Out of the Woods?



Hello. How is everyone doing today? I fully intended to write up a Devils Advocate about the new spoilers and have some fun, but I wanted to expand on my thoughts that I brought up yesterday in my Live But Organized Review (3/1/2018).  It is less about the show itself and more about fandom and where we all stand now. I know. This is exciting. So exciting. Sarcasm aside I think it’s important to realize one thing when it comes to Emmerdale and the fandom.

You’re out of the woods. You’re out of the dark. You’re out of the night. Step into the sun, step into the light.

In the Dark

This past year has been hard for us Robert, Aaron, and Robron fans. Everything that our favorite characters and pairing were worried about happened and to extremes.  Then the fallout brought a lot of hand-wringing and upsetting thoughts. Things were dark. Whenever we thought we saw some light something would happen to pull us back in.  Some stuck around and just pushed through with dark sarcasm and copious amounts of fluffy fanfiction. Some tried to analyze each scene and create theories to take their minds off of the darkness and think of some lighter fare.  Some complained about everything to feel better. Then some just left. In case you are wondering, I did all those things except leave. I threatened to others in private conversations and once on Twitter after a really crappy spoiler explosion that ruined three whole episodes in advance.  However, I always stuck around to write my thoughts, no matter how angry I got at fandom and the show.

During that time spoilers were being leaked left and right. A lot of personal speculation was showing up and making people think it was fact. There were actual confirmed spoilers that caused total dread to the fandom.  The build-up to seeing these spoilers caused people to just go into as I call it, Total Negative Mode or TNM. Don’t get me wrong. I lived in TNM land. Anytime someone would tweet or message me I felt my stomach clench. Almost like, ‘what happened now?’ type of feeling. Then I’d read the spoiler and try and be positive about it and even try to write a few theories or ideas up to make it seem better. I was usually punched hard and left with my tail between my legs only to do it again next week.

Into the Light

It wasn’t fun. Most of 2017 for Aaron, Robert and Robron fans wasn’t a good time. However, in the early part of 2018, something seemed to be changing. The spoilers didn’t feel dark anymore. Tweets and articles weren’t avoiding the idea of a better future for the characters.  Something was changing, and that change led us to some very exciting two weeks. We all know what I’m talking about. It was a great two weeks. Valentines Day. Seb watching. Clubbing. Awkward dancing. Revelations. Big speeches.  Kisses and a hopeful future.  It was a good time my friends.

Let me repeat that out of fangirl speak. We not only got Aaron taking control and putting his feelings first, but we got Robert trying to officially move on with the help of friends during a night out. We got the two of them talking through a lot of issues fans had been discussing at great lengths. We finally got a good idea of how Aaron is feeling about these issues. We got a lot of great content and even better? We got a funny, sweet and romantic reunion that continued into the next episode with the rings going back where they belong. Thank god. We had Robert talk to Liv and work out some of their issues. We had the Dingles being ok with this new development (some think it was too easy and yes, I agree, but if the show didn’t have all the plot set up for them, I bet the Dingles would have been a bigger problem).  There was a lot of development and happiness. We had reached the light. The end of the hell plot tunnel. We are back to Robert and Aaron being married and living together, but they are stronger than ever.

So. The hell plot is over. Now what? Well, we move onto new stories. New plots. New connections. Exciting new possibilities. So, the spoilers start back up again like they do every week. We get our spoilers thrown at us like meat to the wolves. We gobble it all up and try to decide how to feel afterwards. Myself? I was full and happy about what could be coming.  Everyone is in a good place, and it would take a lot to take them down too far. However, after looking around? People were in misery. Some upset at the idea of Robert and Aaron not getting their honeymoon period. Some upset about the drama coming back so soon. Some even upset over ideas that haven’t even been confirmed or been realized on screen.

Now What?

What is going on? Our characters are here. They are happy. They have each other. Why are some stuck in TNM land?  Why are they miserable again? That is what I was thinking about as I quickly looked through my dash and twitter page.

This is what this whole piece has been about. What I’ve been leading to this whole time. It’s time to leave TNM and become more positive about what could be coming. I know. Easier said than done. We have, for so long, been thinking the worst of the plot.  That is how we survived watching our favorite characters. We went negative and stayed there. It’s time to break that habit.

The show told us (along with very specific interviews from Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley) that the hardships for their relationship are being put to rest. The internal fighting is calming down. They are very much in love and very much sticking with each other. It’s the external now. It’s the world versus Robert and Aaron. Team Robron vs. the world. We have a lot to be excited about. What sinister person from Aarons past is coming? Who will win the next round of Joe vs. Robert? When will we see the family taking Seb for a walk around the village? (Ok, that one is more for me, but a girl can dream.).

It’s time to think positive. It’s time to create fun theories. It’s time to let go of the past and try to move forward. I believe in not giving energy to people or situations that don’t deserve it. Same goes for fictional characters and plots as well. Time to move on and think of the good going on in the show and the possible good in the future.


You’re out of the woods. You’re out of the dark. You’re out of the night. Step into the sun, step into the light.


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I know it won’t happen overnight and might take some of the new plots to take hold before people start thinking of some good. What do you think? Do you think its time to think positive or do you enjoy staying in ‘TNM’ land?  Tell me below, send me a message on my Tumblr (@AmanaJ718) or yell at me using your mind. Ok, scratch that last part but please jump on into the conversation. Until next time, see you around Emmerdale!


Playing Devils Advocate: Four Times the Devil!

Here we are. Another year. Another drama. So, here I am again to play a little game I like to call:

Devils Advocate: Four Times the Devil!

I am not going to do a huge lead in so let’s begin. I have listed the last three Devil Advocates pieces at the end for your reading pleasure. You can see how wrong I was about a lot in those pieces. It is a fun read.  It also proves this is just my thoughts and my opinions. Nothing is set in stone.

I am going to cover some heavy-handed speculation that has been discussed more than anything else. So let’s crack on!

Speculation #1 – Rebecca is Staying because….

With one tweet everyone is now in a tailspin.  Ms. Head is still filming. So, here is the speculation. Rebecca comes out of the coma and has

  • Full blown amnesia
  • Brain damage
  • Wakes up with short-term memory loss that comes back
  • Wakes up healthy

Why This Could Be Happening

Since the voicemail was deleted, we now have Rebecca to remember what happened in that car. So, they spread out the story to show Lachlan’s slow demise into madness. The show has shown that he is feeling guilty for his actions and now that Rebecca could wake up and remember? He now must figure out if he has it in him to kill again.

Here comes the breakdown:

  • Full Blown Amnesia: It still makes Lachlan nervous, but he knows he does not know anything. This gives the show a breathing period for Lachlan and gives Rebecca a blank slate. That could be a way to reinvent the character and set her up in a different way. Rework her personality (or pick one) and reinvest into fixing her. Lachlan’s secret comes out another way.
  • Brain Damage: Rebecca wakes up but can’t talk. She slowly remembers as she tries to get better. Lachlan slips into madness wondering if she remembers and will she find a way to tell. Finds ways to keep her in a quiet state.
  • Wakes Up with Short-Term Memory Loss: A version of the amnesia plot but she does not remember, and Lachlan can start to fill her head with other ideas until the memory comes back and Lachlan has to act.
  • Wakes Up Healthy: Wakes up remembering everything but she debates if she should rat her nephew out or play along. Causing him to lose it anyway. He kills her in madness, or she confesses she remembers, in the end, setting off another chain of events.

Why This Isn’t Happening

Even as Rebecca lays in that bed? Its all about Lachlan. How Lachlan is reacting. How Lachlan is debating her fate. How Lachlan will get away with his dirty little secret of trying to kill his family.  No matter what happens, it will not be about Rebecca. Yes, she wakes up, but it will be about Lachlan and what he does next.

Like much of this storyline, she will play a part, but she is not the star. She is the plot device we all know and agree is breathing and on screen.

Its all about investment in the character when it comes to Rebecca. What is the level of investment the show is willing to put in? So far, going off what they have done with her till now, there isn’t much investment there. They sold her car and put her clothes into the rotation of the other ladies on the show. They still haven’t put her picture up on the cast list. Her makeup is limited at best (she wears quite a bit of makeup on the show too). She is going to be staying longer than we expected but for her to stay, there would have to be a level of investment I have not seen yet. Time will tell.

Do you know what I want to see? People to stop acting like they know what is going to happen when they do not. How can you be disappointed in something that hasn’t happened yet?  Seriously. Let the story play out and stop thinking the worst. Iain is not lying to you. He is not even thinking of the whole fandom. He is thinking how I can shock the general audience with some twists and turns. How can he sell a story to the general audience?  If Danny being happy isn’t telling people anything then they are a lost cause.

Speculation #2 – Seb is Staying/Leaving  

I feel this is self-explanatory. However, this does not require a ‘Why it Won’t Happen’ section. I am going to outline how it works both ways within the story.

Why This Will Happen


If Rebecca wakes up with bad enough brain damage, she cannot take care of Seb. She will be carted off, and Robert continues being a single dad. Everyone finding their way to a happy middle and a family is born. It won’t happen overnight and it will be bumpy times but it can happen.


Rebecca does recover, and Lachlan is jailed or killed. Rebecca has no connections to the village, so she continues onto Australia. Robert knows he cannot keep his son from his mother, but they decide that Robert will visit and Seb can visit him when he gets older. Creating a brand-new teenager storyline WAY down the line. Sometimes Aaron joins him.

It is not the first time we saw this on a soap, and it will not be the last. Over time Aaron will grow closer to Seb because he makes the choice. He is not going to punish a child for his parent’s sins. He is not programmed that way. If you think he would? You do not know Aaron Dingle.

Speculation #3 – Robert and Rebecca are the Ones in Love  


I love to put a funny one in there. I respect people’s feelings on many aspects of the show. Everyone can feel how they feel. Except, when it comes to this. In no way shape or form has the show showed Robert or Rebecca being in love or falling in love this past year. That is not going to happen in 2018 either. Stop flooding mailboxes with this false worry. It is not going to happen. It is not in the cards. The show had a full year to have that happen. Do you think with Danny “Robron Captain” Miller going around talking about a lot changing in February with a smile is him lying? If you feel that way, more power to you but there is no proof anywhere that this is going to happen. Robert and Rebecca have no romantic interest, and the show has not shown that either. So, there’s that.

Final Thoughts?

I am going to address some tiny speculation floating around. I’m going to be very truthful. No holding back to save feelings here. Here we go.

Aaron’s point of view is coming. Why is it so late, some of you are saying? So far, this has not been Aarons story. He does not get a point of view because he took the ring off and walked away. He is out of Roberts life so he will not be there for everything. Cherry picking moments that are biased doesn’t prove anything about Aarons feelings. As Danny said in many interviews, lots of Aarons feelings are coming to light in the next couple of weeks. A week in a soap is a very long time. Lots of information can come out in one week. Before you decide how Aaron feels, you should wait for the character to tell you first.

Robert is not boring or had a personality transplant. Not even. He has been through a lot this past year. He has learned a lot about himself. The power he has to do bad things and also good things. He is learning how to be better while still making mistakes. He is trying to be better for himself and his son. That is a good thing and to act like Robert is terrible or boring for that? People are not paying attention to the bigger picture. Robert is growing as a character. That is a good thing. He will still be snarky and want to protect his family and friends but he won’t go to those crazy levels again. He has learned.

Everything comes to an end. Like this storyline. Some need to stop acting like they know what is coming (they do not) and enjoy the ride.  Robron are finding their way back to each other. It will not be simple or easy, and they will be working on issues long after the big kiss. It is a continuing story. They will work on it. It will be a lot of growing together now.  Lachlan is finally being able to shine and be the dominant member of the family while possibly falling into madness. It will not be a clean-cut ending, but it will be a soap ending and thank god for that.

Tell me what you think below or leave me a message on my Tumblr! I will not be taking questions or opinions on Twitter since I am on a self-imposed mental health break. I will not see it, and I will not respond. So, until the next speculation post or Live and Organized, see you around in Emmerdale.

Devil’s Advocate – The Two Main Theories

Devils Advocate: Part Two (More Devil. Less Advocate.)

Emmerdale: Playing Devil’s Advocate (Once. Twice. Three Times the Devil!)


Emmerdale Title Card

Robert Sugden and His No Good Terrible Week (My Speculation)

I am writing this at 3:41 am. I can’t sleep. A lot of posts are pissing me off to the point of no return. So, I’m throwing my hat into the ring.  Here is where I stand about Robert, Seb, and The Whites. First off, I hate the Whites. That doesn’t make me a horrible person. They were a sucky Home Farm family. The only good thing they did was bring Robert home and bring Lachlan to Emmerdale. Second, I hate Rebecca. I can hate Rebecca. I’m allowed to hate a fictional character. Third, I like Seb. I do. I don’t blame him for the sins of BOTH parents. He is the most innocent person in this whole story.

Now that is out of the way. This storyline has brought up three themes:

1) Choice

2) Need

3) Want

Much like Aaron (I’ve talked about this in another post) Robert has fought between needs and wants. What he thinks he needs versus what he really wants. He has been acting like he needed revenge, he needed to stop the pain, and he needed to fight for his kid. This is where choice comes in. Robert has had many choices. He has made a lot of wrong ones this past year. Many that lead him down some very dark roads. However, after his wake-up call, those choices will change.

He needs Seb. He needs to start over and be better. However, his choices will change those needs into wants. He wants Seb safe. He wants Seb happy. He wants to be a better parent. That means he might have to put his own needs aside. Make a choice to put Sebs safety and happiness above his own. Something I see Robert doing. It won’t be a punishment. Robert doesn’t deserve any more punishment (regardless what others think).  He will want to be a good parent. Make a choice to be a better parent and let Seb go.

So, with that said, its time for a lot of fandom to make a choice to sit back and let the story play out or let themselves be freaked out by anons who want to cause panic because they don’t want to be miserable alone. It won’t be an easy ending. It won’t be a story that ties up all loose ends. It is a soap, after all, got to leave some things open.  Instead of dwelling on the negatives as we close out a rough storyline, try to think of the positives that are coming for Robert and Aaron as individuals and together. Not only do we have a reunion and future wedding on the horizon, but we also have a lot of growth of Robert as a person. We have Liv’s storyline and how that affects Aaron and Robert.

JOSEPH TATE. I mean, this year has already kicked butt and taken names, and it’s only the second week of January.

Instead of getting upset over the little details that won’t matter in a few months, let us think of the future and how we have so much to look forward to. Again, if you have to step away, please, go take a break from fandom and/or the show. No one is keeping you here. Get better. Come back. Be awesome. Find a bitch buddy. Someone that will listen to you complain without judgment.

So, yeah. I have no freaking idea of any of what I wrote makes sense. It is now 3:55am and I’m finally getting that headache that screams to me that I need to sleep. So, yeah. To summarize.

1) The White Family BLOWS too (stop acting like they are innocent human beings. Not even close)

2) Robert doesn’t deserve to lose everything because some look at it as penance for his evil deeds.  He has lost enough. He learns from his mistakes now.

3) The baby isn’t evil. It’s a baby. It has done nothing in this storyline to deserve such scorn. (His mother has, but that is a personal opinion)

4) No matter what happens, the Whites are leaving. Soon we won’t have to see them on screen or even hear their names. Let’s celebrate that fact.

5) So MUCH to look forward too! JOE TATE DRAMA! I mean…that gets me excited.

So, yeah. That’s where I stand. People need to just go through all the ways this story can go and then sit back and let it play out. Let’s not drive ourselves insane with the most negative of speculation. Until next time, I’ll see you around specualtion land.

Welcome 2018. I’ve Been Waiting for You.

Everyone wrote out their New Years thoughts the night before but, like with everything in my life, I’m always a day behind.  So, here it goes.

2017 wasn’t the best year. It was a dumpster fire for me personally. The only bright spots were that I started writing again (well, fanfiction but it loosened up my writer’s block) and I found a show that woke me up again. Finally, a show that had a fascinating fanbase and interesting characters. A show that I didn’t start watching full time until this year. I know I’m beating around the bush and most you reading this know which show I am talking about. So, I’ll just say it.

Fuller House.

Nah, just joking. Emmerdale has been a crazy trip this year, and I know many have been negative about it but I had one hell of a ride and hope to keep being able to watch well into 2018. Like I wrote once on Twitter (before I took my Twitter break) “Can we get Robron together before Trump kills us all?”

I see good things for the future. I see characters pushed aside last year getting their moment in the sun. I see challenges for Robron, but I also see reunion, wedding and working together through the challenges of the year. It feels dark, and some fans are focusing only on the negative, but it will get better. Dark before the light has come and gone. Its just a matter of time now. I feel it. In my gut. We are getting closer and closer by the episode.

I found and met AMAZING people through this show. It woke me up creatively. I started using some critical thinking to write up theories. I loved reading fanfiction and checking out all the art (this fandom is BEYOND smart and creative).  My little endeavor of putting my opinion out there through a live review has become something people look forward to reading (To these lovely people…are you sure you enjoy my live review rantings? I look back on old ones, and I sound certifiably insane.).  Even when I don’t agree, this fandom has been amazing to be a part of in every way.  I haven’t watched a show like that in a very long time. I wish nothing but the best for the people I talk to, cry with, create with and hope with within this Emmerdale/Robron fandom. You are all amazing people. I wish some of you realized that.

Back to that personal dumpster fire, I was talking about. I gained a good amount of the weight I lost in 2016. I was a lot more negative, and I felt a bit lost for the better part of 2017. I wasn’t productive in the areas that I needed to be. I fell apart this year. That is why I will make 2018 different. I will push myself out of my comfortable box. I will read more. I won’t let public opinion sway me into negative land. I will be kinder to myself. I won’t allow myself and my shyness to make me miss opportunities. I’m not going to worry what people think (only my friends and family’s opinions matter in the end). I’m going to learn my self-worth. How I do matter. I’m going to change into something better. Not because society tells me I need to be in this place at this year. No, it’s for me. For my mental health. For my physical health. I want to be better for myself so I can be helpful to my community and world around me.

2018 is the year of undoing a lot of the negativity I gained in 2017. Positivity reigns supreme. That doesn’t mean I won’t backslide. Doesn’t mean I won’t fall back into old habits from time to time. Doesn’t mean I won’t be negative or mean to others. What will define the change? How I pick myself up and keep moving forward after backsliding. How I approach the situations, I have screwed up.

So, with that said, I look forward to 2018. 2017 is gone. We survived. Let’s survive again but make it one hell of a party.

I wish nothing but health, happiness and a bubble wrap blanket for everyone in 2018!

A Look into The YouTube Star by a Confused Person

download (4)

Welcome back to the randomness people! What is on my mind at the end of the first month of 2016?

Well, it all started when I was watching YouTube videos. I was looking through my subscriptions deciding whether I should watch someone’s new vlog or a haul video. As I looked around, I started to wonder about this new type of television.

This is not the first time I have thought about YouTube and its effect on how we watch content on the internet (psst…read this post here!).  As I finally picked my video (I decided to finish watching a Linkara video I started earlier), I went on the internet to look up some information on the new type of celebrity.

The YouTube Celebrity.

Since YouTube was launched (I remember when it happened. Yes, children, I was there) in 2005 the internet has become the place for the world to put their funniest videos (screw you America’s Funniest Home Videos!).  Between the videos of funny cats and stupid children people started posting their reviews, skits and general thoughts onto YouTube. Slowly they developed a following and now they are celebrities and possible millionaires.

That is what I have learned from reading different posts on the subject. Along with many articles written by mystified people that work for Forbes and The Atlantic.

It is as if that are saying, silly YouTube celebrity! Content creation should be left to the professionals!

Seriously. That is how some of the articles I have read sounded like. They are mystified at how these people have become so famous. Some make fun of these “celebrities” and try to call them out for being fake for money. They think they don’t create anything of value. They pretty much try to bring them down.

 I will not lie. I’m stuck in the middle of this argument. I understand what those articles are saying and at the same time, I don’t agree with their argument at all.

Let me explain.

As I sat down and researched into this world that I visit constantly but have no real grasp of I, have found a few explanations for the mindset from magazines like Forbes, The Atlantic and Jezebel.


Plain and simple. It all comes down to money. Lots of these articles talk about content creation and how the content is getting sillier and sillier. Then they focus on the money they make. In some instances, according to a Forbes article, “PewDiePie…the Swede is the top-earning YouTube star on the planet, pulling in $12 million pretax over the past year, all for providing expletive-heavy commentary as he plays video games”.  $12 million dollars. $12 million dollars because he plays video games and is funny while doing so. Figures like that immediately make me angry. He gets $12 million dollars because he makes comments during a video game. Something I have done since high school.

That is when I understand their point. The YouTube star is making millions of dollars while doing something people do on a daily basis on their own. I’m someone who is struggling and trying to find my way after getting my undergrad and then masters degrees and these people make that much money doing random crap on the internet?!?!

For instance, Zoella, a famous British beauty haul vlogger, has about 4.4 million followers. All she does is open up products she bought, vlog about her boyfriend and dog and show off home décor. She makes an estimated 32,000 a month. So, about $384,000 a year (estimated). For opening up products, she is sometimes paid to present.

Yes, that noise is I, crying and wondering if I picked the wrong path in life.

I am also jealous as hell.  What did I do wrong in my life that I am not making that for talking about books, television or world events? Should I have been more active on the internet when I was in high school?

That is what I think all of those articles out there are talking about the most. They speak of the money they make. Which leads to jealous and then anger. Then they just start to go after these celebrities.

However, as I have learned in my life, counting other people’s money gets you nowhere in life.

Which leads me to the other side of the fence.

If we stop counting their money and look at their content, effort and marketing, the idea of the YouTube celebrity changes.

I have looked at my own favorite list of YouTube stars recently. I see the different ways they have to differentiate themselves from the million other content creators. I see the different storylines they have created throughout their videos. I see how much time and effort they put into the videos just to be torn about by internet trolls. I see them trying their best to make money from original content or ideas. Do not get me started on the copyright issues they come across sometimes.

We see the effects of all that hard work and instantly hate them for their success. In reality, they are working hard to build a brand. No different from what people have been doing since the beginning of time.

I recently found an article by a YouTube Celebrity that spells out that just because you hear about people making $12 million a year does not mean they all make that type of money. As the author, Gaby Dun, wrote, “The high highs and low lows leave me reeling. One week, I was stopped for photos six times while perusing comic books in downtown LA. The next week, I sat faceless in a room of 40 people vying for a menial courier job. I’ve walked a red carpet with $80 in my bank account”.  Not every YouTube celebrity is raking in the money. Some have a fan base but the partnerships and advertisements do not come soon enough.

When ads and partnerships do show up and start making them money, I have noticed people immediately go in on the YouTuber.

They just cannot win.

This mysterious world of the YouTube celebrity is not so mysterious after all. Like any industry, just because you see a few making money for doing stupid things does not mean the YouTuber creating interesting and original content is making the same type of money.

I will be watching this world closely. I am interesting in seeing where they world is going. Will be rise and became a viable industry or will the bubble burst?

download (5)

Tell me your thoughts on the YouTube celebrity. Do you like or do you hate them? Do you think they are the future or complete crap?

Until next month, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed.

No Wait…That Other Pride and Prejudice Film: My Top Three Pride and Prejudices Adaptations

Welcome back to the continuing adventures of Pride and Prejudices and its many adaptations. The plotline of Pride and Prejudice has been used more times in films, television and books than I can even count.  I have tried to see as many versions as I possibly can, but I am not super human. I try to have a life (Shut up. Stop laughing). Over the years, I have found a few favorites among all of these adaptations. Before I start, I have to say that Bridget Jones is not on the list because that would be too easy. I do adore that film (not the sequel. God no…not the sequel) but it is not meant for this list. So, here are my top three favorite Pride and Prejudices adaptions.

Bride and Prejudice


This Bollywood film takes the central idea of the Pride and Prejudice story and sets it in a place where some of those ideas are still present (according the film). I love this adaptation because it was a different take. Not only is it a musical (seriously…the music is amazing. You will be humming most of the songs long after you saw the film) but it has their Elizabeth and Darcy actually talk about things just hinted at in other versions.

What I mean by that is take this scene from the movie. Go ahead…watch…I will wait.

It is meant to be the scene where Caroline Bingley has Elizabeth walk around the room and talks about what Mr. Darcy looks for in women. They have Elizabeth say a few biting comments and that is that. In this version, this Elizabeth or Lalita does not let Darcy get away with some of his prejudice comments. I rather liked that she called him out. Darcy needs to be called out sometimes.

It is a lot of fun and opened my eyes to other types of films out there. I am still working on my Bollywood film journey, but this is a great place to start!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

images (2)

Come on! You know this had to be on here. One of the most successful (Emmy-winning…just to remind people) transmedia projects I have ever seen.  I have a thing for transmedia. I blame my graduate school days. Anyway…onto why I love this version of Pride and Prejudice.

I love this version because the show took good care of the supporting cast. Sometimes with other Pride and Prejudice adaptions, Charlotte is boiled down and not given much for the audience to care about. In this version, not only does Charlotte NOT marry Mr. Collins (though this Mr. Collins is very sweet) but also she works for him. Which makes a lot more sense. I really enjoyed those details. I also like that Lydia is given more depth than other versions. We get some background on why she acts the way she does. Some versions like to make Lydia silly or even stupid, but I always thought of Lydia as naive. Good headstrong for her own good. I love the show gave her more depth as well.

This is definitely worth the watch. I believe it is still up on the internet and even on the Showtime app for some reason. Either way…just watch!

Lost in Austen

download (3)

This is less about liking the idea and more I am completely vain. Let me explain. If you have never seen this version…its less Elizabeth and Darcy and more..

HEY rabid fangirl! Can you imagine if you were transported into the Pride and Prejudice story? Now is your chance!

It is that type of adaption. A girl named Amanda (see why I like it) who is obsessed with Pride and Prejudice (Darcy). One day Elizabeth Bennett shows up through the wall in her bathroom. They switch sides and Amanda gets to live her favorite book. How do you think, things go?

Not too many people talk about this miniseries, but I remember finding it hilarious. The story is still there even though Elizabeth does not really exist. She off being modern in the year 2008. Amanda ends up living the story with her Darcy. I love how the movie tries to show how unromantic the time Pride and Prejudice was set. We have a lot more to get us through than these people do. I also love that she realizes how annoying Darcy could be. We tend to overdramatize the idea of Mr. Darcy.  If he was a real person, (cough Tom Lefroy cough) he must have been so annoying to deal with. I love that this movie points that out. It is also the ultimate fanfiction experience, which I love to watch.

It is not well known, but I think it is a good chapter in the Pride and Prejudice storybook.

So many different mediums have covered the Pride and Prejudice story. I know there is a zombie version coming out soon and I still need to watch Death Comes to Pemberley (on my Netflix as we speak) but yes, the story of Pride and Prejudice will, more than likely, never die. I wonder if Jane Austen even knew that what she was writing would be held to such high regard far beyond her years.

I’d like to think she did know. She knows and she finds it really weird.

Thanks for reading! The randomness has ended for the week. I hope you enjoyed!