Welcome 2018. I’ve Been Waiting for You.

Everyone wrote out their New Years thoughts the night before but, like with everything in my life, I’m always a day behind.  So, here it goes.

2017 wasn’t the best year. It was a dumpster fire for me personally. The only bright spots were that I started writing again (well, fanfiction but it loosened up my writer’s block) and I found a show that woke me up again. Finally, a show that had a fascinating fanbase and interesting characters. A show that I didn’t start watching full time until this year. I know I’m beating around the bush and most you reading this know which show I am talking about. So, I’ll just say it.

Fuller House.

Nah, just joking. Emmerdale has been a crazy trip this year, and I know many have been negative about it but I had one hell of a ride and hope to keep being able to watch well into 2018. Like I wrote once on Twitter (before I took my Twitter break) “Can we get Robron together before Trump kills us all?”

I see good things for the future. I see characters pushed aside last year getting their moment in the sun. I see challenges for Robron, but I also see reunion, wedding and working together through the challenges of the year. It feels dark, and some fans are focusing only on the negative, but it will get better. Dark before the light has come and gone. Its just a matter of time now. I feel it. In my gut. We are getting closer and closer by the episode.

I found and met AMAZING people through this show. It woke me up creatively. I started using some critical thinking to write up theories. I loved reading fanfiction and checking out all the art (this fandom is BEYOND smart and creative).  My little endeavor of putting my opinion out there through a live review has become something people look forward to reading (To these lovely people…are you sure you enjoy my live review rantings? I look back on old ones, and I sound certifiably insane.).  Even when I don’t agree, this fandom has been amazing to be a part of in every way.  I haven’t watched a show like that in a very long time. I wish nothing but the best for the people I talk to, cry with, create with and hope with within this Emmerdale/Robron fandom. You are all amazing people. I wish some of you realized that.

Back to that personal dumpster fire, I was talking about. I gained a good amount of the weight I lost in 2016. I was a lot more negative, and I felt a bit lost for the better part of 2017. I wasn’t productive in the areas that I needed to be. I fell apart this year. That is why I will make 2018 different. I will push myself out of my comfortable box. I will read more. I won’t let public opinion sway me into negative land. I will be kinder to myself. I won’t allow myself and my shyness to make me miss opportunities. I’m not going to worry what people think (only my friends and family’s opinions matter in the end). I’m going to learn my self-worth. How I do matter. I’m going to change into something better. Not because society tells me I need to be in this place at this year. No, it’s for me. For my mental health. For my physical health. I want to be better for myself so I can be helpful to my community and world around me.

2018 is the year of undoing a lot of the negativity I gained in 2017. Positivity reigns supreme. That doesn’t mean I won’t backslide. Doesn’t mean I won’t fall back into old habits from time to time. Doesn’t mean I won’t be negative or mean to others. What will define the change? How I pick myself up and keep moving forward after backsliding. How I approach the situations, I have screwed up.

So, with that said, I look forward to 2018. 2017 is gone. We survived. Let’s survive again but make it one hell of a party.

I wish nothing but health, happiness and a bubble wrap blanket for everyone in 2018!


Real Life Horror: The Top Investigation Discovery Shows to Check Out this Year


Welcome back! I have spent so much time on the fictional horror that it is easy to forget how much real horror is happening in the world.  Even weirder we are all just as fascinated by real life horror as well.  I have so many favorite shows on the Investigation Discovery, but these are the three that are on my mind this month. I highly encourage all of you to check out the channels and their shows. Lots of stories and lots of real life horror you can’t believe could happen outside of a movie script.

So, without further ado here is my top three Investigation Discovery shows at the moment.

Death by Gossip with Wendy Williams


Do not get tripped up by the name. Yes, it is that Wendy Williams. Do not expect this to be like her talk show, though. She covers horrible stories that start with gossip but end in murder. Wendy Williams even said, when promoting the show, “Everyone loves a little dish now and then, but in these cases, guilty pleasure can become a motive for murder.”

I like this series because it shows how much gossip affects our view on a situation.  Gossip can start as harmless fun but turn deadly if the gossip is heard by the wrong people. Yes, I will not lie, I like to gossip as much as the next person does, you just forget how much that gossip will affect others. Even the most harmless of gossip can lead to something worse.  Something all of us in society do. We gossip. We just do not expect it to go wrong.



This is a new show, but it has grabbed my attention.  It is about people who don’t have exact proof, but they have their suspicions about who has been up to no good. What I find interesting about this show is how confident we are with our instincts. Some episodes the person who was suspicious about someone was right. However, there are episodes where the person is completely wrong! Which begs the question, should we trust our gut?  The stories are heartbreaking, and you can’t help but cheer when the person who trusted their instincts got it right and saved someone from the same fate their friends or family faced.

Web of Lies


I like to call Web of Lies catfishing gone wrong. There will be no Nev or Max banging on your door. The series covers what happens when people are taken advantage of on the internet.

I picked this show as a ‘must-see’ because of one episode I had watched recently about a 13-year-old girl named Megan Meier.  She had a tough life, battling depression, weight, and self-esteem issues.  She had friends, like the one down the block, but the friendships didn’t stick so she turned to the internet. Her parents were wary of her being online, but they watched carefully and made sure they knew what she was up to on MySpace.

One day a 16-year old boy named Josh Evans decided to friend her. That is when nothing would be the same again for Megan or her family.

I would like to ask you to check out the full story on the Megan Meier Foundation website. This organization is doing great work in promoting awareness and education on cyber bullying, physical bullying, and suicide. I highly encourage all of you to find the episode on the ID website and spread the word about the organization to others.

We may treat some internet interactions as a joke (Catfish. I’m looking at you), but the internet is a dangerous place, especially for children who don’t understand real life rules apply on the web as well.

It is fun to theorize and fanboy or girl out over those famous killers from various horror franchises. However, there is a lot of real life evil out in the world.  Many people are cruel, and we do not need any more people like that in the world. So, always try to be nice and have patience with people. Let us go forth and spread more positivity in the world.

Hope you enjoyed. See you next time.

The Night Michael Came Home: A Look at Halloween


Welcome back! We are in full swing. Soon it will be the Christmas season for real but for now we stick to Halloween. Speaking of Halloween (nice segue there Amanda) here is my look at Halloween and where it stands in popular culture.

Halloween is the series to start off the slasher explosion of the 80’s. This film series didn’t have the same effect on me as Nightmare on Elm Street did, but it stayed with me. How could it not? Every year AMC plays their Michael Myers marathon, and I get sucked in. I also made it a tradition to watch Halloween on Halloween since I was fifteen years old. This is less about societal woes and more about a man who just won’t die. He is human. He has been stabbed, shot at and even his head was cut off (I KNOW. I know. I refuse to acknowledge the backtracking the powers that be did after H20).  He is someone who cannot and won’t stop.

The story of Halloween is as follows: a six-year-old kills his older sister, Judith, after watching her have sex with her boyfriend on Halloween in Haddonville, Illinois. He is put away and watched over in an asylum by Dr. Loomis. Cut to Halloween in the year 1978. Michael is back for revenge, and a new crop of babysitters are his new target. Who will make it out alive?

This first film is classic. It shows how great and suspenseful a horror movie could be. A lot of people call it the start of the slasher but if you look there isn’t much blood. The killings are like a slow countdown to the main event, Laurie Strode. The main babysitter or as we later learn is the sister that got away.

I will admit. I am a fan of the Halloween 1 and 3. I enjoy seeing Paul Rudd in a movie like this but other than that…yeah…not so much. No matter how many times I have seen these films, I still have trouble completely following the mythology that is Michael Myers.  Other than being scary and fulfilling the requirement of killing random babysitters and bystanders there was no reason to look at Michael Myers any further. I had no real connection.

images (5)

Then it hit me. Michael Myers doesn’t have a mythology. There is no reason for Michael to kill. There was no catalyst. He is just inherently evil. We don’t know if it is mental or some outside force started this spree (watching his sister have sex sparked something in him), but he is just inherently evil. That is fascinating. Especially since a ton of real life serial killers never needed an excuse.  It takes that idea and brings it to the mainstream. Michael is truly scary because he doesn’t have emotions. He doesn’t have a reason. He is a machine, and nothing will stop him. Appealing to his sensibilities won’t save you. Neither will running away. Michael will get you if he wants you.

That is a pretty scary thought.


I enjoy the quote unquote final girl as well. Laurie Strode is played by the original scream queen herself Jamie Lee Curtis. This movie follows the traditional slasher rules. Laurie is a beautiful, virginal girl who is highly aware that something is wrong that particular Halloween. Even better she is smart enough to keep the children safe. I think Laurie killing off Michael in H2O (I refuse to go past that movie) would have been the perfect ending. Of all the Myers running around out there, it would be up to Laurie to end the madness. Much like Nancy, she is the only one that can truly get under his skin.

images (7)
Dr. Loomis is a pretty big character too. He is the only character to attempt to keep up with his patient. Trying to keep him from killing anyone else. I also had a theory he felt responsible for Michael as a father. A creepy father/son relationship. The movie doesn’t touch on this, but I always felt it was there. Under the surface. There is a great blog post about Loomis being the real boogeyman. (psst here it is check it out)

This series is one of the rare ones where I refuse to acknowledge certain movies past the year 2000 because they were just bad and made for money.  If it were up to me, I would watch up to Halloween: H20 and call it a day.  Good ending for a killer that scares the crap out of babysitters everywhere.

images (6)

Until then, the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed.

New Nightmare: Freddy Has Made it Home or Three Reasons You Should Watch Nightmare 7


Welcome back fellow horror movie fans! I’m still talking about Freddy and the legacy he left behind in the horror world. I wrote yesterday that I was a huge fan of the Nancy run of the movies. Not that each movie didn’t have its charms, but I felt that Nancy was the great foil for Freddy’s revenge. She should have been the last Elm street kid to go. Alas, that is not how the series goes. I will say that after Nancy, I enjoy Alice as a character. She was part of a very controversial storyline and movie in the series, but she was fun. Someone who started off weak and learned to be strong. I am convinced in some small way she was related to the Thompsons somehow.

Anyway, I have favorite Nightmare films that I watched more than others. I have noticed over the years that New Nightmare, the technical ultimate nightmare movie (if you refuse to count Freddy vs. Jason and the remake like me) isn’t talked about as much as other films. This breaks my heart because it was a witty and genius way of Wes Craven getting his Freddy back to where he should have been all along.

I consider this installment in the series underrated, and I will give you three reasons you need to check out New Nightmare right now.


First here is a general plot summary of the film. Heather Langenkamp, who plays Nancy in the original movie, is considering doing another Freddy film. Meanwhile, a stalker is getting closer to her and her family. Little does she know that stalker is someone she already knows and fears.


Reason 1: The Meta of it All

Nothing makes me happier than seeing subjects become aware of their surrounding and overcoming whatever is blocking them from leaving (Cabin in the Woods for example).  This story disregards the storyline of the past movies and brings it back to the beginning. It is less about the journey the characters have taken but more like ‘What have we did by creating Freddy?’. Which is a look at how Freddy went from just another slasher star to a cultural force in our society. He wasn’t just on our screens he had found a place in our cultural psyche.

There is a scene at the beginning where the morning talk show host was asking Heather Langenkamp (Nancy in the movies) if she thinks these movies have a positive or adverse effect on children. Before she can answer, Robert Englund pops out as Freddy and whores himself out to the crowd while they chant his name like he is a hero. Apparently, according to the fantastic documentary, that scene was based on something that happened to Wes Craven and Robert Englund. Amazing to think that even back during the first movie Freddy already had an effect on us as a society.

Reason 2: True Freddy Comes Back


Some may argue with me on this. I remember not minding the funny Freddy when I was a kid watching the series. Now it annoys me. There are scenes where Freddy is selling me a power glove from Natendio and making graphics jokes.  I felt Freddy’s change from a scary force to funny, sarcastic killer was a huge negative as the series went on.  I liked the idea of a few sarcastic lines but dark lines. Like, “Welcome to Prime Time Bitch” or “This is God.” Those were good lines. The worst lines for me? “We’re playing with Power Now” or “You’ve got the body, I’ve got the brain.”

In the New Nightmare, a darker, scarier and quieter Freddy is present.  His words are chosen carefully and aren’t there to just make someone laugh. They are there to scare, intimidate and rethink the love you may have had for him in the past.  I look at this as the true Freddy. The Freddy Wes Craven envisioned.  I’m seriously scared of this Freddy, and I want to be afraid of Freddy. Not amused. This film does that beautifully.

Reason Three: A True Love Letter to the Series

images (2)download (1)

I look at this movie as Wes Craven final word on Freddy. This is what he sees Freddy as and his cast of characters from the first film. This is like a wrap up in a sense. For Freddy to be truly vanquished, we needed to come home to Elm Street. One of my favorite moments that felt like a big kiss from Wes Craven was the scene between him and Heather. They discussed the movie, what both have been going through and he asks her if she could, “play Nancy one last time.” It still gives me chills.

Since everyone was playing themselves and then ultimately their characters it was fun to see everyone on screen again. You see this during the funeral scene.  A lot of actors and actresses from all the films are in this scene. Almost like a family reunion including the portrayer of Freddy himself.

I take this film as the final say on who Freddy truly is and who the real heroes are in this horrible nightmare.

I like to watch the first, third and New Nightmare in a row. Believe it or not, it works as a cohesive storyline.  A fascinating look at one Elm Street kid and how she truly should have been the last elm street kid to take Freddy down. This story is fun, exciting and makes you wonder how far these fictional characters have gotten into our heads.

I will always recommend this series to others, and I hope you check out New Nightmare, and it gives it another chance. It is witty as well and gives great commentary on how our culture worships these villains on the screen.

images (4).

Until next time, the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed.

In Defense Of: Halloween III: Season of the Witch


Welcome back! Continuing with the Halloween theme for the month I will be talking about my favorite Halloween movie series. Just yesterday, I was talking about Halloween. This series is a true classic, but even true classics have their problems. A good amount of the fans of the Halloween series thinks that the third movie or Halloween III: Season of the Witch is the worst.

Halloween III, “focuses on an investigation by Challis and Grimbridge into the activities of Cochran, the mysterious owner of Silver Shamrock Novelties, in the week approaching Halloween night.”

I never had the pleasure of seeing Season of the Witch until I was much older, and AMC had their massive marathon. I even live-tweeted the event. After the movie was over, I came to one conclusion. It was not that bad. In fact, I enjoyed it.
So, I am here to defend Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

*Thunder Crashes in the Background*

Ok. Let us get started.

Original Story
Originally, the Halloween series was not meant to follow Michael Myers. It was supposed to be a different story set on Halloween. Stories about the horrors that await people on Halloween. They stuck with Michael Myers because he became more popular than expected.
I think this story was a nice break from Michael Myers. There is only so much you can do with a crazy killer. I am convinced that Michael Myers had that random mythology forced upon him because he was not meant to have a complicated backstory. He was supposed to be a killer after a family member. That is it.
With Season of the Witch, we get an original story. We get new characters. We get a new horror to worry ourselves silly over. It had a message. It was about corporate greed and how we as consumers are just as greedy. I believe it is more horrifying because you are less likely to run into a serial killer (God willing) but you will fall for corporations and be just as greedy as they are. It makes you think, and it is scary in its own way. I appreciate that in a horror story.

Earworm Ahoy!
Speaking of corporate greed the cornerstone of this movie is that damn commercial. Silver Shamrock is a big part of the plot and is scary. However, I will not lie. I want a mask of my own. It was smart of the story about corporations and the people who fall for companies tricks to have great advertising. The Silver Shamrock song is addicting and catchy. I am going to post it here, and I dare you not to get addicted!

Ambiguous Ending
With Michael Myers, they added that ending where he disappeared to make it more mysterious. That mystery is broken when he shows back up in the second film, though. This movie gets to have that strange ending. The end of the movie always makes me wonder if those guys managed to stop the commercial in time. We don’t know as an audience, and it drives me nuts. I will not lie, but I am convinced they didn’t. It was a dreadful night for thousands of parents.
That made the story even more fun to watch for me. If the series did manage to do the anthology angle, and Michael Myers went missing, I think that would have made the movie perfect. Knowing Michael Myers was still out there would drive me crazy. After all the movies, I have seen of Halloween; I am not as scared of Michael Myers anymore.
I am afraid of the unknown. It is unknown if the commercial was stopped which makes it ten times better.

download (2)

Many do not love Halloween III: Season of the Witch, but I enjoyed it. At some point, AMC will air that movie, and I enjoy the ride every time. Until then I will look for a pumpkin mask and wait for Sliver Shamrock to play on my television screen again.
Stick around because next week I jump into another Wes Craven series, Scream.

Until then, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed.

We Need a Little Christmas but Not This Early

Welcome back. As I write this, Spotify is playing a Christmas song. No, I didn’t pick it. This is what happens when I hit shuffle.  Before that, another Christmas song played. Now an ad promoting shopping early for Christmas gifts just came on.

Hold on. I’m checking my calendar.

Right. Just as I thought. September. I’m still in shorts and a t-shirt. The leaves are still green and on the trees. Right.

Fa la la la la la la la la la.

I love Christmas as much as the next random person. It brings a nice warm glow as we head into the coldest and darkest nights of the season. People are a little nicer; the houses glow a little brighter, and lots of goodwill and cheer showed on television.

Yeah, I enjoy that too, after I eat turkey and then shop like an idiot the next morning.

Why are people in such a rush to start the holiday season? Especially when we have Halloween and Thanksgiving to enjoy?

I feel like this started, where I live anyway, around the time Hurricane Sandy hit.  Everyone had enough no living with no power for two weeks and extreme cold. So, Christmas became a two-month event. Since then, it has grown. The minute September hits people start thinking Christmas.

It drives me nuts.

We need separation. I want to feel that transition from summer to fall (the weather doesn’t seem to want to play along, but someday it will be cool out). I want to feel scared and enjoy some good candy in the month of October. I want to look forward to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and overeating with my family. Then we can jump into the next holiday.

Why rush. Enjoy each month as it comes. Christmas will be here soon enough.

What do you think? Are you running around humming Christmas songs already or are you just as sick of the rush? Leave a comment below.

Until Saturday, this randomly organized pop is going to bed. Have a good one.

Underrated Love 

Welcome! As we close Valentine’s Day Month, I wanted to talk about romantic comedies…again. I have talked about romantic comedies a lot in the past. What I have never talked about are the romantic comedies that are completely underrated. Some were only in a few theaters or only made it to Netflix. Either way, I love to put these movies in when I need to see something light and fun. Nothing truly serious here.

So, without further ado, here are my top three underrated romantic comedies.

The Matchmaker (1997)


This film starring Janeane Garofalo, David O’Hara, Milo O’Shea and Dennis Leary (this cast is full of ‘hey I know that guy’ people) is one of my top favorite romantic comedies. Sadly, whenever I mention it to people, they have no clue what I am talking about at all. I first saw this film when the WE channel had the  Cinema Therapy show. I became addicted and when I got older I got my hands on a DVD.

The plot is as follows. Marcy, who works for Senator McGlory in Boston, has to go to Ballinagra, Ireland to find his ancestors. She gets there and finds herself in the middle of a matchmaking festival. Let us just say while trying to do her job she keeps getting caught up with two rival matchmakers and a bartender named Sean. I am not going to ruin the ending but it is sweet and so incredibly funny at the same time.

What makes this movie great? The characters, the plot and the setting for one. Ok…for all. This film uses Ireland and its residents to set a very charming tone.  Not only do you love the main characters (Marcy and Sean) but you love all the townspeople. It has all these dynamics going on that work so well. The matchmakers (Dermont and Millie) are hilarious has they try to match Marcy. It is one of those movies where you wish they made more because you didn’t want to leave this small Irish town or its people. That is what is great. No character you come across is useless. They are all different and add a lot to the plot of the film. Every character has chemistry. Especially the leads.

Speaking of the plot, it’s not entirely focused on romance. It has a mystery (where and who are the ancestors of Senator McGlory?) and makes the lead finally stand up her herself and what she wants.

I believe you can find the film on YouTube, but it is available on DVD as well. Seriously, a great watch that is small, sweet and utterly charming. You will be quoting certain lines long after the film is over.

The Decoy Bride (2011)


The Decoy Bride is a movie I found on Netflix. I let it sit on my list for a while until I found out it was written by Sally Phillips, a comedian I really enjoy. So, I took a deep breath and hit play. This movie stars David Tennant, Alice Eve and Kelly Macdonald and follows a famous trope.

An actress named Lara Tyler keeps trying to marry her fiancé James Arber but the paparazzi keeps ruining the wedding. So, they have a plan to marry at the place her fiancé wrote about in his book, Hegg. Too bad he faked the whole thing. While her staff try to fix up a place for them to marry there, Lara goes missing. To make sure the wedding goes as planned her team hire a local girl Katie to fill in without James knowing. Chaos ensues.

I left a ton out of the summary but it follows the fake/stand in fiancés falling in love trope. This film is light and funny. The main selling point is the chemistry between the lead characters, James and Katie. Once they go off on their journey the film picks up. You cannot help but want them to be happy so you are on their side even when things get weird. What the film also gets right is not demonizing the other woman, Lara. She is sweet but lost in the romance of this whole situation. She is fighting a different fight too. The paparazzi. I won’t ruin her end but it is kind of cute.

I read on IMBD that the filming budget was small so a good amount had to be cut out. Which explains why certain things happen in the film without explanation. I would love to get my hands on the full script to read what I missed.

With or without the full script this film is worth a watch. The leads are charming, and the film didn’t degrade the other woman.

One Small Hitch (2012)  

download (1)

This movie was another one that sat on my Netflix list.  I was sick one day and decided to give it a watch. What I got was a formulaic film, but it had a lot of heart.

It stars Shane McRae as Josh and Aubrey Dollar as Molly. They are two friends who are faking an engagement to please their families. They come up against many obstacles like religion, ex-girlfriends, siblings and their issues but ultimately find they are in love.

Yes, this is as formulaic as it gets. The trope of the fake engagement has been done to death. Does not mean it is not enjoyable to watch. What makes this movie shine is the acting of the leads.  They flirt through a tired premise with ease. The chemistry is off the charts and makes you want to root for them. Their families are not bad either. They help the leads find their way to each other in funny ways. This movie also has an ex-girlfriend that is not made to be a bitch (to put it lately).  She is the one who help Josh and Molly get their act together at the end of the film. The leads are on fire and the supporting characters are fun. Yes, the premise is tired but it is a fun movie for a rainy Sunday.

These three films are a lot of fun and are worth the watch for any romantic comedy fan. They may not have the fan base but they deserve to have more than me as a fan! I also need more people to talk to about my love for The Matchmaker. Please, I need to bounce theories off people. So, get to watching!

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you have enjoyed.




Why Guilty Pleasure Songs are the Secret Ingredient

Welcome back! I’m the type of person that loves music. I love old music, new music, music that annoys me (you get the point). I like to listen to music. Even the music that a lot of people ‘side-eye’ you for. That ‘side-eye’ music is something called guilty pleasures. We all have guilty pleasures in life and when it comes to music.

Only You (Yazoo/Kylie Minogue)

I’m convinced a lot of people don’t know this song. Apparently, online it is known as the song that plays when Dawn and Tim finally get together on The Office (UK). I do not know the song for that reason.  I know it from the movie “Can’t Hardly Wait” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ethan Embrey. The song plays at the end when he finally admits he likes her. Let’s just say that the song stayed with me. The movie? Not so much.

This song can be interrupted as a breakup song or a song about unrequited love. I believe in the latter of the two. It has this longing in the singers voice that sounds like he has been watching this person for a long time and they just can’t get their relationship together. The song is unapologetically 80’s and that synth beat puts me in a very dreamy mood. It has been covered many times, but the Kylie Minogue and James Corden version is my favorite cover.

Why is it a guilty pleasure? It isn’t a favorite song. Most people look at me confused. It is like a secret little song just meant for me to hear. So, yeah…embarrassing.

Favorite lyrics?

This is going to take a long time and I wonder what’s mine
Can’t take no more
Wonder if you’ll understand it’s just the touch of your hand
Behind a closed door

It is like the singer has finally hit a wall and wants to know where they stand out behind that closed door. I love it. Listen to it below and come up with your interruption.


How Can We Be Lovers (Michael Bolton)


Just the thought of Michael Bolton equals guilty pleasure. He was extremely popular in the 80’s and 90’s but had become a side thought as time went on. He still pop’s up in Lonely Planet videos and Toyota commercials. However, I consider his whole career a guilty pleasure.

Much like the song “How Can We Be Lovers”. I first heard this song on an old VH1 show Pop Up Video (remember that. Good times).  Beanie Babies and Pogs are falling out of my ear it is such a 90’s song. It has a fun beat that you cannot help but enjoy. Michael Bolton is singing so passionately about the situation in the song you cannot help but care if they will be ok.

The song is about someone wondering if they can be together without being friends. They just keep arguing. I always assumed everything turned out ok. They just have that lovely trope of a relationship! Love and Hate of course.

Favorite Lyrics?

Baby, love is tough, but we can make it
Baby, times are rough, but we can make it
We can work it out

It is the best part of the song where the beat slows down, the music falls away, and they want us to listen carefully. It is the best part to sing as dramatically as he does. Believe me. I have been caught singing to this song more times than I can count. Listen below for this romantic couple trying to work it out.


Stuck with You (Huey Lewis and the News)


I first heard this song on VH1 through Pop Up Video. Let me just say that I might have to write something about Pop Up Video. It apparently had a profound effect on me. This song is a guilty pleasure because not too many people remember this song. It was a hit back in the 80’s, but it came out around the time Power of Love came out. People gravitated to that song. It’s great, but it isn’t as impressive as Stuck with You.

It is about this couple who is talking about where they stand and realize they have put too much into their relationship to go back. They are stuck together by all the good and the bad. The beat is poppy and makes you want to snap your fingers and tap your toes (it is one of those songs).

I truly love the lyrics. It is about a couple who share a house, phone number, and friends. They went through the worst and the best together. They are in it for the long haul. They are in this relationship for the win. They are joking about being ‘stuck together’ because they want to be stuck together. It warms the cold cockles of my heart.

Favorite Lyrics?

We’ve had our doubts, but we never took them seriously
And we’ve had our ins and outs, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be

They thought about moving on but realized they want to be together even through the ins and outs. I guess I believe that is what a great relationship is made of. It cannot be all honeymoon. Real challenges will appear, and you will have to weather them together. I want to be stuck with someone someday. Listen below to get stuck with someone too!

So, there you have it. My guilty pleasure romantic songs. I can already tell some of you will be confused by a few my choices. Considering they don’t sound utterly romantic but all music is subjective, right? What are your favorite guilty pleasure romance songs? Tell me below in the comments!

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed!

International Love 

Welcome back! Now that you have a primer on what a k-drama is, it is time to check out some of my favorite Korean drama romances. There are many shows to pick from. I bet if you went to DramaFever or Viki you felt overwhelmed by the number of shows to pick from. Thank god, you found this blog post. Not only are these starter dramas but they are some of the best out there.

So, here are my top three favorite romantic k-drama shows.

Coffee Prince (2007)


Coffee Prince was the first k-drama I remember watching. It has a very firm place in my heart. It is dated now (even for American standards) but still has a funny and romantic premise that still resonates today.

It is about women posing as a man to get work at an all-male coffee house. She ends up falling for the boss, a young mogul. He starts to have feelings too that make him question his sexuality. While they figure out where they stand the other members of the coffee house deal with their issues.

This show is a classic because of the cast chemistry. If you have not figured it out now. If you have chemistry, it will work out. At least for me. This drama talks about different lifestyles without talking down to the audience. The characters work well as a group and even have a winning squad going by the end of the drama. What is even better about this drama? Every character gets to grow and changes to become a better person.  I’m a huge fan of character growth. A lot of media tends to let that go to fit a storyline. This drama doesn’t.


The Master’s Sun (2013)


This is a Hong Sisters drama. What that means to you is, check out their work, they are fabulous writers. They understand how romantic comedies work and why audiences continuously go back to the genre. Anyway, this drama will always be the top of my list for the leads chemistry (I was seriously expecting them to announce they were dating in real life) and the original story. It is worth the watch.


It is about Joo Joong-won, who is a CEO with issues reading and Tae Gong-shil who can see ghosts after her coma. For some reason whenever she touches Joong-won the ghosts go away. Now she is won’t leave him alone. They end up trying to figure out why they are connected and deal with all the ghosts (good and bad) along the way.  There is a lot more to this story, but I don’t want to ruin it.

This is a great romantic story because the two characters are bound to each other. They are soulmates. Sure, they both fight each other on that fact and have other people to get past, but they are soulmates. They start in one dark place to end up in the light. The two leads have insane chemistry with each other. It is almost like they have known each other for years. When they are apart in the drama, you feel the loss. That is good acting.

The plot is fun. A different ghost each episode with a few that stick around (Coffee Teen Ghost for the win!).  It makes you wonder what you would do with this particular skill. If you could talk to ghosts, would you?


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My Love From Another Star (2013-2014)

My Love From Another Star

This drama was a huge international hit. It is even being remade for ABC7.  So, you better watch the original before us American’s ruin the story. This show is incredible. The story is original. The actors are believable. The characters are well written. You are going to marathon this show. This is one drama I will go back and watch multiple times; it is that good.

The plot follows Do Min-joon, an alien who gets left behind by accident in the Joseon Dynasty. 400 years later he runs into a seemingly vapid actress named Cheon Song-yi. They have a connection that changes how he feels about possibly going home.

That plot description is so general. A lot happens in this drama. It covers how far the world has come in 400 years. It forces the audience to look past labels and see the person for who they are. The leads, who have worked together before, have a natural chemistry together (ah..that word again…chemistry).  Since the show has a strong cast and story, it sucks you in. It is like being on a rollercoaster you never want to get off of. You care so much about these characters you never want to leave them. Let’s just say, when these characters kiss you just fall in love.

Even better? The villain in this drama is an actual villain. Not an, ‘I’m just going to leave things out to confuse the main characters’ type of villain. Oh no. He is a murderous villain. Not just to be murderous either. It relates to the plot. That is exciting since a lot of shows (American included) only do that for shock value. NO, it relates to the plot. High fives all around!


There are so many great Korean dramasout there. You have just to discover them yourselves. However, you can start with these three and wet your k-drama whistle.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed!

Korean Dramas and Me: An Introduction


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Welcome back to the Valentine’s Day Month. I understand that sounds weird and Valentine’s Day is over but just go with it. I am trying something out.


Let us move on.

When I was in college, I was bored with what was on television. I found myself looking back on older television, but that did not keep my attention for long. I started looking for other types of television. Something I have not seen before. That was when I noticed people talking about this television show on this forum.

Coffee Shop Prince. I have never heard of it before. I started investigating. Easier than thinking about classes.  That is when I came into the world of Korean drama. I have never seen anything like it before. The shows had many of the same premises. Mostly because no matter what or where you write, the tropes are the same.

What was different was where things were set. What social values were upheld? What the norms of this society were. That was fascinating. Learning about another culture was interesting to me. So began my foray into Korean television shows.

These television shows are getting more and more popular, but there was a time when I had to take other measures to feed my addiction. I will not go into it but the kids today got it easy. Everything (generally) is on Hulu now.

Let me stop here. Korean dramas or k-dramas are made by South Korea (obviously) and broadcasted on their networks. Like American television, most television shows started out as radio before jumping to the television screen and developing from there.

What is different about the k-drama process is how their television shows are made. There is one writer. One director. There are 16 to 20 (depending on popularity), and that is it. Unless it is a colossal hit, you are only going to see the characters in this story for 16 to 20 episodes.  I will not lie. I kind of like that idea. It has to be rough on the writer, the director well, everyone involved in the production but, at least, things will have a good flow. Everything is controlled, and the style of the show and the words will not change.

There is a distinct style. Sort of like how you know when Aaron Sorkin or Carmon Crowe are writing a movie. You know a particular style, and that is what Korean dramas have. A distinct style.

Since that day, I went looking for that drama I always make sure I keep up with the recent shows.

With each new technology advancement and more people my age and younger willing to look beyond what is offered to us as entertainment, I can see Korean dramas getting bigger and bigger. Especially since American television is starting to take notice and adapting a bunch of my favorite shows so I must not be off the mark.

Korean dramas are an interesting world. I do not always understand it, but I try.

Where am I going with this little story time? I mostly watch their romantic dramedies.  They are so much fun, and they have a much different style than the American dramedies that I hold dear.

Tomorrow I will go over the starter kit to Korean romantic comedies.  Why they are worth the look and the respect, I think these dramas deserve.

Until then, the randomness and story time has ended. I hope you enjoyed.