Golden Questions: What Happened to Coco?

As much as I love The Golden Girls (I bet you didn’t know that) you watch it enough you start to notice plot holes and wonder, what is that about?

Here are the top three plot holes that I wonder about every time I watch the show.



Rebecca’s Amazing Transformation

Rebecca Devereaux is Blanche’s daughter who we meet in season four. She was built up to be a model and incredibly beautiful. When we meet her, she has put on some weight, and her self-esteem was low leading her to almost marry a man who emotionally abuses her. She almost does this because she is convinced she will never get married or have children otherwise.

When we run into Rebecca again, she is thin, has loads of self-esteem and decides to do IVF to have a child on her own.  She is strong enough to be a single mother.

What? What could have changed in that time? One could argue that she lost weight, gained some confidence and decided to have a family on her own terms. Which would be great, if we didn’t see Rebecca two years later. Yes, she could have done all that work in two years, but it would be hard to do. Especially for a character that was so emotionally damaged.

How Old Are They?


This is one that is talked about all the time.  How old are Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia? Their ages seem to change from season to season.  During the first episode, they are all in their 60s but then the rest of season one they are in their 50’s. Sophia is the only one that seems to stay the same throughout the seven seasons. She stays between 80 to 81 years old.

At one point Sophia makes a joke about planning on telling Dorothy about sex when she is 60 years old. A couple episodes later Dorothy is now in her mid-60s. Ok then. Why do their ages keep changing? Is it typical sitcom forgetfulness or is it just plot convenience?

What Happened to Coco?


Coco is the keeper of the house. He cooks, cleans and helps our girls. At least that is what I think he was there to do. Coco appears in the pilot and is never seen or mentioned ever again. There is a Mental Floss article that said Sophia was to be a character that just visited Dorothy. Maybe Sophia took the place of Coco. Either way, I wonder if the show would have been different if Coco stuck around.  He and Sophia could have been quite the pair, however, would Coco being there have ended all of the possible Dorothy and Sophia moments we have come to love? Will may never know.

Do these plot holes annoy you too or do you know of some other issues with The Golden Girls? Leave a comment below or tweet me with your golden plot holes (oh, that didn’t sound right).

Stick around because on Saturday I will be tackling The Golden Palace. Did it deserve to die out or did it deserve more to time to flourish? Until then.


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