Emmerdale, Social Media and Fans: Oh My!

Social Media and Soaps

We use social media for everything.  Every type of brand and every kind of media uses social media to talk to their fans.  As a fan, I enjoy having that open channel to talk to others about my favorite products, television shows, and books.  It has its ups and downs, but it isn’t going away anytime soon.  Obviously.

Soaps use social media to get fans talking about what they like, what they don’t like and everything in-between.  As an American, I know how the American soaps run their twitter accounts.  It is a completely different experience than how British soaps run their social media.  For instance, ITV and Emmerdale.  After taking a long time looking at their main social media, I noticed while the network knows how to use certain social media channels it struggles with some others.

I look at how ITV’s Emmerdale uses social media and what works and what doesn’t.

Read on if you want to hear more!

How Emmerdale Uses Social Media

Emmerdale has a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page.  They use Twitter to talk to viewers, Instagram to show off behind the scenes or spoiler pictures and the Facebook is the original place for discussion of the episodes.

Twitter seems to be their newest venture.  They seem to mostly use it during live episodes and on the weekends to ask questions about characters and where we stand on certain storylines (that either ends up being interesting to read through or a firestorm).

Instagram is used to show behind the scenes photos, future and past character profiles and different parts of the village to start conversations.

Facebook is their original social media page.  They have focused episode recaps, polls, questions and spoilers for the week ahead.

If there is a big event coming (such as SSW), all the account start to work together to promote it.

My Opinion?


Twitter Emmerdale

Oh, look! It’s Robert and Aaron! *cries in a corner*


Seeing as I must infer a lot about corporate strategy and how ITV structures their corporation, I must say that Twitter seems to be the shows weak spot for me.

I assume there is a small group of people (possibly floating interns named LEON) that runs the Emmerdale and Coronation Street accounts.  I assume this because I haven’t seen a press release where ITV announcing they are using an agency to run the social media. For soaps, it seems to be in-house and through the marketing department.  Like most organizations, ITV farmed out their social media work to an advertising agency, Something’ Else. I assume this because in the Social Media Compliance Manual (it will be linked below) all content and all consent for fourth wall breaking must go through the marketing department head before posting.

With that said and inferred, Twitter seems to be the hardest to keep up with for the small team.  Which is understandable.  Twitter is a rough social media channel to use.  Not only do you have to keep the account updated, keep a consistent tone, one has to answer angry/happy/questioning fans, and start a dialogue about the different issues being addressed on the show.  This can be rough with a soap this popular and this wide-reaching.  The fans are dedicated and excitable which can lead to unwanted conversations and angry responses. I’m assuming different people are running the account day to day, the conversations can go different ways.  That ends up confusing people and causing unneeded anger.

This is because of tone issues and lack of consistency.

I think if they kept up one tone on twitter people could connect better to the account.  I find it uneven especially when it’s time for the episode to air. You can tell they set up the content cards in advance to match the episode.  It becomes cold and emotionless. You can tell a program such as Hootsuite is being used.  Sometimes after the episode is over someone comes on to talk to the fans.  Sometimes it can be fun or can be a disaster. Something to note, I can sometimes pick out when it is different people. This might be in my head, but I see it.  There is someone on the team that is full of puns, one likes to use slang words, and there is one that likes to use gifs as reactions. I can pin point each person’s voice. That’s not good unless it’s been established that there are multiple people on the account. They would usually notate who it is talking when that happens. This account doesn’t.

This leads me to the other problem with their twitter account.

Consistency.  Social media needs consistency, especially in tone and content.  This is where a social media calendar comes into play (which I think they don’t have set up for Twitter content).  Fans enjoy a good surprise or two, or usually, they thrive on social media when there is consistency. One expects to see a new episode of their favorite television show at its scheduled time, right? Well, that applies to social media as well.  People come to expect certain features or content to appear at its scheduled time.  The Emmerdale Twitter account is muddled, and it throws anything up whenever they feel like it.  The only time the account shows consistency is when the show is on, and that is scheduled.  The content cards come up when they should be trying to start a conversation that the channel never replies too.  That happens for the 30 or 60 minutes the show is on, but after that, the account goes back into chaos.

Same applies to the “Wish Wednesdays” and “Unlock Content” series.  The joke online when “Wish Wednesdays” show up is it must be award season! The “Unlock Content” series can randomly appear and disappear depending on what is happening on the show.  Either do it every day or pick one day and make it “Quick Spoilers” day.  People would be more excited about it if they knew it was appearing.  Also, “Wish Wednesdays” can only show up around awards season, that is fine, but the show needs to stop randomly bringing it up when fans are upset.  It doesn’t seem to work.

Twitter is a rough social media channel to run.  It takes a lot of trial and error and creative thinking to keep fans interested.  That might be too much for the small group of floating social media managers to accomplish.  That isn’t their fault.  A lot of networks, like ITV, still don’t understand the power of social media and how fans today are savvy enough to know when something isn’t working.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I enjoy their Facebook and Instagram account (for the sake of this writing I’m leaving out the YouTube page because that is another entry altogether).

The Facebook page is run well. It is clean. I see consistency, and something fans can count on to talk about the show.  Their Facebook page is easier to monitor or use their “Take Down Policy” (another policy that applies to all their social media but only put into full practice by the Facebook account). When I go there, I expect to see the episode round up and the comments from the general audience.  It isn’t exciting, but it is clean and isn’t muddled in its messages.

The Instagram page gives fans a fun inside look into the show and the actors that bring our favorite characters to life.  You can see the break between weeks easily because the show uses a piece of the village to signal a new week.  Which is smart.  I noticed it likes to use its “Unlock Content” series here, but it isn’t overused.  I enjoy it for its simplicity, and the fans are generally quieter there. I believe people are there for the cute pictures rather than to argue about storylines or characters.  It is easier to create content for that social media channel than the others.


Why did I actually look at Emmerdale’s social media? I am someone who uses social media to keep up with this wonderful, maddening, crazy show.  As an American, I’m usually left behind on a lot of information, so I rely on social media to keep me informed.  This includes all the official Emmerdale accounts.  I have noticed their shortcomings when it gets harder to keep up.  I am also a big fat nerd about social media and how a dated form of storytelling (soap operas) keeps up with the times.  I can see Emmerdale is beloved and I think their social media should reflect that.  They will get the Twitter account right. It will just take some time.

UPDATE (11/18/2017)

Recently, the storyliners did a Q&A on Instagram.  Here is what they did wrong this time:

1) Wrong platform. What they should have done was ask for questions on Instagram and then filmed a video of the storyliners answering them. If they wanted it to be purely text, they should have done it on twitter or even set up a reddit for this type of Q&A.  (The reddit choice might not be for them though)

2) They should have put stipulations on the questions. As someone who writes I would have loved to see more about story structure, how the process works and if they ever had to do any quick rewrites and how does that work? While that is in there, the Q&A is muddled with plot questions or angry, crazy Robron fans that make us all look so bad. *eek*

3) I wrote about their social media management and how it feels all wrong. I see it again, and I am dying to see how they plan this out and if there is a team. If its one person like I’ve been told, oh it shows. Social media for this type of medium needs a team. b

After all these months the social media is still messy. There seems to be no strategy involved.  I think, looking in from the outside knowing very limited information, the person running the social media/digital is overwhelmed. This is why people need teams. At least three other people to figure out strategy, building the schedule and making sure execution is flawless. I know most companies refuse or don’t understand how social works or its importance in this type of industry. ITV is trying, but they are doing it all wrong.






Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 5, 2017

Another week in Emmerdale. Let’s see how they round off this week in the village.


Dan has officially left my ‘attic crew’ to get its own section. Congrats. I’m starting to feel for Dan. He is hiding his fears and I know from experience (we all do) it is the worst feeling. How you want to be perceived to the outside world versus how you actually feel about yourself or a situation. It’s not fun.

Hey, guys! Don’t yell at Dan. One doesn’t know how they would react in a situation like that. To tell you the truth Eric was the one egging them on. Should have just given them the money and moved on. Money can come back. Lives can’t.

The Coffee Shop/WoolPack (EVERYONE IS OUT TODAY!)

Sam and Bob are adorable. Stop being so adorable. Sam? All kids think their parents are stupid at that age. They don’t know how valuable a parents opinion and experiences can be (the good parents at least).  I guess I just showed how I was raised. I didn’t realize the value of my parent’s experiences and opinions till I was in my early twenties.

Emma is front and center these days. I guess her story is finally coming together. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Her kids are mad at her, she set Charity against Moira, and she won’t leave Harriet alone. She is just picking at everyone. Oh good. She is going after Adam now. Emma is digging her own grave. All it will take is Arthur to show someone that video and she is done.

So, Adam and Victoria are already looking at adoption after all that drama? The fact there is more drama to come. That or Adam will get away with it again. I don’t know. I’ve suddenly turned bitter at the end of this episode. Why all the drama if it was just a kiss? I know it was with Vanessa but come on. Just a kiss isn’t a big deal in soap land. So, what is going on there?

Laurel and Family

Aw! Of course, Arthur’s design won! How long before someone sees’s Emma at the end of that one video. I’m sure there is more. (wink wink nudge nudge)

Are memories enough? I don’t know. Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Depends on the situation. There are times when I smile at stories about my grandfather, but when I graduated from graduate school, I wish he was there. Memories weren’t’ enough then. It’s tough.

Thanks, Emma. That ruined that nice experience for Arthur.  Geez.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Nothing to write here after yesterday’s meltdown (that was omitted from the WordPress blog version). We know we have a possible picture coming up for Robron and we think that no one knows what is going to happen or everything is actually following the embargo put in place this time around.

Either way, don’t let certain word choices or harsh language make you think the storyline is going one way or another.  They don’t know anything. They reveal anything. Don’t let it get you crazy.  Leave that to experts!

Anyway, here is my formal warnings (clears throat) STAY OFF TWITTER, FACEBOOK, AND THE MESSAGE BOARDS. They only give you more drama than you need. Stick to Tumblr. It’s a fun place to hang out. We have smart and funny people hanging out there. Come join us!


What do you think? Tell me below, and I will see you next week in Emmerdale.

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 4, 2017

Another day. Another drama. Let’s see what is happening in an hours’ worth of drama today in Emmerdale!


(Thanks to @thewoolieweekly for the gif)



I can’t believe they used David’s picture as the Standee for the book. That’s a bit NC-17.

“Please let today have a happy ending!” – Famous last words David.

Tracy’s writer’s outfit cracks me up. Every writer has glasses, right? (wink wink)

Oh no. Davids butt has gone viral. How do they know its David? Did Tracy tell her ‘fans’ online at some point?

I want all of Leya’s clothes. Just felt like throwing that out into the universe.

SETS UP A CHARITY FOR DOLPHINS?!?! WHAT? I need to read this book! Emmerdale! Get on that! Publish this masterpiece!


I feel like Debbie can’t be all high and mighty considering what she has done in her life. I’m still convinced Moira is using Debbie as a substitute for Holly. That won’t end well. Especially when Debbie will act out.

WOAH. Emma is stirring the pot. Seriously honey. Your time is coming. I sense it is coming soon.


Are they setting up a huge battle between Emma and Moira? For some reason, this feels like a lot of buildups. Moira is the sane, stable one while Emma is losing it and getting people to hate her.  Oh boy.


I’m hoping Ashley’s memorial doesn’t get ruined down the line. That would suck. Also, is Arthur being bullied by the same kids?!?! They get around, don’t they?

Arthur! You did something no kid is supposed to do when they are home “sick”! We all had that moment as kids though.

Awwww! Ashley sighting! Ashley roasting Doug from the beyond. LOVE IT.

OH, MY GOD! What was that?!?!

“Nobody can hide forever!” – The clock is ticking for Emma now.


Emma got Charity all upset. This isn’t going to end well.

Faith! Oh god. Faith is going to make them fight. OH MY GOD. That’s a lot of blood. Sigh. This doesn’t solve anything.

Wow! It’s dump on Charity day on Emmerdale. Robert appreciates the break.


Liv has a good sense of character. She knew those guys were trouble. Too bad no one else noticed. OH WAIT. They only showed up randomly for the past couple of months. Guess its time to give them a story too.

Why is he baiting them? Just give them the money! God! Come on! Dan didn’t even do anything. He hid behind David’s butt.

Jacob to the rescue! I can’t believe that they forced him into a garbage can.

Seriously. Dan is a grown man. What are two kids going to do to an adult? Seriously. COME ON.


Emma. Stop. Your crush on Harriet is embarrassing now. Emma is worrying me with her throwing herself into religion. Everyone is doing something else to fill up an empty hole inside. (Makes secret joke about Cain and Harriet).

Wow. Laurel got to Cain. Interesting. I feel like his time with Moira has softened him in general. That kind of love has effects.

What is Emma’s endgame here? What would Charity going after Moira do for her? More wacky Emma stuff?

Attic Characters

Lydia needs to hang out with Sam again. I really enjoyed them. Here is hoping they find their way back for some more.  We need more Sam anyway. I like him. Is Lydia running around hanging out with random characters happening for a reason? Is she filling space? Eek. I don’t dislike her as much though.

What do you think? Tell me below and I’ll see you in Emmerdale tomorrow! 

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 3, 2017

I got to watch live today! Let’s all dance in happiness and see what is going on in Emmerdale today!


Faith. Oh, Faith. I don’t know why I like you. It cracks me up. I kind of find it funny that Moira finds it funny that Faith is hungover. Sarah could have been really hurt.

Charity and Ross. I’m oddly ok with that pairing. *ducks* Ross. Seriously? Ratting out your partner in crime? Not cool.

That was a sweet moment between Moira and Debbie. Is Moira using Debbie as a substitute for Holly?


So, the whole point of Ross blackmails Ross for money was meant to set up Ross steals from Moira? All that for that? Alright then. That’s a lot to set up.

Moira has every right to kick Ross out of the deal. He is stealing her livelihood! Team Moira on this one.

The Attic Characters

Who steals a crappy book? I see those boys Liv and Gabby were hanging out with are back. *yes, I know the spoilers* This should be interesting. Crime comes to Emmerdale. UM. Well. Crime from teenagers comes to Emmerdale! UM. Wait. Nothing has changed here. Crime is always in Emmerdale.

Leyla helping out the Bartons. I love how Pete defended her. She was a pole dancing, not lap dancer! Good distinction there Pete. 😉


Well, at least Laurel told her away from Kerry. I wouldn’t expect any less from Laurel. She isn’t a gossip. Harriet and Cain got lucky. I just want Laurel to be happy this year. She has been through so much. Please show, treat Laurel well this year.

“This is Cain Dingle, a criminal!” “A gorgeous one.”  Harriet! I understand completely. Cain is a cutie. Dangerous cutie.

I understand Harriet completely right now. Sometimes we all get a little numb. As much as I like Harriet and Cain, I know it isn’t healthy to use someone to feel alive. That will fade too and then what are you left with? There won’t be feelings or love since they didn’t start out with feelings.  They are just using each other to feel better or forget about problems.

Laurel vs. Cain – Round One: Laurel Wins.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

I was told people are complaining about Rebecca on a hashtag called #Bexit. That’s not funny. No. Not at all. (Use it. Use it often.)


What do you think about today’s episode? Tell me below, and I’ll see you in Emmerdale tomorrow!

Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 1, 2017

Here we are spending another week in Emmerdale. Let’s see what I have to say about it all now! (Groans.)


I don’t like how Sarah was looking at that gun. You know what they say, an unfired gun has to go off at some point (no one says this).  Oh god! I was right. Taking Penguins hostage. The penguin looks like Pete. Just saying. Moira being tired worries me too. Someone is getting shot. I assume it’s Ross or Pete. Let’s see if I am right.

OH NO! She shot someone! In broad daylight, too. Geez, Moira. Hold it together. No one is stealing anything in broad daylight!

If Charity is the one finding the injured party, it has to be Ross. Right? I just enjoy Ross being hurt because he annoys me in a good way.




Seriously. Emma. Harriet is busy. Her cheap labor is here. (laughs like an idiot). I know Cain and Harriet aren’t meant to be a major couple, but I’m really enjoying them. I will stay with them until they are over. They are too funny to let go of just yet.

Smooth guys. Talking in David’s where everyone is milling about. Nice. I love them.


Still, don’t care about Holly. I think the rest of the family needs some love though. I sense they won’t get it this summer.  I love how everyone can talk about each other when you are in the same room and only a seat away! No one can hear anyone unless it’s a plot point in soap land.

I still think Megan is embarrassed she was caught screwing up with her kid. Hence why she is so abrasive about the whole situation.

Don’t care about Jai and Megan either. Sigh. Jai. Buddy. I liked you during the Holly storyline, but now I’m just sleeping when you are on.



I’ll buy her book! I read all three books in the Fifty Shades of Grey. I hated every moment of that so I doubt reading Tracy’s book could be any worse. Watch, Tracy’s book takes off somehow. They are our comedy plot at the moment. Let’s see some funny Emmerdale. We need funny right now.

Go, Kerry! Someone understands how to correctly position a book! Let her be your seller and marketer. PR can go to your friends.

Attic Characters are Out Again

Stop. Messing.With.Sam. He is precious, and I don’t like to see him upset.

‘It is Just Speculation!’

This month is going to be insane for us Robron fans.  Let me just say that. I’m one of the positive people that are excited to see how this all goes. I pray that they have one long talk that includes crying, screaming and then actually movement to make their relationship stronger. Of course, they will have to break up for a while, but they will always find their way back to each other in the end.

My thoughts on Rebecca. Well, I’m still ‘Team Robert is NOT THE DAD’ and I’m convinced she will have a miscarriage and that is supposed to make us like her or feel sorry for her. Either way, It will take so much more for me to give a damn about her ever again. I don’t think she is long for this show anyway. The Whites (except Chrissie) are on their way out.

This month will be nuts. So, bring it on.

What do you think? Tell me below and I will see you in Emmerdale tomorrow!

Emmerdale Live and Organized – April 28, 2017

Here we are! Another crazy week in Emmerdale. Here are my thoughts on today’s episode. Let’s go!

More Attic Characters

Sam is adorable. He feels guilty about going on that date. Which makes me feel bad. I love that he borrowed Megan’s sunglasses. Oh hey. Sam and I are kind of the same. I tend to feel easily for people. Lydia is something else, isn’t she? She doesn’t annoy me when she is with Sam. NO! I liked them together! Damnit, show! I liked them.

Speaking of Megan, I think Megan is still mad at herself for leaving her kid in the car. It does happen. Since the little one is ok things will be fine.  Leave it to Bob to have a story about locking one of his kids in the car. Oh, HEY. Megan. I think Frank has something going with Charity or have we forgot that?

Marlon remains adorable. Let’s keep that up show.

Oh, hey, Leyla and Pete! I think we are seeing a few storylines from January being picked back up? Good to know they didn’t forget about Moira and Pete. Unless…they did?

Leyla is cute. Everyone knows that though.

Still, don’t care about Nell and Jai. Still waiting to care. I want to care. Still waiting. Oh, hey. More babies. Can the show get away from bringing in more babies? Victoria can adopt that one! Ha! Oh. Oh no. Is that where this is heading?

Glad to see the teens are still around. I still miss Liv and Gabby. Hope she comes home soon.


Nothing to say here. Stay awesome.



HEY! Welcome back, guys. Where have you been? Anyway, Emmerdale is the only show I am watching where cows have been stolen. OH, this won’t end well. Moira is accidently going to shoot someone, isn’t she? Oh god, there is a gun. Moira’s got a gun. MOIRA. Oh no. This is going to end badly. *evil laugh*

Faith remains awesome. I like her, and I want her on screen more. Possibly friends with Robert. I think Faith and Robert would be great together. Funny as all hell.


“Cain is doing some work for me.” Yeah, Harriet. He is doing a lot of work for you. He is also cheap. Ha. Ha. Ha. I love this, and I love them. I know they aren’t long for this show, but I’m going to enjoy them while I can.


I see Emma is still walking around with her god complex. That is building to something big. I can tell. This will be good.

‘It is Just Speculation!’

Whew! It has been one hell of a day for Robert and Aaron spoilers. It is driving people to grasp at straws and think the worst. Let me say this. You are allowed to be bitter. I understand completely if you feel bitter.


Don’t stay bitter for long. If you stay bitter for too long, you can’t enjoy the good that is coming for Robert and Aaron. We are getting a big hour long special. We will get another wedding. We will get an end to this storyline. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. It feels good. Please stick around. I still have faith that this will end and we can move on to a much better storyline.

So, with that, we have a direction this story is going which just makes things easier.

I’m not going to comment on the Rebecca stuff. I know how I feel about Rebecca and how she was written. I will say this. I’m convinced, other than Chrissie; the White Family is on their way out. That is what I’m speculating today.

So, with that, we finish another week in this crazy village. It has been fun being able to watch live. Don’t know if I can do that every day but it has been a lot of fun.

Tell me what you think below, and I will see you again on Monday in Emmerdale.

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – April 27, 2017

I decided to brave the hour-long Emmerdale episode and watch it live. I’m writing this as the show airs so once again, slightly clunky but organized by characters. Let’s go!


Pierce is a piece of crap who doesn’t deserve to breathe anymore. Plain and simple. Trying to scare her by using “facts” about rape and then use the tape against her? First, what happened before doesn’t change what happened after. She didn’t consent to what happened after the wedding. Plain and simple. The police do have her exam results, so that is safely tucked away. She just needs to let them go after him.

Using Rhona’s child and calling it a lie? Nope. I…no. I’m at a loss for words.

I just want to protect Rhona. Give her a big hug and protect her.



Oh, look. Once again Adam is allowed to get away with something or maybe not? It was just a kiss. Suck it up and tell her. Use the Ross from Friends excuse, Adam. We were on a break. Do you know what annoys me? Adam gets away with too much. Robert isn’t evil. Adam isn’t a mixed up saint. We need to stop doing this show. I mean it. It’s not just because I’m a Robert fan. I’m an Adam fan too. I just need this to stop.

The Attic Door is Open

Still, don’t care about Nell and Jai. I enjoyed seeing other characters and leaving the pub for a while. I want to care about Lydia, but I’m still annoyed about other things. Maybe down the line, I will change my mind. I did find the Nicola song funny as all hell. Even funnier she didn’t seem to mind too much? I think?

I kept yelling at my computer for Megan to remember her baby in the car. Someone did though. At least someone saved her. It was a mistake though. It happens all the time. Doesn’t make her a bad mother. I think Megan is more upset with herself than Nell. Nell did save the baby but why did she leave with her to walk around? That is weird.

Long live Sam and Lydia. That are perfect for each other.


I like Ronnie. I like Belle. I don’t like Lachlan. Why is he attached to Belle now? Future storyline I guess. We shall see. I know Belle and Lachlan has a history that I don’t know well enough yet, so I’m reserving anymore comment on them.

It’s Just Speculation!

With that big press event, today there will be lots and lots of speculation and spoilers coming our way. Sigh. Remember to think of the sources and DON’T GO ONTO THE MESSAGE BOARDS.  Let’s just say Tumblr has very smart people coming up with very plausible theories. Stop there for spoilers and speculation first.

One thing we do know. Lawrence is on his way out. Please show. Take Rebecca with him. Chrissie can stay. Rebecca needs to go.



What do you think of today’s episode! Tell me below, and I will see you tomorrow in Emmerdale.

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – April 26, 2017

I watched live again (I’m a masochist) so here are my thoughts! (groans heard along the shores). Enjoy! After you read my thoughts tell me what you think! I am open to all types of interpretations of what is happening in this crazy village.


Rhona is breaking my heart but you already know that.  I do love that she isn’t falling victim to what Pierce is doing to her. She is attempting to fight back. She still has some fight left in her. I have Pierce. I hate what he is doing to her. I don’t know how long this can hold out.

I was worried about this.  I was worried that Rhona would be afraid of public reaction. I was afraid she would hide away because of public reaction. Which just shows you how strong people have to be when they come forward and deal with public scrutiny of an event that traumatized them.

Once again, Zoe Henry is amazing.

Attic Door is Open

Oh! I see other characters are allowed out again! I guess Zak got custody. We spent quite a bit of time on that storyline just to have it resolved in one line. That’s odd.

Still don’t care about the Jai/Holly story. Sorry.

So, um, Lydia and Sam? What’s up with that?

Marlon is adorable with the kids. You all knew that already though.

The White Family

Oh look. Ronnie repeating what I always say. Again, Rebecca isn’t even with her family. What was the point of her character exactly? Other than to be shoehorned into Robert and Aaron’s orbit?

I don’t like Rebecca. I’m allowed to not like Rebecca. So, there you go.


“Hey, we have to stop meeting like this!” It’s almost like the writers are making us hook up or something? Yup!

Forced. Forced. Forced.

Speaking of forced. Victoria and Rebecca’s “friendship” is forced and I don’t like it. If they built it up then I’d accept that. However, bad writing makes me angry and no so accepting of it all.

Oh, I see Rebecca does know how to sober up a Sugden. I guess she doesn’t need to take advantage of Victoria. (I’m all types of bitter today people).

Vanessa has been good but now she falters? All because of alcohol. Alcohol is dangerous in soap land. Makes the sanest person insane.

HA! Vanessa is in love with Rhona. Pass it on.

They just kissed. That is nothing in soap land. They made it sound like he slept with her. Unless that is still coming?

It’s Just Speculation!

Long time waiting for certain characters to come back makes the worst-case scenarios seem possible and everyone is starting to get on each other’s nerves. Stay calm. Stay open. STAY OFF THE MESSAGE BOARDS.

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – April 25, 2017

I was lucky enough to watch the show live. So, this will be up earlier than usual, and a lot of it is reaction based and a bit clunky. I now get to see those famous McCain commercials people are talking about! Anyway…on with my thoughts! (Groans across the land).


That opening scene of the necklace open with the kid’s pictures? Pierce acting like everything is ok? Rhona going along with it like she deserved it?

That broke my heart into a million pieces.  I want Pierce dead. I hope Rhona and Vanessa deal the final blow.

Oh wow. I didn’t think she would go to the police this soon. Interesting. OH. I think the show is going to cover marital rape. Which is a topic a lot of people don’t talk about or don’t understand. Yes, it is real, and it happens to lots of people. Women and men. If the show goes down this route, I would be impressed. You would be surprised how soaps (American at least) have brushed this topic aside too many times.

STOP HUGGING HIM PADDY! How can no one see the evil?!?! He literally has evil theme music attached. Does Pierce know where Rhona went? How is this all going to go? Will people start blaming Rhona when this all comes out? People do that all the time. Especially in marital rape.

Zoe Henry is amazing. I’m with her all the way. My heart is broken for her.



Why is Adam hanging at the bar when he ‘broke up’ with Victoria? What? Oh, Victoria is acting crazy too. This all makes sense. These two broke apart way too easily for my taste. You would think Victoria would fight for him seeing as everyone’s emotions are still so raw and everyone is jumping to conclusions. I guess it wouldn’t be a soap then. Still frustrating on a lot of levels.

I do see Vanessa still trying to talk sense into Adam. How does what is coming happen then? It’s all odd. Another odd storyline. Yay.


Again, don’t care enough about Jai and Nell. I want to care, but I distracted by other characters and their stories.  I think its less about the writing and placement of the story and more because I’m not attached to this family yet.  The Sharma family. I need to find more story on YouTube for them.

It’s Just Speculation!

I don’t have anything for today. Just a warning. STAY AWAY FROM MESSAGE BOARDS. That speculation is intense and will bring you down paths you don’t have to go down.

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – April 24, 2017

Yup. I’m back (groans heard for miles).  Here are my feelings on today’s episode. Enjoy!

Rhona/Pierce – Emmerdale’s version of ‘The Red Wedding.’

I got the ‘Red Wedding’ connection from the lovely ­Lee Meyer on Twitter (@leemeyer26).

Yeah, I knew that last scene was coming, but it still upset me. Hearing Rhona scream ‘I don’t want this!’ went right to my gut.  As I write this, I am still affected by what I saw and heard.  My gut (it’s getting a big workout today) is also telling me that Rhona is going to think everything is her fault and my heart will break into a thousand pieces. Here is hoping Pierce gets killed in a specular and terrible way. God, I can still hear her screaming in my head.

The minute she took off the necklace Pierce got her and put on Paddy’s, my heart sank.  Rhona and Patty are very sweet together. Too bad Paddy can’t see the evil in front of him.

In an utterly vain note, I love how Marlon was filming everyone. I won’t lie, I act like that at weddings sometimes too. Yeah, I’m that girl.  I film and take pictures of everything. I’m an emotional film and picture taker hoarder.

Belle/Lachlan/The Whites

I see only one gay couple is allowed on screen at a time (Hey Ronron! That was for @dasoni ). I see Chrissie still hasn’t learned that just handing over everything to Lachlan isn’t the answer. The Whites old tricks won’t work here.

What is up with Belle and Lachlan? That came out of nowhere. Also, what is up with the pushups? Was that an inside joke for the show or is that just Lachlan’s way of flirting. I sense a Romeo and Juliet story except Romeo is a deranged weirdo. Belle is in danger. As are the pigs. I won’t lie, I was anxious about the pig’s well-being after Lachlan ran the car into their pen. NOT COOL LACHLAN.


Right after I complained about dropping characters in a mini-essay this weekend, they all appeared in one scene together! What the hell Emmerdale?!? Did you leave the attic door open and they all spilled out? (In case you don’t know. I say that shows put characters in an attic when they aren’t needed).

I won’t lie, I don’t care about Jai and Nu-Holly, oh crap, Nell. So, those scenes just took away from the dramatics that is Rhona and Pierce.


Yup. Just the two of them making sure we, the audience, know that they are still a mess. Thanks for the update.



I love you. That is all.


Totally Vain Talk

I thought everyone looked beautiful today. I wanted almost everyone’s outfits. Rhona’s dress was beautiful. Everyone looked good today.  Except for Pierce. He looked like a madman, even in his wedding attire.

It’s Just Speculation!

Nothing to say here. Things seem to be at a stand still while other stories go back into focus. Stick around because I’m sure spoilers or more ‘reveals’ on the DS message boards will appear this week.