The Personal Side of The Young and the Restless (A Positive Viewpoint on YR at 45)


Being cynical about The Young and the Restless these days is easy.  There is upheaval everywhere you look, and the fans are fighting it out on social media.  It’s a battlefield out there, no I don’t mean the awesome Pat Benatar song either.  Being a soap fan can be like a metaphorical solider on a battlefield for a dying genre.  Regardless, this blog post isn’t going to be about the negatives for this is a big week for The Young and the Restless. They are celebrating 45 Years on the air, and I’m here to celebrate with them.

Here are three positive ways The Young and the Restless affected my life.

Me and Grandma

I remember my grandmother telling me about the first episode of The Young and the Restless.  What was happening back then and how much it had changed since then.  That was when I was a teenager, but I’ve been watching since I was in utero.  I have fond memories are watching it with my grandmother growing up. On videotape once I started school and then in the summers I remember coming home from the pool to watch smelling of chlorine and a stomach full of brown cow ice cream.  I remember being obsessed and confused by my feelings for Victor and Hope when I was a hardcore Nikki and Victor fan. I remember being so in love with Nick and Sharon and feeling devastated when they kept falling part just to be elated when they got back together. I cried my eyes out when Cassie died. Katherine Chancellor and Jill Abbott. Their fights, friendship, and love for each other were epic, and I loved to see what they were that week. I had (have really) a huge crush on Neil and became very protective of him (I still am).

These are memories I hold dear.  Watching the show with my grandmother week after week as I grew up.   She has dementia now but every so often she will ask me about the show, and I tell her.  No matter what my grandmother blames Victor and that is how I know she is sane that day.  She used to blame Victor for everything back then too. We laugh, and I get another memory thanks to The Young and the Restless.

Katherine Chancellor

People see soaps as a genre where women fight over men and slap each other as they fall into pools, cakes or fountains.  Yeah, it has a lot of that, but The Young and the Restless had lots of women in charge of their own businesses and held essential jobs in the major companies.  Katherine Chancellor is the one that stands out to me the most.  This is a character that defines the soap diva.  She started out as a bored housewife with a drinking problem to someone who beat the odds and ran her own company while being an inspiration to everyone.  I grew up watching her and admired her to her dying day.  Her ability to push forward even when everything was terrible, and she was at her worst stuck with me.  Also, how to deal with a crazy person watching her epic battle with Jill Abbott. (I adore Jill by the way).  Katherine was like another grandmother to me and one hell of a role model. She wasn’t perfect at all, and that is what made her a true daytime diva.

Made Me Want to Write

I always wanted to write. That was a given.  I would write stories about my stuffed animals and my family before The Young, and the Restless became a considerable part of my life.  That is when I took my writing to the next level. For every great storyline from my time watching Young and the Restless, there were a few duds that drove me up a wall.  I would grab my Lisa Frank notebook and write what I wanted to happen. Yes, I participated in early fanfiction, but it helped me find a passion for writing complicated stories that went beyond my family and what my stuffed animals were doing that week.  I never lost that passion.

I grew up watching The Young and the Restless.  This show has been a part of my life forever, and I can’t see myself ever walking away for good. I might have moments when the show is just terrible, and I can’t relate, but I can never walk away.  So, I wait, watch and complain, but I will always support this soap and the people that work in and behind the camera.

Here is to 45 more years of feeling young and restless! Until next time, enjoy the week and try and stay positive.


The Tired and Confused: Thoughts on The Young and the Restless

I have been watching Young and the Restless for as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of watching live in the summer and after school with my grandma. I lived through multiple affairs, false starts, sad deaths and amazing villains. Yeah, there were clunkers. Bad writing. Bad characterization. It happens. In time we forget those missteps and remember the good.

That is the beauty of soaps. Running one hour a day for five days a week. Lots can happen in one year that drowns out the bad.

However, the ability to recall the bad is easier than ever. Social media, message boards, and video help remind us of when our favorite soaps have fallen, or miss stepped in major ways.

That might be why I am so critical and more willing to look beyond what is shown to us on screen. I can refer to past episodes easily and see the patterns. What worked. What went wrong.  What characters had the best development? Which characters were left behind for new blood? You get the point.

Since I do this for Emmerdale almost every day with my live reviews, I decided to take a crack at it with The Young and the Restless. This is not a live review of each episode. I might try that someday, but I cannot do that right now. This is more of an accumulation of my thoughts in general of the show since being taken over by Mal Young. As per usual, please leave your comments below since I am on a twitter break.

Let’s begin!

The Writing of The Couples

The romantic drama and humor that comes from different pairings of a soap are what put soaps on the map, to begin with. Currently, we have certain couples flitting and flirting around Geona City. I pulled two couples (possible couples) out of this for further review. However, there are three couples I want to talk about here. Phyllis and Billy. Chelsea and Nick. Nikki and Victor. These are some of the pairings that are just in autopilot mode. They seem to pop in and follow a set pattern and leave again.

Phyllis and Bill or Philly, are being cast as the ‘rom-com’ couple. Funny crap happens, and then they leave. However, when they are separated the characters have this dull sheen on them.  Like the Walking Dead. They do not seem to have long-term stories outside of each other. There isn’t even a story that they are in together. They are just there for comic relief and then to leave. As someone who is not a fan of the pairing, its just tiring to watch. Give them a story together or separately. Make me like them show. Give me reasons to like them together or like them separately.

Chelsea and Nick or Chick are a couple that is designed to have sex every time we see them together. Yeah, they are cute in a low-grade Peep Marshmallow sugar high binge way. They provide a small thrill that goes away just as fast as Chelsea’s orgasms. The difference between this couple and Philly is separately Nick and Chelsea have a lot going for them.  Nick is involved in his own stories. His world. Chelsea has her world too, and lately, Adam has been brought up quite a bit. I wonder if we are headed towards a recast sooner than later. These two work well outside each other but together; they are there. They are nice. I can sit through their scenes, but I forget them just as fast.

Nikki and Victor. THE couple of Genoa City. The ones everyone roots for in the end (I know…the fanbase has dwindled a bit).  I do not know what they are doing with them. Lots of blackmailing and reunions and fake weddings (in a sense) but they are still very much a team. It is odd. It is like so much damage has been done over the past ten years that the current showrunner is having trouble getting a hold of them. Separately they are fine on their own. Always been strong characters. Both have their own worlds. Right now though, watching them is a chore, which breaks my heart because some of my fondest childhood memories watching Young and the Restless had Nikki and Victor in them.

Lily and Cane

Right now on my current obsession, Emmerdale, their big couple is running a similar storyline to Lily and Cane (only the details are a lot different, but the result seems the same). I think Emmerdale managed to pull it off. Young and the Restless, to excuse the term, shit the bed with this one. It is part the wrong trope to pick for this couple, changing showrunners and audience tolerance for the story being told.

I am convinced, just my opinion, that the original plan was to have Cane and Juliette (Juliet? I have seen it written two ways in the press too) were meant to try and have a relationship while Lily did the same with that other guy. Whose name I have forgotten (ahem).  They were meant to break apart to realize what they had was worth fighting for. It would take awhile, but it would come out in the end. Maybe giving us a DNA revel type trope as well.

Since the past showrunner’s storylines were developing slower than molasses, the process felt horrible. It was not fun to watch. I am not even a HUGE Lane fan, and I felt it. It was just…badly done. They could have split them up so many other ways. Other ways to burn them down to build them better but they chose this. After the new showrunner showed up, it went from molasses to a fast-paced river of plot.  Kill Juliette. Almost kill the baby. Get the family involved with the baby. Win Lily’s heart back in Paris. HAPPY FAMILY AHOY! All in a few months’ time.

It is a mess. A huge mess. Now we have a slightly more interesting storyline developing. How can Lily love Sam? That is something interesting that is developing, but I wonder if they can pull it off in a believable way. I felt like while those two were talking in Paris, the baby should have been one of the major aspects of that conversation. Yes, let’s give the Lane superfans a treat, but the general audience needs to see more than just fluff right now when it comes to Lily and Cane.

Mariah and Tessa

The couple that almost was and might be? I am down for this couple seeing their natural chemistry develop to that kiss that seemed to stop everything. Yes, they are controversial for some reason. I think Young and the Restless are the only soap without a running same-sex couple or storyline. That is pathetic in 2018. The world has changed, and soaps should reflect that change in the world. That includes showing same-sex couples. I am very much outside the inner circle of the Young and Restless rumor mill, but I hope the new showrunner is not scared off and tries to give Mariah and Tessa a chance. The journey will be worth the watch.

I think the show should be willing to let people go to gain an even bigger younger audience. This is a great way to do it. Tell an interesting story that reflects the world we live in. It is not rocket science. Time for Young and Restless to join the other soaps in telling this story.

Dina and her Dementia

Ok. This one is personal. I assume Dina and her storyline of Dementia is somewhat closed up for now. Sending her off to France takes her off the canvas for a while. Regardless, I have something to say about how it was portrayed on screen. I am going to try and be as even as possible though, in my mind, there was more negative than positive for me. I am going to ignore the crazy storyline attached to this as well. Its just dumb and didn’t amount to much.

I did not appreciate it being used as a comedy plot point at all. There were times when she would enter a room and start fights because she thought a person was Nikki or she thought it was someone John Abbott dated, and it was played for comedy. It is not funny. This disease should NEVER be used as a comedy plot point EVER. It’s not funny its hell on a family.

Speaking of family. They attempted to show the emotional toll it has on a family to care for someone with dementia. To a point. They have money. They can give Dina the BEST in everything. They can put her in those trials for new drugs I hear about all the time. They can give her a private nurse. They can put her in the best care possible. To see Jack and Ashley put down some of the care centers they visited, made me so angry. Why? Some of us do not have a choice. We cannot be there all the time to take care of our loved ones. Sometimes we need help, and that help is not available because we are not millionaires like The Abbotts are. There is guilt there that doesn’t go away, and the show decided to stomp all over that by implying that people who put their loved ones into homes are making a bad decision. NOT EVERYONE HAS A CHOICE. I wish the show acknowledged that.

Some small things. You never give alcohol to a dementia patient. Especially with her pills. The pills are not a cure, just something to slow it down and even then, it is not meant to last. There are different ‘levels’ of dementia. Different types of dementia. The show ignored that fact. They got some of the testing right though; I appreciate that. Drawing a clock and reciting lists are part of the first test. Those tests usually come with a neurological exam.  Which Dina never got. At least not on screen.

You think I am just bitching and moaning, but they did get one thing right. How Dina acted herself. Marla Adams gave an amazing performance. The moments when they did not use her dementia for comedy is where she shined. That is what it is like. They get angry easily. They are frustrated. They are scared. They know their mind is not right, but they cannot do anything about it but go along. There are moments of clarity, but that goes away as time goes on. I thought she did an amazing job showing those feelings.

Emmerdale did an amazing job with their dementia storyline. If you want to see the episode that made me cry message me blow, and I will direct you to it online. Its worth the watch especially if someone you love has the disease.

The show had the support of the Alzheimer’s Association and Mal Young himself gave an interview talking about his experiences with the diseases. They should have done better.

Odds and Ends

Nice to see Sharon and Nick hanging out and being friends. I will always ship them. That will never go away for me.

I love Mariah in general. She was a great addition. As well as Mattie and Charlie Ashby. Those actors are great, and I cannot wait to see the show give them more challenging stories in the future.

The less Paul I see, the better (that is more personal than anything else)

Since Genie Francis was treated like crap by General Hospital, maybe she wants to come back and have some fun in Genoa City? *wink*

JT and Victoria are weird. That is all. Getting divorced while your characters are screwing on every surface must be weird. WEIRD. No matter how positive and mutual the divorce is. That is WEIRD.

Ravi deserves the best. I love him and the show should learn how to use him better than someone Phyllis sets up on random dates.

I still mourn the beauty and possibility of Chloe and Ronan. *bows head for moment of silence*

I have left a lot out here, but this is how I feel about the show right now. It is not bad. I can watch it. I do not shy away from it like I did a few years ago. I just know that it can be better and I think it might be better once a lot of the above is clarified or fixed. Until next time, see you all around Genoa City!



Tips on How to Watch Any Soap (From an Old Timer to a Newbie)

Soap Operas. They have been around since radio ruled the world.  It has developed into a genre that has, no matter what thrown at it, maintained its place in the world of television. Recently, I’ve noticed there have been quite a few new fans to the genre which is exciting, and I hope the trend continues. However, some people seem confused as to how to watch it. Yelling about plots, characters, writing and how the show is advertised when longtime fans of the genre know it’s all part of the game.  So, here are some things to remember while watching any soap opera.

  • Always Look Deeper/ Face Value Doesn’t Always Exist

I hear this often. How soaps aren’t that deep. They are trashy. They don’t provide any real thought or value. They are the sugar donuts of television. Well, I will profoundly disagree about that. When people think soap operas, they think the 80s. The big hair, harsh lighting, and bad sets. Things have changed since then. That includes the writing.  Soaps have their silly lighter plots, but since the late 80s soaps have been making their viewers think beyond the story, they are telling.  Not only are characters getting to develop a deep connection to the audience they also get to develop9 layers which informs their actions.  It makes viewers help understand what is happening and even gives them a reason to care more.  Soaps have to compete with competition that stole their formula. They had to go deeper. For people to say that soaps aren’t that serious or deep need to take another look. Things have changed and for the better.

  • The Writing, No Matter How Crazy, Always Has a Grounding Force

One of soap operas big draws or detractors is the writing. Sometimes it can be stupid. Sometimes the dialogue or situations are so ridiculous even the hardcore soap opera fans roll their eyes and take a break for the day. However, no matter how crazy or over the top, the dialogue is there are always moments or kernels of honesty. Words that need to be heard. Words that highlight or bring the show back down to the ground. The conversation between two family members, lovers or someone near death. There is always a grounding force. Quiet words among the crazy. Look for those moments. They are precious and provide much-needed character development.

  • Don’t Trust Media/Interviews

This seems to fall more for UK media than US media.  The fledgling magazine industry has to up their game. They need that hook to get people to click on their articles or buy their magazines.  That means making everything sensualized. Everything is life and death. Characters that aren’t pure evil are being played up as the evilest characters ever. Also, the sanitization of characters becomes extreme. They want to create differences and parallels to get consumers attention. People who don’t need that type of sensationalism get caught up in the extremes, and it gets upsetting or annoying. For others, it creates pictures of characters or situations in the wrong light. That is why it is confusing when one watches the actual show or episode in question.  Also, actors are trying to sell the story or their characters. They will never give you the truth. NEVER. Never trust an actor’s words when it comes to storylines. They need to sell it just as hard, and they want the audience to have a good time with any surprises on the horizon.

  • Any Character is Capable of Anything

Yes. I get this a lot. ‘No way could so and so do that!’ Yes, they can and they will at some point. To make storylines work characters will do objectionable or noble things.  Soaps are designed to be a heightened version of real life. The characters are like the viewers and will end up doing things for the right and wrong reasons. YES. Your favorites will screw up on the regular. Your love to hate will make the right decisions for the right reasons. Much like life, people can change and soaps reflect that.

  • Unless Your Favorite Character/Couple is Leaving Soon, They will Never Be Super Happy for Long

This is more for new fans coming into soaps with the mindset of nighttime dramas.  Your favorite couple? The one you are rooting to make it? To defeat all odds? They will always be doing that. They will have their moments of happiness but be aware of those moments. When a couple is at its happiest and doesn’t have conflict? That is when the hand of doom is coming.  There are different couples with different agendas, but the super couples will never be happy for long. The comedy couples will be happy but only used in one capacity or until the writers find them a good story.  The mid-player couples that are on and off, but the audience doesn’t notice or mind.  Doesn’t matter. Just be aware, unlike a nighttime drama that is being played out in 22 episodes and then a nice long break, soaps are constantly moving. Never to break for anything (holidays mostly) so things can’t stay rosy for long.  It’s the most difficult level of the shipping game. It’s not for the faint of heart.  When shipping a soap couple, you need to have a strong heart and stomach.

There are more tips, but I’ll end it there. Soap operas are designed to reflect our daily lives but heightened and more dramatic.  We are meant to relate, cheer, cry, hate, and love these characters and the places they live.  If you remember those tips I listed above, you can have a great experience watching too.  It won’t always be perfect (what is?) but remember the biggest tip of all, sit back and enjoy the journey. You never know where it is going on a soap.

Do you have any tips to add? Is there anything you would like me to cover on this blog? Please feel free to leave a comment down below or tweet me @AmandaJ718! Until next time, you know where to find me. That’s right. In front of the TV.

Devils Advocate: Part Two (More Devil. Less Advocate.)

(First Part Here)

Every day there seems to be a new meltdown. Sometimes it feels like every hour. Since March the majority of the Robron fandom has been overreacting to spoilers to a degree of craziness.  Lots of fears are being preyed on by people who value clicks over telling the truth.  Also, people who don’t understand how to read a crowd. Regardless, people are melting down, and I’m here to say…


As someone who overanalyzes the show to a degree, I have picked up on many visual and verbal cues on where the narrative focus is going. I’ve outlined a few bits of speculation I have seen on social media and why it could or couldn’t work with the current narrative I’m seeing. So, get something to drink, get your favorite snack and come hang out with me in narrative overanalyzing land for three popular speculations.

Speculation #1: The Baby Will Die

This speculation has been around since that one spoiler showed up on twitter (I’m not talking about it here because I’m not Darren).  People speculate that since Rebecca mentioned to Robert, “She was just making sure things were ok.” in that one July episode, something might be wrong with the baby.

Why It Could Happen

The baby is a big thorn in everyone’s sides. On Robert and Aarons side (they aren’t ready to be parents, and they need to work on themselves) and The Whites side (they don’t want to be connected to Robert for life).  This baby has been pushed aside for so many plot cul-de-sacs or as I call it, Roberts Revenge Breakdown, that the show might see the baby as expendable. I know that is upsetting since the only innocent person in this whole storyline is that baby.  However, it’s the one piece of the puzzle that the show itself is ignoring. Like, it isn’t an important factor. It reminds me of cleaning up all the loose ends, the baby is a loose end. Again, I know its hard to hear, but that is how the show is presenting the baby at the time of this writing.

Also, killing the baby (I really do hate writing that) gives everyone involved extra drama. Aaron will feel guilty for wanting the baby to die, Robert will feel guilty for not caring about the baby while it was alive, The Whites…I’m not sure how they would feel. We, once again, don’t know much of how they feel. Maybe that would be used to set off their exit mixed in with finding out about Robert’s schemes. Either way, killing the baby off would set off all the key characters down a new path.

Why It Can’t Happen

Here is what I know.  What have we seen of the baby so far? Have we seen the baby on a screen? Have we heard the heartbeat? Have we had excitement over the child from Rebecca? Have we seen some attachment from Robert? If you answered yes to any of these, you haven’t been watching very closely or only listening to the most hysterical among us.

If they are talking about killing off the baby (I hate writing that by the way) they would make sure we saw that baby. We would see the scans. We would hear that heartbeat. We would get clear viewpoints on how Rebecca and Robert are feeling going forward through this story.  Rebecca goes missing from her own story these days. The only reason we are getting what we are getting with Rebecca and Robert (I will not spoil what is coming up this week. I am not Darren) is because Aaron is back. Chas is back. All the players are back on the board. If the baby were leaving us, we would care about the baby. We don’t. We care from an empathic frame of reference (no one wants to see a baby be hurt or die).  However, from a character or storyline point? We don’t care. We really don’t. As a fandom, we barely talk about the baby. We talk about Rebecca and The Whites but not the baby. For the baby to die, it would need to be for impact or to talk about an event many families experiences (Laurel and Ashley’s Baby story for example).  We don’t care about the kid as an audience. Looks like Eliza and Baby Dingle-Barton will get the special social issues. Nothing left for Baby White.  Just killing off a baby randomly isn’t good storytelling and I don’t think it will happen randomly.

Speculation #2: Robert/Aaron and Rebecca will Co-Parent the Kid

This is self-explanatory. After everything is out in the open, Robert and Aaron find their way back to each other, and The Whites future has been decided; Robert, Aaron, and Rebecca would play nice to raise the baby together.

Why It Can Happen

Co-parenting, while weird, is a soap staple. Some of the strangest groups of soap characters have made it work since the creation of the genre. While it isn’t feasible before the baby is born this could be developed after everything is closed off and used as a new storyline.  Robert and Aaron find their way back to each other, Rebecca is the last White standing, all the schemes and other problems with the storyline is resolved, and we are left with a baby and Robron. From that point on we can have Robert and Aaron work on their own relationship and their relationship with the baby. Meanwhile, the show can put the time and effort in to give Rebecca a personality and maybe likable to the audience by having her weave herself into the village ( a tall order, I know).  Meanwhile, the three of them bond over the baby. The baby is what brings them to a friendly place.

*Even I can’t make this work. I’m tap dancing…hard.*

Why It Can’t Happen

The show has made it known that Rebecca isn’t sticking around.  There has been much speculation about this and based off what we have seen, there is no reason for her to stick around. Her family is on their way out. She only appears at Home Farm and only at other places if her family or Robert is present.  She doesn’t have friends outside of the Sugdens or even The Dingles (Victoria and Debbie respectfully). In fact, Victoria is only interested in Rebecca when it calls for plot points to be made. Same with Debbie. That friendship seemed to die off when Debbie noted how giddy Rebecca looked about Robert and Aaron breaking up, telling her to move to the back room while they were there. Since then it’s been limited at best.

Another beat that would have to develop is the relationship with Robert and Aaron. If the three are to co-parent, they would have to develop those relationships. The show would have started to have the three of them start to be friendly with each other. If anything, the three would have to start this friendly relationship way before the child is born for it to make sense. Especially when the whites are on their way out from November to January.  Rebecca would need a touchstone that isn’t her family, and so far she is still attached to them.

Speaking of Rebecca, she would have to develop a personality that doesn’t depend on the plot. Also, the show would have to make her likable to the Robron audience which is a tall order. Right now, we see her mocking Lydia and her position in life, mocking the businesses in town and especially mocking the scrapyard (Robert and Aarons business).  She is looking down on the village and everything it stands for which doesn’t make her popular with the audience. We, the audience, are attached to this crazy place and the people in it.  Having a character look down on that while co-parenting with too extremely popular and beloved characters? Yeah, that won’t fly at all. She would need a whole new personality transplant, and that would take way too much time to develop.

Also, would any sane person let Robert near that kid after the schemes he has pulled on her and her family? No. Yes, Rebecca has always gone with Robert because she has no brain cells left in her head but this time she will use that to run from the village and Robert with the kid.  Roberts schemes aren’t pretty and wouldn’t make him trustworthy to her or The Whites.

Speculation #3: Rebecca and Robert are in Love/Robert and Rebecca will Be a Couple

tenor (1)

Yeah. I can’t even give this a real go without laughing because it ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN. Believe me. Jimmy and Robert have a better chance of falling in love and becoming a couple than these two. I’m going to refer you to this post I wrote about the ways the show isn’t going there with them.  It still fits.

LET THAT FEAR GO. It won’t be a thing. Not even Robert pretending is happening. He picked Lawrence for that cliché. While hilarious, we now have to suffer through that but its better than suffering through what most were afraid of, Robert and Rebecca. Count your blessings, my friends. It could be worse.

Narratively the show is heading in a way that no one can predict. Don’t listen to the people of the internet who are looking for clicks/attention and not trying to be a productive member of this fandom.  They are there to cause panic and people thinking the worst of the show.  Remember, Emmerdale isn’t terrible. It is telling a crappy story badly right now and just happened to pick two of their most popular characters/couple to do it.  Do not despair. This is their big story, and the big stories get the big twists. It may not be the twist you wanted or expected, but something is coming. Something to wrap up the story and move us towards a new frontier for Robert/Robron.  I find that thinking through the possibilities this story can go (how it works and doesn’t work) helps calm the soul and just enjoy the ride. What else helps? Finding a group or one friend to complain to. Get out all your frustrations with them, and then you will see clearly. That is what fandom is for. Talking things through. Challenge each other to think beyond the groupthink. Challenge each other to think of the good and bad. Challenge each other to laugh. If not for one’s nerves but for one’s sanity.

Everything feels messy and crazy, but I’m convinced the show wants it that way. They want us to be surprised. They want us to wonder what is going to happen next. Regardless of people trying to ruin the ride, sit back and take each punch as it comes. It will be ok in the end.

This is just my opinion on the current speculation I hear out there. What do you think? Have you heard about other possible avenues this story could go? Do you have an opinion you need to yell out? Come on over to my tweet and Tumblr @AmandaJ718. I’m listening. So, until next time, see you around in Emmerdale.

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 19, 2017

Welcome to the preshow. What am I itching to write about today?

1) The White Family isn’t some precious innocent being. It’s a family that has lived in destruction since it was introduced. For the magazines and fans to suddenly act like Lachlan is an angel and is being ‘used by the devil’ is stupid. Beyond stupid.  The White Family isn’t a family to be protected. They are annoying and now feel like the ultimate plot devices the show ever had. They need to be thrown out sooner than later.

2) Its ok to dislike an actor and or character. That’s fine. Just don’t be an asshole about it. I know it can be easy to be (I fall into the trap all the time) but just don’t be an asshole. Find your little corner and dislike the character/actor but don’t go looking for pro-actor/character groups and start drama. It is stupid and makes me want to run from fandom even more.

3) Magazines are making Robert some ‘devil’ and ‘evil villain’ even when he isn’t because the show has no one for the magazines to sell as a villain. ‘WAIT! What about Emma, Amanda?’ Emma is a villain but she is a fun villain to watch and a lot of us are interested in her story. She isn’t a 2D villain much like Robert isn’t a 2D villain either. That is a hard sell and the magazines need to appeal to every type of reader (especially the casual ones). So, they make things look worse than they are. Also, I’m convinced Insider Soap hates Emmerdale in general. Just a feeling.

That’s it. On with the show!

I’m bitter today so…god help the characters I have problems with today. I’m not in the mood.

The pictures in the pub they have been promoting for weeks shows she does she knock that shit off Emmerdale. Even the GA knows she will be fine. *makes inappropriate gesture*


Oh. If Aaron is chasing dick and Liv is trying to hold on for dear life like the show is claiming, then Aaron looks bad. So, it’s not happening this week. Relax

Oh, look. He isn’t even that cute. Come on show. At least try. *eye roll*

Paddy needs to take a seat. Shut the fuck up Paddy. You don’t care about Aaron. Where the hell have you been then.

Liv woke up and once again Robert is on the outside. Sigh. Wake me up when all of this is over. It’s lame. Also, FILLER.

Robert on the outside breaks my heart. Trying to listen in. *BUBBLE WRAPS ROBERT AND MY HEART* *I’M RUNNING OUT OF BUBBLE WRAP*

Aaron, you should be angry with her! She has done this before! COME ON. BE A PARENT. My parents would be pissed if I did this again and then did something about it. Aaron can’t baby her anymore. Time to start talking about her drinking problem.

They weren’t acting loved up at all. I’m confused. So confused. I know Liv is a child but come the fuck on. I’m really close to taking a very long break from the show. It’s getting to be too much for me.

You know. Kicking Robert while he is down while Aaron runs around with an ugly doctor isn’t my idea of a good time. At all. I’m sincerely pissed off right now. PISSED OFF.

It’s too much. Stop kicking Robert. His soul is already dead. Like mine.

Oh goodie. More Saint Aaron and more Evil Robert. *fuck off*

Oh, Liv likes the doctor or as I call him, Waste of our time.

Wow. Liv turned on Robert quick. *Thanks, show*

Home Farm

Yeah, Rebecca is mother of the year. *fuck her*

Robert loves Liv a lot. It’s adorable.

Belle is back. Hey Belle!

Too much trashbag. This episode gets an F.

The Café Crew

Nicola and Jimmy. What’s up my dears! *hugs them*

Laurel! This is a good day in the café! I adore her too!

Adam isn’t by Aarons side? I thought he was all about Aaron and cared so much about him. Hmmmm. Same with Victoria. Something is wrong.

The Pub Crew

Debbie didn’t seem to care that Rebecca was there. Wow. What great friends. They aren’t listening to Debbie at all.


WHO GIVES A FLYING CRAP. They are dead in the water.

Oh. These two could care less about Liv. They cared more about the unborn baby than Liv. *Fuck them*

The Garage

Debbie and Ross. *yawn*


Debbie wants to away. *yawn*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 18, 2017

Welcome to the preshow. This is what I’m itching to write about today.

1) Don’t make more drama than the show is offering fandom. Don’t come up with new things to get angry about, for instance, claiming Rebecca and Robert are holding hands Tuesday. Nope. She puts her hand on his for a millisecond to start a new plot point. (Hello Lachlan vs. Robert). Don’t make it worse than it is. Don’t feed into each other’s anxieties about the show and its future. It gets you nowhere.

2)  Is there a reason why six months later every type of theory still stands in this Robron story? EVERY FREAKING THEORY. That isn’t normal. By now the show should have eliminated a few for us. All we have is what we have seen versus what has been said. In my experience, don’t see it on camera, we can dispute it. What didn’t we see on camera? The night in question. Any doctor’s appointments. Any proof it is Roberts. Hasn’t happened on screen? We can question it. Taking Rebecca’s word for it doesn’t count. She hasn’t proven to be worthy of her word. EVER.

3) Power Trips aren’t cute. They are disturbing.

Let’s begin the episode! (Warning: There might just be smashing of the keyboard and rolling around in bubble wrap as a reaction. You have been warned.)


Aaron getting the hover out is really ignoring his feelings. Geez

OH GOD. THOSE TWO. I SWEAR. Robert and Aaron are here to kill me.

Robert is freaking out. Oh god. He looks like he is going to cry! *BUBBLE WRAP MY HEART*

Also, she isn’t in a ditch. Nor is she in a car accident. Spoilers were wrong again.

Robert cares so much about Liv. Anyone who doesn’t see that can get off my twitter, off my blog, and off my Tumblr. Robert cares. So much.

Yup. There it is. Aaron will end Robert. *blah blah blah*

Also, still not Roberts fault that Liv stole the alcohol and his car. If you don’t see that you can get off my twitter, off my blog, and off my Tumblr. I don’t need to freaking hear from you.

The Café Crew

Why is Victoria giving him a hard time now? I’m confused.

Also, why is Victoria being a bitch? First, she hates that Robert doesn’t want to be there for the kid and now that he is, she is going after him? WTF show. WTF?

The Pub Crew

Debbie needs the house still.

Ross is pissed. That is actually sad.

Adam can’t read. I see we are starting that weird storyline.

Finn. I agree. Glasses are awesome. *OH GOD. I just agreed with Finn*

WTF is wrong with Victoria today?

Home Farm

The black hole of slut still sucks at business. Film at 11.

I wonder if the investor is part of Robert’s plan.

Liv is still anger at Rebecca and so am I.

I know Robert is playing the game. Sigh. I’m going into my bubble.

Well, I thought it would be worse. It really wasn’t that bad. Yeah, he is yelling at her and said she was lying, but it was to protect his butt over the revenge plot.

I’d like to point out that Liv said a few things that should interest us.

Why is Rebecca playing nice now? Bull. She is using this baby as a bargaining chip.

If she could do it alone why won’t she and Victoria leave him alone about it a few months ago?

Something is missing here. Something big.

Eh. Still not that bad.


I have a theory on Tom and Graham, but I will keep it to myself for now.

*snore* they are boring me today. So, unless something new is said I will leave this section alone now.

OH. Oh. My theory might be right. Hmmmmm.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – July 20, 2017


(gif credit: rbertsugden)

Let’s see what is happening in the village today!

Seriously. McCain Soap Writers. I love you. Emotional connection indeed. PARALLELS EVERYWHERE PEOPLE. EVERYWHERE.


Since it is Kerry’s birthday she gets her own tag today. Congrats Kerry! Happy Birthday!

Kerry looks amazing for 40.  I thought she was my age.

Nicola is back in the picture. Again. (Theory senses tingling)

There is Nicola. Being an ass. Good to know. *wink*

OH NO. He got the wrong item! Oh, Dan. So close!

Awwww. Dan and Kerry. That is very cute.

Coffee Shop Crew

Faith is the best.  That is all.  Faith is just in everyone’s business today.  Wow. Faith has Franks number.  Wow. We are coming back to Faith’s original story coming into the show. Chas must be on her way back into the village.

Oh. Frank. Not cool dude. NOT COOL. (It’s true but NOT COOL)

Are they testing a Frank and Faith pairing? It seems like it.

Faith and Lydia need to do a scene together. Again. A plotline.

Nell. Welcome back. They are killing your original characterization which makes me sad.

Bob is awesome. That is all. (Let’s ALL LOVE BOB!)


Oh god. Ross made a joke that actually made me laugh (Bad Amanda! Stop it!)

Davids Shop

Leyla deserves better!

Why does David look so rough these days? What has he been up to while all this drama has been going on?  His marriage is still together and his business is good. What is he up to these days?

I love Tracy and David, by the way. I would be sad if they broke up for any reason.  Let’s keep one couple together this year. I beg of you show.

The Bartons

“Lachlan’s not that bad!” – UMMMMM. Finn forever a bad judge of character.

I don’t think Pete wants to get married to Leyla. Crazy man. I think he actually has feelings for Priya.

There is a lot of focus on the three brothers lately.  My theory senses are tingling.

Maybe I was wrong. He loves Leyla? Does he love Priya? Who is he talking about? Leyla. He has to be talking Leyla.

He is fighting for Leyla.


“Even the dogs left me!” Oh, Leyla! You are awesome and amazing and deserve so much better right now.

Nell’s whole personality seems to have changed. Thanks to show. *confused look*

Kerry’s Birthday Party

Leyla is getting drunk and hating on all her ex-boyfriends.

“If You Aren’t The One” is playing in the background. I haven’t heard this song since high school. Also, TOO SAD.

LYDIA. This party is awesome! AWESOME.

OH GOD. Leylas ‘oh wow’ was great. That is me while drunk at Thanksgiving and the family member I hate shows up.

I love Bernice’s dress. So cute. OH BERNICE. Samples? I had a family member give me samples once when I turned sixteen. My mom was pissed. I was happy to get nail polish.

This party is a mess. Dan tried so hard but I think the towns people will ruin this.

Does anyone else see shades of Robert in Frank? Just me and Justine. Awesome. *wink*

God. This whole Frank and Megan conversation has shades of Robert and Aaron. Ouch.

WHAT?!?! They are getting married.

Poor Kerry. Her party isn’t about her. Everyone is cruel, and Dan got it wrong, but he didn’t mean to get it wrong.

Lydia and Finn singing ‘Endless Love’.  Yeah. *giggles*



For someone who wanted a baby, she bitches a lot about it.

Also, she seems too eager to get back to her old life of partying. Honey. You have a kid. Those days are over for 18 years. You don’t pass the kid off to a Nanny idiot.  You have to be a parent and be sober, generally.  Knowing her and what we were told about her former off-screen life she liked to drink and party.  SO…that is over Rebecca. Now what?

She keeps showing up for no reason other than to remind us she is pregnant. Believe me. The fandom is painfully aware she is pregnant. Also, she spends a lot of time in the pub. Is she waiting for someone? Someone that will play nice to see the kid and doesn’t love her in any sense? This person loves someone with a beard, love of toast, big heart and a big…well…you get the idea. I think we are getting clues and we don’t know it yet.


You are painful to watch Rebecca. She is like set dressing at this point. In her huge shirts to hide the fact they didn’t pad her up yet.  LEATHER PANTS PEOPLE.

Fake Paddy in the background! Stand in hanging at the pub?!? Where is Fake Robert? *wink*


“Your lot always does.” Watch it Pryia. That was a cruel thing to say.

I’ve lost control of the Nell story. It’s been so long.  Nell’s characterization is a mess now.  She is leaving so why should I care.

Oh no. The kid told her. *sarcasm* *played her cards too early*

Nell can’t see Rosie. Ok. Why not?

KNEW IT! Justine guessed it earlier and then I stole it from her. Kid is dead.

Does anyone think Nell is lying or telling the truth?

Really? Pete is one of the good ones? SERIOUSLY.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Alright. I’m saying this here.  Nowhere on the spoilers does it say Robert becomes friends with Rebecca. The spoilers always say one thing and something else happens on screen.  THe last two weeks have proven that to be very true.  So, take it one episode at a time.  Even if I’m wrong and they do that, it is fine. Robert is allowed to be civil to the person carrying his ‘child.’ As many very smart people on Tumblr have said, “Robert can’t win right now.” All we do know is Robert won’t give up on Aaron and Robert is going to face up to his responsibilities. If people can’t accept that then that is their problem.

So. Let the games begin.

As per usual, don’t go onto the message boards. Treat each other with respect. Breathe. Reboot. Eat a Snickers.

Until tomorrow, see you around Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 30, 2017

Welcome back! The last two days have been weird without the show. We have gotten a lot of spoilers and speculation but this isn’t the place to talk about that yet (Hint go down to the ‘It’s Just Speculation’ section). Let’s see what everyone is up to today!

Warning. I’m in a bad mood. My coffee isn’t working. Expect some meanness today. By the way, I’m noticing the stories are starting to blend into each other. Slowly but its starting. I see it.


Arthur is trying to tell you something, Laurel! It’s very important.

I adore Arthur.

Laurel. Arthur is acting out of character. Think it through. Something is up.

Lydia and Laurel: BBF!

All this talk about Laurel and blood pressure makes me nervous.

I forgot Emma was a nurse. Its been awhile since we saw her in action.  Does the UK still do house calls or is this an Emmerdale thing.

Arthur, you just showed your hand to Emma! NO!

“Bridge over Troubled Water” HA HA HA HA HA That was cute Emmerdale. You get golf claps for that joke. LOVE IT.

We must protect Arthur! *runs after him with bubble wrap*

“Something is obviously bothering him.” NO KIDDING LAUREL.


I love Tracy’s hair. I’m a nerd for that 80’s look.

Thank you, David, for bringing the eye candy while Robert and Aaron are off screen. We bless you for that.

Everyone be nice to the bully since he will be related to Jason somehow. *This screams rewrite. Just my opinion* If he is related to Jason that ties Aaron (and Robert) to the Tracy storyline. So, that means we are starting to cross lines finally. *story movement dance!*


Faith. My darling. I see they are testing you out with everyone. Thank you, Emmerdale. *wink wink*

Come on Eric! Faith is awesome! Go spend some time with her.

“I’m asking you out!” “On a date?” – Oh, Rodney! Faith is awesome. Let’s all love Faith. *group hug*

Faith and her flask. I LOVE IT. I need Faith to be happy. That’s all I ask for.

I ship Rodney x Faith. Faith can be his assistant in his magic act! *throws confetti*

That’s right. Men should be fighting over Faith. I adore it.


OH NO. NO! Poor Rhona! Not cool.

They are making everyone think she is losing her mind.  This is breaking my heart into more pieces. My heart can’t break anymore Emmerdale. It just can’t.

*Wraps Rhona in bubble wrap* *I’M RUNNING OUT OF BUBBLE WRAP PEOPLE*

I believe you, Rhona. *Rhona Protection Squad UNITE!*

Rhona. She is the enemy too. RUN. *Runs with Bubble Wrap*


Rhona! That’s my smart girl. *proud*

NEVER! Down with Pierce! *starts a rally*


The plot device has arrived. Let the plotting begin!

Dross. Yay. How excited. *bored voice*

Oh! I now ship Rebecca x Car Boot.  Move over Rebecca x McCain Bus!

Did I make myself clear by the way? I hate Rebecca White? Just making sure everyone knew that. *nods*

By the way, this friendship is the shallowest thing in existence.  If we compare all the women talking on Tuesday and their friendships to Debbie and Rebecca’s friendship, their friendship is a joke. Their friendship is for plot purposes and it’s annoying. Who will she prop today, I wonder! If they were friends, it wouldn’t just be about Ross and Debbie getting back together. She would ask about the baby and how she is feeling these days. OH RIGHT. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Why? Rebecca doesn’t matter.

OH ROSS! NEVER CHANGE. Also, he can hang with the lady because *raises microphone* YOU AREN’T DATING HIM DEBBIE. *coughs* Look what you made me do Debbie! I defended Ross. OH GOD NO.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 

We have so many spoilers and a big week coming up.  My personal opinion? This is going to be good. So good. So much angst. We want angst and movement in their story. We have been stuck in a circle of boring for a month noLet’sets get this soapy story on the road!


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*fans myself*

What do yo think of todays episode? Leave me a message below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next week, I’ll see you around in Emmerdale.

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 12, 2017

Happy Monday! Here we are at the start of another week in Emmerdale.  If I read the spoilers correctly, we are in for a treat (trick as well).  Let’s see what everyone is up today!

I’d love to work in that writer’s room. I love to tell stories (you’ve read my theories!)

Priya/Jai/Attic Characters

“A marriage needs, to be honest, and have trust or its nothing.” –  Jai (has he seen a soap before?)

Feel guilty yet Priya? Leyla is trying to be your friend and look what you did? Sober?

The Barton Brothers/Doug

Oh. Oh boy. This won’t end well for you Ross. (evil laugh)

I love that Doug is part of this story for now.  He is so innocent it’s adorable.

Pete is joining in. This really won’t end well. Former drug dealer? Eek.


Zak has been in the middle of these two for a while now. Does anyone else think Zak might be in danger?

Why is Chrissie so interested in Lachlan’s love life? Is it because she is a Dingle? It’s not odd but annoying. Leave them be. Lachlan will lose it soon enough.

I think Belle is rebelling. Big time.

Oh no! The comic timing on the condom falling out as Zak stares at him (I’m dying of laughter over here).

Charity is a boss. That is all.

Lachlan’s cell mate is interesting. Troublemaker that one. Should be fun. (I mean that too)


WHERE IS BOB! HAS ANYONE SEEN BOB?!?! I was told Bob is ok. Let’s cancel the search party for Bob.

Diane wants to go on a cruise! Trouble in paradise for Diane and Doug! Could we not annoy this couple too? Seriously. IS ANYONE SAFE?

Doug. He isn’t annoying me today. Good for you Doug!

Nice to see Eric smile too. Don’t like the story but itis good to see everyone in a better place.

Oh hey, we are back to this story again. Cool.

Everything was dropped. Ok then. What was the point of that story then?


Lydia remains awesome. I love that we get some backstory from her. LOVE IT. Please keep her Emmerdale. Keep her. She is a gem.

Doug learning to dance shall be fun! Oh no. Diane is going to think he is cheating when he is not. Crap.


Ugh. This hurts. Leyla is too good for Pete. Way too good for Pete. He cheated way too easily for my taste. One mini fight and he were done?

OH GOD. THEY ARE STAYING TOGETHER?!?!? WHAT? This won’t end well. At all. How long will they stretch this out? I just got heartburn thinking of the awkwardness.

They are staying next to them. Awesome. Oh, GOD. Heartburn. HEARTBURN.

Vanessa is a bit judgmental these days. Just saying.

I SAY THAT TOO! Eyes or it doesn’t count. That is really true by the way.

Oh god. This didn’t last long at all. That or she is going to lie or hide it. Geez, just end this relationship already. Its hurting everyone. Bye Rakesh. Bye Pete. I don’t care about either of you right now.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Yeah. I know someone gets stabbed.  Still, I’m all here for the Robron vs. Ross revenge storyline. Why? Rebecca won’t be involved (unless they find a way to shoehorn her in which…I wouldn’t put it past them) and it sounds like a lot of fun to watch on screen. Very soapy.  I need this type of soap. Crazy, funny and a little scary.

As usual, heed my warning: DON’T GO ONTO THE MESSAGE BOARDS! It will only spread stupid rumors and cause you unneeded misery!

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 19, 2017

Hey! Welcome to the Friday edition of Emmerdale Live and Organized. Yesterday was nuts, but I’m sure things will calm down.


Ha! No chance. Let’s see what is happening today!

I think we should give the McCain writers a chance to write an episode. Just saying.


Of course, Josh said that. He doesn’t like you, Dan. He wants to get you back. I think it’s David. Just a thought. Dan. Stop talking. It may be time to stop talking and get a lawyer.


Again, I think David is behind the attack. He just lost it. OH. WAIT. Tracy? Is Tracy who did it? I love Eric playing detective. I see Eric is back in his right mind.

It’s Tracy. Tracy did it! That is my guess. Tracy is behind all of this. It was a moment of passion.  YES! I KNEW IT! I WIN AT LIFE.

Oh god. She recorded it. That is going to get around.

Debbie/Charity/White Family

Ha. I love you, Debbie. Until I don’t. But I love you right now. Why does Rebecca keep smirking at Debbie? Seriously. STOP SMIRKING. Smirking is not acting. Are you and Debbie in on something? Did Rebecca know about the Prawns in the car? What is the point of all this?

Debbie calling her hat ugly made my day.  Also, Debbie is playing Rebecca now. Is she still the ‘victim’? It is just weird. At the same time, let her and Debbie run off into a new storyline. Get her away from Robert and Aaron and try to build her up another way. Right now, she is dead in the water.

Debbie throwing in ‘Daddy’s Money” felt like a setup. Maybe this is the start of a triangle of sorts. Rebecca/Ross/Debbie? Whatever. Let it happen show. Just let it happen.

Also, Rebecca doesn’t look like someone stressed out by pregnancy or making the decision to abort. She sounds like she is just hanging out with her sister and her nephew. I’d be distracted by what is happening. Something is off here.

I’m glad Rebecca is spending so much time on a business venture. Is that all she is thinking about? Yes, women can have more than one thought, but hey, she could be carrying a married man’s child. A man who wasn’t in his right mind when it happened and doesn’t want anything to do with her. I’d be distracted by that. Not thinking up a new business.

I don’t like her cozying up to Aarons family either. That is just me though.



Charity flirting with Matt is great. Look at her with the cherry.  I adore her with all my life.

Victoria hiding out is adorable too.  I’d tell Chrissie where to go though. Since when does Victoria take anything from her regardless of what happened at that festival? Where is Victoria’s backbone?

Zak did try. He really did try.  Chrissie has a good name? LISA. HONEY. I LOVE YOU. Another mention of ‘Daddy’s Money”. Interesting. Is it the summer of fighting over Lawrence’s money?


Are they setting them up as Romeo and Juliet? Doesn’t fit with what I think might happen this summer or fall.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ – Robron Edition 

Tell me what you think. Leave me a comment below or tweet me at @AmandaJ718. Until next week (it’s the big one) see you around in Emmerdale.