Emmerdale Live and Organized – January 10, 2018

Hey! Welcome to the SUPER LATE preshow of Wednesdays Emmerdale episode. I was out, and then I got caught up with my family and then by the time I got the television to myself, I wanted to watch Corrie first. Just to check on how annoying Phelans was today. YUP. Very annoying. This storyline will never end. Who is going to die next? ANYWAY, back to the better soap.

Some quick updates:

I can tell you all, all six of you that read this (MUAH LOVE YOU ALL), that I will be watching Thursday’s episode live.  I will not hold back. I will try to be funny while all the crazy goes down.

For anyone who somehow finds my blog on Tumblr or on WordPress: There will be no Robert hating in this dojo ok? There will be no infantilizing Aaron on this blog.  Finally, no hating on Seb for things Robert or any of The Whites have done. Hate him for any reason but don’t blame him for his family’s actions. He is an innocent character that I won’t allow people to hate on in my small corner of the internet.

Also, I might go off on a few things I’ve been seeing around fandom. It won’t make me popular and it’s not very funny but, like everyone else, I deserve to have an opinion too.

To add to that, Thursday will be hell in fandom if Wednesday is an indicator. We all have different opinions. We will not agree on everything. Voice those opinions but don’t go actively searching for people who don’t think like you and put them down. It’s not cool. It’s not funny. Being around here is hard enough. Don’t add to mean girl Tumblr attitude. That is all I ask fandom. From one fan to another. Let’s have our opinions and respect them.

Alright. Let’s crack on!

Alfie is in the opening. Makes me sad. Makes me miss him. Moving on. I guess.

Home Farm

God, that place looks shitty. You guys didn’t take care of it at all.

*WHITE NOISE* I can’t wait till EVERYONE with the last name White is gone. *minus Seb of course*

Again, I have a lot to say here. My friends have said the same thing a million times. If Rebecca has nothing to hide. She has the money. She has the resources. She can beat Robert to a pulp in court. Why not do that? WHY RUN. WHAT IS SHE HIDING? If she isn’t hiding anything, it’s just weird. I can’t wait till I don’t have to figure this shitty character again.

I don’t know if anyone noticed. For a while now, Home Farm looks dull. Less shiny. Like all the Whites bullshit has pulled the place down. Lifeless. Pathetic. Like them. Burn the place to the ground, Joe.

Zak and Lisa

Why is Lisa ok with Lachlan even though he is a sexual harasser and abuser?


OH. Its Tip and fake Alfie! Hmmmmm! *interesting* *new puppy time!*

The Café Crew

I drink Americanos now. DAMN YOU ROBERT!

Bob and Brenda. Don’t like this still. *sigh* LAUREL. I want Laurel happy! *sad face*

I don’t think Bob and Brenda will work out. Even if Laurel and Bob don’t get together. I don’t see them working out.


IF Lachlan wanted to stay. I wouldn’t hate it. We need a true villain. Joseph while villain like will falter and fill out as a character. Lachlan is insane.

I feel like this village is small. That lady didn’t seem weird to anyone else? ALSO, The Whites are so far up their own asses they don’t notice anything weird.

The Sugden Crew

I love how smart Robert is. He knows something is up because The Whites are being too reasonable. SERIOUSLY. I LOVE THIS MAN. He isn’t dumb unless the plot calls for it.

I do love that Victoria is slightly back to normal. SLIGHTLY. I will not forget though.

Robert’s face when he learns about The Whites plans. *BUBBLE WRAP CENTRAL*

For people who say Robert should call the cops? THEY WON’T DO ANYTHING FOR HIM. Robert deserves to know his son. Robert isn’t a monster. Robert deserves a chance. A chance at a new life with his child. So, knock the shit off. This isn’t about Aaron. Aaron is gone. Robert only has Victoria and Seb. Losing Seb would kill him. It breaks my heart. SERIOUSLY BREAKS MY HEART.

It’s not the best plan, but The Whites are kidnapping Seb. Robert actually saves him so knock the shit off that he kills The Whites. I won’t tolerate that either in my little corner of the internet. Got it? Good.

I LOVE THE LIGHTING IN THAT SCENE. The half dark/half-light shadow play on Roberts face. That was beautiful. *CLAPS FOR THE LIGHTING TEAM*

The Pub Crew

Gerry. OH GERRY. I gave you a backstory in my fanfiction and I’m beginning to think I’m right.

Gerry hitting on all the older woman is interesting. Maybe he was a gigolo back in the day?

The Whites are so stupid. Talking about plans in the pub. Out in the open. I mean…DUH. *SOAP SOAP SOAP SOAP*

Yes, Debbie. You are strong. You got this. You also have a criminal family. YOU GOOD GIRL. YOU GOOD.

The Dingles. God love them. They are insane criminals that the Hotton Police hate. They are forever part of the Emmerdale fabric.

The Wishing Well

Belle. Honey. You are beautiful. Smart. You are going places. YOU WILL DO BETTER THAN LACHLAN. You know, I was thinking about how Lachlan and Belle were together during the beginnings of The Whites in the village. Nothing good happened there either. It’s a bit full circle only Belle and Lachlan went really far this time.

CHRISSIE. You are listing everything that makes Lachlan crazy. THINK IT THROUGH. Do you think Robert could or would have thrown him across the room?!?! AGAIN, DUHHHHH.

Chrissie sets off the fuse I think. Turning Belle on him. Breaking his plans to get away from his family. The one plan left is Robert being fucked over and Robert being awesome and finding out ruins that too. Of course, he loses his shit. It makes perfect soap sense.

Belle pulled the trigger. In more ways than one? Maybe.



Pryia and Gerry? MAYBE. Come on. You know you want that pairing. *Wiggles eyebrows*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!


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