Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 7, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! So, there is a lot to look forward to on the show! I haven’t felt this excited in a long time. So, I’m going to keep positive on here today. I’ll back off mocking actors for the time being. It wasn’t becoming of me. Another note. I will not be watching live tomorrow so my thoughts will be late. So…as I always say…

Let’s crack on!

The Little Village with Big Drama (Perfect description)

Joe Tate/Debbie Dingle

Joe isn’t lying. Noah has had a lot of upheaval in his life. Some of it couldn’t be helped but its not good for a child to go through that.

God. Joe is kind of sexy. Ok. Joe is sexy. I’ve said it. Mark your calendars.

Wishing Well

Zak wanting back into Erics house still cracks me up. Don’t ask me why. It just does.

I see Sam and I think bird mask. Also, WHERE IS MY SAM/LYDIA WEDDING?!?!

Some speculation while they fight: I think they will find a way to avoid taking down Wishing Well but it will effect the scrapyard. Hence why Joe and Robert are dealing with each other. Haulage and Scrapyard are connected to Robert. Joe and Robert. Yeah.

Moira’s Farm

I love stuff like that. A natural reaction to a baby going off script. Awwwww.

Debbie. The gangster act is getting old. Cain wants to be good. He has everything. Why would he want to lose it.

The Café Crew

Lachlan REALLY TOOK HIM. Screw that.

Give Seb back to Robert. NOW. *ANGRY FACE*

Get Seb away from the sexual predator. *SUPER ANGRY FACE*

Hey Robert? Get your lawyer on the phone. NOW. You are the dad, right? Fight with your lawyer again. That baby is staying in a place with a missing wall! Seb should NEVER be near Lachlan…ever. Hell, if Rebecca continues this way? Don’t let Seb near her either. It’s Roberts son. He needs to be with his dad.

Daz and Bernice are still a thing? Ok then. I forgot.

In my experience, there aren’t much in the way of gentlemen. That or I’m looking in the wrong places.

Daz just wants to get laid. Coffee over sex in this village! *snort*


The Hospital

The longer this goes on the stupider this gets. Kill her and put her out of her misery. Also, mine for having to see her cry repeatedly.

Ah, the weird heavy breathing is back. Again, I think Emily is constantly aware, hyperaware of her movements instead of letting reactions come naturally. She always looks like she is thinking of her next line. *See? I’m trying to be nicer. I am.*

AGAIN. You kidnapped Seb first. Two wrongs don’t make a right here. ONCE AGAIN, Robert is evil because the Whites say so. I’m giving the Jersey Salute™ to Rebecca and Lachlan right now. At my TV.

Wow. How morbid. Watching a funeral. She won’t remember tomorrow but sure. Whatever.

They don’t have a grave. They didn’t matter enough to the show to have a grave.

Again, I have no sympathy for this character. So, this is just boring as fuck. All I have is my snark and stupid comments to get me through these scenes.

“I know this is all Roberts fault but…”- Rebecca WOW. SCREW YOU. *This isn’t witty. Its me backing Robert because he officially is getting TOO MUCH BLAME* *There is a limit and I hit it months ago but now…they need to change the song. Its getting old. The Rebecca Victim game is fucking old. I don’t buy it like others.*

Ok. I feel better. I’m going back to ignoring her as best as I can. *THINKS OF ROBRON REUNION* *THINKS OF SEB BEING BACK WITH ROBERT*

Home Farm

Mentioning children with Ross again. YOU WANT TO SCREW WITH THE THEORY PEOPLE NOW. That’s my proof.

Graham don’t trust your butt Ross.

“Be nicer to Jimmy.” – Graham to Joe *SNORT*


The drug dealer is on a referral service ONLY. *BIG SNORT*

Cain is doing this for Debbie, but I wish they would stop placating Debbie and her revenge fantasies. Hit him where it hurts. Business. Always business. Joe understands that type of hurt.

Oh Cain. Why do you do this for Debbie. Oh hey, hi Graham! *waves* *this won’t end well*


WHOOPS. WE NEED A ROBRON SCENE LIKE THIS. Without the interruption of course. Just a sweet scene. Also, poor Daz. He just wants to have some fun. Get laid. *He is the new Paddy?*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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