Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 15, 2017

I’m officially bored with this story. I’m not even upset anymore. This screams filler and drama and we need something happening with Robron before we switch back to Barton drama. Whatever happens happens. I do have a few controversial options though so. Sit back and enjoy the preshow.

First opinion. Aaron isn’t in a good place. I say this because I have seen so many posts saying Aaron is in a better place and how good he looks and I think I burst a blood vessel laughing. No. Aaron is a mess. He has slight dark circles under his eyes. He is jumpy. He isn’t well. He isn’t happy. He is in a bad place too. Robert and Aaron (my adorable idiots) are rubbish without each other. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t paying attention to the story or is forcing their own canon onto the situation.

Second opinion. Robert is still playing The White Family. He doesn’t love Rebecca. He doesn’t seem to care about the baby yet. It is full blown revenge.  Find one friend and scream your anxieties out on each other. It will make the fandom a less toxic place. Also, it makes it easier to find the antis running around causing drama for fun.  This storyline doesn’t deserve our anger. The more energy we give it, the worse it feels.

Zen out. Grab/do something that makes you happy. We will all get through this rough patch. It will be fine.

ROBERT IS PLAYING HER. (Why do people keep forgetting that important part of the story? Oh right. It’s easier to hate Robert than actually try and understand his motivations. Right. I know this fandom isn’t that lazy. I think the Robron/Emmerdale fandom is very smart.)

Third opinion. Nothing is ever ruined in a soap. People running around acting like Liv’s relationship with Robert will be ruined by this hasn’t been watching soaps long enough, or they are just anxiety ridden today. No. If the characters are alive and on the show? There is always a way to fix a relationship. That is what is great about soaps. Time and events change all. It will take time.

Alright! I’m sure a few hate me, but it’s just my opinion.

On with the show!



More mother/daughter dynamics. Which I love.

OH MY GOD. There is the car! A car.

Thanks, Tom. She sleeps with him and gets a car. I’m very interested in this now. VERY INTERESTED.


I will say this now. I think Aaron is over her head when it comes to Liv. He cares and loves her, but he lets her get away with everything. That isn’t a good guardian. She doesn’t need a friend. She needs someone to shape her world so she can learn to shape and organize her world on her own.

LIV. Honey. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Liv just spoke for fandom. They literally just wrote down a ton of tweets and Tumblr posts and had Liv say it.

Once again, Robert took full responsibility. Rebecca took NONE. Something to take note of.

Liv. I know. I KNOW. We all feel that way. Except for people who like Rebecca but that is their business.

Aaron is hiding in video games again. NOT HEALTHY BEHAVIOR.


I have been quiet about this story because I don’t know what to think. I have to say the guy who pays Daz is good. I like him. I expect good acting from him. I’m excited to see more from him in the future.

The Pub Crew

Leyla sounds monotone.

Oh god. Leyla is going to run the clients off. It’s hilarious.

Poor girl.

I always wonder who the other people are. Do they watch all the drama unfold and wonder why they live in a place with this much drama? *HA*

SELL THE DREAM. Isn’t that the truth.

Marlon. Look at Leyla that way. *Wink*

Charity. No. Don’t sleep with another guy your daughter has slept with. Stop the madness.

Ross isn’t stupid. He knows something is up. You are losing her Ross. That or the triangle is starting up.


Stay adorable my lovelies.

Laurel needs to learn how to be alone. Which she isn’t alone. She has children. A father in law. She needs to stop leaning on Nicola though. Nicola needs to think she needs to be there all the time. Its sweet but it won’t end well for Jimmy.


Shut up, Rebecca. You are the worst.

Robert didn’t like what Rebecca said at all. She has no right to yell at Liv.

“All I ever wanted was Aaron.”

“I hate her. I hate that baby.”

*BUBBLE WRAPS ROBERT* I can’t. My hearts so much at how much Robert is hurting. How much Aaron is hurting. How much Liv is hurting.

Meanwhile, Rebecca is just flouncing around acting like she has the right to be angry at Liv. FUCK HER.

“I never stopped. I always will.” – OH MY GOD. MY HEART.


Those Liv and Robert scenes were great. Beautifully done. Still feel that connection.
I’m perplexed right now. I think fandom got something wrong. I’m beginning to think that Liv does that to get Robert and Aarons attention but something goes wrong (spiked brandy).

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 14, 2017

Warning. I’ve been holding back on a lot lately, and I refuse to do that anymore. If other people can say anything they want and just add a ‘tee hee’ at the end of it, so can I.

So. The first controversial thought of this review? I think UK fans are spoiled and their soaps aren’t that bad. Yeah, there are bad elements right now but not as bad as USA soaps can be or are currently. I’d love to introduce Nikki and Victor Newman to all of you. Once you see their 30+ year history and the plotlines I’ve lived through, what we see now with Emmerdale couples is NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. It’s a blip.


-tee hee-


Anyway, on with the show!


Oh! I have the same makeup brushes! Cool. Makeup brush buddies! *high five*

“All blokes are stupid Ross!” – Debbie *and you fall for all the stupid ones Debbie!*

Ross likes superheroes too. Pass it on.

Damnit. Stop making me laugh Ross! STOP IT.

Mr. Big asked for a meeting? Someone liked Debbie.

Tom. Totally didn’t know that was his name. *looks around whistling*

Ross and Debbie: Action Heroes *hums that to the tune of Captain Planet*

Action Ross: Now comes in small and regular sizes! *wink*

Debbie. Be less obvious about your panic. You are supposed to be good at this.

Eh, Debbie isn’t classy.

WOAH. HEY THERE NEW GUY. That is quick. WOW.

“You have to be the most arrogant man…” OH HEY Now. *makes eyes at Tom*

Oh wow. They slept together already.

The new guy is cute. Me like.

Oh god. She isn’t a hooker you ass.

Yup. I’m into it. It’s so wrong its right. *Fight me. I dare you.*

She got some Ross. That’s what happened.

The show is writing a very PG version of Mr. Grey from 50 Shades of Grey. I don’t know how I feel about this. Mostly because that series blows so hard.


Awwww. Jimmy and Nicola sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G….

Nicola adding things to the ‘Honey Do” list.

Those two are adorable. The couple we need right now. *KEEP THEM SAFE*

Aaron being in Laurel’s house is just weird. It’s like a dog walking on its hind legs.

It wasn’t Game of Thrones. Calm the frack down, Nicola. You sound like the crazy part of Emmerdale’s Twitter fandom.

Guys. Every good couple has a really good fight. Don’t get all dramatic over Nicola and Jimmy fighting.

They are adorable. Nicola and Jimmy FTW. Also, Jimmy and Robert are the same. They just can’t win.


“I want the place to be lived in.” – SURE AARON. SURE. You miss your husband.

I’m glad Aaron is enjoying the chair he gave Robert so much shit about getting earlier in the summer.

Isn’t Chas supposed to be watching Liv? What the hell is going on?

Welcome home Liv! Now, go bring together your idiot brothers. They need a third party that isn’t as stupid as Adam. You are a smart girl. Please stay Team Robron. *smiles nicely*

Oh, Adam is no help. As per usual. He is a terrible friend. Most would be trying to calm Aaron down and not make it worse. Adam…you suck as per usual. Enjoy your eye problems. *bleh*

Let me guess? Liv doesn’t get in trouble for taking off without telling anyone. Again. Liv needs someone to be stern with her. Stern but sweet. Sounds like someone who we already know….Hmmm…*Whispers Robert Jacob Sugden Unwhispers*

Seriously. This is bad writing. Aaron went to Ireland with no ring and was talking shit about Robert (according to Charity), and she doesn’t know? BAD WRITING BAD WRITING BAD WRITING Robert also made a comment that Liv and Chas don’t want to talk to him before they broke up. Like they knew about everything. So, BAD WRITING BAD WRITING. BAD WRITING.

Gabby told her? REALLY SHOW. REALLY. This was rewritten and its stupid. *moving on*

Liar. Liar. Pants on Fire Aaron. It’s not a good look on you. Flesh wound. Give me a freaking break. *shake my head*

The Pub Crew

The ladies are looking good! *high five*

Oh. Zak is back. Hey, Zak! *waves*

Oh goodie. Frat boys. *eye roll*

Leyla! I love this. “My condition.”

“Smooth.” Dude. If you have to say it…


Frank to the rescue? Yay? *shrug*

Leyla. No Frank. You need to be alone for a while.

“I know. I’m going to die alone!” – LEYLA IS ME AT A BAR! SERIOUSLY. *wink*

Bernice Beauty Salon

Daz is the official plumber of Emmerdale. He is going to clean up! *plumbers make a lot of money*

Bernice really loves that scarf. She wears it a lot. I know she has more than that outfit. Unless that is her uniform for the salon? Maybe?

Daz rises as the Salon Hero! *salutes him*

I love Bernice. I love her so much. *bows down to the queen of awesome*


Well. Bernice and Kerry look like a Jersey Shore cast member. *waves hello*

Nicolas laugh is the best thing in existence. I need that as my ringtone. *LAUGHS*

Whoops. Elliot got the knife. Um, Daz has a point. He had no parental supervision.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 13, 2017

Calm before the storm of fandom emotions. I am saying this now. I will be holding back the rest of the week and into next week during the “Liv Accident” story because I’m not into hearing certain parts of fandom malign Robert because they aren’t paying attention to the story at hand. Got offended by that? You are one of them.

Regardless, I will be here writing up ‘Live and Organized’ posts. Trying to figure out for myself where we could be heading. I don’t mind having a good conversation with people but if you are going to be using names or ignoring canon? I won’t deal with you. You will be muted (I don’t block easily).

Alright, glad that business was taken care of! On with the show!


Poor Leyla. Wishing on boats.

That’s not the reason she jilted Pete. She wasn’t into Pete as much as she claimed.

Leyla is having a terrible day. Vanessa and Megan are on her case. Not that they shouldn’t.

I kind of like this little group too.

Love is rare. True love is very rare. I’m glad Leyla is picking up on that.

“We will not let her go all Bridget Jones on us tonight!” – Vanessa (I like Bridget Jones!)

The Café Crew

More Daz stuff. I’m still warming up to this storyline. I find it sweet so far. Something is up with Daz though. As always.

Ross’s face at the flat white comment from Rodney! (DYING)

Ross still chasing after Debbie (shampoo, wash, rinse, repeat)

‘Old Money Bags’ is my new nickname for the new guy. Thanks, Ross!

Take A Vow

Leyla is still a mess. Megan is right to be a little upset.

Guys, this isn’t the time to argue. You two are partners and friends. You can do it! Just hold it together.

Beauty Salon

‘Ball Cock’ and ‘Hot Tony’ (snorts)

Daz is becoming a handy man around town! That could be useful!

Nicola showing up just to laugh and leave. That is my goal in life. Show up places. Laugh. Then leave.

Debbie/Graham/Money Bags (Mr. Waterhouse)/Ross

That would make me nervous going up to a suite for a meeting with someone I have never met. Debbie was trying to keep the meeting downstairs but couldn’t. I don’t think I’d go up.

Beautiful view. I assume that is Leeds? (Stupid American Question)

HELLO. Welcome to Emmerdale Mr. Money Bags!

Mr. Big? Debbie is a Sex and the City fan! Love it.


Oh crap. They know everything. Damn.

Debbie telling them off. Good for you. Bad for business but good for you.

The watches mean something? Why have a shot of that?

Ross vs. Waterhouse? Calling it now. Triangle of rich versus poor?

Debbie has a plan. That’s my girl.

The Pub Crew

Oh, Leyla. I know you are all types of mixed up right now.

That is Soap 101, Leyla! Check the bathroom before speaking! (Duh!)

I still think Leyla and Ross would be a fun fling to watch. Get back at Pete and Debbie. It would be fun and if the show wants it to go deeper? Go ahead.

I want Tracys dress on me right now! I adore it!

Cain concerned about Moira. AWWWWWW!

COIRA RISING! (Always Robron and Coira. That is where I stand.)

Thanks, Cain. You are helping a lot! (PROTECTOR OF MOIRA FOREVER!)

The Girl Band (Laurel/Nicola/Bernice)

I love this little group, but Jimmy is feeling alone Nicola.

Jimmy is flexible. I had the same reaction as Bernice. (ha)

Laurel. Honey. You can’t always lean on them. Nicola needs to get back to flexible Jimmy.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 12, 2017

So. Are we melting down again? Why? Don’t let yourself get too down. Just sit back and chill. The story will get better. Just got to get through the crap to get to the diamonds. I’ll be here in the chilling/positivity corner. Come join me. I have cookies and root beer floats. *whispers* Root Beer Float Ice Cream *unwhispers*

Let the show begin!

David/Tracy & Family

Tracy. He sleeps on the couch, not you. It’s always the guy on the couch.

David. Seriously. Stop while you are ahead. Kind of. Oh boy. (Davids snort laugh was cute)

Oh, Tracy. *shares some bubble wrap*

Exactly! David only had to ask. That is the problem here. David should have known better. Anyone would know better than to give away money like that.

Leyla. Seriously. Stop talking.

Vanessa. Thanks for reviewing the situation. *snorts*

Leyla pretending to help carry the arch is hilarious. Mostly me.

A Barlow reference? Like…Corrie Barlow? WHAT?!? Unless there was a Barlow on Emmerdale too?

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Finns on the clock.

I like that dress on Tracy! Adorable!

Awwww! David and Tracy are adorable.

OH. Leyla looked jealous. Oh no. I sense a triangle coming but not on Davids part. Oh no. I hope I’m wrong and Leyla is just having a moment of sadness.

I love this song.

“Happy loved up couples make me want to puke.” – Thanks Charity.

OH LEYLA. HONEY. NO. I know I said I thought they were cute but NO. NOOOOO.

Nicola/Jimmy & Family

Jimmy is whipped (in the best way possible)

Nicola is me. Don’t ask me math questions. I’ll help with the English homework.

Awwww, Jimmy feels left out. He wanted some ‘alone time.’ *bow chica bow wow*

The Pub Crew

Ross and Debbie time. Debbie hiding things. Bring on the new people. We need some new blood.

Ross following Debbie around like a love sick puppy is getting old now. *yawn*

The Café Crew

Jai and Nell. Why would he want to see her again? I guess for answers but still. I figured it out quickly on my own. Unless there is another twist?

Are we sure she isn’t lying right now? I mean, come on. Should we believe her?

Woah. “People only love me when I’m broken.” GEEZ.

She is telling the truth. Wow.

WOAH. She is insane. That’s it? She failed at everything, so she tries to fix other people? Ok then.

Jai. Please don’t let Nell take advantage of you. DON’T.

Whew. Jai isn’t going to fall for it. Awwwww, Jai you are a sweetie. From what I gathered he wasn’t always like this. Holly changed him.

“Mirage. A fake.” – HMMMMM



Michael Buble! LOVE HIM.

I love this little friends group. They are just protecting Laurel I think.


Something feels off about this whole episode. More references to Ashely and death and living. I don’t know what is happening.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 11, 2017

Ok. Going back to the old format for today. Live reactions as I watch. I might leave the overview of themes for the hour-long episodes/episodes I have lots of feelings about. Which will include what is coming up for Robert, Liv, Aaron and Robron in general.

Um, I’m saying right now, I am firmly in Camp Positivity. Things will get rocky, but it’s not the end of the world. I see only interesting and good things happening. If the Nell and Jai twist tells us anything, the show knows what it is doing. WE may not be able to see the final resolution, but I believe this Robron story was designed that way. So, Camp Positivity. I have no time for fandom freak-outs anymore. Direct that to someone who cares.

Alright! On with the show!

David’s Store

That’s nice of Leyla. Leyla is also drunk and handing out wedding gifts. *Snorts with laughter*

Awww, It’s Tracy’s birthday! I want that outfit. Better than the pineapple outfit of Kerry’s.

Frank. Blowing up Davids spot.

Tracy is pissed. Not surprised and she is in the right to be angry.

Tracy is in the right to be mad. I’d be mad if my husband just handed out our money. Wow. Equals in marriage.

Oh wow. This exploded quickly.


Nicola is way off. Welcome to storyline Nicola and Jimmy!

Team JAI! Always!

Moira is being taken advantage of and it breaks my heart.

The Girls House

Leyla is just wandering around drunk now, isn’t she? Oh boy.

I like this Megan and Leyla scene. Bringing up the past and talking about karma. Very nice. I like this friendship. Started off weird but it works.

Why is everyone broke in this village?

Poor Leyla. *BUBBLE WRAP*

Moira’s House

Jai. Moira is in full blown protect Holly…Nell mode. (just saying)

Jai presenting evidence and it not working is frustrating. Oh, Jai. I know. This is frustrating.

Sadly, Moira will learn the hard way with Nell. Just my speculation.

Where did Nell get that positive pregnancy test? No one can give me an answer.

Is that Hollys robe? DUDE. NO. *shakes head no*

Jai. You may need a gentle touch here.

Hmmm. No track marks. HMMMMM. Come on Moira. You are a smart woman. I know you are.

Oh. This didn’t last long. Good. On American Soaps this would go on for much longer.



OH HONEY. Leyla. No. Don’t do it.

April is getting a fun lesson in romantic politics from a drunk Leyla. Fun.

Wow. Leyla just ran off Pete. Pete is such a loser. He doesn’t deserve Leyla.

Oh god. Right in the mud. *BUBBLE WRAPS LEYLA FOR LIFE*

I really love the idea of David and Leyla. I also love David and Tracy. I’m at a crossroads people. A major crossroads.

David. You are adorable. Just so you know.

“Get your own puddle!” “You sink. I sink.” – THESE TWO ARE TOO CUTE. (Leyla and David)

Oh. My. God. Scott is back. Appreciator of Davids butt. Scott has a date? With who?

Oh. OH. David. Your trip. Tracy won’t be happy. Didn’t tell her before hand.

The Pub Crew

Bernice and Scott. SURE WHY NOT. *giggles*

Bernice is on tinder. If Bernice can handle Tinder, I can handle Bumble.

Laurel and Nicola laughing in the background is perfect! I LOVE THIS.

Emma and Finn. *oh boy*

Pete. Shut up. I can’t believe I like Ross over you right now. WTF is happening?!?!

Na na na na na Hey…Goodbye.

Nicolas House

DIGITS! I want David’s digits too. *wink*

Love their little group.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 4, 2017

So, Happy Labor Day to the Americans out there (like me). This reaction review might be a bit short or distracted because I’m watching the show while watching a One Tree Hill marathon with my lovely family. I got my dad addicted. *evil laugh*


Dan sleeping in the van. HE IS SLEEPING IN THE COOL VAN. YES.

From what I heard Kerry won’t cheat on Dan. Which is exciting, right guys?!? Seriously. Not being sarcastic. One couple will remain intact.

I really want to care about this but I can’t. Give me a reason to care guys. I guess I have to read up more on these two.

I think Kerry is adorable. She may have rough edges but she has a big heart when it matters.

The Café Crew

Robert paying off Jimmy to mail the fake Ronnie letter. That’s all it takes.

Robert has been connected to Emma twice now. Interesting.

I’m sorry. Rebecca. Why did you walk right up to the conversation? You have no right to listen in on anything related to Robert. God, I hate her.

Jai. Stop trying to make Nell another version of Holly.

Bob cheering on his wife is adorable. OH BOB. Adorable human being.

Ok. It’s getting creepy now. Stop moaning Bob. I’m creeped out.

I ship Bob and Nell. TAKE ME ON. *HA*


Nope. Give it to the Dingles. Now.

The Whites can go to hell in my book. I’m done giving a damn about them. Let them burn from the inside.

Wow. Chrissie is a bitch to Debbie. Wow. Talk about 1%-ers moment.



*La la la la* They are having an affair. When is this going to end? *La la la la*

This is coming out soon. Thank god.

The Pub Crew

Battle of the Dingles vs. The Whites

I want Debbie to win. *YOU GOT THIS GIRL*

I see the stomach is back. In one scene it’s gone and in another its back. *STOP BEING LAZY SHOW*

I guess the friendship between Debbie and Rebecca is over. *I’m so shocked*

Eric is just on fire today, isn’t he?

Hey, Chrissie? Welcome back to Home Farm. Sit back. Have some brandy.

The Scrapyard

Just post the stupid letter, Jimmy. Help a breakdown waiting to happen.

Jimmy falling asleep is actually funny.

Nice save there Robert. *eye roll*

I’m sorry Rebecca. Scrapyard is Aaron Dingle territory. Get the hell out. She thinks she owns the village. Dumb girl. She owns nothing. She especially doesn’t own Robert.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 21, 2017

It’s Monday. Another week. Last week was great (even Sharon. You go Sharon) So let’s keep it up! Let’s make this a great week everyone!

The Café Crew

Yes, Vanessa. Last night was awful. Rhona hit on Cain. It wasn’t good.

I feel sorry that Harriet is going to get the crap end of the stick again. Get involved with Cain and Moira will always be there. Same with Robert and Aaron. Get involved with any of them and know they will always be connected.

Leyla. Baby. *brings out bubble wrap*

God Pete. Keep it in your pants. Geez.

The way the show is filming the café today is weird. I won’t lie to all of you. They have been setting up shots differently lately. It’s interesting. I mean. I think something is up here. Something interesting.

The Pub Crew

Charity. I love you. Never change.

Kerry vs. Nicola is the best thing ever! I know people hate it, but I enjoy the comedy. It’s a nice change.

OH MY GOD. I LOVE Kerry’s car! YES. Volkswagen ahoy!


Nicola and Jimmy. I adore them. I also adore everyone’s reaction to them and the King Family.

BOB. This is going to be fun.

We have been getting a lot of Zak in the pub lately. Interacting with people. Hmmm.

Charity working extra hard to keep this scam going.  Something is up with her. She is angry. She is depressed. Something else is going on.

Help me out here people. Was that Daz Kerry saw on the street?


I don’t know if seeing him will help yet. Maybe down the line. I know she sees him but still…sigh. *BUBBLE WRAP*

True. Don’t give Pierce more power than he already has. Do I have to quote Harry Potter at you all? Pierce is nothing. A piece of crap. Rhona shouldn’t give him anymore power over her life. He is gone. She needs to take care of herself now.

Rhona and Paddy. It is way too soon to be doing this. I feel like you two need to back off quick. So not good.

Dan vs. Jimmy

Unlike other people in the fandom, I find this so much fun! It’s silly. WE NEED SILLY RIGHT NOW. It can’t be dramatic all the time.

“I think my pasta is coming back up!” – Jimmy King everyone. *giggle*

Why is a vet scared of a horse?!? Oh, Paddy. You weirdo.

They are asking a lot of these middle-aged men. *snort*

Why did they have to drag potatoes? I love how weird this was!

DAN WINS! Crap. I bet on Jimmy. Oh well.


I’m in love. So in love. Sam and Lydia forever!

Lydia is spreading the news fast now. Frank should never have told her. *ha*

Charity is in hell. I love it.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

(ITV Soap Inception! This is me and Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) coming up with theories at 3 am.)

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

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