Don’t Segment Me! (New-Adult Fiction)

That is a category I have just noticed as I looked for some new books to read on my Kindle. New-Adult fiction? What the hell does that mean?  Is it from people who are currently new adults? Which begs the question, when does one officially become an adult? Regardless, I clicked on the word and was presented with the standard fiction I have been reading for years or so I thought.

New-Adult fiction was coined by St. Martin’s Press in 2009. The genre is focused on that in-between period. The reader is not a kid anymore (YA) but not an adult either. People would call this the time between graduating high school and getting out of college. This genre would focus on issues that people go through in that in-between period. New relationships, college, figuring out sex and everything involved with it. An ABC news article called it, “smut fiction.” Harper Collins calls it a label for parents to know if the book will be acceptable for their child.

I’ve looked through the novels that are listed under this new category. A lot of them remind me of the books I was reading in my late teen’s early twenties. We used to call these books fiction or even worse, chick lit (I hate that term, but that is for another time).  Why the segmentation? Some think this was a marketing scheme and I can see that. Usually these themes of leaving childhood and entering that even more confusing time of adulthood was covered under fiction. Now we have this new category that has highlighted this weird time and put a special price on it. I have a problem with that. Let’s charge people more to read about a time they are currently living in.

Please, don’t segment me. I feel like after I get out of reading ‘young adult’ (which I still read from time to time) I was hoping I could just be left alone to find my way through the fiction aisles. Lost in time and space. Much like life after being a teenager. Don’t force me into a box because it helps market certain books.

I’ve noticed the category, and like a lot of publishing houses, I’m choosing to ignore it.  If your book is that great, I will find it. Sooner or later I do.

What do you think? Does this new category annoy you too or do you believe that it was needed? Tell me below!

Thanks for reading and until next time, have a great day.


Books and Authors that Leave Marks: A Conflicted, Questioning and Obsessive Look into ‘Found Books’

Harper Lee Smokes

I’m breaking form today.

I had another blog planned. Something to go along with the one published the day before. Maybe I will write that blog someday but that day is not today.

Something has grabbed my attention recently.  I was in Barnes and Noble for the Manga sale when I came across Go Set a Watchman. I, up to that point, was set on not reading it. I had read so many conflicting reports on the validity of this manuscript. In addition, how the publishing company was taking advantage of the author. However, as I stood there, I felt compelled to pick it up and buy it. In hard copy.

Some authors deserve to be read the old-fashioned well. Harper Lee is on that list for me.

Before you ask. I have not read it yet. I am waiting for that strange mood to strike me again.

What am I getting at? Give me a few seconds. I am getting to my point. Just the other week I heard about a new Dr. Seuss book that was found and would be published (on Tuesday in fact).

Odd. Another bestselling author, long gone from society, had another book out there. Just waiting among the dust. Waiting to be noticed by someone.


It seems to be the summer of lost dreams and old thoughts.  What is next? Jane Austen wrote a sequel to Pride and Prejudice? Just waiting to be found in an old quilt she had as a child?

Why are so many books being found? Why are publishing companies so eager to find these books instead of developing and nurturing new authors?

Money. Easy marketing. Guaranteed success. There are so many reasons why publishing companies do what they do. What am I getting at is…why? Why do we need sequels or new novels from the authors that are long gone from the public conscience only revived by random writings on the internet?

There is a quote in The Atlantic  that really struck me hard:

Or perhaps Lee, alive but ill, is being treated the way so many deceased authors are: as ideas rather than people, as brands and businesses rather than messy collections of doubts and desires.

That rings true to me. Harper Collins does not care about Harper Lee. They care about her brand. They care about the bottom line.  Which makes me sick.

I know I am being precious. Nothing is black and white but when it comes to certain authors I just do not want to see any more from them. I actually loved that Harper Lee was a one-book novelist. I felt like she said what she wanted to say. She left her mark on so many generations and future generations to come.

Will this book ruin that? Will it ruin the mark that book left on my life?

Why do we need to find these manuscripts if they just ruin the legacy left behind?

Books and Television Shows: Perfect Together?!?

televison books

Welcome back to the randomness! What is on deck today?

Books and Television Shows: Perfect Together (Suck it Jersey. Stealing the states tagline.)

Ok. That statement is not true for everyone. In fact, when people find out that their favorite book series is going to be a television show…things go bad. Fans get upset and things go awry. Of course, me being me, I go against the grain.

 I recently was cleaning up my Good Reads profile (shameless plug) and I was thinking about all the books that really had an effect on my life. How much I would love to see those characters from those books brought to life on screen.


Which brings me to my list of three book series that I want to see on screen. Warning: Two are teen books and one does not really belong, but it will always have a place in my heart.

jd robb picture

In Death Series by J.D. Robb

Who is Dead?

Ask around and most people are not even aware this series exists. Fandom may feel non-existent, but there is a following. An intense one. If you do not know, J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts (yes…that Nora Roberts) writes about Eve Dallas a detective in the 21st Century. She solves tough mysteries with the help of her husband, Roarke (Roarke. Just Roarke), Peabody (her partner), Feeney and McNab (Tech crew) and Dr. Mira (the sanity factor).  There are massive amounts of other side characters that add to Eve’s life in good and bad ways.

This series, while having funny moments, is heavy. It covers not only murders but also child abuse, rape, abandonment and emotional instability issues (just to name a few).  This series has great character development and makes the future seem like a very interesting time. There are about 50 books (at my count). Every time you start a new story, it is like visiting old friends.

Why a Television Show?

It has so many aspects that would be fun to see on television. It is set in the future with self-driving cars, special guns, new planets, new technology and the Urban war that is hinted at but never really talked about. In addition, Eve and Roarke’s love story would be the toast of the Tumblr and the fanfiction world.  Their love story, even after marriage, has been ongoing and beautiful to watch. Ditto on the friendships Eve develops as she starts to open up and grow past her childhood horrors. Another reason? It has fifty books. Lots of backstory. Lots of plot. Perfect for adaption writers.

It can work. To put it in perspective, Its “G” rated counterpart would be the television show, Castle. A huge hit ( a great show I might add) and has the same idea as In Death. In Death came first though.

What channel then?

Showtime. HBO. This is not a network show. It is full of violence, sex, drugs, and prostitution. To actually portray the world Eve Dallas lives in you would need to show all the nitty gritty. A place with no limits on what can be seen would be best.

jessica darling

The Jessica Darling Series by Megan McCafferty

Do not have any idea what this is about.

The Jessica Darling series was close to my heart. It came into my life at a time where I was starting to get disillusioned with the Young Adult genre (vampires happened).  I came across the series by accident and fell in love mostly because it was set in my home state and did not make it feel trashy.

The series follows sixteen-year-old Jessica Darling. Her only and best friend has moved away, she cannot run track anymore, and is finding herself hanging out with town druggie Marcus Flutie (he reminds me of Tim Riggins). The person who may have killed her best friend’s older brother. It is mostly about a girl growing up to learn that things are not what they seem and how growing up is not going to easy (neither is adulthood).  I know its general but I do not want to give away too much in case you want to read the books now.

Why a television show?

I loved the first three books (the last two…read at your own risk) and felt it was a good representation of what teenagers are going through without patronizing them. It also doesn’t act like what is happening to them is special. The adults are not stupid in this series either. It is a snarky book with lots of colorful characters that could be developed better in a television show. This series has a pairing (Jessica and Marcus) that has shades of John Green realness. (He should trademark that).

Teenagers would eat this up.

What Channel Then?

I was thinking MTV. It is a teen book series (well…the first three are) with a very sarcastic main character. I can see it being like Awkward or even Faking It. Snappy and sweet.  It does not shy away from important topics and MTV LOVES to tackle those controversial topics to make itself relevant. Perfect for this series.

 the a-list

The A-List by Zoey Dean

Sounds Like a Gossip Girl Knock Off.

This series came to my attention by accident one day while looking for a good trashy beach read. This series is fun, campy but not trashy. It does look like a Gossip Girl knock-off, but it is not even close. These characters are likable. Their motivations make sense, unlike the Gossip Girl books where it was about aimless rich kids right up to the bitter end. Ok. Enough of my opinions and bad mouthing Gossip Girl (that blog is coming).

The A-List follows Anna Percy, an Upper East Side New York teenager, which moves to LA to live with her father. She plans to follow the WASP rulebook but finds her rulebook being thrown out when she meets Ben Birnbaum on the plane and falls in love. That brings her into the world not known to the east coast.  She encounters Sam Sharpe, Cammie Sheppard, and Dee Young as she tries to navigate her life on the West Coast.

Why a Television Show?

A lot happens in the ten books that were written including lots of side characters that come and go changing the lives of our main cast.  A fun book with likable characters that are motivated to do more with their lives, not just is dating. Yeah, that is a big part of the books but a lot of the characters are trying to get out from under their rich parents shadows and find their own footing (teenagers can’t relate to that…right?).  It grows to their college years so it can grow with its audience.

It is light and airy and I could see this being a fun summer show for teenagers and 20-somethings to enjoy each summer.  Limited 13 season episodes, though. Do not need to stretch out these stories too much.

What Channel?

CW or even the E! network would work. However, the CW is on a superhero kick right now. If Hart of Dixie still existed I would say to pair the show with that. I’m afraid the CW would treat the show like Hidden Palms (if you remember that show…honor to you and honor to your family).  E! Network could produce this series to grab that young Kardashian/Rich Kids audience.


Yeah. Television and books do not always mix.  However, if the right source material came along and the gods above decided to be nice, a book coming to life could be a fun experience. Especially with the books, I have talked about above.

What books do you think would work as a television show? Tell me below or shoot over a tweet. Love to talk to people about this topic! Till then…the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed.