Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 25, 2017

Friday! We made it to the end of the week. Let’s see how we close it out!

Happy Bank Holiday to the UK readers! Do you wish each other a happy bank holiday? Oh well, I will! *an awkward Ryan style thumbs up*

The Café Crew

All Franks fault. Sure…SURE.

Lots of Zak again.

Aaron still plays with his ring finger *melts into a puddle*

That wedding ring was his touchstone. *melts further*


Marlon knows the family.

I think Megan is a good person just got caught up in revenge. It happens.

OH GOD. Not the Dingle Court! *I really want to see this*

Can there be a spin off called “Dingle Court” I’ll watch that in a heartbeat.

Tracy and Vanessa defending their dad is sweet to see. Lots of mini family moments today.

How does one pull off blue eyeshadow? Tracy does it well and I look like a smurf.

Megan is in love with Frank again but Frank…I think he is done with Megan. For now.


I love this little family too.

I love Dan’s daughter. She is me online. *wink*

“He is family.”

I LOVE that John Cusack joke. *good one writers. That made me laugh*

Finally getting some dimension to the comic relief characters.

Awwww, they are cute. They are so screwed, aren’t they?!?

The Gym of Hell

I’m not a fan of fighting or boxing, so this is rough for me to watch.

YAY! Danny Arms *that’s what I’m concentrating on*

I’m sorry, but Danny has been serving some weird looks since this storyline began. It’s like he is working through a list of looks. *random thoughts*

Seriously. His eyes are very blue this week. I’m distracted now. What is happening?

Could you be more obvious Jason? I can see the drug deal a mile away.

*snorts* Geez Adam. You suck. *I am still mad at him* *I may be enjoying Adam getting his ass kicked* *form a line if you want to fight me on this*


The Pub Club

This is all so plotty. They want Vadam back together for some reason. I wonder why?

Oh. Does Victoria, Adam, and Zak tell Robert? Like, ROBERT! Aaron is in trouble! Come on superhero Sugden! Let’s go save your boy.


I think David and Tracy are starting to argue. *its starting*

Frank is done. SO Done. Don’t blame him either.

Eh, Zak. Adam is a better man than Jason but not the greatest. Let’s not go nuts show.

Victoria has a new baby to obsess over, and his name is Adam.

Sigh. Yeah. Aaron is mad. We know.

OK. PEOPLE. What do you all think is going on with Zak? He is everywhere lately. He is losing track of time. He is getting involved in weird plotlines and Dingle nonsense. Thoughts on what is up with Zak required!

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 23, 2017

It’s Wednesday! Here starts the Jason storyline. Maybe then people will shut up about the show missing Aaron. HERE HE IS! Baby Bunny! *coughs* Let’s go and see whats happening in the village today!


Where does Tracy shop? Forever 21 or Aeropostale? I’m not being mean I’m just wondering. Also, I can’t pull off the cold shoulder look, so I’m jealous.

Megan, you look a bit frantic. “Ignorant Cow!” I forgot cow is an insult over there. Love it. I’m going to use it soon.

This plan is a mess. This will explode in the worst way. I’m here for it.

The Café Crew

They are shooting people n the coffee shop differently lately. I like it.

Paddy! Dude! Give her more time! No one wants a stalker.

Bob and Nell. My new favorite friendship. Bob is awesome. That is all.

Marlon and Rishi are onto Frank now. Technically, they are onto Megan and Charity.

Time shares are dodgy Marlon. They teach you this on almost every television on.

Seriously. Bob and Nell’s Friendship For the Win! They are so cute together. I think we need more friendships on the show. That is where the heart lies. Friends and Family.

Bob wanting to celebrate her birthday so badly is adorable. Bob is adorable. Let’s all love on Bob today!


Good. Now people can stop complaining about Aaron being off screen. I love him, but the fans can be a bit much.

Yay. Start of the Jason filler story.

The Pub Crew

So, Victoria has enough for a baby’s room but not enough to keep up her house? Ok show. Ok.

Tennis is awesome. Don’t knock tennis, Aaron. I agree with Paddy. Someone check to see if pigs are flying outside! I agree with Paddy!

Aaron feels disconnected from Paddy. Which is to be expected. They haven’t really done anything. Not since Paddy ditched him at his worst hour to go off to have an emotional affair with Tess. You want to throw stones, Paddy? Remember you live in a glass house.

Marlon. SERIOUSLY. Time Shares are always a big NO.

Paddy needs to chill. She will decide when she is ready.

Those looks between Marlon and Paddy were classic. That made me laugh.

Charity would answer the phone like that. I’m sure telemarketers have her face on the walls with a warning not to call her number ever!

Charity? Oh my god?!? Her accent and trying to play along. Using the magazine to figure out a developer! Oh god. This has gone way too far. There is revenge, and there is Charity revenge.

Charity is on her phone as TART! *I’m dying of laughter over here!*

Zak has been acting weird lately. Just saying. Something is up there.

Vadam rises and so do a few theories.


I don’t know the history of Dan and Daz, but I sense it isn’t good. Not at all.

Kerry seems to feel bad for him. They dated at one point, right?

Kerry has a big heart. It’s charming.


Rhona is moving too fast. I love these two, but this is too fast. Way too fast. This will crash and burn. Badly.

God, the fact this is moving so fast…Something is coming. *hums West Side Story*

Well, Paddy, a lot of people want to do that in the village.

Good girl. That is what I’m thinking too Rhona. You two need to take it slow.

Oh. OH. This is very mature of her. It’s true. She is a different person now. A smart scene. I’ve been enjoying the after trial stuff with Rhona. It is well done. I know people will complain about it, but I really do love what they are doing with her. Also, Zoe Henry? Amazing actress. *snaps for Zoe!*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

(Here is a picture of Aaron smiling since he won’t be smiling much during this Jason filler stuff.)

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 21, 2017

It’s Monday. Another week. Last week was great (even Sharon. You go Sharon) So let’s keep it up! Let’s make this a great week everyone!

The Café Crew

Yes, Vanessa. Last night was awful. Rhona hit on Cain. It wasn’t good.

I feel sorry that Harriet is going to get the crap end of the stick again. Get involved with Cain and Moira will always be there. Same with Robert and Aaron. Get involved with any of them and know they will always be connected.

Leyla. Baby. *brings out bubble wrap*

God Pete. Keep it in your pants. Geez.

The way the show is filming the café today is weird. I won’t lie to all of you. They have been setting up shots differently lately. It’s interesting. I mean. I think something is up here. Something interesting.

The Pub Crew

Charity. I love you. Never change.

Kerry vs. Nicola is the best thing ever! I know people hate it, but I enjoy the comedy. It’s a nice change.

OH MY GOD. I LOVE Kerry’s car! YES. Volkswagen ahoy!


Nicola and Jimmy. I adore them. I also adore everyone’s reaction to them and the King Family.

BOB. This is going to be fun.

We have been getting a lot of Zak in the pub lately. Interacting with people. Hmmm.

Charity working extra hard to keep this scam going.  Something is up with her. She is angry. She is depressed. Something else is going on.

Help me out here people. Was that Daz Kerry saw on the street?


I don’t know if seeing him will help yet. Maybe down the line. I know she sees him but still…sigh. *BUBBLE WRAP*

True. Don’t give Pierce more power than he already has. Do I have to quote Harry Potter at you all? Pierce is nothing. A piece of crap. Rhona shouldn’t give him anymore power over her life. He is gone. She needs to take care of herself now.

Rhona and Paddy. It is way too soon to be doing this. I feel like you two need to back off quick. So not good.

Dan vs. Jimmy

Unlike other people in the fandom, I find this so much fun! It’s silly. WE NEED SILLY RIGHT NOW. It can’t be dramatic all the time.

“I think my pasta is coming back up!” – Jimmy King everyone. *giggle*

Why is a vet scared of a horse?!? Oh, Paddy. You weirdo.

They are asking a lot of these middle-aged men. *snort*

Why did they have to drag potatoes? I love how weird this was!

DAN WINS! Crap. I bet on Jimmy. Oh well.


I’m in love. So in love. Sam and Lydia forever!

Lydia is spreading the news fast now. Frank should never have told her. *ha*

Charity is in hell. I love it.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

(ITV Soap Inception! This is me and Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) coming up with theories at 3 am.)

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 16, 2017

Welcome to Wednesday in the village! Let’s begin the review!

Seriously guys. What are McCains Jackets? Like, a baked potato? I can’t find info on it. It’s bugging me, and I must know. Thank you. Let’s DO THIS COIRA THING NOW! By the way, this week is mostly women writers, and it has been kicking good story butt. Let’s keep it up!

Emma/The Bartons

Still praying the sin away? Not going to work. *sing song voice*

I like how Ross is like, it’s just a comic book convention.

Oh, Emma. God.

Moira House/Farm

Moira my darling. I’ve missed you.

I kind of forgot about Jack. Sarah is that awesome of a character.

Oh my god. That is my worst fear. Getting my hair stuck like that. God. I’m squirming over here.

“Oh, it’s you.” – Moira (All the Coira fans wake up and rejoice!) YES! It’s happening guys! It’s all happening! *fangirl squee*

Wow. That was quite the view of Cain and Moira. *flirty wink* HA

Moira doing the lords work *all bow down to Moira for making the first move*

Cain looks like he just woke up. Oh god. He left. Damn.

YES! Oh my god this is great. Moira is still in love (duh Cain) and Cain’s tremble in his voice asking her what she is doing?

The Attic Crew

Nicola and Jimmy make me happy. Don’t ask me why. They just do.

Kerry and Dan are going running? HA! I only run because I’m scared. If you see me running something is wrong. Very wrong. *wink*

Hamster talk with Nicola and Jimmy. Oh right. The bet. LET’S DO THIS JIMMY AND DAN. My money is on Jimmy.  Dan is going to sneak cheese at night under stress and ruin it.

The Café Crew

More Pete and Moira scenes. Interesting.

Adam annoys me. Even his appearance doing nothing annoys me.

Oh, I like this song by Lady Gaga. Million Reasons? Good Robron song.


Leyla doesn’t find Priyas obsession with the wedding odd to her? I mean she is helping, but Priya seems way too into it.


Never Have I Ever? Oh god. Haven’t played that in awhile.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN! Welcome to my neck of the woods kids. *Jersey Pride*

Again, Leyla. Think about it. Why would Priya know that? Come on now. I would notice her noticing that.

You couldn’t even pick a good Springsteen song?!? Come on! As a Jersey Girl born and raised there are better Bruce songs than this!

Born to Run is better. A little better. I guess they wouldn’t play the Nebraska Album at a Hen Party.

Emma is drunk. Oh god. This could be funny and sad at once.

The Pub Crew

Pearl. Just have a drink. No one will judge you here.

Oh god. Moira texted Debbie about it? I’m ok with this. Maybe because I don’t find Harriet and Cain that interesting. *Shrug* *Coira Fan For Life!*

Petes stag night reminds me of college.  What fun. *eye roll*

I need Robert and Aaron to have a huge stag night when they get back together. Seriously. That would be comedy/drama gold.

Jimmy hiding from Nicola? Ok then.

Adam. Just…Adam. *I’m watching you, little boy*

Oh god. That last phone call between Pete and Leyla. Geez. They couldn’t be less excited for this wedding.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718 (I’m a simple person at heart.)

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 15, 2017

Look alive! It’s a Maxine episode, and you know what that means. Good times ahead. Are jackets baked potatoes? Just the American asking the questions here.

The Bartons

That’s right. Your evidence is missing. *evil laugh*

Finn is on the case! You should join forces with Laurel. She needs some backup after Bob ditched her pretty behind.

Nice swerve there Emma. Look at her Finn. She isn’t acting normal. Her face looks like she always sees ghosts!

It’s not every day a Barton gets married! Duh. *ha*

Moira. I’m worried for Moira all of a sudden. *Emma will direct some anger somewhere! Oh god*

I won’t lie. Finn figuring out things makes more sense than Ross or Pete. Finn is the intuitive one. Usually. We all have our moments.

Yes! Laurel/Finn the new Sherlock and Holmes. Shut up Bob (No. I’m sorry. I love you, Bob!)

Pete and Moira. Show. Did you forget or do you remember? *talk to me show. Talk to me!*

Adam being pulled into this feels forced, but I’ll go with it. (Re: Pete and Priya)

Hey, Adam. Sarah is a Dingle-SUGDEN. Just saying. Stop erasing the name. Sugden is a legacy.


IT’S OUT. The secret is out to Finn. Now what?

Emma and Finn are near Ashley’s window. Hmmmm. Confessing to Finn, God, and Ashley? Interesting juxtaposition.

OH. Finn has done some extreme stuff for love. Believe me.

I’m very impressed with Joe Gill. Very impressed. With the right material, he just shines. *Snaps all around*

That is a lot of pressure for Finn to carry around. He isn’t strong. He will break. Maybe by October? *wink*


Leyla’s eyes are mine when I see wedding dresses. *not getting married but I enjoy the dress*

“That dress is dead to me now!” – Leyla *HA. Love that*

It’s the dress from the wedding shoot in June! *awwwww*

Frank is being nice. I kind of feel bad for him now.

I wonder if Megan is starting to fall back in love with him? Maybe? No. Maybe not.

The Café Crew

Sarah and Cain are adorable. Still not over Cain babysitting.

“Isn’t Jesus your boss?” – Sarah *Smartass. Love her*

Sarah. A true Dingle-Sugden. I’m proud of her. *proud tears*

Shut up, Adam. *just a normal response. He didn’t deserve it that time*

I’m not a fan of baby’s breath either Emma. It’s filler flower. Cheap.

Ah. THE DRESS. That dress has seen a lot in its time. Lots of things. *awkward glance*

My mom burned her dress from her first wedding. It happens, Finn.

That one extra is watching Finn and Emma. That would be me as an extra. Taking notes and watching like I’m a fan.


The two of them questioning Frank so much is cute. Even if its strained at best.

Love hearing Jacob has Josh’s back. Very cute. *Friendship is Forever!*


Bringing Moira into this is interesting. Keeping her close. Considering what went down that is very interesting. Show. I see you.

Leyla is too pure for this world…right now. It is a soap after all. *wink*


Tracy is in the choir? Ok then.

Cain dealing with the god squad is kind of funny.

Cain. The ultimate bad boy being tamed by Harriet is kind of lame, but I’ll deal with it. As long as Coira is still on the horizon.

By the way. God bless Coira fans. They have waited and waited and are so sweet to Robron fans who can’t freaking wait for anything. God bless them. Seriously. Coira fans are the real MVPs of Emmerdale.

Moira’s Farm

Oh god. Pete is talking to the cows or something. Pete is just…a mess of a human. Usually, I enjoy that but not this time. Nope.

Do you know why you feel something weird, Leyla? There was something between them. Its something secret and I’m waiting for that time bomb to come out.

Yeah. Adam isn’t that smart to figure that out, but I’ll let it go.

OH HEY. Mini rant warning: Pete has cheated on Leyla twice. He is constantly lying. Adam will lie for him too. Ross won’t bat an eye at him since he slept with Debbie’s while she was marrying Pete. Emma killed her husband. Moira cheated twice. Adam cheated on every girlfriend he has ever had. However…Robert is the scum of the village? NOPE. Anti’s to the left to the left. Everything you hate about Robert can be put to a box to the left.

OH. REALLY ADAM. REALLY?!?! You get a pass because you were messed up? Robert was more messed up than you, and he gets shit? FUCK YOU. Hypocrite. Asshole. Ok. I’m done now.

WOW. Sarah. You have a beautiful voice. Love this is playing in the church. I wish church were like that for me at Sarah’s age. Sadly, it wasn’t.

Weddings are about family you dingus. It’s about two families coming together to celebrate love. You dumbass Adam.

“There is no way in a million years I’d cheat on her again.” – BULLSHIT. Adam is full of shit.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718 (I’m a simple person at heart.)

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 11, 2017

Friday! Let’s finish this week out Emmerdale with a strong episode! You got this inside of you. I have faith in you. *Claps like a cheerleader on too much caffeine*

I think the show needs a new opening. I like the floating heads and chicken and sheep. Shut up. I like weird things. DEATH BY SPRAY TAN: The leading cause of death in New Jersey. I can say that because I’m from New Jersey and my Irish self is pale as hell. *living a good life*


Leyla. Come on. Guys. Don’t yell. Nothing will change by yelling. Thank you, Vanessa.

Oh crap. They don’t know.

“He likes his breakfast in bed!” – Oh wow. Nice set up Tracy. *laughs*

Hey, David. Looking good. *wink*

I seriously love this little family. They are adorable and I will hurt anyone who hurts them.

UM. UUUMMMM….LEYLA. NO. He isn’t a good man. HE ISN’T A GOOD MAN RIGHT NOW. It’s a soap. He will be good down the line.

AWKWARD. AWKWARD Leyla. This will end badly. SO BADLY.

The Pub Club

Marlon is my mother. Index finger all the way.

I love The Beach Boys too Charity. I think she is using them for evil purposes though. *EVIL STARE*

Charity is up to no good. *evil smile*

Times Shares. Just say no. No. Bad investment.

Faith is in the middle of it all. LOVE IT. I adore it. I adore her.

Oh god. Everyone in this town falls for the time share scheme too easily. It’s kind of sad.

Charity’s middle names: Collateral Damage.

Oh, Charity. *shakes head* I adore you but damn. DAMN.

Charity. Seriously. She reads EL James. Calling it now.

Harriet in the background.

I ship Charity and Ross. COME AT ME, BRO.



I won’t lie. Are Jacob and Josh a baby version of Aaron and Adam?

You two have people who will protect you at home guys. Even you Josh. Is Josh related to Jason by the way?

Smart move Jacob. Smart move. Go with him, Josh. OH NO.

The Bartons

Look who is back! Finn. Fun.

Yes, we need all the help we can get to find Jacob and Josh. Even the Bartons can help.

Oh geez, Emma. Coming in hot there. Lets cool down now. It’s like you are guilty or something?

Ha. Too many ghosts. Say your last goodbyes. ANVIL PEOPLE. ANVILS everywhere.

“Grandchildren?” Plural? What? What is happening here?

HISS. Laurel isn’t drinking you block head.

The sons are getting worried. Ross isn’t this smart. Stop writing him that way show. *Waits for Ross fans to beat me up*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

(Me at the ‘anons’)

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718 (I’m a simple person at heart.)

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 10, 2017

themThursday. Let’s do this. Bring it on Emmerdale. Bring it on.

Stop putting ideas into the real writers heads McCain writers! STOP IT. This review is a bit mixed up because there are lots of people on today and lots of small mini scenes, so it’s a bit messy.


Eric is tap dancing and trying to protect Jacob. It is sweet for him.

Um. You can stop them Eric. They can’t enter your house without probable cause.


Megan has a set? Huh. Didn’t know that.

I still wonder if Megan is playing him.  They kind of dropped that.

SERIOUSLY. Did Megan always have her own set before? I don’t remember this set at all! Also, Victoria lost her house set, and Megan gets one. Hmmm.

The Frank stuff bores me. Sorry. I know this is setting something up but yeah. *SNORE*

I’m lost on this plotline. I give up.

The Café Crew (Leyla/Pete Focused)

Geez, Adam, he is just making conversation. Now you care about the Sugdens?

I want Rhona’s purse. It’s cute. (vain moment)

Leyla is going to kill Pete over the song.

Priya has an attitude. Let’s not give everything away.

I want Leyla’s shoes. (vain moment)

Isn’t that the suit he married Debbie in? Bad luck much?

The song thing was kind of cute.  All the songs were warning them. That was great.

Leyla knows, doesn’t she? She must know something is wrong. Something is up. A woman knows. We ignore it, but It’s. We know.

David’s Shop

Eric is protecting his grandson again. It is actually cute.

I love this family dynamic. It is quite sweet. They are yelling because they care.

Smooth David. Smooth.

Seriously. Why are the police allowed to play ‘guessing games’ without concrete evidence?

Keep saying ‘no comment.’ You don’t have to say anything until a lawyer shows up.

Crap. Jacob is going down for something Josh did. Also, why hasn’t David gotten him a lawyer yet?

Jacob yelling David’s not his dad hit hard. I said that once to my stepdad (who is my dad. He raised me.) when I was a kid, and I hated it the minute, it left my mouth.  It is an ugly statement to say to someone who cares and loves you like their own. I’m sure he regrets it.

Josh. Honey. NO.

The children/teen actors are great on this show. American soaps don’t have that, or it happens once in a blue moon. Here on Emmerdale, it is expected that the kids and teens are good at what they do. I love that.

Jacob is running. Crap. Crap on a cracker.

Robert/The White Family

Lawrence is back to his ‘in the shadows’ kick.

Robert is reformulating his plan.  I can see it. He is going to try and play Lawrence? Oh. Reverse psychology.

Robert’s smile (fangirl swoon)

Oh god, Robert. This family is pathetic. Rebecca is a child. Lawrence is one too. You belong with the Dingles. Soon. SOON.

Also, Rebecca thinks Robert is on her side? For real? She is an idiot. Really stupid person. If she knows he plays her all the time…Why trust him now? Dummy. That’s all I have to say about that because I can’t muster up anymore insults. I’m that bored with her. That might change but right now…eh.

He used the gravestone to get in further into Rebecca’s trust. Which he already has. SIGH. Show. Not cool. I know he wants to separate and conquer the two white family members, but I feel like Robert would care. Emotions will come out. Aaron would have gotten him to talk about it.

It worked. Roberts plans are starting to work. Robert. You need a new plan. The sleeping pills are just…weird. Sigh. Whatever. I enjoy your smirks. Smirk away my darling. Smirk away.

The Pub Crew (Adam/Victoria Focused)

They are acting like they are together again. It’s weird.

Adam hasn’t made any effort to work things out with her but he can just walk in and be ok? It is just weird.

Also, can we get Roberts reaction to this? Please show? This is a huge anvil for Robert. If done right.

Nell exists. Priya has an admirer. Go for it Priya. He is kind of cute! Oh god. She is going to make Pete jealous instead. I don’t get this relationship. They didn’t develop enough for this to work.

Frank is projecting onto Jacob a bit. Its sweet though.

OH MY GOD. Pete if you write that you are jealous, mate. HE SENT IT TO LEYLA. HA.

These two are the worst. They just travel around bugging Robert. LET HIM OUT OF THERE SUCKAGE SOMETIME SHOW.

Lawrence, once again, dismissed how the kid was conceived and who the dad is. Once again calling it a problem. Interesting show. Very interesting. Twice now. If he does it again…I will be adding it to a few existing theories.

The Cemetery

DID ANYONE CALL ROBERT? Nope. Awesome. Robert needs a family.  Someone caring about him (Aaron does but they aren’t there yet).

I’m going to need Robert to leave the White forcefield of suckage and get to think about something else for a while. God, The Whites are the WORST FAMILY EVER. Anyone that ends up in their orbit gets sucked into the suckage that is their family and acting.

Yawn. Victoria still loves Adam. Yawn.

Crap. Diane made me laugh. Stop it Diane. I need you to be a good step-mom and help Robert out a bit. Notice him for once. Just once.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718 (I’m a simple person at heart.)

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 8, 2017

Another day, another drama here in Emmerdale. Let’s see what happens next!

The Café Crew

Kerry dressed as a zombie. Ha!

Jai told his staff to go do a zombie run? Ok then.

Rebecca is an idiot. For someone who claims Robert has used her a million times, she is accepting of him now. SO, I feel no sadness for her.  She is an idiot of the highest order.

If she cares about her dad, she wouldn’t have let him drink alcohol after getting out of the hospital. She has a full 24 hours of hard work and she gets tired? Little princess hasn’t heard of hard work once in her tiny life.

Ross is talking to Laurel now? I don’t like when Ross talks to older women because he doesn’t know the word respect when it comes to women especially older ones.

The Barton Brothers/Leyla/Vanessa/Emma

Ross being brought into the Emma/Laurel story seems…added on. I’ll go with it.

They look happy, but we know better. We always know better. *shakes head*

Emma not into the wedding is a huge sign people!

I want Leyla’s whole wardrobe. Hair. Confidence. Awesomeness. I still think she looks like Audrey Hepburn.

Leyla is drinking again. Wait. MOIRA?!? Odd mention from the show.

David’s Store Crew

I want Priyas jacket. I need it in my life yesterday.

David. Thank you for showing up. I enjoy your face.

Faith! I love that Faith keeps showing up. *Queen Faith. Bow Down*

Dr. Drake! HA. *we are cool*

The YOUTH is acting up.

I don’t blame you two. How many times can one eat at the pub? There has to be other food choices out there.

I’m loving Faiths jacket too. I’m into leather jackets. Can you tell?

Eric is high strung already, but it seems worse than ever. I agree with Faith. Josh is just a kid.

Are David and Tracy going to adopt Josh?

Eric is the writer of all the millennial are evil articles on the NYT’s site.

Josh has more of a personality than Rebecca. ANOTHER CHARACTER WITH A BETTER DEVELOPED PERSONALITY. *more proof she is on her way out*

Yup. Way too old David. Way too old. Oh no! That other bully is going to mock him now! NO! Josh needs a good family behind him. *sad face*

Oh, Josh. Honey. It isn’t worth it. I know in your world it is but you have good people behind you now.

FAITH CHEERING ON THE FIGHT IS AWESOME. I love that everyone had Josh’s back. Yay! I kind of like Josh now.

IRoberts’ this little family they have going now. Adorable. I’m so here for this. LOVE THIS.

OH NO. Josh. NO. Guns? NOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOO! Don’t do it. DON’T DO IT. Oh. Well. He is doing it. Sigh.


Aaron It’s an ass to Robert because Adam is here. Not cool. You are a grown man, right Aaron? Also, I hope you are enjoying the inside of the Mill including those chairs that Robert got you. Just saying.

I didn’t like that at all. I don’t care of Aaron looked sad at the end. Ok, I care a little. The walls are slowly falling. Also, Adam can still go the hell for all I care. Adam shouldn’t have that much power over Aaron.

Aaron has the watch. Seriously. You two don’t want other people. You want your Sugdens. Well, I don’t care about Adam and Victoria. Just Robert and Aaron.

Home Farm Crew/Zombie Run People

Everyone getting ready in the house is weird, but I’ll move on from that.

Monster Mash playing! HA. Love it.

The Zombie Run sounds difficult when one is drunk. I’d just wander around being a zombie. That’s why I haven’t been invited to too many Zombie Runs. *ha*

Sarah is going to wander around Home Farm which his scary enough let alone during a Zombie Run. By the way, Sarah is a true Dingle/Sugden. Love it.

AH! Jai and Priya’s dad is back! Hello more comic relief!

Lachlan: Emmerdale’s Pimp. OH. On a scale of 1-10 how *shooty* do you feel today?

OH HEY! Its Nell! I forgot about her. Nell is calling Pete. Oh boy. Does Pete know that she knows? *How Friends of me*


Oh god. Here we go. Drugged Alcoholic induced Lawrence on the rise. I can’t stand Lawrence so who cares. *HA HA HA HA HA*


Oh no. Lawrence hit something. Oh no. Do I care? No. What life is Lawrence on now? 7 or 8?

Oh no. Victoria was almost hurt. *eye roll* Hey! We should laugh at her ankle like she laughed at Roberts ankle. Right? KARMA IS A BITCH VICTORIA.

What? I’m still waiting for this triangle to be a hot summer romance. Summer is almost done, and there is no hotness. Where is the hotness Emmerdale? I’m not talking David shirtless either. *wink*

I don’t think Sarah saw anything.

Emily. Stop. You have two speeds. Sleepy and hysterical. Learn to find that happy middle. Then people won’t call you a crappy actress.

TAKE THE ALCOHOL AWAY FROM HIM REBECCA. YOU DUMBASS. Stop letting him drink. COME ON. There is a point where the kids become the parents to their own parents. STEP UP. If you are a such an independent women, you can handle it.

The Pub Crew

Priya is drunk. I love how much fun everyone is having though.

Look how excited everyone is. I’m enjoying the laughter. *let me have this little moment*

Robert feels guilty. Like I expected. Oh good. The show said it for me. Karma.

So, Aaron is either worried about Robert or thinks he is up to something. I’ve decided he is more worried about his husband than thinking he is up to something. He will use the watch tomorrow to get Robert over. Sigh. Here we go.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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(Replace School with Storyline and you got certain fans and soap magazine writers!)

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 7, 2017

Welcome to another week of Emmerdale. Last week was exciting. Near the end, the episodes got better, and of course, we got the awesomeness (totally a word) that is Robert Jacob Sugden. (I’m a Robert fan. Deal with it.)

Anyway, bring on the week!

Our Robert is still more awesome than Corrie’s Robert. Just saying. *wink*

Robert/The Whites

Oh, Robert. I love you. You are amazing.

Wow. Rebecca really knows the family business. What a dingbat.

Oh crap. The cameras were on. Robert’s game is a bit off. Its been awhile for high-end revenge planning for him.

Robert still has his ring on. *awwww*

Lachlan and Roberts interactions are actually great.

Lachlan! How ‘shooty’ are you feeling today with Robert around? *eyebrow raise*

Lawrence is out too early. That is all.

There are too many White family scenes today.  Bleh.

More Lawrence and Robert parallels.

ACTION ROBERT. *Laughs. I’m enjoying this before it all falls apart*

Rebecca is the worst caretaker ever. I would have taken it away and got him upstairs. Why is she letting him sit there and drink?

The Thomas Family/Emma

Oh, honey. No. God doesn’t hate you or your family. This is a rough patch.

Arthur is the cutest.

That slap left a black eye? Damn Laurel. DAMN.

I LOVE the blocking of this scene. Laurel mentioned Ashley and look whose picture was behind her? James. Outstanding show.

Laurel going for the calm approach this time. All because Arthur mentioned Emma’s faith.

Ross is getting involved now. Awesome. Yay. Doesn’t he have to chase after Debbie or something?

The Café Crew

Wedding planning for a wedding I’m convinced won’t happen.

Leyla. You deserve better.

“Who did it last time!” Ah, it’s the Ross Geller plan of picking Best Men.

Oh geez, Pete. Keep it together.

The YOUTHS storyline is picking up.


My mom has lived in courtesy cars this summer. Ugh.

Faith is the best. That is all. Faith wants Eric. HA.

The Pub Crew

Robert getting more info from the stick idiot.

I think the show wants us to feel bad for the weakened state of the White family and Robert going after them. Well, not me. My hatred for the White Family is stronger. I know it won’t work out for Robert, but I’m enjoying it.

I’m still convinced Robert isn’t sleeping well.  There is always a hint of truth when Robert talks about himself even when he is lying or joking around.

“Trust in God.” – Laurel (that indeed)


That whole exchange was weird. Aaron was jumpy. Robert was jumpy. Everyone jumpy but hey they are talking. So, that is a win considering the opposite.

*I actually liked today’s episode*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

(I’m Peggy in the background and Emmerdale is Don.)

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718 (I’m a simple person at heart.)

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – July 31, 2017

Welcome back to another week of Emmerdale! This is going to be a rough week and more than likely break peoples hearts.  Regardless, bring it on. I’m very Zen right now. Mostly because this isn’t my first power couple breakup.

TOO MANY ROBERTS. Emmerdale has the Supreme Robert. Just my opinion.


Let Rhona go back to work.  Routine will be good for her. Right?

Paddy is on Rhona patrol. I guess. HA.

The White Family (Tick…Tick…Tick)

Lachlan. LACHLAN. Are you rising? Like…serial killer rising? *makes eyes at the show*

Gerry is still there and eating everything?

I love this song by the way. Blonde is awesome.

Oh hey. Fake Robron is here.

Well. Lachlan just kidnapped Tim. Another day in The White Family. *shrug*

I see Lachlan learned well from Robert and Aaron when locking people in trunks.

“All the mistakes I made as father” – Your biggest mistake was when you didn’t use a condom when making Rebecca, Lawrence. Then again…your family doesn’t know how to use a condom when it matters.


Don’t look so disappointed there Rebecca. That smile looks fake. Just saying

Adam. One word. Vanessa. Shut it. You can protect Aaron, but that isn’t protecting him at all.

Yes. Robert is the problem. Fuck all of you.

Adam is way too upset. Something bigger is happening.

OMG. Did Adam just grab Roberts hurt leg? Aaron saw all of that.

It’s not just Aarons flat, but the fandom already argued about that. (It’s Livs house, and she should kick both of them out)

WOW. Aaron is just…cold. Why did they have this happen in public? Why did Robert have an audience of Adam, Victoria, and Rebecca who was making faces the whole time?!? WHY. That hurt so bad. Seriously. I’m shaking that hurt so bad. Robert is not Aarons emotional punching bag. Same with Adam only physical. KEEP YOUR DAMN HANDS TO YOURSELF.


Now you care Victoria? Nice. *evil look*

“I don’t deserve to be happy after what I did.” – WOW. Robert, you deserve happiness too.

He is giving up but will always hope? Oh my god. My heart. MY HEART. I’m dead. I’M DEAD. Gone.

Even Bob can’t make me happy. *lip trembles*

Oh god. I thought the show would give us a moment where Aaron watched Rob with sad eyes but not even that. Cold. Very cold.


My little Detective Laurel. I love her like that. She is a badass.

Finn is also easy to mess with though. Still…yay for Detective Laurel.

There is a sign on the wall behind Finn that says Sherlock! *I see you Emmerdale. I see you*

Laurel was caught up Emma. Oh no.

Bible-Read-A-Thon. Ok then. I’m glad Bob knows where she has been. Oh, wait. He is the Watson to Laurels Sherlock.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’


Robert Sugden. I love you. I also love Ryan Hawley, but I’d have to get in line behind Danny who is his biggest fan.

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter @AmandaJ718 or my Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!