In Defense of Sex and the City


Welcome back to Valentine’s Day Month. As I wrote yesterday, I wanted to focus on Sex and the City. Lately, I have seen many people suddenly turn on this show. They have every right to their opinion, but the things they hate are what made the show so great. They hate on the friendships, the relationships and the characters themselves.

I felt I needed to defend these elements of the show because I feel like they are what made the show so good and reachable after all these years.

So, in defense of Sex and the City: I present my case!

1) The Friendships

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What I love most about Sex and the City is the friendship shared between the four main characters. Even better, even when they argue, they still find their way back to each other. I noticed a lot of hate concerning their relationships. One of the main complaints? No four women would ever be friends like that. Yes, I read that on a few Tumblr posts and IMDB.

It makes perfect sense that these four would be friends. Why? They balance themselves out. They even had an episode about how they balance themselves out. When Sexual Samantha and Prim and Proper Charlotte have a huge argument and don’t want to be friends anymore. They go and find friends that are just like their personalities. Let’s just say they come back together in the end because they needed each other.

The reason they are friends is because they balance and support each other. They call each other out on their bull. Sounds like friendship to me. I don’t understand why people would want them to be constantly fighting. We have enough women bringing other women down. I enjoyed seeing women support each other for once.

2) The Relationships

I have read reviews of this show calling the characters sluts. First of all, I hate that word. I do not think a woman who has a lot of relationships is a slut. She is just trying to figure out what she wants. She isn’t going to settle for anyone.  That could go for the characters on this show. They have so many relationships (in a collectors book I got they list every single guy they dated on the show. It is a lot).  Is that a bad thing?

Nope. Not even close. When this show was on the air, women on television were still using coded language to talk about guys and relationships. Many women didn’t have multiple relationships. They talked about what they wanted, but shows made them settle. Sex and the City had the nerve to say that love does not come that easily. Sometimes people don’t want to settle. They will not until they find someone that fits.

All the characters ultimately do settle down but it is with people who they didn’t think would work. Which shows that sometimes what you want isn’t what you need. Completely relatable.

3) The Real Characters


These characters are real. They have individual strengths and weaknesses that don’t magically go away because the episode is over. The show had the nerve to make the lead character be a cheater. Carrie cheats on Aidan, who is a complete sweetheart of a human being. Most shows would not let their main character do that. Most writers and showrunners would be afraid of marring the image of their lead. The character that is meant to be the voice of the show. That is not real life, though. Good people do terrible things all the time.

That is what I love about this show. Miranda is cold and can treat people like crap. Samantha has a prejudice against people who settle down and have children. Charlotte is about being proper and following societies rules even when it doesn’t benefit her needs. There are times when you want to punch all of these characters in the face. Then there are moments you want to hug them or make them feel better. The characters are well rounded. Since they are well rounded, they don’t fit the typical comedy show tropes.

I love that, and it makes me appreciate the characters more. Damaged but they keep moving and growing while they figure out what they want. What else do you want in a character?

There are a lot of reasons to hate Sex and the City. I understand a lot of the complaints. However, to complain that you don’t like that a character did a bad thing or that a character is a slut on this show annoys me to no end. I feel like Sex and the City has a lot to offer in terms of being a woman, dating, men and your female friendships.


Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed!


The Warm Love of the Television Screen

Welcome back to Valentines Day month! Go with it people. This week I will be talking about those romantic television shows. I swear they exist. Among all the murder porn, raunchy comedies and social commentary show romantic shows do exist. My expert romantic comedy nose always finds them, and nothing is better than watching some lovely romance on television. So, here is a list of my top three favorite romantic television shows.

Mad About You


Mad About You isn’t a show a lot of people talk about anymore. When they do bring it up, it is made fun of and used as a ‘wink wink nudge nudge’ joke. I take offense to that sometimes. Mad About You is one of my favorite television shows (well, the first four seasons. I will get into that later). Mad About You’s premise is pretty straightforward. It is about Jamie and Paul Buchman, a couple living in New York City, trying to navigate the common pitfalls marriage brings while handling their expectations as well as their families.

Many people wouldn’t consider this a romantic television show. It is a comedy, yes, but romance was the heart that kept this show going. Jamie and Paul didn’t fall in love instantly. Jamie was completely scarred by love. Paul is a hopeless romantic. Jamie usually has a guard up while Paul is a little bit more open with his life. These people are complete opposites, but yet they work. To watch these characters be individual people dealing with their issues while constantly supporting each other is so much fun and romantic. To me at least.

Yeah, it is a mainly a comedic series, some of the situations are silly and would never happen. I get that. There are a lot that do happen, though. They handle in-laws, their cousins, best friends, work obligations, life crisis and handling their changing relationship, as they get older.

These two characters are on two different spectrums and have their issues, but they complete each other in the best ways. The later seasons things change. I think the actors wanted to move on. The writers changed. It is not good. Stick to the first three (a little bit of four) seasons and you will be golden.

That brings me to scene that I love. Jamie’s ex-boyfriend wrote/drew a comic book making her into this man hating/killing super being. She starts to believe that is her personality until Paul brings her back to earth. They bring out their best selves in each other. That is why I love watching this show and this couple every year.



Coupling came into my life at a very scary time. I was in a spiral of self-pity, and the show made me laugh at a time where I didn’t think laughter would be possible. Yes, heavy handed but it needed to be said.

Coupling is Britain’s answer to Friends. Coupling was about a group of friends centered around Susan and Steve. They try to navigate their new relationship as their friends (Jeff, Sally, Patrick, and Jane) interrupt and go through their adventures as well. I call it the raunchy version of Friends. The show spends a lot of time on sex, but it is incredibly funny and witty that it doesn’t offend. The series was created and written by Steven Moffat. Yes, that Steven Moffat.


This show, while a comedy, spends a lot of time on how different romance can be. No road to finding someone to love starts or ends the same. Susan and Steve are the traditional romance (well as traditional as they can get). Patrick and Sally are the opposites attract (my favorite because their story develops so naturally). Jeff and Jane are the singles going through life being their awesome selves while looking for fun rather than a future.

It is a fun show that naturally shows how couples operate in the real world. Sometimes it is messy and doesn’t always work. Sometimes the order is wrong (watch the show and you will understand) and sometimes it is ok to look for fun rather than ‘the one.’

My favorite couple is Patrick and Sally. I am a sucker for the ones who argue and kiss. My favorite moment between them is when Patrick admits he loves Sally. Spiderman is included. Check out the series. It is the best thing to happen to the BBC.

Sex and the City


This one is tricky. When I bring up, Sex and the City and people have mixed reactions. Some adore it for what it was while others hate it for the effect it had on television. I am one of the people who love it for what it was to television. It is a time capsule of a time where women were allowed to speak frankly about relationships and sex without euphemisms. They did not have to be politically correct about anything in this show.

That is why I love it so. Every relationship that appeared on this show had a reason for happening. It was meant to show what some women go through while trying to fit into society and what is expected of them in adulthood.

That is how far I will go with that. Since, tomorrow, I will go into full detail on why Sex and the City are not that bad of a show.

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These are my favorite romantic television shows. Whenever I’m truly feeling down about romance or the idea of romance I watch a few episodes of this show, and my faith is renewed. Not everything in life is easy or simple. Nor will you fulfill that social construct of romance in adulthood. We all go about finding romance our own way, and that is ok. Do you agree with my list or do you have other shows you want to add. Tell me below in the comments!

Stick around because tomorrow I tackle and defend Sex and the City.

Until then, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed!