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Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 12, 2017

So. Are we melting down again? Why? Don’t let yourself get too down. Just sit back and chill. The story will get better. Just got to get through the crap to get to the diamonds. I’ll be here in the chilling/positivity corner. Come join me. I have cookies and root beer floats. *whispers* Root Beer Float Ice Cream *unwhispers*

Let the show begin!

David/Tracy & Family

Tracy. He sleeps on the couch, not you. It’s always the guy on the couch.

David. Seriously. Stop while you are ahead. Kind of. Oh boy. (Davids snort laugh was cute)

Oh, Tracy. *shares some bubble wrap*

Exactly! David only had to ask. That is the problem here. David should have known better. Anyone would know better than to give away money like that.

Leyla. Seriously. Stop talking.

Vanessa. Thanks for reviewing the situation. *snorts*

Leyla pretending to help carry the arch is hilarious. Mostly me.

A Barlow reference? Like…Corrie Barlow? WHAT?!? Unless there was a Barlow on Emmerdale too?

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Finns on the clock.

I like that dress on Tracy! Adorable!

Awwww! David and Tracy are adorable.

OH. Leyla looked jealous. Oh no. I sense a triangle coming but not on Davids part. Oh no. I hope I’m wrong and Leyla is just having a moment of sadness.

I love this song.

“Happy loved up couples make me want to puke.” – Thanks Charity.

OH LEYLA. HONEY. NO. I know I said I thought they were cute but NO. NOOOOO.

Nicola/Jimmy & Family

Jimmy is whipped (in the best way possible)

Nicola is me. Don’t ask me math questions. I’ll help with the English homework.

Awwww, Jimmy feels left out. He wanted some ‘alone time.’ *bow chica bow wow*

The Pub Crew

Ross and Debbie time. Debbie hiding things. Bring on the new people. We need some new blood.

Ross following Debbie around like a love sick puppy is getting old now. *yawn*

The Café Crew

Jai and Nell. Why would he want to see her again? I guess for answers but still. I figured it out quickly on my own. Unless there is another twist?

Are we sure she isn’t lying right now? I mean, come on. Should we believe her?

Woah. “People only love me when I’m broken.” GEEZ.

She is telling the truth. Wow.

WOAH. She is insane. That’s it? She failed at everything, so she tries to fix other people? Ok then.

Jai. Please don’t let Nell take advantage of you. DON’T.

Whew. Jai isn’t going to fall for it. Awwwww, Jai you are a sweetie. From what I gathered he wasn’t always like this. Holly changed him.

“Mirage. A fake.” – HMMMMM



Michael Buble! LOVE HIM.

I love this little friends group. They are just protecting Laurel I think.


Something feels off about this whole episode. More references to Ashely and death and living. I don’t know what is happening.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 11, 2017

Ok. Going back to the old format for today. Live reactions as I watch. I might leave the overview of themes for the hour-long episodes/episodes I have lots of feelings about. Which will include what is coming up for Robert, Liv, Aaron and Robron in general.

Um, I’m saying right now, I am firmly in Camp Positivity. Things will get rocky, but it’s not the end of the world. I see only interesting and good things happening. If the Nell and Jai twist tells us anything, the show knows what it is doing. WE may not be able to see the final resolution, but I believe this Robron story was designed that way. So, Camp Positivity. I have no time for fandom freak-outs anymore. Direct that to someone who cares.

Alright! On with the show!

David’s Store

That’s nice of Leyla. Leyla is also drunk and handing out wedding gifts. *Snorts with laughter*

Awww, It’s Tracy’s birthday! I want that outfit. Better than the pineapple outfit of Kerry’s.

Frank. Blowing up Davids spot.

Tracy is pissed. Not surprised and she is in the right to be angry.

Tracy is in the right to be mad. I’d be mad if my husband just handed out our money. Wow. Equals in marriage.

Oh wow. This exploded quickly.


Nicola is way off. Welcome to storyline Nicola and Jimmy!

Team JAI! Always!

Moira is being taken advantage of and it breaks my heart.

The Girls House

Leyla is just wandering around drunk now, isn’t she? Oh boy.

I like this Megan and Leyla scene. Bringing up the past and talking about karma. Very nice. I like this friendship. Started off weird but it works.

Why is everyone broke in this village?

Poor Leyla. *BUBBLE WRAP*

Moira’s House

Jai. Moira is in full blown protect Holly…Nell mode. (just saying)

Jai presenting evidence and it not working is frustrating. Oh, Jai. I know. This is frustrating.

Sadly, Moira will learn the hard way with Nell. Just my speculation.

Where did Nell get that positive pregnancy test? No one can give me an answer.

Is that Hollys robe? DUDE. NO. *shakes head no*

Jai. You may need a gentle touch here.

Hmmm. No track marks. HMMMMM. Come on Moira. You are a smart woman. I know you are.

Oh. This didn’t last long. Good. On American Soaps this would go on for much longer.



OH HONEY. Leyla. No. Don’t do it.

April is getting a fun lesson in romantic politics from a drunk Leyla. Fun.

Wow. Leyla just ran off Pete. Pete is such a loser. He doesn’t deserve Leyla.

Oh god. Right in the mud. *BUBBLE WRAPS LEYLA FOR LIFE*

I really love the idea of David and Leyla. I also love David and Tracy. I’m at a crossroads people. A major crossroads.

David. You are adorable. Just so you know.

“Get your own puddle!” “You sink. I sink.” – THESE TWO ARE TOO CUTE. (Leyla and David)

Oh. My. God. Scott is back. Appreciator of Davids butt. Scott has a date? With who?

Oh. OH. David. Your trip. Tracy won’t be happy. Didn’t tell her before hand.

The Pub Crew

Bernice and Scott. SURE WHY NOT. *giggles*

Bernice is on tinder. If Bernice can handle Tinder, I can handle Bumble.

Laurel and Nicola laughing in the background is perfect! I LOVE THIS.

Emma and Finn. *oh boy*

Pete. Shut up. I can’t believe I like Ross over you right now. WTF is happening?!?!

Na na na na na Hey…Goodbye.

Nicolas House

DIGITS! I want David’s digits too. *wink*

Love their little group.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 8, 2017

Alright. I’m using the same format as yesterday. Let’s see how it goes with a half hour episode.

Whatever Happened to Sweet Baby Nell?

So. Nell is out of her mind.  Not only has she gone on the run from Jai and family, but she has also now moved onto a new target. One much closer to her obsession. Moira.  Someone who is in pain and coming up to the anniversary of Holly’s death.  She is a psycho who is using the opportunities given to her.  She knows Moira is sympathetic to her plight, so she went there. Did “drugs” to really get under Moira’s skin. Now she has Holly’s mother, someone she never had in her life.

Did I mention I’m convinced Nell is only doing this because she never had a family.  She never had that connection that comes with having blood relatives around fighting for and loving you.  She has had no one her whole life.  She sees this as a change to get all of that and more. Didn’t work out with Jai like she wanted but now she has the next best thing. A mothers love. Which is just creepy as all hell.  Moira has been through enough. Now a psycho has attached her claws into her.

It’s good storytelling and keeps the twists and turns going past the initial reveal of crazy. Most shows falter at that part, but Emmerdale stayed strong, which I like to see. The show also got me to care for Jai which is a first. I usually don’t think twice about him, but now, I want him to succeed and take this psycho out once and for all. I know he is projecting his guilt over Holly onto Nell still but after that ending…I don’t see that guilt sticking around.

“You need someone to love. Not someone to save.” – That is the line of the night. I loved that line.

Also, Moira picking up the shovel when she heard noise in the barn? That’s my girl. You might need it later against Nell. If I had to bet in a fight with Moira vs. Nell? I’d pick Moira every time.

Tracy? You Got Yourself a Storm.

I see it being set up now.  David called Leyla sexy (well, she is) and Tracy took notice and quick. Good girl. I knew she would notice.  David and Leyla have a history that is coming up near the one year anniversary of Tracy and Davids marriage.  I can see this getting messy very quickly.  Which I’m here for because while I love Tracy and David, its been a while since they roughed up the waters. Time to see what they are made of as a couple. Hell, if Robron is having everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them, David and Tracy can handle some heartbreak too. Totally bad comparison but I have Robron on the brain. As always.


Ross in love makes him do very stupid things. So, Ross must always be in love? *ha*

Finn and Emma. Hm. *Evil laugh*

I love Priya for putting Emma in her place. I see that happening again by many people (maybe her kids?)

Pete hates looking like the bad guy that is why he is all bitter and drunk. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time Pete. At least you were sober and could make the decision to sleep with someone else. (Bitter? Me. NAH.)

I’m not looking forward to next week, but I want all the Liv drama to come and go. I hate seeing her hurt, and I hate that, once again, Robert is the evil one. Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat. Just. Let’s get this show on the road. Time for the White Family to start twisting as well.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – September 7, 2017

Hi, everyone! This is a different version of ‘Emmerdale Live and Organized.’ Since I knew I would have to fly out the door after the episode was over, I didn’t even bother doing a live reaction. Instead, I will be focusing on a few main points. So, enjoy this different version! I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Let me say this. When Emmerdale is good…IT’S GOOD. It knows how to write their characters well. It does. Like any show, it has its slow points and crappy stories and episodes. I think things will start to pick up. Well, after next week. Next week looks like a bunch of weak writers. Anyway, on with my thoughts.

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies Nell!

I have a lot to say about this because I feel like people aren’t looking at the big picture. Anyway, since her self-harming episode looked a bit fake to me, I’ve been wondering about her.  She is not the black widow like people are claiming. Black widow stories are people who are in control and cold-hearted right to the bitter end. Maybe some lose it at the end, but Nell isn’t a black widow. She is crazy. She is someone without a family who saw an opportunity in the paper to get one. You can tell by the way she said she never had a grandfather or father (I was too focused on Jai to really listen in to that part).  She saw Holly. Saw she could emulate her and get the family she always wanted.

Now. Is she pregnant? The show kind of glossed over that. I’m guessing…no.

Now, how does this affect other theories? I see on twitter that people are saying Rebecca must be innocent of everything. What do I say to that? Bullshit. There are different types of lying my friends. Nell is the psycho kind. Rebecca could just be the normal ‘save your ass’ kind or even the real black widow. Cold. Calculating. Right to the bitter end. We don’t know. All I know is, anything is possible and acting like a storyline is over, is just dumb. It’s a soap. It needs drama. Playing Rebecca’s story straight has no drama to it. None at all. I’m already yawning thinking about it.

Here is the thing. For the baby to be Roberts and have Robron reunite, Aaron would have to grow to love the kid. HELL. Robert would need to grow to love the child. Aaron wants the child dead and felt so guiltily about it he hurt himself. How do you come back from that? YOU DON’T. There is another twist and acting like that story is being played straight is just bad storytelling. If I see one, ‘aren’t they known for that?’ comment I will haze the hell out of you. Today proves they can do it. We just have to sit tight and wait it out.

Leyla is Too Good for Everyone

Leyla is amazing. I’m glad she made them both stay and listen to her. She made them feel her pain and how much she hurt from their betrayal. I would have been drinking out of the damn bottle. Hell, that bottle would have been over Pete’s head. I made a joke about calling my Uncle Mario, but I think Leyla needs an Uncle Mario to take care of these two.

This is only the beginning. I’m sure Leyla won’t let this go, and something is coming there. Devastation does a lot of a person.


Bob is fantastic. Brenda cracks me up. They are quite the pair.

Megan was in good spirits considering her situation.

Debbie. I’m just waiting for the new guy to show up.

Ross in love throws me off still.

Don’t care about Cain and the vicar.

Tracy and David are heading for some rocky waters. I can feel it.

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 6, 2017

I was up and down all night. So, I just got up about 20 minutes ago. I may not be so witty today. *You were witty before?* Shut it!

Also, there has to be a reason for all the connections, repeating of storylines and parallels. There is a lot of it happening, and I believe it’s for a reason. It’s coming too. Our explanation. It has to be.

Here we go!


Dan coming around? That is sweet.

Odd. I’m still trying to get into this story.


“Nasty little bitty thing!” – Jai to everyone he meets *HA*

Oh honey. Jai? NELL ISN’T HOLLY.

Nell’s mood swings are getting old. I’m someone that saw some kind of a future for her too. *shrug*

Pregnant. *DUN DUN DUUUNNNNN* Nell, honey. Get in line. You can borrow your fake belly from Rebecca.

Oh boy. Keep saying it Jai. Maybe then you will be happy. Oh god. *shivers out of fear*

Cain’s Garage

Cain upset on behalf of Debbie? Cute. I like that. Cain has come a long way as a character.

Ah. The investment is safe!

Lovelorn Ross is interesting. Odd. Very unlike him. I don’t know how I feel about it yet.

The Café Crew

Harriet means well, but I don’t think Nell would be a good story to sell to a paper.

The Pub Crew

Oh. The new guy is in the pub! Welcome to Emmerdale for real Graham!

Charity. Honey. Don’t proposition the new client. That’s the first thing you learn in business school. *wink*

Yup. Sounds about right for insurance companies.

Ross being all ‘in love’ is throwing me off. Literally throwing me off.

“He’s not a chihuahua, Charity.” – Ross about Moses *HA*

I think Harriet is too much of a ‘goodie goodie’ for Cain. It’s like a bad boy meets the church going girl in a bad teen romantic comedy.

Ross is a bit nosey today. Why does he care about Cain and Harriet? What’s going on there?

Ross wants to be Debbie’s knight in shining armor. God. Ross in love is throwing me off so badly right now.

The Bartons

Emma is happy to have everyone under one roof. To watch over. To make sure nothing comes out. Hmmmm.

Leyla not right for Pete? Um….right….sure Emma. SURE.

PETE! Dude! Come on! You just told your mom a HUGE secret! WHAT THE HELL.

Emma. EMMA. Don’t do anything stupid. Oh, wait. I forgot. This is not going to end well.

She guessed Moira right away? Interesting. Another wink at a certain night in December.

Emma will find Priya. I know it. I also saw the pictures. *HA*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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(It’s Robert Sugden Week over on Tumblr! Check it out!)

image1 (1).JPG

(Emma teaching a Sex Ed Class in Emmerdale.)

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 4, 2017

So, Happy Labor Day to the Americans out there (like me). This reaction review might be a bit short or distracted because I’m watching the show while watching a One Tree Hill marathon with my lovely family. I got my dad addicted. *evil laugh*


Dan sleeping in the van. HE IS SLEEPING IN THE COOL VAN. YES.

From what I heard Kerry won’t cheat on Dan. Which is exciting, right guys?!? Seriously. Not being sarcastic. One couple will remain intact.

I really want to care about this but I can’t. Give me a reason to care guys. I guess I have to read up more on these two.

I think Kerry is adorable. She may have rough edges but she has a big heart when it matters.

The Café Crew

Robert paying off Jimmy to mail the fake Ronnie letter. That’s all it takes.

Robert has been connected to Emma twice now. Interesting.

I’m sorry. Rebecca. Why did you walk right up to the conversation? You have no right to listen in on anything related to Robert. God, I hate her.

Jai. Stop trying to make Nell another version of Holly.

Bob cheering on his wife is adorable. OH BOB. Adorable human being.

Ok. It’s getting creepy now. Stop moaning Bob. I’m creeped out.

I ship Bob and Nell. TAKE ME ON. *HA*


Nope. Give it to the Dingles. Now.

The Whites can go to hell in my book. I’m done giving a damn about them. Let them burn from the inside.

Wow. Chrissie is a bitch to Debbie. Wow. Talk about 1%-ers moment.



*La la la la* They are having an affair. When is this going to end? *La la la la*

This is coming out soon. Thank god.

The Pub Crew

Battle of the Dingles vs. The Whites

I want Debbie to win. *YOU GOT THIS GIRL*

I see the stomach is back. In one scene it’s gone and in another its back. *STOP BEING LAZY SHOW*

I guess the friendship between Debbie and Rebecca is over. *I’m so shocked*

Eric is just on fire today, isn’t he?

Hey, Chrissie? Welcome back to Home Farm. Sit back. Have some brandy.

The Scrapyard

Just post the stupid letter, Jimmy. Help a breakdown waiting to happen.

Jimmy falling asleep is actually funny.

Nice save there Robert. *eye roll*

I’m sorry Rebecca. Scrapyard is Aaron Dingle territory. Get the hell out. She thinks she owns the village. Dumb girl. She owns nothing. She especially doesn’t own Robert.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 1, 2017

It’s September?!?! What the hell? This year is flying by!

Seriously. Update the opening. I beg of you. It is so boring.


Using the bible to guilt your dad into letting your uncle back into your life? Super levels of guilt there kid.

HA. He just ate some foot cream. Wouldn’t that taste weird? Then again…yeah. He doesn’t know the difference right now.

Awwww. He looks good! Good job girls. Bernice and Kerry live for a makeover. *Clueless reference*

Oh god. Dan. He has an interview! Not cool dude! Ok, I don’t know the history well there but yeah. I don’t know anymore. I’m just reacting to nothing.

Dan’s pants don’t seem to fit him? He keeps picking them up.

David’s Café

Eric might be losing it a bit. He has assets to sell? What does he have to prove to anyone?

David and Tracy have money problems? I sense a new storyline.

Meanwhile, Robert traces Ronnie’s handwriting. I swear. I love him so much.

The White Family/Robert

Chrissie is back in the village. Exciting times.

Wearing yellow again I see.

Robert might be projecting a bit today. He is upset with the plan falling apart. Upset with himself. He is alone and has nothing. *Bubble wrap for Robert and Me*

Chrissie is moving back to Home Farm now that Eric is having a crisis? Again, the White Family is getting back together, and old problems come into play.

Rebecca is way too happy. She was running around weepy and asking everyone for advice, and now she is all happy and sunny and doesn’t have a care in the world? I don’t think a person worried about daddy would act this way. Even if he promised to stop drinking.

Didn’t Vic do this once? Hide under the desk to hear something. Yeah. Rebecca gets all the credit for running the business? What. Rebecca didn’t do anything. It was Robert. Whatever.

Justine and I are calling it now. Rebecca vs. Chrissie: Part 2 (Robert might just have to wait it out because the White family could kill each other)


Diane realized Robert is alive? Maybe if Robert changed his name to Andy Diane would remember he exists.

Shocking. Emma can’t keep her big mouth shut.

More Jack references. Come on show. Follow this through.

Diane. No. The baby is the worst thing to happen to him. Or the fact I’m convinced he doesn’t remember making it. (I will never forget the consent issue Emmerdale. NEVER.)

The Café Crew

Sarah. Lots of Sarah lately. I’m worried about her. She is adorable and deserves the world though. *hugs all around*

The Thomas Family

Nicola forcing a birthday party is cute.

I think the Thomas Family needs some fun for once. Also, we need some fun since Emmerdale has been misery central lately. It will only get worse, so I’m going to enjoy this stuff now.

The Thomas Family deserves the world. I adore all of them.

Nicola and I eat the same way. *wink*

The Pub Crew

The bump is gone again. *eye roll* Do I care anymore? No. Not really.

Also, I’m Team Eric. I fucking hate the White Family.

I don’t want you to leave for Leeds either. OH! LOVE IT. YES. Let the Dingles take it from the White Family. TEAM ERIC.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’




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