Guess Who’s Back? Back Again. Protecting Robert! Tell a Friend!

Ah. Every time I write something the show likes to mess with me and my thoughts. So, the spoilers were fast and furious today.  Bring about a fandom meltdown that happens every other day.  Mostly on Twitter. Sure. It is confusing. This storyline is confusing. People are confused and angry. I’m getting bored writing this every other day just as you all are bored having to read it (not that I don’t appreciate the people who do!).

Just like I explained how the story is structured to not have Rebecca be a  factor now I will explain how the Robert and Aaron both got themselves into this mess, Robert being pushed around in the story, what is missing from Robrons story structure, and what could be happening in the future.  If you are interested in learning more continue reading.

Both Play A Part

As a joke, I like to blame Andy for all that has happened. It is a silly joke because Robert and Aaron have no one to blame but themselves. That’s right. It is easy to blame others (Robert and Aaron are actually good at doing that), but these two only have themselves to blame.  Hear me out.

Aaron is a complete character. We, as an audience has seen him at his worst and at his best.  We know him and how much he has grown as a character. He went from a troubled teenager that had no problem hurting others to a sweet soft soul who still has that edge but is learning to handle that.  So, how did Aaron play his part in this screwed up storyline? After Robert had told him he can’t make him happy, Aaron went off to get drunk and beat up a person for Finn that wasn’t even worth the time or effort.  We all know it wasn’t because of Finn or what he was going through. He was letting all his anger at himself and Robert out by beating up an innocent person. Then he deiced to go backward and act like his teenage self.  Acting like he was alone and had to deal with this event alone. He snaps out of it and realizes he has a family and he has Robert, but it’s too late. He is off to jail where he gets into drugs, Gordon mentions and bullies who are homophobic.

Robert is a complete character. He is a legacy character. Born on the screen to the Sugden family that was the family to show up first in the pilot episode of Emmerdale Farm (as it was known back then) the audience watched him grow up.  He gained a brother and a sister. Lost a mother by the hand of a brother. Saw his father reject him and kick him out of the village for good.  Robert returns angry, darker and hiding a big part of himself.  A part that Aaron brings out in him.  We as the audience know him and understand him.  What was his part in this storyline? Aaron didn’t force Robert to get drunk after he rejected him at the jail.  Nor did he make Robert text Rebecca (this is where things get shady, but that has been covered so many places. We all know).  Aaron didn’t make Robert sleep with Rebecca. That is his part in this story.  His consequences he has to deal with is a baby that wasn’t made from lust or love but from sadness and hazy drunkenness.

Not one character is to blame for what is happening right now.  All we have is Aaron and Robert to blame for where they are right now.

Speaking of which, lately, people have forgotten this fact. In fact, lots of people seem to believe that Robert has caused all of this drama. I’m here to show you that he has not.

The Good Robert Has Done

With the new spoilers coming out people on Twitter (sometimes Tumblr) forgets that Robert isn’t all to blame. In fact, Robert has tried very hard to make the best of a bad situation.  In fact, Robert blames himself for a lot of what has happened. That is for the next section though.  I’m here in this section to remind people of the good that Robert has tried to do in this storyline. I shall start listing it now:

  • Tried to stay positive for Aaron before the sentencing
  • Married him to give him a stable environment to come home to
  • Took care of Liv and paid for her tutoring
  • Took care of Noah when Charity had to go out of town randomly
  • Took care of Two Businesses
  • Paid for The Mill Renovations
  • Ran The Mill Renovations with Adam and Ronnie
  • Paid for Liv and Chas trip to see Liv’s Sick Mother
  • Saw Aaron in Jail every chance he could
  • Took full responsibility for everything that happened while Aaron was away (cough takes two to tango cough)

(More Listed HERE)

Robert has tried so hard to keep it together. Randomly seen wandering around aimlessly in scenes before everything exploded. Why don’t lots of people remember this? Why don’t they let Robert have his say in the story? His voice is just as important to structure this Robron story.

What is Missing From the Story (For Me)

The reason why people seem to forget Robert or even blame him for everything that is happening is that Robert’s point of view is missing. It is. We complain about Rebecca being a plot device with no agency, but we still have a slight idea of what is going on in her head with her conversations with Victoria and Chrissie (for three episodes or so).  We have a very good idea of where Aaron is headed by the induvial scenes he gets with people in the village when Robert is brought up.  Some feelings being talked about with Adam.

Robert, on the other hand, is just there. He is riding the waves of whatever Aaron is feeling.  He literally left it up to Aaron as to how their relationship should proceed. He does talk about his feelings in the famous “Reveal” episode, but that was pre-baby reveal. That was all smashed to bits, and we are back to Robert’s point of view being pushed aside for others.  Even if their points of views aren’t as fleshed out, we are aware of them.  Robert has been left out of the story structure.  That is why things feel off to me.  As I said earlier, Aaron and Robert both got themselves into this mess.  Aaron is about to face his consequences for real with Jason showing up at The Mill and all the scenes after that.  Soon Aaron will learn how to handle his self-harm and drug use. He might even laugh.

All of Roberts choices seem to be based on other people. We need his feelings. We need to know where he stands. He deserves that as a legacy and fully realized character. Without that people, can project whatever they want onto Robert.  Since people don’t want to blame Aaron, they blame Robert because it is easier.  I know a few people will balk at that but it’s true. Especially lately. Aaron can’t do any wrong while Robert is the ultimate screw up. Yes, Robert is the ultimate screw up. He is an asshole. However, Aaron has screwed up a ton too.  He can be an asshole.  He hurts others all the time.  When people start realizing that both of their points of views are needed to complete the Robron story structure.

We All Love Them Both (Don’t make us split up our love!)

I love both Aaron and Robert. So much. They complete each other.  Yeah, there is a lot of bad qualities there, but there are good ones too. A relationship on a soap is boring when they always get along. You want a relationship that is fiery, always moving and always changing for either the better or, the worse.  Sometimes always jumping between the two.  That is where Robron lives.  They are so complicated on their own that coming together they are complicated and crazy and they just complement each other so well. They can’t really run off with anyone else. It wouldn’t work. They both would be so bored and end up having another affair some point.  (I’m sure that story will show up in a few years).

For their current story to keep working they both need to recognize that they both screwed up big time. They both have to face their consequences. They both aren’t terrible people.  They are just full of issues they both have to work on together and separately.  This story is structured to cover all their issues and how they can’t sweep them under the rug anymore. The reason why this isn’t working is that Robert’s point of view is missing, the plot points are off, and we seem to be concentrating more on other people that ultimately don’t affect Robrons final story outcome in their story structure.


So, these spoilers are good for Aaron and Robert.  Aaron will start to face his consequences from jail.  Robert will begin to accept that he has a child on the way and he should make a decision about that.  I feel Aaron will get a full explanation on how he faces and conquerors his issues.  Robert on the other hand, I’m afraid his viewpoint will be forced by others making us wonder what he wants for real.  It also gives people a reason to force their anger onto him, even if he doesn’t deserve it (he doesn’t by the way).

One last thing, the magazines are being truly crazy lately.  Not only was it total click bait (I know what it means Duncan) but Robert finally standing up and attempting to face consequences isn’t a betrayal. The fact magazines frame it that way makes it even easier for audiences to think Robert is the only bad person in this story structure.  While some are good at ignoring crazy soap magazine spoiler’s others aren’t and take it at face value. Which makes it quite hard for the story to continue and make sense.  So, take everything you read with a grain of salt.  Just wait for the episodes to air before making any true judgments. Sometimes Danny isn’t sending secret signs. He might have been told to set a certain tone. Certain things are embargoed, and sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

So, this the Robron story structure that is trying really hard to be told but so many elements are missing.  Hopefully, those elements will be filled in soon.


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