Musings: Soap Opera World

Soap Operas are weird. It is almost like they live in another world. All these bold and beautiful people abusing and loving each other. Living the best days of their lives with all their children with pitfalls and love. The only guiding light is their families or own will to survive. You have to admit that being young and restless is the best time to do all this, though.

Hope you enjoyed that. I now hate myself.

In all seriousness, soaps are weird. We all get attached to these characters, some for decades, to the point where we are willing to excuse any wrongs they have done. We have to though if we are to move on with the next story.  For instance, a character could kill someone, and in about two years you are rooting for them to get back with their ex-wife.  Another scenario, one could cheat on the love of their life and in about a years’ time you are rooting for them to work it out.

In real life, none of this makes sense. When someone kills someone and admits to it, they are going to jail for a very long time.  When someone cheats, the couple doesn’t work out nor are you gun ho on seeing them get back together.

What makes it different with soap operas?

It’s a mad little world us soap fans live in.  We accept and continue to love characters that are deeply flawed because if we don’t, we have no reason to stick around. It is a lot like family.  We love and accept our families (generally) even when they do things that piss us off. The soap world and the characters in it are like family to a lot of us. So, we continue to love and accept them even when they make us want to throw them out windows.

We get attached to these families and follow them from generation to generation because we see something in them. We may see ourselves or what we want to be in these characters. We may just enjoy seeing a character get slapped or fall in love.  We all have our reasons.

We lose our minds when the writers seem to put our favorite couples into harm’s way or break them up a few weeks after they are married (This isn’t directed by Emmerdale and Robert/Aaron at all) but we stick around to see the story unfold.  Why? We are soap fans. At the end of the day, we love these people and want to see it through.

Soap world is crazy, but I’d miss it if it were gone.


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