Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – June 13, 2018

Welcome back to Emmerdale Live and Organized! In case you haven’t been here before here is what happens. I watch the episode and write down my thoughts as it comes to me in an organized fashion. It’s like a live look inside my brain while watching Emmerdale. Not as crazy as it sounds. Unless you want it to be. *wink*

Debbie, Sarah, Ross OH MY! (Oh…also Joe)

Believe it or not, Debbie and Ross didn’t piss me off. IT’S GETTING WEIRD UP IN HERE. I noticed I don’t get as annoyed with Debbie when it comes to Sarah and her health.  Maybe I’m sympathetic or some weird mom gene shows up and I get all sad.  I’m not even a mother. That last scene when the doctor said Sarah has heart failure was sad. I like Sarah and I would hate for my prediction to come true. *BAD AMANDA FOR PREDICTING SARAH DIES*

I even enjoyed the talk Ross and Sarah had.  It was short and kind of sweet. I assume we are getting a huge goodbye Dross before Mike leaves for good.

Joe still blows. Film at 11.

He’s a Secret Agent Man…Graham!

*Giggles* Graham is hot when he is figuring out the clues and taking charge.  Seriously, he is seriously hot.  SERIOUSLY. I love that he put the doctor’s daughter in her place.  Jacob is a good kid that is being dragged through the mud by this girl.  He needs to detach and find new friends. LIV. BE FRIENDS WITH LIV! I really love their friendship. It was very sweet and I enjoyed seeing Liv hanging out with someone other than Gabby.

Graham though. SO HOT. He gets his own section…JUST SO I CAN WRITE THAT MANY TIMES.


The Robron (and Liv) of it All

My favorite family had some very good scenes today.  I love how far Robert and Aaron have come.  As someone very smart pointed out to me there is a lot of growth on Aaron’s and Robert’s part.  Aaron or Robert in 2016 would have never suggested a trip.  They were so unhealthy and co-dependent it wasn’t a good place to be. Now? They are both strong individually and know there is trust and love there.  They don’t question it.  Also, Aaron has come a long way.  In the past, Liv and her upbringing was taken care of by Aaron and he never really let Robert in.  Now, he is thanking him for helping with Liv (making her happy) and taking suggestions from Robert on what to do with Liv. Scenes like this prove to me that they did a great job with Robron.  They made them strong as individuals and as a couple.

I love the underlying suggestion of sex all over the Mill before Liv gets back.  Then pizza! That’s what I see when I see Robron.  There is always an underlying spark and sizzle with them.  They don’t have to be all over each other at every moment to prove anything. There is and will always be that spark and that is why we are always drawn to them…like a moth to the flame.

Now from what I gather from this point on we have a bit of Robert on by himself for a while because the vacations didn’t line up right but it shouldn’t be that long and when Aaron and Robert are back on our screens? It might be leading to a storyline we have been waiting for since Christmas.  So, take this break to get your Robron fanfiction on.

The Little Things

  • I am a little worried how they are going to frame the Chas storyline going forward. This is a sensitive subject for a lot of people so I won’t go deeper into it, but the show better not be doing what I think they are doing. If the kid is born healthy after all this then I’m going to do the ‘side-eye’ dance. It’s not a pretty dance but it’s the dance of my people. Not that I don’t want the baby to actually be healthy but it has a weird message attached if they went that way.
  • No matter what Chas does (she will stay pregnant) I respect her choice. As long as Paddy doesn’t pull the same crap he did before…I respect her choice.
  • The doctor’s daughter is a bitch. Film at 11.
  • This whole cast is pretty. So pretty. I hate it. *wink*
  • Robert had a little strut after suggesting ‘they make the most of Liv being out’ meaning Robert is excited to be naked with his husband.
  • I thought the Graduation Bear was adorable Aaron. I would have loved it.
  • I think Robert is about to take over Liv’s investigation into Lachlan. Start us off on the journey we have been waiting for.
  • I ship Lachlan and his Murder Rock (THERE I SAID IT).

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 


Let’s all be kind to one another. Respect each other’s opinions. Enjoy the ride Emmerdale has us on. If you would like to check out the previous reviews, click here and enjoy my ramblings as we were building towards a reunion. If you want to check out my other opinions check out this link for some fun reads. Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr if you want to get in contact with me. Until next time, Emmerdale Live and Organized is closing out for the day. Eat a Snickers bar, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.


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