Emmerdale Not Live but Organized – January 9, 2018

Welcome to the very late pre-show. I more than likely won’t be watching live tomorrow either, but I will be here for the big show on Thursday. I will make sure of that. So, yeah.

Let’s crack on!

The Café Crew

Laurel and Bob are getting awkward now. Like…eek.

Using their kids to talk about their real feelings is pretty funny. Not ‘ha ha’ funny but funny.

Doug always behind the ball. *SNORT*

The wifi code is flatwhite. Real creative Bob.

I see that Bob gets crap from Bernice and that’s it. Robert got public shame every fucking month. This Bob cheating storyline is just…lame. LAME. *I’m angry today, so this might get crazy in this review*

Yeah, Victoria and Rebecca’s friendship is nonexistent. Lying to a friend? *side eye to Rebecca*

Rebecca is a piece of shit. Since, guys, she is running in the middle of the night with Robert’s child. She is kidnapping. Plain and simple. Robert is on the birth certificate. He is the dad. He is trying to do the right thing for his son. They are running. In the middle of the night. Making plans. THE WHITES LOOK SHITTIER RIGHT NOW. *FIGHT ME*

Oh. Laurel. HONEY. He thought the balloons were for her. She thought Bob was coming for her. *MY HEART* *BUBBLE WRAP TIME*

Huh. Bob and Laurel shared a moment there. *sigh*

I want to give Laurel a hug. A big hug.

The Pub Crew

Why are they talking about this in public?!? Stupid asses. I can’t wait till they are off my screen.

Everyone is lying to Roberts’ face. He is doing the right thing and going forward through the proper channels. Has done everything they have asked and they are still treating him like shit.  Yes, he has done a lot to the Whites but let’s NOT BE STUPID. The Whites aren’t angels or innocent in anything. Since the whites have showed up, they have been trouble, starting shit and getting out of it. They are trash covering up with money. They are a reality show family on Bravo. They are The Trump Family. They don’t deserve a happy ending. Never.

“You better get on your knees and pray baby.” – Charity *SNORT*

I think Paddy is going to break up with Chas or cheat on her. Just saying. That or Chas will cheat first. Since Chas has done that quite a bit. Paddy too.

David’s Café


Lachlan will hurt her at some point. Not just break her heart. He will break something.

I’d be uncomfortable with my boyfriend’s mother paying for my place. You want to be adults? Live alone? You pay your way.

Brenda’s Great Adventure

Bernice is her sidekick for this. That is kind of cute.

I love the Jane Austen inclusion. I am a huge fan. I love my Jane.

Doug helping is kind of cute.

I wonder if that was an accident and they left it in. Her slipping in the mud. BULL?!?! WHAT BULL?!?!?!

Oh. The Bull was off camera. Lol

I thought they were married? Ok then. *shrug* I won’t lie. I am kind of into Bob and Laurel than Bob and Brenda. *hides*

The flickering light is an interesting touch. Nice mise en scene *FILM CLASS MOMENT*

I thought Viv was the love of Bob’s life? Just saying.

The Police Station

I love the history being used here with Charity. I love how it is being presented. It’s not a info dump either. Very good show.

Charity has a jail kit! *LOVE IT*

Do you think The Dingles faces are all up in the police station as a family portrait? Like, each year they take a big family picture and send it to the cops? Easier that way.

Charity’s backhanded apology was great.

Joseph’s face makes me happy.

Home Farm

Shut up, Rebecca. You have only been here for a year, and you caused the worst storyline of the year to happen. FUCK OFF.

Good moments? WHEN? You have been drama and trash since we met you.

Its all about you Rebecca. As per usual. The troll and the princess.


Keepers Cottage

My boy is smart. Robert knows something is up since they are all schemers.

Smart. My mom hired a PI when she was fighting for me against my piece of shit father.

PI are allowed even in mediation. It’s backup. So, Victoria, don’t worry.

Oh. Hello, Robert.*Fans myself* I love feisty fighting Robert. I love seeing Robert fight for his son. Since HE CAN FIGHT FOR HIS CHILD. Especially when that family is kidnapping him. You know what? If he weren’t fighting people would be talking shit. If he is fighting for Seb people, give him a hard time. PICK A SIDE FANDOM. Robert is a well-rounded character. All of this makes perfect sense.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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