Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 20, 2018


Welcome to the preshow. I have a few things to say:

1) Technology is my enemy today. Nothing is working.

2) This Aaron vs Robert crap needs to stop. They are a screwed up lovely team. Get used to it.

3) My dad got one of those silent noise things to keep birds off their deck. As we speak there are a group of birds building a nest on the machine. I admire those birds.

4) Karma is a bitch

5) I got 6 inches of snow Sunday. Now its 73 and I had the top down on my convertible. In February. CLIMATE CHANGE. *Love this song because its true*

Alright. That was fun. Let’s crack on!

David’s Grocery

Oh. Tracy is overdrawn. She isn’t already giving him money?

I guess not. She is just overdrawn. Ok then.

Daz is a cutie. I hope he gets more to do soon.

I think its time to go full blown crazy and take out this guy.

Tracy. Hold it together. It’s not about you. I want Tracy to kick this guys ass all over the village. Then do it again for fun. Take Sandy’s scooter and run him over.

David. Shut the frack up. Tracy. You deserve respect and love. No matter what.

Tracy. Stealing her dads money to get rid of this guy. I don’t think he will back off though.


Beautiful shot of Tracy in the empty road. All gloomy and rainy. Beautiful shot.

The Mill

Do you go to school Liv? I’m not trying to be mean, but she usually doesn’t go anyway.

I get it though. Liv is scared. OH GOD. I thought she had a tattoo at first.

You know what? Robert could have given Liv this speech and maybe have talked about his experiences. They gave it to Alex who isn’t sticking around and gave such a general speech. Sigh. Whatever. He doesn’t matter. *shrug*

This is a moment where you might have to wait for Liv to come to you Aaron. Forcing the issue won’t help things here. She is so confused. Full of hormones. Scared. Forcing the issue will make her feel worse.

The Pub Crew

Already too much Debbie.

Too much Chas.

Pete is in revenge mode. How will this play out?

Dingle & Dingle

Oh hey. Ross is home. Hey Ross. So…are you supposed to be home already?

Daz. Liv. Don’t stare. I understand but don’t stare.

The Café Crew

Sigh. I’m being nice today. I won’t say what I want to say about Paddy and Chas. I won’t. I’m keeping it inside.

How is Rebecca allowed out?  She can’t remember things. Its odd. So odd. I’m so confused by what they are doing with her now. She really doesn’t matter.

I do see that Lachlan and Robert feel guilty. Only Lachlan should feel guilty though.

The Barton’s

This hospital is horrible! I mean, Hotten General man. Letting anyone out. Brain injuries and acid victims. This place sucks.

Also, Ross trying to clean his wounds…I feel so sorry for him.

Oh Ross. Drinking doesn’t help anything. *BIG HUG WITH SOME BUBBLE WRAP*

Oh boy. Already in revenge mode.

The Keepers Cottage

Seb doesn’t want to be near Rebecca either.

Wait? This is new personality? Seriously? Nah.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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