Series Finale Hell and Heaven


Welcome back to the randomness. Today, my dear friends, I am thinking about endings. I guess finishing up a bunch of shows this year made me take a closer look at the television finale.

What I noticed was, even if a show was amazing sometimes that series finale can make or break its reputation for generations of television watchers to come.

Here is a list of the two shows that broke my heart with their finales and one that still makes me laugh.

Why the one that makes me laugh? Mostly because I believe, it is darkest before the dawn. I believe in that silver lining. Some shows already were terrible so the finale just put the icing on the cake.

So…without further ado…



How I Met Your Mother


The Slap Bet. Yellow Umbrella. Swarkles.. So many different words bring up good memories of How I Met Your Mother.  A show that told a long mystery with lots of detours that was SUPPOSED to lead towards the lead character, Ted, meeting his wife, Tracy.

The show went from being beloved to hated within an hour of its final episode.  It has been over a year since this show ended and I still can’t bring myself to watch any episodes. Killing off the mother and breaking up a popular couple not only killed the shows rerun hopes but killed any hope of fans wanting to watch How I Met Your Dad.

Killing off the mother made no sense. The whole show was about Ted’s journey to adulthood and to his wife. It has many detours and lots of mistakes but all those lessons led him to the love of his life…Tracy.

That final episode was a huge slap. Not only did they kill off the mother but broke up one of the most popular couples (Barney and Robin) to have Ted hook up with Robin in the end.

 It was worse than a slap. It was a punch to the gut. No one wanted the blue horn. They wanted a happy yellow umbrella. They wanted to see Robin and Barney happy. They wanted Marshall and Lily doing more with their lives.

Why trust anything these showrunners come up with again?

A show that had so many beautiful scenes and funny moments destroyed in seconds. It will always be a huge shame and maybe someday I can watch again without wanting to punch a wall or complain on the internet. However, that day is not today.

Here is the speech that still takes my breath away. Ted and the Mother (Tracy) were soulmates and it should have ended on the train platform. The creators should have always known that.



Roseanne is one of those shows that showed a side of America that most sitcoms did not. It was the working class in its purest form. The Connor family had to deal with low paying jobs, marriage, kids and crazy family issues but that resonated with American audiences. Roseanne was dramatic but always remembered to show the funny in the dramatic.

Over time the show changed (it has to grow I give it that) but it got further from reality. The final season has the Connor family winning the lottery and getting anything they want. However, in the last episode it turns out that it was all Roseanne’s novel.

Dan, her husband, is dead. Her daughters have different lives as well. Mark is with Darlene and Becky is with David. Jackie, her sister, is gay and does not chase men around like we though (well…that one was not as upsetting. It was just an odd choice at the end). Audiences did not see it coming. Everything we known as an audience was a lie.

I understand the motivation behind that weird last season. Ratings were sinking. She needed to do something interesting to grab the attention of the audience. In the end, she found a big way to make sure her show would never be forgotten.

It was a kick in the gut having Dan die. Roseanne without Dan does not feel right. It feels wrong. It hurts. It was an incredibly sad way to end this show. It is as if they took the dramatic but forgot to bring the funny the show was known for during its run.

It makes it harder to watch reruns and hear characters talk about the future. That finale gave the show an extra layer of sadness that I do not think it needed.

Here is an video of that last scene. The sadness just jumps through the screen and it still breaks my heart.




This series finale is not as upsetting as HIMYM or Roseanne. No. It is mostly a sigh of relief. A confused very funny sigh of relief.  Ok. I laugh at my butt off at this finale. Then again, the show is a bit of a joke to begin with.

Gossip Girl, one of CW’s flagship shows, grabbed the attention of teenagers and 20-somethings, with its crazy soap storylines and just as crazy couples. Mostly it centered on a group of rich spoiled kids and one outsider while they navigated their world with someone named ‘gossip girl’ always watching their every move.

The show was a hotbed of crazy ‘shippers’ and terrible writing (the actors are awesome and I hope for nothing but the best for all of them).  The ending of this show is debated even today. Not only does it not make sense but also to this day even the actors make fun of it themselves. The show has rewatchability but as a comedy….only.

No matter how many different ways you watch the show Dan (the outsider turned insider) being Gossip Girl will never make sense. Considering he was always never around when Gossip Girl posted but he could not have constantly outed himself on so many occasions. It does not make sense. Even in the novels this show is based on, gossip girl is never revealed. It is up to the audience to make their assumptions. Maybe the show should have went with that instead of naming someone. Enjoy the antics of these characters and insane situations but do not expect anything in the finale to make sense.


That is my list! Those two shows reputations have forever changed how I look at their reruns. Then you have the other show that will always make me smile and shake my head. Regretting the time I spent watching but so glad that I did.

What shows finales changed your mind over the years? Tell me in the comments below! I’m always interested in hearing other opinions on television shows and their finales. In the meantime, the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed.


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