Wild Thoughts on Coronation Streets Big Week – Aidan Connor and David Platt

So, I got to watch this week’s Coronation Street. I have a lot of feelings (as all do).  I’ll start with the good and then the bad. This is a free thought piece so if there are some things that are wrong it will be corrected down the line.  Right now I need to get this out so I can work on my story.

The Good

Aidan killing himself was handled well.  The show could have easily fallen into the overwrought and maudlin territory, but it didn’t get there at all.  It was sad in the right ways.  I know that sounds horrible, but Aidan’s goodbyes were hard to watch, and you knew what was coming.  What I was surprised by was how much I enjoyed the Eva and Aidan scene.  Then I was reminded of a time when I enjoyed that couple.  When I looked forward to seeing them.  It was nice to see them back there one last time.  Heartbreaking really.

Speaking of heartbreaking let’s talk about Johnny. He was the only character that got me crying.  His muffled screams and his face. Just….it was haunting.  He refused to leave his son’s body.  He was broken.  Anytime I saw him I just burst out crying which I’m not a crier. It takes a for me to cry at a television show.  Carla was great too.  She had to keep it together for everyone’s sake.  She was glue.  She wanted to fall apart but she knew she had to keep her family on track.  Keep them from falling completely apart.  I loved the phone call with Michelle though.  For a few seconds, she let the mask fall.  She allowed herself to feel because Michelle is a safe place.  Also, even though they are fighting, they didn’t let it get in their way.  It was a moment I’ve experienced myself with my best friend.  It’s a good reminder that life can change in an instant and those fights seem petty. Time to let go and move forward.

The show didn’t romanticize suicide.  Which is important.  It was dark. It was sad. It felt wrong.  The show showed the aftermath.  It showed what it could do to families, friends and a community at large.  There was no flowery goodbye note. It was short. It was scary. It’s good to show that what Aidan did was incredibly sad, and its effects go beyond the actual act.

Speaking of unspeakable acts, David’s story came to ahead which is what I have been waiting for.  David so shook up by Aiden finally told Shana what has been going on. FINALLY. As hard and scary of a moment it was, it felt uplifting.  It was like a weight was lifted off David’s and the audience’s shoulders. Someone else knows and can help him.  Keep him safe and stable. Love him.  It was a good moment.

The Bad

I know this is very sensitive and really affected a lot of people. Brought up some bad memories for some. I’m going to be very harsh in this section so if you are sensitive about the week please stop reading here. I don’t want to purposely upset people.  Ok? Good. Let’s continue on with the bad.

It was a lot to cover in one week.  A LOT. I feel like David’s story, which has been ongoing, was swallowed up by the Aiden goodbye drama.  I feel like David deserved his own moment not sandwiched in between mourners and baby drama.  I understand that Aiden’s sudden departure from this earth was used as the catalyst for David to come clean and get some support but I don’t know. David deserved his own moment and his own episode.  This week belonged to Aiden and Aiden alone.

This is something I tweeted about a while ago and now I’m going to explain what I mean.  Just because a show has an amazing week doesn’t erase the rest of the year and the crap the show has done.  I feel like Kate Oates is good at the BIG DRAMA EPISODE/WEEK.  She did amazing with the Woolpack Standoff.  However, much like what Corrie went through, the build-up was crap.  It was rushed and feels like it was done because the British Soap Awards is about to start, and they wanted to finally beat Emmerdale.  The rest of the past year has been mixed, stupid or just unbelievable.  Phelan, Gemma being beaten while the guy gets away with cheating, Anna being jailed for doing nothing wrong and writing a crappy same-sex couple…there is a lot more, but you get it.  Just because the show had one hell of a week doesn’t mean its amazing or better than another show.  I keep seeing how Kate Oates is amazing and has made Corrie better than anyone else. Give me a break. She just repeated what she did on Emmerdale only it went worse.

Same goes for Emmerdale by the way.  Just because you aren’t happy about a certain storyline doesn’t mean the show is complete crap.  Yes, the Robron story last year was rough but in hindsight it makes sense and just made them stronger.  I hated it, but it didn’t pepper any other part of the show for me.  I know that there will be moments I hate about a show, but I also know it will work itself out or I can focus on another part of the show.  Just because a storyline sucks doesn’t mean the show sucks. I see so many acting like IM will kill Corrie. No, he won’t.  He will fix Kate Oates mistakes once again.  Here is hoping he will fix Kana since man…they suck right now.

I was harsh above but that is how I feel. You do not have to agree in any way. I’m just speaking my truth.

Speaking of Kana, Kates reaction (which I know it’s a common reaction) was annoying.  Took me out of the moment. Same with Maria.  Eva had the right to be truly upset. They were to be married. They have a child.  Maria was his side piece that I rolled my eyes at when she was sitting outside curled up.  I know that sounds incredibly harsh but…ugh. Go away, Maria.

So, it was a great week but it doesn’t erase all the stupid the show has been going through.  I feel I might be biased since I’m not a fan of Kate Oates style so that might be why I’m reading more into this.  I do know that I will miss Aiden even though he annoyed the hell out of me, I will miss him.  I’m glad David finally shared his pain with someone who loves him and will have his back.

So, what did you think? Tell me below and I will see you all around soon.




Playing Devils Advocate: Four Times the Devil!

Here we are. Another year. Another drama. So, here I am again to play a little game I like to call:

Devils Advocate: Four Times the Devil!

I am not going to do a huge lead in so let’s begin. I have listed the last three Devil Advocates pieces at the end for your reading pleasure. You can see how wrong I was about a lot in those pieces. It is a fun read.  It also proves this is just my thoughts and my opinions. Nothing is set in stone.

I am going to cover some heavy-handed speculation that has been discussed more than anything else. So let’s crack on!

Speculation #1 – Rebecca is Staying because….

With one tweet everyone is now in a tailspin.  Ms. Head is still filming. So, here is the speculation. Rebecca comes out of the coma and has

  • Full blown amnesia
  • Brain damage
  • Wakes up with short-term memory loss that comes back
  • Wakes up healthy

Why This Could Be Happening

Since the voicemail was deleted, we now have Rebecca to remember what happened in that car. So, they spread out the story to show Lachlan’s slow demise into madness. The show has shown that he is feeling guilty for his actions and now that Rebecca could wake up and remember? He now must figure out if he has it in him to kill again.

Here comes the breakdown:

  • Full Blown Amnesia: It still makes Lachlan nervous, but he knows he does not know anything. This gives the show a breathing period for Lachlan and gives Rebecca a blank slate. That could be a way to reinvent the character and set her up in a different way. Rework her personality (or pick one) and reinvest into fixing her. Lachlan’s secret comes out another way.
  • Brain Damage: Rebecca wakes up but can’t talk. She slowly remembers as she tries to get better. Lachlan slips into madness wondering if she remembers and will she find a way to tell. Finds ways to keep her in a quiet state.
  • Wakes Up with Short-Term Memory Loss: A version of the amnesia plot but she does not remember, and Lachlan can start to fill her head with other ideas until the memory comes back and Lachlan has to act.
  • Wakes Up Healthy: Wakes up remembering everything but she debates if she should rat her nephew out or play along. Causing him to lose it anyway. He kills her in madness, or she confesses she remembers, in the end, setting off another chain of events.

Why This Isn’t Happening

Even as Rebecca lays in that bed? Its all about Lachlan. How Lachlan is reacting. How Lachlan is debating her fate. How Lachlan will get away with his dirty little secret of trying to kill his family.  No matter what happens, it will not be about Rebecca. Yes, she wakes up, but it will be about Lachlan and what he does next.

Like much of this storyline, she will play a part, but she is not the star. She is the plot device we all know and agree is breathing and on screen.

Its all about investment in the character when it comes to Rebecca. What is the level of investment the show is willing to put in? So far, going off what they have done with her till now, there isn’t much investment there. They sold her car and put her clothes into the rotation of the other ladies on the show. They still haven’t put her picture up on the cast list. Her makeup is limited at best (she wears quite a bit of makeup on the show too). She is going to be staying longer than we expected but for her to stay, there would have to be a level of investment I have not seen yet. Time will tell.

Do you know what I want to see? People to stop acting like they know what is going to happen when they do not. How can you be disappointed in something that hasn’t happened yet?  Seriously. Let the story play out and stop thinking the worst. Iain is not lying to you. He is not even thinking of the whole fandom. He is thinking how I can shock the general audience with some twists and turns. How can he sell a story to the general audience?  If Danny being happy isn’t telling people anything then they are a lost cause.

Speculation #2 – Seb is Staying/Leaving  

I feel this is self-explanatory. However, this does not require a ‘Why it Won’t Happen’ section. I am going to outline how it works both ways within the story.

Why This Will Happen


If Rebecca wakes up with bad enough brain damage, she cannot take care of Seb. She will be carted off, and Robert continues being a single dad. Everyone finding their way to a happy middle and a family is born. It won’t happen overnight and it will be bumpy times but it can happen.


Rebecca does recover, and Lachlan is jailed or killed. Rebecca has no connections to the village, so she continues onto Australia. Robert knows he cannot keep his son from his mother, but they decide that Robert will visit and Seb can visit him when he gets older. Creating a brand-new teenager storyline WAY down the line. Sometimes Aaron joins him.

It is not the first time we saw this on a soap, and it will not be the last. Over time Aaron will grow closer to Seb because he makes the choice. He is not going to punish a child for his parent’s sins. He is not programmed that way. If you think he would? You do not know Aaron Dingle.

Speculation #3 – Robert and Rebecca are the Ones in Love  


I love to put a funny one in there. I respect people’s feelings on many aspects of the show. Everyone can feel how they feel. Except, when it comes to this. In no way shape or form has the show showed Robert or Rebecca being in love or falling in love this past year. That is not going to happen in 2018 either. Stop flooding mailboxes with this false worry. It is not going to happen. It is not in the cards. The show had a full year to have that happen. Do you think with Danny “Robron Captain” Miller going around talking about a lot changing in February with a smile is him lying? If you feel that way, more power to you but there is no proof anywhere that this is going to happen. Robert and Rebecca have no romantic interest, and the show has not shown that either. So, there’s that.

Final Thoughts?

I am going to address some tiny speculation floating around. I’m going to be very truthful. No holding back to save feelings here. Here we go.

Aaron’s point of view is coming. Why is it so late, some of you are saying? So far, this has not been Aarons story. He does not get a point of view because he took the ring off and walked away. He is out of Roberts life so he will not be there for everything. Cherry picking moments that are biased doesn’t prove anything about Aarons feelings. As Danny said in many interviews, lots of Aarons feelings are coming to light in the next couple of weeks. A week in a soap is a very long time. Lots of information can come out in one week. Before you decide how Aaron feels, you should wait for the character to tell you first.

Robert is not boring or had a personality transplant. Not even. He has been through a lot this past year. He has learned a lot about himself. The power he has to do bad things and also good things. He is learning how to be better while still making mistakes. He is trying to be better for himself and his son. That is a good thing and to act like Robert is terrible or boring for that? People are not paying attention to the bigger picture. Robert is growing as a character. That is a good thing. He will still be snarky and want to protect his family and friends but he won’t go to those crazy levels again. He has learned.

Everything comes to an end. Like this storyline. Some need to stop acting like they know what is coming (they do not) and enjoy the ride.  Robron are finding their way back to each other. It will not be simple or easy, and they will be working on issues long after the big kiss. It is a continuing story. They will work on it. It will be a lot of growing together now.  Lachlan is finally being able to shine and be the dominant member of the family while possibly falling into madness. It will not be a clean-cut ending, but it will be a soap ending and thank god for that.

Tell me what you think below or leave me a message on my Tumblr! I will not be taking questions or opinions on Twitter since I am on a self-imposed mental health break. I will not see it, and I will not respond. So, until the next speculation post or Live and Organized, see you around in Emmerdale.

Devil’s Advocate – The Two Main Theories

Devils Advocate: Part Two (More Devil. Less Advocate.)

Emmerdale: Playing Devil’s Advocate (Once. Twice. Three Times the Devil!)


Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – November 23-24, 2017

Hey everyone! I’ve gained 12 million pounds and my feet hurt from wanting to punch people and walking. I’m now sitting down to catch up on what I missed. This review will be different than my normal ones. I will be using gifs for when I don’t have a real opinion or if it’s been talked to death. No one needs to hear the same things repeatedly. So, enjoy this special edition of Emmerdale Live and Organized. Lets begin with Thursday!

THURSDAY (11/23/2017) aka The Windy Episode (The Winds of Change?)

Jacobs Fold Crew

More Sarah feeling ‘ill’ mentions. *sad face*

Awww, a plant. Tom got more interesting in two episodes than any of the whites in the two years they have been around. That tells me a lot as a fan and as a writer.

“This thing with Tom is good.” – Debbie *OH BOY. Famous last words*

I kind of love Graham. He doesn’t do much, but I love him.

Oh god. That’s a nasty gash on her head. *sad face*

Graham and his eye acting. DAMN. I love him even more.

I’m distracted by the fake bubble butt of Tom’s jumpsuit. *dirty mind*

Tom went from, “Evil Mustache Twirl” to “I Will Be Your Hero Baby!”

“I love you.” – Debbie


Bernice’s Salon (Jimmy/Bernice/Nicola)

“You’ve been shopping, why?” – Everyone is falling apart at the scenes! *snort*

Jimmy’s fur jacket cracks me up. I love it on him so much. It makes me so happy.


Karma is coming for all of them.

Home Farm

I won’t lie. I’m distracted by Lydia in the background. She is my favorite. *waves* Wait…what’s going on?

Lydia is too nice to this family. I want her away from them too. *SAVE LYDIA AND ROBERT FROM THE WHITES CAMPAIGN*

So, Robert does everything she wants, and she is still using SJ as a weapon? Wow. What a bitch.

Emily really needs acting lessons. She is so bland. Ryan looks like he is falling asleep. Get him back to Danny stat! He needs another great actor to work against. Emily isn’t cutting it.

A woman who uses her own kid as a weapon? She is a piece of shit.

Lachlan loves seeing his family all upset. Lovely. Such a lovely human being. If we can call him that.

You know what? There is no real reason to keep this from the family. What Robert has done. If she is that worried about her family, she would out Robert and get him out of the equation so the family can worry about Lachlan. She keeps it to herself. Like a weapon. Anything to go after Robert. She has done this before too. There is a pattern to Rebecca. I’m seeing it now.

Gerry being so happy about his friend was cute. I want to like Gerry. I do. I see good in him. He just needs direction and a firm hand to help him there.

Is it bad that I don’t care about Chrissie or her crying? I really don’t give a damn. That’s not good. I should feel something for Chrissie since she is just…in her own story now. Except, I keep dreaming about the day I don’t have to write “The Whites” ever again.

You found the attic by accident? WHAT? *Snort* This is so dumb. I can’t even find the time to be angry. It’s just so dumb. *shrug*


The day Robert is out of the White Family crap for good is the day The Whites disappear. That is how much they don’t matter. How sad? Their time will be forgotten the minute Tom moves into Home Farm. I know I will erase them from my memory.

Well, without Lawrence being brought back to Emmerdale by Sandy, Paddy and Aaron…we wouldn’t have Robert with us. So…The Whites only good deed? Bringing Robert home and showing him the way to his soulmate, Aaron. *ROMANTIZE EVERYTHING*

The Café Crew

Gerry being worried about a friend who treated him like crap is sweet.

I wonder why Robert and Sarah don’t try to get closer. They are family. *I know…in my eyes, they are related*

David’s Grocery (Jai/Frank/Megan Story)

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“Money doesn’t make you happy. Especially at the cost of family.” – Lydia *I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!*

FRIDAY (11/24/2017) aka Same Old Same Old

The Money Stealing Squad

giphy (1).gif

Who is DeeDee? Dede? I’ll look up her name soon. Oh, Bernice’s daughter? Cute.

Everyone lied to this poor girl? Oh, Dee Dee. Emmerdale is insane. You will love it.

The Café Crew

I saw the “Hope Family Album” special on YouTube, and I really wish I was around during the Bob/Viv years. They made me laugh on the special. I can’t imagine watching them in real time!

SO MANY KIDS ARE COMING HOME! TWINS AND BERNICES DAUGHTER! CRAZY TIMES UP IN HERE. I think they heard everyone asking about the twins. *snort* Look at what you all have done! *wink*

Home Farm/Robert/Gerry

Does anyone notice that after Rebecca pushes Robert away, she isn’t doing the whole ‘drawn out baby spit up all over her’ look anymore? Its like she isn’t trying for sympathy there anymore. She could handle the baby on her own. She doesn’t need Robert all the time. Which leads me to believe that she was using him or thought Robert was going to love her as much as he loves SJ.

Also, Rebecca is the writers blank slate. She says or does anything they need her to do or say. Which frustrates the fans and makes us not trust her as a character. I still hope she is full of secrets too. It would be better than what is happening right now.

Gerry’s ‘secrets’ line is interesting. I know he was doing it for Lachlan to get Rebecca to do their evil bidding, but it could have been foreshadowing. Gerry ultimately says what Rebecca said before the ONS. About secrets. I don’t remember the full quote, but it was about secrets and wanting to keep them? *help me out here*

Robert had so much love for SJ. How anyone could try and take that away? Robert knows he has done wrong and has owned up to it now. What about her? Nope? Let’s use this baby as a weapon. What a bitch.

Ok. Lachlan knows about Rug Tree Bonds. So what? *shrug*

I feel like the more this family wants Robert to fall…the less likely they will cause it. Robert will cause his own fall because he needs to fall and climb back up to a better place. The Whites? They are their own worst enemies. Using Robert as a scapegoat helps them ignore that fact but when Robert is gone or out of commission…then what? They only have each other and the secrets each family member hides. What happens then? That is the question on deck. Isn’t it? The Whites not having Robert to blame will fuck them up. Make them leave. Make some die. I am counting the freaking days till they leave the show. *BRING ON TOM LIVING IN HOME FARM*

Gerry. Gerry confuses me. I think he just wants to be accepted even if it’s by the wrong people. Like Lachlan. Gerry seems to be playing all sides of this story, and we will see where he lands sooner or later.


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Jacobs Fold

Charity looks like the YouTuber Beauty Vloggers or me trying to do fancy makeup tricks. It doesn’t end well for anyone. *wink*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 22, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! Wow. I didn’t know my little live reviews were so popular. I mean, I might be everyone’s favorite person to hate (waits for people to mention that I’m not that special, but by commenting that means I am. Hmmmmm).  Awesome. Keep it up.

I hate to break it to the awwwron fans attacking me on my blog today and the last couple of weeks. I’m like the American Government. I don’t care about what you think. These are my thoughts during an episode. I’m open to a discussion where no personal attacks are used, and everyone agrees to disagree at the end, but I won’t participate in yelling, swearing, threats or anything else. Its juvenile and I won’t acknowledge you if you come at me like that.

The first one to yell is the first to lose. Remember that.

So, I know a lot of people want me to shut up and say I’m an asshole. Since I am an asshole, I won’t be going anywhere.

For all five of you that still read my random thoughts (It’s up to five now Loubelle!) I hope you still enjoy my blogs. I truly thank you for reading and replying even when you don’t agree. I enjoy those conversations, and I welcome them. I am still in shock that anyone gives a damn about what I think. I do try to be entertaining, and I do try to stay honest about how I feel. It’s my space. My blog. I get to say what I want for as long as I can.

Alright. On with the show. Goats. *Wait. What?*

Jacobs Fold Crew

*Hello new header!*

“When did it become ok to lie.” – Sarah (kid…you are in a soap opera. We need lies to live.)

Welcome, Tom. You are finally in the village. Start with Sarah and work your way out. Kick the Whites out while you are at it.

This new set is interesting. Not very rustic like the other cottages on the show. Maybe because Debbie is with someone not from the country (so far at least).

I guess we are getting some insight into Tom’s worldview. Interesting. Using 20 questions to do this is interesting.


“You don’t dig a grave and leave it empty” – Tom *sigh*

Home Farm

He is in the attic! *SNORT*

Now Rebecca wants to help? *eye roll*

Wow. Victoria is making sense. Who knew. Even with the truth, you don’t use the baby as a weapon. Only vindictive people do that.

Well, Rebecca is a pathetic little child, so it fits.

None of you put family first so…why start now? Also, the baby is Roberts first priority, not you Rebecca. Why can’t she get this through her head? It was never about you honey. It has never been about you.

“This family is strong.” – Rebecca. *UM…I bet you aren’t.*

I think you all fucking suck. Get off my lawn.

No one hears him drilling holes in the house? Seriously? This is dumb. Lachlan is dumb.


I don’t know any more about them.

New on Emmerdale: Frank keeps the dog. Amanda stays confused.

Vanessa is my ray of sunshine. Love her.

I guess Frank is over going after people?

I’m still worried about Eliza.

OH GOD. I just realized why this dog showed up. OH GOD. *tears*

Um…hello Charity and Vanessa. Where did you two come from? I thought you were over it, Vanessa. Hmmm. I hope they get a build up now. Sell it to me show. I want to be sold to.

The Pub Crew

Aaron gossiping with his family is cute.

Also, like mother like daughter. Hmmmm.

THERE WE GO! That is the emotion I was looking for. All it took was Ryan being away from the actors in the White family. Just like I thought.

Also, Chas didn’t lay into Robert like I expected. My theory on Chas might be true after all. She doesn’t hate Robert to the extent of Liv. Dare I say, she might have his back a bit? In her own way? *Discuss below please!*

I think Robert goes to Aaron out of habit. Aaron is still his safe space even when they aren’t together.

How many times can Robert be beaten down? Seriously. There is a limit. Also, Robert has no one. Aaron is there but for how long. Kissing Dr. Creepy ruins a lot of this. Which Aaron is allowed to do but I don’t have to like it.


I want all of Leyla’s clothes. Now that she is in black/grey clothes. That is my jam. *Tri-State Girl for Life*

At least they heard the fire alarm. *wink*

Moira’s Farm

Moira getting help is good. We are getting there with her.

It will take a lot, but she will get there. I know. I’m convinced that after Robron finds their way back and wrap up their story, Coira will be in the forefront.

Don’t crowd her. Just let her talk when she is ready.

Good scene with Chas and Moira. I liked that. She is there for her. Nice to see! *claps*

Davids Grocery

Rebecca finds Aaron to bitch.

Why would Aaron care about you Rebecca or your family? You ruined his relationship.

Aaron knows Robert loves SJ.

WOW. This bitch has the nerve to act like she is the only one wronged. WOW. What an asshole.

I didn’t like Rebecca running to Aaron like that. NOT AT ALL. Aaron should have told you the fuck off little girl.

Why didn’t Aaron say what he wanted to say to her? I want Aaron to tell her off. I need Aaron to tell her off. For himself. Not about Robert. For how she ruined everything for him.

Goats *WHY IS THAT HAPPENING?* *Looks around*

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 21, 2017

Welcome to the preshow. I’m tired. I’m tired of a lot of things, but since I’m talking about Emmerdale, I’ll limit it to the topic at hand. I’m tired of this story now. I want it to move faster because I’m just tired. I’m impatient, and I’m tired. Usually, when this type of story shows up in a US soap, mini stories are going on to soften the blow a bit.  This is just misery for Robert every freaking week leading up to Christmas. That’s not a good time for me. Yes, I know, blah blah blah. Robert deserves it. Blah blah blah. There is paying for your actions, and then there is overkill.

We are in overkill now.

Whatever. I’m in a very negative mood, and I’m trying to pull myself out of this funk. Does alcohol help? I can do that. I can take a few shots! No, that doesn’t sound healthy. Maybe I should go for a really long drive. Suggestions to get out of my ‘tired’ funk? *Bueller? Bueller?*

Let’s crack on, shall we?

“Is Robert’s secret out?” – No shit its out. Geez. Without it the story would just sit there like spoiled milk. Let’s move this thing along already.

Home Farm

Yes. It’s always Roberts fault. That will be on The White’s gravestones. *eye roll*

Yeah. Family of the year. Why are they still here?

Rebecca. He is here for SJ. Not your skanky ass. Back off. I can’t wait till that bitch leaves. She ruins everything.

Why did she run into the room? I’m confused? Did I miss something? Yeah, that’s Kath. Here comes ‘poor Rebecca’ shit. If you are looking for that,…you won’t find it here. Bitch had it coming. She is no victim.

Let me get this straight. She can’t do invoices on her own, but she can read through spreadsheets and numbers to figure out Rug Tree Bonds was fake. Didn’t she claim to do due diligence? We spent a few episodes covering it. Lots of fighting about it with Chrissie too.

Shrug. Rebecca is a stupid bitch. What can I tell all of you?

Look how quickly the ‘we’ went out the window. Anyone who uses a child as a weapon is an asshole, and I think Rebecca is about to do that.

Feeling numb. He has been numb. I knew this. Everyone with a brain knows this. Does this have to be spelled out for the GA? They can’t be this dumb…can they? Well…

DID THIS BITCH JUST SLAP HIM? OH FUCK NO. You don’t get to hit. People tell me Roberts abusive? FUCK NO. I’m getting more evidence these days that Rebecca is. Mentally and physically. You never hit! NEVER.

They have Robert begging now? To her? FUCK THAT. That bitch deserves nothing.

“As far as I am concerned, you are not this boys father and you will never be.” – Rebecca


I’m….hmmmmmm……..I’m………….I need to post this before I really go off.

Dingles Garage

I’m enjoying the little Coira moments. It’s nice. A breath of fresh air.

“It’s our house. The three of us.”

David’s Grocery

Yeah. Dogs, no matter how cute, shouldn’t be hanging out at the grocery store.

Oh…hey…what happened to Franks whole story? Is it over? Did I miss it? I blinked, and I missed it I guess.

Today on Emmerdale: Frank gets a dog. Amanda takes a nap. *New at 7pm!*

The Bartons

Pete is in full-blown mourning mode? Hiding something? Feeling sorry for himself?

Seriously. Leyla is a better human than me. I wouldn’t be nice to Pete at all. I’m not a nice person I guess. To survive these days being nice gets you nowhere.

I could never pull off those earnings. I think Leyla looks like Audrey Hepburn. I wonder if she has a family connection or just got lucky in the genetics pool.


Aaron seems to be staring at SJ at lot lately.

Yeah. That wasn’t that flirty but Aaron making a joke about the mink was cute. I guess. I’m sorry. Aaron kissing Dr. Creepy is ruining this for me.

Thanks for the rehash of the scrapyard scene. We get it. WE GET IT.

Also, I love Aaron but when he gets all preachy, I roll my eyes. Saint you are not Aaron. Giving advice is fine but don’t get all high and mighty. You have done things too. Bad things. I know this will get me hate but my review my thoughts. Deal with it.

Debbie/50 Shades of Tom/New House

He bought her things. Debbie won’t like that. It’s about her kids and how she can take care of them herself. The thought was nice, but it wasn’t needed. If he knew Debbie, he wouldn’t have done that.

“I don’t care what you want.” – Debbie to Tom

Still better than Dross. *shrug*

She has been sleeping with you. I think she likes you. I mean…come on.

Oh. Sarah. Honey. It’s ok.

Moira’s Farm

This is where you see the difference in quality. Natalie can act. Emily just yells and blinks a lot and expects the audience to fall at her feet. NOPE. You need talent sweetheart.


Oh no. Not Lachlan. *falls asleep*

‘It’s Just Speculation!

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 20, 2017

Welcome to the week and the preshow! This is a holiday week for me so I know I won’t be around to watch live on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.  I’m also currently looking for a country that isn’t over. I hear Sweden is pretty good? Yes? Anyway, moving out of personal issues, we got a lot in terms of spoilers today and things seem…bad. It will be ok but I’m worried about Robert. I know others are just loving seeing him in a lot of pain but for me this is hell. Robert is one of my favorite characters and to see this happening…fuck…it’s tiring. I can’t even get upset anymore. I’m tired. I understand what is happening and why it is happening just…sigh…tired. I still reserve the right to call that other person Dr. Creepy as well as the actor because he is a freaking creeper. Fuck. Dude. No one is responding for a reason. STOP.

*Deep breath* We are almost there.

*Robert Sugden Protection Squad Activated* 

Let’s get this over with.

Moira’s Farm

Shut up Victoria. *checks watch*

I love how we are focusing on Moira listening to this conversation.

I see Adam wasn’t fighting hard to keep his brother around. Just saying. He isn’t into babies as Victoria I bet.

Moira is looking a bit better. Nicely showered. Thinking straight.

Sarah and Charity are a lot alike sometimes. *hmmmm*

Awwww, some Coira. *heart eyes*

Home Farm

Well, let’s not kid ourselves. Rebecca will drop that kid off with a nanny and run off. She is the worst.

I thought you were backing Lachlan, Rebecca? What happened? Turning on family again? She isn’t trustworthy in any sense.

Little baby. Too much arm.

*EYE ROLL* God damn. The Victim Complex these fuckers have about themselves. It’s annoying. So fucking annoying. They are the Trump Family. The British Trump Family.

FINALLY. Lachlan is in the damn attic. He better hear something or else I’ll be the biggest bitch of the fandom about it being a waste of our time. *GRUMBLE*


They are kind of cute. Tom and Debbie. I’ll ship it until he enters the village and the dating pool.

Tom likes to be in control. Someone with too much money and control issues? That’s not good.

The Café Crew

Brenda trying to figure out who is in the fancy car is me in New York.

HEY. PETE. Be nice to Leyla!

The Pub Crew

I think Cain is trying harder with Isaac than Kyle but its two different showrunners, right? Kyle was introduced with Kate and Isaac is Iain. Am I right?

I’m still worried about Sarah dying on us. Which breaks my heart. I pray I’m wrong about that feeling.

AWWWWWWWWW! LOOK AT DADDY CAIN! He looks so cute with baby Isaac close to his chest.

I’m dying at watching Cain be a full-blown dad. LOVE IT. It’s our comedy for this episode.

“Parenthood is so precious.” – Chas *SNORT*


Hey. Zak isn’t a thug. Thug isn’t a PC term anyway. I don’t like it either.

Wishing Well

Lachlan doesn’t fit in with the Dingles. I don’t like him being near Lisa, Belle, and Zak.

I was into Belle and Lachlan, but now I’m creeped out considering what is coming.

Rebecca didn’t tell you to do anything.

I do like that Aaron believes Robert. No questions asked. That’s nice to see.

All Chrissie cared about was the prostitute being in the house. *snort* The White sisters and father are just parents of the year. *eye roll*

“Take some responsibility!” – Chrissie to Lachlan. TELL THAT TO YOUR WHOLE FAMILY AND YOURSELF. Geez.

Thank you for mentioning a few times he hurt Robert, Aaron. *I see you*

I hate to break this to you, Aaron. You both broke each other’s hearts.


Robert trying to bond with Cain. *JUST LET IT HAPPEN SHOW. LET THEM BE FRIENDS*

Aaron seems to care more about Belle than anything else. Flirty that wasn’t for Robron. *glares at fandom*


Pete and Leyla

I see “Leyla” is in full-blown hide the tummy mode. *cute*

Leyla has a big heart. God bless her. Seriously. God bless her.

I wouldn’t be this nice to someone who broke my heart that badly.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718.

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 10, 2017

Welcome to the preshow. This is how I feel about fandom today.


Let’s get on with the show!


Thank you for noticing. The Whites aren’t paying for anything. No one finds this weird. Where is their money?

The Hospital

Once again, the Whites think they are better than anyone.

Also, THING. Screw her.

Also, Rebecca. He doesn’t want you. He never wanted you. He wanted all of what you forced onto him with Aaron. Dumb whore.

She doesn’t care about Aaron. Hearing Aarons name come out of her mouth made me stabby.

Bernice’s Beauty

Well, this spoiler clip makes more sense now.

Everyone talking about death. Money. Interesting.



Everyone is at the scrapyard for once.

How did Aaron hear about the job before Bernice and Victoria? Odd.

This reminds me of when Aaron tried to run too before Robert and Aaron joined forces to fight Gordon. History repeating itself? Robron coming together to fight the Whites?

I love how honest Robert is being with Aaron. *heart eyes*

I really love this conversation. Aaron generally knows everything and Robert told him how he is feeling. I REALLY love these scenes.

EH….Rebecca made it her mission to do it but ok. There is canon proof of that.

Never say never, Aaron. *wink*

So, I hate to break this to Aaron, but it wasn’t just Robert that broke them. So, EVERYTHING is Roberts fault. Not Rebecca who took advantage of a drunk man. Not Aaron whos lack of anger management got him thrown into jail and not The Whites trying to frame Andy Sugden. NONE OF THAT WAS PARTS TO THIS STORY. Just Robert. Either that means, a big fall is coming for everyone, or the show is just as blind as a good amount of the fandom.

My thought? Aaron was angry and wanted to hurt Aaron accidentally defending Rebecca. Rebecca doesn’t need to be defended. She is a dumb whore who expected Robert to be her man. Sorry, Robert is Aarons. Aaron is Roberts. They are going to find their way back. I see this talk as a cleansing talk.

The Pub Crew

Rodney pissed off cracks me up.

THANK YOU CHAS. She is rubbing it in everywhere. You hate her too. We can be friends. I also love how she won’t play The White Family ‘kiss their ass’ game. She might be the voice of fandom.  Also, Chas didn’t need to be there. She needed to say that line for a reason. Soaps don’t just have characters saying random things. They don’t have time to spare to do that.

Victoria is still a dumb cow.

Home Farm

Everyone losing their shit over The Whites makes my skin crawl.

No one finds that Lachlan’s comments are weird? They aren’t telling him off. He is just allowed to talk shit? Sure. Whatever.

Now you care Victoria. Fuck off.

Aaron and his disapproval is the only way Robert was going to try and do this. He needed to hear from Aaron even if it was harsh.  He is going to try now and you can’t fault him for that.

I’m in the minority, but I’m fine with Robert being into the baby. Why? More than likely…its, not his.

Also, ‘US’…more proof she is up to something. Honey…he cares about the baby, and he is being nice to you, so he can stay in his life. Don’t get it twisted.

Did the baby just answer him! Awwww, that is a cute little SJ. This is adorable. Since it’s about SJ and not Rebecca. By the way, Ryan and a baby? My ovaries are dead. I’m done. It’s too cute.

General Thoughts and Questions

I love that a lot of history has finally been pulled up. The Sugdens hating The Whites. This might be a set up for Andy to show back up.  Also, why are the Sugdens paying for everything if The Whites are rich? Also, Lachlan’s comments are officially out there for everyone to hear. Anyone going to notice him unraveling? Also, US. Let’s remember that. She still thinks she has a chance with Robert when we know full well…she doesn’t. Not once after everything went down did Robert say or show he wanted to be with Rebecca. So…where is this coming from? Thoughts?

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 9, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! I’m excited to see what happens today. I know Ryan will be amazing and we will be going on an emotional rollercoaster that is long overdue. Bring this on because after today? We are on a sleigh ride of crazy into the new year. Bring on the crazy. Bring on the emotions. Bring on Robert and Aaron actually sharing scenes again. That’s how much I miss them. They could be screaming things at each other and I’d be excited. Its been so long!


Alright, let’s crack on!

Eric’s House

Oh boy. Everyone is mocking Eric. This won’t help Wishing Well at all. Crap

Rodney. You are making it worse.

Faith. Honey. Please. Don’t make this worse. While you are adorable, you are making it worse.

Home Farm

Yes. Remind us you are pregnant. In case we forgot.

Is that a new jacket for Robert? Looks nice on them.

David’s Grocery

Without Robert, Aaron would have never found you Liv. Just saying.

Yeah, Vadam are totally solid and strong. *eye roll* *dead in the water*

Adam could have fixed it. I guess not though.

Liv can be awesome when she wants to be. *giggle*

Victoria. You idiot. No loyalty because you are baby crazy. I hope Andy shows up to sort your tiny butt out. You are going to fall so hard after everything is said and done. I can feel it.

Oh, Liv. That was harsh. However, something to note, there was no fire behind it. She was sad. She is upset, and we can recognize that. She had less time to process this. She is still bratty, but there was a significant amount of sadness there. Liv WAS IN THE WRONG THOUGH. If I said that to anyone, I’d be in big trouble at that age. My parents didn’t raise a brat.



YOU HAVE TAKEN IT TOO FAR! This is the turning point by the way. The baby will come and that will change this all in a different direction.

I love how confidently he strutted in expecting other people there. Then he is just…NO. *snort* I’d be the same. I’d be like…hey left my phone in the car and get the fuck out of there.

I’m sorry I’m going to miss a lot of this scene because I’m trying not to cringe, laugh and scream at the same time. Hard to watch and type too.

Robert looks sick too. Oh god. *I’m dying of laughter over here.*

I’d get drunk too. Oh my god. Roberts’ face. He is terrified and looks like he wants to throw up. Aaron looks the same right now. Their emotions are matching again.

Is anyone going to mention the ring? No? The fact Robert refuses to take off his ring though he says Aaron is over him? Come on Lawrence. Come on now. *PLOT*

Also, how nice of Lawrence to get tea sandwiches. *snort*


Interesting. Victoria called. Not Rebecca.

Bernice’s Salon

LYDIA IS THE BEST! *spread the word*

Oh. Daz is back. Hey buddy. What up?

Oh god. Lydia can’t win. OH MY GOD. I adore Lydia with all my heart.

Lydia just reminded me I have to get my nails done. Thanks, sweetie!


Bernice. SHE DEAD. SHE DEAD! GAH. Dead in the pregnancy episode. HMMMM.


Aaron looks sick. I feel sick too however it will be ok! *positive thoughts only*

Danny was phoning that one in. Eek. Not his best acting. *snort*

Also, Victoria? Shut the fuck up you dumb asshole. *thank you*

Also, first babies never move that fast. *PLOT*


Also, I’m glad Aaron is making it worse with the bumps. *good boy*

Also, she didn’t call Robert. Just Chrissie. That’s…interesting. You would think she would call Robert. She saw him today. She knows he is around. Odd.

The Pub Crew

Faith and Rodney don’t fit.

I actually like Eric and Faith more.

Oh, she is playing Eric by using Rodney. Love it.

Eric and Tracy are adorable together. Very sweet.

Nicola was arrested. Dear god. *snorts with laughter*

Oh, Nicola. Selling her dad down the river. LOVE IT.

Oh. Eric. Faith gave you some good advice. *take it please*

Daz and Bernice? I don’t hate it.

Nicola going through the dead woman’s stuff. *HA HA HA*

Stealing money from a dead woman. Wow. Guys. There is some moral implications here but also…eh. Maybe its ok. MAYBE? *shrugs*

Faith is the queen. Enjoy.


I’d do that too Gerry. I love that song.

Gerry is the new Adam. Calling it now.

Whatever. These scenes are filler. OH. That is a bad mark on the car. EEK.

Yup and Aaron is sad. *sad face*


OH GOD. Emily get acting lessons. Geez. Are you birthing a cow?

Aaron. Why are you following? What are you doing?

Also, what a drama queen. Women have babies all the time. SUCK IT THE FUCK UP PRINCESS.

Robron scene. Aaron is a mess. Robert is a mess. He doesn’t want to leave Aaron. It wasn’t awkward at all by the way. It was…interesting. Very interesting to me. I will dissect later.

Oh god. Emily is so bad. *SNORTS* On the first day of Christmas the fairy gave to me…an acting lesson! *My song for Emily*

None of this is funny. Are we done yet?

Oh. “Are you the dad?” *Only Victoria answers* Interesting. Very interesting.

Don’t worry Robert. I don’t know how to old a baby either.

That baby doesn’t look small at all by the way. Isn’t she super early?

Um. Lawrence is Ronnie now? Um…sure. Why not? *shrug*

Cool. I’ve already forgotten it. Bye bitch.

Robert and the baby doesn’t bug me by the way. Robert loving the baby isn’t bad at all. THE BABY ISN’T TO BLAME. Mention of Jack. Geez Diane. OH GOD. STOP MENTIONING JACK. That will set Robert off in the worst way.


HE SAID EARLY. Just saying.

Robert is talking to Jack. He is saying everything I’ve been waiting for.

The framing of the shadow on the gravestone. WOW. GREAT CAMERA WORK.

He is taking Jack’s words to heart. Thinks he will ruin his life if he stays. OH GOD. ROBERT HONEY. NO! You aren’t….god. This is sad too.

I love this scene by the way. Ryan is amazing. So much history there. All this being brought up. It NORMAL for Robert to want this child. So, anyone who mocks him or thinks he shouldn’t? Get the fuck off my blog. He has the right to learn to love this child.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 8, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! Here is how I see fandom today!

Depending on what is happening in fandom I’m usually Rachel. *wink*

Let’s crack on!

Why is Ross leaving? He is doing a play that’s why. OH…um…right….something to do with Emma? Maybe? (squints)

I love all the strong writers and directors being used for this week. It explains why things have been moving nicely along.

The Bartons

Ross is running. That doesn’t make you guilty. Running.

No one is better off with Charity. Ross is out of his head!

Ten bucks on Pete and Rage, please!

The Mill

Oh geez, Aaron. It’s not like the money Robert left you isn’t helping or anything.

Gerry is using food to get into Aarons good graces. Also, that was kind of funny.

I zoned out, but I was informed that Aaron mentioned the scrapyard. SOMEONE IS WORKING AT THE SCRAPYARD. WHAT??! *laughs*

Home Farm

The way they are doing Ryan makeup lately. Using shadows, making him look tired and drawn.  He always looks a bit messy.  He looks off. *sad face*

KATH! I love this person. She is just fascinating.

So, she is packing her hospital bag the day before they have her go into labor. Except she is early. Huh. I know you will be rubbish Rebecca. You are a rubbish person so…yeah.

That whole conversation with Chrissie and Rebecca. There was so much to dissect in there. SO MUCH. Alcohol mentions…again with Rebecca and alcohol. She is starting to push Robert away already. Like, well we went to all those birthing stuff and now I don’t think he is going to go. What? Really? That’s odd. It doesn’t fit into anything they have been setting up. Unless, I’m missing something. Please comment or tweet me your thoughts.

Also, brain teasers? Really. My mom told me what it’s like. You will be busy waiting but you will be sleeping, talking to doctors, family. Not doing brain teasers.

On a vain note, Who the hell dresses this woman? Those clothes are ugly. Also, that ugly shade of yellow again. Before everyone yells, ‘SHE IS PREGNANT’ there are stylish clothes for pregnant women. That is just wrong. *fashionista comment added*

The whiplash from The White Family hurts me so badly. Proof they are plot driven and nothing more. Why people are acting like they are more….is beyond me. I think some people want to see more because they are afraid of looking bad in public. I don’t. They suck. I can’t fucking wait till these plot sucking parasites are gone. Bring on Tom and his 50 Shades of Grey. He is at least interesting especially if that theory pans out.

First, she says she doesn’t want or need Robert around. Then she gets Victoria to do some of her dirty work (money for one) and then she wants to put Roberts name on the birth certificate.  Then she gets his attention and then decides he won’t be there for the birth and then wants more from him. PICK A LANE YOU YELLOW WEARING SHIPPER IRRITANT. I still don’t trust her. Something is wrong here.

The Pub Crew

Nicola having lunch with dad. Those two crack me up.

“It’s perfect for Faith. Cheap and vulgar.” – Nicola *BURN*

Eric is a mess and getting messier.

I love Faith’s coat. I want in my life now.

Eric needs to watch his mouth. Right now. When it comes to Faith.

CAIN! Look at you. Caring about things and people.

Eric’s House/Eric

I like how David is like, ‘what did you do?’ *Snort*

Oh no. Not Wishing Well!

HEY. HHHHEEEY. BACK OFF WISHING WELL. That place is full of love and heart.

Oh, Eric. He really does have feelings for Faith.

WHOA. SARAH. Not cool. He was protecting your family’s house.

CRAP. CRAP. CRAP. CRAP. The Dingles went too far.

The Kings/Rodney

We all have our knickknacks Nicola. *HA*

Jimmy! I love how protective he got over the lamp. Adorable! *I love Jimmy. Shoot me.*

“I can sniff out a villain as I can a bargain!” – Rodney *OH GOD*



Gerry is trying to win Aarons heart through food. Which is funny. I think that would work on Adam.

Gerry is joining the scrapyard crew. Filling Adams role. Interesting. I don’t think the scrapyard is going anywhere.

Moira’s Farm

Faith going in on Eric. *BUBBLE WRAP*



‘It’s Just Speculation!

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Tomorrow and Friday are going to be rough episodes. Lots of emotions will be flowing, and not everyone will agree with each other. Everyone has the right to feel how they feel. Everyone has the right to hate it, love it or feel indifferent. Everyone is allowed their opinion. Let’s go forward and watch together. I’m confident there will be great acting from Ryan and Danny, and we will finally get this story moving. We have a lot to look forward to, and I refuse to be entirely negative about it. Let’s see Emmerdale, “Pull the rabbit out of the hat” shall we?

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 7, 2017

Welcome to the preshow!

This is how I see the Emmerdale fandom every day:

Let’s crack on!

Wishing Well

Sarah negotiating with Zak was adorable.

Oh geez. Eric. Hard up for Faith these days? *wink*

The Pub Crew

I think its Pete and Ross. Working together. *DUN DUN DUUUUNN*

Yeah, this relationship is really working out.

Adam…clever? EH…sounds fake but ok.

Hey Coira. What’s up? See, Robron won’t have to wait that long. Coira fans deserve a medal. We are getting there by January. They have been at it SOOOO much longer. *Solidarity between Supercouple fans* *does secret handshake*

See? I’d like scenes between Robron like that. MEANING, I really just want Robron to share space even if they are fighting each other. I miss them seeing each other. Being in the same place as each other. That is where I am. I’d be happy if they shared some air. *HA*


Look how excited Victoria is about Emma and suicide. EEK. Stop it.

Home Farm

Oh, Robert. I love you. I really do. Your scheming is almost over. Kind of. I’m still confused about this whole story.

Robert is looking worse. Like tired. *sad face* He is about to have one hell of a week. *Got your back, my friend*

Robert sets up his play for Home Farm (collect more of Home Farm). I know I’m in the minority, but I’m enjoying him doing this to The Whites. Mostly because this won’t be what breaks them. It will be their own secrets. The Whites are the worst. Buh Bye.

Dingles Autos

Um…Ross. Your plan isn’t working. You guys are in trouble.

Yeah, Adam acting like a crazy person won’t make things weird or anything. The crazier Adam acts, the more people will believe he is guilty. Chill dude. Chill.

The B&B

Diane punishing Doug. *HA*

Gerry is sneak living in the B&B. Ok then. Stealing things. Being crazy. Awesome. *I actually find this funny and sad*

Oh. God. Here we go. I guess Gerry moves in soon.

Davids Grocery

Faith’s jacket. I need that in my life. Yes and please and thank you.

“Bring your wallet!” – Faith (Sisters are doing it for themselves)

Here is a question no one has answered yet. DOES ANYONE WORK AT THE SCRAPYARD? Robert is at Home Farm. Aaron is wandering around. Adam is trying to clear his name. WHO IS MINDING THE STORE.


Wow. Gerry is playing everyone. Fun.

Liv is treating him like a dog. Fun. I’m enjoying the Gerry and Liv friendship.

However, EVERYONE GETS TO STAY IN THE MILL BUT ROBERT. Not at all annoying me or anything. Whatever. Back in my bubble. *BUUUUBBBLE*

I’m biting my tongue on how Aaron needs to learn how to set boundaries for Liv. She is mature for her age and has been through a lot, but she is still a teenager. She needs to learn that she can’t just do whatever she wants. Wait, didn’t bite my tongue. Oh well. Queen Know It All speaks again. *shrug*

Eric/Random Person I Forgot the Name of but Won’t Matter in the End

EEK. NOT A GOLF COURSE! Shit. Trump will show up in Emmerdale now. LOOK AT WHAT YOU DONE RANDOM PERSON! If you add hamburgers and donuts, he will never leave.


Jimmy with his technology jokes. I love it.

I need more Jimmy on the show. I enjoy him and Nicola. They are adorable and awesome by themselves and together.

I’m fascinated by the extras. These other villagers must be in awe of all the drama. Happy its, not them.

The Bartons

Both are reading guilty to me, but I don’t trust them at all. *HA*

I love how Mike, in an interview, knows Dross sucks by the way. LOVE IT. He is self-aware. Thank god.


Ross with the rage blackout? Pete and Ross with a rage blackout?

I have a confession. It was me. I killed Emma.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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