The Heart Wants Those Magic Moments

Lena tried her best to keep her composure as J.D. stared at her from behind his desk. She could feel his stare everywhere, and it made her burn.  She took a deep breath and looked up. He was on the phone, but his eyes were trained on her. She let out the breath and looked back down at the paperwork in front of her. She could not let him do this to her. She had someone to come home too. She had someone that counted on her. She had someone…someone…her thoughts wavered. She had to look at him again. She slowly raised her head and saw that he was standing now still on the phone looking through a file cabinet in his office. Her eyes traveled looking at his dark brown hair, his green eyes, his soft lips and then his angular bearded jaw as it moved in frustration. She smiled as her eyes traveled even further down. His striped shirt that covered his broad shoulders well. His jeans…Annabelle stopped cold. She shook her head as if it could clear her thoughts away.

“Stop it, Lena. You can’t think that way about your boss.” She whispered to herself looking back down at her work.

“Thinking what way Miss Daniels?” a deep voice asked. She jumped at the intrusion. She looked up into his green eyes and smiled appropriately. She prayed he did not know what she was thinking.

“I need to stop thinking about this paperwork,” Lena said half heartily. She knew her answer was lame but sighed in relief when J.D. accepted her answer.

“Paperwork is the bane of our existence,” he replied smiling at her. “Can I see you in my office, please?”

Lena nodded and followed J.D. as he closed the door behind them, slowly locking it tight. She stood near his desk as he closed the blinds, shutting the two of them off from the office. They both looked at each other. It had felt like hours before J.D. made the first move. He grabbed Lena’s hand and pulled her closer to him. Gently taking her head in his hands, he laid a kiss on her lips that shook her to the core. She felt her hands wrap around his neck to pull herself closer to him. They broke apart to take a breath.

“I’ve wanted to do that all day.”

Annabelle stopped. Her eyes glazing over. She continued Lena’s thoughts in her head. She knew what she had written. She sighed and let her head fall onto the table with a loud ‘thunk.’

“Ow,” She said aloud to no one. She knew she had to write this. To get Ethan out of her head. His looks. His voice. His concern. His advice. His annoying ways. The way he smiles. The way he moves. The feel of his beard on her cheek. His eyes. His lips.

“STOP IT,” Annabelle yelled aloud to herself. She raised her head and ran her hands through her hair. She needed to stop thinking this way. She needs to write it and then burn it. Just to get it out of her mind. This was one piece of writing Ethan didn’t need to see. She looked up at Lena and J.D. in mid-embrace. She felt her jaw go slack.

“Oh my God,” Annabelle said noticing something different about J.D. His eyes had changed from brown to green but most importantly of all, J.D. sported a beard that he never had before. A panic grew.

She saved the small piece of writing under a different name and a different file. Never to be seen by anyone but her. Taking a deep breath, she shut her laptop and watched her two characters carefully. It was like watching the beast turn into the prince. J.D.’s green eyes and new beard disappeared into thin air as he dropped his arms from Lena.

Annabelle let out a sigh of relief as her little secret died the minute she closed that laptop.  That relief short lived as she realized what had just happened.


“Let me guess? You don’t like what you wrote again? God, why can’t we get a creator that knows what she is doing?” Lena asked walking away from J.D. to lean against the kitchen table towards Lena.

“Why are you so bitter? I don’t write you that way.” Annabelle asked her earning a shrug in return.

“I like being bitter.” Lena announcing letting out a loud laugh.

“Why don’t you guys start dinner. I know J.D. wanted to try out a new recipe.” Annabelle responded, rolling her eyes in response. J.D. smiled at her as he turned towards the kitchen.

“Should we expect Ethan?” Lena asked with interest. Annabelle looked up startled at the question.

“No. Not tonight. It’s guys night with Eli and Jack.” Annabelle said getting her wits about her.  Lena raised one eyebrow before giving Annabelle a lazy smile.

“Right. Guys night.  Not like Ethan hasn’t ditched that before for you.” Lena said getting J.D.’s attention.

Annabelle sat up straight, her fingers messing with the top of her laptop. “Don’t make me lift this back up and have you do the Macarena for hours on end.”

Lena let out a laugh before winking at Annabelle. “J.D.! Buddy. Let’s make some dinner!”

As Lena distracted J.D. from the conversation Annabelle didn’t want to have, she laid her palms down on the top of her laptop.



The Mary Sue Project

Wrote this three years ago. Still cracks me up. Don’t know if it’s going into the novel I’m writing now. Either way, enjoy!


“I just don’t know what to do,” J.D. said to his best friend as he picked at his pancakes, “I miss her so much. I don’t know if I can go on without her.” J.D. gave up on eating his pancakes and dropped the fork.
“I know it is hard. It has been a year since she died.” His oldest friend Jack said to him, almost as a reminder.
J.D. sighed. “I know it has been a year. A year and no closure. For all, we know she may still be out there! Looking for me.”
“In the ocean?” Jack snapped back. He immediately wanted to take it back the minute it left his mouth.
J.D. sighed again. His placed his head in his hands and muttered, “I know. I know. It’s hopeless.”
“Nothing is ever impossible. You always got to think positive!” an unfamiliar voice said. J.D. slowly raised his head back up. There was a young blonde waitress with big brown eyes carrying a pot of coffee with a big smile. J.D. could not help but smile back.
“Hi,” He said.
“Hi yourself,” the waitress said, winking.
“What is happening right now?” Jack asked confused at the situation in front of him.
“What is your name?”J.D. asked leaning forward.
“My name is Bell. Anna Bell. I’m just a waitress to help pay my way through graduate school.” She said confidently.
“That is so fascinating. I must know
Annabelle stopped herself. She stared at the words and then changed focus to J.D. and Lena, who stood in front of her. She was not sure if this would be a gamble. At least killing off Lena did not kill her off in this world. Lena sat on the couch staring forward, her eyes glassy and her body unmoving. It was creepy. J.D. was facing Annabelle and talking to her as if she were Jack. A new character she pulled out of her, well, you know where this is going. Annabelle watched J.D. as he stood frozen, that goofy smile on his face. She took a deep breath and pushed a piece of her hair behind her ear. She set her fingers on the home keys but could not make herself write. She bit her lip before doing the one thing she never wanted to do.
“Ethan? Ethan! I need you!” Annabelle yelled out. She heard a door open, and footsteps come down the hall.
“You need me?” Ethan said suggestively. Annabelle looked at him and rolled her eyes.
“You wish baby doll. I need another pair of eyes on this.” Annabelle said to him pointing to the computer. Ethan got closer. A confused look came over his face.
“Why is J.D. facing you with that creepy look on his face,” Ethan asked, “is the joker looking for a new sidekick?”
Annabelle playfully hit his stomach and pointed to the computer screen. “Read. Need advice.” Ethan leaned over Annabelle’s shoulder and read the scene. She sat quietly waiting for him to finish. Ethan leaned back when he was done.
“Wow,” He said. “It is like watching Skynet become self-aware.”
“I know.”
“It’s like seeing what teenagers fangirl brain is like when running on all cylinders.”
“Bell. Anna Bell? Come the fuc..”
“Got it. Deleted.”