Confusing Rebecca White

Photo Credit and Beta Reader: Justine @BeauitfulHusbands and @klainedestined.

Rebecca White is a confusing character.  If one were to watch her first scene and compare it to her last scene, it is like watching two different characters. Normally, this would be ok. That means the character has developed and changed with time. However, that is not Rebecca’s case. She has developed many different personalities. Currently, she is rocking the victim look. Now, there has to be a reason for these drastic changes.  People have talked about it but haven’t come to an exact conclusion.  So, I decided to take a whack at it. I broke down her time on the show, all the changes I’ve noticed and what could be the reason for these changes.

I don’t like Rebecca White.  I might never like her, but that doesn’t negate how problematic her arc and characterization has been on Emmerdale. It’s important to remember this as we go forward.

So, let’s go!

Rebecca Whites Timeline (In Three Parts) 

The Beginning – Helicopter Plans

Rebecca White enters the scene in a helicopter (something the town fears after that terror) and finds her way to her family, The Whites. Robert calls her in help get her family admits that they set Andy up for the shooting.  She starts off helping but slowly it becomes evident she wants to know if she is an heir to the White fortune and she wants Robert Sugden back.  Robert tries to keep her sweet and on plan when she starts enjoying her time with her family.  Then she keeps pushing before after the second kiss Robert tells Aaron what has been going on. After Rebecca finds out she is a White, she decides to start protecting her family (especially after Andy’s name is cleared).  Once Robert pushes her away declaring Aaron as the one he wants is when she wants her revenge. Trying to embarrass Aaron in the pub, who knows all, she is unsuccessful and leaves.

Rebeca is presented as someone who has traveled the world. She was raised with money and went to, the best schools. Wearing the latest styles (in large hats), she was someone who has done and seen a lot.  She is flirty, young and headstrong.


Roberts and Aarons Separated – The Incident

A few weeks after Aaron tells Rebecca off, the three are now friends. Rebecca is listening to Aaron and his issues with Gordon, helping Robert out with plans for Aaron and even helps out Liv after Robert is left alone after Aaron goes to prison. During this time, something shifts. Her flirting gets heavy and seems to want, a different Robert. Robert keeps pushing her away but trying to keep her as a friend.  After a nasty fight with Aaron in prison, Robert, who is drunk, sleeps a sober Rebecca. After he pushes her away, she gets angry and throws their past in his face, especially after she finds out she is pregnant the same time Aaron comes home.

Rebecca is well on the soap vixen road.  She appears to get everyone into a false sense of security through friendship while wanting to steal Robert away from Aaron and his family.  Then she gets what she wants from the incident only to be pushed away.  From that point on she becomes the victim of Roberts ‘user’ ways.  She starts to hate him.


Pregnancy and Beyond

Rebecca finally tells Chrissie about the pregnancy and decides that she wants to do this on her own. She doesn’t want or need Roberts help.  When Robert says he doesn’t want the baby, she gets angry and lets Ross shake Robert down. Then changes her mind. Then gets angry when Robert thanks her for not keeping the baby and decided to keep from him that she was pregnant.  So, to a shocked pub and Robert and Aaron, Chrissie tells everyone that she is pregnant.  She doesn’t want to be in the way of Robert and Aarons relationship but still tells Aaron to break up and run from Robert. After Robert decides to not to be in the baby’s life he keeps his distance but doesn’t. Rebecca stays with Victoria, decides she wants Robert on the birth certificate, wants money to help with the baby and shows him the scan.  Soon, Robert and Aaron fall apart, and she gleefully talks about it with Debbie and Victoria at the pub.  Happily, she accepts Robert wanting to help with Home Farm and be in the baby’s life, acting like everything will be fine because the baby has both parents around.

Her personality changes from happy to sad during one episode.  She needs Roberts help at every turn but dismisses him the minute her father gives her attention.  She seems happy to see Robert and Aaron fall apart but then hoped that the three of them could have raised the child together. She even wanted the two to be together but still told Aaron to run for the hills in the same episode. She just invites herself into Roberts life and thinks she should right to do that. It’s confusing and makes the character hard to follow.


Confusion as Big as Rebecca’s Hats: Personal Thoughts 

See the confusion? How did this happen?  Here are some of my thoughts.

Audience Reaction

Rebecca, in my opinion, was brought in to stir up the White Family, Robert, and Robron. A classic soap vixen, which is fine. I love a great soap vixen.  From my memories and some research, people were mixed on her but didn’t see a real reason to get too upset. She seemed to be heading down that vixen road and have so interesting conflict with her family when it all seemed to stop, right around November and Aarons pub fight. Something happened that made everything confusing. Her character varied from episode to episode. The storyline seemed to stop and go depending on what was happening to Robert and Aaron. The family storyline appears to slow too. Only coming up in weird moments.

So, with that, the general audience seemed to fall from mixed emotions to hatred. Predictability, the Robron fandom turned on her (I know there are fans of the character in the Robron fandom as well). The audience seems to be having a hard time relating to someone who keeps changing personalities from episode to episode. It also doesn’t help that she was a factor in the breakup of a very popular couple. When that happens, the character needs to be developed and handled with care. Rebecca? Was not handled with care. She was thrown at us with no instruction or warning, and now she is a mess.


Usually, soap writers can keep a steady characterization when reading for a soap. Especially the writers for Emmerdale. However, when it comes to Rebecca, that steadiness goes out the window. I can tell when certain writers are writing for her. There is a set that writes her as a saint; there are set that write her with an edge and then a set that writes her like she is a blank wall.  There is no continuity there which is odd for a show like Emmerdale. That is a problem. There is a miscommunication happening there that is ruining her character.

(Ok…it happens for a few characters. I know two writers who hate Robert and it shows.)


Script Changes

In the same vein as the writers, there has been talk of the story changing and rewrites happening (some even think the story changed after the second Robert/Rebecca kiss).  This hasn’t been confirmed anywhere, but that could explain the confusion with the character.  When changing the direction of a story, it could mess with the characters motivation and direction in a show.  That might explain why the writers are all writing her differently.


Chemistry with Cast

Again, this is subjective. Personally, I never saw a connection there between Rebecca or Robert. I saw a small spark between Chrissie and Rebecca but its thin and flickers easily.  Not having chemistry with the people, you work with the sell the character and the relationships, plot points are hard to sell, and then things become confusing.It happens on every show, but usually, people don’t keep the character around.



Again, another subjective topic. I don’t want to step on toes but my own opinion? I’m not a fan of Emily Heads acting. It feels forced. Sometimes it seems like she is overthinking a scene and sometimes it feels like she doesn’t care. Again, personal opinion. However, that might be affecting how people see the character. Relate to the character.Much like the writers, different directors could be the reason why people are confused by her.


I hate Rebecca White. I can’t stand her. She isn’t a character that was written correctly. She was designed to shake things up with one of Emmerdale’s big couples. It needed a strong actress, writing, and direction. However, we have this mess. A polarizing character that has caused nothing but confusion, anger, and fighting among the fans and even media.  Hopefully, as we go into those Fall months we finally get some answers or a reason for Rebecca’s confusing behavior.

What do you think? Do you find Rebecca confusing or do you see a method to the madness? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718.  Until my next piece, see you around Emmerdale.




So Many Theories. So Little Time.


Everyone is talking.

Everyone is sad.

Everyone is hopeful.

Everyone is clueless.

Everyone knows what is going to happen.

I know everyone has their opinions. Everyone is getting tired of reading everyone’s opinions. So, me being me, I had to say something. I must stick my fat nose in there and say how I think the story is going to continue.  I have a few theories, but this is the one that sounds the most interesting. The soapiest. It also fits in with playing with time theme Iain seems obsessed with. (well, he keeps mentioning it). Let us begin! My official prediction on where I see this all going.

First. I need to say this.  I understand the Rebecca hate. I’m not a fan either. I’ve used very colorful words to talk about her.  However, as we go forward, we are going to see Robert shares scenes with her. Why? As of now, she is carrying his ‘child.’  It would be weird if he weren’t going to start being involved.  As it has been discussed many times, Robert can’t win in this situation. If he starts accepting the child people are going to think, he will give up on Aaron. If he ignores the child for Aaron, he is a horrible person for leaving his son behind. So, he can’t win. However, I can see him accepting the kid while keeping his torch aflame for Aaron. I know a majority of the fandom understands this.  So, yeah. Anyway, what the point of that was to talk about how we need to accept that they will be sharing scenes. I don’t see any romance starting at all.  We might see friendship (sigh), but I feel like that needs to happen. Let us continue.

We know Robert falls and Rebecca gets him to the hospital. Why she is at The Mill, remains to be seen.  However, Robert apologizes, and I think they develop a truce that is supposed to stand in place as friendship.  We can infer that Rebecca is left alone to handle the family business and well, the poor girl can’t even wipe her butt at this point.  So, Robert has to come in and save her butt and the company he works for. This means they will have to get closer (hold it together people. I don’t see romance in the future).  That is Robert’s storyline.  (I’d like Robert to work on achieving happiness on his own, but I don’t trust the show to do that properly or do it at all)

Meanwhile, Aaron comes home with a black eye, and Robert is all over that (obviously), and Adam tells him to back off. I even think Aaron is snarky and mean to push Robert away. Which will hurt but it will be ok.  Aaron needs his time to figure out a way to clear his head and find less harmful ways of dealing with stress and life in general.  He might take up boxing again with Zak. He may take up another form of exercise and go back to therapy.  He will get happy by himself and on his own terms.  That is Aarons storyline.

Where do these two connect? This is where the ‘playing with time’ comes in or doesn’t. This is where I veer off a bit. Ok.  I think Aaron, as he gets clear headed, with Adam will start to pick up on signs that Robert cannot.  Aaron knowing about having to drink water for the scan was really random, but I saw that as someone who has been looking into how things work with baby scans.  He might have before his mental health really went downhill. I think the two of them (Adam and Aaron) will start to see the inconsistencies we see and talk about all the time (the bad writing or whoever is directing Ms. Head is directing her the wrong way question).  This is where Robert comes in.  Now, I could say that Aaron has been checking up on Rebecca’s story since he found out (I think this way because we got way too many scenes of Aaron in the background glued to his phone with no payoff…yet).  It could also not apply to time, and Aaron figures it out on his own after the breakup.

They bring him in and ask him to watch her closely.  So, Robert and Aaron have to work together, as friends, to figure out what Rebecca is up to. Slowly they start to rebuild their relationship while secretly working together.

This all builds to Super Soap Week when everything explodes. Secrets are revealed. People are found to be telling the truth or lying.  Babies will be born (yes, babies) and certain people may go psycho on us. Either way, Robert or Aaron or Adam could be in danger.  They might have to say each other, and then the relationships explode into a new area. Robert and Aaron might have a stronger base by then, and things progress to the level we were at again.

Yes, this is general. This has been talked about before. This might be complete and total crap.

Another theory I have? Victoria is the one who figures it out and goes nuts. Setting off a chain of events we have yet to see altering the Whites, Bartons, Dingles, and Sugdens lives forever.  This is after Robert has accepted he is going to be a father and Aaron has finally found a better place for himself.

Another one? Andy plays a role in all this.  Since this happened after Andy needed help, he would have to come back to fix it.  With what I think is about to happen to Sarah, Andy might be back by October.  Sadly, I hope I’m wrong there.

Another theory? Same thing as I wrote above but they find that Rebecca is sick or dying of something (Victims Departure blah blah blah) and she dies in childbirth, and Robert is left alone with the kid. However, turns out, it isn’t his. It’s a Barton’s (cough Ross cough), and Robert has to fight for it, and Aaron helps him.  Growing even closer.

I have a few more but as you can see this story can go anywhere now.  Some are fearful of that fact. I refuse to be afraid and just go with the flow.  In fact, I think it can be exciting not knowing what is coming next. It will be rough to sit through certain scenes, but I believe everything we have gone through as fans are for a reason. We are building towards an exciting end and a stronger Robert and Aaron.

Another thing I am positive about? The storyline will end. It will be ok.  Robert and Aaron will find their way back to each other stronger than ever because they both will learn how to be strong on their own and together.  It will just be one hell of a ride to get to that point.  We all just have to hold on tightly till we see the light at the end of the story tunnel.

Thanks for listening to my theories.  I know people are burning out on the meta of it all, but I find it fun to speculate just as long as we don’t let speculation take over everything.  Especially negative speculation.  All I wrote above isn’t fact. It’s just my thoughts on what I think is coming.  I could be wrong.  I could be right. Either way, its just speculation for others to chew on when things get too boring or too much.

Hope you enjoyed.  Tell me below what you think!


(I had to yell that into the universe. *wink*)

The Color Theory – Emmerdale Style

Welcome back to the Tin Hat Society. I am your host Amanda (@AmandaJ718).  With the help of my friend Justine (@BeauitifulHusbands), we have been talking about colors and clothing choices being used on Emmerdale.  We are not the first to consider this, but we are noticing a trend that we must talk about.

Since my film class days, I have been analyzing the mise en scene (the arrangement of scenery and stage properties in a play) of movies and television shows like it is my job (I would like it to be my job. Hire me). Anyway, lately, there has been so particular colors being used with Robert, Aaron, and Rebecca that deserves to be discussed in full. Read on if you want to learn about Robrons and Rebecca’s Color Theory!

Robert – Blue/Dark Red(Maroon)


Wearing blues equals calm. Our brains associate blue as positive and free.  We see this color as trustworthy something to depend on. 

The Positives


The Negatives


How It Relates to the Scene

Robert is feeling a bit free. Rebecca is not in the village anymore. He is with his husband. He has a game with his husband’s best friend/sister’s husband (estranged). He is having a good time. He is sticking his foot in his mouth but so is Adam. It is a normal day for them. However, he is underneath depressed and spiteful that his life is a mess. He is unforgiving of himself for what he has done to Aaron and his life. He is hurting Aaron, and that is the last thing he wants to do.

One would even say that the shirt is a sky blue. Light blue is seen as honest or trustworthy.  Which juxtapositions itself with how Robert feels about his actions in the past couple of months.  He does not feel that way at all. He is still conflicted and beating himself up.

Maroon/Dark Red

Red is about power and bravery. We associate red with being confident and driven.  We also associate red with being oppressive and anger.  This is a polarizing color. 

The Positive

Serious/Controlled Power/Ambition/Thoughtful/Controlled

The Negative


How It Relates to the Scene

Rebecca is back. He is being forced to face his mistake, and everything is serious again. He is stressed out because Ross is the idiot that we all know he is on the daily. Aaron is getting more upset. Victoria’s personality has disappeared and is now up Rebecca’s butt.  Robert is wearing a color he wore a lot during the affair era. He is controlled but fearful as well of what this is doing to his husband whom he loves more than life itself. He is also resentful of Victoria choosing Rebecca over him (then again, we are all confused by that too).  As time goes on, he becomes aggressive towards Ross, plotting revenge.  He went from feeling somewhat better and in control of his future with Aaron to going back into a freefall.

Aaron – Grey/Black/Dark Blue


Gray is a color associated with depression or unsettling feelings.  It can be associated with a loss that affects the body and soul. 

The Positives


The Negatives


How It Relates to the Scene

Aaron is trying to be different this time. Normally he runs. This time he is going to stay and fight. That means he is going to be mature and stable. Well, as stable as he can be.  He is wearing a lot of grays lately because he is feeling sad. He is feeling indecisive about his and Roberts future. Aaron is holding back on many emotions. He loves Robert. He is upset with Robert. He can be upset. Robert hurt him. However, that does not negate his love.

We have to see how this story plays out before really going into how long the sadness will continue.  Aaron can only stay solid and stable for Robert and himself for so long. Old habits will creep back up in the worst ways.  That has yet to be seen through, but these clothing choices show this could be a possibility.


Black is associated with the unknown. It can represent strength and power but also negative feelings such as depression and feeling aloof. 

The Positives


The Negatives


How It Relates to the Scene(s)

This is his hoodie in the same scene.  You could argue that the black hoodie was a protective layer since I always thought Aarons array of hoodies were just metaphorical shells to protect himself. He has been wearing a lot of black hoodies. So, he is trying to protect and comfort himself while out in public.  This is a given.

*Aaron wears a dark blue sweater in the 6/16/2017 episode.  Dark blue is conveyed as being superior. Make of that what you want. *

Rebecca – Yellow


Yellow is associated with being creative or a sunny feeling.  Bright and happy. It can be considered anxiety-producing for some and conveys a sensitivity to criticism and a retreat from responsibility. 

The Positives


The Negatives

Spiteful/Cowardly/Deceitful/Low Self-Worth/Lacking Compassion

How It Relates in General

When we meet Rebecca, she is mostly wearing Reds, Blacks, and Multi-colors.  As I wrote above, the reds equal control and power. The black coloring is mysterious and strong. She was brought on to be fun while trying to be that strong independent woman the show was desperate to sell us.  After ‘The Incident’ episode her wardrobe changes to mostly yellows. Mustard yellow to be exact. According to a few websites, that shade of yellow means a lack of self-worth or self-respect.

Let me back up for a minute.  Before the turning point in her character’s story, she is feeling powerful and in control of herself.  After ‘The Incident’ she goes out of her way to look brighter and happier while hiding those feelings of lack of self-worth, self-respect, and deceitfulness, spite even?

We see this come out after Robert rejects her the next day.  Her whole attitude goes from sunny to spiteful in a heartbeat.  She starts to throw out accusations and gets bitter about Robert turning back to his husband.  When she thinks, he is deciding to be with her and Robert rejects her again, out comes the spitefulness. In one case, sending Ross after him.

She shows this by lacking compassion towards Aaron and what he is going through.  She is in that mustard yellow around Aaron during her biggest show of manipulation and deceitfulness and lack of compassion. The scene with Aaron as she tries to convince him to leave Robert. She is wearing a very loose mustard yellow sweater. She keeps pushing Aaron with her words and building this case that Robert is the worst person for everyone. Instead of apologizing for her actions and how they affected Aaron (like Robert did the night of the reveal episode) she doesn’t do that. She is spiteful towards Robert, acting like that night was all his doing when it takes two to tango (if we ignore the consent issue like the show).  She is also a coward. Pretending Aaron yelling would affect her thumb-sized baby in her stomach.  Grabbing it at every chance she could, taking the cowards way out of taking responsibility for her actions in this situation.

The show may want us to side with her and think of her as the victim put I believe that is only the outside. On the inside, she is a much darker human being. We have seen it since she met Aaron and it might get worse and spread towards Victoria. Hence why this story might get “compelling” very soon.

What does all this mean?

It could mean nothing. A soap opera operates on a tighter schedule than a prime-time show.  Sometimes they might not have the time to figure out certain clothing choices and colors.  However, with this storyline being the way it is, all we have is the colors of their clothes and their non-verbal actions.  So, I think it is important that we all pay attention to their clothing choices from now on.  It is telling us more than we realize.

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, keep your tin hats on tight and hold on. This bumpy ride of a storyline is not going to be over for a long time.



Here are links to the research. (Check out the websites for yourself. Come up with your own ideas and share them with me and others!)

Blue/Light Blue


Dark Red/Maroon


Emmerdale Theory Time: The Whistle of Death

Welcome back to the Tin Hat Society. We are your hosts, Amanda (@AmandaJ718) and Justine (@BeautifulHusbands). Once again, we were thinking over the storyline and where it stands with the other stories doing on in the show.  That is when we found something interesting.

We aren’t the first ones to think Rebecca is going to be one of Lachlan’s victims.  We just needed canon proof. Once again, Emmerdale has provided.  So, we are calling this theory…

The Whistle of Death

Now, as you might remember, we came up with a theory for the mysterious feet that were hanging out with Lachlan during SSW.  After talking to many people, there was an alternative view of the scene.

Those feet were Lachlan’s victims.

So, taken from the wonderful people who comment on these theories the victims would be as follows:

Lawrence, Emma, Rebecca.

Lawrence, Pierce, Rebecca.

Lawrence, Belle, Rebecca.

Either way, The Whites are going to be taken care of by good old grandson and nephew Lachlan.

That is not the only evidence we found to support this theory.  We were talking about the British Soap Awards and how Ashley’s storyline was the big winner. That is when we started talking about Ashley’s death. That is when Justine pulled up the episode.

That is when we saw Laurel reading to Ashley. Each section attached to a certain character.

We have:

Jai looking at a picture of Holly

Vadam hugging at the part where she says “I’d have taken more time for you I’d have been kinder to you.”

Rebecca is after Vadam right after Laurel says “I’d have been kinder to you” (where you still see Vadam) then you see Rebecca walking, and Laurel says “The way you’ve always been to all the people who came to you for help.”

Then there’s this chilling wind sound before we go back to Ashley and Laurel.



What does this mean?

Who did Rebecca help by that point? She did try to help Lachlan stay out of jail.  She did try to be kind to Lachlan during that time (now she couldn’t care less), but during that time she tried to be kind.  Then the wind blows through.  It is cloudy, and the wind sounds creepy.

More proof Rebecca would be one of Lachlan’s victims. She isn’t long for Emmerdale.

What does this mean for the people in the sequence with Rebecca? Not sure. It might mean something else per person/couple. That is another theory.

To review:

Lachlan is acting creepy and could possibility go nuts with a shotgun.

Rebecca is part of the lineup of feet next to Lachlan during SSW

During Ashley’s Death episode, she is seen at the beginning with a cloudy sky and a creepy sounding wind.

We know Rebecca is a plot device meant for Robert and Aaron to work out their demons.  Not only are we suspicious about a possible baby we are beginning to think she will push Robert and Aaron together and then she will be killed off.

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718.  Until our next theory, keep your tin hats shiny and keep looking for more clues on Emmerdale!


Emmerdale Theory Time: Pregnancy Confusion

Welcome back to Theory Time with Amanda (@amandaj718) and Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) and our tin hats.  This one is a bit different than our last two.  For once Rebecca might not be evil. SHOCKING. No, we still think she is evil but we have too many ways to prove it.

This is where things are different.  Justine came across a clue while rewatching a few episodes of Emmerdale.  Which lead us to spell out what we know about this pregnancy storyline that has gotten everyone hot under the collar. (Thank You, Danny Miller. You did not help last night with that firebomb of an interview. We think you all should see his other interviews. They were nicer and happier talking about the same topic.)

It all started with a pregnancy test given to Rebecca by Victoria.  She mentions she might have a bad batch at some point. Well, Victoria…you might be right.


An expired test.  Now per Google, “All pregnancy tests last approximately 2 to 3 years once produced.”

So. We have that new clue. Let us continue the timeline.

-She makes an appointment with the clinic. They claim she isn’t far enough for a scan or abortion (Cough bullcrap Cough)

-Six weeks go by, and we get no new scenes or reports on the appointments.

-We see a scene where Rebecca calls the clinic again to tell them that she isn’t messing them around and she will be in this time for her new appointment (this is in front of the “Prove it” sign at the pub). We are to assume no scan yet.

-She skips her appointment again and decides to keep the baby because she wants to be a mother now.

-She gets cramps and is rushed to the hospital

-Is diagnosed with stress and is told to stay overnight. She has no one in the room with her. We the audience are left in the dark as to what happened with the doctor.

-Instead of staying she runs away with her convenient passport and money. No suitcase

-We know she comes back to stay and moves in with Victoria (full circle)

Other things we know

–  We the audience have seen no doctors or scans being done.

– We have seen no paperwork of a blood test.

– We don’t know how far along she is.

– Is she taking her required pills?

Here we are. We are completely in the dark.  We have an expired pregnancy test. No scans or doctor appointments. A shifty hospital scene where no one seems to know what is happening but Rebecca.

Here is where we need your help.  What are your theories based on this evidence the show itself has presented mixed in with the new evidence we have found?

We want to hear from you! Reply below!

Our next theory covers death.  Be afraid. Be very afraid. Or happy. It’s about Rebecca’s possible death.  Until next time, keep those tin caps on and stay positive!

Fatal Rebecca: The Victim and the Villain?

Here we are again. Back with a new theory. Theories are fun. Especially when Emmerdale feels so miserable right now.  So, after today’s episode (June 5, 2017) a new theory has arisen. For awhile now Justine (@BeauitifulHusbands on Tumblr) and I have been talking about Rebecca. Who doesn’t? She has taken over the conversation. She is a thorn in our sides (if you are a fan…turn back now. This theory is not for you).

So, Justine and I tried to see the story from Rebecca’s side. Even with the limited information we have, we tried to see her side.  It was tough to do, but ultimately it lead us to this conclusion.  No way is she the victim. Not after the scene in with Robert outside the courthouse on November 29, 2016.

Before that moment, you could argue that Robert was stringing her along. He was keeping her sweet, playing his old tricks and acting like the Robert she remembers to keep her around.  It didn’t last for long. Why?  He couldn’t keep the secret from Aaron of him kissing her for long. Robert had to admit that being with Aaron, being in love with Aaron has made him a better person. Yes, he still screws up and falls into bad habits but he wants to change, and he wants to be better because of Aaron. He wants to be a better man.

So, in that scene on November 29, 2016, these two lines are uttered:

Rebecca: So, you and me? Are we over?

Robert: We never even started.

Robert walks away from her and his old life and towards Aaron and his new life being with him.  That might be the turning point from Rebecca being used to Rebecca being spurned. Spurned and wanting that Robert she ‘loves’ back. Fatal attraction style.  She would make everyone Robert loves in his life turn on him. So, who is left to comfort him? Rebecca of course!

She thought she had him in December when she walked up to Aaron and announced in front of everyone that she and Robert kissed. Little did she know that Robert told Aaron and they were ready for this. It looks like a dress rehearsal for the big one a few months later, doesn’t it? Only this time, Aaron and Robert were hit hard in that pub when Chrissie announced she is still pregnant.

Rebecca just needed something stronger than a kiss. Hence, the incident.

This is similar to my other theory where I think Rebecca is playing everyone. It is just more direct now. I see a reason behind her actions now.

Here is how we think she is doing it. Turning each person away from Robert.

The Players

  • Her Family

This is easy to get her family onto her side. They already hate Robert for other reasons. She knows her family would blame Robert instantly.  They would be mad, but they would have her back. Which is what happened.

  • Victoria

Their friendship is weird. I hate it. I freaked out about it. Mostly because it came out of nowhere. Why would Victoria be friends with a White family member after Chrissie set up Andy?  Plot. It is all plot or is it? Robert loves Victoria. She is his little baby sister. Victoria is also baby crazy. Rebecca knows that, and her “pregnancy” will kick in feelings in Victoria that aren’t rational. Rebecca makes friends with her, lives with her and confides in her, she might turn on Robert for Rebecca.

  • Liv/Chas

As I wrote before, she had a nice conversation with Liv about understanding what she is going through as a teenage girl. This makes Liv think that Rebecca is nice before she left.  Chas, on the other hand, is someone who never liked Rebecca and doesn’t trust her. In fact, she is the only one to put equal blame onto Rebecca for that fateful night.  Chas will always be Team Aaron, but I think she will turn on Rebecca before Robert.

  • Aaron

Aaron would be the final turn. She already started with that speech to Aaron as she grabbed her stomach. Aaron had to save himself. He has to run from Robert. He is no good for any of them. They should become friends. It was terrible to watch, and there was nothing I wanted more than Aaron to tell her off. Sadly, we never got an answer from him.  Aaron is so desperate to be ok and make everything ok that he will try and be nice to Rebecca. He will try and see her side because he too might get caught up in the ‘blame everything on Robert’ train.  If Rebecca could get Aaron to turn away from Robert, he would have officially lost everything.

If Rebecca could get Aaron to turn away from Robert, he would have officially lost everything. Who could he turn to since Robert is afraid of being alone? Right. Rebecca and the “baby.”

The outliers

Ross and Adam are still outliers in this story. I won’t write them off just yet. Not when Ross was screwing Rebecca the night before, and he seems to keep showing up in Robron and Vadam business. Adam is understanding towards Robert and connected to Victoria. He could play a big part later in the story. Against Rebecca and working with Robert. This is all speculation.

Rebecca thinks that if she could take apart Roberts life, brick by brick, she can have him back. She can get back the life she thought he would give her. If he doesn’t, she is the victim of his actions. If he does, she won against her sister (who got Robert the first time) and Aaron (the man who got the true Robert).

Again, total speculation but now I have some emotional backing or rational to Rebecca’s twists and turns in personality.  Now it makes a little more sense to me.

Thoughts? Feelings? Tweet me @AmandaJ718 or leave a comment below! Until the next theory (believe me, this story will go on all summer) I will see you around in Denial land.

Rebecca White: Playing Everyone?

Ok. Here is something I have to get off my chest. I’m sure no one will be surprised by this statement. This is something I’ve talked about with a lot of you. Including my dear friend, Justine (@BeautifulHusbands).

Rebecca White isn’t a Victim.

Whew. Shocking, right?

Next statement.

I think Rebecca White is playing everyone in the village.

Here is when things get a bit tricky and possibly straw grabbing. This revelation started when I came across a written out theory from Vicky (@aviewfromtheclouds25). Please check it out here and then come back. I’ll wait.

I’ve had the same idea in my head for awhile now.  She just wrote it much better than I could have. Here are some dots we (Justine and I) have connected to support her theory. They are not in any order just things we noticed. This is more Robert focused than White family focused.

Dot #1: The Conversations

Rebecca has conversations with Liv and Aaron. One on One conversations. They seem to come out of nowhere. With Aaron, it is about Gordon (which we will get to that), and with Liv, it is about things Robert isn’t comfortable talking about with her.  On the outside, it looks like she is just trying to be nice and innocent. If she wants revenge on Robert, she could be collecting information on the two people he loves the most. I always found it odd that Aaron would open up so easily about Gordon to her of all people. Someone he didn’t trust. Liv was more about her fears and issues but still something she could use (less likely, but I always found it an odd scene. Victoria could have talked to Liv. Not Rebecca).  She now has some inside information. Hurt the people Robert loves the most.

Dot #2: “I Passed Out.”

I know everyone is sick of me talking about consent and how the show seems to be dropping it. We all have eyes. We saw what happened that night. Robert drunk. Rebecca sober. The sober one should be the responsible one. We all know this. The show seemed to imply to us to let this go. If they wanted us to let this go, why have that line in there.

“I must have passed out, and she left”

Robert doesn’t remember passing out? He doesn’t remember in general? Why leave Rebecca if you “know” Robert wants you. If we are to forget about it why bring it up in the biggest Robert and Aaron episode. One could argue Aaron saying, “Don’t blame the drink!” was the show’s way of telling us to let go, but I don’t think that is the case here. Aaron was rightfully upset.

Dot #3: No Reaction to Lawrence/Overreaction to Aaron

This one is small but noticeable in Friday’s episode. When Lawrence yelled “NO!” at Rebecca, he was in her face. He was loud. He was angry. She didn’t even flinch. She just stared at him. Flash forward to Aaron having his conversation with her, and he raises his voice, and she immediately acts like he hit her covering her stomach in fear. What is the difference? Lawrence wasn’t meant for this part of the plan? She didn’t need to play up a reaction yet? She needed to make Aaron feel bad. Question why he even came to talk to her.

Dot #4: The Rebecca Speech to Aaron

That whole speech made my skin burn. It made me want to throw a chair at her head. That whole speech about how Aaron should dump Robert was her version of what Gordon must be saying in Aarons’ head. Since she knows about Gordon and what he has done to Aaron from their previous talk she knows how to get inside his head. She was measured in how she spoke. She was trying to get to him. Break them up for good. Since that is part of the plan. Hurt Robert. Take away, Aaron. She just didn’t count on their inability to cope without each other.

Dot #4: Whiplash

She always changes her mind. It’s whiplash for us. Twitter user, @AmanaJRooney wrote this out:

She changes her mind so much because she is trying to control the players in the game. She will say one thing to Robert and another to her family. She has to keep them on their toes if she is going to get revenge. Hence why we feel like she is insane. She is just saying what she needs to say to keep it going.

Dot #5: The words of a Victim?

Please click on the link to see the video that I can’t get to embed because technology hates me today. Click the link and come on back after you are done watching.

Is this the same Rebecca that we are supposed to see as Roberts victim @emmerdale? #robron #bexit

She is the worst. The worst. These words are what she is bitter about. Why she wants revenge against Robert.


All of this could be grasping at straws. However, we can see it. If others can see this happening. There must be something there.  I don’t know what Emmerdale is up to but if the tables turn and she becomes the big villain? I will be ecstatic. We are aware they can build up a story for months. Maybe we are getting a villain story after all. Just poorly acted and badly written.

I wrote this in haste. Please. Blow it apart. Hate it. Love it. Sorry if I give someone too much hope. Sorry if I offended. This is just something we noticed after reading that theory from the lovely Vicky.