Emmerdale Theory Time: Lachlan’s Last Stand

I recently got some good questions from someone I follow (and you all should too) on Tumblr. she wrote:

Amanda, I hope you are having a lovely day. I always enjoy your theories so tell me about how you envision the Lachlan showdown will take shape?

I think Lachlan will

 Do you think it will be a showdown with Robert?

 Do you see Rebecca escaping then somehow not remembering everything?

I feel like Belle will discover that page he tore out from Rebecca’s memory book.

Not sure what she will do with it because thus far Lachlan has been good at manipulating everyone.

I decided to answer this question on my blog instead of on Tumblr because I wanted time to think about it and I think this deserves its own entry. I haven’t done a ‘Theory-ho’ post in a long time.  So, here is a theory. Lachlan’s theory.  Kind of a theory. Rambling theory. Either way, please enjoy the ride.


Lachlan’s Last Stand Theory

Magazines have hinted at it for a year.  Fans waited for it. Now it is here. Coming straight from Lachlan’s crazy mind and murder rock, Lachlan is finally killing manipulating and killing people left and right to keep his secrets. Anything to protect his life with Belle and his new family unit.  Where do I think this could go? Read on to know more!

What We Know So Far

Lachlan has killed his family by reciting poetry while grabbing Chrissie, killing his mother and grandfather.  Rebecca being left behind.  Holding onto her oxygen gave her a brain injury that the show made sure to tell us will never be fixed.  Lachlan killed Gerry because he figured out he killed his family. He is going around manipulating Rebecca, Liv, and Robert (Aaron…is off on his own right now.  He is attached to Robert).  He tried to kill Robert and Liv (He was aiming for Robert though).  He has managed to lie to Belle on the daily.  He convinced the Dingles that he deserves love and now he has Rebecca chained up in a cabin in the woods.  Lachlan tore out a piece of paper from Rebecca’s memory book. Where do we go from here?

Answering the Questions that Might Shape Lachlan’s Final Stand

Do you think it will be a showdown with Robert?

I believe it will be with Robert with an assist from Aaron, Liv, and even Belle.  For the longest time, we have seen Lachlan and his resentment growing towards Robert.  Even now as Robert has matured and taken full responsibility for his actions, Lachlan still holds anger towards him.  Much like he handled his family, Robert is what is left.  I think anything that Lachlan does, the person to take him out would be Robert. Take him out in the sense that Robert ends it. Puts a bow on The White Family.  Robert brought them home with him. He might have to take them out too. I’ve written that before, but this time it might be true.

Do you see Rebecca escaping then somehow not remembering everything?

It’s a possibility, and I’ve asked that question to myself a few times.  Right now, she found a way to remind herself, but Lachlan could always find that note and take it from her making for interesting times.  If she stops finding ways to remind herself of what Lachlan is doing, then Lachlan could easily make her believe anything. Hmmm…make her believe anything that happened after the accident. HUH. I just thought of that as I was writing. Could Lachlan use Rebecca’s injury against her? Make Rebecca run off with Seb hurting Robert (and Aaron/Liv) in the process?  He already convinced Rebecca she caused the crash.  Could he convince her that Robert caused the crash and now Robert has Seb? Hmmmm.

The show could always keep her locked up until they are ready to use her too and in the meantime,  she keeps writing since Lachlan really didn’t think that far ahead. Rebecca isn’t good at getting Lachlan on her side, but Lachlan didn’t plan to kidnap her so…both are playing stupid at a dangerous game…for now.

I feel like Belle will discover that page he tore out from Rebecca’s memory book.

Same. I feel (many people I’ve talked to about this feel this way too) that Belle will be the one to set it all off.  He is doing this all for Belle and his new life with her.  If she finds that piece of memory book and starts to figure tings out, its over for Lachlan, in more ways than one.  Could Lachlan hurt Belle in the end? I personally can see that. Kill her to protect her.  As sick as that sounds but we are dealing with a psycho.

How Will It End aka How Do I See This Taking Shape?

SSW 2018 or bust.

I can see a mini explosion for Lachlan. Maybe he gets caught and goes on the run just to return. Maybe he keeps it going up to October.  That I’m not sure of. Something tells me that he keeps things going until it all comes undone late September into October.

I can see the showdown happening during Robert and Aaron’s wedding. I know, cliché but it fits.  Like I’ve said in my reviews many times, Robert and Aaron have done the internal work. They are strong. Now comes the external. The things they cannot control.  That would be Lachlan and what he will do to Robert as revenge because, even if it is his own doing, Lachlan will blame Robert for EVERYTHING.

I think we are heading for a wedding hostage situation.  A glorious soapy hostage situation where Aaron is stuck on the outside while others (Robert) are stuck with Lachlan. Being released. One by one until we are left with Robert vs. Lachlan.  Maybe Chas goes into labor. I haven’t decided yet.

This story for Lachlan has been growing for so long. I expect Lachlan to leave with a big bang…not a whimper.

Also, I hope he dies clutching murder rock.

‘Will I Be Right?’ and some Extra Predictions  

No. I’m never right. *laughs* However here is some extra predictions I am going to make for all of you.  We can come back and see if I was right in November.

  • I don’t think Rebecca is long for the show. Why? No matter what I do or what storylines I come up with…there is no reason for her to stay. Ross, Lachlan, and Seb are the people keeping her there.  Ross is on his way out.  Lachlan is heading for his own coffin. Seb. Seb is all that is left.  She has a brain injury that will never change making it next to impossible for her to take care of her kid fulltime.  I think she will go away (somewhere close) and try to get better and leave a new life.  That gives Robron cover for when they are off-screen. They are taking Seb to visit his mom. That or she is dead meat.
  • Seb is staying if the rumors are true. (Miss you Lily! You are the queen!)
  • Robert and Aaron will get married. Officially.
  • Chas will lose the baby at birth, and that will start a new storyline, and that is Chas coming down to earth and the suffering that comes with that.
  • Liv is right, and she will let everyone know that.
  • Super Silly Theory: Maya (who is crazy-lite) might take Lachlan out…by accident.

Alright. What do you think? How will Lachlan build to that ending? Will he die? Will he run? Will he kill anyone else? Will he call Murder Rock back because he misses him, and he knows about the murder shovel, but he can overlook that…AHEM…what do you think will happen next? Let me know in the comments below, on my Tumblr and even on my Twitter. Thank you @i-cordelia for the question. I hope I answered all your questions the best I could. Let me know what you think.

Until next time, stay kind to each other, and I’ll see you around Emmerdale.


Out of the Woods?



Hello. How is everyone doing today? I fully intended to write up a Devils Advocate about the new spoilers and have some fun, but I wanted to expand on my thoughts that I brought up yesterday in my Live But Organized Review (3/1/2018).  It is less about the show itself and more about fandom and where we all stand now. I know. This is exciting. So exciting. Sarcasm aside I think it’s important to realize one thing when it comes to Emmerdale and the fandom.

You’re out of the woods. You’re out of the dark. You’re out of the night. Step into the sun, step into the light.

In the Dark

This past year has been hard for us Robert, Aaron, and Robron fans. Everything that our favorite characters and pairing were worried about happened and to extremes.  Then the fallout brought a lot of hand-wringing and upsetting thoughts. Things were dark. Whenever we thought we saw some light something would happen to pull us back in.  Some stuck around and just pushed through with dark sarcasm and copious amounts of fluffy fanfiction. Some tried to analyze each scene and create theories to take their minds off of the darkness and think of some lighter fare.  Some complained about everything to feel better. Then some just left. In case you are wondering, I did all those things except leave. I threatened to others in private conversations and once on Twitter after a really crappy spoiler explosion that ruined three whole episodes in advance.  However, I always stuck around to write my thoughts, no matter how angry I got at fandom and the show.

During that time spoilers were being leaked left and right. A lot of personal speculation was showing up and making people think it was fact. There were actual confirmed spoilers that caused total dread to the fandom.  The build-up to seeing these spoilers caused people to just go into as I call it, Total Negative Mode or TNM. Don’t get me wrong. I lived in TNM land. Anytime someone would tweet or message me I felt my stomach clench. Almost like, ‘what happened now?’ type of feeling. Then I’d read the spoiler and try and be positive about it and even try to write a few theories or ideas up to make it seem better. I was usually punched hard and left with my tail between my legs only to do it again next week.

Into the Light

It wasn’t fun. Most of 2017 for Aaron, Robert and Robron fans wasn’t a good time. However, in the early part of 2018, something seemed to be changing. The spoilers didn’t feel dark anymore. Tweets and articles weren’t avoiding the idea of a better future for the characters.  Something was changing, and that change led us to some very exciting two weeks. We all know what I’m talking about. It was a great two weeks. Valentines Day. Seb watching. Clubbing. Awkward dancing. Revelations. Big speeches.  Kisses and a hopeful future.  It was a good time my friends.

Let me repeat that out of fangirl speak. We not only got Aaron taking control and putting his feelings first, but we got Robert trying to officially move on with the help of friends during a night out. We got the two of them talking through a lot of issues fans had been discussing at great lengths. We finally got a good idea of how Aaron is feeling about these issues. We got a lot of great content and even better? We got a funny, sweet and romantic reunion that continued into the next episode with the rings going back where they belong. Thank god. We had Robert talk to Liv and work out some of their issues. We had the Dingles being ok with this new development (some think it was too easy and yes, I agree, but if the show didn’t have all the plot set up for them, I bet the Dingles would have been a bigger problem).  There was a lot of development and happiness. We had reached the light. The end of the hell plot tunnel. We are back to Robert and Aaron being married and living together, but they are stronger than ever.

So. The hell plot is over. Now what? Well, we move onto new stories. New plots. New connections. Exciting new possibilities. So, the spoilers start back up again like they do every week. We get our spoilers thrown at us like meat to the wolves. We gobble it all up and try to decide how to feel afterwards. Myself? I was full and happy about what could be coming.  Everyone is in a good place, and it would take a lot to take them down too far. However, after looking around? People were in misery. Some upset at the idea of Robert and Aaron not getting their honeymoon period. Some upset about the drama coming back so soon. Some even upset over ideas that haven’t even been confirmed or been realized on screen.

Now What?

What is going on? Our characters are here. They are happy. They have each other. Why are some stuck in TNM land?  Why are they miserable again? That is what I was thinking about as I quickly looked through my dash and twitter page.

This is what this whole piece has been about. What I’ve been leading to this whole time. It’s time to leave TNM and become more positive about what could be coming. I know. Easier said than done. We have, for so long, been thinking the worst of the plot.  That is how we survived watching our favorite characters. We went negative and stayed there. It’s time to break that habit.

The show told us (along with very specific interviews from Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley) that the hardships for their relationship are being put to rest. The internal fighting is calming down. They are very much in love and very much sticking with each other. It’s the external now. It’s the world versus Robert and Aaron. Team Robron vs. the world. We have a lot to be excited about. What sinister person from Aarons past is coming? Who will win the next round of Joe vs. Robert? When will we see the family taking Seb for a walk around the village? (Ok, that one is more for me, but a girl can dream.).

It’s time to think positive. It’s time to create fun theories. It’s time to let go of the past and try to move forward. I believe in not giving energy to people or situations that don’t deserve it. Same goes for fictional characters and plots as well. Time to move on and think of the good going on in the show and the possible good in the future.


You’re out of the woods. You’re out of the dark. You’re out of the night. Step into the sun, step into the light.


Originally posted by startlivingconsciously

I know it won’t happen overnight and might take some of the new plots to take hold before people start thinking of some good. What do you think? Do you think its time to think positive or do you enjoy staying in ‘TNM’ land?  Tell me below, send me a message on my Tumblr (@AmanaJ718) or yell at me using your mind. Ok, scratch that last part but please jump on into the conversation. Until next time, see you around Emmerdale!

What’s Up With Chas Dingle?

After last nights episode, I’ve been thinking long and hard about one character.

Chas Dingle.

Surprise. This isn’t about Robron, but they play a part in this little think piece of sorts.

Something is wrong with Chas. Seriously. Something is seriously wrong. She came back a different person. A different character than we have known her to be. At least to me. Sure, she has always been a bit brashy, bitchy and smart-mouthed but it was usually from a place of love or self-preservation.

Since her introduction back to the show, jumping Paddy like he is Gymboree and she is a toddler on a sugar binge, something has been off about her. WAY off.

What I Noticed About Chas

1)Attaching herself back to Paddy

I know Paddy and Chas have their fanbase and I don’t want to take this away from them.  To me, though, Chas jumping on Paddy and declaring them together felt out of place and weird. Paddy being Paddy went with it, and now they are so in love when they were struggling hard before Chas left. She even told Paddy there is no way they could be “Robert and Aaron” aka Love Crazy Insane Soulmates. She was pulling away hard and then she comes back and declares him her person? No. Something is wrong here. Paddy even questioned this just to be screwed enough for him to forget.

2)Telling others to give up (giving up herself) 

I will never forget Chas telling Cain that, “There are thousands of Moira’s out there!” while he was trying to find ways to keep her in Emmerdale and with him.   That was very out of character for her.  Yes, in the past she told Cain to back off Moira or give her room but never give up on her. It was odd coming out of her mouth and felt passive aggressive.

This relates to Robert and Aaron. Sure, she is upset and will back Aaron. That is a no-brainer. However, like Liv, she was pushing Alex hard onto Aaron. Really hard. Going so hard she was asking if Aaron was in love two dates in (no Chas…he isn’t) and then calling herself Alex’s mother in law in the Valentines Day episode and it was just weird. Chas never acted like that before. Even stranger didn’t seem to give a damn that Robert was hurt at Christmas or that her son was distraught. She went to the hospital, but she went for Aaron and seemed to just bounce right back into the Christmas spirit. Not noticing her sons distress and pushing Alex hard at him. It was cold and didn’t seem to fit her personality before she left for Ireland.

She didn’t even want to fight for Paddy. She figured out something was going on between Paddy and Rhona. She calmly gave him a choice (one she said she would respect) and moved on. No spark. No fight. Nothing. Just, something she left up to someone else. She didn’t make her case for Paddy to be with her. There was no fight there. Like, if Paddy picked Rhona I feel like she wouldn’t have been so upset.

3)Breezing Through Life (Not fighting for something better)

She is just there. The only time I saw her have an emotion other than light, airy love was when Joe Tate played everyone. Otherwise, she is just there. Like on drugs or on a cloud. She is just there to pour drinks, moon over Paddy or talk to Cain about how much she loves Alex. Chas was feisty. She works behind the bar and listens to everyone’s problems and joys. I was expecting her to show up at Wishing Well to protest. I expected her to have a go at Robert. I expected her to be angrier about that loan Charity took out on the pub. Which, I am not sure if that was even resolved yet in the show. Debbie and her business were dropped like a hot potato when Tate came to town. Either way, Chas is just there. A stone figurine in her own life.

4) Extreme Helicopter Mom Status

Chas has always been a terrible mother. She has been making up for that for a long time now. It was part of the Aaron and Chas relationship charm. Watching the two of them find a relationship after years of never being close. However, this year, she is showing up on Valentines Day to bug Aaron with champagne, springing lunches on him, and generally having an opinion on the tiniest details of Aarons life. It’s getting odd and makes Aaron look…sad. A parent can influence their children’s choices.  It’s not unheard of. However, Aaron seems afraid to upset her in any way and lets her run the show.  She has stronger opinions than ever about Aaron and his life, and he doesn’t challenge her on those opinions. It’s getting strange and needs an explanation quick.


With that said, I feel like the speculation about her storyline could explain all the above. So, here is what I think could be causing all these weird changes. Mind you, none of this has been confirmed. Just speculation.  This is what I got:

1) The Irish Fling

The Irish fling left a more significant impression than we know. There is a rumor he is on his way to Emmerdale to shake things up. A guy with tattoos maybe? Chas ran like hell from Ireland and right into Paddy’s arms. Like in the past, she is running from something scary and going to something safe, like Paddy. It’s not the first time she has done that. Something happened with that guy, and it will be a big part of Chas and her storyline going forward. This includes the pregnancy speculation going around about her. This can be attached to the Irish fling and Paddy.

2)She is sick

That is speculation going around that she is sick that is why she is so passive and trying to hold onto only the good things and not the bad. It explains why she wants Aaron to be settled so badly. She wants everyone in their places before she goes. She runs to Paddy because that is an old friend and love. Comforting. Her family is comforting. She is hanging a lot with Cain out of nowhere too. However, I doubt Chas could hide a sickness for long. Not this long at least.

3) She is in a holding pattern

It could mean nothing. She is just in a holding pattern till something bigger comes along. She is being used to push Alex until the show is ready for Robron. She could be a placeholder for Paddy while he figures out feelings about Rhona. She could be so quiet behind that bar because they don’t need her reaction to everything right now. She could be in a holding pattern and burst out of that the minute Robron get back together, or she is given some type of shakeup on her birthday.

Either way, Chas Dingle has been bugging me since she came back from Ireland. Something seems off. The Chas I know was feisty and ready to fight the world.  Now? She seems content to just fall into old patterns and not want something else. Something better. Something is off, and I hope we figure out what is going on with her very soon. I hear she has a birthday and something might kick off there. I pray something does before I write this character off to ‘Do Not Like’ territory.

What do you think? Do you believe Chas has been acting weird lately or do you think she is just her old regular self? Leave me a comment below. I am very interested in what others have to say about her and her direction on the show. Until next time, see you all around Emmerdale!

Emmerdale: Playing Devil’s Advocate (Once. Twice. Three Times the Devil!)

Down the Rabbit Hole We Go: New Connections in Emmerdale

Welcome to ‘I Have Lost My Mind’ Theater or ‘Down the Rabbit Hole We Go!’ Theater. Either one works for me. While watching today’s episode, I was writing some thoughts about Lachlan down, and plot seed exploded in my brain. Here are the results of that. Enjoy.

Reviewing the Events of Fall 2016

Lawrence was getting drunk and walking around shooting at anything. Prompting Sam to call Aaron to stop him. They have that awkward talk. Lawrence thought he lost Ronnie. They made another go at it.  Aaron and Robert stay together, but things are shaky.

Lachlan shot Lawrence. Which gave Chrissie a way to get back at Andy for cheating on her and protect her family. This brought Robert into the picture because no matter what he will protect his family which includes Andy. This brought in Rebecca. We all know what happened there.

Lawrence/Ronnie vs. Robron

Now. Lets back up a bit.

Lawrence and Ronnie were always designed to be a cautionary tale for Robert and Aaron.  Lawrence and Robert both get drunk when hurt and upset (external). Ronnie and Aaron are more quiet about their pain (internal). As discussed in the reveal episode. They are a lot alike.  One noticeable connection, a baby, forcing them apart. For Lawrence and Ronnie, it was Chrissie. For Robert and Aaron, it was SJ.

Continuing down that path of Robron and Lawrence/Ronnie being connected stories, we know Chrissie isn’t Lawrence’s. So, let’s make a connection, shall we? Chrissie=SJ and that means…Robert can’t be SJ’s dad. Since this whole story has been about repeating and connection and narrative circles. Lessons learned from the past inform the future. Also, Robron are supposed to break the cycle. The cycle Ronnie and Lawrence found each other in. Until the bitter end.

Brings us to Fall 2017

Anyway…. moving forward to Fall 2017.

We are at the end of this story that started in September 2016. Lawrence repeating the same behavior. Getting drunk out of sadness. Lachlan threatening him. Robert defending family aka SJ only. Defending Andy brought Rebecca in, and this time it will take her out of the running. Death? Showing up in the helicopter which is similar to the helicopter that Chrissie accidentally set upon the village that day killing Val.

So, if we are repeating behavior, Lachlan will go too far and kill someone. Maybe Rebecca this time because his actions brought her here, to begin with.  He tried to kill Lawrence but its Rebecca that he takes out instead. Since she is the one that wanted to take him down in the first place. That leaves us with SJ, Lawrence, Chrissie, and Robert. Since SJ can’t be Roberts in this scenario, much like Andy, Chrissie leaves with SJ.  Lawrence leaves the village with Lachlan? Lachlan goes to jail? Lawrence was technically the first White to enter Emmerdale, and he might be the last to leave.

Aarons Part

This is where I get lost. How does Aaron fit in? Voice of reason for Robert. Backs Robert up since he loves Robert and doesn’t want to see him hurt. Ronnie did that quite a bit too for Lawrence. He never liked to see Lawrence hurt either. Backed him up even when Lawrence was crazy. Aaron is purely supportive in this ending part of the story? Aaron didn’t know about Robert bringing Rebecca in so he wouldn’t know anything as she leaves.

That also brings in the statement Aaron made during the breakup, “All roads lead to you, Robert!” He meant that negatively but I’m beginning to think that it was put there for a reason. No matter what, if Aaron is in a bad state or in the best mental and physical shape of his life, he will always be drawn to Robert. His roads will always lead back to Robert. This reinforces the idea that Aaron, unlike Ronnie, will always find his way back to Robert and vice versa. So, right now, Aaron is on his way back, and he is stronger than ever before. Strong enough to support Robert through this mess.

So…Yeah…Lots to Think About

This plot seed explosion needs help now. What do you think? Please feel free to add on, point out other connections or even find your own connections. Let’s make this a fun, positive thing because right now the fandom is very negative, and we need to have some fun. So, leave a comment below or just shoot me over a tweet or leave me some mail on Tumblr using @AmandaJ718! Until next time see you around Emmerdale.


Additional help by @BeautifulHusbands (Justine) 

Love: Robron Style

Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.

James A. Baldwin


Love isn’t finite. It’s is designed to be infinite.  For example, I love my parents. I love chocolate. I love Starbucks (like every good white girl), and I love old movies. All those examples are different people and objects that I love. That love is different. How I love my parents differs from how I love Starbucks.  No type of love is the same.

That brings me to Robert and Aaron.

Lately, mostly on Tumblr, I’ve seen ‘asks’ and comments on Robert, Aaron, and their love. Some are writing that ‘They can’t believe that Robert loves the baby instantly! What about Aaron? Aaron is always the one that gets shafted. He deserves better than Robert! Isn’t Robert betraying Robert by saying he wants to do right by his son?” (this is a mass generalization of what I have seen on Tumblr and a bit on Twitter).

Here is where I stand on these questions and opinions that are populating Tumblr and Twitter.

Robert and the Baby

We are along with Robert for the ride when it comes to the baby. Since we don’t see this pregnancy from Rebecca’s viewpoint, we are getting Robert’s.  Robert is framing the baby as a negative right. In his eyes, the baby is why Aaron is gone. The baby is why he is stuck with The White Family. The baby is why he lost the life he wanted.

However, like we saw on Friday and that terrified look as he felt that baby kick? That was the first kick into Roberts realization that the baby is a real thing. It is a little human being on its way into the world. It went from a concept for him to an actual living breathing human that shares his blood (for now at least).

Robert struggling with the baby but wanting to do better or love it isn’t a bad thing. It’s someone coming to terms with reality.  It’s normal to not bond right away with a child. It will happen when it is time. For Robert, he needs to go through all the emotions he has been fighting and hiding through his schemes and general sadness. When he is ready, he will bond, and it won’t be a betrayal or affront to Aaron.  The developing of that love is quite different from the love that is already there with Aaron. They are two different worlds that don’t meet.

This type of love, parental love is different from loving a partner.

Aaron’s Relationship to Robert and this Story

This isn’t Aaron’s story. He is in the supporting cast. The first rung of the supporting cast but he is supporting. There is a reason why Aaron has been absent. This story isn’t about him this time around. Last year he got an amazing story about his abuse where Robert was supporting. Backing Aaron up whenever he needed it. Helping move the story forward.

That is Aaron position in this story. It’s Robert on the front lines and Aaron is designed to help move the story forward.

Currently, In Aarons’ head, the baby is also framed negatively. It is the concept that broke up his marriage, made him think very dark thoughts and he cannot see the child without thinking of the cheating. Perfectly valid reasons to frame the child negatively. After breaking up with Robert and having a few moments with him, Aaron has removed himself from the narrative for a while. He is taking care of Liv, he is trying to get better mentally and physically and even went on a trip to visit old friends.

Now, with the baby being born very soon, Aaron will be thrown back into the narrative whether he wants to or not. He presence and his talks with Robert will push Robert forward in his journey to thinking of the child as a negative to a positive. Otherwise, this is Roberts story. His ‘come to Jesus’ moment if you will.

In six weeks lots can change in the narrative.  Aaron might find himself stepping up to help Robert, or he will find himself stepping back. We don’t know, but lots can happen in six weeks. Aaron is there in the background, helping push the narrative forward in small ways but ultimately everything he does is his decision. Robert isn’t forcing him to stick around. Aaron choices are his own as a supporting character.

Aaron still loves Robert (he always will) but right now that romantic type of love isn’t what is needed from Aaron to Robert. The love Aaron has for Robert as a friend is what is needed now.

Aaron/Robert Deserve Better Than Aaron/Robert

I’ve seen this going around quite a bit in the general ‘Robron’ fandom which makes me laugh. Robert and Aaron are two very perfectly imperfect people. They both have been through a lot in life. They both have made bad decisions. They have tried to be better people. They both have relapsed in small and big ways. They are both very layered and very human. They are full of gray, and that is what makes them interesting apart and together.

They are worthy of each other. Robert and Aaron are the type of characters that are always going to take five steps forward and six steps back. They will grow and do better but relapse. That makes them feel even more real and one hell of a super couple. A super couple that needs to get back to a place where they can communicate, trust and is an equal partnership.

A romantic love that goes beyond the typical. The hearts and passionate declarations. Robert and Aaron have that down. They have done that. The love they need to develop now? Is the mature love. That settled in love. The kind where trust, communication, and a partnership can form.

So, like I said in the beginning, there are different types of love that we experience every day. They don’t mean the same thing to each person or thing in your life, but it exists.  Same applies to the final act of this story.  It isn’t the end of the world that this baby has arrived. It just signals the beginning of the end of this story.  The end of one chapter in Roberts and Aarons lives. From this point on its going to develop into something different. Something new. Something worth waiting to see. We will see Robert grow from plotting revenge against people that just don’t matter to deciding to be better for himself, his family and baby. He will be learning about parental love and loving himself by making better choices.  We will see Aaron make the decision to back Robert up without sacrificing his feelings in the process. Aaron will learn to love himself and love Robert as a friend and as a partner. It will be worth the wait in the end.

What do you think? Tell me below or Tweet/Tumblr me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, see you around Emmerdale.

Thanks to Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) for coming up with the title

Devils Advocate: Part Two (More Devil. Less Advocate.)

(First Part Here)

Every day there seems to be a new meltdown. Sometimes it feels like every hour. Since March the majority of the Robron fandom has been overreacting to spoilers to a degree of craziness.  Lots of fears are being preyed on by people who value clicks over telling the truth.  Also, people who don’t understand how to read a crowd. Regardless, people are melting down, and I’m here to say…


As someone who overanalyzes the show to a degree, I have picked up on many visual and verbal cues on where the narrative focus is going. I’ve outlined a few bits of speculation I have seen on social media and why it could or couldn’t work with the current narrative I’m seeing. So, get something to drink, get your favorite snack and come hang out with me in narrative overanalyzing land for three popular speculations.

Speculation #1: The Baby Will Die

This speculation has been around since that one spoiler showed up on twitter (I’m not talking about it here because I’m not Darren).  People speculate that since Rebecca mentioned to Robert, “She was just making sure things were ok.” in that one July episode, something might be wrong with the baby.

Why It Could Happen

The baby is a big thorn in everyone’s sides. On Robert and Aarons side (they aren’t ready to be parents, and they need to work on themselves) and The Whites side (they don’t want to be connected to Robert for life).  This baby has been pushed aside for so many plot cul-de-sacs or as I call it, Roberts Revenge Breakdown, that the show might see the baby as expendable. I know that is upsetting since the only innocent person in this whole storyline is that baby.  However, it’s the one piece of the puzzle that the show itself is ignoring. Like, it isn’t an important factor. It reminds me of cleaning up all the loose ends, the baby is a loose end. Again, I know its hard to hear, but that is how the show is presenting the baby at the time of this writing.

Also, killing the baby (I really do hate writing that) gives everyone involved extra drama. Aaron will feel guilty for wanting the baby to die, Robert will feel guilty for not caring about the baby while it was alive, The Whites…I’m not sure how they would feel. We, once again, don’t know much of how they feel. Maybe that would be used to set off their exit mixed in with finding out about Robert’s schemes. Either way, killing the baby off would set off all the key characters down a new path.

Why It Can’t Happen

Here is what I know.  What have we seen of the baby so far? Have we seen the baby on a screen? Have we heard the heartbeat? Have we had excitement over the child from Rebecca? Have we seen some attachment from Robert? If you answered yes to any of these, you haven’t been watching very closely or only listening to the most hysterical among us.

If they are talking about killing off the baby (I hate writing that by the way) they would make sure we saw that baby. We would see the scans. We would hear that heartbeat. We would get clear viewpoints on how Rebecca and Robert are feeling going forward through this story.  Rebecca goes missing from her own story these days. The only reason we are getting what we are getting with Rebecca and Robert (I will not spoil what is coming up this week. I am not Darren) is because Aaron is back. Chas is back. All the players are back on the board. If the baby were leaving us, we would care about the baby. We don’t. We care from an empathic frame of reference (no one wants to see a baby be hurt or die).  However, from a character or storyline point? We don’t care. We really don’t. As a fandom, we barely talk about the baby. We talk about Rebecca and The Whites but not the baby. For the baby to die, it would need to be for impact or to talk about an event many families experiences (Laurel and Ashley’s Baby story for example).  We don’t care about the kid as an audience. Looks like Eliza and Baby Dingle-Barton will get the special social issues. Nothing left for Baby White.  Just killing off a baby randomly isn’t good storytelling and I don’t think it will happen randomly.

Speculation #2: Robert/Aaron and Rebecca will Co-Parent the Kid

This is self-explanatory. After everything is out in the open, Robert and Aaron find their way back to each other, and The Whites future has been decided; Robert, Aaron, and Rebecca would play nice to raise the baby together.

Why It Can Happen

Co-parenting, while weird, is a soap staple. Some of the strangest groups of soap characters have made it work since the creation of the genre. While it isn’t feasible before the baby is born this could be developed after everything is closed off and used as a new storyline.  Robert and Aaron find their way back to each other, Rebecca is the last White standing, all the schemes and other problems with the storyline is resolved, and we are left with a baby and Robron. From that point on we can have Robert and Aaron work on their own relationship and their relationship with the baby. Meanwhile, the show can put the time and effort in to give Rebecca a personality and maybe likable to the audience by having her weave herself into the village ( a tall order, I know).  Meanwhile, the three of them bond over the baby. The baby is what brings them to a friendly place.

*Even I can’t make this work. I’m tap dancing…hard.*

Why It Can’t Happen

The show has made it known that Rebecca isn’t sticking around.  There has been much speculation about this and based off what we have seen, there is no reason for her to stick around. Her family is on their way out. She only appears at Home Farm and only at other places if her family or Robert is present.  She doesn’t have friends outside of the Sugdens or even The Dingles (Victoria and Debbie respectfully). In fact, Victoria is only interested in Rebecca when it calls for plot points to be made. Same with Debbie. That friendship seemed to die off when Debbie noted how giddy Rebecca looked about Robert and Aaron breaking up, telling her to move to the back room while they were there. Since then it’s been limited at best.

Another beat that would have to develop is the relationship with Robert and Aaron. If the three are to co-parent, they would have to develop those relationships. The show would have started to have the three of them start to be friendly with each other. If anything, the three would have to start this friendly relationship way before the child is born for it to make sense. Especially when the whites are on their way out from November to January.  Rebecca would need a touchstone that isn’t her family, and so far she is still attached to them.

Speaking of Rebecca, she would have to develop a personality that doesn’t depend on the plot. Also, the show would have to make her likable to the Robron audience which is a tall order. Right now, we see her mocking Lydia and her position in life, mocking the businesses in town and especially mocking the scrapyard (Robert and Aarons business).  She is looking down on the village and everything it stands for which doesn’t make her popular with the audience. We, the audience, are attached to this crazy place and the people in it.  Having a character look down on that while co-parenting with too extremely popular and beloved characters? Yeah, that won’t fly at all. She would need a whole new personality transplant, and that would take way too much time to develop.

Also, would any sane person let Robert near that kid after the schemes he has pulled on her and her family? No. Yes, Rebecca has always gone with Robert because she has no brain cells left in her head but this time she will use that to run from the village and Robert with the kid.  Roberts schemes aren’t pretty and wouldn’t make him trustworthy to her or The Whites.

Speculation #3: Rebecca and Robert are in Love/Robert and Rebecca will Be a Couple

tenor (1)

Yeah. I can’t even give this a real go without laughing because it ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN. Believe me. Jimmy and Robert have a better chance of falling in love and becoming a couple than these two. I’m going to refer you to this post I wrote about the ways the show isn’t going there with them.  It still fits.

LET THAT FEAR GO. It won’t be a thing. Not even Robert pretending is happening. He picked Lawrence for that cliché. While hilarious, we now have to suffer through that but its better than suffering through what most were afraid of, Robert and Rebecca. Count your blessings, my friends. It could be worse.

Narratively the show is heading in a way that no one can predict. Don’t listen to the people of the internet who are looking for clicks/attention and not trying to be a productive member of this fandom.  They are there to cause panic and people thinking the worst of the show.  Remember, Emmerdale isn’t terrible. It is telling a crappy story badly right now and just happened to pick two of their most popular characters/couple to do it.  Do not despair. This is their big story, and the big stories get the big twists. It may not be the twist you wanted or expected, but something is coming. Something to wrap up the story and move us towards a new frontier for Robert/Robron.  I find that thinking through the possibilities this story can go (how it works and doesn’t work) helps calm the soul and just enjoy the ride. What else helps? Finding a group or one friend to complain to. Get out all your frustrations with them, and then you will see clearly. That is what fandom is for. Talking things through. Challenge each other to think beyond the groupthink. Challenge each other to think of the good and bad. Challenge each other to laugh. If not for one’s nerves but for one’s sanity.

Everything feels messy and crazy, but I’m convinced the show wants it that way. They want us to be surprised. They want us to wonder what is going to happen next. Regardless of people trying to ruin the ride, sit back and take each punch as it comes. It will be ok in the end.

This is just my opinion on the current speculation I hear out there. What do you think? Have you heard about other possible avenues this story could go? Do you have an opinion you need to yell out? Come on over to my tweet and Tumblr @AmandaJ718. I’m listening. So, until next time, see you around in Emmerdale.

The White Family Analzyed – A Visual Review

Since 2014, The White Family has been the fixture at Home Farm. Chrissie, Lachlan, Lawrence, and Dog brought back with them a legacy at Emmerdale, Robert Sugden, to stir up the village for the better (Robert) and for the worst (the rest of them and Rebecca). The Whites are the typical wealthy family that comes across being the ones with taste. They have options and could live anywhere, but they moved to Emmerdale. Since their arrival (and Rebecca White’s arrival) they have been polarizing in the fandom. Some enjoy them while others want them dead and gone.

It is no secret that I hate The White Family.  They are one Home Farm family that doesn’t seem to fit in any way shape or form. This becomes painfully obvious as I work my way through some older episodes of Emmerdale and watch those Home Farm families integrate into the village with ease.  Robert has come back and found his way back into the fabric and heart of the village. The White Family, not so much.

Recently, on Tuesday’s episode (10/17/2017) there was a small scene that grabbed my attention. It seemed to set up the rest of the week, but I saw something bigger. It seemed to be the perfect representation of The White Family dynamic and why they don’t fit into the village.

Here is where I put the general lessons I learned in my film classes to work. Some of this might sound weird, but these little hints or clues are subconscious ways of telling us more about a character. So, grab a drink, sit back and look at what the whites are and why they just don’t fit.

The Scene (Starts at the 6:54 mark and ends at the 8:17 mark): Chrissie is sitting on the couch doing her own research on this investor deal. Lachlan comes in to say that its good she is doing this because Robert is the one who put it together, not Rebecca. Meanwhile, Rebecca comes in all upset with Kath’s number. Chrissie confused at her anger tries to get to the bottom of it before Lawrence comes in and takes Rebecca’s side

Chrissie and Lachlan

Chrissie has always been the responsible daughter. She is the one with her own businesses (salons), and she has run the family business since we met her.  She is the one with the spark that has managed to fit into the village in little ways. She can be a real pill to handle, but she is the classic soap agitator.

In this scene, she is wearing a white top and black pants. She has an open stance of her body. This tells us that because of the white she is an innocent in this scene. The pants tell us that while innocent she has some darkness there or some bite to her. The openness of the body could tell us that she is open-minded and open to others coming into her space.

Which brings us to Lachlan. Lachlan was a teenager with issues. He thinks he can do anything or do anything to anyone.  He has a dangerous past of forcing himself onto others, trying to shoot his grandfather and being a general jackass. Since going to jail and getting a girlfriend, he has mellowed out working for the family.

He has a mostly dark suit with a white shirt. That could mean his dark clothes are making him appear closed off and not as angelic. However, the white shirt might show us there is something good underneath, but we may never see that. His stance is between open and closed. He is closed off but not to his mother. Just when Lawrence and Rebecca enter the room.  That could mean that Lachlan trusts his mother, but when it comes to Rebecca and Lawrence, he doesn’t.

Rebecca and Lawrence

Rebecca is the wild child of the family.  She is the youngest and never had the responsibility of having to take care of family business. Once a DJ, she has seen a lot of the world and tends to only think of herself and what the world can give to her (I’m a bit bias here…sorry it is going to be). She wants whatever her sister has. She thinks of herself as the princess and Chrissie as the goblin (remember the story Lawrence told Ronnie. I feel that was significant).

Here she is wearing a dark coverup with darker colored yellow. It’s the dark yellow they love to put her in a lot lately. The dark colors mixed in with a stripe of white might mean that she is muddled. Much like the writers and the actress playing her they aren’t sure who she is supposed to be or that might be what they are trying to tell us. She isn’t meant to be figured out yet. She is hiding a secret of sorts. Her stance appears defensive and continues to be defensive up to when Lawrence comes in.

Lawrence is someone who has been hiding all this life. He did what was expected of him. He married a woman. He started a business. He had children. He became a pillar of the community. However, he was hiding how he really felt. He didn’t like women but men. He never felt comfortable in his skin and just started feeling like he could be himself.

In this scene, he is wearing a black jacket with a light shirt underneath. His stance goes from open to defensive based on what he hears as he enters the house. What this could say is he is a lot like Lachlan. He has a lot of darkness but some light underneath. His defensive stance could be from him holding on his true love alcohol and in defense of his daughter, his only blood daughter in the room.

What The Hell Does This All Mean (God, this is weird!)

This is called mise en scene. This is a fancy way of telling a story not through the dialogue but through the visuals. The clothing, camera angles (Emmerdale does that a lot) and lighting. This gives us clues into the characters psyche and where they stand in the story.  It’s meant to be subliminal, and if you are like me, you took a film class that taught you to read the signs making movies/television easier to read (I figured out so many twists in movies because of my knowledge of how to do this…thanks film professors).

I see this innocuous scene as a definition of The Whites. We have two people on two different sides. The lines have been drawn.  Their clothing, their body language and the set this happens on tell me a lot about where The Whites stand as we go forward.

Chrissie and Lachlan are on one side. Their scenes are up against a wall. No layers there. What you see is what you get. They are not Whites by blood. They are mother and son. They are the ones that have their eyes open wide enough to notice that Robert might be up to something. Chrissie is a layered person who is capable of good and bad, but Lachlan is capable of more bad than good. This might feed into the speculation that Chrissie might be the one to take Lachlan out someday. (She is the one on his side but also the one to make sure he can’t hurt anyone again).

Lawrence and Rebecca are on the other side. They are positioned against all the open doors telling me that they have more than meets the eye. They are holding onto something that needs that much room. They are related by blood.  They both have heavy darkness on their side. They are capable of doing more bad than good. They are also the ones that Robert is messing with the most, and they are falling for it, hook line and sinker.

A small note about the Lawrence and Rebecca moment after Lawrence tells Chrissie off. The lighting. Before Lawrence and Chrissie are in shadow. Small shadows but shadows. When Rebecca goes to look at Lawrence, the light changes to give her a halo effect. Showing me that Lawrence sees Rebecca as the angel and not Chrissie. Meaning, that view Lawrence had before of Chrissie being the good one over Rebecca has changed.

The camera angles are interesting too. Chrissie and Lachlan are being filmed from a higher angle than Rebecca and Lawrence. This gives me a possible clue that Rebecca and Lawrence feel they are above Chrissie and Lachlan. Like, they don’t need them. They are better than them. They know better than them. This could play into their exits or their own destruction as a family.

This also tells me why The Whites never worked on their own. They were always tied to Robert, the more interesting character. The developed character. The legacy. Usually, this is how you get new characters introduced by tying them to a legacy character. However, without Robert, they floundered and never connected with anyone else. The Whites argue about their own petty problems and then move on. Then they do it again next week. It never ends. Robert adds that undue influence to move things along. Robert is needed, but that limits that character making the White useless to us as viewers. We don’t want to see Robert brought down, he is part of the village. He is better out there with Aaron and the Dingles. The Whites as characters just don’t work.

By the way, this could all be crap. Sometimes shows take the time to do this but for a soap opera on a time and budget crunch, it might be harder to pull off. However, I have faith in Emmerdale. I’ve seen them do great work with mise en scene before. I think they are doing it now too.

I don’t see The Whites sticking around. Hell, I don’t see a baby sticking around, but that is for another time. What do you think? Go watch the scene and tell me what you think is happening below or tweet me @AmandaJ718! Until next time, I’ll see you around in Emmerdale.

The Dark Horse – The Adam Theory Explained

Ah, yes. The Adam Theory. This appeared on Tumblr and I looked really hard, but I couldn’t figure out who threw it out there first. I remember seeing it and loving it and have kept it close to my heart since then.  If you were the first to come up with the Adam Theory, please message me so I can give you full credit. It was just a line on Tumblr, but since then I’ve tried to make it work every time I could. I’ve been watching Adam way too carefully these days. Same with Victoria. Maybe that’s why they are getting on my nerves, but that is for another day.

This theory tends to upset people. Some even feel the urge to call me names when I bring it up in my live reaction reviews.  If you love it, hate it or just find it funny, I’ve decided to analyze it the same way I examined the top theories the other day.

So, without further ado, here is the Adam Theory. The reasons why it works, why it doesn’t and why I love it so much.

The Official Theory as It Stands

Adam is the real dad to Rebecca’s baby. The ONS didn’t happen. Rebecca leaves a passed-out Robert to run into Adam who Victoria sends back to check on Robert. They get to talking and things happen and well la de da, we have a baby. Adam doesn’t think he is the child’s father because he has since then found out he is sterile.  Except, is he? Could Adam be the mysterious third person? One of those sneaky twists? The secret third choice fans don’t know about yet?

Why This Works

The Rebecca/Vadam Connection

This whole ‘Baby Story’ started with Adam and Rebecca talking to each other. Since then Rebecca has been connected to Vadam in some way or form. More than Robert even.  Hear me out.  Rebecca/Vadam and their interactions are based on baby talk. Every single time.

The three never interacted more than ordering at the pub or a quick hello. Then the morning of the ‘ONS’, Adam and Rebecca bond over Holly (sisters).  Then Adam is there to tell Victoria what Robert has done while drunk. Rebecca lying to Ross and running to Robert after hearing Adams story (even though Robert didn’t ask for Rebecca to show up). Then Victoria, who has never really talked to Rebecca, ends up ‘smelling’ (to this day I don’t know how Victoria guessed Rebecca could be pregnant when Rebecca herself wasn’t feeling the typical symptoms) that Rebecca might be pregnant. Victoria thinks she is pregnant too. As we know, Victoria gives Rebecca her last test and she finds out she is pregnant. Something Victoria keeps so Adam could find it, and we can start the testing of the sperm/eggs of Vadam.

Every conversation after that becomes about the baby. Victoria throws herself into this child long before it is revealed to be Roberts.  Victoria is the one that convinces Rebecca to keep it. Victoria keeps the test for her. Victoria is the one that picks Rebecca over her brother and starts to protect and help Rebecca while she goes through the early months of her pregnancy. Gives her a place to stay, was the only one to go with her to an appointment, was the one there with her when she had the scare, planned a nursey, tried to find names with her, bugged Robert to get involved. Victoria became wrapped up in a kid that isn’t hers.

While this is happening, Adam is in the background. Many scenes of Victoria and Rebecca cut to Adam or mention Adam in some way.  Adam becomes heavily involved when Aaron starts to hurt himself over the thought of the child. After that, he disappears again only to be scene after a Victoria scene.

Adam does connect to Rebecca a few times. He had a moment with her talking about Holly and sisters. He was there when Rebecca made her return from Ibiza while he was talking about babies.  The episode where Aaron came back had Adam talking to Rebecca about how Aaron must feel.

Speaking of that episode, there is an interesting scene in question that cannot be a mistake. Not the way this show has been operating lately.


Look at this shot that shows up twice in the episode. Robert/Rebecca/Adam. If I were the director, I would have had Adam over on Aarons side to show the audience where Adams loyalties lie (just in case people haven’t gotten it yet) but nope. Adam gets to stand between Robert and Rebecca. Odd framing for the scene. Sure, having Rebecca in the shot makes sense since Aaron and Robert are talking about moving forward again. Why does Adam need to be there?

Things cool off for a while especially after Robert starts off on his trail. To the point where Victoria doesn’t seem that into the baby anymore. Enough to even mock Robert for trying after giving him so much crap for not caring. Vadam finds their way back to each other uttering the line, “The mistakes we make stay in the past. Start again?”. Adam is on his way out, his mistakes will haunt him now. The birth of Moira’s baby has brought this whole storyline back. Moira herself brought up that Adam really wanted a kid with Victoria and he brushes it off. Adam is very into holding that child (Which isn’t surprising but I’d thought Victoria would be holding it more).

Don’t forget. At the end of the day, Adam never went back to be retested. That stays in my head making all these weird connections to this child odd.

Why It Doesn’t Work

The two biggest blocks to this theory? Adam is sterile. We saw it talked about on screen with a doctor in a hospital setting. It’s not unheard of in soaps for doctors to be right. The doctor was pretty sure Adam was sterile, but he needed further testing to make sure.  That means he can’t be the father. Second block? We don’t have any proof that Adam went back to The Mill or even left the pub after arriving to tell Victoria that Robert was in angry and kicked him out.

We have no reference to them talking before the morning of the ‘ONS.’ In fact, other than ordering something from the bar, Victoria and Rebecca never talked like friends. Same with Adam. They only seemed to talk that morning about Holly.  This might be because Rebecca had no friends or connections to anyone in the village. They gave her an instant friend in Victoria because she is connected to Robert.  Makes it easier for everything to come out and have Victoria easily stick around.  If anything, this shows how Rebecca has always been underdeveloped as a character.

One could say Debbie related to the baby stuff (her connection to Ross and one of the famous theories), but that friendship was used to get the car service business started and then Debbie could meet Tom. That bond was severed quite quickly after the Robron breakup. They just sit in scenes together looking bored (in my personal opinion).

The Vadam/Rebecca connection could just be Rebecca getting caught up in those ‘connection’ scenes. Each soap couple has those connection scenes. Even when a couple is broken up, their scenes will match up or follow each other. It happens all the time with Robron, Coira and even Dross (not lately but she has been off doing god knows what).  Vadam is no exception. That be why it looked like a connection when she was just there when the writers and directors were trying to connect Vadam.

Why I Like It

It makes this storyline so much more soapy and interesting. It also serves as one hell of an exit storyline for Adam and gives him a good reason to come on back (which we all know he will).  It explains why Victoria seemed to smell the pregnancy on Rebecca before she showed symptoms and why she is overly obsessed with her before Adam comes back into the picture.  It would create an interesting complication in the Adam and Aaron friendship. An unresolved thread and a reason for Adam to come back (when Thomas is ready to come back).

I love this theory because of how shocking it would be.  The general audience, looking at things from the shows point of view, is expecting the baby to be Robert’s. Having it be another guys kid (Ross for instance) would be shocking to them. However, the deeper fanbase will not be as shocked. Having it be Adam would even shock…us. The people who are watching closely, theorizing and the soap elites would be shocked if it was Adam.

For all we know, the whole ‘Who Pushed Emma’ could die out and the ‘playing with time’ become about the ‘ONS’ and everything that has happened since then.

Why Did I Read This?

Come on. It’s fun to theorize.  Even if it doesn’t make much since it is a lot of fun. Right now, this story has stalled, and we are in filler hell with The White Family and Robert.  Things are dull right now. Like I wrote in another post, we have two possible theories. Which is fine but man is it a bit boring.  Thinking up new ways this story could go changes that and opens your mind to where the show could go or was too afraid to go. Doesn’t mean it is going to happen (this won’t) or you shouldn’t let it upset you (I’ve gotten so many tweets calling me stupid for talking about this theory), it’s just fun. Can’t we all do with a little fun right now? I think we can.

So, what do you think? Do you have a crazy theory you want to share? I am open to everything out there. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll publish it and try to make it work! Until I have something else to talk about, I’ll see you around Emmerdale!

(A special thanks to Justine aka @BeautifulHusbands for helping me edit and research some of the harder to find plot points. Tin Hatters Forever!)


Devil’s Advocate – The Two Main Theories

Like everyone else out there I have been racking my brain coming up with numerous theories (I have so many theories that are completely wrong too) on how the Robert/Robron story is going to end especially now, we have an end of Christmas Week. So, I decided to stick to the original theory (with a few add-ons) and the ‘Playing it Straight’ theory. Ok. Let’s make both theories work and not work.

‘Play it Straight’ Theory

Not a theory per say but if you get too theory happy these people come out of the woodwork. The people who think we are all wasting our times and this story will be played straight. Here is the theory as it stands.

Rebecca and Robert did have a one-night stand. It resulted in a baby that is Roberts. The two will have to learn how to co-parent. Meanwhile, Aaron will come around to loving the baby as will Robert. They get back together after Aaron decides he can handle dealing with a baby.  Rebecca decides to forgive Robert for all he has done. All three will end up co-parenting the kid. All is well in Robron land.

Variations on the Theory

The above stands but the Whites find out what Robert has done to Home Farm and its business and cuts Robert out of the baby’s life. Robert, Aaron will have to fight for the kid in court against Rebecca.


The above stands but Rebecca not being able to handle motherhood runs off leaving the baby with Chrissie who fights for full custody against Robert. Aaron is along for the ride.

For This to Work/Not Work

This only works if we know The White family will be staying and we know they are not staying for much longer. Also, the show would have to make Aaron suddenly be ok with the idea of a child being around. Having Aaron hurt himself over the thought of the baby ruins that idea. I mean, in a soap opera anything can be reversed but, in this case, this is a harder sell. Also, we would need Rebecca to become a rounded character, and that isn’t happening anytime soon. She is just a plot device in the story. A chess piece to be moved around. Which is why she would be ok with the revenge plot/breakdown that Robert is on. Move her wherever they need her.

That is where the variations come into play. No way would she be ok with that. So, fighting for the kid makes sense. However, once again, Aaron suddenly being ok with the kid after hurting himself…doesn’t calculate.

Personal Opinion

The show could go this way but they won’t. Everyone else is getting twists and so will the ‘cash cow’ aka Robron. That is one of their biggest couples out there. No way would they give them this straightforward of a story. Not when we know Robert is going to be at his lowest point which means a lot. This is Roberts journey, and that straightforward story doesn’t include that. It seems focused on Aaron which this story was never Aarons journey. It’s Roberts. Also, it’s just so freaking boring if it was played straight. It happens yes but Rebecca isn’t a character we want to see Robert have to co-parent with. She doesn’t have a life outside of him. To build that up and her presence in the village that will take time. Time, I don’t think the show has or wants to spend on her. Time is precious, and I think the show wants to spend it on Robert and Aaron. Not the crumbling White Family.

The Theorytm

The famous theory that either upsets people or makes the most sense to people. The one started on Tumblr by Taryn (@Itwasjustmisplaced).

Robert and Rebecca didn’t sleep together. For some reason Rebecca makes him think that they did and he is the father. Robert goes into a tailspin going after everything he thinks ruined his relationship with Aaron. Finds out he isn’t the dad and they didn’t sleep together. That brings Robert and Aaron back together. Rebecca and the baby become someone else’s problem. All is right in Robron land.

Variations on The Theory

Ross/Adam is the dad (They Slept Together/Didn’t Sleep Together)

All the above and if Robert isn’t the dad (didn’t sleep together/slept together) then who is? Ross has been sleeping with her since January and most notably slept with Rebecca the day after Robert. So, he is a big candidate. The Adam theory is a lot of fun and has the most drama and damage. Most hate it, but I refuse to let go, so I’m including him here. I need to write out a fleshed-out post about this and why it does work on its own. It might not happen, but it does work.


All the above but Rebecca is a black widow.  To get back at Robert for all he has done to her she decides to ruin Roberts life. By making him think he is the dad it takes down all that Robert holds dear now. Forces him into a corner that would make her plans easier to set out.


All the above and Rebecca is lying because she has taken something way too far. Rebecca is angry at him but still, loves him like she has claimed before. She lied to screw with Robert only she has let it go too far and now she is stuck in a corner of her own making. If she comes out now, she will look like she was trying to trap him and ruin Aaron and Roberts marriage. So, she sticks with it even though it is setting Robert down a dangerous path.

For This to Work/Not Work

This theory works on so many levels. It is twisty and gives Rebecca something to do other than blink and prance around Home Farm while her stomach changes sizes (up down up down).  It fits the pattern of all the stories that got big press this year. Nell’s twist. The Coira twist and now The Robron twist. It is fun and will be more interesting to watch. It is just good television. Regardless what one thinks of Iain MacLeod, as we have seen, he knows how to tell a story. He just has pacing problems. Which is understandable because every soap showrunner has pacing problems (even the precious Kate Oates).  It is a lot of time to fill and a lot of story to pace out. Sometimes, stories get left behind or screwed up. Nothing a few strokes of the pen can’t fix.

Why these theories might not work? Robert isn’t attached to the child yet. He hasn’t been to the doctor’s appointments, he hasn’t put his hand on her stomach to feel the kicking, he even used the kid’s picture to hide a camera. There is no attachment there. One could argue he will get attached to the baby after its born but even then, it doesn’t seem likely. If Robert is to keep going after The White Family, he won’t be attached to the kid. Maybe. There is something off there that changes a lot of the theories listed above. Robert is a legacy character. This kid should be bigger news than the show is making it.

Personal Opinion

The TheoryTM is the one that I personally love. It makes the most sense, and even the variations help flesh out the theory even more. I’d be more into the black widow theory because as I have said MANY MANY times…Emily Head would be a great soap villain. A great soap bitch. She can’t pull off angel. I don’t buy it. So, I’d love to see black widow also it makes what I am about to talk about make more sense.

What I Personally Expect from The Final Act

What I expect is a twist. I don’t think Robert is the dad because it narratively (right now) doesn’t make sense to keep a kid with him.  Nor does it make sense he would bond with the kid after its born. It can happen, sure, but I don’t see it. What I expect to happen is the kid is born in November. Then for some reason or another, all is revealed quickly and dramatically. This leaves Robert with nothing. All the revenge he has been planning against The Whites adds up to nothing, he doesn’t have a child, he doesn’t have Aaron or Liv. He is left with nothing. That breakdown we have been seeing goes into overdrive.

Robert falls apart while Aaron is the one that tries to get to him. He wants to talk now that everything is out in the open. He wants to figure out where Robert stands except Robert pushes Aaron away. Why do I want this to happen? At the end of the day, this story has always been about Robert and his choices in life. The choices he makes and how it affects himself and others. He will have to make the choice to want to look inward and try to figure out what he does wrong and how to fix that. Aaron can help of course, but this has to be on Robert. No one else. That brings us to Christmas when everything comes to a head. Robert will want to get better, and Aaron will want to help them. All is going to be ok in Robron land.

As for The Whites? I think Roberts scheming doesn’t help, but it raises a lot of issues that have always been there. Rebecca will always be jealous of Chrissie for being Lawrence’s favorite. Chrissie resents being lied to by Lawrence. Rebecca thinks she should get full run of Home Farm because she is the true heir to everything. Lachlan…he is just a special little psycho, isn’t he? Roberts scheming might bring up a lot of those old wounds. Let the fireworks begin!

What do you think? What theories do you like? Where do you stand on things? Tell me below, and I just might write about the Adam theory. Until my next thought overload, see you around Emmerdale.