Emmerdale: How I Would Write It or What I Think Happens From Christmas On

Ah. Fandom is in meltdown. So, with only very limited spoilers we all think things suck. Ok then. I’m here to counteract that feeling. After today’s interesting Robron scene I decided to write down what I expect to happen or how I would write things from this point on.

I would like to stress this. I have no spoilers. Just my writer mind and some gut feelings. Please, guys. Your feelings are valid but don’t get bitter. We don’t know anything coming and because fandom is in meltdown mode we everyone is a sitting duck for fake spoilers. SO, if something sounds truly horrible. Double check on it. I bet you it isn’t true. So, without further ado…here is how I think things will go from Christmas on or How I Would Finish This Story.

Ok. So. Christmas happens, and Robert has a new set of priorities. He has to get better for himself and want to grow and change for his own health and wellbeing. He also wants to be there for SJ during this process. He is a dad, and he will concentrate on that.  Meanwhile, Aaron will realize that he loves Robert, but Robert will tell him he needs to let go. Maybe something similar to what we saw tonight only with tears and more dramatic. Robert will tell Aaron to move on and live his life. He can’t live for Robert and Robert can’t live for him. SO, Aaron does what Robert tells him too (much like what Robert did with SJ at first). He will go through the paces of being with Alex and learn what he wants out of a relationship and who he really wants.

Robert will get closer to SJ. He will get closer to his family. Maybe he tells Diane what went down with Jack. They start to grow stronger as a family. Robert is there for Victoria during Adam drama. Robert gets better mentally and physically.

Meanwhile, something goes down with the Whites. Because of SJ and the Lachlan connection, Robert is roped in. Since Aaron will always have Roberts back, he gets roped in too. This upsets Alex, and maybe he dumps Aaron. Maybe Aaron dumps Alex. Either way, Aaron will run through the relationship and learn about himself and what he wants. Alex isn’t it. He will back Robert and help Robert move the Whites off the show.

MAYBE WITH A BIG TWIST! I would still write a twist for The Whites. Mostly to get them out the door.

Meanwhile, Robert and Aaron stay close as friends. Learn to communicate. Hang out. Have lunch a few times. Hang out at work. Maybe Aaron starts to soften towards SJ (if he sticks around) and Robert will be in a better place and start to see himself with Aaron again. Then one day they just…look at each other and know. They know its time for the two of them to come home to each other. Their houses are better built now, and the two of them have a stable and steady foundation. We get the big damn reunion kiss and bed scene. Declarations of love that are sparking and epic. One thing that hasn’t changed in this WHOLE story? That connection. That spark. That history. Robron has time and love on their side. That is hard to beat.

Robert and Aaron get back together and start dating. Against all the odds of what Aaron’s family wants.

Some Odd Notes I Didn’t Get in There*

* Maybe Aaron, like he said tonight, will have Roberts back. Alex won’t understand that. He will be threatened by that. That could be the downfall of the relationship. Guys, Alex is just a plot device. Someone for Aaron to use to learn what he doesn’t want for himself. Wasting energy on him doesn’t seem worth it. Focus on Robert and Aaron. Focus on them getting better as individuals and then together.

*I think the Whites hold a lot of secrets. Rebecca included. I still believe there is a twist coming to set the Whites off on their path to leave/die.

*It hurts. I know. Seeing the two of them “move on” but much like Aaron said today. They will always have each other for support. So, that will always be part of the Robron story. Anyone that comes along will have to fight with that every step of the way. This almost guarantees that Alex won’t last because he isn’t strong enough to deal with that. Rebecca already hates Aaron because he has Roberts’ heart and she couldn’t do that even after having his kid. So, take heart in that. They will always have each other’s back. Their story is that type of epic.

So, that is how I would write things. Let Robert and Aaron get stronger apart so when they come back together, they can be a stable and strong Robron. So, what do you think? Did I help anyone feel better? I hope so. So, until next time, see you around the Emmerdale fandom!


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