Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – July 5, 2017

My feed was wonky, so I had to wait for the recap. So, it’s not so live, but I did try.

No one gets the bubble wrap today. I’m using it on Robert because the show, once again, doesn’t want to take care of him at all.  Wait, why should I be surprised?

*Bubble wraps Robert Sugden* #RobertSugdenDefenseSquadWasHere

The Whites

Lawrence hiding something (water, rinse repeat). I see where Rebecca gets her plot device nature from.

Lawrence meeting up with Chrissie’s uncle.  He doesn’t look like how I expected him to look like.  Interesting. Lawrence might be playing a few games with Chrissie right now. I’m sure Lawrence did something wrong. He always does.  He is like a mini Victor Newman.  Without the mumbling.

$20,000 pounds! That sounds like a lot of money! *American runs to google for conversion*

Let me guess. All those wedding photos that were on the internet today was Ronnie and Lawrence’s wedding.  *pops some bubbles on the wrap in contemplation*


I wait for men to act like Tracy is a “shrew” when she is just disappointed in her dad.  I’d be upset with my dad too.

“I reckon tart is on the menu” – Tracy (HA)

“If I want dubious relationship advice I will go to Bernice.” – Tracy (She is on fire today)

We were in the car…. resting.” – David (Good save there, buddy!)

Tracy just called Charity a skank. (Eh…while this is traditional soap….I don’t like seeing Charity kicked while she is down. Way down.  There is a limit.

Leyla was drunk yesterday! HA. Knew it.  Love her.

“Sleeping with someone’s fella without thinking twice!” – HEY! Tracy just described Rebecca! That means she should show up, soon right? Like if we say it three times in the mirror she will appear like a demon in the night?

Well. THANKS, TRACY. *bites into snickers*

Whoa.  Megan just went full out slap happy.  Damn. That was dramatic.

Tracy is rethinking that reveal. Why is David so quiet and looks freaked out? Instead of helping guide Tracy to calm down he is just helping her set aflame her father’s relationship.

The Thomas Family/Emma

I’m sorry. I know Laurel is stressed and distracted by I’d notice if someone kept wanting to hang out with my kid.  Like, no. Stop it. Laurel doesn’t even like her!

I think I’d notice if my kid got all weird around other adults like Arthur does. Then again, Laurel is stressed and not thinking straight.

Emma: Creeper you see on Dateline.


I feel like the writers forgot Charity and Frank hooked up in February because a lot of this feels like an afterthought.  Like, ‘crap. We forgot! We have to tie this up before everything else starts up for the others!’ stuff.

I like that Debbie and Charity are starting to mend their relationship.  Debbie is trying to get her mother back on track. Which is very sweet to watch.

The Attic Characters

There is a ton of Nicola lately. Not that I don’t love it, but I’m afraid something is coming with her. Something wrong.

I do love that no one is taking Bernice seriously.  That must mean down the line she does do some good with her online ‘degree.’ Kids don’t even respect Bernice. That is just funny.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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I picked one well of a week to want to avoid spoilers and speculation. I am going to try and stay on that path because right now, I’m this close.

As per usual, tell me below what you think or tweet me @AmandaJ718.  If you are rude, you will not be answered. Until tomorrow, I’ll see you around in Emmerdale.


Golden Questions: What Happened to Coco?

As much as I love The Golden Girls (I bet you didn’t know that) you watch it enough you start to notice plot holes and wonder, what is that about?

Here are the top three plot holes that I wonder about every time I watch the show.



Rebecca’s Amazing Transformation

Rebecca Devereaux is Blanche’s daughter who we meet in season four. She was built up to be a model and incredibly beautiful. When we meet her, she has put on some weight, and her self-esteem was low leading her to almost marry a man who emotionally abuses her. She almost does this because she is convinced she will never get married or have children otherwise.

When we run into Rebecca again, she is thin, has loads of self-esteem and decides to do IVF to have a child on her own.  She is strong enough to be a single mother.

What? What could have changed in that time? One could argue that she lost weight, gained some confidence and decided to have a family on her own terms. Which would be great, if we didn’t see Rebecca two years later. Yes, she could have done all that work in two years, but it would be hard to do. Especially for a character that was so emotionally damaged.

How Old Are They?


This is one that is talked about all the time.  How old are Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia? Their ages seem to change from season to season.  During the first episode, they are all in their 60s but then the rest of season one they are in their 50’s. Sophia is the only one that seems to stay the same throughout the seven seasons. She stays between 80 to 81 years old.

At one point Sophia makes a joke about planning on telling Dorothy about sex when she is 60 years old. A couple episodes later Dorothy is now in her mid-60s. Ok then. Why do their ages keep changing? Is it typical sitcom forgetfulness or is it just plot convenience?

What Happened to Coco?


Coco is the keeper of the house. He cooks, cleans and helps our girls. At least that is what I think he was there to do. Coco appears in the pilot and is never seen or mentioned ever again. There is a Mental Floss article that said Sophia was to be a character that just visited Dorothy. Maybe Sophia took the place of Coco. Either way, I wonder if the show would have been different if Coco stuck around.  He and Sophia could have been quite the pair, however, would Coco being there have ended all of the possible Dorothy and Sophia moments we have come to love? Will may never know.

Do these plot holes annoy you too or do you know of some other issues with The Golden Girls? Leave a comment below or tweet me with your golden plot holes (oh, that didn’t sound right).

Stick around because on Saturday I will be tackling The Golden Palace. Did it deserve to die out or did it deserve more to time to flourish? Until then.

The Golden Girls Favorites

I’ve always been a Golden Girls fan.  Recently, Hulu released the whole series onto their service, and that has created a monster. Having now re-watched the entire series in the matter of a week (Shut up. My mom thinks I’m cool) I have a new respect for what the show stood for and the extra laughs I got now that I’m an adult watching this show. When you are a kid, you miss a lot of the jokes.

Anyway, having come out of the other side of that rewatch with a renewed view of the show, I have found my top three favorite episodes. Keep reading to find out what they are!


“The Case of the Libertine Belle” – Aired September 28, 1991


 Blanche hosts a company event at the Maltese Falcon Club Mystery Nights. However, Blanche gets into some hot water after her boss is found murdered in her room.

Why is it Great?

This is a classic because of how everyone played a part in this episode. Usually, there is one plot, and everyone veers off to little plots, but this one was focused on one place.  It made the jokes sharper, and for once, Rose got the upper hand over her roommates. The mystery is a lot of fun too.

Favorite Quote


Sophia Petrillo: Not part of the show, people! Not part of the show!

“Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?” – Aired December 3, 1988


The girls $10,000 scratch-off ticket is left in Blanches new jacket which is accidently given away to charity. They chase the jacket down to a homeless shelter where they spend the night.

Why is it Great?

This episode always bored me as a kid. I always thought the song at the end was corny as well. However, as an adult, that episode just broke my heart. Not only does the show break the stereotype of what people consider a homeless person to be, but they also point out that we don’t seem to try and take care of these people. It must have been big for a sitcom to highlight these people and highlight that we aren’t doing enough to help them live as a productive person in society.

Favorite Quote


Ida: The retirement home costs money, the doctors cost money, medicine costs money. I always thought it was so sad I’d outlived my whole family, but I didn’t know that it was going to be a punishment.

“Mrs. George Devereaux” – Aired: November 17, 1990


Blanche’s husband comes back from the dead, faking his death to take down his business partner. Meanwhile, Dorothy has two celebrities chasing after her affections.

Why is it Great?

This episode lets us go beyond the ‘sex-pot’ image and see that she does miss her husband.  She does dream that he is alive and she could continue her old life with him.  Breaks my heart when it turns out to be a dream. Though, all the little subplots within the dream are hilarious. Dorothy being fought over by two celebrities and Sophia admitting she was a spy is something fun to see. By the way, I’d totally buy Sophia being a spy in real life. It makes sense.

Favorite Quote


There is so much to love when it comes to The Golden Girls. You can now watch those episodes and more on Hulu.

What are your favorite episodes? Tell me below in the comments section or shoot me a tweet. I love to talk television with anyone.


Stick around for more Golden Girls fun while I nitpick at some Golden Girls plot holes! Until next time.

I Miss Theme Songs. Do You?

I miss television theme songs.  I miss hearing a song on the radio and thinking of the television show it is attached to. It is almost like it is instant marketing.  However, since a different type of marketing is taking over network television (longer and more frequent commercial breaks for instance), the theme song has been phased out.  Most shows just use a title card with some instrumental music, and we move on with our story.  For dramas that are just fine but for a comedy that is 30 minutes (20 minutes with commercials), the theme song is missed.

This made me think of my favorite theme songs that I still hum today.  Let me start by saying there are so many that are obvious. Like Friends, One Tree Hill or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Alright, the last two are generational but still well known.

Here are my top three (not really talked about) favorite theme songs.

Laverne and Shirley (1976-1983)


Laverne and Shirley was a sitcom that ran on ABC from 1976 to 1983.  The show itself is a spinoff of Happy Days and is set in 1958 and goes into the 60s.  It was produced by Gary Marshall and stars Penny Marshall (Laverne) and Cindy Williams (Shirley).  It follows two best friends that live together and try to make something of their lives.  Yes, the plot is that simple. This theme song is a classic. I remember being obsessed with this show when I first watched it on Nick at Nite as a kid.  I wanted to be like Laverne, but I was a Shirley.

Anyway, the song, “Making Our Dreams Come True” by Cyndi Grecco perfectly describes the main point of the show.  It is about two people who are trying to make their dreams come true while living and working in a depressed area in lower middle class.  The juxtaposition of having a happy song about following dreams and watching the main characters work in a dusty dark factory is striking. The show became a hit, and so did the theme song. The song peaked at #25 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated indeed.

Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983-1987)


Scarecrow and Mrs. King is a dramedy that aired on CBS from 1983 to 1987.  The show stars Kate Jackson (Amanda King) and Bruce Boxleitner (Lee Stetson) as a divorced housewife/mother and an agent (he doesn’t like the word spy).  They met by accident (or fate) at a train station and learn to work with each other. Yes, it is a classic partner/romance show.  I plan to have a longer post all about this show since it is very close to my heart.

This theme song is an instrumental but one to remember. It has a different sound for each character (lighter for housewife Amanda and more dramatic for Agent Lee Stetson) and then comes together when the characters met. It is frantic, exciting and sweet which perfectly describes this show.  It gets you ready for what adventures are to come (also if Lee and Amanda will finally kiss).  It is a great theme for a great show.

Blossom (1990-1995)


Blossom is a teen sitcom on NBC. It had an exclusive pilot preview in 1990 and showed up as a mid-season replacement in 1991.  It continued to air till 1995.  The show follows Blossom who lives with her father and two brothers.  Her mother had left the family, and now they are left to pick up the pieces. Which includes a father who is frequently between musician gigs, a brother who is a recovering alcoholic/drug addict, and then a brother who is a typical dumb teenager (Whoa!).  Like the other teen shows of its time, it has lessons in each episode that Blossom learns and then talks about in her video diary.  I ate it up as a young kid in reruns on Saturday mornings.

The show has different openings, but the song stays the same.  “My Opinionation” by Mike Post and Steve Geyer has a beat and lyrics that are poppy and fun which is a lot like the character. As Blossom dances to the song she changes her outfit to match the person she is dancing with. Her dad is a traditional musician, so she is a Broadway dancer, with her dumb brother she is wearing the newest style (90s style mind you) and for the recovering alcoholic brother, she is in a ballerina outfit since he considers her the baby of the family. In this version, she dances with her best friend, Six, and she is dressed as herself. The show follows that great 90s formula of problem/joke/solution. Things are bad, but the sun will surely shine. It is a cute show and a nice time capsule of early 90s style/culture.

These shows are great and so are their theme songs.  There are so many more theme songs out there that deserve some love and someday I will get to that.  For now, please check out these shows and enjoy the songs that accompany them.

Tell me about some theme songs that you miss below!

Until next time.

Life is Short. Talk Fast. (A Review of Gilmore Girls Revival)


I remember seeing the commercials for this show.  I was wary since it looked a bit hokey. A show about a single mom and her daughter? Ok, WB, I guess my teenager self will be excited by this.  Little did I know I would stick with this show till the bitter end of seven years.  Since the announcement of the revival, I’ve been cautious. I even wrote a blog entry on why I was so careful. After I had been Black Friday shopping, I sat down to watch the show.

Here are my likes and dislikes. Enjoy.




This is what makes Gilmore Girls what it is. The townspeople of Stars Hollow are better than ever.  They still live in their worlds and enjoy doing so. Whenever Rory and Lorelai were too much, the show would cut to a town meeting that lifted my spirits.  Much like in the original series, I feel like the heart of the Stars Hollow set was these people.



Emily’s journey was great to watch. She made mistakes, tried new things and even kept the same maid (and her family) for a whole year.  Emily Gilmore has always been my favorite character. She is a survivor and will continue to survive regardless what is thrown at her.

Rory’s Journey


Nothing made me happier than to see Rory Gilmore struggle. No, I’m not a masochist nor do I hate Rory. Not even close. I just liked to see a character that normally had things come easier to her struggle a bit. As someone who has struggled with school and then with life (don’t we all), I was comforting to see that Rory was in the same boat. Though, Rory, I feel like you screwed up when you didn’t parlay that gig following future President Obama into something bigger. Same for the New Yorker article.  Anyway, I relate to her on so many in this special.  I feel like a lot of viewers that grew up with Rory could relate.



This special made Stars Hollow look gorgeous. It felt cinematic and loved.  You could tell the town was loved and was shown in its best light at all times.  By the way, since when has Stars Hollow ever had a pool? It looked like someone’s backyard.


Logan/Rory/Jess aka Four Little Words


Alright. Here is my take on this stupidity.  Logan is not Christopher. Jess is not Luke. Stop with the comparisons. Logan is someone who, in the past, did give up his family for Rory. He grew from this annoying frat boy that would toe the family line to someone who rejected what was expected and became a loving, smart man.  Jess went from a self-sabotaging angry boy (this is me being nice. I hated Jess as a teenager, and I’m indifferent to him now as an adult) to a someone who is calmer and learned to love himself (enough to improve on certain aspects of his personality).

Jess wouldn’t stick around in the past.  He wouldn’t keep pining over a girl he dated at a very low point in his life.  Just like Logan wouldn’t let Rory raise their child alone.  It wasn’t a fling. They lived together. He proposed to her.  I feel like all three characters are losers in this storyline. So, knock it off Team Jess and Team Logan fans. No one won. We all look dumb. I also think this is what happens when the creator (Amy Sherman-Palladino) doesn’t watch the last season. Characterizations are all off because of it.

All these characters, separately, are great.  Putting them into these roles just limits their possibilities for real development. I hated it and those four little words negated all the good the special built up through the previous  episodes.

Summer (Just Summer.)


Man. That Summer episode was terrible in general.  The musical sequence (while it started funny) went on forever.  We get it, Daniel Palladino. You have a bone to pick with the current state of Broadway.  Moving on.  Rory taking over the Stars Hollow Gazette and her lack of success was stupid. Rory, who has experience running a paper at Chilton and Yale, couldn’t get this local newspaper up and running. It wasn’t realistic. I don’t understand the body shaming either at the pool. It wasn’t funny. Why were kids being used as mini helpers? There was no explanation and it was odd. The whole episode was a waste of everyone’s time. You can even argue that you could skip it and be ok.

Not a bad effort by a show that is still growing a fan base through Netflix and cable television reruns.  I’m ready to move on from this show, but my guess is people want more.  If it happens and we get another ‘Year in the Life’ I will wait to see if Rory will break the cycle after all. Until next time, enjoy your binge watching.

Three Ways Morticia and Gomez Addams Love is Iconic


image from: The Addams Family Forever Tumblr


My first taste of The Addams Family came from the movie that starred Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia.  As a little kid, I don’t have the stronger recollection of the film. All I know is it left a mark as did the movie’s sequel, Addams Family Values. It wasn’t until I was much older that I even saw the television show or read some of the illustrations (most one panel) of The Addams Family.

As an adult, I could appreciate the characters and their relationships much better. Especially the marriage of Gomez and Morticia Addams. I always loved them starting with Houston’s and Julia’s portrayals.  They were in love with each other, and you knew it.  They always stuck together even when things looked dim their love never faulted.

In the television show, we have the same idea.  They love each other.  The difference here though? We get more time with them. We, as an audience, aren’t constricted to two hours of entertainment where this couple has to share the stage with many other characters and a static story.  This version of the couple has time to develop away from others.  We get to see these two in their day to day lives.

It is quite lovely.  After having a self-imposed Addams Family marathon, I came up with these three reasons why Morticia and Gomez are the iconic couple we all should love and adore at any time of year.

Let us begin!

Reason #1: Sincerely Happy

When it comes to Morticia and Gomez, we don’t follow that stupid sitcom trope. You know the one. Once a couple is married the woman becomes angry and shrewish, and the man hates the woman he married.  Yeah, none of that here.  From the minute Gomez meets Morticia he is in love.  Same for her as well.  When they are together, they genuinely make each other happy.  When they do fight, it never lasts for long.  They sincerely want to be together for the rest of their lives. Swoon.

Reason #2: They are a Team

In the television show, whenever a problem is presented, they rarely go at the problem alone.  The two find each other and try to work it out together.  It’s not “women’s work” to talk to their daughter. They speak to her together, as a team.  Let’s think this through. When the show aired in 1964, there wasn’t a lot of teamwork in marriages.  Usually, the husband and wife were off playing their societal roles but not these two.   It is rare for these two not to know what each other is facing because they face everything life throws at them together.

Double swoon.

Reason #3: They Respect Each Other

Respect is one of the most important qualities to have in a relationship.  In new narratives, respect is usually thrown out the window for the joke.  In this show, their respect for each other isn’t sacrificed for the joke.  If anything, the show still makes so great jokes around the fact that these two characters do respect and love each other so much.  They listen to each other and never laugh at what they truly love.

Triple swoon.

As one internet critic said once in her video on The Addams Family:

But the reason the Addams are happy is really because they exist outside of society’s expectations. Gomez is a man child who plays with his trains, and that’s fine. Morticia fences with her husband and plays with weapons often and it doesn’t occur to them to care what other people think.

That is why I find these two iconic. Whether in a comic strip, a television show, movies or the Broadway stage, these two love, respect and are a team to the bitter end.  Who wouldn’t want that in real life as well?


image from: The Addams Family Forever Tumblr

So, as I leave to watch more of these two, I hope all of you out there have found or will find your Gomez or Morticia.

The Ranch: Still Waters Run Deep

The Ranch is a show on Netflix that appears to be a typical sitcom.  It is about a son coming home to a hostile father, a brother who still acts like a teenager and a mother who appears to hate everything in her life. The son is no different. In his time away trying to become the next football superstar, he hasn’t grown much either.

It has a bro-like comedy and lots of drinking, swearing and stupid republican versus democrat jokes.  The typical sitcom tropes we have seen a million times before. However, underneath it all, The Ranch has much more going on.

You know that saying? Still waters run deep? That would be a good descriptor for The Ranch.

All the characters in the show have their sitcom tropes attached to them. However, as the episodes go on, there is a profound sadness that comes from each character.

Bo Bennett (the father) is stuck in his ways, and because of that, he is being left behind. He claims he wants to be alone and doesn’t care about his family but deep down he cares.

Rooster Bennett comes across as someone who only does the bare minimum and has a frat boy sense of humor.  However, there is a someone who takes pride in the ranch and knows what he is doing. He just wants to be recognized for his work.  He was the one who stayed with the family, and he never gets any recognition for that sacrifice.

Colt Bennett is the son who left because he saw something better for himself. He also couldn’t stand his father.  He still believes it is high school and wants to relive those glory days.  However, he learns how much his family has sacrificed for him to leave town. Ok, Colt doesn’t have much of an arc except he is slowly learning the power of family and staying in his hometown isn’t a death sentence.

Finally, Maggie Bennett who is the typical hard ass mother who loves her sons and tries to love her husband.  She started her own business, likes candles and lives in an airstream because she can’t handle her husband anymore. She just wants more than that. She wants to travel and learn about different cultures. She intends to take that airstream from behind the bar and leave.

These characters all joke and snipe at each other because underneath they all want something different for their lives.  Bo wants to connect with his family but doesn’t know how. Rooster wants recognition for his work on the ranch. Colt wants people to know that he is growing up. Maggie just wants adventure.

All these characters want something.  Their still waters run quite deep.

I sincerely hope we get more episodes so I can see if these characters not only get what they want but what they need.