Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 8, 2018

Better late than never! Also, next week. We are almost there. It all starts next week.  Let’s crack on!

The Pub Crew

Gangster Debbie. *eye roll*

I won’t lie. I like how angry Joe and Graham make The Dingles.

Oh. He is moving the access road and letting Debbie move back into her place?

I adore Moira’s coat. She has been looking good and happy. I love it. Its about time. Even if its short lived. Oh wait, now she is mad. *snort*

Chas has been way off on things. Between telling Cain that there are tons of Moira’s out there and thinking Aaron was in love with Alex after three dates.

Chas. Shut up. Oh. Marlon too. SHUT UP. You two can’t talk about anything.

Be careful what you ask for guys. Trump could golf there. *SHUDDER*


Sam mispronouncing words makes me smile. Such a sweetie.

That’s right Debbie. Your fake gangster lifestyle got Ross hurt. Even if she got Joe it is still really bad Debbie!

Daz was trying to be nice Gabby.

Oh hey. Don’t give Liv alcohol. The shit she pulled this year should have turned her off alcohol for a lifetime.

Seriously you would think Liv would be turned off of alcohol. I would. Wait, does she plan to steal Robert’s car again? Visit Alex? *eye roll* *I’m still a bit uneasy towards Liv. I don’t hate her but I’m worried about her*

Gabby is a brat. Plain and simple. I guess I’m weird. I was never into drinking as a teen. I did it at parties but I never felt the urge to sneak it ever. I wasn’t raised that way I guess. *shrug*

Home Farm

Graham is still awesome. *Film at 11*

So, Home Farm had more than four rooms. Exciting times my friends.

Dingle Baiting: The New Emmerdale Sport *SNORT*

I wish Ross and Joe had more time together. I won’t lie….I was kind of into them as a couple. *DUCKS FROM THE FLYING GLASSES COMING MY WAY*

“Always back a thoroughbred not the inbred.” – Joe Tate *DAMN SON*

The Café Crew

God, Lachlan is getting on my nerves now. Lachlan is just happy to know that his aunt will NEVER remember.

New ‘To Go’ cups. Does Emmerdale have new sponsors too?

“It might take time.” – Victoria *Please no. We don’t have time. We need this story to move along*

Robert is trying so hard here. I don’t like him away from Seb. Not cool at all.

Oh Gabby. Be nice to your mother. Even if it is Bernice. She tries. She does. OH Gabby is up to something.

The Bartons

Oh Ross. You are just…special, aren’t you?


Daz and Bernice are going full blown forward I guess.

I’m watching 2013 Emmerdale and seeing how far Dan and Kerry have gone makes me smile. *looks at my babies!*

The Hospital

Belle being caught up in this stupidity is just….*sigh*

SERIOUSLY. WHO WOULD LET HER OUT WITH HER INJURY? The show wants me to feel sorry for her but the longer this goes on the more I hate her.  Her injury doesn’t excuse her shitty behavior since October 2016.

The Whites/Belle

No. Seb doesn’t remember you. He cried for Robert because that is who is taking care of him. I can’t. I’m going to be bitchy about this. I’m sorry in advance.

I keep seeing myself getting caught! *is what Lachlan is thinking*

God. Emily. That baby voice. STOP. Don’t make me get all Sammi Sweetheart on you. STOP.

Robert isn’t evil. The fact I must write that still is making me sad.

Moira’s Farm

I agree. Moira knows this is just bad. Drugs is bad people. Remember your DARE. Why have them argue this soon after they got back together.

“He is Teflon man! He came back from the dead!” – Cain *Thanks for the pep talk buddy!*

Keepers Cottage

God. Rebecca charged at the baby and Robert. What the hell?!?!

Demanding why Victoria is there when its her house? What the fuck? I guess Victoria isn’t her friend anymore.

It feels a bit manipulative. What she is doing. That is how much I hate her. I don’t give her any credence because of her brain injury. She is more annoying now. *Bangs head* *Could have fixed things but NOPE. Made them worse with this character*

SHUT UP REBECCA. Seb doesn’t even know who the fuck you are. REBECCA WAS KIDNAPPING HIM. STOP THIS MADNESS SHOW. SHE STARTED THIS. You know what. Whatever. I give up.

NO. Idiot. Lachlan tried to hurt Seb twice. GET HIM AWAY FROM THE SEXUAL PREDATOR.

Robert’s face just lights up when he has his Seb. *heart eyes*

She will forget about this deal by tomorrow. *bangs my head against the wall*

Lily got bigger. *cutie*


I’m not going to make light of this. I know this is a big deal in the UK and it is important to show.  Why this gave it to Mike Parr is…odd. I guess because he doesn’t have a big storyline right now? This is pretty big.

I’m shocked Alex isn’t here for this scene. *I will say that about every doctor scene till the shipper irritant is gone*

Mike is making me feel it. God I feel bad for him. He is an asshole, but no one deserves that.

Awwwww. Pete and Rhona had a cute moment. Do they have a ship name yet?

OUCH. WOW. That was a great reveal. With the camera slowly panning around to show Ross’s wounds? Damn. Good for you show. *Snaps all around*

Wishing Well

Oh look. The whole village is building Wishing Well back up.

OH HEY JAI! WHATS UP! In 2013 you are a true bastard! *HIGH FIVE* *How is Archie?*

Jimmy is trying to be nice you idiots.


‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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