof that it won’t be that type of story? Watch the reveal episode again.  There are clues in there that prove this isn’t about a typical triangle.

  • Robert takes full responsibility.
  • He shares his real feelings about the whole situation for the first time.
  • He makes it perfectly clear numerous times that Aaron is it. He is the only one for him. “My beautiful husband…” “She doesn’t compare…”
  • Robert gave Aaron room to breathe and make his own decision on where their relationship is going.
  • He was worried about Aaron hurting himself.
  • He holds on tight at the end. He isn’t going anywhere.

That gave me many hints that Robert is and will always be chasing after Aaron.  Not Rebecca. It isn’t that type of story.

I’m already hearing the arguments starting to form out there.

IM can’t be trusted!

He lies all the time!

Who said they care about Robron anyway!?!

Guys. Iain isn’t dumb. He knows how to craft a story. My gut tells me he loves Robron just as much as us from just reading his words and seeing him talk about them.  I’ve written this before, but it bears repeating. He called them ‘soulmates.’ In all my life, I’ve NEVER heard a soap opera showrunner call any couple ‘soulmates.’ It just doesn’t happen. So, this makes me even more positive that the endgame will always be pro-Robron as long as he is there as the showrunner.  He just did a good thing badly.  No one is perfect, but I believe they know what they are doing.  It will suck. It will hurt. I trust Iain and the writers to get us through all that.

As my friend, Kat says to me all the time, “We are in the trees now, but soon we will see the whole forest.”

I understand the story sucks. I understand falling for people’s negative speculations. I understand wanting to punch someone, like me, for being so calm and positive about the whole experience.  This story is bringing up a lot of issues the show won’t address, and this story is testing, not only our favorite couple but us as a fandom as well.

In my opinion (oh goody more of my opinions) I think the only thing that will make Robert conflicted is his growing affection for the child.  The love for a child and the love for a spouse are two different types of love.  That is less about choosing and more about communication between Robert and Aaron. Once they make that clear to each other things will be better. It obviously won’t happen overnight but it will happen.

Sure. I could be completely wrong. The show can do an 180 and run with a story people fear will happen.  Soaps are a crapshoot. If you can’t handle it, please leave for your own sanity.  Soaps will always be crazy and confusing to viewers. That is what makes it fun.  Riding out the wave of a story, theorizing and hoping your favorite characters and couples make it out intact and alive!

So, that is my explanation as to why I think ‘The Incident Debacle’ isn’t following the typical soap storyline structure.  I see something deeper happening here. This is about Robert. This is about Aaron. It is about facing their biggest issues (communication for one) and learning and growing from this experience to make them stronger as a couple.

We are just in the trees right now. Soon, we will see the forest.

What do you think? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @AmandaJ718.  If anyone out there reads my ‘Live and Organized’ series I will be off Monday and possibly Tuesday (4th of July for me!) so I will be doing a different type of review. Until the next theory or opinion, I will see you around the fandom.

Emmerdale Title Card

What the Hell is Happening in Emmerdale (Theory Time!)

Get a treat and some tea folks, this one is long. I have been reading through different people’s opinions on what might be coming, running around after ‘spoilers’ left on the DS forums and using my general gut instincts.

What the hell is happening in Emmerdale? Here is what I came up with or Amanda Comes Up With More Theories to Add to the List! What the Hell is Happening in Emmerdale is shorter though.



Dropped Storylines

Charity and Frank

Last we saw them they had made out/possibly slept together and then everyone went on vacation for a few months. In fact, there is a Metro article implying that Frank is playing Charity, but then the two of them seemed to disappear and so did the interest in the couple. This was back in February.

Moira and Pete

They managed to kiss and sleep together and not reveal it till much later on in the week it happened. Then nothing came of it. Not yet at least. That was back in December.

Rushed Storylines

Robert and Aaron

We all know the story here, but since their engagement, they have been on a roller coaster ride.  Dealing with more issues than Vouge the two are always challenged and pushed forward too quickly.  I know they had to move things forward because of Lucy’s pregnancy and Isabel needing to leave for exams, but they could have easily held off and given the pair mini stories (even comedic stories) until Liv or Chas returned. Instead, we got a lot of rushing, drama, and sadness instead.

Victoria and Adam

This is still fresh. Everyone knows how I feel about this but yeah. Their marriage broke up within a two-day span. Just so Adam can pull a Ross and declare they were on a break when it all comes out that he cheats on Victoria next week. Sigh. Double sigh. That’s all we need to know about that.

Story threads Left Open


Emma seems to have gotten away with what she has done. Kind of. She hasn’t managed to get away from it in her mind.  In fact, she has turned to religion which is fine. However, as quite a few people have predicted, she is starting to grow a complex. She thinks she is about everything and is quoting bible verses all over the place.  She is cracking even further, and that might have consequences for not just herself and her family but the whole town.

Cain and Harriet

Their storyline with stolen phones, making money for the family, hiding it in the church and sleeping together are so general and random I assume they are just setting them up a big summer story. Not that I don’t enjoy seeing Harriet have some fun. She has had a rough year so far. Let her ride the Cain pony. Horse. Oh god, I can’t believe I wrote any of that.

Vadam friendship with Rebecca

What the hell is that about? Out of nowhere, Rebecca is friends with both Victoria and Adam. It was clunky, plot plop and just confuses me.  It is an open thread that could go anywhere. Rebecca is an open thread that can go anywhere. So….


Rebecca’s exist is an open plot thread. She has butted in on everything Robert and Aaron since she appeared. She isn’t connected to her family (where was she for Lachlan and his day to come home from prison?), and she seems to be attaching herself to random people at random times. Dropping random plot points like a little plot plopper.  Everything she says and her existence is suspect.

What does this all mean for the Summer aka Theory Time!

This won’t be as stunt driven, but it will be equally as quirky and interesting and probably non-linear.” – Iain MacLeod

That quote above (thanks to @mygodthefeels for finding the article for me!) is from a Radio Times article with Iain Macleod outlining what might happen this year.  Some of it has come true, and some haven’t but this line stood out to me.

Non-linear storytelling. What if all of these dropped, rushed and hanging story threads all lead up to one big event. Everything isn’t as we know it to be and we all have to sit back and wait for the pieces to come together in big summer event? I mean, it makes sense. We have had so many random events happen (except for Tracy’s storyline. She is the only one that is intended to be filler) they have to be connected in some way?

Here is Theory #1: This is All in Emma’s Head

We all know Emma is cracked. We love her but she not doing well mentally. She is starting to throw herself into religion which might give her a god complex. Just makes her mental break worse. She is thinking things are happening what aren’t happening. She is putting people together that wouldn’t be together. Her mindset is messing with what is truly going on in the town.

This theory falls under the ‘Dallas’ clause. Dallas used the ‘It was Just a Dream, ’ and it screwed up a lot of character development, and the spin-off shows stories.  Emma having a mental break and changing storylines could affect character development and what is happening in their lives. It would be hard to do without screwing up quite a few events (Ashley’s death and Rhona’s marriage to a monster come to mind).

Theory #2: We Don’t Know the Half of It!

As I wrote earlier, we aren’t getting the whole story as an audience. We are being told the story by an unreliable narrator.  Events that we should be seeing are happening off screen, character motivations are all over the place, and all the little plot threads and holes are there for them to fill out this summer in ‘SHOCKING TWISTS!’.

I mean, I wouldn’t mind this happening, but that is a lot of work for one big reveal in the Summer or even the Fall. Then again, the reveal could affect the future of the show for years to come. I would be impressed if this is what happened, that takes a lot of planning and hoping the audience sticks around to see the final result.

Theory #3: Things are as they Seem

Say this ‘non-linear storytelling’ MacLeod was talking about might be for something else altogether. What if they just screwed up the first half of the year and now they have to fix things in the summer to set the course right for Fall and the Winter stories? This could be happening, and we all need to guard ourselves for this possible outcome. They just screwed up royally. I don’t want to believe it, but it’s not bad to have in the back of your head.


Until everything that has been building explodes, I will hold onto so many theories. There are so many ways things can go, and I want to have hope that Emmerdale writers will surprise us at every turn. It has been a rough winter and spring for these characters, maybe the summer will reveal some of that pressure and give us some answers.

If you made it this far thanks for reading! What do you think?


I am Not a Social Media Mean Girl (or am I?)

Welcome back! I have been a soap opera fan since I was a little girl. I never truly appreciated the storylines and characters until I hit my 20’s and had time between classes to get obsessed with the storylines.

Even better? I had Twitter to talk to other fans in real time. No longer would I have to talk to my dog and call my grandmother to dish about the show. Yes, for a soap opera, you dish. Not talk.  Having Twitter made it easier to talk about the current storylines, the different ways they could go and my favorite characters. I especially love to talk about the characters I hated.

I would get into long conversations with people about the characters that truly drove me up a wall. Sometimes we would start to talk about the actors or actresses. Sometimes things got rough but who would notice? Twitter is a big place.

Recently, I came across an article in Soap Opera Digest that talks about a soap actress, Heather Tom, joking about being the least liked character on Bold and Beautiful only to be attacked for the joke. People talked about her acting and how she didn’t deserve her awards. She stood up for herself instead of letting the Twitter users win.

That got me thinking of all the times I’ve had conversations about actors or actresses on Twitter. I don’t think we were that mean, but more than likely these people saw a version of these tweets on their timelines. I felt my stomach clench.

I never wanted to be the mean girl. Not at this age. I’ve been the mean girl when I was nine. I didn’t like it then. Then when I got older, I became the target of mean girls and boys for many reasons. I know how it feels. Why would I do that to anyone else?

Getting caught in the moment and being sure that these people will never see my tweets is the real reason I make fun of actors and their work on Twitter. Apparently, they do sometimes see those tweets. That just makes me feel like a real idiot. When it comes to soap operas, some actors aren’t good. It is because they are learning. However, to attack an actor for something beyond their control (bad writing, bad sets, bad chemistry) is a mean girl act. Something I will admit to doing.

Maybe it is time to be more constructive with our criticism and less cruel. Let us calm the inner mean girl in all of us.


What do you think? Are you a ‘mean girl’ on Twitter or do you think it ultimately doesn’t matter when talking about actors on a television show? Comment below!

Four Ways to Improve Soap Operas


Welcome back! I have always been a soap opera watcher. The minute I was born it seems like soaps have been a part of my life. I have very strong memories of the death spree on Loving. I remember the famous returns of James Stenbeck. I loved watching Michelle and Danny stay together regardless of what was thrown at them. Reba coming back from the brink. Brooke living on the beach in a hut taking care of fake children. Yeah, I grew up on CBS soaps. One could say that soaps sparked the writing bug within me.

However, soaps have become a bit stale. Stuck. Dark. Too realistic maybe? There are lots of theories and ideas on why soaps aren’t what they were in the 80’s and 90’s.  I’m here to talk about what I want to see again in my soap operas. Specifically, four elements of the classic soap opera.



Forrester. Stephanie Forrester. Bitch slapper. 


I’m not a violent person by nature. With that said, it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good slap or two on my daytime television.  Daytime television seems to be held to a different standard when it comes to sex, violence, and general debauchery. The slap is one of the refuges soaps could take. It was satisfying for viewers, built some tension up and sometimes could be funny. A quick slap can be lots of fun and provide quality ‘gifs’ (I pronounce that with a ‘g’ since that makes more sense).



Just a girl wearing a white dress asking the prince to marry her.


I found old episodes of Guiding Light (RIP) recently. One thing that grabbed my attention was the varied characters and what they did in the town of Springfield. Every character had this corner of the canvas and they worked that corner beautifully (uh…yeah…meant to put it that way).  What I miss is the fantasy element. Royalty to be exact. I understand people these days like reality. Things that would work out in the real world. I do too but something you need fantasy. Daytime television used to be fantasy. Now it’s just sad and dreary all the time.

Super Couples


I don’t know who you two are anymore.


Yes. There are super couples but not like the 80’s/90’s level of super couples.  There are a ton of couples on soaps right now that don’t scream long term. Fans want them to be long-term but my gut usually tells me they will be screwing someone else by the end of sweeps. What happened to ‘never say die’ and ‘constant devotion’ with soap couples. The reason we come back week after week. Why we invest in the families in soaps, not just the individual characters.



Danny and Michelle. Look them up. They are my OTP from childhood.


Love in the Afternoon the current state of soaps is not. There seems to be a lack of romance lately. You can say this about primetime television but that is for another blog entry. Romance is the cornerstone of the soap operas. Romance is why families have been built up on soaps. Without a romance, the soap gets dark and sarcastic. Some people who already have a sarcastic soul would like to see some light show up on television. Let soaps lead the way!


I miss lovely broads like her. 


There you have it! Regardless of my constant ragging on soap operas, I do truly enjoy watching them. I think people are so angry these days because they know the shows they know and love can be better. They know the actors and everyone behind the scenes can do better than what they are given. I believe soap operas can be popular again it will just take time to realize that what is happening now isn’t working.

I have talked about how soaps could make a comeback here and my hope for a supercouple that will never be here. Enjoy.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed.

How to Save Soap Operas: One Vampire,Werewolf and Zombie at a Time

I have a dirty secret to tell.  I am a soap opera fan. I know right? Who would actually admit that to anyone let alone the whole internet?  There is a massive amount of fans that live for soaps on the internet. I should know.  I tweet with them every weekday at 12:30 pm.  Yes, I am unemployed and have too much time on my hands…why do you ask?

Anyway, soap operas have a very loyal fan base.  That fan base, however, has been getting smaller and smaller because new generations don’t seem to have the time or practice to sit through an hour-long daily drama of people’s lives.  In fact, this has been proven by an article on the Entertainment Weekly website.

What’s most remarkable (or depressing, depending on your point of view) is how the soap audience continues to age. GH remains the youngest-skewing sudser in daytime, but its average age is still 51.3. Last year, it was 50.3. Days is 52.9, down from last year’s 53.6. OLTL is 54.3, up from last year’s 53.4. Y&R is 57.9, up from last year’s 56.9. And AMC is 56.7, up from last year’s 55.5. Bold is 58.7, up slightly from last year’s 58.4. (In comparison, the nets are a lot younger in primetime: NBC is 49.6, CBS is 55.1 and ABC is 51.5). (Rice)

Those are sad facts to face.  The older the average soap audience gets, the more likely the soap opera, as we know it, will cease to exist. This has already started to happen with the
cancellations of As the World Turns, Guiding Light, All My Children and One Life to Live.

This got me wondering.  What could possibly save the daytime industry?  There are a few answers that come to mind.  Better advertising, better writing, better actors; the list goes on.  I honestly believe it all lies in what is being shown on screen and how what is being shown on screen relates to a younger audience.  Don’t get me wrong now; I believe what is being shown now is great. It’s just not reaching a younger generation which might just be the saving grace of this industry.

This brings me to the famous supernatural soap, Dark Shadows.  How did I get there you ask? Well, it’s simple; vampires, werewolves and love triangles with young, relatable women and
men.  I think bringing back Dark Shadows could be the answer to bringing back the young to soap operas.

Dark Shadows, to put it as plainly as possible, was about the wealthy Collins family of Collinsport, Maine and their experiences being tormented by strange occurrences.  Very paired down
summary for a show that lasted 6 years and introduced such characters as Barnabas Collins (Vampire), Victoria Winters, Maggie Evans and most importantly Angelique Bouchard (witch); just to name a few.  The show was considered a cult classic and has a very loyal fanbase that is very protective of the soaps history and its future.

Before I start my explanation; yes I have seen the soap. Yes, I know the powers that be tried to bring it back in ’91 (it was well done, but it had such bad timing). Yes, I know they are making it into a motion picture with Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins (I’m not going into how I feel about that…that is for another blog entry). Yes, I know that my idea is crazy. Just hear me out.

It isn’t hard to notice that almost everywhere around the internet, television, books, movies and even radio there seems to be a love affair with anything and everything supernatural.  For
example, “The Vampire Diaries” television show and books, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Teen Wolf and of course the infamous Twilight books and movies. If you look at who is actually watching and reading these types of bizarre wonders, it is the tween and teenage girl.  I’m sure you see where this is going.  It is pretty obvious, but I bet you wondering how they would save soaps in general. Even if you haven’t asked that I am going to tell you. Bringing back Dark Shadows will bring in the young girls who will open them up to other soaps.  I know you are laughing right now and getting ready to leave but there is always a gateway drug, and Dark Shadows will have to be it for the tween to teen girl.

Now I am going to fully explain this idea using the 4 P’s (Product, Promotion, Place and Price).  I would do a full marketing plan, but I don’t want to bore you, and I really should be either getting paid to do so or getting a grade to do a full plan. Anyway, here it goes.


Dark Shadows would be a daily soap opera that would air at 4 pm on CW; starting its story in June. The story will stay true to the original with the noticeable upgrades in technology and social updates.  The story begins with Victoria Winters coming to Collinsport, Maine to be a nanny for the Collinwood family while to figure out her past which just happens to lie in Collinsport.  Little does Victoria Winters know, this town is full of colorful characters that will change her life forever.

Place (Distribution)

Dark Shadows would be airing on CW network.  The CW is a small network that is still going through growing pains. They house popular shows such as Gossip Girl, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries.  It is evident their target age is the 18-49 but gets the 13-17 market as well; this bodes well since the revamp of Dark Shadows would want to aim itself at this market. There is also no soap operas currently on the network.  It would be an excellent introduction to the network, and I would get them a different array of advertisers if they were to put the soap on at 4 pm. Its main competitor would be General Hospital (which does skew young), but that soap is sliding down the rating track as we speak.

Promotion (I can go on for days on this part, but I will only go into tiny details if someone asks me to)

The soap would need to premiere around the time tweens, and teens are ending school so around mid to late June. The reason for its 4 pm air time is so the target will be home around that time for dinner, and when the target goes back to school, they can still watch the show live.  Also starting it out in the summer gives it an advantage since a lot of other shows will be on hiatus then. It tones down the competition.

There will be the obvious promotions; commercials, print and online ads and promotional tie-ins to other products that relate to the show.  These ads can be played during other primetime CW shows (Vampire Diaries a great choice); the print ads can be placed in teen publications, and the online promotion can be on the CW website and a few other sites that relate to the Dark Shadows fandom.

Seeing as how the target demographic is well versed in social media there can be a promotional connection there as well.  Starting twitter accounts for the main characters and having them
converse with each other as well as people interested is a great promotion for the show.  It is also an excellent way to connect with fans to figure out how they are feeling about the show and its

There is also the idea of teaming up with Hulu and Apple to premiere the first episode for free. Get the attention of the kids who live on the internet. Also posting the episodes up on either a designated CW website or YouTube for people to watch if they missed an episode.


Here comes the sticky part.  Soaps are considered cheaper than most, but since this soap would need to produce elements of the supernatural, it might cost a lot more (special effects, makeup, etc.).  Since there aren’t hard numbers available for this type of soap opera it would have to be played by ear.

If you made it this far…

I applaud anyone that is still sitting around and reading this.  It is something I have been thinking about for a while but never had the nerve to put into print, until now of course.  I know that people feel that the soap opera is doomed, and nothing can save it, but networks and viewers are fickle creatures.  Something that is considered dead one year can rise from the grave with one exciting new development of a new show.  That is what revamping Dark Shadows might do for the daytime industry.  We will never know until we try.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or do you think I am out of my head? I will never know unless you comment!

Have a great week and if anyone asks you to be a nanny in Collinsport….watch your back!

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