Is While You Were Sleeping Secretly Creepy?

Let me start by saying While You Were Sleeping is my favorite movie. It will always be in my top five most recommended movies. I’m always enchanted by the love story, the family, and silly predicaments. Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman have this amazing chemistry you don’t see anymore in a romance (if you have and it’s not Twilight based, please tell me below in the comment section).  The family reminds me of my family. They care about each other, but they have their problems.  All the individual characters feel real, and you want to visit them over and over again.

With that said, I can’t help but think this movie has a sinister undertone.  This thought pops into my head if I seriously sit down and reflect on the plot.  Here is why I think While You Were Sleeping is secretly creepy. It really comes down to one idea. Stalking.  Is Lucy a stalker? Does she take this too far? Some might call this far fetched but hear me out.

Lucy is in ‘love’ with Peter. To the point where she pretends to be engaged to him.  You could argue she was kidding when she said that line, “Oh, I was going to marry him.” but I don’t think she was. I think in her mind, she already picked out the dress and the music.  She was in full blown fantasy land.

Next point. Lucy doesn’t correct the nurse, doctor or family when they all think she is Peter’s fiancé. She uses the excuse that she doesn’t want to kill the grandmother. The grandmother with a heart problem.  However, as we see at the wedding at the end, the grandmother handles everything just fine. IN fact, I’m convinced she is the reason Jack ends up proposing. Anyway, I think she secretly enjoyed being considered Peter’s fiancé. She liked the idea so much she kept going. The only problem is she ends up realizing he is a bit of an ass and his brother is better. Jack is her new target.

If we put it all together, she is a bit of a predator. She has no one, and she joined their family like one joins the Marines (I love that line).  You could argue she is just lonely. She has no one but a few friends and cat. However, she allows things to happen to her. Things she secretly fantasizes about she gets to experience.  That is a little creepy.

Originally the story was flipped. It was a guy obsessed with a girl who ends up in a coma. He ends up falling for the woman’s sister.  It was switched because the studio thought it was predatory having a guy do this in a movie. I feel it’s creepy no matter what.

I feel like the charm of the actors in these roles is what makes it not so disturbing. I feel. in different hands, this story could have been much more terrifying to audiences. So, enjoy the movie, but don’t forget that without the charm, Lucy Eleanor Moderatz is a creepy stalker.

Enjoy this recut trailer someone did to show how creepy this could have been.

Until next time, I hope you enjoyed.


Swatches Dogs and Diet Coke Heads: Watching Heathers as an Adult


Like every good teenager, I had my moments of teenage despair. I went through my dark period. I listened to punk bands, I wore black (I still wear black but for different reasons now) and I watched films that understood my teenage bullshit.  This brings me to Heathers.  Heathers is the movie that at 15 years old, spoke to me.  It knew how much I hated the hierarchy that is high school. How the guys sucked, school sucked and so did my friends. The film had a body count and was focused on suicide, but it had a hot misunderstood guy named J.D. What teenage girl wouldn’t love that.

The film, written by Daniel Waters, had classic lines that I loved to quote with my other misunderstood and geeky friends.  Geeky being subjective. What was considered geeky when I was a teenager is seen as cool now so, I guess the crowd I spent my youth in is cool now. Ow, my brain.  Anyway, the lines I loved to yell at my friends?

What is your damage?

I love my dead gay son (yell that around adults and watch the confusion set in)

That movie at that time spoke to me. It was a touchstone in a time where I wasn’t sure of anything and felt completely alone.  Heathers (minus the murdering part) made me realize that everyone has a role to play except I don’t have to take the role I was given.

That was then. This is now. Since 2002 (when I was 15 years old) I have gone to college, graduate school, made friends that have different backgrounds, and learned to think outside of my traditional middle-class small town upbringing. Watching Heathers now is a different experience. I pick up on more than ever before. Heathers wasn’t just about the power structure of high school.  It had a lot to say about the adults around the teenagers as well.

It’s odd. As a teenager, I rarely thought about Veronica’s parents or the school board. How they reacted to the teenager’s actions. It is kind of comical and depressing.  The parents are too busy keeping up in their own circles to realize their daughter is in crisis. She is stuck with these girls who she hates. She doesn’t talk to anyone, and when she does, the guy takes advantage of that and preys into her darkest urges (more on that next).  The school board is more worried about copycats and keeping their jobs than what is actually happening with the teenagers. Even the caring ‘hippie’ is more concerned about getting on television than listening to the students. If one adult picked up on J.D.’s gun-toting skills, things might have been different. Maybe.


Yes. J.D. Let’s talk about J.D. As a teenager I adored him. He was cute. He quoted from books I have read before.  He had a unique viewpoint on the world. I was with him.

As an adult, he is terrifying figure in this teenage horror. He is a blueprint for the teenage brain that is so far gone he would consider killing others. He is terrifying, and his relationship with Veronica is abusive. It is not something to aspire to anymore. What scares me as I look up the movie on the internet is the number of adult women who still adore J.D. I think J.D. is that one guy you are meant to encounter as a teenager and learn how a man shouldn’t treat you as a woman.  For some reason, a lot of us didn’t get to meet that guy in real life. So, the fictional version remains in our brains. Again, terrifying. J.D. is the worst.

Heathers is a true classic that only grows in meaning as the viewer grows older.  What you got out of the film as a teenager changes as you grow.  It doesn’t feel stagnant, and even today in 2016, the film has a lot to teach us.

What do you think? Do you still enjoy Heathers? What is your favorite line? Tell me below in the comments section.

Until next time, I hope you enjoyed. Have a good one and don’t forget: Teenage Suicide. Don’t Do it!

We are in Trouble Now: Classic Lifetime Movies

Welcome back to the randomness! Today we continue with Lifetime.

As I wrote in the previous week, I feel that the network for the lack of a better word sucks. It leads me to think about the times when the network was fun to watch. Especially the movies. It got me thinking of the movies I loved to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Some movies have stayed with me to this day. Here are my top three favorite Lifetime Movies! Let us begin:

Death of a Cheerleader (1994)  


This is a classic. For some reason back in the 90’s, there was an obsession with cheerleaders and the people who would kill to be a cheerleader. This movie is no different.  It does delve into the common topics of peer pressure, being accepted and teen bullying before it was cool. It brings up the importance of treating everyone with respect. It also has a mystery vibe (thought you know who did the murdering but it tries). I think this one is a favorite because of how campy it is. Sometimes you need a little camp in your movie. At least unintentional camp.

Fifteen and Pregnant (1998)


This movie has always been a favorite of mine. There is no real reason. I like to call it the original Teen Mom story.  I think I enjoy this story because it was straight forward. There were no easy answers. Each decision made by the main characters had consequences. It is a no thrills look at how having a child affects your whole life. I always thought this movie should have bene shown in health classes. Nothing scares teenagers more than the truth.

Sex and the Single Mom (2003)


This is one of the last movies I remember liking. After this, it becomes a slew of bad remakes or movies that cover events from television shows that may or may not have happened. Regardless, I liked this one because of how likable the characters were in the face of real issues. In a world where single parents are more common starting to fall in love again while parenting a teenager doing the same is hard. Much like Fifteen and Pregnant every choice has consequences. There are no easy answers. It feels like you are going through everything with the characters. The movie takes you on a ride. There is a sequel but it wasn’t as good as he original (shocker).

You can find these movies on YouTube or on Hulu. They are hard to find now but worth the search and watch. I hope that Lifetime goes through another transition. Maybe the powers that be will remember what made the network so popular in the first place. I can tell you it wasn’t reality shows. It was movies and television shows that reflected what women were going through and how they weren’t alone. Maybe sometime Lifetime will realize that and do better.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed.

Do You Like Scary Movies? (A Look at the Scream Series )


It is beginning to look a lot like Halloween here on the Randomness! Let us continue with another franchise that I love to pop in when the weather starts to change, and we think about what goes bump in the night.
He sees you when you are sleeping. He stabs when you are awake…Scream if you can!

What can I tell you? I am a bit of a Wes Craven fangirl. Scream is a series that became popular when I just in the fourth grade but rose to prominence when hit the slumber party circuit. I remember being scared (I scare easily people) but I was still drawn to the series. Much like my other favorite series by Wes Craven (Nightmare on Elm Street), there is more to the characters and story than their stereotypes.

Let me slow down. Let me talk about the series as a whole. Scream was written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven. The first film premiered in December 1996 and was a huge hit. Why wouldn’t it be? The guy from Dawson’s Creek, Freddy’s creator and the Weinstein’s were a part of the project. From there were three more films released and a television series for MTV following new characters. According to one article, the series became notable because of its use of recognizable actors. That was unheard of and has become a big part of Screams success.
The series follows Sidney Prescott and her friends in Woodsboro as a mysterious “Ghost Face” stalks and kills each one of them off. In the mix are Gale Weathers (new reporter) and Dewey Riley (deputy sheriff). It is a bit traditional slasher mixed in with some comedy.

That is why I think I truly enjoy the series. I liked that the characters were relatable. They knew pop culture and knew the horror genre. By the time, these movies were made the whole horror genre was oversaturated with the same type of movie. Of course, these characters would be highly aware of that horror genre and the formulaic way movies would run. It is almost a commentary on how much the slasher/horror genre has permeated society as a whole. Teenagers are not so stupid anymore. They aren’t running into woods just because they can. They aren’t falling so easily. They are highly aware of the horrors life can bring. I also found myself rooting for them to live and not die. I hate to admit it but after the eight Jason movies, I have watched in my life, I was rooting for characters to die. With this movie, I cared which is rare for horror films.

What I liked was how Scream tried to make fun of the formula of horror films. By this time, there was a formula being used by all studios, and oddly enough it worked. However, by the 90s it was getting old. I think Scream was so interesting because they recognized that there was a formula (through the character Randy). The characters don’t give it much credence because horror movies don’t happen in real life…right? I liked Williamson and Craven both knew and treated the audience like they weren’t stupid. One thing that bothers me about some horror genre films is how the audience is treated like they are stupid. By this point, audiences were in the know, and this film series treated them well.
This series tried to change the way people look at horror films. I do not know if everyone was enamored with the series, but I knew I was. I was interested in how Sydney was going to get out of each dangerous situation and who was going to make it next.

Stick around because tomorrow I talk about my favorite in the series, the first Scream and why it deserves a look every October.

Until then the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed.

Tales from my Childhood: The Chuckie Diaries or Why I Stopped Being Worried by Horror Films and Now Enjoy Them


Welcome back to the randomness my dear friends! I want to tell you a story.

I was about six years old. One of my favorite things to do was go to Blockbuster to rent some movies with my family. I would be completely overwhelmed by all the choices and all the movies that I haven’t seen yet. I would wander the aisle in amazement of the choices. However, one fateful trip to Blockbuster put me face to face with an evil I have never seen before.

Chuckie. Blockbuster, back in the 90s, would put posters up around the store. At some point in October, they put up a Childs Play poster that faced the doors. I walked in with my family like normal and my eyes went right to it. That doll face scared and his smile skewed with an emotion I have never felt before. The poster was simple, but something about it scared me to my core. I refused to go into the store, my mom sitting in the car with me while my dad rented movies for the weekend. I refused to go into that store until they took down the poster for the Christmas holidays.

Since then I have seen the Child’s Play movies and laugh at my weird reaction to that poster. Those movies are terrible. They aren’t scary, but something about that poster evoked a feeling I didn’t understand or want to understand. Something about that poster brought out something that even humanity doesn’t want to think about.

Horror films do that to us. Well, most of us. Some are just weird and find horror movies (even the genuine dark horror) funny. Regardless, horror movies make us face something that we don’t want to. The dark side of humanity. When something goes wrong with the human race.

I didn’t want to face that feeling at the tender age of six but as I got older, I got less afraid of embracing that feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big scary cat when it comes to horror films. It is easier for me to analyze a horror film than just sit and enjoy. I have to rationalize the story to truly enjoy it.

I guess that is one reason why I have started to like horror. Some just enjoy looking at that side of humanity. Some just enjoy horror ironically. Some actually look at the story as a morality tale. There are a lot of documentaries on the subject that look deeply into horror films with the people who made the genre famous.  Never Sleep Again and Fall to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film come to mind and are available online.

Either way, we as a society enjoy watching horror play out in front of us. Maybe because we know it is fake. We know that the likelihood of that happening to us is very slim (unless you are a fan of the Investigation Discovery channel like me). Maybe we just like to feel scared.

For the next month, I will be looking at my favorite horror film franchises, why they are truly great at making us scared and defending a few films from those franchises. I WILL make all of you love Halloween 3: Season of the Witch if it kills me.

download (2)

Until then, the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed.

My Cinema Therapy: Top Three Best Romantic Comedies for the Soul

Hey! Welcome back to the randomness that is this blog. Continuing with my cinema therapy theme for the week, I have listed my top three comfort food movies. No matter what happens or what other movies come along…these movies will always have a place in my heart. I highly recommend that you watch them and if you have please watch them again!

Now without further cackling…

The Cutting Edge


The Cutting Edge is one of those movies that is a personal comfort movie for me. I used to figure skate religiously when I was a kid. I even skated on Olympic Ice in Lake Placid (just tooting my horn here). When my mom bought me The Cutting Edge and I was hooked.

If you don’t know the story here it is in a nutshell. Pride and Prejudice and Taming of the Shrew mixed in with figure skating. I’m not going into the plot because I want everyone who hasn’t seen it before to have a fun experience letting the story unfold.

This is a comfort food type movie for me because of the journey this movie takes the viewer on. From the minute these characters meet, there are sparks. Those sparks burn out a little and then the build this quiet tension and is so much fun to watch and experience. No matter how many times I have seen this movie (believe me…its been a lot) I always hold my breath at certain moments and laugh my butt off at others. The movie even makes fun of that building tension (much to the main characters irritation).

I also love the fact that the characters aren’t just there to fall in love. They are both working through their own problems. Kate is trying to work through the fact that she has to live up to her dead mother and what she wanted. Doug has to acknowledge that what he expected his life to be isn’t going to happen now. It is about the characters growing up and recognizing their faults together. That just…good character development makes me very happy.


While You Were Sleeping

giphy (1)

While You Were Sleeping is the true blue comfort food movie. It has so much going for it that even if you are not into the romance you can watch all the supporting characters do their thing and be completely happy. To tell you the truth…the Callahan’s needed their own movie. There was a lot happening with that family that we the audience needs to know about!

If you need some help remembering this movie. Lucy saves Peter, someone she thinks she loves, from a train and he is now in a coma. After some misunderstanding, the family thinks Peter and Lucy are now engaged. She keeps up the charade while falling for Peter’s brother Jack and his family. A lot more happens but once again…I’m not ruining it. (Psst…It is on Netflix).

This is my true comfort food type movie because of how well rounded and sweet the story actually plays out. The main couple of this movie (Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman) have an amazing chemistry. Not only do they have heat (important) but also I can buy them being friends and respecting each other. Meaning…I can see them lasting long after the movie.

Also, the family. The family in this movie is a lot of fun. The Callahan’s are warm, caring and do not have much of a filter.  The best scene of all of them would have to be in church. Mostly because it reminds me of my family when I was a kid in church. Lots of whisperings and then grandma says something…so wrong and funny. It is fun and always brings a smile to my face.


You’ve Got Mail


You’ve Got Mail is the ultimate fall movie for me. Written by someone that I LOVE as a writer, the late Nora Ephron, and stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, you cannot go wrong.  This movie is necessary for me to watch once September rolls around. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks still have this easygoing chemistry that makes you want them together. Even better, it is fun to watch them fight, flirt, fight and then flirt again. The plot also doesn’t drive you up the wall. It all naturally makes sense.

Once again, the plot. A small bookstore owner is actually talking to someone on the internet that actually owns the big box bookstore putting her out of business. Romantic comedy misunderstanding ensues. (It is a remake of The Shop Around the Corner. Worth the watch too).

This movie is a true comfort because it is a true classic. You know where the plot is going, but you are enjoying the ride all the way to the end. The true strength in this movie is the characters. The characters are funny and warm. Even the ‘wrong for them’ significant others are funny and sweet. There is no real villain in this story, but it does not need the romantic rival to work. You are enjoying what the characters say and their reactions to various plot points.  I could watch Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks talk about anything for two hours. I am so glad I have two movies that do just that! (Well…Sleepless in Seattle…they talk at the end!).


Those are the movies that I always watch when I need some comfort food or some cinema therapy. I highly urge you to watch or re-watch these movies for a good laugh and smile.  We all need some warmth in a world that is quite cold.

Hope you enjoyed the randomness this week! Come back next week for some more random insight into pop culture…maybe even something about reality television. (Dun dun dun!)

See you next week!