Emmerdale Theory Time: Lachlan’s Last Stand

I recently got some good questions from someone I follow (and you all should too) on Tumblr. she wrote:

Amanda, I hope you are having a lovely day. I always enjoy your theories so tell me about how you envision the Lachlan showdown will take shape?

I think Lachlan will

 Do you think it will be a showdown with Robert?

 Do you see Rebecca escaping then somehow not remembering everything?

I feel like Belle will discover that page he tore out from Rebecca’s memory book.

Not sure what she will do with it because thus far Lachlan has been good at manipulating everyone.

I decided to answer this question on my blog instead of on Tumblr because I wanted time to think about it and I think this deserves its own entry. I haven’t done a ‘Theory-ho’ post in a long time.  So, here is a theory. Lachlan’s theory.  Kind of a theory. Rambling theory. Either way, please enjoy the ride.


Lachlan’s Last Stand Theory

Magazines have hinted at it for a year.  Fans waited for it. Now it is here. Coming straight from Lachlan’s crazy mind and murder rock, Lachlan is finally killing manipulating and killing people left and right to keep his secrets. Anything to protect his life with Belle and his new family unit.  Where do I think this could go? Read on to know more!

What We Know So Far

Lachlan has killed his family by reciting poetry while grabbing Chrissie, killing his mother and grandfather.  Rebecca being left behind.  Holding onto her oxygen gave her a brain injury that the show made sure to tell us will never be fixed.  Lachlan killed Gerry because he figured out he killed his family. He is going around manipulating Rebecca, Liv, and Robert (Aaron…is off on his own right now.  He is attached to Robert).  He tried to kill Robert and Liv (He was aiming for Robert though).  He has managed to lie to Belle on the daily.  He convinced the Dingles that he deserves love and now he has Rebecca chained up in a cabin in the woods.  Lachlan tore out a piece of paper from Rebecca’s memory book. Where do we go from here?

Answering the Questions that Might Shape Lachlan’s Final Stand

Do you think it will be a showdown with Robert?

I believe it will be with Robert with an assist from Aaron, Liv, and even Belle.  For the longest time, we have seen Lachlan and his resentment growing towards Robert.  Even now as Robert has matured and taken full responsibility for his actions, Lachlan still holds anger towards him.  Much like he handled his family, Robert is what is left.  I think anything that Lachlan does, the person to take him out would be Robert. Take him out in the sense that Robert ends it. Puts a bow on The White Family.  Robert brought them home with him. He might have to take them out too. I’ve written that before, but this time it might be true.

Do you see Rebecca escaping then somehow not remembering everything?

It’s a possibility, and I’ve asked that question to myself a few times.  Right now, she found a way to remind herself, but Lachlan could always find that note and take it from her making for interesting times.  If she stops finding ways to remind herself of what Lachlan is doing, then Lachlan could easily make her believe anything. Hmmm…make her believe anything that happened after the accident. HUH. I just thought of that as I was writing. Could Lachlan use Rebecca’s injury against her? Make Rebecca run off with Seb hurting Robert (and Aaron/Liv) in the process?  He already convinced Rebecca she caused the crash.  Could he convince her that Robert caused the crash and now Robert has Seb? Hmmmm.

The show could always keep her locked up until they are ready to use her too and in the meantime,  she keeps writing since Lachlan really didn’t think that far ahead. Rebecca isn’t good at getting Lachlan on her side, but Lachlan didn’t plan to kidnap her so…both are playing stupid at a dangerous game…for now.

I feel like Belle will discover that page he tore out from Rebecca’s memory book.

Same. I feel (many people I’ve talked to about this feel this way too) that Belle will be the one to set it all off.  He is doing this all for Belle and his new life with her.  If she finds that piece of memory book and starts to figure tings out, its over for Lachlan, in more ways than one.  Could Lachlan hurt Belle in the end? I personally can see that. Kill her to protect her.  As sick as that sounds but we are dealing with a psycho.

How Will It End aka How Do I See This Taking Shape?

SSW 2018 or bust.

I can see a mini explosion for Lachlan. Maybe he gets caught and goes on the run just to return. Maybe he keeps it going up to October.  That I’m not sure of. Something tells me that he keeps things going until it all comes undone late September into October.

I can see the showdown happening during Robert and Aaron’s wedding. I know, cliché but it fits.  Like I’ve said in my reviews many times, Robert and Aaron have done the internal work. They are strong. Now comes the external. The things they cannot control.  That would be Lachlan and what he will do to Robert as revenge because, even if it is his own doing, Lachlan will blame Robert for EVERYTHING.

I think we are heading for a wedding hostage situation.  A glorious soapy hostage situation where Aaron is stuck on the outside while others (Robert) are stuck with Lachlan. Being released. One by one until we are left with Robert vs. Lachlan.  Maybe Chas goes into labor. I haven’t decided yet.

This story for Lachlan has been growing for so long. I expect Lachlan to leave with a big bang…not a whimper.

Also, I hope he dies clutching murder rock.

‘Will I Be Right?’ and some Extra Predictions  

No. I’m never right. *laughs* However here is some extra predictions I am going to make for all of you.  We can come back and see if I was right in November.

  • I don’t think Rebecca is long for the show. Why? No matter what I do or what storylines I come up with…there is no reason for her to stay. Ross, Lachlan, and Seb are the people keeping her there.  Ross is on his way out.  Lachlan is heading for his own coffin. Seb. Seb is all that is left.  She has a brain injury that will never change making it next to impossible for her to take care of her kid fulltime.  I think she will go away (somewhere close) and try to get better and leave a new life.  That gives Robron cover for when they are off-screen. They are taking Seb to visit his mom. That or she is dead meat.
  • Seb is staying if the rumors are true. (Miss you Lily! You are the queen!)
  • Robert and Aaron will get married. Officially.
  • Chas will lose the baby at birth, and that will start a new storyline, and that is Chas coming down to earth and the suffering that comes with that.
  • Liv is right, and she will let everyone know that.
  • Super Silly Theory: Maya (who is crazy-lite) might take Lachlan out…by accident.

Alright. What do you think? How will Lachlan build to that ending? Will he die? Will he run? Will he kill anyone else? Will he call Murder Rock back because he misses him, and he knows about the murder shovel, but he can overlook that…AHEM…what do you think will happen next? Let me know in the comments below, on my Tumblr and even on my Twitter. Thank you @i-cordelia for the question. I hope I answered all your questions the best I could. Let me know what you think.

Until next time, stay kind to each other, and I’ll see you around Emmerdale.


Robron Fanfiction Sunday: Committed

Happy Sunday!

I’ve decided to start doing some fanfiction promotion on Sundays. So, let’s start with one of my own. I know, lame but here we are. So, check out my fanfic below and let me know if you like it or not.

One Death.
One Detective.
One Village.
Too many suspects.

What will Detective Robert Sugden do?

Committed: An Emmerdale Mystery 

(Mood Board by the lovely 

Out of the Woods?



Hello. How is everyone doing today? I fully intended to write up a Devils Advocate about the new spoilers and have some fun, but I wanted to expand on my thoughts that I brought up yesterday in my Live But Organized Review (3/1/2018).  It is less about the show itself and more about fandom and where we all stand now. I know. This is exciting. So exciting. Sarcasm aside I think it’s important to realize one thing when it comes to Emmerdale and the fandom.

You’re out of the woods. You’re out of the dark. You’re out of the night. Step into the sun, step into the light.

In the Dark

This past year has been hard for us Robert, Aaron, and Robron fans. Everything that our favorite characters and pairing were worried about happened and to extremes.  Then the fallout brought a lot of hand-wringing and upsetting thoughts. Things were dark. Whenever we thought we saw some light something would happen to pull us back in.  Some stuck around and just pushed through with dark sarcasm and copious amounts of fluffy fanfiction. Some tried to analyze each scene and create theories to take their minds off of the darkness and think of some lighter fare.  Some complained about everything to feel better. Then some just left. In case you are wondering, I did all those things except leave. I threatened to others in private conversations and once on Twitter after a really crappy spoiler explosion that ruined three whole episodes in advance.  However, I always stuck around to write my thoughts, no matter how angry I got at fandom and the show.

During that time spoilers were being leaked left and right. A lot of personal speculation was showing up and making people think it was fact. There were actual confirmed spoilers that caused total dread to the fandom.  The build-up to seeing these spoilers caused people to just go into as I call it, Total Negative Mode or TNM. Don’t get me wrong. I lived in TNM land. Anytime someone would tweet or message me I felt my stomach clench. Almost like, ‘what happened now?’ type of feeling. Then I’d read the spoiler and try and be positive about it and even try to write a few theories or ideas up to make it seem better. I was usually punched hard and left with my tail between my legs only to do it again next week.

Into the Light

It wasn’t fun. Most of 2017 for Aaron, Robert and Robron fans wasn’t a good time. However, in the early part of 2018, something seemed to be changing. The spoilers didn’t feel dark anymore. Tweets and articles weren’t avoiding the idea of a better future for the characters.  Something was changing, and that change led us to some very exciting two weeks. We all know what I’m talking about. It was a great two weeks. Valentines Day. Seb watching. Clubbing. Awkward dancing. Revelations. Big speeches.  Kisses and a hopeful future.  It was a good time my friends.

Let me repeat that out of fangirl speak. We not only got Aaron taking control and putting his feelings first, but we got Robert trying to officially move on with the help of friends during a night out. We got the two of them talking through a lot of issues fans had been discussing at great lengths. We finally got a good idea of how Aaron is feeling about these issues. We got a lot of great content and even better? We got a funny, sweet and romantic reunion that continued into the next episode with the rings going back where they belong. Thank god. We had Robert talk to Liv and work out some of their issues. We had the Dingles being ok with this new development (some think it was too easy and yes, I agree, but if the show didn’t have all the plot set up for them, I bet the Dingles would have been a bigger problem).  There was a lot of development and happiness. We had reached the light. The end of the hell plot tunnel. We are back to Robert and Aaron being married and living together, but they are stronger than ever.

So. The hell plot is over. Now what? Well, we move onto new stories. New plots. New connections. Exciting new possibilities. So, the spoilers start back up again like they do every week. We get our spoilers thrown at us like meat to the wolves. We gobble it all up and try to decide how to feel afterwards. Myself? I was full and happy about what could be coming.  Everyone is in a good place, and it would take a lot to take them down too far. However, after looking around? People were in misery. Some upset at the idea of Robert and Aaron not getting their honeymoon period. Some upset about the drama coming back so soon. Some even upset over ideas that haven’t even been confirmed or been realized on screen.

Now What?

What is going on? Our characters are here. They are happy. They have each other. Why are some stuck in TNM land?  Why are they miserable again? That is what I was thinking about as I quickly looked through my dash and twitter page.

This is what this whole piece has been about. What I’ve been leading to this whole time. It’s time to leave TNM and become more positive about what could be coming. I know. Easier said than done. We have, for so long, been thinking the worst of the plot.  That is how we survived watching our favorite characters. We went negative and stayed there. It’s time to break that habit.

The show told us (along with very specific interviews from Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley) that the hardships for their relationship are being put to rest. The internal fighting is calming down. They are very much in love and very much sticking with each other. It’s the external now. It’s the world versus Robert and Aaron. Team Robron vs. the world. We have a lot to be excited about. What sinister person from Aarons past is coming? Who will win the next round of Joe vs. Robert? When will we see the family taking Seb for a walk around the village? (Ok, that one is more for me, but a girl can dream.).

It’s time to think positive. It’s time to create fun theories. It’s time to let go of the past and try to move forward. I believe in not giving energy to people or situations that don’t deserve it. Same goes for fictional characters and plots as well. Time to move on and think of the good going on in the show and the possible good in the future.


You’re out of the woods. You’re out of the dark. You’re out of the night. Step into the sun, step into the light.


Originally posted by startlivingconsciously

I know it won’t happen overnight and might take some of the new plots to take hold before people start thinking of some good. What do you think? Do you think its time to think positive or do you enjoy staying in ‘TNM’ land?  Tell me below, send me a message on my Tumblr (@AmanaJ718) or yell at me using your mind. Ok, scratch that last part but please jump on into the conversation. Until next time, see you around Emmerdale!

What’s Up With Chas Dingle?

After last nights episode, I’ve been thinking long and hard about one character.

Chas Dingle.

Surprise. This isn’t about Robron, but they play a part in this little think piece of sorts.

Something is wrong with Chas. Seriously. Something is seriously wrong. She came back a different person. A different character than we have known her to be. At least to me. Sure, she has always been a bit brashy, bitchy and smart-mouthed but it was usually from a place of love or self-preservation.

Since her introduction back to the show, jumping Paddy like he is Gymboree and she is a toddler on a sugar binge, something has been off about her. WAY off.

What I Noticed About Chas

1)Attaching herself back to Paddy

I know Paddy and Chas have their fanbase and I don’t want to take this away from them.  To me, though, Chas jumping on Paddy and declaring them together felt out of place and weird. Paddy being Paddy went with it, and now they are so in love when they were struggling hard before Chas left. She even told Paddy there is no way they could be “Robert and Aaron” aka Love Crazy Insane Soulmates. She was pulling away hard and then she comes back and declares him her person? No. Something is wrong here. Paddy even questioned this just to be screwed enough for him to forget.

2)Telling others to give up (giving up herself) 

I will never forget Chas telling Cain that, “There are thousands of Moira’s out there!” while he was trying to find ways to keep her in Emmerdale and with him.   That was very out of character for her.  Yes, in the past she told Cain to back off Moira or give her room but never give up on her. It was odd coming out of her mouth and felt passive aggressive.

This relates to Robert and Aaron. Sure, she is upset and will back Aaron. That is a no-brainer. However, like Liv, she was pushing Alex hard onto Aaron. Really hard. Going so hard she was asking if Aaron was in love two dates in (no Chas…he isn’t) and then calling herself Alex’s mother in law in the Valentines Day episode and it was just weird. Chas never acted like that before. Even stranger didn’t seem to give a damn that Robert was hurt at Christmas or that her son was distraught. She went to the hospital, but she went for Aaron and seemed to just bounce right back into the Christmas spirit. Not noticing her sons distress and pushing Alex hard at him. It was cold and didn’t seem to fit her personality before she left for Ireland.

She didn’t even want to fight for Paddy. She figured out something was going on between Paddy and Rhona. She calmly gave him a choice (one she said she would respect) and moved on. No spark. No fight. Nothing. Just, something she left up to someone else. She didn’t make her case for Paddy to be with her. There was no fight there. Like, if Paddy picked Rhona I feel like she wouldn’t have been so upset.

3)Breezing Through Life (Not fighting for something better)

She is just there. The only time I saw her have an emotion other than light, airy love was when Joe Tate played everyone. Otherwise, she is just there. Like on drugs or on a cloud. She is just there to pour drinks, moon over Paddy or talk to Cain about how much she loves Alex. Chas was feisty. She works behind the bar and listens to everyone’s problems and joys. I was expecting her to show up at Wishing Well to protest. I expected her to have a go at Robert. I expected her to be angrier about that loan Charity took out on the pub. Which, I am not sure if that was even resolved yet in the show. Debbie and her business were dropped like a hot potato when Tate came to town. Either way, Chas is just there. A stone figurine in her own life.

4) Extreme Helicopter Mom Status

Chas has always been a terrible mother. She has been making up for that for a long time now. It was part of the Aaron and Chas relationship charm. Watching the two of them find a relationship after years of never being close. However, this year, she is showing up on Valentines Day to bug Aaron with champagne, springing lunches on him, and generally having an opinion on the tiniest details of Aarons life. It’s getting odd and makes Aaron look…sad. A parent can influence their children’s choices.  It’s not unheard of. However, Aaron seems afraid to upset her in any way and lets her run the show.  She has stronger opinions than ever about Aaron and his life, and he doesn’t challenge her on those opinions. It’s getting strange and needs an explanation quick.


With that said, I feel like the speculation about her storyline could explain all the above. So, here is what I think could be causing all these weird changes. Mind you, none of this has been confirmed. Just speculation.  This is what I got:

1) The Irish Fling

The Irish fling left a more significant impression than we know. There is a rumor he is on his way to Emmerdale to shake things up. A guy with tattoos maybe? Chas ran like hell from Ireland and right into Paddy’s arms. Like in the past, she is running from something scary and going to something safe, like Paddy. It’s not the first time she has done that. Something happened with that guy, and it will be a big part of Chas and her storyline going forward. This includes the pregnancy speculation going around about her. This can be attached to the Irish fling and Paddy.

2)She is sick

That is speculation going around that she is sick that is why she is so passive and trying to hold onto only the good things and not the bad. It explains why she wants Aaron to be settled so badly. She wants everyone in their places before she goes. She runs to Paddy because that is an old friend and love. Comforting. Her family is comforting. She is hanging a lot with Cain out of nowhere too. However, I doubt Chas could hide a sickness for long. Not this long at least.

3) She is in a holding pattern

It could mean nothing. She is just in a holding pattern till something bigger comes along. She is being used to push Alex until the show is ready for Robron. She could be a placeholder for Paddy while he figures out feelings about Rhona. She could be so quiet behind that bar because they don’t need her reaction to everything right now. She could be in a holding pattern and burst out of that the minute Robron get back together, or she is given some type of shakeup on her birthday.

Either way, Chas Dingle has been bugging me since she came back from Ireland. Something seems off. The Chas I know was feisty and ready to fight the world.  Now? She seems content to just fall into old patterns and not want something else. Something better. Something is off, and I hope we figure out what is going on with her very soon. I hear she has a birthday and something might kick off there. I pray something does before I write this character off to ‘Do Not Like’ territory.

What do you think? Do you believe Chas has been acting weird lately or do you think she is just her old regular self? Leave me a comment below. I am very interested in what others have to say about her and her direction on the show. Until next time, see you all around Emmerdale!

Emmerdale – The Punch Method of Storytelling

This is what happens when it is late, I have had too much coffee, and I am discussing the Robert/Robron storyline as it stands against the other big storylines of the 2017 year.  So, my dear friend and I were talking about a twist. Any twist. The “TWIST” or just a twist for the Robert/Robron storyline and will it happen. That is when my crazy mind came up with this:


I know. I am an amazing artist. There is an explanation for this lovely drawing of mine. I noticed that all the stories this year had the same structure. I call it the PUNCH method of storytelling. I am sure there is an official name for it, but I am naming it something cute. So, deal with it. The PUNCH method of Storytelling is when we are feeling like we are just moving along without anything happening and things are just there and then out of nowhere in the last episode we get PUNCHED into an interesting conclusion. Ok, not everyone finds it interesting, but I do. So, where am I going with this? Let me break it down for you and then explain how it relates to the Robert/Robron story.

The Fake Nell Storyline

For the longest time, Nell was just there. We were getting developments from her but then her personality would switch. She would be nice one minute and mean the next. We all thought it was just writing issues or the story was shifting. A good amount of the GA was getting bored with her and her confusing personality shifts. Then…


In one episode we got punched in the face with what Nell was up to since she showed up in Emmerdale. She was playing everyone because she needs and craves attention she just doesn’t get any more. We get a big chase, and we even got an open ending that had many people talking. We went from meandering and wondering if Nell would be a background character to punched in the face and saying goodbye to the crazy one.

The Emma Storyline/Killer Storyline

This one is in progress but watching Emma go crazy has been a high point for me. I do not know about fandom, but it has been a fun ride. However, the crazy Emma drama seemed to become boring. Going in circles and the stop and go nature of the storyline, bored people. Then…


Emma went into overdrive setting barns on fire, attacking a pregnant person, developing the child, shooting her son, going on the run, stealing said child, leaving a child in church and then being pushed off a bridge. PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH. So much in so little time. This has not ended yet but its coming then we get the final punch! *If you tell me who killed Emma, I will break your legs. Don’t try me.*

Moira’s Surprise Storyline

Moira seemed to disappear most of the year. Only to appear at weird moments in the pub or to talk to Cain or Adam. Yes, I know. Anyone online and within the little pockets of fandom figured it out, but from the GA point of view, Moira was gone. She did not have a storyline and was just there to support whoever needing supporting in her family. Then…


We have a surprise birth in a burning barn as a crazy woman delivers the child she never knew existed. The GA loses their minds, and the pockets of fandom nod happily that they guessed a storyline correctly. Also, the dramatics were off the charts and all types of awesome.

The Snore Triangle

This is a bit…grasping at straws but its there. We were stuck watching Leyla get further and further into wedding plans with Pete (which was a mistake) while he slept with her best friend, Pryia. Going so far as to sleep with Pryia in the honeymoon suite after the wedding was aborted. After all that we got…


Leyla finds out and goes on a rampage that felt stratifying to the viewer. She went after Pete and then Priya and then got more of her anger out on her dress. It was not a punch but a nice slap for the audience. The triangle was done, and we got a nice classic soap ending.

The Eric/Faith Storyline

I am adding this as I wait for the second half of the episode to air. This has been building and building. Eric is falling for Faith. Then he is trying to hide his involvement in the Dingles house being taken. It goes in circles for a few weeks and then Eric goes to get proof from the politician that it was all on him then…


The politician set up Eric. Faith found out. All happening at once. The fallout all happening at once. We are punched with answers and resolution.

So, where am I going with this?

Robert/Robron Storyline

We have been going in circles since the July breakup. Robert does something. Aaron does something. We are stuck watching the Whites react. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. THEN…



Based on the pattern of all the big storylines of 2017, I think we are due for a punch with this story. What do you think it will be? Leave me a comment below or shoot me your thoughts on my Tumblr @AmandaJ718. I do not check my twitter as often as I used to so that is a place that might be hard to find me.

If you enjoy reading my thoughts feel free to buy me a cup of coffee by clicking the link in the bar above! Until next time, see you around the Emmerdale fandom!

Emmerdale: How I Would Write It or What I Think Happens From Christmas On

Ah. Fandom is in meltdown. So, with only very limited spoilers we all think things suck. Ok then. I’m here to counteract that feeling. After today’s interesting Robron scene I decided to write down what I expect to happen or how I would write things from this point on.

I would like to stress this. I have no spoilers. Just my writer mind and some gut feelings. Please, guys. Your feelings are valid but don’t get bitter. We don’t know anything coming and because fandom is in meltdown mode we everyone is a sitting duck for fake spoilers. SO, if something sounds truly horrible. Double check on it. I bet you it isn’t true. So, without further ado…here is how I think things will go from Christmas on or How I Would Finish This Story.

Ok. So. Christmas happens, and Robert has a new set of priorities. He has to get better for himself and want to grow and change for his own health and wellbeing. He also wants to be there for SJ during this process. He is a dad, and he will concentrate on that.  Meanwhile, Aaron will realize that he loves Robert, but Robert will tell him he needs to let go. Maybe something similar to what we saw tonight only with tears and more dramatic. Robert will tell Aaron to move on and live his life. He can’t live for Robert and Robert can’t live for him. SO, Aaron does what Robert tells him too (much like what Robert did with SJ at first). He will go through the paces of being with Alex and learn what he wants out of a relationship and who he really wants.

Robert will get closer to SJ. He will get closer to his family. Maybe he tells Diane what went down with Jack. They start to grow stronger as a family. Robert is there for Victoria during Adam drama. Robert gets better mentally and physically.

Meanwhile, something goes down with the Whites. Because of SJ and the Lachlan connection, Robert is roped in. Since Aaron will always have Roberts back, he gets roped in too. This upsets Alex, and maybe he dumps Aaron. Maybe Aaron dumps Alex. Either way, Aaron will run through the relationship and learn about himself and what he wants. Alex isn’t it. He will back Robert and help Robert move the Whites off the show.

MAYBE WITH A BIG TWIST! I would still write a twist for The Whites. Mostly to get them out the door.

Meanwhile, Robert and Aaron stay close as friends. Learn to communicate. Hang out. Have lunch a few times. Hang out at work. Maybe Aaron starts to soften towards SJ (if he sticks around) and Robert will be in a better place and start to see himself with Aaron again. Then one day they just…look at each other and know. They know its time for the two of them to come home to each other. Their houses are better built now, and the two of them have a stable and steady foundation. We get the big damn reunion kiss and bed scene. Declarations of love that are sparking and epic. One thing that hasn’t changed in this WHOLE story? That connection. That spark. That history. Robron has time and love on their side. That is hard to beat.

Robert and Aaron get back together and start dating. Against all the odds of what Aaron’s family wants.

Some Odd Notes I Didn’t Get in There*

* Maybe Aaron, like he said tonight, will have Roberts back. Alex won’t understand that. He will be threatened by that. That could be the downfall of the relationship. Guys, Alex is just a plot device. Someone for Aaron to use to learn what he doesn’t want for himself. Wasting energy on him doesn’t seem worth it. Focus on Robert and Aaron. Focus on them getting better as individuals and then together.

*I think the Whites hold a lot of secrets. Rebecca included. I still believe there is a twist coming to set the Whites off on their path to leave/die.

*It hurts. I know. Seeing the two of them “move on” but much like Aaron said today. They will always have each other for support. So, that will always be part of the Robron story. Anyone that comes along will have to fight with that every step of the way. This almost guarantees that Alex won’t last because he isn’t strong enough to deal with that. Rebecca already hates Aaron because he has Roberts’ heart and she couldn’t do that even after having his kid. So, take heart in that. They will always have each other’s back. Their story is that type of epic.

So, that is how I would write things. Let Robert and Aaron get stronger apart so when they come back together, they can be a stable and strong Robron. So, what do you think? Did I help anyone feel better? I hope so. So, until next time, see you around the Emmerdale fandom!

Emmerdale: Playing Devil’s Advocate (Once. Twice. Three Times the Devil!)

Your Lazy Hazy Black Friday Television Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. When we quietly open our wallets and our arms for the Holiday season. For American’s it is the start of that season. In fact, our biggest shopping day of the year is just around the corner.

Black Friday.

I’m one of those nuts that are running around a target looking at things I don’t need. Don’t be like me. Sleep off that turkey and pie. Shop online. In your bathrobe. While you watch us crazy on the television fight over a television we don’t need.

Where to start though. If you are reading this blog, you must be a television fan. So, to help you out, here are television shows I think you out there would like or want to buy for others.

I know. You can thank me later for introducing you to some awesome television.

Let’s crack on!



What it is?

Set in The St. Gregory Hotel in San Francisco it follows the lives of the general manager and his staff as they interact with the guests of the week while dealing with their own problems.  It is an anthology show that boasts guest stars such as Julia Duffy, Marion Ross, Elizabeth Taylor and Estelle Getty (Yes…Sophia herself).  The show created by Aaron Spelling and was considered the serious version of The Love Boat. It covers infidelity, spousal abuse and AIDS awareness.  It ran for five years and seemed to be lost to the sands of time. Until it was put back on DVD a few years ago for fans and new fans to enjoy.

Why You Should Buy It

I binge watched this two summers ago and enjoyed every minute of it.  The different stories brought in by the guests of the hotel made it a fun experience, but the heart of the show was the main cast especially the characters Victoria Cabot, Peter McDermott, Billy Griffin (JUSTICE FOR BILLY) and Christine Francis. These characters are what drove the heart of the show and made me want to come back for more.

You shippers out there, you will love the chemistry between Peter and Christine. They are the big relationship of the show and you will love watching them get closer. Even better? Christine is a woman who stands on her own two feet and is a great foil for Peter and his hidden past.  Not only will you love the couple, you will love the individual characters too.

Victoria Cabot (owner of the St. Gregory) is the queen, and Billy Griffin was an awesome character with a fascinating history that was never fully explored, but he is worth watching out for as well. These characters not only worm their way into your heart you can enjoy a different story each week with seasoned speculator actors.  Highly recommend it.  Worth the buy.

You’re The Worst


What it is?

This show was created by Stephen Falk for FX in 2014 and covers the lives of four toxic people as they navigate their lives in Los Angeles. The show has four seasons that have already aired and their fifth will sadly be their last. Since 2015 the show has aired on the sister network of FX, FXX.

Why You Should Buy It

This ongoing series is the most human thing on television.  These characters (Jimmy, Gretchen, Lindsay and Edgar) and their faults are what keep me coming back for more.  Even though some of the situations are crazy but it’s how the characters react to these situations is what makes it funny and sometimes sad.

The main couple, Gretchen and Jimmy, are both so flawed you will want to knock their heads around but as the seasons go on you get to see them for more than the self-deprecating actions.  The best episodes relate to Sunday Funday and the episodes that focus on one character at a time. The character study episodes are amazing, and everyone deserves to see them.

Scarecrow and Mrs. King


What it is?

Scarecrow and Mrs. King was a series that ran on CBS from 1983 to 1987. For four years viewers followed Amanda King as she figured her way around the world of secret agents (never spies) with her partner Lee Stenson (Scarecrow).  The show has Billy and Francene to help her out as she tries to hide her life form her mother and two young children. The show was a huge hit in its time but stopped short by Kate Jackson (Amanda King) breast cancer diagnosis.

Why You Should Buy It

This show is a personal favorite of mine and for good reason. There are secret missions, funny moments, scary moments, big eighties hair and some good old fashion cold war stories. See? Some things never change, do they? One could say it’s a lot like Chuck. It has a woman (Amanda) who is finding herself in a weird place. Divorced with two children and looking for a job. She wants to find her own way and finds that in a world she never expected. Not only does she find her calling but finds her best friend in the process. Lee is a great character who has a very dark past that comes up in exciting ways.  He has faults just like Amanda and they work together to overcome them.

Much like the other choices, the shipping is quite good in this series. Amanda and Lee are the driving force of the show and have the strongest chemistry.  They are the classic eighties couple but with an edge. They are great individually and together. I won’t give anything away but their relationship never stays stagnant for long. The plots are oddly enough still timely and you can find yourself getting lost in what happens on the show and what could have been.



What it is?

Soap is an ABC show that aired from 1977 to 1981.  It was designed to mock the super popular daytime soap opera drama.  It follows the two sisters and their families, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. One was rich, and the other was middle class. It focused on all those tropes we all know and love with a dark twist to them.  The show was abruptly canceled and was left on some major cliffhangers. Which fits perfectly, doesn’t it? For a soap?

Why You Should Buy It

This show isn’t talked about enough. It was ahead of its time and wasn’t really given a chance. It covers all those famous soap opera tropes but doesn’t let it run the show.  It has its own unique voice that makes each episode a lot of fun. The storylines are insane and so unbelievable but like with daytime soaps, you stick around to see what happens next.

It’s a show that predicted what was to dominate the television landscape. The big soapy drama driven eighties nighttime soap. The only difference? Those shows don’t have Billy Crystal.

There are a few ideas to get you started on your holiday shopping journey.  Stick around because next time I will be giving ideas for the hard to shop for Soap Opera fan. If anyone out there needs any help with their holiday shopping and needs a guide, leave a comment or shoot over a suggestion on my twitter @AmandaJ718. Until next time, shop smart. Not hard.

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Down the Rabbit Hole We Go: New Connections in Emmerdale

Welcome to ‘I Have Lost My Mind’ Theater or ‘Down the Rabbit Hole We Go!’ Theater. Either one works for me. While watching today’s episode, I was writing some thoughts about Lachlan down, and plot seed exploded in my brain. Here are the results of that. Enjoy.

Reviewing the Events of Fall 2016

Lawrence was getting drunk and walking around shooting at anything. Prompting Sam to call Aaron to stop him. They have that awkward talk. Lawrence thought he lost Ronnie. They made another go at it.  Aaron and Robert stay together, but things are shaky.

Lachlan shot Lawrence. Which gave Chrissie a way to get back at Andy for cheating on her and protect her family. This brought Robert into the picture because no matter what he will protect his family which includes Andy. This brought in Rebecca. We all know what happened there.

Lawrence/Ronnie vs. Robron

Now. Lets back up a bit.

Lawrence and Ronnie were always designed to be a cautionary tale for Robert and Aaron.  Lawrence and Robert both get drunk when hurt and upset (external). Ronnie and Aaron are more quiet about their pain (internal). As discussed in the reveal episode. They are a lot alike.  One noticeable connection, a baby, forcing them apart. For Lawrence and Ronnie, it was Chrissie. For Robert and Aaron, it was SJ.

Continuing down that path of Robron and Lawrence/Ronnie being connected stories, we know Chrissie isn’t Lawrence’s. So, let’s make a connection, shall we? Chrissie=SJ and that means…Robert can’t be SJ’s dad. Since this whole story has been about repeating and connection and narrative circles. Lessons learned from the past inform the future. Also, Robron are supposed to break the cycle. The cycle Ronnie and Lawrence found each other in. Until the bitter end.

Brings us to Fall 2017

Anyway…. moving forward to Fall 2017.

We are at the end of this story that started in September 2016. Lawrence repeating the same behavior. Getting drunk out of sadness. Lachlan threatening him. Robert defending family aka SJ only. Defending Andy brought Rebecca in, and this time it will take her out of the running. Death? Showing up in the helicopter which is similar to the helicopter that Chrissie accidentally set upon the village that day killing Val.

So, if we are repeating behavior, Lachlan will go too far and kill someone. Maybe Rebecca this time because his actions brought her here, to begin with.  He tried to kill Lawrence but its Rebecca that he takes out instead. Since she is the one that wanted to take him down in the first place. That leaves us with SJ, Lawrence, Chrissie, and Robert. Since SJ can’t be Roberts in this scenario, much like Andy, Chrissie leaves with SJ.  Lawrence leaves the village with Lachlan? Lachlan goes to jail? Lawrence was technically the first White to enter Emmerdale, and he might be the last to leave.

Aarons Part

This is where I get lost. How does Aaron fit in? Voice of reason for Robert. Backs Robert up since he loves Robert and doesn’t want to see him hurt. Ronnie did that quite a bit too for Lawrence. He never liked to see Lawrence hurt either. Backed him up even when Lawrence was crazy. Aaron is purely supportive in this ending part of the story? Aaron didn’t know about Robert bringing Rebecca in so he wouldn’t know anything as she leaves.

That also brings in the statement Aaron made during the breakup, “All roads lead to you, Robert!” He meant that negatively but I’m beginning to think that it was put there for a reason. No matter what, if Aaron is in a bad state or in the best mental and physical shape of his life, he will always be drawn to Robert. His roads will always lead back to Robert. This reinforces the idea that Aaron, unlike Ronnie, will always find his way back to Robert and vice versa. So, right now, Aaron is on his way back, and he is stronger than ever before. Strong enough to support Robert through this mess.

So…Yeah…Lots to Think About

This plot seed explosion needs help now. What do you think? Please feel free to add on, point out other connections or even find your own connections. Let’s make this a fun, positive thing because right now the fandom is very negative, and we need to have some fun. So, leave a comment below or just shoot me over a tweet or leave me some mail on Tumblr using @AmandaJ718! Until next time see you around Emmerdale.


Additional help by @BeautifulHusbands (Justine) 

Love: Robron Style

Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.

James A. Baldwin


Love isn’t finite. It’s is designed to be infinite.  For example, I love my parents. I love chocolate. I love Starbucks (like every good white girl), and I love old movies. All those examples are different people and objects that I love. That love is different. How I love my parents differs from how I love Starbucks.  No type of love is the same.

That brings me to Robert and Aaron.

Lately, mostly on Tumblr, I’ve seen ‘asks’ and comments on Robert, Aaron, and their love. Some are writing that ‘They can’t believe that Robert loves the baby instantly! What about Aaron? Aaron is always the one that gets shafted. He deserves better than Robert! Isn’t Robert betraying Robert by saying he wants to do right by his son?” (this is a mass generalization of what I have seen on Tumblr and a bit on Twitter).

Here is where I stand on these questions and opinions that are populating Tumblr and Twitter.

Robert and the Baby

We are along with Robert for the ride when it comes to the baby. Since we don’t see this pregnancy from Rebecca’s viewpoint, we are getting Robert’s.  Robert is framing the baby as a negative right. In his eyes, the baby is why Aaron is gone. The baby is why he is stuck with The White Family. The baby is why he lost the life he wanted.

However, like we saw on Friday and that terrified look as he felt that baby kick? That was the first kick into Roberts realization that the baby is a real thing. It is a little human being on its way into the world. It went from a concept for him to an actual living breathing human that shares his blood (for now at least).

Robert struggling with the baby but wanting to do better or love it isn’t a bad thing. It’s someone coming to terms with reality.  It’s normal to not bond right away with a child. It will happen when it is time. For Robert, he needs to go through all the emotions he has been fighting and hiding through his schemes and general sadness. When he is ready, he will bond, and it won’t be a betrayal or affront to Aaron.  The developing of that love is quite different from the love that is already there with Aaron. They are two different worlds that don’t meet.

This type of love, parental love is different from loving a partner.

Aaron’s Relationship to Robert and this Story

This isn’t Aaron’s story. He is in the supporting cast. The first rung of the supporting cast but he is supporting. There is a reason why Aaron has been absent. This story isn’t about him this time around. Last year he got an amazing story about his abuse where Robert was supporting. Backing Aaron up whenever he needed it. Helping move the story forward.

That is Aaron position in this story. It’s Robert on the front lines and Aaron is designed to help move the story forward.

Currently, In Aarons’ head, the baby is also framed negatively. It is the concept that broke up his marriage, made him think very dark thoughts and he cannot see the child without thinking of the cheating. Perfectly valid reasons to frame the child negatively. After breaking up with Robert and having a few moments with him, Aaron has removed himself from the narrative for a while. He is taking care of Liv, he is trying to get better mentally and physically and even went on a trip to visit old friends.

Now, with the baby being born very soon, Aaron will be thrown back into the narrative whether he wants to or not. He presence and his talks with Robert will push Robert forward in his journey to thinking of the child as a negative to a positive. Otherwise, this is Roberts story. His ‘come to Jesus’ moment if you will.

In six weeks lots can change in the narrative.  Aaron might find himself stepping up to help Robert, or he will find himself stepping back. We don’t know, but lots can happen in six weeks. Aaron is there in the background, helping push the narrative forward in small ways but ultimately everything he does is his decision. Robert isn’t forcing him to stick around. Aaron choices are his own as a supporting character.

Aaron still loves Robert (he always will) but right now that romantic type of love isn’t what is needed from Aaron to Robert. The love Aaron has for Robert as a friend is what is needed now.

Aaron/Robert Deserve Better Than Aaron/Robert

I’ve seen this going around quite a bit in the general ‘Robron’ fandom which makes me laugh. Robert and Aaron are two very perfectly imperfect people. They both have been through a lot in life. They both have made bad decisions. They have tried to be better people. They both have relapsed in small and big ways. They are both very layered and very human. They are full of gray, and that is what makes them interesting apart and together.

They are worthy of each other. Robert and Aaron are the type of characters that are always going to take five steps forward and six steps back. They will grow and do better but relapse. That makes them feel even more real and one hell of a super couple. A super couple that needs to get back to a place where they can communicate, trust and is an equal partnership.

A romantic love that goes beyond the typical. The hearts and passionate declarations. Robert and Aaron have that down. They have done that. The love they need to develop now? Is the mature love. That settled in love. The kind where trust, communication, and a partnership can form.

So, like I said in the beginning, there are different types of love that we experience every day. They don’t mean the same thing to each person or thing in your life, but it exists.  Same applies to the final act of this story.  It isn’t the end of the world that this baby has arrived. It just signals the beginning of the end of this story.  The end of one chapter in Roberts and Aarons lives. From this point on its going to develop into something different. Something new. Something worth waiting to see. We will see Robert grow from plotting revenge against people that just don’t matter to deciding to be better for himself, his family and baby. He will be learning about parental love and loving himself by making better choices.  We will see Aaron make the decision to back Robert up without sacrificing his feelings in the process. Aaron will learn to love himself and love Robert as a friend and as a partner. It will be worth the wait in the end.

What do you think? Tell me below or Tweet/Tumblr me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, see you around Emmerdale.

Thanks to Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) for coming up with the title