Emmerdale Live and Organized – January 12, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! Wow, this has been a crazy week. It has been a fun week. I’ve enjoyed this run and now we are in the final stage. The beginning of the end. We are building towards the showdown of Lachlan vs Robert. I can’t wait to see it either. I have to say that Emmerdale has been on a roll this month. Great work from the actors, production, and crew. Let’s keep it going! I’m enjoying the ride and I hope you are all too.

Let’s crack on!

“Lachlan. What have you done?” – When the announcer lady has to ask…you in trouble!

The Hospital

Emily’s best acting yet. Quiet. Sleeping. Still. Not talking. *CLAPS*

Lachlan is already thinking of turning off life support. HA. Lachlan is the fandom, isn’t he?

Robert! You don’t show your hand. Come on!

AH. So when it all comes out a lot of people need to apologize to Robert. That’s all I am saying.


This is a classic soap move. Everyone is against the one who knows something is up while the one who did wrong plays the game. SO CLASSIC SOAP. Even in the UK. It’s the most frustrating soap trope too. Sigh. TEAM ROBERT. Always. Since I know, antis will be running their mouths and backing Lachlan regardless of the truth. *HA*

Lachlan’s playing the game. *BANGS HEAD*

Lydia. Rebecca used to mock and belittle you all the time. Why are you so nice?

In fact, all the whites used to mock and belittle you. You are a better person than me. Then again, you didn’t notice them being mean to you, did you?

You know when this all comes out, and all hell breaks loose? I expect some apologies. I won’t see them, but I want them for Roberts sake. This time, it wasn’t all him.

The Café Crew

It would be Lachlan’s choice. He is next in line.

“Faith can be a comfort.” – Brenda *That is true. Any faith or belief in something can make things feel better. *

Seb! He is a cutie! He has lots of awesome hats.

Yeah. That’s not what happened Diane, but you never backed Robert. When it all comes out I hope that Diane rethinks her stance on Robert and gives him the benefit of the doubt from that point on.

Victoria wanted a baby. You got one now and she doesn’t know what to do? I thought she would be good at this? *I’m going to be a bit harsh on her since she hasn’t been the best sister lately*

Another weird comment from Alex. “I’m not the bunny boiler type.” If you have to say it? You might be crazy. I never say it.

Moira’s Farm

Oh look. Its Ross. *middle finger*

Yup. Ross is an asshole. Glad to see his asshole self is still here.

Moira and her humanity shut him up. Good.

Cain’s look at Ross! *SNORT*

Oh. We are still looking for Adam? Have you tried Emmerdale Island?

Adam isn’t dead. They will keep him alive so he can come back when the real world is really harsh to Adam Thomas. Like what Danny did.

Keepers Cottage

Great. Aarons screaming at him. *rolls eyes*

I guess its easier to blame Robert to think things through. Aaron. You know what Lachlan is like. What he has done in the past to you and Robert. COME ON.

Oh good. Aaron backtracked. Good.

Robert does hate himself. He has always hated himself. Didn’t you know that already, Aaron? Do you know Robert at all?

I know you are trying to distance yourself but come on. Your friend just needs some kindness. Yes, you gave him a kick in the butt over taking care of Seb and not being scared of that but you should ask how he is? How he is doing? Seeing Chrissie die? Seeing anyone die is horrible.

I don’t know. That scene felt weird. I’m also sleepy and in a bad mood so…I’ll watch it again.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!


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