Emmerdale: How I Would Write It or What I Think Happens From Christmas On

Ah. Fandom is in meltdown. So, with only very limited spoilers we all think things suck. Ok then. I’m here to counteract that feeling. After today’s interesting Robron scene I decided to write down what I expect to happen or how I would write things from this point on.

I would like to stress this. I have no spoilers. Just my writer mind and some gut feelings. Please, guys. Your feelings are valid but don’t get bitter. We don’t know anything coming and because fandom is in meltdown mode we everyone is a sitting duck for fake spoilers. SO, if something sounds truly horrible. Double check on it. I bet you it isn’t true. So, without further ado…here is how I think things will go from Christmas on or How I Would Finish This Story.

Ok. So. Christmas happens, and Robert has a new set of priorities. He has to get better for himself and want to grow and change for his own health and wellbeing. He also wants to be there for SJ during this process. He is a dad, and he will concentrate on that.  Meanwhile, Aaron will realize that he loves Robert, but Robert will tell him he needs to let go. Maybe something similar to what we saw tonight only with tears and more dramatic. Robert will tell Aaron to move on and live his life. He can’t live for Robert and Robert can’t live for him. SO, Aaron does what Robert tells him too (much like what Robert did with SJ at first). He will go through the paces of being with Alex and learn what he wants out of a relationship and who he really wants.

Robert will get closer to SJ. He will get closer to his family. Maybe he tells Diane what went down with Jack. They start to grow stronger as a family. Robert is there for Victoria during Adam drama. Robert gets better mentally and physically.

Meanwhile, something goes down with the Whites. Because of SJ and the Lachlan connection, Robert is roped in. Since Aaron will always have Roberts back, he gets roped in too. This upsets Alex, and maybe he dumps Aaron. Maybe Aaron dumps Alex. Either way, Aaron will run through the relationship and learn about himself and what he wants. Alex isn’t it. He will back Robert and help Robert move the Whites off the show.

MAYBE WITH A BIG TWIST! I would still write a twist for The Whites. Mostly to get them out the door.

Meanwhile, Robert and Aaron stay close as friends. Learn to communicate. Hang out. Have lunch a few times. Hang out at work. Maybe Aaron starts to soften towards SJ (if he sticks around) and Robert will be in a better place and start to see himself with Aaron again. Then one day they just…look at each other and know. They know its time for the two of them to come home to each other. Their houses are better built now, and the two of them have a stable and steady foundation. We get the big damn reunion kiss and bed scene. Declarations of love that are sparking and epic. One thing that hasn’t changed in this WHOLE story? That connection. That spark. That history. Robron has time and love on their side. That is hard to beat.

Robert and Aaron get back together and start dating. Against all the odds of what Aaron’s family wants.

Some Odd Notes I Didn’t Get in There*

* Maybe Aaron, like he said tonight, will have Roberts back. Alex won’t understand that. He will be threatened by that. That could be the downfall of the relationship. Guys, Alex is just a plot device. Someone for Aaron to use to learn what he doesn’t want for himself. Wasting energy on him doesn’t seem worth it. Focus on Robert and Aaron. Focus on them getting better as individuals and then together.

*I think the Whites hold a lot of secrets. Rebecca included. I still believe there is a twist coming to set the Whites off on their path to leave/die.

*It hurts. I know. Seeing the two of them “move on” but much like Aaron said today. They will always have each other for support. So, that will always be part of the Robron story. Anyone that comes along will have to fight with that every step of the way. This almost guarantees that Alex won’t last because he isn’t strong enough to deal with that. Rebecca already hates Aaron because he has Roberts’ heart and she couldn’t do that even after having his kid. So, take heart in that. They will always have each other’s back. Their story is that type of epic.

So, that is how I would write things. Let Robert and Aaron get stronger apart so when they come back together, they can be a stable and strong Robron. So, what do you think? Did I help anyone feel better? I hope so. So, until next time, see you around the Emmerdale fandom!


Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 6, 2017

Welcome to the preshow. Whew. It’s crazy out there right now. I woke up super late because I went to bed super late and I woke up to this:

So. After talking it over and reading a few things (not the Emma spoiler. I don’t know that spoiler. Tell me, and I will cut off your legs. I’m from Jersey. I’ll do it.) I am going to just say this. One sentence spoilers tell us nothing. We don’t have all the finer details, and things could look much different by then. Am I angry that the Wet Blanket is still around? Yes. Do I hate that The Whites and Robert are back on screen together? Yes. HOWEVER, this is what is needed to close out the stories. Robron were separated for a very long time. Their reunion won’t happen overnight. It will have to build. Robert has to get better for himself, and Aaron needs to figure out how he wants to proceed with his life. Then they come together again because let’s not kid ourselves. Aaron will always love Robert. Robert will always love Aaron. They will always find their way back. So, be angry. Scream. Be chill. Be Zen with it. Be confused. Be whatever you want to be.

Just don’t fall for fake spoilers. Not trying to overreact to things. Eat a Snickers. We all need to stick together and wait it out. Robron will reunite. They will be epic and electric. It will be ok.

Let’s Crack on.

This Review is Dedicated to Alfie. RIP Alfie.

The Pub Crew

They are pushing Chas and Paddy hard.

Liver cancer! ALFIE!!! *CRIES*

The Cafe Crew

Jessie! I like Jessie. *random thoughts*

Marlon and Jessie? Maybe? *HMMMM*

I can’t even get mad at Liv anymore. I don’t care about her anymore. *Shrug* I’m not saying that to be mean either. I just don’t give a flying fuck about her anymore. She could be in danger, and I’d shrug. I see no reason to get upset over her anymore.

Team Robert. That is where I stand from this point on. I want Robert to get better for himself. I want Robert happy with his life and his choices. If that includes Aaron so be it. If it doesn’t…so be it. I want Robert happy and healthy. I want him to live his life on good terms and be happy. That’s all.

Aaron. You are single. Date away. No one is stopping you. Just do it for yourself, Aaron. Do it for yourself and do what makes you happy and healthy. Ok? Do what is best for you and don’t let your family tell you any different.

So. Aaron will still have his back. Good to know. Guys. Aaron is allowed to date. He is single. Robert is allowed to do what he wants too. He is single. These two need to become happy and healthy with themselves before they can be happy and healthy together. It’s coming but they both have a long way to go with each other.

I felt that spark. That history. As long as these two have that? Not all hope is lost, my dear friends. Not all hope is lost. I am someone who believes in hope. Positivity. Guys. I see a clear path now.
*Zen mode activated*

Alfie Time

Alfie keeps grasping at Zak. *MY HEART*

I’m getting memories of two years ago. My dog. God. This is hard.

Zak. If it doesn’t prolong his life. The decision is hard. SO HARD. God my heart hurts so much. I’m getting massive memories right now. I don’t want to be back in that head space. *puts on a brave face*

“Why is it bad things happen all at once?” – Belle *I’ve wondered that too*


That’s what my family used to say. My grandfather who passed away is watching over all the family pets that passed too. Makes it easier. I like to think my grandfather is watching over Comet and Senior Fish.


We still have my dog’s ashes in the house. We were going to bury it under her favorite tree, but we can’t bring ourselves to do it just yet.


David’s Grocery

So, there is a fake rumor out there that David is SJ’s dad. *Let’s ALL LAUGH TOGETHER* *ITS SO FUNNY TO ME* *DAVID THEORY RISES* *WINK* *ITS FAKE*

Leyla in full-blown hide the belly mode. *wink*

Tracy needs to figure out another way. Leyla being banished doesn’t fix anything.



‘It’s Just Speculation!’

On the third day of hell week my Happy Robron Place gave to me…

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Emmerdale: Playing Devil’s Advocate (Once. Twice. Three Times the Devil!)

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 5, 2017

Welcome to the preshow. I had a minor freak-out because I was tired this morning but now I’m back from sleeping, and I have feelings. God no. There is a lot I want to give my opinion on so I might be working on another ‘Devil’s Advocate’ piece (Lie. I wrote it already). I’m sure all of you are so excited about this. Please. PLEASE. PUT THE PITCHFORKS DOWN. Geez. So, yeah. One thing I am here to say. This is all filler because they have three weeks to fill before the Christmas episode. The pacing has been so off on this story, so here we are.

Another thing. I’m hard on Aaron and Robert because I love these characters. So, to the people who claim I’m being way too hard and hate either one, you don’t get it. I love them, so I am harder on them than say…Megan or Frank.

This applies to Liv and Chas too. People seem upset that I’m so mean to them because I love them. I know they are better than how they are being written right now. I guess…I’m disappointed in them. I see what they are doing and why they are doing it but man…they are being assholes about it.

This doesn’t apply to any of The Whites. I hate them. They all can choke and die for all I care. It’s time for the writers to use the eraser and backspace button on this family. Same goes for Dr. Alex. He is annoying, and he brings down every scene he is in. He is shipper irritant to the max.

OH, let me ask this. Is it Christmas yet?

Ok! Let’s crack on!

David’s Grocery

Turkey or Goose David. TURKEY OR GOOSE! *SNORT*

Who is the turkey? Who is the Goose? Turkey is Leyla. Goose is Tracy?

Oh. A lot of blood but not much left behind on David’s pretty face.

Which boyband are you in David? You are too pretty for Nsync. I’ll go with Justine’s answer and say 98 degrees. *wink*

Leyla keeps saying “I love you” and David is losing his shit. I can’t stop laughing. Is it just me or is the writing feeling unnatural? OH RIGHT. Sharon Marshall episode. Shitty writing. Continue along.

OH NO! Tracy heard David say, ‘I love you’ to Leyla! *DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN*

“COME OUT AND FACE ME!” – Tracy *kids come in* “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” *SNORT*

Where is Pryia? During all of this. Pryia wreaked Pete and Leyla. Not Leyla is almost wreaking David/Tracy. What is going on? Is there a rhyme or reason here?


Oh. Is “Leyla” on maternity leave already?

The Café Crew

Nor is it the third date. Liv. Go away.

Liv. Fuck you. This isn’t for you to tell Robert. That is on Aaron. Aaron be a fucking parent already! Liv is going to get worse if someone doesn’t tell her to back off.

Um. Sashay away? Homophobic much Liv?

Sit up straighter Aaron. Robert still has that effect on you? *wink*

Awwww. Jai must let the dog go! *SAD FACE* *FOREVER HOME! * Go hang with the Dingles little one.

“Big Gesture.” – I don’t think that will work David. Not this time.

Rhona. Kick her ass and take names. You can do it, girl! *TEAM RHONA*

Oh, look. Dr. Creeper. *BLAH BLAH BLAH* *Side Eyes Aaron*


“Are you still in love with him?” – Dr. Creeper *Aaron kisses him*


Yeah, no passion either.

The Pub Crew

Rhona and I have the same level of anger.

Paddy. Chas. Knock it off in front of Rona please. I’m convinced that Paddy will cheat on Chas with Rhona in the new year. Just my gut feeling. Let Chas get her just desserts.

Tracy is back at it. Elf Tracy Rocks!

No Tracy. This isn’t on you. This is all crazy Leyla/David stuff.

God. This whole conversation is getting me mad. The Tracy one.

Wishing Well

“Is that what I am to you? Nonsense?” – Lisa to Zak

“CPO. Must have been a Star Wars fan who wrote that!” – Sam *Sam is me*

Yes. There are memories. Good. Bad. Dingle memories. I understand everyones point of view in this fight. This is interesting.

This is very topical. Good for Emmerdale for highlighting this conversation right now.

Is it just me or does everyone love Lisa in this family over Zak? *SNORT*

LOOK! That kiss hurt Alfie. *OH…I went too far with that one*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

On the second day of hell week my Happy Robron Place gave to me…

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 4, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! Yes, we are entering a rough week, but I’m pretty Zen about the whole Dr. Alex stuff. This is the final push towards the end and its that last push that hurts the most. So, its fine to be angry and not want to see this (I know I don’t want to see Aaron kiss anyone else. A few of you saw what happened when I saw Robert kiss anyone else. Forced me into fandom. This kiss will make me stay forever! *evil laugh*). So, find your bitch buddy, find your snickers, and hold on. We are almost there.

Is it Christmas yet?

Let’s crack on!

David’s Grocery

David’s hair looks really blonde like 2002 type of blonde.

Awwww. Frank is Santa.


Tracy and the dog are on support staff for Santa. They got this! *high five*

I seriously think something will happen with David and Leyla.

April and Johnny! It must be the holidays. Let’s bring out the children. *wink*

Wow, Pete. I still find it interesting that Pryia is missing from this. She was such a major factor and ‘loved Pete’ or ‘was falling for Pete’ and now she disappeared.

Figgy Pudding! THAT IS FIGGY PUDDING?!?! Emmerdale teaches me so much.

Oh, Tracy. Love the elf costume. OH NO. Tracy. CRAP. I don’t like sad Elf Tracy.

Oh crap! Pete just punched David! Pete totally killed his mom. I bet it was in a rage and he doesn’t remember, but Ross saw it, and now he covers up Pete’s crimes. Then took time off to figure out how to protect the family. *BOOM* *My Theory* *Standing by it*

“David follow my finger, not hers.” – Tracy *snort*

Jai is in love with a dog. I get it Jai. TOTALLY GET IT.

The Mill

Oh, Liv. You are way out of your league.

Hmmm. Gerry looks guilty about all of this. Still goes along with it.

“He doesn’t even like yogurt!” – Aaron knows his husband OH Sorry…mate! *RIGHT*

So, against his will, Liv and Gerry will force this on Aaron. Hot. Romantic. Dead in the water. *falls asleep*

Technically, Robert found Liv. Not you Aaron.

So, instead of just leaving because being brought there without Aaron knowing you bring up working 18 hours so you can flirt with him? *eye roll* This screams…Aaron is being pushed into it, and Aaron thinks he has to move on. How romantic. *laughs* *seriously…this is so lame I can’t even get upset over it.*

Also, the show keeps bringing up social media and stalking. Dude. The SHOW IS MOCKING YOU.

Also, Steven still can’t act. He really is the male Emily Head. *makes a face*

The Café Crew

How refreshing. Chas being hypocritical. *eye roll* *laughs at the stupidity*

Same with Belle. Faith? You stay awesome.

Wishing Well

Interesting Joanie is being used again. Joanie isn’t from IM’s time right? Interesting. Good use of history.

“We can’t have one rule for you and another for me.” – Lisa *INTERESTING USE OF RULES*

The Pub Crew

Leo! I love to see Leo!

Where is Jessie! I want more Jessie!


Why do I like Jessie so much? Not a clue. She just seems really sweet and interesting of a character. New blood that can act. LOVE IT.

It can’t be easy being an advocate for your child with special needs. God bless Rhona. Really can’t be easy. God bless parents who fight hard for their children.

Oh look. Chas is pushing now. That is true to character. Again, how romantic. Feeling like you are forced to lie to your family that you are over your soulmate you go out with a creeper. Kiss him. Not really over your soulmate. Just want your family off your back. Romantic stuff there. *SNORE*



“David I love you!” – Leyla *OH BOY*

They are going there. KNEW IT! *POINTS TO ALL*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

On the first day of hell week my Happy Robron Place gave to me…

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 1, 2017

Welcome to the preshow!

Is it Christmas yet?

Let’s crack on.

Alastair, that news anchor from ITV News. I like him. I trust him. If anything weird were to go down, I’m finding him. He reminds me of the newscasters of my youth. Dan Rather. Peter Jennings. That sort of thing.

The Café Crew

I love all the Christmas stuff up around the village. Makes me feel festive. *puts on elf ears*

I am very interested in the Charity and Debbie relationship. Its so damaged but Charity cares. She does.

I like Daz. He is slowly becoming a mini Bob? Maybe?

Oh, Lisa. I understand your feelings, but this is the wrong way to do it.

Wishing Well

Oh god. Here we go with Alfie. *cries* *I can’t deal with this storyline* *I CAN’T*

Oh hey. The tree is here. I’ve never had a real tree before. Don’t feel the urge to get one. FAKE TREES FOREVER!

Oh boy. Lisa is going to make the decision for everyone.

She is listing all the bad things that have happened at Wishing Well. Zak things about the good. Hmmm…bringing up Joanie. Wow. Good use of history.

David’s Grocery

I’m kind of into Leyla and David. I love David and Tracy too. WHATS A GIRL TO DO?!?! I’m not a multi-shipper! Where is this coming from?

“Do you feel sorry for him after everything that has happened?” – David *GOOD QUESTION*

I think Pete is messed up. I find it odd that Priya seems to be missing from the situation now. After all that.

David did that on purpose. Just saying.

The Mill

Sigh. That was an exciting moment between Robron. Some eye sex. My heart raced a bit. Damn them. Their natural chemistry is FINALLY back. *fans myself*

By the way, is the show changing the past again? Aaron kicked Dr. Creepy out. Not the other way around. I mean, if we have to change things I can easily watch over again…I’m going to call the show out. I’m not dumb.

Are they mocking the actor for being so creepy online? He is. Check it out. He keeps tagging people and no one answers.

I think they are using Liv to stop them from having ex-sex. Another reason I can’t stand the little witch right now. *Before everyone comes for me. I don’t like Liv. I understand where she is coming from, but she is a child. Back the fuck off Liv. You don’t control your brothers love life.*

The Pub Crew

Seriously. I think they are setting up a triangle between Tracy/David/Leyla. I see it.

David seems way into Leyla’s love life to just be a friend.

WELL. Chas isn’t in Roberts corner either. There goes my theory.

I hate this. Fuck off Liv and Chas. Before everyone loses their shit. I get it, but I don’t like it. I have every right to hate them right now. They are stepping between my favorite couple. If I get one message saying Robert deserves ALL of this? I’m not in the mood today. *Robert Sugden Support Squad Member Always*

Yes, Aaron is so fucking weak he can’t make his own decisions. You two must make ALL of Aarons decisions. *eye roll* fuck off.

After everything Robert has done for you two. SHAME. FUCK OFF.

Also, Aaron hasn’t been hanging out with the doctor so…whatever. Rewriting history.

Jacobs Fold


Charity looked a bit spooked. Does she know something?

Oh. Maybe not. Ok then. Come on show. There must be something else going on with him than the golf course. That is weak show if it is.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 30, 2017








Welcome to the preshow.

Is it Christmas yet?

I won’t lie…I’m feeling a bit down about everything so my heart won’t be in this review. I’m not even into watching today. I will because I need a distraction from life, but my review won’t be so ranty as months past. I won’t be talking about Liv anymore (I wrote her off) and I won’t be talking about Rebecca either. I’m banishing both from this review for the time being. It just gets people upset, and I really don’t want to fight over a television show that I want to use as escapism. I’m too tired for that. Also, my house has no scotch.

Anyway, let’s crack on.

Jacobs Fold Crew

Toms big debut – I’m still beating he is a King or Tate. Someone has to know.

Look at that tree! I hate white trees. It fits the place though.

When does Tom move into Home Farm. Should I start the countdown?

White couches with two young kids. Debbie is a risk taker. HUGE RISK TAKER.

This place looks like Anthropologie designed it for their magazines. Maybe some Ikea too.

FAMILY. FAAAMMMILLLY. Who is he then? Tate or King? I’m good with either.

THIS FEELS SO FAST TO ME. I mean…I’m confused.

The Café Crew

Fun. Angry Robron.

Oh. Now Diane shows up. Thanks for showing up now.

The more they push that this is all on Robert the more I believe that the tables will be turning on a lot a people after Christmas. Pushing one way on a show screams something is coming.

Again, the more everyone gangs up the more likely there are secrets.

Oh. The Emma stuff is back? Cool?


“We are the little people. We have no power money or connections. We mean nothing to them.” – Sounds like how the American public is being treated. We need to fight back though. How? That remains to be seen.

Lisa. *BIG HUGS*

Home Farm

Oh. That was an interesting turn of phrase. “He made a fool out of you.” “Out of us all” I see the Whites tearing a bit. *hums*

Robert is fighting so hard for SJ because that is all he has left. What else do you want him to do?

Robert thinking, he deserves violence is a dangerous narrative. NO ONE deserves violence against them. NO ONE. If anyone thinks they do, I really want to give you a hug. You deserve to always treat yourself with love and respect. NEVER except violence as an answer. No matter what.

More tears in the white family fabric. Interesting. Keep pulling at the thread Chrissie. Keep pulling. Let’s see what we find behind the White Family curtain.

Belle. Oh Belle. He is a psychopath. RUN.

Wishing Well

When did these two get back together? *confused*

Emma Barton’s ghost. *DUN DUUUN DUUUUUUN*

I need more Sam and Lydia in my life. That is all.

Oh. I know Zak. I know. I am with you guys. So much. I’m with you. *raises a glass*

Lisa isn’t wrong, but neither is Zak. It’s a tough situation all around.

Zak is the democrats. This council person is republican. Lisa is sane. (Not independent. They are nuts too)

Has Zak lost weight? Working out more? Why are all the guys working out?

I think Lisa is about to make the decision for all of them.

50 Shades of Tom/Graham

I love how cool and confident Graham is. I think Graham has a bigger part to play just not right now.

Lying. *Falls asleep practicing my shocked face*

Graham didn’t put up a fight. *snort*

“I put 2 and 2 together.” “and came up with 5.” – I’ve been hearing this line too many times on television these days.


Moira’s Farm

That button on Cain’s jacket. *SNORT*

Awwwww. We are getting some sweet Coira moments. That’s nice. After being beat over the head with Robron sucking the air out of the room its nice to see Coira.

Oh hey. Look who is back. Adam.

Moira. They like you. They judge Robert. *gives an office look*

The Pub Crew

That was an odd moment. Yelling to Diane when she has nothing to do with this story. ODD. I’m tracking that as a moment.

Charity. Stop looking so happy. I know she is just like, “TOLD YOU SO” but can she be a mother for five seconds? Be nicer?

Detective Charity. *THEME MUSIC PLAYS*

He is a business person Charity. He will talk to woman about business. GEEZ. Charity is like walking sadness and death these days.

Tracy/David/Leyla – Does anyone else see this possibly happening?

Leyla and I are one in the same. *SALES*


God. Isaac is a big baby. We have seen Diane with Isaac more than SJ. *shrug*

Another interesting scene. Passing Isaac around. *hmmmmm*

The Mill

Gerry. I’m so confused about Gerry right now. I could write an article about him but still couldn’t get to the bottom of things. Thoughts?

Aaron and Robert are friends now. Mates. *nods* RIGHT. *NODS HARDER*

I assume this sets up next week and Aaron “moving on” and telling Robert to “Move on” too. *BUBBLE*

Village Light Show


A lot of nonstarters just to explode at the weirdest of times. *wink*

I won’t lie. I love seeing all the Christmas stuff going up. *FA LA LA LA LA* *TAKES A SHOT OF CHRISTMAS CHEER*

I’m loving Tracy’s look today. *HIGH FIVE* *Amanda Approves*

The lights are a representation of fandoms in Emmerdale. *LAUGHS*

Doug made a mean comment about Diane. HMMMMMMMMM.

Is David’s hair more…blonde lately?

The light comes on for Aaron? Just to see Lachlan and Belle. Hint that Lachlan and the Whites working in the dark is coming to light? I’m big on mise en scene. Its my undoing.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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