When Spoilers Become Too Much

Recently there has been a Twitter user that has decided to ruin whole weeks and months’ worth of spoilers for Emmerdale. Before this, he would release pictures and general spoilers that magazines would get a bit early. Now, things have changed. The spoilers being released through this account are detailed, they are purposely being misleading with their spoilers and getting rude after people ask him why he does what he does. His source somehow is letting him know everything, and he has no problem breaking embargos to increase his Twitter numbers.

Why is this a problem? Why is this bad? Read on to learn more!

Why Releasing Full Blown Spoilers Is Bad

Ruins the Surprise

I’m someone who doesn’t mind little clues. Little winks of what is to come. When spoilers spell out the whole scene or entire episode, that ruins everything. What is the point of watching? The point of spoilers is to entice us to watch. When someone spells out exactly what will happen, it ruins everything. What’s the point of watching? Why even give a damn about the show if you are going to tell us everything? It sucks, and I hate when people do this.

For instance, if the Robert and Aaron reunion is spoiled outright that ruins the sparkle and the fun ono not knowing it is coming. What if Nell’s endgame was completely spoiled? It would have been a boring episode. I had a fun time watching all of that unfold. It was fun analyzing all the little things happening that lead to that point. It had a sparkle and sense of fun.  If that were entirely ruined, we wouldn’t have had such a great time.

Effects the Digital/Social Media

The amount of time and affect the team that promotes and writes Emmerdale is numerous. They put a lot of work into the show so the actors and production crew can bring it to us. Spoiling all that hard work is cruel.  The digital and social media team have to build up spoilers and put together their media to entice us to keep watching the show. When spoilers show up and ruin that all that hard work goes out the window. It isn’t fair to them considering they are just trying to do their job.

As someone who went to school for marketing and corporate communications (humble brag), I know how much work goes into planning to promote. It is an intricate plan that is set up weeks in advance.  Along comes some small person running all the hard work? I’d be pissed and upset that all that work is gone and I’d be wondering if the team should even try again if this person will just ruin all that work next month.

Effects Reporters and What They Get Paid to Do

This one is a harder sell, but it doesn’t make it any less relevant. Writers like Duncan Lindsay at The Metro rely on using those small spoilers to write their articles. I’m not a fan of him, but I respect the fact that is his job. When things are ruined that takes away work for him and others and then makes it harder for the show to promote itself outside of social media.  It is choking an avenue of advertisement. It is also making it more difficult for the websites to get those clicks and get us to pay those magazines. In a dying industry, print media fans not buying soap magazines for spoiler’s ruins things for reporters. Jobs disappear. That’s not cool. As much as I hate the British press and the way they promote Emmerdale (Mostly how they write about Robert) I still read it because it gets me thinking about theories and makes me want to see what happens next. Spoilers online ruin that.

Now What?

Some people enjoy spoilers that tell everything. That makes them ready for the worst instead of being blindsided.  Which I understand. I have been blindsided by a lot of drama this past year (on the show and in real life but I can’t control either).  However, I’m going to get all Spock on you right now, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. The many don’t want that type of spoilers, and sometimes one has to make a decision to find those spoilers another way.  I know what you are thinking, ‘Just don’t look!’ or ‘You can’t tell me what to do!’. True. I could block this person. I can keep to myself. However, I know that I will still see the spoilers somewhere else. I also refuse to silence myself to make someone else feel better. I’ve done that a lot in my life and now I’m letting that thinking good now. My words and thoughts matter just as much as anyone else’s in this fandom. I say that spoilers that go too far hurt more than help a fandom get through a storyline. I hope for the fandoms sake this person can move what he does to some other place and let people enjoy the show.

What do you think? Tell me below, tweet me or leave me a message @AmandaJ718! Until fandoms next crisis, I’ll see you all around in Emmerdale.


The Turning Point Theory aka Theory Number Eight Million

This is a new theory. Yes, another one. I know. I have over a million theories (feels that way) but I feel like anything goes right now so here is what I’ve been thinking. This has been worked on (she came up with the framework of this theory months ago) with my Tin Hatter/Theory Ho/Partner in Crime Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) so if you want to yell at her too…go right ahead. *wink*

This is quick and dirty. Enjoy this quick and dirty theory. This is also, very…bare bones. Lots of ideas and characters aren’t covered, yet. So, feel free to pick apart as you see fit.

This is based on Three factors (that are rumors)

We have a rumor that Finn does by a stray bullet. Also, down the line, Robert tells Aaron about all his plans at Home Farm. Andy is coming back for a guest role (see Kelvins Twitter to find out what I’m talking about). IF THOSE THREE FACTORS ARE TRUE:

I can see Lachlan trying to shoot Robert (since the show recently brought up Robert’s shooting during a Maxine episode).  Let’s say that Lachlan misses and hits Finn. Finn does alone bleeding out in the forest. Found much later in the week. Lachlan picks up on this and sees his opportunity to set Robert up for this shooting (this is where I get fuzzy on my theory. Go ahead and fill that in).  This leads Aaron to reach out to Robert because he knows Robert was up to something at Home Farm but beyond the drugging of the brandy, he is in the dark. Robert tells Aaron everything, and we get a reverse of how Robert supported Aaron during the Gordon reveal. Only we get Aaron supporting Robert over the shooting of Finn. This would bring Andy back into the picture since this framing would be full circle. This is why this all happened. This whole freaking story. The White Family set up Andy because Lachlan is a stupid idiot. I’m convinced the spa building Ryan was filming in was Robert going to see Andy.

Meanwhile (this is when I get very bare bones), Rebecca has the kid early. Robert sees the kid, holds it, gets attached. Maybe even Aaron gets attached. They both get attached to the kid. Aaron being in a better place will see the kid as Robert’s not Rebecca and Roberts. He can handle it better (whatever), and they decide to make a go of it together. Then it gets out that Robert has been scheming and messing with her and her family. She takes the kid from them. They fight for the baby, and as part of that case, we learn that the kid isn’t even Robert’s. It’s Ross or Adam. Whoever fits at this point. It also proves that maybe, just maybe, Robert and Rebecca didn’t sleep together. Then Rebecca’s plans explode. Which Ross might use against her to get full custody of the kid. (That’s farfetched, but you get what I mean).

Maybe Robert and Aaron fight for the kid still but don’t have the right against the Barton’s. That gets rid of Rebecca and baby but opens up that story a lot of us wanted in the first place. Robert and Aaron adopting or surrogacy.

How this all plays out is beyond me. Anything is possible. ANYTHING. Every theory works. Even the craziest ones. That is what drives me up a wall. The show should have gotten rid of some theories by now. I mean, I guess, the only theory crossed off is that she is faking it. That’s it. Six months in and that is it.

Anyway, what do you think? Take apart the theory and add your own thoughts to it. Either way, it’s another possible way this could all go down. Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until the next theory, I’ll see you around in Denial Land!

Aaron and Robert: Want vs Need

On Thursdays Maxine written episode Aaron says this line to Liv:


“My counselor reckons what you want and what you need are different things sometimes.”

Which the Emmerdale Twitter account retweeted themselves. I’ve read about this line in a few fanfictions over the past year and maybe even talked about it briefly on Tumblr…somewhere. I can’t find it now, but I can’t get this line out of my head. I have to talk about it and how it relates to both Aaron and Robert as we seemly get to the point of this storyline that has driven fans a bit nuts (myself included).

Now, if you are human you naturally have needs and wants in life. Personally, and in your relationships. In a personal relationship (girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband) there can be an imbalance of needs vs. wants.  One blog entry, Wanting vs. Needing a Relationship, said:

I feel like you shouldn’t need in a new relationship. You should want. Because if you need, it means you weren’t a complete person when you entered into it. To want means that you are making a conscious decision to make room for this person in your life. But maybe that doesn’t feel secure enough to the other person.

One could guess, off that quote, that Robert and Aaron and their needs and wants are a big part of their breakup and their upcoming reunion.  Read on if you want to see how.

Aaron and Roberts Wants and Needs

Now, let’s get back to Aaron and Robert.  At the beginning of their affair, both ultimately needed each other for different reasons. Both were fulfilling a natural need while getting some nice extras on the side.  Robert needed to scratch an itch he refused to acknowledge out in public.  Aaron got some without having to run out to the bar every time and then making the walk of shame in front of his mother. What did both get? They both got someone to talk to without much judgment. Something both hadn’t really had in a long time.  Something they both secretly wanted. Even though it wasn’t always seen on camera, those two knew things about each other that they wouldn’t normally know unless they had some pillow talk.  Robert knew when Aaron was self-harming again and Aaron knew Robert was hiding his true feelings of bisexuality also hiding his love for Aaron.

Before the start of their real relationship, Aaron had needed Robert there to admit the abuse, get his family on board and then get Gordon put on trial for his crimes towards Aaron. Aaron couldn’t do it alone. He needed Robert to push forward. He needed Robert there for him to get through that trial and the after effects.  He needed Robert to hold onto for support.  That continued as they found Liv and after the trial. Aaron even saying he couldn’t know what to do without Robert. He could lose him.

That need made them very co-dependent on each other. Some online have said unhealthy co-dependent (It is a soap. Most soap couples are unhealthy.) which caused them to implode once they were pulled apart.  Since then, since the breakup, Aaron has purposely tried to get better, mentally and physically. Going to therapy, exercising, and trying to do things in his own way has made him a more complete person. He doesn’t need someone there to do what is right for him all the time. He doesn’t need someone to push him towards a better life. He can do that himself now.  He can stand on his own two feet.

Now, I think Robert was taught by Jack, he should want and need these things: a wife, money and some power.  He needed his father proud of him. Not what he wanted though.  He wanted to be happy with himself, be loved and have a warm, happy family.  We can argue that Robert had all of that with Aaron and Liv. The White Family was what Jack made him think he needed but not wanted.

Robert, since the breakup, has self-destructed. He has always been self-sufficient in the past, but since falling in love with Aaron and being honest with himself about his bisexuality, he has been opened emotionally. Something he tries to cut off but does horribly.  He has been opened and can’t go back to that old life or his old coping methods.  He needs Aaron more than ever.

I guess this means that Aaron has learned he doesn’t need Robert to be happy or a complete person but he wants Robert because he does love him, their life is never boring, and he is part of his family.  For once, Aaron is the strong one. Robert the weak. Robert needs Aaron to admit that his scheming isn’t going to help him in the long run, he needs his family (Aaron and Liv) on his side and needs to face the future and his responsibilities as a “dad.”

Since Aaron went to jail and everything that followed, Robert has been lost. He lost his home (Aaron), and he even lost what he found in that home. His true self and his true love. Now, he has fallen back into old habits deciding he needs to be like what Jack wanted (power and money) to fill that Aaron shaped hole. He needs Aaron to remind him of what is underneath and what he wants in life. He wants to be his true self, and he wants to be his true self with Aaron.

It’s a reverse of Aarons story the year before. That might have been the clue to this story all along. Aaron and Robert had to be torn down and rebuilt. Only Aaron is doing it first, and then he needs to help Robert come back from the revenge void. Then Robert can rebuild to not just needing Aaron but wanting Aaron for who he has become.

That might lead them to a reunion, becoming a stronger couple and then their real wedding. That was what we have been waiting for all along.

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me your thoughts @AmandaJ718! Until I need to babble again, I’ll see you around in Emmerdale.

Help from Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) 

Clear Blue and You: Emmerdale’s Pregnancy Problem

That’s right. I’m back again. The Theory Hotm has returned. What? What could I be wondering about now? What could I be theorizing about? Well, everything is still up in the air. Everything is confusing. Some are despairing. Some are just dealing. Some are theorizing. Let’s continue.

My friend Justine is who came up with this theory, and now we need some help fleshing it out. What is this about?

Pregnancy and Emmerdale.

I know. Everyone is sick of hearing about this but hear us out. Pregnancy, getting drunk, ending up in the wrong bed, some do the right thing, others do not, cheating and breaking up couples seems to be very popular this year.

We will be talking about all the pregnant or not so pregnant ladies of Emmerdale.

The Pregnancy Round Up!

Rebecca – Slept with Robert. Ended up using a pregnancy test from Victoria to check.

Nell – Been sleeping with Jai for a while and used a pregnancy test and finds she is pregnant too.

Priya – Been sleeping with Pete and thought she was pregnant. Used a pregnancy test in the pub bathroom to make sure. Not pregnant.

Moira – This is more of a fan whisper or fan speculation, but Moira might be pregnant with Cain’s/Pete’s kid or is starting menopause.  She has been feeling off (fainting in the barn), not drinking in the pub (maybe once I am not sure), and keeps finding herself at the doctors for something.  A blood test is her pregnancy test (well…Robert kind of switched that one up).

Victoria – She has been trying to get pregnant. Has a ton of the pregnancy tests available only to find that Adam might not be able to have kids (they never went back for a second opinion as suggested).

Theory Time!

So, what do most of these stories have in common? The tests themselves and how they were presented to the audience. (We are going to leave Moira out of this for now. She will come back later with this theory).

Rebecca got her test from Victoria, and Priya/Victoria/Nell all got them from the Hotten chemist (I’m assuming since Nell mentioned it. It could be David’s too). So, technically so did Rebecca as well.  Now, Victoria says something to Rebecca after her test is positive that could be considered an offhand comment but caught the attention of Justine.

Victoria: Well at least I know I didn’t buy a faulty batch! (2:28) 

This can be considered a throwaway line. I did, but Justine brought something to my attention. Yeah, it could just be an offhand comment since Victoria wanted a baby so badly but how would one confirmation mean the batch wasn’t faulty? That was a weird statement to make. One could argue it was just making a joke about how Victoria can’t seem to get pregnant but it could mean more.

These women might be smoke screens for each other (here comes Moira back into the theory).  If the tests turn out to be faulty after all, we have a lot of questions on our hands. Fan opinion is Moira is pregnant, and it is meant to shock us. (Fans are pretty smart these days, and Emmerdale has leaks all over the place. I thought Donald Trump had a leaky administration. Geez.) and these pregnancies are meant to distract us from this shocking turn of events.

What if the shocks don’t stop there?

It becomes more of a question of, who is pregnant after all?

Some thoughts. Could Rebecca be faking her pregnancy as many have speculated? We have never seen a doctor’s appointment, heartbeat scene, gender reveal scene or why she left that hospital all those months ago upset and running to Ibiza. We could bring up the randomly changing stomach sizes and how it fit on Rebecca’s body, but that might be a production error.

Still, could all of this be a smokescreen for Moira to have a child, Rebecca to never have a child at all and for Nell to lose a child?

This is where you all come in. Help two ladies out.

Do you think all these pregnancies and that line means something bigger or are we overthinking it because we are bored waiting for Robert and Aaron to reunite?  There is something to these parallels the show has been doing for months now. This might be the one to change a lot of stories and force forward the narrative that has been stuck for ages.

Don’t forget to tell me what you think down below, @AmandaJ718 (Twitter and Tumblr) and give a shout to Justine @Klainedestined (Twitter) and @BeautifulHusbands (Tumblr) if you want to talk theory!

Until another theory forms, I will see you around the dark theory shadows of Emmerdale.

The Karma Catch Up: The White Family’s Exit Theory

I thought I was fresh out of theories when out of nowhere a new one presented itself. I’m sure someone out there has talked about it, but I haven’t seen it yet. If someone out there has, come on over and talk theory with me. We have a lot to discuss.

Anyway, the lovely and smart Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) mentioned to me one day that she was afraid Robert was going to be set up for Lawrence’s death.  That got us thinking. What if that is where we are heading? What if the Whites big goodbye means they try to take down Robert Sugden?

So, here is my new theory or as I started calling it:

The White Family Exit: Karma Catches Up to Robert Sugden

When this little revenge lark started, Robert had Tim work with him scare off clients by becoming the phantom of the Home Farm. Meanwhile, Robert scared off the other clients with an email. This would ensure Victoria and Rebecca would get him back into leading the company. It worked out perfectly. However, Tim got spooked and ran while Robert moved forward with his plan. Robert left a loose end out there.

Meanwhile, Chrissie, pissed off at Lawrence about all the lies about her history and family, removes herself from the family and the business. Making it even easier than ever for Robert to move on in, continuing his plan. This is where missing time comes in.

Let’s say that Chrissie was visited by Tim. She lets him in. They start talking. Tim tells her what Robert seems to be up to. Chrissie starts thinking. Seeing as she is furious at Lawrence and knows Robert is moving in on the family, this would be the best way to get back at Lawrence and Robert at once. (I’m convinced she never stopped being angry at Robert).

They start to plan out a way to get rid of Lawrence (he should be on his 9th life by now) and set up Robert for the death. It would be happening in the time we are missing. The event goes down, and Robert is accused and even goes to jail. It plays into something being echoed since the last SSW. Robert always comes away from every scheme, fight, and sad event unscathed. What if this is the time he is finally caught and he didn’t do the crime?

It would bring a lot of things forward. It might fill in some plot holes people won’t shut up about. What exactly are all the White Family members up to the last couple of months? What if they have been planning their own revenge on different people and Chrissie just got there first? We know the White’s have to leave, and since Robert came in with them, he will have to make sure they leave…all of them.

It would also bring Aaron back from the brink. Let’s not kid ourselves. When one of them is in danger, the other is right there to save them. Where there is a Robert, there is an Aaron and vice versa.  I can see Aaron trying to help Robert and figure out what went down. Especially when everyone will write him off (Victoria included).  Aaron is all he has in his corner. Aaron knows the real Robert Sugden.

All of this could lead to Lachlan losing it after he finds out all the different things his family has been doing, and we get our ‘serial killer’ Lachlan only with his family? Maybe? That or Lachlan and that whole spoiler that has been out there for a long time is the ultimate red herring.

Regardless, this theory came about after Justine and I figured out (with the help of twitter) the show kept bringing up karma, time and coming full circle. This means bringing back Andy. Why Andy? Well, if Robert gets framed and sent to jail, Andy and Aaron helping him out would bring us full circle. This is how this all started. Chrissie framed Andy. Robert and Aaron tried to figure out how to prove his innocence. This brought in Rebecca, and you know the rest of the story. This can let the White Family exit in a big way, completing the story circle.

Either way, the White Family has a ticking clock on their heads. How will the show write them out? I hope I’m right with this theory all based on a suggestion.

What do you think? Far fetched or do you see a bit of this happening? If you have come up with a version of this come on over and we can talk about it! Leave me a note below or Tweet me @AmandaJ718.

Emmerdale Theory Round Up

Since a lot of people are looking for my other theories lately I created a master post. Enjoy. It is ordered from my first theory to the most recent.

What the Hell is Happening in Emmerdale – Posted April 22, 2017 

The first theory I ever wrote. It references articles and interviews that might still be usable and since some of the questions I brought up has been answered, I might have been on the right track.  Still, check out the Iain interviews I linked.

Rebecca White: Playing Everyone? – Posted May 27, 2017

My original thoughts on Rebecca and how she plays everyone. Everyone has a version of this theory which makes me very happy.

Super Soap Week Theory: The Feet in the Sand – May 31, 2017

This one is my favorite because I still think it plays a bit part in what is coming up for The Whites and Lachlan.  Having written this one with my dear friend, Justine (@BeautifulHusbands on Tumblr) it talks about the mysterious feet in the sand. Since then we might think it is Lachlan’s future hit list.

Fatal Rebecca: The Victim or the Villian? – Posted June 5, 2017

This is where I debate if she is actually a victim or villain.  If you follow me you know how I feel about this.

Emmerdale Theory Time: Pregnancy Confusion – June 7, 2017

This was about the pregnancy timeline and how there are issues, as we know.

Emmerdale Theory Time: The Whistle of Death – June 8, 2017

This was a small theory about Rebecca and if her story ends at death’s door.  All because of the story Laurel is reading as Ashley was near death’s door himself.

The Color Theory: Emmerdale Style – June 18, 2017

This theory is something everyone picked up on.  I just wrote it out like the theory ho I am.  I still yell YELLOW in reviews.

The Incident Debacle aka Storylines…Storylines I Know – July 2, 2017

This is less theory and more about the Robron story structure. It is still working in my favor so check it out anyway.

So Many Theories. So Little Time. – July 19, 2017

This is the most current.  Robert revenge against The White family? YES.

So Many Theories. So Little Time. Part Two – July 22, 2017

I embellish on the first theory since spoilers have come out since then.

Karama Catch Up: The White Family’s Exit Theory – August 14, 2017

Where I think Robert is going with his storyline. It might be wrong but it’s a good story.



So Many Theories. So Little Time: Part 2

So. I’m back with another theory. I’m always coming up with theories. I’m just a theory ho. I’m the ultimate theory ho.  I see something coming up, and I adjust and try to see the good in it. Why? I don’t hate Iain like other people. I think he did a, to quote Aaron Sorkin, “a good thing badly.” So, I see this next phase (August) as the start of the second half of this story.  Now I feel like we are on a sleigh ride to Super Soap Week in October. Did I mention I think this will all be done in October?  Robron will reunite in October and work on their relationship even more.

That isn’t part of the theory though. That is just my gut instinct. I’m putting it out there so when everything is said and done, I can look back and figure out if I was right or not.

So, as the theory ho of Emmerdale, here is how I think the Robron story may go.


So. Robert brought the Whites in with him. He is going to have to take them out.  That is the core of where I am going with this theory.

After Aaron kicks and forces Robert to move out and on from him (I doubt Aaron will enjoy doing this because Aaron will always love Robert, but it’s for both their own good right now) Robert ends up putting all his concentration on The White Family. He would because going to the scrapyard with Aaron and Adam would be too hard for him. He starts out helping Rebecca because she needs help (how she survives by herself is a mystery to me) but he is secretly out to get them.  Causing trouble at different events or even with clients. He might start messing with the families head. This might bring on Lachlan’s breakdown into madness. He is out to get Lawrence for the final time, Chrissie (I think Chrissie isn’t on his radar) and Rebecca for pushing him too far.

Robert will fail because the show cannot have one of his plans go well but by that point, Aaron might be clear headed enough to notice something is going on with the White Family.  Always wanting to protect Robert, he might team up with Robert (as friends only) to help him out.  They get closer as they figure out what is going on.  All leading to an explosive Super Soap Week in October.

Meanwhile, I think Aaron will be boxing with Zak.  He will be getting better. Maybe he goes out with Adam to a bar. Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe Jason comes back to either box with him, or Aaron can have his revenge since he is stronger and clear headed.

Personally, I’d love for Aaron to save Robert at some point. Maybe even start to be the one to chase after Robert after awhile. I sense, this time, Aaron needs to chase after Robert.  There needs to be a difference from last year, or else the plot would be too boring and predictable.

A slight variation on the theory? Chas comes back late September and picks up on something and tells Robert to watch his back. Yes, I’m one of those people that thinks Chas won’t be warm to Robert, but she won’t treat him like crap. I think she is disappointed, but she still likes him. She knows and has seen the good in him. Things have changed from last year with Robert.  As much as it seems he is going back to 2015 Robert, there is still that 2016 Robert in there.

Liv’s story might even play in at some point.

Let me say this. My gut tells me that all of these stories, these characters, these feelings all tie together somehow.  They will all (give or take a few that might stick around) were designed to explode during SSW. Iain is going to pull the rabbit out of the hat (as he puts it) and surprise us all.

Now, that is how I feel. What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718! Until I get another theory going in my head I’ll be here writing up my thoughts on each episode and how I feel about other storylines (GUYS. Other people exist outside of Robron. Shocking. I know.)

Treat each other well. Consider the source. Breathe. Reboot. Eat a Snickers.

Have a good one.

So Many Theories. So Little Time.


Everyone is talking.

Everyone is sad.

Everyone is hopeful.

Everyone is clueless.

Everyone knows what is going to happen.

I know everyone has their opinions. Everyone is getting tired of reading everyone’s opinions. So, me being me, I had to say something. I must stick my fat nose in there and say how I think the story is going to continue.  I have a few theories, but this is the one that sounds the most interesting. The soapiest. It also fits in with playing with time theme Iain seems obsessed with. (well, he keeps mentioning it). Let us begin! My official prediction on where I see this all going.

First. I need to say this.  I understand the Rebecca hate. I’m not a fan either. I’ve used very colorful words to talk about her.  However, as we go forward, we are going to see Robert shares scenes with her. Why? As of now, she is carrying his ‘child.’  It would be weird if he weren’t going to start being involved.  As it has been discussed many times, Robert can’t win in this situation. If he starts accepting the child people are going to think, he will give up on Aaron. If he ignores the child for Aaron, he is a horrible person for leaving his son behind. So, he can’t win. However, I can see him accepting the kid while keeping his torch aflame for Aaron. I know a majority of the fandom understands this.  So, yeah. Anyway, what the point of that was to talk about how we need to accept that they will be sharing scenes. I don’t see any romance starting at all.  We might see friendship (sigh), but I feel like that needs to happen. Let us continue.

We know Robert falls and Rebecca gets him to the hospital. Why she is at The Mill, remains to be seen.  However, Robert apologizes, and I think they develop a truce that is supposed to stand in place as friendship.  We can infer that Rebecca is left alone to handle the family business and well, the poor girl can’t even wipe her butt at this point.  So, Robert has to come in and save her butt and the company he works for. This means they will have to get closer (hold it together people. I don’t see romance in the future).  That is Robert’s storyline.  (I’d like Robert to work on achieving happiness on his own, but I don’t trust the show to do that properly or do it at all)

Meanwhile, Aaron comes home with a black eye, and Robert is all over that (obviously), and Adam tells him to back off. I even think Aaron is snarky and mean to push Robert away. Which will hurt but it will be ok.  Aaron needs his time to figure out a way to clear his head and find less harmful ways of dealing with stress and life in general.  He might take up boxing again with Zak. He may take up another form of exercise and go back to therapy.  He will get happy by himself and on his own terms.  That is Aarons storyline.

Where do these two connect? This is where the ‘playing with time’ comes in or doesn’t. This is where I veer off a bit. Ok.  I think Aaron, as he gets clear headed, with Adam will start to pick up on signs that Robert cannot.  Aaron knowing about having to drink water for the scan was really random, but I saw that as someone who has been looking into how things work with baby scans.  He might have before his mental health really went downhill. I think the two of them (Adam and Aaron) will start to see the inconsistencies we see and talk about all the time (the bad writing or whoever is directing Ms. Head is directing her the wrong way question).  This is where Robert comes in.  Now, I could say that Aaron has been checking up on Rebecca’s story since he found out (I think this way because we got way too many scenes of Aaron in the background glued to his phone with no payoff…yet).  It could also not apply to time, and Aaron figures it out on his own after the breakup.

They bring him in and ask him to watch her closely.  So, Robert and Aaron have to work together, as friends, to figure out what Rebecca is up to. Slowly they start to rebuild their relationship while secretly working together.

This all builds to Super Soap Week when everything explodes. Secrets are revealed. People are found to be telling the truth or lying.  Babies will be born (yes, babies) and certain people may go psycho on us. Either way, Robert or Aaron or Adam could be in danger.  They might have to say each other, and then the relationships explode into a new area. Robert and Aaron might have a stronger base by then, and things progress to the level we were at again.

Yes, this is general. This has been talked about before. This might be complete and total crap.

Another theory I have? Victoria is the one who figures it out and goes nuts. Setting off a chain of events we have yet to see altering the Whites, Bartons, Dingles, and Sugdens lives forever.  This is after Robert has accepted he is going to be a father and Aaron has finally found a better place for himself.

Another one? Andy plays a role in all this.  Since this happened after Andy needed help, he would have to come back to fix it.  With what I think is about to happen to Sarah, Andy might be back by October.  Sadly, I hope I’m wrong there.

Another theory? Same thing as I wrote above but they find that Rebecca is sick or dying of something (Victims Departure blah blah blah) and she dies in childbirth, and Robert is left alone with the kid. However, turns out, it isn’t his. It’s a Barton’s (cough Ross cough), and Robert has to fight for it, and Aaron helps him.  Growing even closer.

I have a few more but as you can see this story can go anywhere now.  Some are fearful of that fact. I refuse to be afraid and just go with the flow.  In fact, I think it can be exciting not knowing what is coming next. It will be rough to sit through certain scenes, but I believe everything we have gone through as fans are for a reason. We are building towards an exciting end and a stronger Robert and Aaron.

Another thing I am positive about? The storyline will end. It will be ok.  Robert and Aaron will find their way back to each other stronger than ever because they both will learn how to be strong on their own and together.  It will just be one hell of a ride to get to that point.  We all just have to hold on tightly till we see the light at the end of the story tunnel.

Thanks for listening to my theories.  I know people are burning out on the meta of it all, but I find it fun to speculate just as long as we don’t let speculation take over everything.  Especially negative speculation.  All I wrote above isn’t fact. It’s just my thoughts on what I think is coming.  I could be wrong.  I could be right. Either way, its just speculation for others to chew on when things get too boring or too much.

Hope you enjoyed.  Tell me below what you think!


(I had to yell that into the universe. *wink*)

Guess Who’s Back? Back Again. Protecting Robert! Tell a Friend!

Ah. Every time I write something the show likes to mess with me and my thoughts. So, the spoilers were fast and furious today.  Bring about a fandom meltdown that happens every other day.  Mostly on Twitter. Sure. It is confusing. This storyline is confusing. People are confused and angry. I’m getting bored writing this every other day just as you all are bored having to read it (not that I don’t appreciate the people who do!).

Just like I explained how the story is structured to not have Rebecca be a  factor now I will explain how the Robert and Aaron both got themselves into this mess, Robert being pushed around in the story, what is missing from Robrons story structure, and what could be happening in the future.  If you are interested in learning more continue reading.

Both Play A Part

As a joke, I like to blame Andy for all that has happened. It is a silly joke because Robert and Aaron have no one to blame but themselves. That’s right. It is easy to blame others (Robert and Aaron are actually good at doing that), but these two only have themselves to blame.  Hear me out.

Aaron is a complete character. We, as an audience has seen him at his worst and at his best.  We know him and how much he has grown as a character. He went from a troubled teenager that had no problem hurting others to a sweet soft soul who still has that edge but is learning to handle that.  So, how did Aaron play his part in this screwed up storyline? After Robert had told him he can’t make him happy, Aaron went off to get drunk and beat up a person for Finn that wasn’t even worth the time or effort.  We all know it wasn’t because of Finn or what he was going through. He was letting all his anger at himself and Robert out by beating up an innocent person. Then he deiced to go backward and act like his teenage self.  Acting like he was alone and had to deal with this event alone. He snaps out of it and realizes he has a family and he has Robert, but it’s too late. He is off to jail where he gets into drugs, Gordon mentions and bullies who are homophobic.

Robert is a complete character. He is a legacy character. Born on the screen to the Sugden family that was the family to show up first in the pilot episode of Emmerdale Farm (as it was known back then) the audience watched him grow up.  He gained a brother and a sister. Lost a mother by the hand of a brother. Saw his father reject him and kick him out of the village for good.  Robert returns angry, darker and hiding a big part of himself.  A part that Aaron brings out in him.  We as the audience know him and understand him.  What was his part in this storyline? Aaron didn’t force Robert to get drunk after he rejected him at the jail.  Nor did he make Robert text Rebecca (this is where things get shady, but that has been covered so many places. We all know).  Aaron didn’t make Robert sleep with Rebecca. That is his part in this story.  His consequences he has to deal with is a baby that wasn’t made from lust or love but from sadness and hazy drunkenness.

Not one character is to blame for what is happening right now.  All we have is Aaron and Robert to blame for where they are right now.

Speaking of which, lately, people have forgotten this fact. In fact, lots of people seem to believe that Robert has caused all of this drama. I’m here to show you that he has not.

The Good Robert Has Done

With the new spoilers coming out people on Twitter (sometimes Tumblr) forgets that Robert isn’t all to blame. In fact, Robert has tried very hard to make the best of a bad situation.  In fact, Robert blames himself for a lot of what has happened. That is for the next section though.  I’m here in this section to remind people of the good that Robert has tried to do in this storyline. I shall start listing it now:

  • Tried to stay positive for Aaron before the sentencing
  • Married him to give him a stable environment to come home to
  • Took care of Liv and paid for her tutoring
  • Took care of Noah when Charity had to go out of town randomly
  • Took care of Two Businesses
  • Paid for The Mill Renovations
  • Ran The Mill Renovations with Adam and Ronnie
  • Paid for Liv and Chas trip to see Liv’s Sick Mother
  • Saw Aaron in Jail every chance he could
  • Took full responsibility for everything that happened while Aaron was away (cough takes two to tango cough)

(More Listed HERE)

Robert has tried so hard to keep it together. Randomly seen wandering around aimlessly in scenes before everything exploded. Why don’t lots of people remember this? Why don’t they let Robert have his say in the story? His voice is just as important to structure this Robron story.

What is Missing From the Story (For Me)

The reason why people seem to forget Robert or even blame him for everything that is happening is that Robert’s point of view is missing. It is. We complain about Rebecca being a plot device with no agency, but we still have a slight idea of what is going on in her head with her conversations with Victoria and Chrissie (for three episodes or so).  We have a very good idea of where Aaron is headed by the induvial scenes he gets with people in the village when Robert is brought up.  Some feelings being talked about with Adam.

Robert, on the other hand, is just there. He is riding the waves of whatever Aaron is feeling.  He literally left it up to Aaron as to how their relationship should proceed. He does talk about his feelings in the famous “Reveal” episode, but that was pre-baby reveal. That was all smashed to bits, and we are back to Robert’s point of view being pushed aside for others.  Even if their points of views aren’t as fleshed out, we are aware of them.  Robert has been left out of the story structure.  That is why things feel off to me.  As I said earlier, Aaron and Robert both got themselves into this mess.  Aaron is about to face his consequences for real with Jason showing up at The Mill and all the scenes after that.  Soon Aaron will learn how to handle his self-harm and drug use. He might even laugh.

All of Roberts choices seem to be based on other people. We need his feelings. We need to know where he stands. He deserves that as a legacy and fully realized character. Without that people, can project whatever they want onto Robert.  Since people don’t want to blame Aaron, they blame Robert because it is easier.  I know a few people will balk at that but it’s true. Especially lately. Aaron can’t do any wrong while Robert is the ultimate screw up. Yes, Robert is the ultimate screw up. He is an asshole. However, Aaron has screwed up a ton too.  He can be an asshole.  He hurts others all the time.  When people start realizing that both of their points of views are needed to complete the Robron story structure.

We All Love Them Both (Don’t make us split up our love!)

I love both Aaron and Robert. So much. They complete each other.  Yeah, there is a lot of bad qualities there, but there are good ones too. A relationship on a soap is boring when they always get along. You want a relationship that is fiery, always moving and always changing for either the better or, the worse.  Sometimes always jumping between the two.  That is where Robron lives.  They are so complicated on their own that coming together they are complicated and crazy and they just complement each other so well. They can’t really run off with anyone else. It wouldn’t work. They both would be so bored and end up having another affair some point.  (I’m sure that story will show up in a few years).

For their current story to keep working they both need to recognize that they both screwed up big time. They both have to face their consequences. They both aren’t terrible people.  They are just full of issues they both have to work on together and separately.  This story is structured to cover all their issues and how they can’t sweep them under the rug anymore. The reason why this isn’t working is that Robert’s point of view is missing, the plot points are off, and we seem to be concentrating more on other people that ultimately don’t affect Robrons final story outcome in their story structure.


So, these spoilers are good for Aaron and Robert.  Aaron will start to face his consequences from jail.  Robert will begin to accept that he has a child on the way and he should make a decision about that.  I feel Aaron will get a full explanation on how he faces and conquerors his issues.  Robert on the other hand, I’m afraid his viewpoint will be forced by others making us wonder what he wants for real.  It also gives people a reason to force their anger onto him, even if he doesn’t deserve it (he doesn’t by the way).

One last thing, the magazines are being truly crazy lately.  Not only was it total click bait (I know what it means Duncan) but Robert finally standing up and attempting to face consequences isn’t a betrayal. The fact magazines frame it that way makes it even easier for audiences to think Robert is the only bad person in this story structure.  While some are good at ignoring crazy soap magazine spoiler’s others aren’t and take it at face value. Which makes it quite hard for the story to continue and make sense.  So, take everything you read with a grain of salt.  Just wait for the episodes to air before making any true judgments. Sometimes Danny isn’t sending secret signs. He might have been told to set a certain tone. Certain things are embargoed, and sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

So, this the Robron story structure that is trying really hard to be told but so many elements are missing.  Hopefully, those elements will be filled in soon.

‘The Incident Debacle’ aka Storylines? Storylines, I know!

Yes, it is me. Back with another opinion. Everyone must be so excited to read this one.  Anyway, if you enjoy my ramblings on Emmerdale/Robert and Aaron, please continue reading! I truly appreciate the people who do.

So, as I have written before, I was raised on soap operas. There is an old family story that gets passed around whenever we have a few too many.  When I was about four or 6 months old (the age is never agreed on), my mom put me down on a blanket facing her as she folded laundry and waited for The Young and the Restless to start. As those opening chords played through the speakers on the television, I stopped dead and turned my head towards the sound.  I knew it already and tried to turn myself around to watch the show (or so my mom says).  So, when I said I was raised on soap operas I was really raised on soap operas (in utero action here).  I love them. I hate them. I can’t imagine television without them.

Since I was raised on soap operas, I have seen every type of storyline. I’ve had my heart broken, I have laughed, I’ve been shocked, and I’ve been smug because I figured out the big twist before my grandmother. Which was no small feat considering my grandmother was listening to soap operas on the radio before watching them on television.  (I’m still quite proud of that. Getting a twist before my grandma. It’s about the little things people.)

Since I know storylines I wanted to give my opinion on the storyline.  We all know what I’m talking about.  We sit and analyze the hell out of it, feel ok with it, get angry at it, give up/never give up on it, but we can’t stop talking about this storyline.  I guess I will name it for the sake of this piece. We will call it ‘The Incident Debacle.’ Mostly because it won’t upset people.

Anyway, what I am seeing (mostly on Twitter but it is slowly making its way to Tumblr) is this one fear.  That the story will turn into something else.  I’m just going to say it. It may be uncomfortable for some to hear it but I need to say it to prove my point.  Some fear, thanks to DS nonsense, that Robert will fall for Rebecca and must choose between Aaron and Rebecca.


Ok. Here is why there is a 99% chance of that NOT happening.  I’ve seen this story before (Young and the Restless is doing an exact copy of this story right now. I can’t escape it!) and I know the signs.  I guess it is all about story structure.  For the show to go down that road this would have had/going to happen:

  • Robert and Rebecca would have to build their relationship up from the minute she arrived in town.
  • Robert would have to regularly spend time with her and want to spend time with her beyond what he was using her for.
  • Wanted to be around her.
  • Have deep conversations about the past that leaves them feeling closer.
  • After the incident, they would be drawn to each other. Enough to sleep together again.
  • Robert would feel torn enough to draw away from Aaron.
  • The baby would be the one to tip the scales towards Rebecca.

So. Let us review, shall we?

  • Robert and Rebecca haven’t built their relationship further. The two of them set in the past during a time that Robert is trying to grow from. Better himself.
  • Robert only spent time with her when they had to plan their revenge plot (that never got off the ground. Did anyone else notice that?) and always found his way to get out of meetings early if she went down a path he wasn’t comfortable with.
  • Robert never set out to find her just to hang out. She always found him. (Sober at least. That is for another piece.)
  • Anytime she mentioned Robert’s father or mother, it wasn’t out of fondness, and you can tell it was to make Robert uncomfortable.
  • After ‘The Incident’ Robert woke up alone and ashamed. He made it his mission to make sure she knew it as the biggest mistake of his life sleeping with her. Not since then has he tried to sleep with her.
  • The only time Robert felt torn from Aaron was to make sure Rebecca took care of the problem. It wasn’t out of love. It was out of fear.
  • The baby reveal after ‘The Big Reveal Episode’ only made Robert more desperate for Aaron, not Rebecca.

See the difference? Not once has the show shown they were going this route of Robert falling for Rebecca. It has been about Aaron and Robert from the beginning.  This story is all about Robert and Aaron being forced to face the big issues they have been shuffling under the rug since they were reunited.  Robert is facing the consequences of his actions and Aaron is going to be facing his consequences very soon (Hello Jason!).

Want more proof that it won’t be that type of story? Watch the reveal episode again.  There are clues in there that prove this isn’t about a typical triangle.

  • Robert takes full responsibility.
  • He shares his real feelings about the whole situation for the first time.
  • He makes it perfectly clear numerous times that Aaron is it. He is the only one for him. “My beautiful husband…” “She doesn’t compare…”
  • Robert gave Aaron room to breathe and make his own decision on where their relationship is going.
  • He was worried about Aaron hurting himself.
  • He holds on tight at the end. He isn’t going anywhere.

That gave me many hints that Robert is and will always be chasing after Aaron.  Not Rebecca. It isn’t that type of story.

I’m already hearing the arguments starting to form out there.

IM can’t be trusted!

He lies all the time!

Who said they care about Robron anyway!?!

Guys. Iain isn’t dumb. He knows how to craft a story. My gut tells me he loves Robron just as much as us from just reading his words and seeing him talk about them.  I’ve written this before, but it bears repeating. He called them ‘soulmates.’ In all my life, I’ve NEVER heard a soap opera showrunner call any couple ‘soulmates.’ It just doesn’t happen. So, this makes me even more positive that the endgame will always be pro-Robron as long as he is there as the showrunner.  He just did a good thing badly.  No one is perfect, but I believe they know what they are doing.  It will suck. It will hurt. I trust Iain and the writers to get us through all that.

As my friend, Kat says to me all the time, “We are in the trees now, but soon we will see the whole forest.”

I understand the story sucks. I understand falling for people’s negative speculations. I understand wanting to punch someone, like me, for being so calm and positive about the whole experience.  This story is bringing up a lot of issues the show won’t address, and this story is testing, not only our favorite couple but us as a fandom as well.

In my opinion (oh goody more of my opinions) I think the only thing that will make Robert conflicted is his growing affection for the child.  The love for a child and the love for a spouse are two different types of love.  That is less about choosing and more about communication between Robert and Aaron. Once they make that clear to each other things will be better. It obviously won’t happen overnight but it will happen.

Sure. I could be completely wrong. The show can do an 180 and run with a story people fear will happen.  Soaps are a crapshoot. If you can’t handle it, please leave for your own sanity.  Soaps will always be crazy and confusing to viewers. That is what makes it fun.  Riding out the wave of a story, theorizing and hoping your favorite characters and couples make it out intact and alive!

So, that is my explanation as to why I think ‘The Incident Debacle’ isn’t following the typical soap storyline structure.  I see something deeper happening here. This is about Robert. This is about Aaron. It is about facing their biggest issues (communication for one) and learning and growing from this experience to make them stronger as a couple.

We are just in the trees right now. Soon, we will see the forest.

What do you think? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @AmandaJ718.  If anyone out there reads my ‘Live and Organized’ series I will be off Monday and possibly Tuesday (4th of July for me!) so I will be doing a different type of review. Until the next theory or opinion, I will see you around the fandom.