Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 23, 2017

Another day in Emmerdale. Let’s see what the residents are up to today.


Does anyone else feel like this episode feels choppy? Too many storylines running at once and they didn’t handle it well. It isn’t a Thursday show. No need to do that.


I love Charity enjoying hanging out with her daughter. That is what is happening. Charity just wants a connection while being Charity. Who I love. Flaws and all.

Oh god. Charity is going to crash a car. Nope, she figured it out.

OH MY GOD. They hit a human being. WHAT?!?!! Oh, they ran. I kind of love this. Debbie and Charity on the run. What a fun mother and daughter activity. (snort laugh).

“Hi, I’m an idiot. Go from there!”


Leave it to David get all comedic with his defense of Tracy. Very cute how excited people got over her. Kerry is allowed to be angry, Dan was going to take the fall for something she didn’t do. Is this storyline dying down now?


They are planning a housewarming party. Of course, Rebecca is here. Can’t have a scene with Robert and Aaron without her involved. Gag me now. Can we have one moment of them alone! Come on show! One moment before Thursday.

“When we finish our drag act.” Ha. Faith hitting on Robert continues and cracks me up.


Now she is upset? She had six weeks to be upset. Which she never was. She is only upset because her plot showed back up. Also, Robert is so evil. Yada Yada Yada.Screw you show. Hey, Rebecca? Are you going to tell Victoria that you took advantage of her drunk, broken brother? Consent and all? NO? Of course, not.

Here is the thing. Instead of showing us her struggle for six weeks we just get all this now. I don’t buy it, and I will NEVER feel sorry for Rebecca White. I won’t even apologize for it. Not anymore. I shouldn’t be forced to like a poorly written and acted character.


FAITH! I missed you. Wait, you are gone. Damn. Bye Faith!


Robert was trying to be nice in his Robert way. Oh yeah, Rebecca, unless your name is Aaron and you have a beard and a penis, HE DOESN’T WANT YOU.


Rebecca didn’t tell Robert she had the abortion. Now she is sending Ross after him. Yeah, what a victim. I thought she cared about Aaron according to her last interview. No one looks good here. Not Rebecca. Not Robert. Not Ross. If Emmerdale can admit that we have a ballgame. If not, screw them. I’m sticking around, and I’m staying a Robert Sugden fan. Not running me off.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ – Robron Edition

I’m sure everyone saw the article and read all the quotes and read some other spoilers that weren’t new.  Either way, a lot of people are jumping into two camps. One thinks that everything sucks and why watch anymore and the other is I’m confident everything will be ok. Just wait and see.

I’m one of the wait and see people. In my eyes, the plot is moving way too fast, there are way too many plot holes, and the magazines seemed to spell out every turn that is going to happen. It leaves us with nothing to look forward to or even care about.

That is where the speculation starts for me.

I think the true story lies between the lines. We won’t be able to see it until it is happening. I will say for someone who was CONVINCED Robert and Aaron would break up, having Aaron support Robert is nice to see. No, I don’t think that means he is a doormat. He is an adult. He loves Robert.  Aaron is committed to Robert. He isn’t going to let him go that easily. Not this time. A lot of people are getting hung up on word choice. Once again, word choice. Spoilers love to use certain words to evoke a reaction. We consistently fall for it as a fandom.

We don’t know what will happen until it airs. Plain and simple. We can get upset over every little word or sit back and watch the show. Once the path is clear, it is up to the individual to decide if they are in or out of the show.

Personally? I am in. Why? This storyline is nothing. I’ve seen worse on Young and the Restless. This is classic soap. Yes, it hurts but at the end of the tunnel we have Robert and Aaron together and fighting for each other. That is all I want as of now. Those two always fighting for one another.

So, read the spoilers, enjoy the fandom but don’t let it dictate if you are in or out. Let the story air and then decide.

As per usual, STAY OFF THE MESSAGE BOARDS. They will only drive you up a wall. That is what they want.

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me at @AmandaJ718! Until then see you around in Emmerdale.

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me at @AmandaJ718! Until then see you around in Emmerdale.


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