Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 16, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! I’m not in the best place to give a ‘rah-rah’ speech but I’ll try. Lots of things coming. Lots of drama. Lots of twists. We are almost there. Don’t let the craziness of fandom ruin your journey in this story as a fan. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion but it doesn’t mean you have to go with the crowd or even hide your thoughts. That is what makes life fun. The differences of opinions. This completely applies to this soap.

So. Sit back with a drink or snack. Enjoy the ride.

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Let’s crack on.

I may have let Tumblr influence my opinions a bit today, which I hate. I’m working hard to focus on how I see the story going not how a few popular blogs with loud mouths see it. I have my own loud mouth and friend’s loud mouths that I respect. My mental health will thank me later. I refuse to be part of the negative feedback loop that is happening right now. I can’t. My mental health can’t take it anymore.

Moira’s Farm

Ah. That was an interesting shot for the show.

Hmmmm. Maybe a visual representation of how Moira feels as well as the passage of time?

Victoria. Geez. Not your kid. Calm the fuck down.

No one is helping here. How is no one picking up that Moira is in trouble?!?!

“Do you think we should call a doctor?” DING DING DING DING GET THE WOMAN HELP!

Adam? How did you not notice your mother acting weirdly? It’s your mom. I’d notice. Why didn’t he? So, back off Faith. At least she tried in her own way to help. Its old fashioned but she tried. Better than everyone else.

TEAM FAITH. She doesn’t need this shit from these people.

FAITH IS THE ONLY ONE HELPING. BACK THE FUCK OFF CHAS. She is seriously on my last nerve this week.

Faith gets it. *high five*

Wishing Well

Harriet doesn’t want to bless the kid guys. She shouldn’t have to either.

Faith is pushing this hard. She is our Coira Fairy of Love.

Belle has school. I’m glad she is still in school. I wasn’t sure.

Lachlan used his connections for The Dingles. Hates his family. Loves The Dingles. Losing The Dingles attention and Belle will really screw with his head. I see how this works out now.

Oh boy. Zak will look bad in the press.  Good job Lachlan. *claps sarcastically*

“They aren’t driven by material gain.” – Eric *Depends on the situation there Eric.*


BUNNY! Why are bunnies following me on this show too? What is happening? *looks around confused* WHY? Ahem…anyway…

Geez. Rhona is bruised inside and out.

Chas has to pick up on this? COME ON PEOPLE.

Does everyone have the same color jacket in this town? *love it though*

I’m not into the triangle. Chas/Paddy/Rhona. So not into it.

David’s Grocery

I see the lovely Sam. Where is the lovely Lydia?

Eric. You need to fix this. Soon.

“The filthy rich can do what they like.” – Zak *I hear you, my dear. I hear you*

The Church (outside/inside)

Who makes a joke like that? Jokes about the baby drinking brandy? God Rebecca is just weird.

“Can’t have too many babies in the family.” Family mentioned again. Moira staring at SJ like she did. God, the foreshadowing is thick up in here.

Moira looks dead. Just dead to the world. It is horrifying. Especially during her son’s christening.

Are we sure Victoria won’t steal one of these babies? Like, are we heading that way?

Faith doesn’t like Paddy? *hehehe*

Home Farm

What are those idiots doing? Why does Lachlan have to bond with the baby? They aren’t related.

I’m with Lalchan on this. Why did the family just welcome in Rebecca like nothing was wrong. I wonder if the Princess/Troll analogy comes into play here.

SJ doesn’t want to be around these people either.

Lachlan, a known psycho, and sexual predator don’t need to watch SJ. Why would they trust him with a baby? This is the stupidest I’ve seen Chrissie. Rebecca is always stupid. I expect this from her.

Lachlan was smiling after throwing a remote over SJ’s head. *shudder*

The story beats feel off. Also, Robert still the villain to you guys out there? Oh look, he isn’t. Back off.

Also, I don’t buy the “Rebecca is sick” theory at all. I get why people do but I’ve seen pictures of next week, and the under-eye circles are gone, and she is braiding her hair again. So, let’s not play mental gymnastics to make this character a saint. She isn’t. Not even close. If I’m wrong, then the show really fucked this up, and I will always hate the character. Can’t change my mind on that. So don’t try.

Oh. Now she talks shit about Lachlan. She was backing him before. This is how this all started….wait….Lachlan. Lachlan was the reason this all started. Huh. HUH. *Get back to me. I’m thinking up something new*


The Pub Crew

Baby’s christening. Let’s have some tequila. *SNORT. I LOVE FAITH*

Vanessa asking about Charity. I see the coupling lives.

I’m the same as Vanessa. Ew to the Paddy/Chas crap.

Jimmy and his faux fur coat are awesome. *HIGH FIVE*

I hate when people say this, but I’ll say it now. Rhona deserves better after the year she has had.

Leave it to Bernice, Jimmy, and Nicola to bring the funny.


Stop it, Chas. This is getting fucking ridiculous now. I hate them. Stop forcing the pairing down my damn throat.

Jimmy, the Bear. *GIGGLES* I find the funny always.

“You know I will always love you….as mates.” Paddy, you are an asshole. Well, at least he mentioned he fucked up.

Vanessa’s hair is all types of what I want in life. *vain comment*

Well that whole Lachlan, Robert and Chrissie’s scene felt…off. Like, the dialogue was wooden and felt very plotty. I guess we can’t have it all. Also, that damn shirt is back. I fucking hate that shirt on Robert.


“There is no us anymore.” – Harriet

True. There isn’t. Let the Coira train run now please. Give Harriet a new man and a new story.

Any news on who killed Emma? I love how she switches it to another storyline. *HA*

Isaac is different because he comes attached to Moira. The love of his life.

Harriet knows it’s wrong because Cain and Moira belong together. It’s just not their time yet. It’s coming.

I think Cain is pushing Harriet into his arms because he knows he can handle Harriet. He can’t handle Moira in this state. He has to step up though. He has to step up for Moira and Isaac.

Adoption Agency

What the hell?!?! Moira is handing off Isaac to Vadam? WHAT?

Well, Vadam can’t get a kid with Adams record, and Moira didn’t help things at all.

I’m sure when we get back from the break Victoria will be like, “Thanks! We are good here!” because Victoria is just a horrible character right now. I assume she will fall and learn this lesson. I have faith this character can come back from this…just not so easily as the show hopes.

OH THANK GOD. Victoria didn’t agree outright. Thank god. There is hope for her yet.




Well, second cousin once removed.

Holy shit. Oh my god. Lydia has her own storyline! *DANCES AROUND* *MY GIRL HAS A STORY* *DANCES*


Cain needs to man up.  Get over the Moira thing for now and deal with your son.

This is a nice set up for tomorrow. The only thing that doesn’t feel off to me today. Good for you guys.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!


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