Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 10, 2017

Welcome to today’s pre-show. I’ve noticed an uptick in people feeling sorry for the White Family lately. I mean, people deserve to feel how they want but when it comes to The White Family…I must step in. The White family is the worst. Seriously. I’m calling them the ‘Dead Weight Family’ because that is what they are to the show. Since they have appeared on the show, they have been nothing but trouble and not even the fun type of trouble. Their stories have fallen sort on every front even though there is talent there. They are the last of the Kate Oates era, and they can’t be fixed. I can’t wait for them to leave. They are boring and the worst, and I cheer Robert on as he tries to destroy them.

They deserve every little scheme Robert runs against them. That’s all I will say about that for now.

Now, let’s talk about the goats. I see no one mentioned them and I think the goats deserve more love than they are getting. Wait…I’m seeing the show is starting. Let’s go see what is happening today!

I think my favorite weather person is Lucy. She seems the most entertained and excited by the weather. Also because I’m American when I hear it will be 14 degrees I feel my body get colder. Then I remember…Celsius Amanda. CELSIUS, not Fahrenheit.

The Hospital

Little Isaac is so cute! *pinches his cheeks*

I guess everyone knows now. That’s cool.

Adam is very much into his brother. It’s cute.

“I know how much you and Victoria wanted a child!” – HMMMMMM

I love you, Moira. You believe in science and tests. I love you.

Oh goodie. The daddies are here. *Its Cain*

“Mrs. Dingle” She is still Mrs. Dingle? Love hearing that.

YOU ARE THE FATHER CAIN! *Maury music plays* *Also, THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION* (Seriously. The magazines and websites ruined that ages ago because that isn’t the story on deck for Coira)

I think we should blame Victoria and Adam for pushing that kid on Pete the way she did that day. That was one of the reasons why Pete attached as quickly as he did. Adam yelling at him to hold him and Victoria bringing it up when they were in shock over Emma and Finn’s death. See what happens when you push kids onto people when they aren’t there yet?

Oh boy. CAIN! Not cool bro. Not cool. I know you have issues with Kyle but now little baby Isaac? COME ON DUDE.

The Café Crew

Ross is holding onto Moses like it’s a lifeline.

Bob. I love seeing Bob too. Bob deserves a storyline too.

Come on! Lydia! Sam and Lydia are so cute. Why can’t we see them on screen!

Kerry. KERRY. Not cool. Come on now.

The Factory

LYDIA! I love you. That is all.

Kerry. Honey. Not what you think. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

Oh, Lydia. Una. Really? UNA. Is she that hard up for money? To make up another employee.

It is unsafe and illegal. Workers Safety Laws are in place for a reason!


The Wishing Well

Lisa! Faith! Zak! I’m enjoying these interactions. It’s been a long time.

Oh, a Kyle mention. That’s nice. Also, a storyline left open from earlier in the year.

Sam talking to Cain about Lydia. STOP TALKING TO CAIN. He is bitter. SAM. Please. Don’t give up on Lydia.

Harriet telling the truth. Cain and Moira. Forever and ever.

“That is where your heart is.” – Yes. Coira. Yes.

The Bubblegum Set

Gabby. GABBY. Not cool to

“Deep down you fancy him!” – UMMM…Gabby. No. I doubt Liv fancy’s him. Just saying.  I had friends in high school that did that to me. Let’s have a party, and it was for other reasons. I mean…sigh….I’m not friends with them now.

Doug: Great B&B Detective. *theme music plays*

Gerry and Gabby. I hope my prediction earlier in the year doesn’t come true with these two. I don’t…is Gerry sticking around?

The Barton’s

Eric still brokenhearted over Finn? Makes my heart ache. *Pulls out bubble wrap*

Ross is so nice. Stop making me like Ross show. STOP IT.

Eric is right Pete. You will need each other.  The grief will hit you, and you will need your brother to get through it.

Pete is finally talking about everything going on. Ross and Pete. HUG! PLEASE HUG! You two need to grieve. Its ok to talk about it. Its ok to cry. Its ok to yell. Just get it out before it explodes in the wrong ways.

The fact that they are going through his stuff means there is a clue or something else in there we need to know about. Right?


The Church

Cain won’t break up with her because she is a stubborn old fool.

Harriet is a smart cookie. She knows the Coira is strong. She knows she can’t win against what they have going on. Even apart they are attached.

Do all the Dingles go to Ireland at some point? I mean…maybe you want to visit America? Maybe New York?

Harriet knows the score. Coira is too strong.

“You aren’t mine to love.” – Harriet (Great line. I LOVE THAT LINE)


‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Devil’s Advocate – The Two Main Theories

Like everyone else out there I have been racking my brain coming up with numerous theories (I have so many theories that are completely wrong too) on how the Robert/Robron story is going to end especially now, we have an end of Christmas Week. So, I decided to stick to the original theory (with a few add-ons) and the ‘Playing it Straight’ theory. Ok. Let’s make both theories work and not work.

‘Play it Straight’ Theory

Not a theory per say but if you get too theory happy these people come out of the woodwork. The people who think we are all wasting our times and this story will be played straight. Here is the theory as it stands.

Rebecca and Robert did have a one-night stand. It resulted in a baby that is Roberts. The two will have to learn how to co-parent. Meanwhile, Aaron will come around to loving the baby as will Robert. They get back together after Aaron decides he can handle dealing with a baby.  Rebecca decides to forgive Robert for all he has done. All three will end up co-parenting the kid. All is well in Robron land.

Variations on the Theory

The above stands but the Whites find out what Robert has done to Home Farm and its business and cuts Robert out of the baby’s life. Robert, Aaron will have to fight for the kid in court against Rebecca.


The above stands but Rebecca not being able to handle motherhood runs off leaving the baby with Chrissie who fights for full custody against Robert. Aaron is along for the ride.

For This to Work/Not Work

This only works if we know The White family will be staying and we know they are not staying for much longer. Also, the show would have to make Aaron suddenly be ok with the idea of a child being around. Having Aaron hurt himself over the thought of the baby ruins that idea. I mean, in a soap opera anything can be reversed but, in this case, this is a harder sell. Also, we would need Rebecca to become a rounded character, and that isn’t happening anytime soon. She is just a plot device in the story. A chess piece to be moved around. Which is why she would be ok with the revenge plot/breakdown that Robert is on. Move her wherever they need her.

That is where the variations come into play. No way would she be ok with that. So, fighting for the kid makes sense. However, once again, Aaron suddenly being ok with the kid after hurting himself…doesn’t calculate.

Personal Opinion

The show could go this way but they won’t. Everyone else is getting twists and so will the ‘cash cow’ aka Robron. That is one of their biggest couples out there. No way would they give them this straightforward of a story. Not when we know Robert is going to be at his lowest point which means a lot. This is Roberts journey, and that straightforward story doesn’t include that. It seems focused on Aaron which this story was never Aarons journey. It’s Roberts. Also, it’s just so freaking boring if it was played straight. It happens yes but Rebecca isn’t a character we want to see Robert have to co-parent with. She doesn’t have a life outside of him. To build that up and her presence in the village that will take time. Time, I don’t think the show has or wants to spend on her. Time is precious, and I think the show wants to spend it on Robert and Aaron. Not the crumbling White Family.

The Theorytm

The famous theory that either upsets people or makes the most sense to people. The one started on Tumblr by Taryn (@Itwasjustmisplaced).

Robert and Rebecca didn’t sleep together. For some reason Rebecca makes him think that they did and he is the father. Robert goes into a tailspin going after everything he thinks ruined his relationship with Aaron. Finds out he isn’t the dad and they didn’t sleep together. That brings Robert and Aaron back together. Rebecca and the baby become someone else’s problem. All is right in Robron land.

Variations on The Theory

Ross/Adam is the dad (They Slept Together/Didn’t Sleep Together)

All the above and if Robert isn’t the dad (didn’t sleep together/slept together) then who is? Ross has been sleeping with her since January and most notably slept with Rebecca the day after Robert. So, he is a big candidate. The Adam theory is a lot of fun and has the most drama and damage. Most hate it, but I refuse to let go, so I’m including him here. I need to write out a fleshed-out post about this and why it does work on its own. It might not happen, but it does work.


All the above but Rebecca is a black widow.  To get back at Robert for all he has done to her she decides to ruin Roberts life. By making him think he is the dad it takes down all that Robert holds dear now. Forces him into a corner that would make her plans easier to set out.


All the above and Rebecca is lying because she has taken something way too far. Rebecca is angry at him but still, loves him like she has claimed before. She lied to screw with Robert only she has let it go too far and now she is stuck in a corner of her own making. If she comes out now, she will look like she was trying to trap him and ruin Aaron and Roberts marriage. So, she sticks with it even though it is setting Robert down a dangerous path.

For This to Work/Not Work

This theory works on so many levels. It is twisty and gives Rebecca something to do other than blink and prance around Home Farm while her stomach changes sizes (up down up down).  It fits the pattern of all the stories that got big press this year. Nell’s twist. The Coira twist and now The Robron twist. It is fun and will be more interesting to watch. It is just good television. Regardless what one thinks of Iain MacLeod, as we have seen, he knows how to tell a story. He just has pacing problems. Which is understandable because every soap showrunner has pacing problems (even the precious Kate Oates).  It is a lot of time to fill and a lot of story to pace out. Sometimes, stories get left behind or screwed up. Nothing a few strokes of the pen can’t fix.

Why these theories might not work? Robert isn’t attached to the child yet. He hasn’t been to the doctor’s appointments, he hasn’t put his hand on her stomach to feel the kicking, he even used the kid’s picture to hide a camera. There is no attachment there. One could argue he will get attached to the baby after its born but even then, it doesn’t seem likely. If Robert is to keep going after The White Family, he won’t be attached to the kid. Maybe. There is something off there that changes a lot of the theories listed above. Robert is a legacy character. This kid should be bigger news than the show is making it.

Personal Opinion

The TheoryTM is the one that I personally love. It makes the most sense, and even the variations help flesh out the theory even more. I’d be more into the black widow theory because as I have said MANY MANY times…Emily Head would be a great soap villain. A great soap bitch. She can’t pull off angel. I don’t buy it. So, I’d love to see black widow also it makes what I am about to talk about make more sense.

What I Personally Expect from The Final Act

What I expect is a twist. I don’t think Robert is the dad because it narratively (right now) doesn’t make sense to keep a kid with him.  Nor does it make sense he would bond with the kid after its born. It can happen, sure, but I don’t see it. What I expect to happen is the kid is born in November. Then for some reason or another, all is revealed quickly and dramatically. This leaves Robert with nothing. All the revenge he has been planning against The Whites adds up to nothing, he doesn’t have a child, he doesn’t have Aaron or Liv. He is left with nothing. That breakdown we have been seeing goes into overdrive.

Robert falls apart while Aaron is the one that tries to get to him. He wants to talk now that everything is out in the open. He wants to figure out where Robert stands except Robert pushes Aaron away. Why do I want this to happen? At the end of the day, this story has always been about Robert and his choices in life. The choices he makes and how it affects himself and others. He will have to make the choice to want to look inward and try to figure out what he does wrong and how to fix that. Aaron can help of course, but this has to be on Robert. No one else. That brings us to Christmas when everything comes to a head. Robert will want to get better, and Aaron will want to help them. All is going to be ok in Robron land.

As for The Whites? I think Roberts scheming doesn’t help, but it raises a lot of issues that have always been there. Rebecca will always be jealous of Chrissie for being Lawrence’s favorite. Chrissie resents being lied to by Lawrence. Rebecca thinks she should get full run of Home Farm because she is the true heir to everything. Lachlan…he is just a special little psycho, isn’t he? Roberts scheming might bring up a lot of those old wounds. Let the fireworks begin!

What do you think? What theories do you like? Where do you stand on things? Tell me below, and I just might write about the Adam theory. Until my next thought overload, see you around Emmerdale.


Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 9, 2017

Welcome to another week. It was crazy last week and I loved every little minute of it. Lets see the ripple effect of that night. Since the show feels the urge to spoil little plot points now (I blame a certain someone for this new practice for this particular storyline) we have other things to think about.

That’s for me to write about later. Right now, I’m here to talk about goats. That’s right. Goats. I think the goats from the 1995 Emmerdale opening credits should come back. Here is why. They are awesome. They fit the theme of the village (more than the rock climber guy) and goats are just awesome. Why would anyone begrudge the goat!

Goats are….wait…I’ve been told the show is starting. I’ll get back to the goats later. Still…GOATS and Emmerdale. Perfect together. Alright, on with the show!

“I was just thinking with my eyes closed.” – I do my best work that way. *wink*


Oh, Harriet. It’s ok. This wasn’t your fault. Seriously. Not your fault honey.

Why is Pete mad at Harriet? I guess he isn’t but felt like it.

OH. Debbie is awol right now. I thought she would be there for Ross.

OH HEY. Thanks, Pete. This is what happens when you push kids that aren’t theirs onto people.

Cain will walk away Harriet. Right to Moira.

The Bartons

Ross with Moses trying to explain what happened to his Uncle and Grandma…*whew*

Oh. I see Ross and Victoria have been talking now. I seriously think Ross and Victoria might be raising a baby together at this point. *speculation only*

Awwww, the card Finn got him. *tears up*

OH. Ok. That ends that one. They know Finn was accidentally shot by Emma. Ok then. Now what?


The Hospital

Thanks for rubbing it in Victoria. *eye roll*

That baby is HUGE. Geez. How long were you cooking in there little one!

How come Victoria asks if Pete is the dad but immediately agrees Robert must be the dad of Rebecca’s baby? It’s frustrating me a lot. A LOT RIGHT NOW.

Ha. Cain isn’t leaving his girl. (Coira rising)

“I’m your daddy!” – Maury sits up…UM…Pete?

Pete and the Village Idiot screaming in front of the baby. Not cool. Argue but keep it low. You will scare him!

Pete is trying. Its sweet.

Isaac just said ‘You aren’t my dad!’ in that shot. *such a cute baby!*

Oh hey! The show does remember a thing called a paternity test. Exciting times!

The Café Crew

Oh, look. ¼ of the Dead weight family is here. *falls asleep*

OH hey. What’s up Doug. Where have you been?

Why didn’t Gerry pay upfront? He offered to if I remember correctly. I guess. I don’t know anymore. I don’t care about Gerry to tell you the truth.

Lydia and Sam! YES! MY OTP! Well, that was fun. I’ll see you two in five months!

The Factory


“I can’t be watched while I work. I get all hot and bothered.” – Ok then. *gives a look*

Oh goodie. Side characters time! *I welcome this after all the main character drama*

The B&B

Diane feels guilty now too.

Oh hey. I’m glad Gabby and Liv are back together. Let the crazy begin!

For two friends that haven’t seen each other in ages, they are pretty quiet with each other.  I feel like they would still be catching up. They missed a lot. That or she would tell Liv whats going on.

Cain at a tea service? *giggles. Laughs. FULL BLOWN LAUGHTER*

Liv. Ever the joyous one. *As much as I am not happy with her I get it. I still love her very much. She is ever the teenager.*

Gerry, Liv, and Gabby. This will end well.

The Pub Crew


I agree. Screw the Village Idiot. He is getting on my damn nerves lately. Getting everything he wants so easily. Getting out of things so easily. Getting his life back when he doesn’t deserve to get his life back. *HMMMMMMMMM*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’


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Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 6, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! This has been an amazing week, and I expect it to end with an amazing flourish as well. After this, I go back into the bubbletm but it has been a fun week. Everyone coming together to get excited about episodes and the theories have been aplenty.  All the weird plot strands come together, and we have new stories developing out of those closing of plots (Hello Isaac Dingle!). It was exciting, and I hope we can keep it going once we get back to the other plots going on right now.  I’m only back in the bubbletm because I know things will go back to anger and sadness so I’ll be in my bubble listening to Christmas music because my dear friend, we have an endpoint. We are almost there.

Oh. Some housekeeping. From now on until he deserves to get the nickname dropped Adam will be known as the ‘Village Idiot.’

The White Family will now be known as the Dead Weight Family in these random reaction reviews.

Right. So, on with the show!

What is caffeine shampoo? I mean…why do people have to whisper, ‘Over 40’? Being over 40 isn’t a crime. By the way, ITV News has been covering the Las Vegas Tragedy better than American News. Just saying. *tip of the hat*

Emma Barton/The Bartons

Finn is talking to her now! OH GOD THIS HURTS. HUUURRRTS!

Oh god. Ross looks like hell. *BUBBLE WRAPS THE BARTON FAMILY (Emma not required) *

I see Victoria is still pushing the baby onto Pete. *eye roll* Why hasn’t she called Robert or Aaron. I think they would be interested in Finn dying or Moira having a baby. My god.

SHE JUMPED!!!! I really want to make a judging joke but I won’t. That was filmed beautifully. DAMN. I feel like there should have been warnings for this episode.

Wait. Maybe Ross pushed her? Pete? Cain? Adam? Moira? HARRIET? Gabby? Maybe we are heading towards a “Who Killed Emma?” story that concerns all of the main cast. Also, we are getting guilt with the baby stuff and postpartum. This story feels epic now!

Wow. I haven’t heard holy ghost ever used on TV before. It’s usually holy spirit.


Moira’s Farm

Wow. Look at the damage. Its just gone. It’s a frame now. WOW. Intense!

Cain watching over the damage. I think he knows he could be the baby’s father and he is trying to wrap his head around almost losing Moira. We all know he wants and loves Moira. Now they have a baby! *Coira Rises*

Cain and Adam are talking now? That’s nice. Tragedy does that.

The Villagers

Tracy and Eric sitting and talking about Finn. *CRIES IN THE CORNER*

I love that they have his action figures at his vigil. I love the flag too. Very sweet of them.

Tracy and Eric talking is making me sad. Too sad. This episode feels too much already. Finn’s funeral will be hell.

Ok. Harriet has been ruled out in my mind.

The Hospital

Where did Cain find Moira? Why was Harriet waiting there? There are holes missing in this story too! That means something MUCH BIGGER is coming.

Ross and Pete talking baby. Those two are always talking baby. *hums*

No. It’s never too soon to call your baby Finn…just saying, Ross. JUST SAYING.

Ross going straight to jumping? HMMMMMM.

“Don’t worry. There is no rush.” – This storyline is going to be pulled out? Maybe? I’m in overthinking mode.

Yeah. Pete. Totally Pete’s. *LAUGHS WHILE EATING SALAD*

Love Cain the background between Ross and Pete. DAMN SHOW. DAMN.

Cain is always framed with Pete. SHOW. SHOOOOOWWWW.

Is the baby purring? He just wants everyone to leave him alone. I agree.

The village idiot needs to shut the frack up. He is signing his prison sentence.

Vadam. *SNORE*

Today just strengthened the theory even more for me. This is exciting.

The Pub Crew

Charity. Charity is the fandom talking about the show in very callous terms.

Oh hey! Another ‘fun’ confession at the pub. Thanks, Harriet.

Oh, Harriet. Honey. It’s not your fault. She was ill. She took a lot of people down with her with her illness.

Um. Well, Harriet. Charity knows Cain pretty well.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 5, 2017

Ah. The preshow. I’m keeping a lot of feelings inward right now because I don’t want to fight with anyone. So, I’ll talk about this week. This week has been spectacular so far. The writing is top notch. The acting is top notch. The cinematography has been top notch. TOP NOTCH is the ten-dollar word of the day by the way. Either way, it has been great. Everything is coming together beautifully, and I’ve been enjoying my time in Emmerdale this week. With Maxine at the helm for Thursday and Friday? We are headed into one hell of a finale. I’m confident that this week will reverberate for the rest of October and maybe even November.

Alright,…let us start the show!

The Bartons/Cain/Harriet

We get a bigger view of where Emma is laying. I assume she is talking to James? Finn? Any other dead people want to join in?

Finn is gone.

Oh, Ross. My heart. OH MY GOD MY HEART.

Oh god. Emma is talking to James. Will James finally talk back? Please? Let me be right?


Victoria. SHUT UP. Let them figure out their feelings. THANK YOU ROSS. Oh god. I just thanked Ross. The world is ending now.

A lot of attention on Ross while they are talking kids and babies. Just saying. JUST SAYING.


Oh, Harriet. It’s not your fault. You didn’t know. Seriously. Its ok. *Bubble wrap*

Cain is pissed. Watch out, Emma!

Moira didn’t know guys. It happens. There is a whole show about it. Oh wow. A medical reason. Nice!

I don’t know why Victoria is bugging me. She isn’t doing anything wrong with Moira, but I guess its personal. Sorry. *Bubble wraps my mouth*

I love how in the wide shots he isn’t there, but in the close-ups he is. WELL DONE. LOVE THAT.

Oh. James is her conscience. Love that idea. I thought he would say what she wanted to hear.

Well, that is out now. She also killed Finn, but the village idiot will say something stupid and get put in jail.

Emma almost crashed the damn car over hearing about Finn. BABY IN CAR EMMA.

I’m seriously into how they are using James right now. So well done. Gets me feeling all creative. Good television always does that.

I’m seriously going to miss Emma and the actress. Great acting here. She always delivers.

Moiras out! Cain is out! THOSE TWO WILL END HER.

I think Harriet will find Emma and try to talk her out of doing whatever she is about to do.

That baby is big! Like, that kid ate well while hanging in with Moira. (Cutest little chubby cheeks ever!)


I love that song so hearing Emma say the words is surreal.

Make sure to tip Victoria for her plot narration. That’s all she is good for today.

The Pub Crew

Oh boy. Here we go. Tracy is about to find out.

OH hey. Leyla is going to freak out. WOW. I would too.

I like how everyone involved in the story is in the pub. Makes this easier to spread.

Eric’s face! Wow. I’d have the same face too. WOW. Good scene. Good acting by everyone.

Is the whole village going to feel guilty over this? Interesting. Very interesting.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Live and Organized October 4, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! I hope everyone is enjoying this week of Emmerdale so far! I personally think it has been amazing and everything is coming together now. Well, the Emma/Barton Family stuff is coming together beautifully. Some people complained that the Emma story went on too long except I don’t agree. Soap stories run differently than the typical sitcom/night dramas with 22 set episodes. Soaps have four weeks/12 months’ worth of time to fill (give or take).  That is when things get stretched. It happens, and it gets annoying, but that is what the other storylines are for. They are there to give us something else to focus on for a while as they build the big stories. Laying down the brick if you will. It sucks while you are in the middle of it, but once everything comes together you can look back in amazement at the things you missed (unless you are on Tumblr. No one misses anything on there!)

If any of that made sense to you, you get a cookie. Congratulations.

Now, on with the show!

I REALLY WANT FLOATING HEADS. (As a new opening. Not random floating heads. Oh…that got weird.)

The Bartons

That bridge is where Emma takes her last breath…isn’t it?

Oh. FINN. God.

Both Barton Brothers are me when hung over.

Oh. HEY. Scared yet, Pete? Also, Vic doesn’t hide the lead at all, does she? *laughs*

Emma can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Cause she’s…

Oh wow. Hello James. Welcome back. *wink*

I see Victoria believes at face value…again. Hmmmm.

Ah. They are going to make this hurt. Aren’t they?!?! *Bubble wraps myself. Bubble wrap can’t save Finn now.*


Cain and Harriet found him! WOW. That brings Finn to the hospital and to Moira! *I SEE YOU SHOW. I SEE YOU*

The Hospital

Moira in a coma. At least she is still with us.

Yeah, Adam looks really excited about his new brother. I’ll give him a break. It’s crazy right now.


Um…Adam. Stop threatening. Looks bad.

Wow. That is a fully grown baby. Also, there is so many alarms bells going off in my head right now.

Victoria. Shut the fuck up. Once again…you are butting in where you aren’t wanted. Pete has a lot to wrap his head around. SERIOUSLY SO MANY ALARM BELLS ARE GOING OFF IN MY HEAD RIGHT NOW.

Oh. Hey Emma! *WTF*

So, let me get this straight.  Pete is allowed to talk about his feelings about the kid, but Robert isn’t allowed to yet? *ANGRY GRUNTS*

VICTORIA. SHUT UP. It’s not your kid. You won’t have one until you dump Adam. Get used to it.

Adam. You are a god, damn idiot. *punches him to get him to shut up*

Awwww, Cain called Moira a Dingle. *heart eyes* *Coira moment*


Ross. Oh god. Look at him. *Takes out Bubble Wrap*





“Emma Barton is not our problem!” – UMMMMMMMM Cain. She is everyone’s problem now.

She is talking to James. I knew it. I knew it would get here. LOVE IT SO MUCH.

The Police Station

That is a pretty interrogation room.

Adam. Dude. Stop talking. You are going to make it worse.

DUDE….DUDE….IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT. Adam is officially the Village Idiot! That is what I’m calling him. Adam is now the Village Idiot.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 3, 2017

Alright, the preshow.  People are allowed to have opinions over storylines. However, don’t sit in someone’s mentions and try to change their mind or call them names for not agreeing with you. It’s a waste of peoples time and it’s just rude. Grow up. We all have our favorite theories. If you don’t agree…move on.

Alright! On with the show!

The Crazy Bartons

Emma is in all white? Whoa. That’s fire.

NO! EMMA! Save Moira!

Pete is the father! (HA…doubt it)

EMMA! Save her! Save HER! WHAT THE HELL!

Oh. She did. Run the car through! That works *makes a face*

I just gasped when the barn exploded.

I don’t blame you Moira. WOW. I feel that pain.

It’s here! Welcome into the world Isaac!

Awwww. Finn. Geez. *bubble wrap can’t help you now*

I don’t know Adam. CALL 999 and not chase EMMA! I mean…GEEZ.

Adam. Don’t shoot. You aren’t that person. Don’t do it!

Did Adam not see the baby? I know he did. What a weird line then?

Emma’s got a gun! *dun dun!*

Oh thank god. Someone will help Moira now.

That guy noticed Adam with the gun. Oh boy. I think that guy will say Adam shot Finn and all hell with break loose.

OH MY GOD. NOOOOOOOOOOO! FINNNNNNN! *falls to my knees* I knew about this but OUCH. My heart. Poor Finn.

The Pub Crew

The mistakes we make stay in the past. Start again? – OH. Something is up there. SOMETHING IS UP THERE.

Again. Don’t care about Vadam.

EWWWWWWWWWWWWW. What is going on there?!?! Cucumbers and Vadam. That isn’t funny show. Ew.

I agree Charity! Ewwww!

I can’t pull off pigtails like Tracy.

Cain. Buddy. Your kid is being born. Get on that!

Oh. Faith and Cain got weird. Also, BLACK WIDOW MENTION. Just saying.

Frank! Welcome back. Same with Megan. Hey guys. Your storylines coming back now? Odd.

Leyla. Don’t worry about Pete. He is trash. Poor Daz. He seems like a sweetie.

Oh god. Priya is here. In white in less.

Rodney. No. Stop. *laughs*

Vanessa is in hell. I don’t blame her.

“The best things are worth waiting for” – That they are Faith. That they are. *Hums a Christmas song*

The Church

Diane found Finn. Thank god. Yes, he was drinking the wine after all! *HA*

The Wishing Well

Cain and Harriet. Oh boy. I know that kid is Cains. It has to be Cains.

Poor Harriet. Another one attached to his ex (as it should be Coira FOREVER)

I think Harriet is going to be the one to figure out its Cains or something. Maybe? Just speculation.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 2, 2017

We are here! Welcome to the start of Super Soap Week 2017! I’m beginning to wonder if it is going to be Super Soap Month 2017, but that remains to be seen. Either way, so far I’ve managed to remain unspoiled. LET’S KEEP IT THAT WAY FOR THE WEEK.

I’m really glad Aaron and Robert aren’t around this week or next week because then we don’t have to deal with The Whites and I need a break from the drama in general. I want to feed off the drama of other family’s misfortune now. What a horrible thing to say. Geez, Amanda get it together.

That’s it. That’s the preshow. Let’s start the episode!

I think Emmerdale should have a new opening. BRING BACK THE FLOATING HEADS!

The Crazy Barton’s

Wow. That was interesting. Emma does die? Maybe? Hmmmm.

Moses! Hey buddy!

“Where is Finn?” UMMMM…

James spirit in her crazy head is getting stronger. Soon he will be talking.

Adam is here. *hums* Do I care? *hums*

The Thomas Family

Diane being shocked cracks me up. She is thinking life was easier twenty years ago.

Gabby. Trust in Gabby guys. Trust in Gabby.

Arthur. ARTHUR. Come on buddy.

Oh god. Laurel might be coming back after all?!?! NO! Keep some of the Thomas family safe, please!

The Pub Crew

“She is at the shop getting some manners. Should she pick some up for you?” – Ross

SPLITTING UP NEVER WORKS! Have you two never seen a horror film?!?!

Blind Drunk Date. That just sounds like it could end badly.

They are doing the DATING GAME! LOVE THIS.

Vadam. Dead in the water. Getting all this attention. My theory senses are tingling. There is no reason to get them together unless something bigger is coming. Just saying.

“NO! That was my house!” – Rodney (Oh Rodney. You lovable idiot)

The Church

Emma being crazy. Film at 11. Talking blood. Not good. Not good at all.

Oh hey. Found Finn! Geez Emma. What the hell is wrong with you?!?!

Oh god. Wine and wafers? I’d get drunk.

Finn being sarcastic cracks me up. Oh, Finn! *Bubble wrap can’t help him now*

Damn. Finn was so close! Damn Diane! Detective Diane strikes again!

Moira’s Farm

WOW. THAT HAT. Damn Faith with the good-looking hat. Hey Rebecca? That’s how to pull off a hat. Damn.

Moira. Go with Faith. Oh well. I guess not. *Makes a face at the camera*

Moira has a pimp hat too now! YAY! I LOVE THIS.

Moira. You aren’t going to win this one. Oh god. RUN. RUUUNNN.

Moira just looked at the rake thing (I don’t remember the name) she might use that later.

KNEW IT! I knew she would use it.


Oh god. Is Moira in labor? This would cause it.

I’m all anxious now. Oh god. *bites fingernails*


“Maybe this is how it is meant to be.” – Emma *WOOOOW! You get NO bubble wrap Emma. NO BUBBLE WRAP FOR YOU!*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 29, 2017

Ok. So. The pre-show. I’m still fangirling all over the place now that we have a deadline for this story and Robron will be meeting up in the snow (let me have this) on Christmas. Even better I can see Robert really going over his life and his choices and coming out of this stronger. Since Aaron is getting stronger off camera (someday I’ll talk more about that) it’s time for Robert to get stronger so the two of them can be one hell of a team.  We just have to get through all the sludge to get to that point. We can do it too. We know it will be ok in the end. Just remember Christmas or Robronmas.

We have a deadline. An endpoint. We can do this.

On with the show!

That one McCain writer and I would be friends. I get into stories like that too. Even bad ones. I’m there. I’m with you man. *wink*

Moira and Family


Oh hey! Say hi to the little one for me! *wink*

They padded Moira up better than Rebecca. Just saying.

Again, Vadam is dead in the water. Why care?

Maybe you will feel better after next week. *wink*

Jai’s flowers. Damn. That’s big. Very sweet.

I wish we saw the Holly memorial. Instead of Home Farm stuff.


The Café Crew

Oh god. What the hell is wrong with Bob?!?

Gabby and Arthur: Superheroes!

Gerry and Lachlan fight! *FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT*

How did Lachlan figure out he was helping Robert?

So, Bernice and Diane care more about Gerry than Robert. Fun times show. Fun times.

OH HEY! Diane still hates the Whites. Kind of.

Oh. Thanks, Gerry! Robert is so off his game. First, he let Tim go and now he used Gerry and he told on him. *Stick tongue out *

Home Farm

Rebecca is a stupid bitch. Next.

We all know that Robert’s sex life is Aarons picture and his hand. Maybe some tears too. *oh Robert*

Chrissie coming back is interesting. For many reasons. She is a real threat to Robert. Also, Rebecca will never measure up to Chrissie in her father’s eyes. Let the infighting begin.

Also, don’t get upset over the laughing and stuff. Not worth it. Robert was entertained by the class, not Rebecca. Also, he didn’t like the boyfriend comment at all. Got to play the game. His game just imploded too. Next round?

David’s Store

Oh hey! It’s Leyla! I love her. *Congrats to the actress! *

What is a sexy bar snack? Dips. DIPS are sexy! *snorts*

Finn. Poor Finn. He doesn’t deserve this.


Damn Gabby. DAMN. You are going all out! IN CHURCH?!?! DAMN.

I love this by the way. So soapy. I love it.

I’m betting on Gabby. Not Emma.

Oh wow. Gabby goes after Emma. Arthur after Finn. WOW. Sibling Efforts ahoy!

OH. WOW. UM. OH MY GOD. Did Emma hit her head and fall into the water?!?!

Oh ok. Finn found her. Randomly. Cool. I guess no Ghost Emma for next week. *Snaps fingers*

AH. Finn knows the truth now! I forgot she twisted the story a bit. All in front of Ashley’s mural.

Emma! You aren’t going to do what I think you are about to do? ARE YOU?!?!


Paddy is your new dog April. I’m sorry. We are dealing with him while Chas is away.

I’m with April. I’d want a puppy. Paddy lays too many eggs these days.

Paddy and Marlon. This won’t go well.

Paddy! You suck monkey butts! BOOO!

“He is selfish and boring!” – I’m with you April!


Lisa laying down the law. Like any mother would.

“I never want to lose you Belle.” THEY ARE SCREWED.

The Pub Crew

Charity let them have ‘singles night’ here. I guess you have some fun too! *wink*

Rodney is quite visible lately.

Tracy has loads of contacts! HEY A BOOK MENTION! I loved Tracys book stuff! Bring that back please!

The Crazy Bartons

Emma is talking to James picture.

She is officially primed for Super Soap Week. BRING IT ON! I can’t wait!

Oh god. Is she seeing him now?!?! OH. This is BETTER! *DANCES AROUND LIKE AN IDIOT*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Not So Live but Organized – September 28, 2017

I couldn’t watch live today, so I got to watch Emmerdale on my big screen television (a real treat) and here are my thoughts…so far. They are jumbled and slightly mean. ENJOY!

Robron’s Future

As everyone else this morning I was freaking out at the news of a Christmas reunion and summer wedding. It was excellent news considering a lot of people were barely holding on by a thread (I am a glutton for punishment, so I was there…full blown positive idiot ahoy).  There is a lot to look forward to, and there are a few things I am not happy with, but I can deal with it.  (The word redemption only for Robert is annoying, but I’ll take it and move on.). I personally think Aaron has a lot to answer for too, but you know…Aaron is an angel. Robert, the devil. I’m beginning to accept that is how things are framed even though I don’t see it that way.

I’m very excited to see Ryan kick some butt with this Christmas story and everything before it. I will always love my Robert, and I will always love Aaron. Those two not just need each other…they want each other. Also, there better be a snow kiss. Lots of kisses. Robron in bed together. Kissing. I can’t wait to see them back in action together. IT will be fabulous, and that news will keep me positive though all the crap coming our way. WE GOT THIS!

My Thoughts on Rebecca (Right Now)

It is no secret I hate Rebecca White. After she looked down at Lydia, called the main offices of the scrapyard business a shed, talked down to Aaron, how she talks about Aaron when he isn’t around, yelled at Liv and how she just has that feel about her. She thinks she is better than Emmerdale. The village she considers home is a place she looks down on. I wasn’t raised to treat people the way Rebecca treats people.

I personally think she thought she could get Robert back in her life, seduce him, have his kid, get married and get him out of Emmerdale. The place she hates. The place that holds a very big piece of Roberts’ heart she doesn’t understand. She won’t win (obviously), but it makes me hate her even more. I need another word for hate. That doesn’t feel strong enough.

Robert and Lachlan

Finally! Robert has someone interesting to spar with. Rebecca is too stupid to live right now, and Lawrence is a drunk, broken man. Lachlan is a live wire. So is Chrissie. Those are the two that will raise Roberts scheming to its finest. Yes, the scheming will completely backfire on Robert in so many ways, but at least Lachlan will make it interesting. Rebecca is so stupid and boring she made the scheming too easy. What do you expect from a person like her? Wet fish and BHOS (if you know what that means you are in the inner circle of my thoughts. Most people are better off not being there.)


Gabby was amazing. She doesn’t want her family messed with and she will go to war with anyone who tries. Very sweet and very stupid. Emma is insane little girl. She thinks she has god on her side. She is delusional. Gabby and Arthur are in trouble. I do love that the chip worked and they have some memories of Ashley back. Also, they have their proof to put Emma in her place. How will this play out? Next week holds all the answers and I can’t freaking wait to see it. Bring on some acting masterclasses people! *Screams with excitement*

The Little Things

–  Why should we care about Vadam? They are dead in the water as far as I am concerned.

–  Aaron going off was odd and badly written but not everything can be perfect.

– Aaron needs to learn to call Liv out on her shit. She can’t be skipping school, stealing cars or alcohol. Regardless of the situation.

–  Adam is being a real dick. Someone should punch him for fun.

– I love the video worked! Just because they have some of Ashley there now.

– Moira and Jai were trying to do a good thing. It was very sweet.


– Lydia is a gem and anyone who mocks or yells at her? IS FOREVER ON THE LIST. You don’t want to be on the list. *BIG EYES*

–  Moira is pregnant. Adam should be nicer to her. *wink*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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