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Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – July 5, 2017

My feed was wonky, so I had to wait for the recap. So, it’s not so live, but I did try. No one gets the bubble wrap today. I’m using it on Robert because the show, once again, doesn’t want to take care of him at all.  Wait, why should I be surprised? *Bubble wraps Robert Sugden* #RobertSugdenDefenseSquadWasHere The Whites…

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The Golden Girls Favorites

I’ve always been a Golden Girls fan.  Recently, Hulu released the whole series onto their service, and that has created a monster. Having now re-watched the entire series in the matter of a week (Shut up. My mom thinks I’m cool) I have a new respect for what the show stood for and the extra laughs I got now that…

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