Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 6, 2017

Welcome to the pre-show! Alright, people. It’s showtime! After all the drama, infighting and general rudeness, we are at a turning point in the Robron story.  Let’s enjoy it for what it is and see where it takes us. Jumping into a new part of the story can be scary, but I say, go with the flow. We cannot change it so don’t fret it. Enjoy, get angry or fall deeper in love with your favorite characters and see where it goes before freaking out or causing others to freak out prematurely.

Oh. One more piece of advice? Don’t spread spoilers. Don’t clap for Tinkerbell. Starve Tinkerbell. Then maybe ITV will get off their butts and stop him from ruining their ratings, advertising dollars, and sponsorships. Hell, what do I know though? I’m just a fan trying to escape into a show for an hour or so.

Let’s crack on and start the week!

Vadam/Moira’s Farm

Vadam doesn’t have a house. Let’s point and laugh at them. #deadinthewater

She cares about everyone but her brother.

Isaac is such a snuggly baby. *snuggle snuggle*

Someone put the letter in his car? Who could do that? *Pete? Maybe Pete? PETE?*

Adam’s mouth will get him further in trouble. Shut it. Let Victoria figure it out.

Victoria keeps asking about his innocence. Aaron looks at him differently. Something is coming. If its what I think…that’s REALLY boring show. Surprise me. I know you can.


David’s Grocery

Everyone is mad at Gerry.

Liv can’t answer for herself? Tell Aaron what went down? Aaron is being creepy. Stop it. There is protecting, and there is creepy. Aaron is hitting creepy status. Why didn’t Zak tell him that nothing happened? Seriously, LISTEN TO LIV YOU GOOBER.

Hey Aaron? I thought you learned that using your fists doesn’t work? Should I get you a wrench?

Faith wondering up with the baby cracked me up. Like, she was assessing the situation and jumped on in. LOVE HER.

Did I just hear ‘kinky’ come out of her mouth? *HA HA HA*

Does anyone work anymore in the village? In general?

Hmmm. Eric back in politics? Hmmmm indeed.

Tracy with a kid. That would be funny. That kid would be the best dressed in the village. *wink*

I LOVE FAITH. MY DARLING. MY LOVE. You get a spot next to Lydia. *High five*

The Pub Crew

Poor Doug. Just drink your beer with a straw. It’s manly. Nerd. *ha*

Chas is out of the loop of things? Hmmmm…Aaron didn’t tell her?

I thought everyone was cool with Gerry. Since when does the village care about Doug?

Everyone but Robert will be living at The Mill at this point. Even freaking Isaac will live there before him.

Dingle’s Auto Shop

Victoria blames everyone else. New tactic.

Aaron didn’t seem too sure Adam wouldn’t kill someone. Did anyone else pick up on that?

Maybe Adam should have given the police the letter the minute it happened. His alibi should exonerate him.

The Police

A violent struggle. That’s new information. I thought she was slapped and then pushed. Someone grabbed her. Well…Pete did. Right. Pete did.

The Café Crew

Is Aaron just wandering around today? DOES ANYONE WORK? Danny looks like a well-rested bunny.


Is Robert the only one running the scrapyard? I feel like he is busy too. So, WHO IS RUNNING THE SCRAPYARD? Geez…

B&B Crew

Diane seems more upset about Adam than Robert. I keep writing this, and it gets more real and more accurate.

Diane’s smile makes me smile. I’m a nerd.

So, Gerry set off the fireworks to do what exactly? Sneak back in? *SNORT*

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!


Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 3, 2017

Welcome to the pre-show. Since it is the end of the week, here is a list of things I have learned about myself (as said to me by other people):

  • I should kill myself (comment on my blog)
  • I don’t know how to write (comment on my blog)
  • I take good selfies (comment on twitter)
  • I won’t let you leave (Twitter)
  • You hate Aaron you Aaron hater! (Comment on blog)

Combining that with all my self-hatred and what is happening in my country (The United States. Pray for us) it’s been a strange week.

Everyone is mocking or upset about next week. I’m not upset. I’m happy because we are getting movement in this story and we can move onto new circles of this plot.  I don’t know if people know this, but every time you explode and let the show know about it, you are giving them a reason to keep this up. Giving a reaction (negative or positive) tells the show you are invested. Acting indifferent kills stories.

Act Indifferent. Kill a Story.

I won’t stay calm or indifferent all the time but for this part of the story. Yeah, indifferent. Indifferent works.

Let’s crack on shall we? I hear Aaron is on today. The Aaron I know and love is on today. Let’s do this!


They are laying it on thick with Vadam. Too thick. It’s going to explode in a big way.  Thank god.


This detective is rubbing me the wrong way.

Rodney being a gossip queen in the back. He is so going to tell everyone about Adam being questioned.

The Thomas Family

LYDIA! MY HEART. MY LIGHT. I need more plots with you in it.

Gabby is a mess. Laurel is a mess. This makes me sad.

Yeah, Gabby! You aren’t Robert. People give you a chance and let you screw up over and over again. Don’t worry about it!


Gerry is going to kill everyone. Ok…maybe just hurt someone. SOMEONE IS GETTING HURT.

I do love the little friendship between Doug and Gerry.

Gerry giving this monologue with Diane and Doug looking on like he is a nut job. I’m trying my best not to laugh my ass off.

Another weird shot from the show. Ok then. Getting fancy or was it on purpose?

“Instabook.” I want to call it that too. Sounds cooler. *I’m not cool*

I like the Liv and Gerry friendship more than the Gabby and Liv friendship.

The Dingle Shop

Cain is the best at evading cops. He is like the hardest level on a video game. Beat him, and you are bad ass.

Jesus Christ…Pete. You are wearing a scarlet letter too. Ok, buddy.

Great. Cain getting Aaron involved in evading the police. I mean, Adam hasn’t really been there for Aaron, lately, has he? He didn’t go to see Liv. He was laughing when Aaron was upset after the breakup. There are more examples just…some food for thought.


Rhona is still pissed.

Oh god. I love how Paddy and Marlon act like kids. Perfect.

Ok. I like this new character. I’m glad they are staying.

This is Jessie, right? The new headmistress? I like her. I enjoy seeing the show bring in someone new like her. *HIGH FIVE SHOW*

Does she still think Marlon and Paddy are married? *SNORT*

Moira’s Barn

Geez. Victoria is attached to anything ‘baby.’ I can’t wait for her downfall. It’s coming. She is just so freaking annoying.

David’s Grocery Store

Dude. Arthur. Your mom is hiding out right now. DUDE.

The Pub Crew

Apple bobbing. I hate apple bobbing. I love April though. Hey sweetie!


“We aren’t cute. WE ARE MEN OF THE WORLD.” – Marlon *No. You two are cute together.*

The Bonfire

Pete is on the road to accusing Moses and Isaac at this point.

WOW. WHAT A SHOT. WOW. I loved that shot with the eye and fire.

Wow. Thanks for joining the plot, Aaron. It been awhile.

Hmmmmm….Adam wasn’t very nice to either one of them. They are just saving your ass…you ass.

UM. Liv has a drinking problem, Aaron. You should know this by now. Oh, wait…everyone ignores that for some reason.

Why is this a thing again? Why didn’t Zak and Lisa tell him? I don’t like that. It was dumb. Waste of time.

Awww. Poor Doug.

Oh geez. Moira looks freaked out.

Yeah. Aaron believes you there Adam.




‘It’s Just Speculation!


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Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 2, 2017

Welcome to the pre-show. I’m in a much better mood and looking forward to the drama, intrigue and general insanity that comes with watching a soap.  That is what we are watching. A soap opera. Soap operas are designed to withstand long winding stories that have many twists and turns for our favorite and not so favorite characters.  It can be tiresome but usually worth the wait.  Watching a soap opera is like visiting family and hearing about what is going on in their lives. For about 30 to 60 minutes we can forget our troubles and be happy that we don’t have their Let’s.  It’s easy to get upset over what our favorites go through but its all part of the story. The harder they fall, the higher they will soar. The higher they soar, the harder they fall. You get the point. Soap operas are its own animal and watching them requires some patience.  So, grab your drinks. Grab some snacks. Put your feet up. Enjoy the ride.

So, let’s crack on!

The Thomas Family

Having to explain grief to a child is tough. As an adult I don’t fully understand it. Not without the seven stages at least.

Gabby is on the run!

Awwww. Gabby’s background is a picture of her, Laurel and dad! *bubble wrap her heart*

OH SHIT. Gabby you don’t have to talk to them. Don’t say anything.

So, Gerry and Liv are the new best friends? I don’t hate it.

Bernice was just a mother. I don’t blame her.

Oh crap. Laurel. Darling. No. Please no.

Laurel is starting to lose it a bit. Getting jumpy. Eyes a bit wild.

BOB! Hey buddy! Whats up! I love Bob. Oh god. Ross. What is Ross doing?

Ross looks guilty to me.

Didn’t Gabby steal the memory card? It wasn’t left on the grave at all.

HA. TOLD EVERYONE. LAUREL. I love my girl but Laurel. LAUREL.

Caroline lying for Laurel. *DUN DUN DUUUNNNN*


The Bartons

Ross is just a zombie these days.

God. The Bartons are a mess. No love lost there.

Ross is awake again. Less zombie like.

“You will be accusing Sandy soon!” – HA OOOHHH…SANDY. It’s always the quiet ones. *wink*

I hate Pete right now. He is just annoying.

David’s Grocery

Adoption for Vadam. Dead in the water Vadam. Hmmmmmm.

Leo! I love Leo. Cutie! I love seeing him back on screen.

Paddy’s Office

Marlon and Paddy trying to get Leo’s teaching assistant back after Paddy screwed up. This could be funny to watch.

Rhona is going to bitch slap Paddy. Lets watch! *ha ha ha ha*

Vanessa and Rhona. Best friends to the end. *sings*

The Police

I guess that means Bernice and Lawrence aren’t married anymore? Does anyone have an answer to that?

Good. Laurel needs to step in. Oh no. Laurel needs to go in. Not Bernice! Oh god no. Gabby is screwed!

I’m not liking this guy. I know he is doing his job, but I’m very protective over Laurel.

I’m sorry. Those questions feel a bit leading. I know in an interview they need to get the truth out of people but for a minor…there are rules in place. I assume Britain has the same rules.

Also, other than weak motive, the memory card proves nothing. I don’t think Gabby did it.

I think Gabby has the note because the church is near the grave so she would have found it.

I’VE GOT MOTIVE TOO, Bernice! *wink*

The Pub Crew

Marlon and Paddy. Britain’s answer to the Marx Brothers.

Watch. She will think they are a couple.


Rhona is about to screw this all up!


Vanessa shaking her head at Marlon’s jokes gave me life.

Moira’s Farm

Moira doesn’t seem that thrilled about it all. *eek*

Victoria. BABIES AREN’T AN ASSOCERY! They are for life!

Adam’s not showing up at any point now. Whoops. Flat tire.  However, something is missing from his car. Hmmmmm.

Faith is making a sandwich and pissing off Victoria. I LOVE FAITH.

Oh god. Faith. *Snorts*

I’m adding this because my dear friend Justine made a good point. The show is pushing Aaron and Adam apart. Other than Adam leaving us soon…there must be another reason. *talk about it below!*

Pete is going around accusing so many people. So, Pete is the one who did it? Right? Finding reasons for everyone else?


I’m enjoying Gerry and Liv’s friendship.

Gerry is being integrated into the village nicely. With his fireworks. That won’t go horribly at all.


Gerry is going to murder someone by accident. Isn’t he? Oh Gerry.

I love the look Liv gave him. Like, “You are full of shit Gerry.”

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 1, 2017

Welcome to the pre-show. I think Ryan Hawley has been doing an amazing job since this storyline began. Yeah. I said it. I think Ryan, who has been carrying this story, has done an amazing job. Danny has been in and out (great at what he needs to do but noticeably absent). Emily can barely hold her own against a cell phone let along ANY of the actors on the show. So, this has been Ryan’s year. I see it. I see how amazing he has been. The facial expressions. The noticeable changes in how he approaches Lawrence, Chrissie, Rebecca, and Lachlan. The scheming smug smile. The sadness when he is away from Home Farm and sees the people from his idea of a perfect life moving on. The way he lights up when he talks to others in the village. The anger when something doesn’t go to plan. Ryan has done it all this year. It’s been one hell of a ride too. We have two more months in the year and I expect nothing but the best from him.

We got a show to watch. Let’s crack on!

I don’t feel good today so I might not be my sparkling self. Warning ahead. Bitterness is aplenty.

The Thomas Family

Emma is going to haunt me, kids. This story never ends.

I love Bernice’s outfit. Really cute! *vain moment*

Liv is the bad influence? SURE. WHATEVER Bernice.

My theory of Gabby and Laurel in cahoots seems to be taking shape now.

Bernice is always ten steps behind when it comes to Gabby.

Maybe my theory was wrong. Crap. *back to the drawing board*

“We are all capable of murder.” – Yeah, Laurel! THIS IS A SOAP. Get with the program.

That’s the second time in one week they mentioned Rebecca not drinking. We know the bitch is pregnant so that’s not it. Why the fuck do we care if she drinks or not?

Paddy’s Office/Paddy/Rhona

Paddy and Chas are getting weird now. Stop it. Not cute. Something is either wrong with Chas, or she is up to something.

Rhona is back! I love her. Strategy for Leo over Chas. Leo is the important one.

Rhona is just as annoyed as I am with Paddy lately. Nice not to be alone.

Putting a woman over your kid. Paddy remains a dick.

Vanessa slowly walks out of the room slowly. Never to return. *LAUGHS*

Home Farm

Does a blind person dress this bitch? Geez. So ugly.

This family drags everything down on the show. *falls asleep*

David’s Grocery

Pete and Leyla being friends so easily is odd.


Laurel isn’t that type of person so back the frack off Pete.

Adorable. I love that Jai got dressed up for Eliza. *heart eyes*


Yeah. This won’t end well. God.

Robert has his ‘fake’ voice on. GEEZ ROBERT. Stop poking the crazy bear! Idiot. STOP.

Robert. Is there a reason why you were all jolly? It screams bad writing on my end. He was told Rebecca had lost a lot of blood and yet he was sitting there screwing with Lachlan? They needed a reason for Lachlan to really lose it. Whatever. Is this episode over yet? *nope*

Though, the line of bringing in the ‘real’ grandchild is what set Lachlan off. Interesting. I’ll dissect the scene when I’m not in a crappy mood.

Well. We know that the Ford handles well. *Proud Ford Owner*

I hated that. So much. I’m not in the mood for this story today. That’s it. Tomorrow I’ll be in a better mood. Right now, I hated seeing that. I hated the whole sequence. We get it. Lachlan is a monster. WE GOT THAT LAST YEAR YOU IDIOTS. The GA can’t be this stupid to forget Lachlan is a crazy nutbag of stupidness.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 31, 2017

Welcome to the pre-show! Happy Halloween! I am currently watching the movie ‘Halloween’ while wearing Cat Ears and my ‘This is my Cat Costume’ shirt. I may or may not be taste testing the candy (hint: I am).

I’ve been thinking about what true horrors could have awaited our villagers in Emmerdale. What did my twisted bran come up with?

Top 6 Emmerdale Horrors 

Robert actually in love with Lawrence?

Rebecca speaking?

Aaron sleeping with Dr. Creepy?

Liv denying her own feelings?


Thank god that will never happen! (What? I don’t hear anything when Rebecca speaks. She sounds like the adults in the Peanuts cartoons to me.) DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE TRUE HORROR STORY OF EMMERDALE IS? 


Whew. Thank god that won’t happen though.

(Sassy kicking Goat is Sassy and kicking)

Let’s crack on, shall we? *unwraps candy* *fandom slaps the candy out of my hand*

Home Farm

That outfit. No. NO. Free People wouldn’t go that Bohemian.

LYDIA! The light of my life.

Oh. Now Rebecca cares about her. Before she was mocking her. Sure. Bitch.

“Is it really that repulsive?” – Lawrence YES. Yes, it is. Stop it then. Stop me from laughing and cringing off the bed.

Lots of death references. Just saying.

Oh ok. I was about to ask if he was drugging him. Yes. Drug him. Stop him from telling anyone this.

This baby shower is all wrong. It’s in the kitchen. Kerry and Tracy are the only ones who showed up for free stuff. Also, the weirdest people are here. VICTORIA DIDN’T EVEN SHOW UP!?!?! WTF?!?! *LAUGHS* By the way, I think Kerry and Tracy are awesome. Too awesome for her or that family.

Rebecca. You are a snob. Lydia tried so hard to be nice. I’d be happy if anyone would care enough to throw me any type of party.

Why are you filming this Lachlan? Oh wow. Roberts’ eyes are a popping. Then again, my eyes would too if I was hearing someone plot the murder of someone. I’m shocked they didn’t have Lachlan mention that he should have finished the job a year ago.

Get the phone from Lachlan! He randomly filmed it. Robert…lets not push the sicko too far!

God. Robert is really hot right now.


I’d like to point out that Robert gets messier and messier lately. Not with his actions but with his clothes.


The Thomas Family/Bernice

Arthur is a zombie! Nice!

Gabby. GABBY. Stop acting like you did something wrong. *looks around nervously*

David’s Grocery

So, is everyone being forced to go? Makes more sense now. Rebecca doesn’t have friends. She isn’t likable enough to have interesting enemies…other than Robert.

I love the talk about weird vs. eccentric talk.  Poor vs. Rich.

This Chas and Paddy thing. Eh. EH. She is trying too hard. Ew. Stop.

The Sharma Family

Jai. Please. Spend time with Eliza. She needs you right now. It’s ok.

Um…some random person. Ok then.

Oh. He is from the support group.

Oh hey,…little plot where Jai just comes around. Awesome? I’m confused, but I’ll go with it.

Bernice’s Beauty Shop

Oh Kerry! That outfit is hilarious. OH GOD. Pete looks entertained by this though so its ok.

Oh god. Pete thinks Gabby is up to something. Isn’t she too obvious though? Maybe she slapped her and Laurel pushed? I still think Laurel slapped and then Emma fell by accident. That’s my official stance.

The B&B


OH. Drinking again. When are were getting back to that? SHOW? SHOOOOWWW? I love and worry about Liv.

Gabby. Honey. Time to talk. TIME TO TALK. Before Pete gets to you. Please. What did you do?

“Sorry for what I did to you.” With flowers? EEK. Creepy.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 30, 2017

Welcome to the pre-show. Alright, my dear friends. We are heading into very interesting territory as we enter November. The story is finally moving. EVERYONE. The story is moving forward. We are moving towards a conclusion. WE ARE SO CLOSE NOW.  So, instead of feeling down about what is coming (the birth of the baby) think of it as the kick off to the final act of this story. Watch the amazing performances coming from Ryan, Danny, Thomas, Louise, and John (he is actually trying! I saw it! I swear!).  Think of how the story won’t be in filler hell. We are finally running towards a conclusion now. We are getting close now. Things might not be what we expected but it’s close to ending.

Also, goats. (I know. I forgot about them a few times last week. Watch this space. There might be a gif in your future.)

Alright, let’s crack on!

The White Family

Robert being fake excited over the car is cracking me up. Ryans face. Adorable.

Glamping. I do any type of camping. Glamour or otherwise.

Lydia is the bright spot in this hell house called Home Farm.

Why are the Whites so mean to Lydia? Lydia is amazing, and they are pure trash. A-holes. Lydia…you are amazing. You keep being you.

Also, once again, Rebecca never makes her own decisions. What a waste of space and a waste of a character. *GET OFF MY SCREEN* *COUNTDOWN*

Maroon is so Roberts color. He looks nice and comfy though.

I can’t stop laughing at Lawrence and Robert. It just makes me so uncomfortable I can’t stop laughing at how weird this is.

OH GOD. I HAD TO LOOK AWAY. *can’t stop laughing*

Robert seemed confused that all of this is working so easily on Lawrence. That kind of makes me laugh.


That wasn’t that bad, by the way. I know people will overthink what is going on but it really wasn’t that big of a deal. I couldn’t imagine what John and Ryan were thinking reading this. *GIGGLES*

Robert is giving looks like he can’t believe this is working.

Did anyone else notice that odd shot of Rebecca after Chrissie gives that speech about Robert? It might be wishful thinking but when the show is back up…I need to rewatch. Something is up there. That whole speech…there was a reason for it. Other than Chrissie being a hypocrite.

I found that hot but at the same time, Robert? Let’s not taunt the psycho. Please?

Moira’s Farm

Sarah. I feel like something might be happening with Sarah. Don’t ask me why. *heart is worried*

The Bartons

I know people think its Pete but that feels too easy. All the suspects feel too easy. Then again…I guess it isn’t about that. Its about how everyone is feeling and the enemies left behind by Emma.

Pete just wandering up to Gabby was random. I’ll buy it.

50 Shades of Tom Penthouse

Oh god. Debbie and Tom and this arrangement makes me uncomfortable.

Debbie being looked down on annoys me. Boo old man. BOOO!

EWWWW! Good girl Debbie. Fight back. Except he is into that.


At least Tom took her side. That’s good.

Oh. Well. I still think Tom and Debbie have more chemistry than Debbie and Ross. So…I guess I took a side.

The Café Crew

Vanessa and Megan have really grown on me. Not them as a couple, obviously, but as characters.

The Pub Crew

Why has Lydia added herself to the ‘baby’ storyline? That is odd.

Hey. Victoria. You aren’t having the baby. Did you forget that again? I swear Victoria is the worst right now. THE WORST.

Jai is afraid to be near his daughter. That is actually sad.

The Thomas Family

Arthur! He looks so happy!

“She is in one of her moods.” – Arthur knows whats up. *snorts*

Gabby. GABBY. NO. Please don’t tell me you did something you shouldn’t have.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Love: Robron Style

Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.

James A. Baldwin


Love isn’t finite. It’s is designed to be infinite.  For example, I love my parents. I love chocolate. I love Starbucks (like every good white girl), and I love old movies. All those examples are different people and objects that I love. That love is different. How I love my parents differs from how I love Starbucks.  No type of love is the same.

That brings me to Robert and Aaron.

Lately, mostly on Tumblr, I’ve seen ‘asks’ and comments on Robert, Aaron, and their love. Some are writing that ‘They can’t believe that Robert loves the baby instantly! What about Aaron? Aaron is always the one that gets shafted. He deserves better than Robert! Isn’t Robert betraying Robert by saying he wants to do right by his son?” (this is a mass generalization of what I have seen on Tumblr and a bit on Twitter).

Here is where I stand on these questions and opinions that are populating Tumblr and Twitter.

Robert and the Baby

We are along with Robert for the ride when it comes to the baby. Since we don’t see this pregnancy from Rebecca’s viewpoint, we are getting Robert’s.  Robert is framing the baby as a negative right. In his eyes, the baby is why Aaron is gone. The baby is why he is stuck with The White Family. The baby is why he lost the life he wanted.

However, like we saw on Friday and that terrified look as he felt that baby kick? That was the first kick into Roberts realization that the baby is a real thing. It is a little human being on its way into the world. It went from a concept for him to an actual living breathing human that shares his blood (for now at least).

Robert struggling with the baby but wanting to do better or love it isn’t a bad thing. It’s someone coming to terms with reality.  It’s normal to not bond right away with a child. It will happen when it is time. For Robert, he needs to go through all the emotions he has been fighting and hiding through his schemes and general sadness. When he is ready, he will bond, and it won’t be a betrayal or affront to Aaron.  The developing of that love is quite different from the love that is already there with Aaron. They are two different worlds that don’t meet.

This type of love, parental love is different from loving a partner.

Aaron’s Relationship to Robert and this Story

This isn’t Aaron’s story. He is in the supporting cast. The first rung of the supporting cast but he is supporting. There is a reason why Aaron has been absent. This story isn’t about him this time around. Last year he got an amazing story about his abuse where Robert was supporting. Backing Aaron up whenever he needed it. Helping move the story forward.

That is Aaron position in this story. It’s Robert on the front lines and Aaron is designed to help move the story forward.

Currently, In Aarons’ head, the baby is also framed negatively. It is the concept that broke up his marriage, made him think very dark thoughts and he cannot see the child without thinking of the cheating. Perfectly valid reasons to frame the child negatively. After breaking up with Robert and having a few moments with him, Aaron has removed himself from the narrative for a while. He is taking care of Liv, he is trying to get better mentally and physically and even went on a trip to visit old friends.

Now, with the baby being born very soon, Aaron will be thrown back into the narrative whether he wants to or not. He presence and his talks with Robert will push Robert forward in his journey to thinking of the child as a negative to a positive. Otherwise, this is Roberts story. His ‘come to Jesus’ moment if you will.

In six weeks lots can change in the narrative.  Aaron might find himself stepping up to help Robert, or he will find himself stepping back. We don’t know, but lots can happen in six weeks. Aaron is there in the background, helping push the narrative forward in small ways but ultimately everything he does is his decision. Robert isn’t forcing him to stick around. Aaron choices are his own as a supporting character.

Aaron still loves Robert (he always will) but right now that romantic type of love isn’t what is needed from Aaron to Robert. The love Aaron has for Robert as a friend is what is needed now.

Aaron/Robert Deserve Better Than Aaron/Robert

I’ve seen this going around quite a bit in the general ‘Robron’ fandom which makes me laugh. Robert and Aaron are two very perfectly imperfect people. They both have been through a lot in life. They both have made bad decisions. They have tried to be better people. They both have relapsed in small and big ways. They are both very layered and very human. They are full of gray, and that is what makes them interesting apart and together.

They are worthy of each other. Robert and Aaron are the type of characters that are always going to take five steps forward and six steps back. They will grow and do better but relapse. That makes them feel even more real and one hell of a super couple. A super couple that needs to get back to a place where they can communicate, trust and is an equal partnership.

A romantic love that goes beyond the typical. The hearts and passionate declarations. Robert and Aaron have that down. They have done that. The love they need to develop now? Is the mature love. That settled in love. The kind where trust, communication, and a partnership can form.

So, like I said in the beginning, there are different types of love that we experience every day. They don’t mean the same thing to each person or thing in your life, but it exists.  Same applies to the final act of this story.  It isn’t the end of the world that this baby has arrived. It just signals the beginning of the end of this story.  The end of one chapter in Roberts and Aarons lives. From this point on its going to develop into something different. Something new. Something worth waiting to see. We will see Robert grow from plotting revenge against people that just don’t matter to deciding to be better for himself, his family and baby. He will be learning about parental love and loving himself by making better choices.  We will see Aaron make the decision to back Robert up without sacrificing his feelings in the process. Aaron will learn to love himself and love Robert as a friend and as a partner. It will be worth the wait in the end.

What do you think? Tell me below or Tweet/Tumblr me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, see you around Emmerdale.

Thanks to Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) for coming up with the title

Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 27, 2017

Welcome to the pre-show!  I see everyone’s spirits are down and nobody is looking forward to this November. Ok, some of us are while others are cautious, and some are just in hell. Right now, because of this divide, people are easy pickings again.  Every little bit of speculation and fan thought gets used as fact and causes undue panic.

Don’t panic. We have so much to look forward to and it’s not like we are in freefall. It isn’t like the times of the ONS, the reveal or the breakup episodes. We have a light at the end of the tunnel. We have a soft-landing place (as soft as a landing place can be on a soap).  We have Christmas week and all the first half of 2018. We know once we get the year started we are heading towards a summer wedding. There is a lot of good coming our way. In this final act, the final leg, the seventh inning stretch, and the last hurrah there will be a lot of pain. That pain will grow numb and soon we will be feeling joy because we know it has to work out.

So, we can’t fight what has already been done. Just got to sit back, find a bitch buddy, get some snacks and ride it out. Enjoy the performances of Ryan, Danny, Louise, Thomas, and John. For Emily, we just hope we don’t have to watch that birth scene for too long.  Don’t try to panic and just ride out the story. We have a light and a soft-landing waiting for us at the end of a long year.  I have faith it will all work out. I have faith we will look back at the story and see the connections we missed. I have faith we will get a good payoff from this build up.  I have faith it will all work out.

Alright, enough of that schmaltzy positive crap. Let’s crack on!

Note: OH. OOOOHH. November sounds good. So good. MOVEMENT. STORY MOVEMENT MY FRIENDS. We are getting movement and things are looking good.

Moira’s Farm

Faith with Baby Isaac! That kid is so freaking cute. I love him.

Moira was fine. Moira is also not in a good place.

Faith is the go-between Moira and Cain. God bless her.

Faith. The ultimate Coira shipper. *high five*


They are hiding still? This is just stupid.

I think Chas likes hiding because its exciting. That’s it.

The Pub Crew

An early morning walk in last night clothes? Both of you? *HA*

Charity finally has someone to call her out on her crap. There is the Chas I know and love.


Dude. Charity. Shut up. Debbie is covering your butt.

Oh hey. Charity is out.

I think Debbie has feelings. Not just sex for her. Setting up a foundation for Tom to enter the village. Not just Debbie.

I am not into this Paddy and Chas thing. Its getting weird now.


Jai is afraid to be with her. That’s sad. It will be ok though.

Why does Frank think one of them did it? *HA*

I’m glad Jai is talking about his worries to his dad. He needs to talk it out.

I kind of ship Megan and Jai. That or I enjoy seeing their friendship. *DON’T HATE ME*

Home Farm

Oh hey! Victoria heard baby and she showed up.

“That’s the one thing that unites us.” – Lydia. Yes. Death does unite us. Death to The White Family does too.

Victoria. The Whites can judge all they want. They don’t freaking matter. *SHUT UP VICTORIA*

Hypnobirth. Also, “shock of your life.” *THEORY FOREVER* *ADAM THEORY FOREVER*

Lydia is too pure for this show. Lydia doesn’t have to decorate That place is full of horrors called The White Family. Robert is stuck in their hell house set up.

OH GOD. Emily. GOD. YOU SUCK. I am not looking forward to your birth scenes. God. I hope for Christmas you get acting lessons and try not to rely on your daddy’s name for jobs. You don’t deliver the same as him. *Oh. That was mean. Getting my inner Charity on right now*

I didn’t know if it was the bad acting or did Rebecca look like she was faking? Like…something seemed off about that.

The Whites always reference American pop culture. I find that odd. Is that meant to show that they don’t fit in this English village.

Hmmmm….Hello SJ! I’m fine with Robert loving his child. I’d be worried if he didn’t come around to the kid. Ryan is great at expressions. I love his acting. *NTA shortlist here we come!*

Tom ’50 Shades of Grey’ Penthouse

Debbie and Tom. Laying the foundation so he can move into Emmerdale. YAY.

Debbie is talking about Charity with Tom. They are getting very close. Beyond sleeping together close.

I still like them better than Dross.

Tom has a bit more personality today. Good for him!

He needs a pretty girl. Why not. *shrug* Slippery slope there.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 26, 2017

Welcome to the pre-show. I put this up on my Tumblr and I’m repeating it here too. Please take some comfort in what I have to say. It will be ok.

You know what. I had a lot to do today. I wanted to do laundry, take a shower, work on fixing a coding issue and maybe look for some old Halloween blog posts I wrote last year to share. However, someone else had other plans and I’m very weak. SO WEAK.

These very detailed (I think slightly bent in one direction) spoilers aren’t that bad. In fact…I’m excited. Why excited?

There are a few factors to consider.

  • How something is written down and how they are portrayed on screen are two different animals. How something sounds on paper can be played very differently on screen.
  • Consider the source. Sometimes people watch an episode illegally and write down what happens. Sometimes their own opinions and feelings get in the way. So, how something sounds might just be speculation. SO, consider that.
  • Ryan will BE AMAZING to watch. This is just the beginning of all the emotional backlash and breakdown. This is his moment. Let’s celebrate and feel it with him. We will be seeing more as we get closer to Christmas.
  • Rebecca still doesn’t matter. *Oh god…that is sad but in a funny way. I know. I’m horrible. Deal with it.*
  • The sting is taken out because we know Christmas and beyond. Robert and Aaron will find their way back and figure it out. It will be ok.

So, please. Meltdown. Scream. Get it all out. Remember, it will be ok. We are going to be treated to some madness, great acting and maybe a few clues along the way. So, let’s take a deep collective cleansing breath and take it episode by episode.

Let’s crack on!

The Pub Crew

Ah, Debbie’s birthday! How old is Debbie?

Welcome home, Aaron! Now everyone is home, and we can start the final act.

“I’ll write in it later!” – Charity *Oh god. Couldn’t sign your name to the card?*

Oh hey! That plot is back! Charity put another loan out on the pub! *DUN DUN DUUUNNN*

I think Charity should get yelled at for this. I guess Tom has to step in? Right?

Oh boy. That line. I don’t like it. “Lie back and think of the pub!”

That Aaron and Paddy’s hug was odd. *HA*

Who is Dara? Oh. He was boring. *HA*

CLOWN. NOOOOOOO! I hate Clowns. Paddy dressed as clown. NOOOOO.

Wait. Did Aaron say Chas was seeing someone? Dara? Knew something was up!

Well, Charity is going to get the job done. Oh boy. Very interesting.

They are having this conversation with Paddy dressed like clown.

WOW. I just wrote that about PADDY! Insane. I was right on characterization.

This whole party feels off to me, but I’m distracted right now.

A sweet Moira and Debbie scene. I hoped the show would discover the dynamics of Debbie and Charitys relationship some more. Its ok.

Charity’s ONS just robbed the pub. GREAT JOB CHARITY!


Well, Chas came home and jumped on that…well…I’ll keep it PG right now.

I know this is a very unpopular opinion, but I feel like Chas uses Paddy as a port in the storm. I might be wrong, but she only shows up when she is feeling off or comes back from somewhere.

Marlon has a fancy teapot by the way. The British take their tea very seriously.

I have to say that Lucy looks a lot more comfortable than when we last saw her. She must be happy to have her little ones out in the world. Also, she doesn’t have to hide behind anything.

Why does Chas want this so badly? Why does she want this a secret? This is going so fast. It’s really confusing.

“He had a 12-pack?” – HA Poor Paddy. *not really*


Home Farm

I can’t even get upset about them anymore. They are just…there.

Robert being cute. Let’s enjoy! *heart eyes*

Robert looks tired. He isn’t sleeping.


Lachlan looks so thrilled. *HA*

Robert has his look on his face like, “Why can’t I be with the Dingles right now? I miss my extended family.”

Faith and Chas! Faiths speech to Chas was great. We are also skipping over a lot story I think. Something is off about Chas. OH…Ok…the writers, are rebooting things. Gotcha show.

Robert is off in the shadows watching these people. Very interesting

Oh god. Robert’s face. OH MY GOD. He is in hell. He isn’t even hiding it and those idiots are too stupid to see it. He wants to cry. *BUBBLE WRAP*


I’m very confused by Megan and Frank’s relationship. I know Frank just called himself a prince and terrible but that could describe all the characters. Every single one. Minus the kids.

Oh no! Eliza! Oh gosh. That looks terrifying.

This story will make me really sad.

David’s Grocery

Ah. Lachlan is getting his driving license. *EEK*

Robert listening in. He is the worst spy ever.

I see Chrissie is back to not trusting Robert. All of that last week was a waste of time.


Faith is a Coira shipper! *high five*

I like Harriet, but she isn’t meant for Cain. Cain and Moira. Always.

Tom ‘50 Shades of Grey’ Penthouse/Hotel

I feel like we can’t get to know Tom until he moves into Home Farm so…right now everything feels off and wrong.

They have him here living separate from Emmerdale and it’s getting weird now. I want to know more about him. I feel like I don’t know anything. I want to know more, and the show won’t let me.

Oh boy. He is sending Graham over! HA! I wonder if him and Charity…maybe…hmmmm…


I know he is playing a role, but I thought Graham would do this someday. *LAUGHS LIKE A MANIAC*

Charity is working it but Tom has the upper hand. Finally, someone has the upper hand on Charity.

David’s Grocery

Jai and Cain. That’s an old dynamic.

OH. Cain gets the motherly figure when he is drinking, but Robert gets screwed over. GOT IT. *Forever Bitter* *Forever a Sugden Support Squad Member*

Megan is just like…”Hey Cain! So…support group!”

Faith laying down the law. Love it. Mama Faith is here.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 25, 2017

Welcome to the pre-show.

(Advice for people in the fandom. I’m going to try and follow it and so should everyone else. Happy fandom. Happy life. )

So, let’s crack on.

Moira’s barn

Victoria is crying at the drop of a hat and acting weird. Show. SHOW. What are you thinking?

Faith. I love you but put your feet down please. PLEASE. I have issues with feet.

Mrs. Dingle. *dreamy eyes. Ignores the truth*


Oh. Marlon. So cold. *snorts*

April and Marlon look sad. Awwwww…idiots. I love them.

April is wise. Listen to April Marlon.

Oh my god. Marlon being pushed on the swings by April was great.

Marlon and Paddy are going to reunite everyone! *LAUGHS*

Oh look. Lucy and Ethel. Here is a question. Who is Lucy and who is Ethel? Tell me below!

April is looking at them like, “MY TWO DADS!” “IDIOTS” *HA*

“Misters before sisters” CUE CHAS RETURN.


  1. Wow. Welcome home Chas! WTF WAS THAT?!?!?!

The Pub Crew

We are seeing more of the kids lately. Sarah and Jack. I wonder if the rumors of Sarah being sick again is coming true. I hope not. I love seeing Sarah well.

Charity is getting interested in the news Tom is still around. Eek.

Poor Vanessa. Her friends and family mean well.

I love that! Vanessa, Leyla, Rhona and Tracy. BOOK CLUB BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!

I wonder if giving Debbie her own house gives us a grounding place for a Sarah story.

David is looking good. Good for you David! *wink*

David’s Shop

I really want a David’s Shop bag. SO BADLY. Make merchandise for Americans ITV! We are here and we have money to burn! *not really but yeah*

Yes, adoption does take ages. Its like they are making sure kids go to the right people or something Victoria.

No Harriet! Stay with us!

Auction House

Team DEBBIE! Screw The Whites.

Jimmy is up to something. Oh no. Are they driving it up to get even more.

David. *SNORTS*

I wonder if that lady behind Chrissie was related to Tom in some way. Debbie smiled at her. Unless she was smiling at Chrissie.

Neither won. Just Eric. How nice for him. *HA*

KNEW IT. HA. She has Jacobs Fold now but not on her own terms. OH TOM IS IN TROUBLE! Its also gross he didn’t honor her word of wanting to get it on her own. Other hand, he knew she might not win too so he hedged his bets a bit. Against himself but there you go.

Cain’s Garage

I feel like its impossible to live in Emmerdale once you dated someone serious there. You will always see them.

Tires treads. They must have found some near Emmas body or something.

Also, I hear Barlow and I think Adam and Corrie. Damn that show.

Cain had the face of, “Yeah…sounds fake but yeah.” *HA*

Ross? You are looking super guilty. Shut up.

Oh. Well. Harriet and Cain. Ok then. SIGH.

The Café Crew

“His pram’s wheels have been ruled out…” – Faith *HA I LOVE THAT* Also, there goes my guess of Isaac pushing Emma! *wink*

Cain isn’t a bad dad? EH…I guess in soap terms he isn’t a bad dad.

Tom’s Penthouse

I see the 50 Shades of Grey connection now. Tom thinks he knows better.

I’m enjoying the view though. *slaps face* that’s not the point! Damn.

That’s my girl. Debbie standing up against that crap. Good for you!

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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(Cake please!)

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

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