The Robert and Aaron Turning Point

Well. It’s been an eventful week.

It started off slow. However, people started to yell, then scream and then that yelling screaming built up across social media and message boards, hysteria bloomed.

We all know that it has been building because of someone letting those spoilers sit out there and let everyone speculate and fight and hope, causing this drama today.

So…what is happening and how do I see it?

For one, I wasn’t as upset as everyone else. Not because I was happy to see Seb go (I love Seb). I was delighted to see Rebecca and Ross go. Good luck to you both but I don’t want to see you back. Sorry, not sorry. I thought it was a great build up all week to the Friday cliffhanger.  The pressure building among these characters only to explode, the only people having to survive the blowback was Robert and Aaron.

Which leads me to this piece.  It’s less trying to make people feel better and more about getting things off my chest. Defending a few things. Calling a few things out. I don’t have a set outline for this entry in place so….here we go.

Getting into the Minds of Robert Sugden-Dingle and Aaron Sugden-Dingle

Let’s start with Robert since he is the easy target for fans lately. Then again, people LOVE to beat up on Robert Sugden-Dingle. He is an easy target. His past choices make it easy for people to call him a villain and a terrible person.  Some even like to call him an abuser (What the fuck is that about?) however Robert isn’t evil. He isn’t a villain.

He is human. He is broken. He is in a guilt spiral that started in January and still hasn’t ended.

Let me elaborate.  Let us look at Robert’s past with Jack and his mother figures.  His mom Pat? He never got to know her or her family.  He was left with Jack and the Sugdens until Sarah came along and showed him what a mother could and should be.  Sure, she made mistakes, but he loved her. He had a good life going. Then Jack screwed up. Sarah screwed up. Robert was left in the middle.  Not able to make the choice he wanted to make. He wanted to be with Sarah, but Jack held him back. Made him stay with him.  Soon, Sarah is dead. His mother figure is gone. He is left with Jack and the bitter thoughts of what could have been.

Let’s jump to Seb and Robert.  Robert wants to be a good dad. He wants to be better than Jack.  He doesn’t want to be the one to keep Rebecca from Seb. He wants Seb to have all the love he can get.  From him. From Aaron. From Rebecca. Liv. Chas. You get the picture.  He wants his son to have it all. He wants to not be Jack.

Rebecca wants Seb. Robert holds back knowing full well she can’t take care of him.  That he and Aaron are protecting him. However, he feels that if he holds Seb back from Rebecca, he is no better than Jack.  Who is he to keep Seb away from another family member? Why does he deserve Seb? Look at what he did before Seb got here. Look at what happened to The White Family. The family part of Seb’s family tree. Look at what happened with Lachlan. Who is he to act like he is better and keep Seb away from Rebecca?

That is what Robert might be thinking.  He wants Seb to stay with Aaron (his other father) and be safe in his world. The place he grew up himself. However, he thinks he doesn’t deserve that. He doesn’t earn that for himself. Especially after all he has done.  Shame spiral. Scared of becoming Jack. Another shame spirals. He thinks what is best for Seb is to let Rebecca have him.  He will deal with the fallout. He will deal with Aaron hating because deep down (Robert mentioned this during the reunion) Aaron was always going to leave him. Why not get that process started early?

Next, we have Aaron Sugden-Dingle. Chas left him at a young age with a father who was mentally and sexually abusive to him.  He hides inside of himself to survive, finding any way to get out of that situation. Out of his mind.  Meanwhile, he thinks his mother abandoned him and doesn’t care.  This gives him an edge that doesn’t go away. It has softened over the years, but that edge is always there.  He goes through hell and back figuring out his sexuality and his place in the world.  Soon he gets there. Finds his family. Finds Robert. Gets hurt. Really hurt. Builds himself back up from the ashes and finds he still loves Robert. Everything about Robert. Everything attached to Robert now.

That includes Seb. Who snuck up on him and made him love.  He is protective. He thinks he can give this child a much better start in life than he has.  He won’t abandon him. He won’t hurt him.  He will love him and raise him with his husband. Create a family out of a situation that was once dark. It is now bright and full of love.

Aaron has his family.

Now that Robert has decided to let Seb go, Aaron’s worst fears take flight.  Seb will hate him. Seb will be hurt. Seb will think they didn’t want him.  Seb won’t have that better start in life that he wanted for him.  He won’t be able to love him.  Seb will end up like him.  Seb won’t have someone in his corner.  Aaron is scared and feels his family is driving away.

Robert and Aaron are a family.  They both have baggage. They are both scared. Both aren’t talking again (as they promised).  They are both only care about Seb and his happiness.

Where Do They Go From Here?

I’m not the type of fan that thinks Aaron should keep Robert out. That would be regressive and would negate the past year.  I’m the type of fan that wants to see all that growth Robert and Aaron did come into play.  See if they can handle this situation in different ways. That includes Aaron not beating someone up and keeping it inside and Robert not emotionally trying to hurt himself and others to make it all stop.

They will fall back a bit.  Aaron will be upset. Robert will be shocked. Aaron will freak out. Want to get another kid. Maybe he can try again with another kid. He isn’t thinking straight. Robert knows this and stops him. Perhaps then, they sit down and talk. Talk about EVERYTHING.

This is the PERFECT opportunity for the show to acknowledge where Robert and Aaron are coming from. Address their pasts. Finally, address what damage Jack has done to Robert. How Aaron won’t let Gordon win.  Find that common ground and figure out how to move forward as a team and together.

If they don’t, what was the point of anything? 2017 would have been torture porn and not the burning and rebuilding of two characters that are strong, legacy and unstoppable when working together.

It hurts now. People are taking sides. However, that’s not the story being told.  Taking sides won’t accomplish anything.  We should be on the side of Robron and be hoping that they will use all that growth and work through the angst.

After all, …they are the power couple of the Dales. Can’t keep them down for long. I have hope next week will be great. Just need to hold on.

Thank you for reading my rant and my thoughts. What I see happening. It’s not black and white. It’s not Robert vs. Aaron. It’s a tough situation being made tougher by their past, complicated present and uncertain future.

To sum it all up?

Robert is punishing himself for all he has done still.  He doesn’t want to be Jack. He doesn’t want to limit Seb or hurt him in any way.

Aaron wants Seb to know he is wanted. Loved. He won’t leave him or hurt him. He has his back. He is his second dad, and he will be there always.

Faith. Love. Time.

That’s all they need in the end.

What do you think? Let me know. I’m open to all opinions. I’m not open to the bashing of Robert or Aaron so leave that at the door. Until my next rant, I’ll see you around in Emmerdale.


A Tale of Two Weddings: Robert and Aaron

Like many others, I was really excited to watch the second Robert and Aaron wedding. I wasn’t disappointed.  It was a great episode after the rough day. The love and family are what made it great for me.  As I rewatched it (duh, I’m only human), I started to pick up on some exciting moments.  Moments that connected this wedding to another.

You might have heard of this wedding.

Robron Wedding 1.0. The first wedding. The calm before the storm. The surprise wedding. The Skelton Cat wedding. Adele Ahoy Wedding…

You get the point.

So, here are some ways I noticed the second wedding gave us the answers we have been waiting for since the first wedding. Mind you, I’m going to go full on weird here. Pulling from some little things I saw and heard during the weddings and making connections in my head. I might be doing some significant reaching, but that’s the fun of it all. So, please sit back, get a snack and enjoy my over-analysis of two weddings for my favorite soap couple, Robert and Aaron Sugden-Dingle.

The Suits

Let’s start off small and silly, shall we? The suits.  During the first wedding we had them looking like this:


And then with the second wedding, we got this


Do you see it? During the first wedding, the guys weren’t wearing similar suits. Yes, people don’t always match in their weddings (this is why this one is silly and first on this list) but for Robert and Aaron moving forward, that says a lot.  As we now know after the first wedding, lots of dark times were coming.  Looking at the suits…it was an indicator that they weren’t on the same page. They were in the same area but not on the same page. Their suits being the first indicator.

This time around they have matching suits. The same dark blue. They are not only in the same area they are on the same page.  They are highly aware and fully in on this second ride around.  Like I said, it’s a small thing that started all of this.

The Guests


This one is about the people at the wedding and less about Robert and Aaron.  During the first wedding, everyone was on edge.  Everyone had their problems to worry about as well as what could happen to Aaron in the next twenty-four hours.  People were excited for the wedding but were overcompensating. Hence why that wedding, as legendary it was, was a mess.  The guests were fighting feelings within themselves and others.  It was an anxious time. For not only Robert and Aaron but the guests around them.

This time around? The guests were less frantic and worried.  Easy going with a small undercurrent of sadness for the passing of Grace Dingle-Kirk.  Along with that undercurrent was Victoria’s anger towards Moira and Aaron but that is at a simmer. It’s a different atmosphere than the first.

The only thing to stay the same? Faith Dingle. Forever a scene stealer (thank god).

The Party


The party afterwards is a time of celebration, and both had celebrations.  Those celebrations gave us two different sides.  At the first wedding, the had people go ahead and decide to eat and party without them.  Liv was missing. The speeches were non-existent. Paddy was still in the ‘anti-Robert’ camp.  Everyone had something going on, and the families (Sugden and Dingle) were still firmly planted on their own sides.  However, the love was there.  That happiness shared between Robert and Aaron was very much there as well as the second wedding.

Speaking of the second wedding (you saw this coming) there was much more going on.  The two families (Sugdens and Dingles) were firmly joined. This was shown through the speeches (Liv, Chas, and Paddy getting speeches along with Robert and Aaron).  That love was still there but now followed over to family members.  Something interesting to consider. Adam was missing this time around but not really.  With Victoria upset with Aaron for keeping the secret and knowing where Adam really is, his memory still remained at this wedding as well. Just in a different way.

Robert and Aaron Sugden Dingle



gif by Lizzo


Here we are! The big one.  This is where I will get all types of meta on you guys. Sorry in advance.  This section has to do with Robron and how they handled themselves during both weddings. How different the two weddings were from a production standpoint.  Shall we begin?

The first wedding was beautiful. I love it and can easily pull it out of context and enjoy it as two people who love each other and are trying to hold onto that love for as long as they can.  Something I noticed was how dark the wedding was. No, I don’t mean the tone (though it feels more ominous now) but the production.  The place Robert and Aaron said their vows was in the auto shop in the dark with a lone light on them.  The dense woods of the Woolpack among the fairy lights felt dark.  When they had their conversation outside where Robert didn’t want to let him go…it was dark out. That lone light shining on them.  It could be a hidden warning.  It could just be because it was February.  Going off the early in the year idea.  Robert and Aaron were very much new and insecure about their relationship. They knew they loved each other. They have gone through a lot to get there. However, much like the new year, everything was up in the air.  New. Unsure. It was the two of them holding on tightly to each other heading towards a very uncertain future. Aaron’s future prison sentence hanging over there.

Along with the darkness everything was secret. The wedding was secret. The vows were said in secret.  Their kiss the only thing done in public, only after some pushing by Chas and Belle.  I love everything about that.  The vows were said just to each other. The dance and kiss.  The fact both don’t want to let each other go. Holding on so tightly. It makes the first wedding special.  However, it also makes it seem, to me, that Robert and Aaron weren’t ready yet. They have told everyone about their relationship but not everything.  There are parts they were still hiding. Parts of themselves that they were hiding from each other.  They weren’t ready.

Let’s jump over to the second wedding.  Not only was everything out in the open (physically and mentally) it was brighter.  The wedding was outside. The vows were in front of everyone.  The party was full of speeches and lots of the family and friends intermixing with each other.  There was an undercurrent of sadness, but it was a sense of sadness that everyone shared as a family. It won’t hang over them for long like Aaron’s prison sentence. This was a wedding that was more traditional but a lot more open and full of the love that the first wedding had.  The speeches were full of love, Paddy now being on the Robert train (welcome Paddy…we have sweaters with elbow patches for you) and Liv being there for the fun (now not drinking).  It was a lot of fun to see everyone in on the fun and seeing Robert and Aaron’s love for themselves. Now, they got remarried in October.  October being later in the year. Things have matured. Life is a bit more seasoned. Much like Robert and Aaron. They aren’t unsure of worried about their love. They are fully aware of its strength, and they know how to handle it now.  This wedding was more mature while the first wedding was more of the sweeter younger type of love. Younger love versus or more seasoned love. If that makes sense.

I have always maintained that Robert and Aaron had to work oneself before their relationship could be truly great. Internally. Since 2017 we have gotten that.  Robert fell hard, and he had to learn how to build himself up to be a better person on his own.  Aaron was already at his lowest, and he had to learn, on his own, how to build himself up in a healthy way. Once the two of them have done that, they can work on their relationship together. Since their reunion in March, I have seen them do just that.  They communicate. They protect. They are a full-blown family.  Yes, they will fail. They will stumble but compared to life after the first wedding, I think Robert and Aaron won’t be falling into old habits. If anything, now that they have worked on the internal, they will have to battle external problems. For instance, where is Adam? What will happen to Victoria in her search? How will they move forward? All that work they did on themselves and their relationship will be tested with that, and I believe they will be just fine.

So, that was some things I noticed. I love both weddings so much. I love the reunion. I love this couple.  I’ve been watching soaps since the beginning of time (my time…1987), and I have never seen a show give some much time to a pairing before.  Tearing them apart and down just to take the time to build them back up to much better characters and coupling? That brings a tear to my eyes and makes my heart skip a beat.

I love Robert and Aaron. I love their family.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What do you think? Do you love both weddings too or do you think I’m nuts and there is no connection there? Let me know below or in the comments section.  Until next time, see you all around in Emmerdale.

A Random Opinion *shrug*

So…um…I guess I have an opinion now that my dash is quiet. Calm. Full of random American fandom stuff.

Um…I’m kind of nervous to give this opinion but here I go.

Guilt. Robert is feeling extreme guilt. Over the past year, he has grown and has started thinking about past actions and reactions to events.  His old guilts are coming back to light. The guilt he had hidden deep inside his soul and hoped would never come out.  Old guilt. New guilt. He is feeling guilty about everything.

What does this mean? Well…since Robert has grown instead of hiding that guilt again he is reacting to it. Trying to fix it. Trying to fix everything around him. Being super hard on himself. Feeling like a failure. A loser.

I sense Jack’s voice is ringing through his head right now. Maybe Diane’s voice. People who have looked down at him.

Robert is feeling guilty about The Whites, about Seb’s future, about Lachlan killing people for months when in January he could have stopped it. Not fully believing Liv. He feels guilty that Aaron has to deal with him and his guilt. He feels guilt STILL that Aaron has to deal with Seb (which we know that Aaron loves Seb…as he has said many times and has shown us…many times).

That guilt does weird things to a person.

Get upset with himself. Gets upset with others. Overcompensates. Tries to overplease or hideaway. Tries to figure things out on his own to protect the ones he loves (Aaron, Liv, and Seb for instance).  Throws himself into things overzealously (wedding planning for instance). Stressing himself out so much that his body makes him slow down?

That’s where Robert is right now.

Stressed. Feeling Guilty. Scared.

It’s interesting. The show isn’t blatantly telling us all this (I think they are attempting to treat viewers like they are smarter than that) but they are showing us a lot.  Knowing Roberts past and what glo up he has had over the year…this all fits. I’m interested.

I know Robert loves Aaron. Aaron loves Robert. Liv loves both of them. Seb loves all of them and mostly just wants to get fed. 😉 *Choo Choo*

Also, Robert came back to Emmerdale with the Whites, he has to see them out too.

I don’t know what the future holds but I know Robert and Aaron will be fine. Full of drama (they are a super couple) but a lot of love and laughs too. That’s good enough for me.

Other Thoughts

– Mike Parr hates his job. He is done. *snort*

– Don’t let people upset you because right now its fun for some to get people upset. Don’t fall for it. Move forward. Not back. Towards the light people. Towards the light.

– Some Vanity fans…in my opinion aren’t really Vanity fans. Calling Robron fans the c-word and creating fake spoilers to upset the already upset isn’t cool. Anti-Robron/Robert people hiding behind the Vanity ship…is ruining the ship. Full disclosure here. Not a Vanity fan but I respect the fans who like them and are respectful to other ships. I bow my head out of respect to them.

-Be kind to each other. None of us agree with each other but we can come together in our love for Robron.

I’ve been enjoying the week. I only see good things in the future.  So…yeah. That’s my opinion. It’s what I see. *shug*

So…yeah. Have a good one. I’ll leave you a nice Robron smile for all of you. 🙂


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A Positive Fairy Post – Robron Edition

This has been a very negative weekend, hasn’t it? I mean, people are jumping to conclusions and getting upset over lines in magazines.  Pictures and spoilers that one cannot find the source for are making others rage in peoples inboxes whether they want to hear it or not.

I will say, I was a lot like them back in the day.  I let spoilers’ control how I felt about the show.  I let others feed into my insecurities about the show to make me think its all terrible. I let anons I was getting make me think I was wrong in how I thought.  Make me think it was wrong to be

I’m not like that anymore.

Sure, I have my moments but ultimately, I read the spoilers and I put on my writer and thinking caps (yes, my head is that big thanks for asking).  I think about the future and decide I’m going to enjoy the ride.

Not to say one isn’t allowed to get annoyed or upset. We are only human. People get annoyed by things that others don’t even notice.  It’s perfectly ok too.  It’s ok to be upset about something or have something to say.  That is why we have Twitter, Tumblr and sadly Facebook. We can give our opinion and find others to talk to and figure out what is bothering us.

Thank god for that, right?

I’m going on record though and saying that I’m excited for the next two months. Yeah, that’s right. I’m excited and here is why.

One note before I begin.  You don’t have to agree with me. You don’t have to make a comment or share this in any way. You could hate every freaking sentence of it. That’s ok. I’m just saying what I feel in my own space. I’ll respect your opinion if you respect mine. That or block me and hate me. I’m ok with that too. 😊

Anyway, onto my positive fairy self!


Robert feels guilt. He suspected Lachlan in January and was talked out of it.  He could have saved some lives.  Even worse, Liv suspected Lachlan and he didn’t believe it. Made her hug him as a sorry and also, she drank again.  Then his worst fear of Seb being raised without a mother like he was could come true.  Robert is scared to death of becoming Jack in terms of Seb.

Guilt. That is Robert’s motivation during these next two weeks. Guilt that he could have stopped. That is something Robert has been holding for so long. Aaron helps elevate the guilt but I’m sure, this is just me, that Robert feels guilty that Aaron has to deal with all of this with him.

That is something that have touched on in the show and Aaron keeps reassuring him, but Robert never looks too sure.  Like Aaron could bolt on him when we know we won’t.

I can say that some might think Robert is obsessed (words used in the spoilers) with Rebecca and that Aaron deserves better. It’s not because he is in love with Rebecca or wants her. He wants Seb to have his mother. Almost everyone has said this and some aren’t into that explanation. I’m not going to force it but I have to agree that its not because he wants her. He wants Seb to have all the family he can get. Scared to death he will be left with no love like him.  We all know though….Aaron has Seb set for love for the rest of his life. Robert just needs to believe that as well.


Aaron said in his speech to Robert that he wants to help him this time. Aaron has a lot since they got together.  He fell for Seb and now he wants to adopt him.  He has communicated with Robert and tried to let him in on his thoughts.  He has done a lot of good and it shows that he worked on himself mentally during his time away from Robert.  He is in a great place. As Aaron has said multiple times…he is happy. He loves his little dysfunctional family.  Like Robert backed him…he will back Robert during this scary time.

He knows Robert is scared. He knows Robert is angry. He knows he is worried for Seb.


This past year of being apart has made Aaron an Robert grow as individuals.  Aaron learned a lot about himself. Gave himself time to heal. Tried seeing the world with friends. Dated another person. Found that he is better but still needed and wanted Robert. Which is important. Robert broke down. He made the Whites lives hell. He did anything and everything to try and get his old life back getting worse and worse. Just to wake up just in time for his son to appear.  Then, slowly, he learned to be better. Do better for his son. He let Aaron go and concentrated on getting better for himself and his son.

These two have come far and now as a couple, they are taking that growth and applying it to their relationship.  They are communicating more. They are spending time with each other. Facing everything together.

This is just something else they must face together. In sickness and in health.

The Future

I don’t know if you guys know but…we got ourselves a wedding in a month. So, what is coming up. Everything with Robert getting sick, Seb, Lachlan, and Rebecca doesn’t stop their wedding.  It still happens and still is a big affair. I’m confident that there will be a lot wrapped up by the time the wedding comes around.  My gut is telling me the show needs to get certain people to October before finishing out the final strands of the story.

Of course, I could be wrong. Very wrong but I’m just telling you how I feel.

I feel it is all ok. I feel there is nothing to be worried about. I feel like we should enjoy all this drama and follow our favorite family through it all. Why? They will make it through and to their next story. They are stronger than last year. They are in a different place.  It is super easy to fall back into 2017 thinking aka the worst but in this case, I believe it’s going to be ok.

So, sit back. Get some popcorn. Enjoy the fanfiction. Enjoy the meta. Enjoy the ride.

It’s going to be ok.

If you enjoyed this little piece of positivity and over analyzing I hope to write a bit more soon.  If you want to ask any questions or want to leave a comment, feel free to comment below or leave me a note on Tumblr or a tweet on Twitter. I’m always open to discuss openly and respectfully.

Until next time please have some fun in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Live and Organized Tracy

Emmerdale Live and Organized – ON HIATUS

Hi everyone!

I think about five of you have noticed that I haven’t written reviews all week. In fact, I didn’t watch all the episodes this week until Saturday.  It’s not because I’m not into the show (not at all…I’m so excited by this show…more than ever). It’s not because I can’t find anything to write about in my reviews.

It’s more time issues.

As of this post, I will be going on hiatus for a very short time.  I need to reevaluate some things and decide how I will move forward.

Why? Well, I work full time now (as some of you know) making the ‘live’ part go away and more ‘Live on Britbox or when I have off for a holiday’ review.  I’m also exhausted when I get home, and I usually watch the episode and fall asleep.  Then I feel bad when I don’t write my regular review.

So, I need to figure out a new schedule and figure out ways to make it easier on myself going forward. I really enjoy writing these reviews and have met some fantastic people through these reviews.  I just can’t give it focus right now. I need to figure out a new way to write these reviews without sacrificing quality.

(Audience reading this: Quality? These reviews never had quality…


I won’t be going anywhere. I will pop up with theories and thoughts from time to time. I will act like a ‘fandom old’ to make all of you sit down and eat some snickers (CHILL OUT AND EAT SNICKERS!) I might even react to peoples questions again on here.  I just need to rethink how I am going forward with these reviews.

Thank you, and I hope to be back in the ‘live and organized’ groove again.



Emmerdale Live and Organized Tracy

Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – August 16 to 17 2018

I’m getting better guys. I am! I wrote individual reviews up to Wednesday this time.  This is a review of Thursdays and Friday’s episodes.  I am going to be leaving a lot out because some of the plot this week doesn’t deserve any attention from me.  I will be providing another BONUS THEORY SECTION for not getting these reviews out on time.

I’m old guys. I’m tired. I’m always feeling stupid and that tires a girl out. I’m getting there though. I’m getting there.

Let’s crack on!

Cain’s Rough Day

Cain has been on vacation.  He is getting settled with Moira. Kyle. Isaac. He is getting his life back in order.  He is back with his family.  Now that its all settled and all is well there, its time for Cain to come back to work.  In his Cain Dingle way.

He is back my friends. Kicking butt and taking names.  I love how he is trying to do right by Frank since that wasn’t cool what happened to him and Megan. I also love how Frank challenging Cain got him some respect with him.  Interesting. I won’t lie, I’m into a Frank and Cain friendship. Friendship by first death threat. Awwwww! Very Dingle.

Speaking of Cain kicking butt and taking names….

Ross and his Terrible No Good Party

EEK. That party was rough on so many levels for Ross.  He is acting out.  He is freaking out about the car.  He is lashing out at Ryan who was just trying to be a good friend (FIX THAT ROSS) and he is losing control by taking drugs.  Ross is a damn mess.  He is still hiding behind what has happened to him (more on that in a minute) and is feeling it in every aspect of his life.  It’s kind of depressing. Especially that last part when he was alone in an empty cottage with club music playing as the lights were spinning around him.

*That is sad. Brain…play desperato. * **that meme is dead now that I’m referencing it*

That Ole Sugden/Barton Charm: Victoria/Matty Edition

You have no idea how much I’m loving the Matty and Victoria story. Do they have a ship name? Is it Victory or have the cool kids decided on a different name? Anyway…

This story is hitting all my trope happy spots.

Friends to something more.

Both are jealous, but no one notices the jealousy

Longing looks

It makes me happy that it’s a soap slow burn.  Matty having fun with that girl was nice to see. I like to see Matty smile. It’s also exciting to see Victoria finally have a storyline. Yeah, its relationship related but its something. I like how she is struggling.  Matty is an old friend. Matty is her ex-husband’s brother. It’s complicated and I like that. I think Victoria still carries some sort of guilt over Adam (she shouldn’t) but moving on with a crush on Matty…that’s interesting.  There is a lot going on here.

Also, just randomly, I love how Moira was trying to show how ok she was with Matty dating and it backfiring on her.  In the background Cain reacting like, ‘Moira. Honey. Baby. Stop talking about it. Just let Matty live his life.” But in his Cain way. Looks and brooding.

Is this a Dingle thing? How did Marlon happen then? Huh.

The Little Things

  • Is the Beth and Amelia thing over now? Can it be? I was talking about this with the lovely Vix and we wonder if Beth was designed to be put into the village as an “Amy” type of character. Through Harriet. I don’t think it worked out and I don’t want to think about her anymore. Especially since we are starting a new storyline with Dan, Daz and Kerry.
  • Honey. Boys will come and go. Cry about it. Make rude remarks. Move on. You have a full life to live and one guy breaking your heart shouldn’t change that. *eek…breaking your heart…bad choice of words*
  • HAMSTER!?!?! I want to see a trailer for that movie. Emmerdale SM team? You created a trailer for that stupid reality show…MAKE ONE FOR THE HAMSTERS!!! NOW. Please? Pretty please? I’ll stop talking shit about your social media marketing! I swear!

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 


Ah. Yes. That trailer. DAMN. I don’t have any real theories, but I have predictions. If I say that maybe some will come true and some won’t.

I think the person in the trunk is Terry.  The police and Monty were getting way too close to that body so he digs it up to move it.  Sam sees. What happens to Sam I don’t know.  The fact Sam and Lydia are talking marriage plans makes me nervous that he might go missing…just for a while.

What comes first? Belle finding the blood or Lachlan chasing Robert with a shotgun? If he does chase him with a shotgun. Maybe he is chasing Belle and Robert goes to Wishing Well to talk to…Sam? Cain? Zak? Gets caught in the crosshairs.

Some think the infamous Christmas Theory comes into play.

Lachlan might go on the run (with everyone knowing what is up) to show back up for a certain wedding we are all waiting for.

OH…I have a new idea on where Rebecca could be. I think he put her in a nursing home where they are taking care of her.  Keeping her medicated and keeping her fuzzy. I don’t think she is dead. Thanks to that new director posting her picture on set. Ruined that suspense for fans buddy. I’M STILL HOPING FOR A HAUNTING THOUGH. HAUNT!

What I do know? Robert is wearing the BAD shirt of DOOM. AARON…BUDDY…BURN THAT THING. RIP IT BEFORE YOU HAVE SOME FUN WITH ROBERT. GET RID OF IT. I hate that damn shirt. I think Robert will get hurt and we will get Aaron back in the room with him. I enjoy seeing Robert cared for so…that’s a weird kink I just reveled, and I hope no one holds it against me.

Either way…its going to be a fun ride and I can’t wait to go on it.  BRING IT ON.

Let’s all be kind to one another. Respect each other’s opinions. Enjoy the ride Emmerdale has us on. If you would like to check out the previous reviews, click here and enjoy my ramblings as we were building towards a reunion. If you want to check out my other opinions check out this link for some fun reads. Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr if you want to get in contact with me. Until next time, Emmerdale Live and Organized is closing out for the day. Eat a Snickers bar, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Emmerdale Live and Organized Tracy

Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – August 15, 2018

This was a very concentrated episode.  Setting up tomorrows big stories in the hour-long episode. Some were just adding a few beats. Some emotional. Some plot.  Either way, I didn’t hate it at all. Then again, I guess I’m just simple-minded. That is why I don’t hate the show right now. Anyway…

Let’s crack on!

Tracey puts her Foot Down

It’s nice that for a millisecond David defended Tracey’s choice. It lasted a millisecond but it did happen.  I don’t know why Jacob has to solve David’s shortcomings. It’s not a teenagers fault nor his job to fix his parents shortcomings.  David used to be better at the parent thing.

Tracey handled things well.  Listened to Jacob and gave him a soft place to land.  I just realized that Jacob has three different types of mothers.  He has someone to always listen especially when David is being a butthead.  That’s nice.

Maya. Something is really off about her.  Is it just me or does she look like Carly but with super curly hair? It unsettles me.  I also don’t like the way she talked about Tracey’s choice.  It rang hollow to me so when Tracey pretty much told her to keep to her own lane…I was right with her.  Maya…don’t cross Tracey. She will eat you alive.

Sarah and Faith’s Excellent Adventure…to the pub (only the Dingles)  

I enjoyed their little adventure at the Moors Pub.  There was a lot of interesting things talked about mixed in with some trope eye-rolling but in my eyes, the good outweighed the bad.  I like how Faith says there is a lot to look forward to in life.  Not just the dating thing (boys and girls will come and go) but other things.  Experiences. Education. Making life long friends. Heartbreak. Fighting for a better future.  There is a lot there to live for and I want to see Sarah survive and live that life.

They keep connecting Sarah to Baby Grace.  Normally that would make me nervous, but my gut keeps telling me…it’s going to follow the course we expect.  It’s just a story of two mothers having to face a future without their kids.  Heartbreaking.

On a much sillier note (don’t want to leave anyone upset) I love how the show keeps taking shots at the Dingles and what they have done.  Between having kids way too young, falling into crime and jumping from bed to bed the show has no problem calling them out lately.  Also, how confusing every showrunner has made the Dingle Family Tree.

Keep calling them out. It clears my skin and pays off my student loans.

The Little Things

  • Is Frank a low key diamond smuggler or just doing it for the fun of it all? What is going on with that story? It’s just odd. Like they took a story that was designed to be bigger and making it a small side story in the end.
  • Ross and Moses are adorable. Bonding over the fact they hate Cain, Megan, and Frank.  However, that car is going to be trouble (I’m being all foreboding, but everyone knows what is coming tomorrow).
  • Rodney is showing up more and more lately. It’s happening. He is getting that storyline with Misty and his daughters. I know almost everyone hates Misty, but I enjoy her and I hope she stays. She is really funny and feels like a breath of fresh air.  She isn’t hurting anyone. (Ducks from fans that all disagree with me) *Snort*
  • That car is ugly. There. I said it.
  • I can’t admit I’m saying this but I don’t hate Debbie when she is interacting with Sarah. I had to laugh though. After all the screaming and crying, for a scene where I’d be ok with her being super upset about her child…the tears never really came. *SNORT*
  • That look Chas gives Ross in the pub. That was so classic Chas there. Robert and Aaron have seen that look on the regular in 2015.
  • I wish I had all of Megan’s outfits and the body to wear them so well.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 

tenor (1)

Let’s all be kind to one another. Respect each other’s opinions. Enjoy the ride Emmerdale has us on. If you would like to check out the previous reviews, click here and enjoy my ramblings as we were building towards a reunion. If you want to check out my other opinions check out this link for some fun reads. Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr if you want to get in contact with me. Until next time, Emmerdale Live and Organized is closing out for the day. Eat a Snickers bar, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Emmerdale Live and Organized Tracy

Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – August 14, 2018

Welcome back to Emmerdale Live and Organized! In case you haven’t been here before here is what happens. I watch the episode and write down my thoughts as it comes to me in an organized fashion. It’s like a live look inside my brain while watching Emmerdale. Not as crazy as it sounds. Unless you want it to be. *wink*

I won’t lie. This episode was boring. Not in a bad way. Just in a slow way. Not every episode can be a masterpiece…this was one of them.  So, I don’t have much to offer in the way of a review. It will be short but enjoy!

Let’s crack on!

David’s Grocery Crew

Ok. So, Liam’s daughter isn’t Maya’s daughter? Step-daughter. Did they mention this age ago and I forgot? Did I not care? Either way, that sets something up for David, Liam, Jacob and Maya down the line.  I can get behind that.

As for the Tracy and Jacob…thing. I think Maya did make a stupid mistake. A mistake but she was stupid to bring it up.  That was up to Tracy to tell Jacob about what she decided. Let him see her side (he is just a kid).  It was written weird but these things often are.  I don’t think Jacob is upset with Tracy or Maya. He is upset with David for screwing up his life…again.  Jacob is a sweet kid but David hasn’t made his young life easy.

With that said, I back and protect Tracy and her decision one hundred percent.  Always.

The Wishing Well Crew

Lydia is slowly becoming half Dingle. Sam’s smile while saying that made me smile too. Just let them get married already! I want a happy and sweet Sam and Lydia wedding. They both deserve some happiness. Though those spoilers, Lydia has a past and it’s coming back, hardcore. Can’t wait for them to develop this character even more!

As for the puppy mill they uncovered.  I bet that dog will find its way back to wishing well.  All who are lost tend to end up there. That remains to be seen.

The Hospital aka Sarah’s Last Stand

Oh, Sarah.  You need that heart. I think she is scared so she is acting like it doesn’t matter. Latching onto careless things said around her as a reason to run.  Faith doesn’t mean Sarah harm.  Sarah was the one to find Faith in that barn.  They have a bond the show hasn’t really used in a while so I’m happy to see the two of them back in action.  Faith running out in that final shot made me smile.

Crazy great grandma and great-granddaughter on the loose!

The Little Things

  • I still ship Graham and Megan.
  • I think Frank is acting out too. That manhood crap coming into play.  He is trying to overcompensate, and it will get he and Megan into some major trouble.
  • I’m excited for all the spoilers that are coming up. There is so much going on there that I can’t wait to see play out. I’m very positive about the show right now so not much can bring me down.
  • GUYS. GUUUUYYYS! Lachlan has Murder Rock, Murder Shovel and now….PRESENTING MURDER STICK! He has a little murder family! *awwwww*
  • Did anyone else notice that the episode was directed by two people and we officially have Kate Brooks at the end as an Executive Producer. Now we have an interesting thing happening here. Iain’s stuff will run into October (even November) but someone else will be executing those story outlines. Interesting times my friends. Interesting times. Let’s be positive and enjoy the stories as much as we can.  Except for Beth and Amelia. That might be hard to come back from. Eh, we will see.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 


Let’s all be kind to one another. Respect each other’s opinions. Enjoy the ride Emmerdale has us on. If you would like to check out the previous reviews, click here and enjoy my ramblings as we were building towards a reunion. If you want to check out my other opinions check out this link for some fun reads. Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr if you want to get in contact with me. Until next time, Emmerdale Live and Organized is closing out for the day. Eat a Snickers bar, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Emmerdale Live and Organized Tracy

Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – August 13, 2018

Welcome back to Emmerdale Live and Organized! In case you haven’t been here before here is what happens. I watch the episode and write down my thoughts as it comes to me in an organized fashion. It’s like a live look inside my brain while watching Emmerdale. Not as crazy as it sounds. Unless you want it to be. *wink*

Aaron and Seb Day: Part Two (aka The Café Crew)


I’m sorry? Did something else happen at the café today? Hmmm?

Alright. So, the following lines:

  • I’m sorry
  • He is the last bit of family I’ve got

Doesn’t bode well for Rebecca. That are two ticks towards ‘Rebecca is dead’ theory. HOWEVER, it could be a red herring. So, still 50/50 chance here.  I don’t know if I got it across during my review for last week but I’m really into the haunting idea. Seriously into the haunting idea. Lachlan going mad. Seeing Terry. Then Rebecca. Then Chrissie. I’D LOVE THAT.

Time will tell.

I do love Cain mentioning that Joe should totally give Sarah his heart. HA. It won’t happen but still…*Snort*

David’s Grocery Crew

Maya and David. Still think Maya is a bunny boiler. I think Liam and Tracey should think of hooking up. Mostly because David and Maya are just annoying.  I do love seeing Eric calling her out and being on top of things with the Dingles.  Eric is…feeling. It’s weird but I like it.

The Wishing Well Crew

This storyline with the abused dog is killing me. KILLING ME. I can’t see animals being hurt. I can’t. It gets me all upset and then I have to think about that poor dog. I hope he escapes and finds his way back. Zach will take care of him.

*makes sad face*

The Hospital aka Sarah’s Last Stand

I’ve been pretty quiet about this storyline, not because I want to be, I just forgot about it last week. It was mixed into some heavy dramatic stuff. If anything, it got lost in the mix for me.  It also could be Debbie that is making me forget.  I do know that Joe is annoying me as per usual, so all is right with the world.

Personal guess? Maybe she gets Ross’s heart? His final gift to Debbie? Time will tell.

The Little Things

  • I still ship Graham and Megan. Frank making her work for it harder than he had to work for her after he cheated still annoys me. I’m letting it go but still…grumble grumble.
  • Seb is wearing a hoodie. I’m in love. <3
  • Frank is now stealing diamonds. Wow. What a badass. *yawns*
  • Diane and Faith bumping heads is interesting considering a few weeks ago they were best friends. PLOT! *snaps fingers*
  • Lydia saying, they will do things the ‘Dingle Way’ made me smile. Look at you! You are halfway there! *wink*
  • I seriously think Robert got Doug in the divorce. Better pick right now in my opinion.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 


I’m not commenting on the discourse. All I have to say is…WOW. He is pretty.

Let’s all be kind to one another. Respect each other’s opinions. Enjoy the ride Emmerdale has us on. If you would like to check out the previous reviews, click here and enjoy my ramblings as we were building towards a reunion. If you want to check out my other opinions check out this link for some fun reads. Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr if you want to get in contact with me. Until next time, Emmerdale Live and Organized is closing out for the day. Eat a Snickers bar, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Emmerdale Live and Organized Tracy

Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – August 8-10, 2018 *NOW WITH A BONUS THEORY!*

Welcome back to Emmerdale Live and Organized! In case you haven’t been here before here is what happens. I watch the episode and write down my thoughts as it comes to me in an organized fashion. It’s like a live look inside my brain while watching Emmerdale. Not as crazy as it sounds. Unless you want it to be. *wink*

Ah. I promised I wouldn’t do this again but I’ve been so tired after work and I always fall asleep before its time for me to settle down and watch the show.  Well, I’m watching now and here is my review of the past three days.

WITH AN EXTRA THEORY ATTACHED! *not a super theory more of a…here are the ways things can go*


The Sharma Family

I’m loving this family being slightly featured again. I’m going to need a full storyline for them right now.  Priya might be getting one working for Joe and being mixed up with Home Farm nonsense (doesn’t matter who the tenants are…its always nonsense).  Rishi wants love. *Aawwww* and Jai is…Jai. Wouldn’t change his creepy crusty ways for the world.  I can’t wait to see more.

It’s the Newest Craze, you Stockholm Syndrome Baby!

I won’t lie. Still not into this story. Its confusing or gives me a chance to write up some thoughts on other topics of my review.  I think this story started out great. Where is Amelia? That was a good question. Her faith was tested. Her whole world shattered. However, it became some weird Daz story when I really don’t care about Daz. Daz creeps me out.  I’d rather Dan and Amelia work out their feelings and she realizes that blood doesn’t make a family*.

I wonder if she will become part of Harriet’s world in a sense. Her other connection to Emmerdale. She seemed to be listening to Beth and trying to help her. Maybe Harriet has a little apprentice showing up soon.

*McCains didn’t pay me to say that. If McCains WANTS TO PAY ME to say that…My phone number is….

Matty, David and Victoria walk into a Grocery Store

Matty got a job! Well, his old job? Maybe? Either way, good for you buddy!

Think David and Victoria were flirting but not really? It was very directed flirting. Just talking. I guess. People on Tumblr were really upset about it and I reached that scene and didn’t see anything. Were they flirting? I guess? I don’t know. Plot device moment. *shrugs*

I see Victoria though. I SEE YOU GIRL. Staring at our boy Matty. Matty checking her out too. YOU TWO ARE RIDICLIOUS. Please be a slow burn. I LOVE SOAP SLOW BURNS. I’ll yell a lot, but I secretly love a slow burn romances.

Victoria on a dating site. That’s a good way to bring a character back by accident or on purpose (cough…she matches with Adam (a fake version of Adam) by accident. I tried dating apps before. I always get to the point where the guy matches and then I chicken out. I’m going to die alone, and I’ve accepted that.

Aaron and Seb Day 2018!

Awwww! I’m a sucker for Aaron and Seb hanging out together. I think we need more of that. Not because I don’t buy it, but I like to see Seb and Aaron hang out. It’s adorable and it’s a good time. I know people are still struggling with the idea of Seb and Aaron with Seb.  Everyone arrives to their comfort zone in their own time.  I respect that.

However, my blog, my rules, in this house we smile when Aaron and Seb share smiles and looks. I think Lily shares some qualities of the baby whole played Robert back in the 80’s. Its sweet. I do love that Aaron is now on the bandwagon.  He is now suspicious of Lachlan because of his lack of wanting Seb cuddle time and that weird message from “Rebecca”.

Speaking of Lachlan…


So…we are now at another crossroads. I can’t figure out where the Lachlan story is going which is a good thing. Being predictable on a soap is boring.  Also, I like to watch Lachlan.  I’ve seen people scream that its just a Corrie knock off when Kate Oates knocked herself off with that story (Cameron ring a bell to anyone?).  Anyway, I think Lachlan is a much more layered villain than Phelan.  He has edges. He has a soft underbelly. He has something to lose. Something he is already losing but I don’t think he realizes that Belle is pulling away by his actions. His hands were shaking.  Then, he seemed to be warning Sam and Lydia away from him. Like he doesn’t want to kill but he has to keep his life intact. Keep his world spinning. Very interesting of a villain character on a soap. VERY. I like this. It throws me off. Never know which Lachlan I’m getting.


  • The suitcase. The rubber gloves. The blood. My detective skills tell me Rebecca might be in the suitcase. HOWEVER…that’s way too dark for a British soap at airs at 7pm.
  • Rebecca is buried somewhere, and the suitcase has her yellow kimono in it? Maybe? Maybe some of her jewelry. Phone. Other stuff. We know he burns the cabin soon so maybe the suitcase stays there and burns with it?
  • Rebecca is dead. HOWEVER…she is haunting Lachlan. Driving him insane. Maybe Gerry shows up to haunt him. Terry. Chrissie. Lawrence won’t come back (for obvious reasons) but you get it. They keep showing up. Talking to him. Driving him to do things to stop them from talking. MAYBE BREAKING UP A WEDDING AND LOSING HIS SHIT. WEDDING HOSTAGE SITUATION 2018! *LET’S DO THIS*


  • He knocked her out again and moved her somewhere else. The suitcase is just holding murder shovel and murder rock. She will wake up and appear at the wedding to announce that Lachlan is crazy as hell and will kill them all.

I won’t lie to anyone. I don’t see a future for Rebecca in the village (dead or alive).  In the time before this storyline kicked into high gear they didn’t give her anything to hold onto (other than Seb).  No other stories (Ross is leaving so that doesn’t count).  She doesn’t have a crew in place to come back to (Debbie only shows up to talk about Joe).  She doesn’t have a life in Emmerdale. Nothing the show is planning on. Even if she lives…she is moving away. Close but away. If she is dead. Eh. She is dead. However, I’m betting now. She isn’t long for the show. Dead or alive.

What do you guys think?  Let me know on Tumblr, my twitter or leave me a message below!

The Little Things

  • Nicola’s sarcasm was on high. I have never felt closer to a character. Ever. *bows head in silence*
  • Victoria needs more than that purple and pink zip-up hoodie to wear. That’s all she owns. It’s weird.
  • The kids are the most adorable creatures ever. They are the next generation and they will all be hell on wheels. Can’t wait. Oh Arthur…screaming over a cute dog. AWWWW!
  • Harriet being used as the excuse for children’s misdeeds is starting to crack me up. They are integrating her back into the show again. I’m good with that.
  • Chas and Laurels scene was something I didn’t think I needed but here we are and I’m glad I got it. It was great.
  • Laurel and Nicola’s friendship. May it forever reign.
  • Lachlan’s run. *SNORT* Thomas is a great actor but that run. *SNORT*
  • Misty still cracks me up. I know people ‘hate’ her but I’m not part of that crew. She cracks me up. The minute she howled I spit out my water. She tries. So hard. *SNORT*
  • “I don’t know about you Samson but I don’t care about fictional penguins in the fictional artic.” – Joe YOU SHOULD CARE JOE. *snort*
  • “That’s rude. He has a clean nappy on!” – Aaron defending Seb.
  • Megan looked hot. Just saying. Frank…take her back. I think she is working harder to get him back than he did to get her back when he cheated on her. Just saying. It’s a bit lopsided.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 


That last shot is telling to me but it might be provocative for provocative sake.

Let’s all be kind to one another. Respect each other’s opinions. Enjoy the ride Emmerdale has us on. If you would like to check out the previous reviews, click here and enjoy my ramblings as we were building towards a reunion. If you want to check out my other opinions check out this link for some fun reads. Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr if you want to get in contact with me. Until next time, Emmerdale Live and Organized is closing out for the day. Eat a Snickers bar, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.