Crazy People and Traditions


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Welcome back! By now, I am sure you are completely sick of the constant Christmas movies, advertisements and people in general. I have another word for what people become this time of year, but you know, let us think of the children. It is not safe, and I need an adult. I am sure you are longing for January when things will get back to normal, and people go back to being normal idiots.

Even though I might be going slightly insane with all the holiday wear and tear, I find ways to combat those feelings. This is through traditions. I am the type of person that holds onto traditions tightly. To the point where if I do not get to participate in a tradition or a tradition does not go off as planned, I get annoyed. Angry even.


Traditions are something I hold dear. The one thing that holds me close to family, the seasons and good feelings. Traditions are what I look forward to when things go a little too crazy. Some traditions even keep me warm during times when everything/one is cold.

During this crazy holiday season, I think it is important to keep those traditions close. They should be the one thing that does not drive you crazy. It should make you look forward to this crazy season and build some warmth in your heart.

That is what traditions, especially this time of year, does for me.
Stick around because tomorrow I will be talking about the traditions that drive my family crazy but make me insanely happy.
Until then the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed!


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