Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 13, 2017

Hey. Happy Monday!  Welcome to the preshow! Here is how I see fandom today.

Alright. Let’s crack on.

The Pub Crew

Lisa and Belle went away? When did that happen? Ok then. WHATEVER.

A trip to the coast! EXCITING. I’ll go! I’m bringing Aaron and Robert too. You don’t need to come Rodney.

Faith. Oh, Faith. How I love thee. Let me count the ways.

Moira looks tired. Doesn’t look that connected to Isaac. Oh god. Poor Moira. Poor woman.

God, Isaac is a big baby.

Wait. Did Aaron just say, “If Robert can step up so can he?” when talking about Cain. I couldn’t tell. Danny mumbled.

Also, I ship Paddy and Rhona. Sorry, Chas and Paddy fans. I enjoy their friendship. That’s it.


Joining the Mommy Mafia? HA. That is cute. My mom used to call the PTA that too! Only she would mock and then go back to work since my mom had to work for a living. *passive-aggressive*

David’s Grocery

Why are we doing this in the grocery store? Doing the naming in Davids with Tracy and Victoria.

Also, I heard the adoption comment that showed up off screen.

Of course, Aaron showed up. Ouch. My heart. Robert looked sad though. *SAD EYES*

Who calls their kid STORM? Rebecca is a loser. Countdown to her death begins when?

Welcome, little SJ. I will be calling the baby SJ by the way. I hate the name Seb. So, SJ it is.

Home Farm

Rebecca looks like shit. So, typical for her.

Lawrence is giving him more of a stake in Home Farm.  Robert is officially 40 percent in now.

Robert is trying to be good for SJ. I will never fault him for that. NEVER. I am fine with Robert being a dad to that little boy. Its lovely and anyone who talks shit about Robert for that will be taken down. I won’t stand for it.

Also, what are Rebecca’s motivations? Other than keeping Robert close.

“Welcome back to the family.” – That sounds like a curse if I ever heard one. Wrong family. It will be righted soon.

Also, Chrissie isn’t into it either. Lachlan going killer is on a countdown now. It’s just a matter of time.

Liv said the same thing. “Aaron saw through your act.” *Foreshadowing for something else?*

“The Dingles aren’t normal.” “Why because they didn’t want you.” – Ok then. I see a lot of foreshadowing. Also, Lachlan wanting money from his family for having to grow up a White (which he technically isn’t one).

Moira’s Farm

Isaac! Hey buddy!

Who gives a fuck about Victoria? Not me.

Moira. I worry about her. Really worry.



Faith hasn’t had relations with anyone since her cancer. *teary eyes*

I really like these two. Erica and Faith. I’m into it. Really into it.

Faith is going to find out about Eric and Wishing Well. *sad face*


Faiths leg up in the air after having sex with Eric just made me laugh so hard. I adore these two. SO MUCH. THIS IS GOING TO HURT.

Wishing Well

Oh boy. The Dingles just found out about their house. *eek*

“I don’t open them!” – Zak. OPEN YOUR MAIL PLEASE. DON’T BE LIKE THAT.

Oh god. Lisa! YES. FIGHT THE MAN. SCREW THE MAN. *I need to sit down*

Lisa and Zak remind me of what Robron could be in the future. *added that in for Justine. Wink*

“We are in a bit of a crisis here.” – Lisa while she eats. THAT’S ME ON THE DAILY. Lisa and I are best friends.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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