Emmerdale Live and Organized – March 1, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! So, I was talking to a dear friend who went to a very negative place right away when the spoilers hit Monday. I was confused as to how she went negative so fast as well as many people that read the spoilers. This confusion and anger even made it into one of the, what I call, lazy Digital Spy fan opinion articles.

That’s when it hit me. I feel like because of how rough the storyline was this past year a good amount of us has developed an ‘Oh God What Now?’ type of attitude towards any spoilers. Now that the hell plot is over and everyone is in the place they are now, any new spoilers give people anxiety or they go right back to ‘Oh God What Now?’ type of thinking. In reality, the landscape is different. If anything, these spoilers are showing us that we have really left hell plot and are entering a new land of plot. A plot of angst but a lot of teamwork and power too (I bet a lot of love as well). So, that previous negative thinking wouldn’t be required here. If anything, we should be excited that our favorites are still in the forefront.  There is a lot of drama coming but for once everyone is in a different place than a year ago. If they can grow their fans can grow right along with them. It takes time, but time to have some fun with spoilers.

As Phoebe Buffay from Friends would say, “Get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay!”

Let’s crack on!

The King Family

Its Jimmy’s birthday!  *hums a tune badly*

Disney World? THAT IS EXPENSIVE. It expensive if you live in America! Nicola! Geez.

The Pub Crew

Oh. Its Noah’s birthday too. Go to Disney with the Kings.

Noah is fourteen! Good age.

“Happy You Came Out of Me Day!” – Charity *GOD. SNORTING ALL OVER*

I agree. Its not an easy choice. I respect everyone’s decision. Women deserve respect. Especially when it comes to the choices they make about their health. *Happy Women’s History Month!*

I’m offended by the Chas/Paddy storyline. That is all I will say about that.

Could we not with Priya and Pete though. Keep them friends. Pete needs to learn how to keep the penis in one person at a time. OH. Good switch show! I like that! I’m into Rhona and Pete too. They have grown on me.

This is awkward. EEK. Pete, Priya and Rhona having drinks together. AWKWARD.

MAJORLY OFFENDED BY CHAS AND PADDY’S STORYLINE. I can’t say more than that. I will go on a rant.

Paddy needs to leave before I punch my computer. If Chas has the kid that she doesn’t want to please Paddy, what kind of life will that child have? Its emotional blackmail. Just end this now. Please. Its just upsetting. Its not the only soap to do this either so anyone out there saying its an IM or Emmerdale problem…you don’t watch Corrie or Hollyoaks.

Oh god. Like you give a damn Joe. *eye roll*

I love how Paddy remembers Leo and Aaron now *taps fingers on the table with anger*

They are SOOOO breaking up.

Laurel/Harriet/Bob/New Stupid Vicar/Jimmy

You two are so obvious, like that shirt Bob is wearing. Are you wearing Robert’s shirt Bob? Does Robert know you stole his shirt, Bob? *I can do this all day!*

I know the new vicar isn’t horrible, but he is rubbing me the wrong way.

OH GOD. Jimmy. NO. Not Laurel! * Bam Thank You Ma’am*

It was Joe’s fault. *snicker*


Get in loser we are going shopping! *buying your half brothers love. A pastime for all the new rich*

The Café Crew

Oh. Priya and Pete. Kind of forgot about them. That was a weird time on the show.

Brenda has no idea. It makes no sense. She has to know.

Hold it together Bob. Conceal. Don’t Feel.

Gerry mocking his shirt. *HIGH FIVE* Go hang with Robert now. I’d like to see those two share a scene together.


Keepers Cottage

I really think brain tumor. That is my guess now. Only it can’t be taken care of like Brenda’s. It will kill her.

Aaron and Robert are in Leeds? For a break. LET THE FANFICTION BEGIN! *I request the all the smut please.*

Rebecca left the door unlocked. Odd. I don’t trust Rebecca with Seb. I’m not being mean something is seriously wrong. I worry for Seb’s safety. This might be why Victoria is like, this can’t go on tomorrow.

Please test the bottle before you give it to him! PLEASE. Oh god. Thank god for Victoria. Seb even had his hand up like…NO. Too hot.

So, Seb and Rebecca need Diane to watch her too. Time to bring Seb to the Mill. Its time.

It can’t go on like this.

You people. I remember her calling them that before her brain injury. Its that pompous attitude coming back through the cracks through her brain injury. It has to be more.

Right. Robert doesn’t know so…back the frack off Diane.

Home Farm

DON’T GIVE JOE THE BOOKS JIMMY. You can’t be this stupid! COME ON DUDE. NO.

I’m seriously thinking Joe would use Noah or is actively using Noah against the Dingles. I think he enjoys Noah, but he can’t help but use him to make his plans work out in his favor.

I want a Charity/Robert/Cain team up so badly against Joe. It will be AWESOME.

God. What the hell did you do now.

Shut up Joe. Graham…you can stay. I like you for some reason.

Yes it will. Go after Robert? OH. You will lose you idiot.

OOOHHHH. WHAT THE FUCK JOE? You are going to see Aaron and Robert screwing each other. That’s about it.

The Factory

Ah. What? Priya is capable of taking on your case.

SHOW US THE TOFFES! *Me after Lent*

What the hell is going on here? These two are just…what?

I love that the factory is being shown again! Its been too long!

OH MY GOD! THEY ARE EATING DOG FOOD! Oh boy. Pryia. I know you are upset…oh god. Here we go.

The Thomas Family

Um, Laurel. Its Bob. I know people hate this storyline with a passion, but I’m interested in it. Just for the shakeup.



She saw them through the door? RIGHT? That’s what I got from that?

Damn. She didn’t see them. *SNAPS FINGERS*

Speaking of awkward…Brenda and Laurel. EEEEKKKK.

The Church

Is it bad that I kind of ship Harriet and the new Vicar? I should remember his name though. Doesn’t matter. He is on his way out. *snort*

Oh buddy. These villagers are bad asses. They are crazy. They are lovely. They are worse than 10 million kids at times. *wink*


The Sharma Family

This has to be stressful. I don’t know how my mom deals with me or dealt with me at that age.

EEK. Priya. Woah. Calm down. She is stressed out! That is what is happening!

I want to give Priya a hug.

Pryia. You don’t need Pete. Move on from that.

Jai will find out and all hell will break loose.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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