From Zombies to Romantic Comedies! (TV Burn Out )


Welcome back to my random mind!  What is happening this week?

Have you every found yourself with too many options? Do all these options tend to paralyze you into not picking anything at all?

That is what I feel like when it comes to television.

Ladies and Gents, I have television burnout.

Let me start from the beginning.

Over the summer, I came across many shows that were amazing. The summer has not always been kind to television viewers. Usually, the summer is full of bad reality, competition and burn off shows. Now the summer has become a treasure trove of good television mixed in with the bad. Either way, it is like a whole new season.

Just this past summer I got into many television shows while finding new shows to enjoy on Netflix and Hulu. Just as quickly as the summer season ended the fall season began. I wanted to be excited, but I couldn’t muster up any actual excitement.

I had to force myself to watch. That is when I realized what the problem was…Television Burn Out.

In the past television has been considered the lesser medium. If you end up on television, you are a minor star. Movies are where it is at. However, that has changed. Television has grown up and started attracting all types of genres (Zombies to Romantic Comedies: Television has it All!) which got more people watching.

More people are watching means better content (generally).

There is a lot of great content out there and not enough time to watch.

Television burnout ensues.

I have not even enjoyed any new shows. I am trying to keep up with the old ones and ones I started in the summer!

Is the television market oversaturated with shows? Why do I always feel like I cannot keep up with whatever is popular this season?

Should I even check out the new shows that have come out this season or do I wait and watch them with the summer shows?

Why do I care? OH! I can answer that one. I have always been fascinated by television especially seeing how the television industry has grown throughout the decades.

I don’t have a solution to my television burn out. Do you?

Leave a comment below if you feel the same way I do or if you have a solution to this first world problem!

Until next time, the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed!


Reflection of Ourselves: Are we the Worst for Watching Reality Television?


Welcome back! This blog was supposed to be last week, but the new month sparked some creativity in me and well…things happen people. That is all I will say. However, here we are. I write this blog as I watch a marathon of Cake Boss. Another reality show.  Reality shows seem to be required television viewing. Even if you try to run away or ignore it…you will be caught. Reality shows are gonna get you.

Where am I going with this? Glad you asked. Reality shows are the norm on the television landscape. We all watch regardless if we want to or not. What does that mean about us?

Are reality shows the worst or are we the worst for watching them?

I think as I watch the Real Housewives try to throw wine in each other’s faces about this question.  Well…that and why am I watching random rich people throwing wine in each other’s face? What about this is appealing to the public. Same with shows like Cake Boss. What is it about people making cakes that makes me watch for hours on end? I cannot speak for everyone, but I have done some soul searching on this topic. This is what I have come up with that maybe you agree with or maybe you do not.

I think we watch these shows because it gives us a new view. Something new to look at. Sure, we could watch the news or documentaries for a new viewpoint on the world but a reality show is quicker and more entertaining. It is our weird little obsession with voyeurism. We love seeing the world through different lenses. Too bad those lenses can be completely and morally bankrupt.

I like to watch reality shows because it is completely mindless. Sometimes I need a break from my constantly racing mind. I guess I also watch reality shows because I compare myself to the crazy people who popular this genre. When I watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (I know. That is so bad. That family was so normal…then…ew.) I used to think that I have to be ok since I was not like them.

Which makes me think we are the worst for watching them. We watch these shows to compare our lives to theirs.  In turn, these people get more ratings and get more famous. Which leads to more episodes to watch and for our brains to rot.  Shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and WAGS are generally hated, but we still watch. We watch to compare our lives. We judge. We feel better. They get ratings. Popularity. Money. It is a weird crazy circle.

That is one thought I had. Then I thought about one show I watch.

There are reality shows out there that are not mindless. There are shows that come into the reality show genre that are not vapid. Some are positive and some are sad. Some bring viewers into a world that will never experience. We, as viewers, actually learn and apply what we learn to our lives. These shows brighten or world lens.

One example of this? The Little Couple on TLC. This show does not exploit the fact they are little people. They teach the audience what it is like to live in a world designed for normal statured people. Not just that but they do it with many laughs as well. These types of reality shows are few, but they do exist. Liking reality shows with a positive spin cannot make us horrible, right?

The reality shows landscape is full of women and men doing stupid things to become famous. However, for every vapid reality star (Kardashians) there are people who are trying to make a positive difference in the world (The Little Couple).

Are we terrible for watching reality shows then? I think the jury is out on that.

What do you think? Leave a comment below! Stick around. I’m going to highlight the most positive aspects of reality television in the next blog post. It is time you guys got to know Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein and their newly published book.

Until then the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed!

Amanda Watches TV: How I Met Your Mother Finale aka The Hangover

Now that we got some sleep how does the How I Met Your Mother finale look now? I went to bed thinking that I would feel better after I have gotten some sleep. I woke up feeling a sadness and headache I can only equate to a hangover.

In the beginning I was all bubbly and taking small sips of this show. I liked what I tasted. Then I started to binge on the show (thanks Netflix). I felt myself falling into a comfortable buzz of happiness. Then, the last season. I started to feel a little funny and couldn’t stay up long to watch it but I figured it will all be OK. Then the finale aired. That is the point where the show really couldn’t stay down. The BS couldn’t stay down any longer. That is when I fell asleep hoping it would all be better in the morning.

Now, here I am. It’s the morning and man do I have a wicked hangover. Do I regret getting into this show? No. It was a good show. It had so much optimism about love, best friends and how we should wait for the right one. It is a welcome change from shows that were so cynical about love, fate and everything that comes with it.

Which is why I am still dumbfounded by that ending. It was cruel and dark. It didn’t feel optimistic to me. I don’t understand what makes show runners and writers think they have to go all out for the finale. Sometimes the narrative naturally dictates where the story should end. This story should have ended happy. This story was allowed to be corny. There is nothing wrong with corny and sweet.

I don’t know if Bays and Thomas realize but the world is quite dark on its own. Sometimes we all need a break and that break comes from our entertainment.  Why couldn’t everyone get what they wanted on this optimistic show? Why back pedal? Why ruin your show at the last-minute with the fans that stuck by you through everything? Made the show a success? These are questions I think I will be asking for a long time and I bet I won’t get any real answers anytime soon.

I would go into how every single characters was regressed but I won’t do that. Amazing fans have already written that in beautiful detail. That is something I will truly miss about this fandom. There were so many amazing and smart people populating and loving this world we called How I Met Your Mother.

Yes, we are all feeling hung over right now but it too shall pass. New shows will appear, old shows will gain our attention again or just possibly we will find a way to enjoy How I Met Your Mother again but cautiously and with the ending we wanted planted firmly in our heads that will make it all better.