Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 26, 2017

Whew. Yesterday was amazing, wasn’t it? I’m still buzzing. I’m sure Rebecca will come along to ruin that. Let’s see what the villagers are up to today!


Aaron has a husband mug. Adorable.

Ok, Robert grabbing Rebecca. Not cool. Also, doesn’t make sense. Robert (other than Katie) does not grab people. That’s something Aaron does when he is pissed. It’s like we have reset again. It’s offensive and I’m getting pissed off now.

Rebecca is not a victim. Don’t get it twisted show.

Chrissie is loving seeing Aaron hurt.

Oh god. Are they undoing everything from yesterday?!?!? What is their problem!?!?

No, Aaron. Robert never loved Rebecca. A child does not change that. Don’t think that for one second.

Ok. Rebecca, Robert was drunk. You were sober. How dare Rebecca talk Aaron out of loving Robert.

Aaron, you better not listen to her. I think Rebecca wants them broken up because she wants the nice family. Robert, her and the baby. Aaron is in the way. What a bitch.

Lydia/Laurel and family

Lydia has a new bird. This is just funny. Oh, all hail Steve the bird! Makes Arthur very happy!

THAT HAS TO BE THE FUNNIEST THING I’VE SEEN IN AWHILE. Ashely would have loved that. He looks good. So good.

Arthur is the most adorable creature. I adore him with all my heart.

Calm down, Laurel. She will come home.

Attic Characters

Oh god. I adore Nicola and Jimmy. “You want people to sit on you?” LOL

Tell me what you think below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next week, see you in Emmerdale.


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