Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 13, 2017

Hello! Welcome to the preshow! I guess I went overboard in yesterdays preshow, but I really hate spoilers. So, yeah. Please excuse the yelling. I never mean to be too rude towards all of you here.

If I figured out what is happening today, this is an early warning. I think the doctor is here to play ‘perfect doctor’ today with The Dingles. So, I won’t be nice, and I won’t be pretty about how I feel about this character.

I hate Dr. Flat Ass, Plot Device Lite, Dr. Creeper, Dr. Rebound, and Dr. Manipulative. I don’t like the guy. In fact, last night while Justine and I were talking about him we noticed something. To get more from Aaron, he mentions Robert. Its like he knows that is a button to push to get more from Aaron. That just adds to the creepy parts of him. Yeah, he is supposed to be Dr. Perfect, and all the Dingles are lining up on their knees for him, but I will always look at him as a manipulative creeper.

That is all.

So, let’s crack on!

The Village

Oh. How creepy. Everyone is in sepia tones. Black and white. Sad. Emma stuff. *looks off into the distance*

New theory. THEY ALL DID IT. *DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNN* Do you know who the ring leader is? Isaac. That crafty Dingle-Barton.

Back to black and white/sepia tones again.


The Truth Will Set You Free. DAMN. HARRIET. DAMN.

Moira’s Farm

Oh great. She is going to meet him for drugs. DON’T DO IT MOIRA. DON’T.

Ok. Cain stopped her from taking it. Please don’t take it with the baby around. PLEASE DON’T. Oh god, my anxiety is going through the roof over a fictional character and her choices. What the hell?!?!

The Café Crew

How nice of Adam to do this to her. Skipping things.


I hate this Gwen Stefani song. Bleh.

Seriously. I’m really into Ross and Victoria. Their real-life relationship brings an extra fire to this pairing. *giggles*


The Thomas Family

“Only God has the power to forgive.” – Sandy

Well…I mean….I think humans can forgive because we are supposedly made in his image with flaws.

Nicola and Jimmy’s kid are trouble. I love that.

Something is up with that tire. It’s upsetting Laurel.

Arthur really wants to go to Emma’s funeral? Hmmmm.

Oh boy. Laurel. *HUGS*

The Pub Crew

Hey. Victoria. Guess what. Your relationship is dead in the water. DEAD IN THE WATER. Ross needs a girlfriend. *nudges her*

“It will be ok. I really believe that.” – Victoria *I’ve been saying that for months now about Robron. Don’t make a fool of me show. Please.*

Wishing Well

*SNORE* Oh god…I’m up. Dr. Creeper showed up, and my whole body went to sleep.

This is when The Dingles get on their knees and start praising Dr. Flat Ass, right? *eye roll*

Will Robert ever be good enough for this family? I’m starting to doubt it. I want Robert to be happy and loved. Also becoming more comfortable in his skin.  *Chants: TAKE THE RING OFF ROBERT*

Things to buy for Alex for Christmas: A Personality and Acting Skills. (Hint: Both are hard to find for this guy.)

Hopefully, Aaron and Alex stay off screen for the majority of stuff. I don’t need to see that crap on my screen.

Moira/Drug Dealer

Oh, Moira. No. Don’t. I don’t know what else to say about this episode.

Wow. I’m feeling Moira’s anxiety, and it is screwing with my anxiety too. Damn fine acting from Natalie.

Vadams House

Why did they take it down just to build it back up? Their house? That seems like a waste of money for the show. Unless, something went wrong or something was changed?

YOU GUYS AREN’T GETTING A BABY. ADAM IS GONE. This feels like a waste of my time.

Well, she can’t trust you anymore.



I actually feel bad for Victoria after hating her for months. Is that the point of this?



Girl, don’t chase after him. Adam isn’t worth your time.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 12, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! I don’t have much to say other than this.


So…yes. Please don’t do that. Tag your spoilers, and please be considerate of people who want to to be surprised by what the show has to offer. Take care of you and what you want to see but be sure to remember not everyone wants to see spoilers. Let’s be a kind and considerate fandom. Let’s be better than we have been.

Thank you!

Let’s crack on!

Moira’s Farm

Moira needs help. I keep writing this, and it’s not happening. Well, little baby steps are being taken, but I worry about her.

Isaac is huge. What a cutie.

OH, Moira. NO. Don’t do it. DON’T DO IT.

I love the camera angles in this episode. Whoever the director was for this episode? You are amazing.

I’m a fan of signs and looking for signs but Moira…NOT A SIGN. DON’T DO IT.

Oh god. NO. Moira. Honey. This is going to be so bad it’s not even funny. *sad face*

The Café Crew

Bob. Don’t mention AGE! Geez.

Could Vadam look further away? The staging of this conversation is interesting. The camera work too. They are both on their own little worlds even though they are sitting next to each other. Good camera work there.

Geez Harriet. WE GET IT. Emma. Funeral. WE KNOW.

Cain looks tired. He looked younger smiling at Moira, but today he looks tired. *sad face*

Awwwww. Cain is defending Moira. *Heart eyes*

The Bartons


Oh, look! My new favorite ship. We need a name. Victoria and Ross. COME UP WITH A NAME FANDOM!

Ross and Aaron have a thing for Sugdens. Just saying.

The Thomas Family

SANDY! I would call the police. I want my chocolate too! JUSTICE FOR ARTHUR!

Laurel messing with Arthur about the chocolate was cute.

Do kids always come home at lunch? I’m confused. I had to stay.

DOTTIE! That’s ok. She can have all the chocolate in the world! *giggles*

That’s a sweet tree. *my cold heart warms*

“We all did something we wish we haven’t…” – EVERY SOAP CHARACTER AT THIS TIME FEELS THIS.


UMMMMMMMMM….no pills for Moira. Please don’t. Don’t take pills. I beg of this doctor.

Oh god. Good. Wait…no. Crap. Moira is going to do something stupid, isn’t she?

Vadam’s Makeshift House

I can’t point and laugh anymore because they redesigned two rooms of their house. BOO show. BOO.

Adam. Oh boy. That doesn’t look bad for him at all. *eye roll*

The Barton’s are falling apart at the seams.


Thanks to Justine for mentioning this to me. They rebuild two rooms for this nonsense but couldn’t build a set for when Rebecca lived there? HA. Just saying. *high five to Justine*

Wishing Well

Thanks for the descriptor Sam. *snort*

Caramel Latte is the future. I agree.

Sigh. Can we call Dr. Flat ass and get this over with? I fucking hate this guy. He is more annoying than Rebecca at this point. Well, no. Rebecca and Alex are both in the plot device hall of fame of pointlessness.

You know what? I think Aaron is only there to get Dr. Flat Ass there. Usually, he would be off with Liv and working.

This is plotty as fuck, and I will complain about that all I want.

David’s Grocery

I have fake trees. We don’t have time for that. Hallmark would be disappointed in me. *American moment*

Yes. Brenda does want to see who goes. Also, so do I. *snort*

Oh hey. Was that a hint that Paddy will cheat on Chas? *Sorry for the people who love them. I don’t want to take anything away from you guys*

The Pub Crew

Yeah. Vadam is so strong. So, all of October looks so fucking stupid now. *LAUGHS*


Thanks, Vic.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 11, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! Usually, this is where I put a pep talk of sorts and then move onto to my thoughts and feelings about the episode. I am going to take care of some blog housework instead.

Twitter Update: I will be limited in my twitter usage. This past weekend I went on and had a full-blown panic attack. Nothing to do with the show I just can’t handle the kind of tweeting and sadness going on right now. Mental health comes first. I will check twice a day and try to get back to all that talk to me on there. This won’t be forever. Just until I can get myself under control. If you really need to talk to me or have a lot to say, come on by my Tumblr (@AmandaJ718) and private message me.  Also, feel free to leave a comment on my blog. It won’t show up right away on the blog (it’s in moderator mode thanks to a few harassers), but I will get back to you there.

Tumblr Update: I have my ‘Ask Box’ set with ‘Anon Off’ right now. I do not want to be spoiled for this week or for Christmas. I am sure you all can understand that.

Fandom Update: Everyone is entitled to feel how they feel about the show and the current storylines. Everyone can share those feelings. However, people must understand, you can’t force others to feel the way you feel or understand how you feel. Misery loves company, right? Right now, I don’t want to be that type of company. I’m trying to get myself back on a better mental health kick and thinking positively. I can’t keep down the negative path right now. Of course, I will slip and get upset, but I will bounce back and see the good. Of course, I will talk things out with anyone that needs to talk, but I won’t stay down in negativity land. I will be in my bubble waiting it out.

Alright. That feels good. Everything is cleaned out and ready to go. Let’s crack on!

The Bartons

Still not used to you not having your full beard there Ross. It’s confusing me. I DON’T LIKE BEING CONFUSED.

Oh. Dr. Flat Ass is now on without Aaron…I thought he was a pediatric doctor? Wait, he had one line with the Barton’s in the hospital. That is odd. Very odd. Connects Flat Ass to the Barton’s now. There would be no reason to have him say those lines without there being a connection.

Since Dr. Flat Ass has been rumored to only be in 12 episodes…3 episodes down…if true.

Ross getting caught up on his stories through Pete. How cute.

Ross making comments on how Leyla still comes out looking like the injured party. Interesting conversation. Just saying.

“We will get to the truth sooner or later…” – Detectives *Well, yeah. It’s Killer Emma week. Duh.*

So, does anyone else want Victoria and Ross to hit it off or something. Just saying.

What did he drop into the jug? Adam. WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!

They tore down Vadams set just to build a kitchen set? Why not wait till Adam was gone to tear down the Vadam set? I’m confused about that. Also, it doesn’t look like the old set…I don’t think so its been awhile.

The Pub Crew

Victoria seems pretty cold right now. Kind of odd for her towards Adam. Oh. OH. We are getting ready to break them. Gotcha. GOTCHA.

The Café Crew


Bob is awesome. That is all.

Laurel! Long time no see! We must be in Emma week.

What is with the shows hatred of Yogurt? First Robert and now Cain. OH. MAKE ROBERT AND CAIN FRIENDS 2018!

What are you hiding Bob? *HMMMM*

Wishing Well

Zak is getting sick. *sad face*

Yes, I know where this is going. They will call Dr. Flat Ass and then he will be welcomed into The Dingle family because he gave Zak some cough medicine. *more proof of plot device confirmed*

I’m into this extras hair. Hey! I LOVE YOUR HAIR SIR!


Something is wrong with the little one. I don’t like that. *sad face*

So, heart murmur. Doesn’t affect his heath. Oh boy. Moira. MOIRA. This can happen to anyone. Seriously. Honey. Don’t blame yourself.


Harriet. Honey. I like you but…BACK OFF MOIRA.

Cain taking care of Moira. *heart eyes*

Moira is more open now with her communication. That’s good to see. I think before she would have hidden how she felt from Cain.


The thought of Cain crying makes Moira smile. *smirks*

Yeah, Harriet. You are soooo done.

The Thomas Family

Bob. What are you doing at Laurels again? *hmmmm*

What’s going on between Bob and Laurel? SHOW. SHHHHOOWWWW. NOOOO. WHAT DID YOU DO SHOW?!?!

First Christmas without Ashley. Awwww.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 8, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! Well, I’m sure fandom is freaking out. People are upset. So, I’m here to be positive. Let me start by saying that I freaked out. I got upset. I said things that only certain people will hear. Your feelings are valid. Don’t think because I’m all ‘rah rah’ that I think people that are upset are wrong. Not at all. Everyone can feel how they feel about a television show. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Anyway, here is some positivity for you.

This is needed. Robert needs to get into a new frame of mind. He needs to grow stronger on his own and for his son. He needs to love and respect himself before he even considers loving and respecting someone else. As for Aaron, he needs to be with someone else. Yes, it hurts to hear and see but it needs to happen. Aaron needs to be with someone and figure out for himself how he feels. How being with a different type of person (different temperament and different background) feels. He might find out more about himself (how he is stronger than he appears) and find out what his heart really wants.

The Whites are officially on a countdown. So is the doctor. I will be mocking them until their bitter ends so you don’t have to worry about that. I still love Robron. That isn’t going to change. I may be frustrated and say things that upset people, its just me being human.

So, everyone. Shall we join forces to get through his final push? I think we should!

SO…lets crack on.

I wish I could write some adverts for the beginning of Emmerdale. I have so many ideas that would be funny to see play out on screen. Oh well.

I want my life to be like that one Chanel commercial where its all romance, Paris, and dramatics. I want. I need adventure and crazy in my life that isn’t self-destructive or hurts others.

The Bartons

Awww. Pete is doing what I want to do every time I think about my future and read the news! *SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS*

Harriet still has guilt over the Emma stuff. Interesting. I want this to stick around because I want Harriet to question her faith. That is good television.

OH GOD. Pete is down. The PETE IS DOWN. *Takes a Whiskey Drink. Takes a sour drink. Takes a lager drink. Takes a cider drink*

OH LOOK WHO IS BACK. Where the fuck have you been Ross?!?!

Did you leave your beard behind?

“I will not be responsible for your death as well.” – Ross *BIG EYES*

Oh. The Barton Brothers. Useless.


Beauty shot of Adam. *HA*


Harriet is acting…weird. Very weird.

Can’t talk ill of the dead. I mean, I don’t know when that started but yeah.

Adam: The Charm of Emmerdale. *sips tea*


Anytime I see David I think…BOYBAND. That hair man. Frosted tips. *Snort* He is still very good looking. *Hey David…What up?* *Gives a Danny Miller style wink*

Oh, Eric. Seeing Eric in love and heartbroken. It gets to my cold cold tiny heart.

Eric and Robert should hang out. GIVE ROBERT SUGDEN FRIENDS 2018.

The Café Crew

I love Faith’s hair today. It’s so retro and cute. Me love.

A nice scene with Faith and Chas. I’ve been waiting for more scenes between the mother and daughter.


Vadam doesn’t have a house to have this interview in. Let’s point and laugh at them *POINT AND LAUGH*

The adoption stuff is confusing to me. We know Adam is leaving. Victoria won’t have a kid alone.

My dad’s birthday is this weekend. We never give him parties. He wants to go shopping for new pants and have a steak. *HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!*

Moira’s Farm

ISAAC! This kid is beyond cute.

Harriet. It’s ok. Back off Moira right now.

Harriet seems to be on tour right now. She isn’t doing so well.

OH. OOOOHHH….COIRA MOMENT. Kind of. Let me have this.


BOB. Oh. Moira isn’t doing better. Oh, Moira. Honey. You need professional help. There is no shame in asking for help.

“I never appreciate what I got till its too late.” – Bob

Maybe she needed a 3rd party to talk to that is why Bob is working out better.

This is what I love about Emmerdale. Those quiet moments among the chaos. This is why I get confused when people say all of Emmerdale is crap. It’s not. You can’t live for one couple. I love other characters and couples on the show so while Robron get their crap together I have Lydia. I have BOB! I have Faith. I love Coira and Sam/Lydia.

Bob and Moira crying and pouring their hearts out about their children. *WARMS MY HEART*

The show is using history! That’s good. *claps for the show*

“Got to forgive yourself.” – Bob “I can’t.” – Moira

This was a good start, but someone needs to get her some help! NOW.

David’s Grocery

Pete is on a world alcohol tour. *SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS*

Tracy is promoting Star Wars I see. WHY IS EVERYONE’s HAIR SO AWESOME IN THIS VILLAGE. *cries to myself*

I know Leyla has to leave because of her ‘maternity leave, ’ but this makes me sad. I love Leyla.

I think Tracy and David have a clock on their relationship and its counting down.

The Pub Crew

Rhona doesn’t need a man. She needs to get herself on track and be awesome. Rhona and Vanessa: Best Friends AHOY!

I don’t find Paddy/Chas interesting. When will this end? When will this pairing die off?

Oh. At least Belle is safe.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

On the fifth day of hell week my Happy Robron Place gave to me…

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Emmerdale – The Punch Method of Storytelling

This is what happens when it is late, I have had too much coffee, and I am discussing the Robert/Robron storyline as it stands against the other big storylines of the 2017 year.  So, my dear friend and I were talking about a twist. Any twist. The “TWIST” or just a twist for the Robert/Robron storyline and will it happen. That is when my crazy mind came up with this:


I know. I am an amazing artist. There is an explanation for this lovely drawing of mine. I noticed that all the stories this year had the same structure. I call it the PUNCH method of storytelling. I am sure there is an official name for it, but I am naming it something cute. So, deal with it. The PUNCH method of Storytelling is when we are feeling like we are just moving along without anything happening and things are just there and then out of nowhere in the last episode we get PUNCHED into an interesting conclusion. Ok, not everyone finds it interesting, but I do. So, where am I going with this? Let me break it down for you and then explain how it relates to the Robert/Robron story.

The Fake Nell Storyline

For the longest time, Nell was just there. We were getting developments from her but then her personality would switch. She would be nice one minute and mean the next. We all thought it was just writing issues or the story was shifting. A good amount of the GA was getting bored with her and her confusing personality shifts. Then…


In one episode we got punched in the face with what Nell was up to since she showed up in Emmerdale. She was playing everyone because she needs and craves attention she just doesn’t get any more. We get a big chase, and we even got an open ending that had many people talking. We went from meandering and wondering if Nell would be a background character to punched in the face and saying goodbye to the crazy one.

The Emma Storyline/Killer Storyline

This one is in progress but watching Emma go crazy has been a high point for me. I do not know about fandom, but it has been a fun ride. However, the crazy Emma drama seemed to become boring. Going in circles and the stop and go nature of the storyline, bored people. Then…


Emma went into overdrive setting barns on fire, attacking a pregnant person, developing the child, shooting her son, going on the run, stealing said child, leaving a child in church and then being pushed off a bridge. PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH. So much in so little time. This has not ended yet but its coming then we get the final punch! *If you tell me who killed Emma, I will break your legs. Don’t try me.*

Moira’s Surprise Storyline

Moira seemed to disappear most of the year. Only to appear at weird moments in the pub or to talk to Cain or Adam. Yes, I know. Anyone online and within the little pockets of fandom figured it out, but from the GA point of view, Moira was gone. She did not have a storyline and was just there to support whoever needing supporting in her family. Then…


We have a surprise birth in a burning barn as a crazy woman delivers the child she never knew existed. The GA loses their minds, and the pockets of fandom nod happily that they guessed a storyline correctly. Also, the dramatics were off the charts and all types of awesome.

The Snore Triangle

This is a bit…grasping at straws but its there. We were stuck watching Leyla get further and further into wedding plans with Pete (which was a mistake) while he slept with her best friend, Pryia. Going so far as to sleep with Pryia in the honeymoon suite after the wedding was aborted. After all that we got…


Leyla finds out and goes on a rampage that felt stratifying to the viewer. She went after Pete and then Priya and then got more of her anger out on her dress. It was not a punch but a nice slap for the audience. The triangle was done, and we got a nice classic soap ending.

The Eric/Faith Storyline

I am adding this as I wait for the second half of the episode to air. This has been building and building. Eric is falling for Faith. Then he is trying to hide his involvement in the Dingles house being taken. It goes in circles for a few weeks and then Eric goes to get proof from the politician that it was all on him then…


The politician set up Eric. Faith found out. All happening at once. The fallout all happening at once. We are punched with answers and resolution.

So, where am I going with this?

Robert/Robron Storyline

We have been going in circles since the July breakup. Robert does something. Aaron does something. We are stuck watching the Whites react. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. THEN…



Based on the pattern of all the big storylines of 2017, I think we are due for a punch with this story. What do you think it will be? Leave me a comment below or shoot me your thoughts on my Tumblr @AmandaJ718. I do not check my twitter as often as I used to so that is a place that might be hard to find me.

If you enjoy reading my thoughts feel free to buy me a cup of coffee by clicking the link in the bar above! Until next time, see you around the Emmerdale fandom!

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 7, 2017


Welcome to the preshow. I know things seem bad. Things are confusing. I’m still positive, and I’m still here. I still love the show, and I love Robert. I love/like Aaron. Liv. What’s a Liv?


All I want now is Robert to get out of this destructive cycle. Stand up. Dust himself off. Start to get better for himself. Mentally and physically. I need Robert to start treating himself with respect and love. That is what I want to see now. Robert. Happy. Healthy. Ring off. That’s right. I think its time for the ring to come off. Time to let Aaron go and figure out what he wants. Robert gets to do that too. He can’t take the blame for everything forever. They both must move on now.

Don’t worry. All roads lead back to Robert ( a reference to the reveal episode). They just need to move on do what they have to do to realize what they both need and want is each other. Its just time for a break. A clean one until it’s not so clean anymore.

Is it Christmas yet?

Let’s crack on!

The first half of this episode feels like a meat cleaver was taken to it in editing. No? Also, I feel like I’m on something watching this. It is cutting away so quickly.

Also, Robron is always around in spirit. ALWAYS. It’s fascinating.

The Wishing Well

Are they sleeping outside? What? What is happening?

I guess they already kicked them out? That was quick. I’m very confused. OH. It’s a protest of sorts. Belle was inside. Hmmm.

Also, I think Zak is going to be sick very soon.

I really like Eric and Faith. Oh boy. I think they have a running clock on them. Especially after she finds out his part in this golf course stuff.

I wonder if Adam takes the money later on. Like that line is setting something up for later. Hmmm…ADAM BETTER NOT SET UP ROBERT FOR SOMETHING. I WILL FIND HIM IF THE PULLS THAT SHIT.


Faith telling Eric so calmly she never wants to see him again? OUCH, MY HEART.


Liar Liar Pants on Fire Leyla.

Also, BABY WATCH. We have big jackets now. When does the purse come out?

Oh. Is Alicia in Portugal?

Alicia mention. I have her mentioned in a bunch of places. Is someone coming home to fill in for Leyla?

Moira’s Farm

Dead in the Water Vadam has no house. Point and laugh at them *HA HA HA HA*

Moira looks better. That’s good!

Nothing is ever gone for good with a computer guys.



Oh. Faith. Want some bubble wrap? *sad face*

Eric’s House

OH. David and Tracy are on the warpath. I think that is what the Press Center spoilers meant. David and Tracy are on the warpath.

Oh, Eric.

The Café Crew

“…as long as it hot and wet.” – Sam *Lydia is a lucky girl*

Rhona is going nuts trying to forget she loves Paddy. Geez.

The love lives of the children of the village. I’VE NEVER SEEN SO MANY CHILDREN IN ONE ROOM. This is exciting.


Jessie and Marlon. AWWWWWWWWW.

“Do you need any sugar or are you sweet enough?” – Marlon *You are so freaking cute*

Pete is now drinking in the café. Ok then.

Oh, look. An almost fight between two tiny footed men. *snore*

Do you two have anywhere else to have this convo? OH RIGHT. You have no house because Adam is leaving soon. *POINT AND LAUGH*

“You will always be my problem!” – Jacob *I’ve said this to my mom before, and we both couldn’t stop laughing*

Paddy. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. *gives middle finger*

Rhona. Think about it. Is Paddy worth this? *Spoiler alert: No*

Jessie flirting with Marlon. *I SHIP IT*

David’s Grocery

Time to sit Jacob down and explain that this storyline is just…weird. Also, Leyla needs to take a pregnant pause! *wink* *HA*

Pete. You don’t have a leg to stand on right now. So, you take several seats. *Sit Pete Sit. Good dog*


Jacob has a point. Really has a point. Maybe Tracy and David aren’t that strong, and they need to work on things to get stronger.

Another Alicia mention. Dude. Is Alicia coming back?


Emmerdale’s answer to Bonnie and Clyde.

Faith is the best. Pass it on.

Eric laughing with Faith warms my heart.

“Built for speed, me.” – Faith *AWWWWW*

Well, Faith is turned on by this. *snort*




He is a politician. So, he can’t be trusted.


Oh. Faith and Eric are done. *SAD FACE* *NOOO*

“Flipping hell!” – We all know what you wanted to say. *wink*

Oh. Throwing the phone made things better?

The School Play

Oh wow. We are making fun of the Dingle cousin loving? *creeped out*

So, let me get this straight. Paddy and Chas playing Mary and Joseph? *Snorts*

Jessie is the best. Pass it on.

I’m with you, Rhona. Drink up. Those two are annoying.


Oh, Marlon. Nice legs. *wink*

Well. Chas. No reason to be jealous. You have Paddy. What are you worried about? *side eye*

You two are fighting over Paddy. THINK IT THROUGH PEOPLE.

Chas is getting on my nerves now.

Sam standing up for his kid. CUTE.

Marlon’s legs. Damn. *LAUGHS*

Oh god. This is the best play in the history of plays.

The kids playing along with whatever is going on here. Also, why does an angel have a beard?


The Bartons

“Have you heard from Ross?” *Yeah…I heard he lost something…*

OH. I think Emma is going to haunt your ass, Pete.

Pete? Ross is off doing a play. He will be back soon.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

On the fourth day of hell week, my Happy Robron Place gave to me…

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Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 6, 2017

Welcome to the preshow. Whew. It’s crazy out there right now. I woke up super late because I went to bed super late and I woke up to this:

So. After talking it over and reading a few things (not the Emma spoiler. I don’t know that spoiler. Tell me, and I will cut off your legs. I’m from Jersey. I’ll do it.) I am going to just say this. One sentence spoilers tell us nothing. We don’t have all the finer details, and things could look much different by then. Am I angry that the Wet Blanket is still around? Yes. Do I hate that The Whites and Robert are back on screen together? Yes. HOWEVER, this is what is needed to close out the stories. Robron were separated for a very long time. Their reunion won’t happen overnight. It will have to build. Robert has to get better for himself, and Aaron needs to figure out how he wants to proceed with his life. Then they come together again because let’s not kid ourselves. Aaron will always love Robert. Robert will always love Aaron. They will always find their way back. So, be angry. Scream. Be chill. Be Zen with it. Be confused. Be whatever you want to be.

Just don’t fall for fake spoilers. Not trying to overreact to things. Eat a Snickers. We all need to stick together and wait it out. Robron will reunite. They will be epic and electric. It will be ok.

Let’s Crack on.

This Review is Dedicated to Alfie. RIP Alfie.

The Pub Crew

They are pushing Chas and Paddy hard.

Liver cancer! ALFIE!!! *CRIES*

The Cafe Crew

Jessie! I like Jessie. *random thoughts*

Marlon and Jessie? Maybe? *HMMMM*

I can’t even get mad at Liv anymore. I don’t care about her anymore. *Shrug* I’m not saying that to be mean either. I just don’t give a flying fuck about her anymore. She could be in danger, and I’d shrug. I see no reason to get upset over her anymore.

Team Robert. That is where I stand from this point on. I want Robert to get better for himself. I want Robert happy with his life and his choices. If that includes Aaron so be it. If it doesn’t…so be it. I want Robert happy and healthy. I want him to live his life on good terms and be happy. That’s all.

Aaron. You are single. Date away. No one is stopping you. Just do it for yourself, Aaron. Do it for yourself and do what makes you happy and healthy. Ok? Do what is best for you and don’t let your family tell you any different.

So. Aaron will still have his back. Good to know. Guys. Aaron is allowed to date. He is single. Robert is allowed to do what he wants too. He is single. These two need to become happy and healthy with themselves before they can be happy and healthy together. It’s coming but they both have a long way to go with each other.

I felt that spark. That history. As long as these two have that? Not all hope is lost, my dear friends. Not all hope is lost. I am someone who believes in hope. Positivity. Guys. I see a clear path now.
*Zen mode activated*

Alfie Time

Alfie keeps grasping at Zak. *MY HEART*

I’m getting memories of two years ago. My dog. God. This is hard.

Zak. If it doesn’t prolong his life. The decision is hard. SO HARD. God my heart hurts so much. I’m getting massive memories right now. I don’t want to be back in that head space. *puts on a brave face*

“Why is it bad things happen all at once?” – Belle *I’ve wondered that too*


That’s what my family used to say. My grandfather who passed away is watching over all the family pets that passed too. Makes it easier. I like to think my grandfather is watching over Comet and Senior Fish.


We still have my dog’s ashes in the house. We were going to bury it under her favorite tree, but we can’t bring ourselves to do it just yet.


David’s Grocery

So, there is a fake rumor out there that David is SJ’s dad. *Let’s ALL LAUGH TOGETHER* *ITS SO FUNNY TO ME* *DAVID THEORY RISES* *WINK* *ITS FAKE*

Leyla in full-blown hide the belly mode. *wink*

Tracy needs to figure out another way. Leyla being banished doesn’t fix anything.



‘It’s Just Speculation!’

On the third day of hell week my Happy Robron Place gave to me…

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 5, 2017

Welcome to the preshow. I had a minor freak-out because I was tired this morning but now I’m back from sleeping, and I have feelings. God no. There is a lot I want to give my opinion on so I might be working on another ‘Devil’s Advocate’ piece (Lie. I wrote it already). I’m sure all of you are so excited about this. Please. PLEASE. PUT THE PITCHFORKS DOWN. Geez. So, yeah. One thing I am here to say. This is all filler because they have three weeks to fill before the Christmas episode. The pacing has been so off on this story, so here we are.

Another thing. I’m hard on Aaron and Robert because I love these characters. So, to the people who claim I’m being way too hard and hate either one, you don’t get it. I love them, so I am harder on them than say…Megan or Frank.

This applies to Liv and Chas too. People seem upset that I’m so mean to them because I love them. I know they are better than how they are being written right now. I guess…I’m disappointed in them. I see what they are doing and why they are doing it but man…they are being assholes about it.

This doesn’t apply to any of The Whites. I hate them. They all can choke and die for all I care. It’s time for the writers to use the eraser and backspace button on this family. Same goes for Dr. Alex. He is annoying, and he brings down every scene he is in. He is shipper irritant to the max.

OH, let me ask this. Is it Christmas yet?

Ok! Let’s crack on!

David’s Grocery

Turkey or Goose David. TURKEY OR GOOSE! *SNORT*

Who is the turkey? Who is the Goose? Turkey is Leyla. Goose is Tracy?

Oh. A lot of blood but not much left behind on David’s pretty face.

Which boyband are you in David? You are too pretty for Nsync. I’ll go with Justine’s answer and say 98 degrees. *wink*

Leyla keeps saying “I love you” and David is losing his shit. I can’t stop laughing. Is it just me or is the writing feeling unnatural? OH RIGHT. Sharon Marshall episode. Shitty writing. Continue along.

OH NO! Tracy heard David say, ‘I love you’ to Leyla! *DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN*

“COME OUT AND FACE ME!” – Tracy *kids come in* “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” *SNORT*

Where is Pryia? During all of this. Pryia wreaked Pete and Leyla. Not Leyla is almost wreaking David/Tracy. What is going on? Is there a rhyme or reason here?


Oh. Is “Leyla” on maternity leave already?

The Café Crew

Nor is it the third date. Liv. Go away.

Liv. Fuck you. This isn’t for you to tell Robert. That is on Aaron. Aaron be a fucking parent already! Liv is going to get worse if someone doesn’t tell her to back off.

Um. Sashay away? Homophobic much Liv?

Sit up straighter Aaron. Robert still has that effect on you? *wink*

Awwww. Jai must let the dog go! *SAD FACE* *FOREVER HOME! * Go hang with the Dingles little one.

“Big Gesture.” – I don’t think that will work David. Not this time.

Rhona. Kick her ass and take names. You can do it, girl! *TEAM RHONA*

Oh, look. Dr. Creeper. *BLAH BLAH BLAH* *Side Eyes Aaron*


“Are you still in love with him?” – Dr. Creeper *Aaron kisses him*


Yeah, no passion either.

The Pub Crew

Rhona and I have the same level of anger.

Paddy. Chas. Knock it off in front of Rona please. I’m convinced that Paddy will cheat on Chas with Rhona in the new year. Just my gut feeling. Let Chas get her just desserts.

Tracy is back at it. Elf Tracy Rocks!

No Tracy. This isn’t on you. This is all crazy Leyla/David stuff.

God. This whole conversation is getting me mad. The Tracy one.

Wishing Well

“Is that what I am to you? Nonsense?” – Lisa to Zak

“CPO. Must have been a Star Wars fan who wrote that!” – Sam *Sam is me*

Yes. There are memories. Good. Bad. Dingle memories. I understand everyones point of view in this fight. This is interesting.

This is very topical. Good for Emmerdale for highlighting this conversation right now.

Is it just me or does everyone love Lisa in this family over Zak? *SNORT*

LOOK! That kiss hurt Alfie. *OH…I went too far with that one*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

On the second day of hell week my Happy Robron Place gave to me…

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 4, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! Yes, we are entering a rough week, but I’m pretty Zen about the whole Dr. Alex stuff. This is the final push towards the end and its that last push that hurts the most. So, its fine to be angry and not want to see this (I know I don’t want to see Aaron kiss anyone else. A few of you saw what happened when I saw Robert kiss anyone else. Forced me into fandom. This kiss will make me stay forever! *evil laugh*). So, find your bitch buddy, find your snickers, and hold on. We are almost there.

Is it Christmas yet?

Let’s crack on!

David’s Grocery

David’s hair looks really blonde like 2002 type of blonde.

Awwww. Frank is Santa.


Tracy and the dog are on support staff for Santa. They got this! *high five*

I seriously think something will happen with David and Leyla.

April and Johnny! It must be the holidays. Let’s bring out the children. *wink*

Wow, Pete. I still find it interesting that Pryia is missing from this. She was such a major factor and ‘loved Pete’ or ‘was falling for Pete’ and now she disappeared.

Figgy Pudding! THAT IS FIGGY PUDDING?!?! Emmerdale teaches me so much.

Oh, Tracy. Love the elf costume. OH NO. Tracy. CRAP. I don’t like sad Elf Tracy.

Oh crap! Pete just punched David! Pete totally killed his mom. I bet it was in a rage and he doesn’t remember, but Ross saw it, and now he covers up Pete’s crimes. Then took time off to figure out how to protect the family. *BOOM* *My Theory* *Standing by it*

“David follow my finger, not hers.” – Tracy *snort*

Jai is in love with a dog. I get it Jai. TOTALLY GET IT.

The Mill

Oh, Liv. You are way out of your league.

Hmmm. Gerry looks guilty about all of this. Still goes along with it.

“He doesn’t even like yogurt!” – Aaron knows his husband OH Sorry…mate! *RIGHT*

So, against his will, Liv and Gerry will force this on Aaron. Hot. Romantic. Dead in the water. *falls asleep*

Technically, Robert found Liv. Not you Aaron.

So, instead of just leaving because being brought there without Aaron knowing you bring up working 18 hours so you can flirt with him? *eye roll* This screams…Aaron is being pushed into it, and Aaron thinks he has to move on. How romantic. *laughs* *seriously…this is so lame I can’t even get upset over it.*

Also, the show keeps bringing up social media and stalking. Dude. The SHOW IS MOCKING YOU.

Also, Steven still can’t act. He really is the male Emily Head. *makes a face*

The Café Crew

How refreshing. Chas being hypocritical. *eye roll* *laughs at the stupidity*

Same with Belle. Faith? You stay awesome.

Wishing Well

Interesting Joanie is being used again. Joanie isn’t from IM’s time right? Interesting. Good use of history.

“We can’t have one rule for you and another for me.” – Lisa *INTERESTING USE OF RULES*

The Pub Crew

Leo! I love to see Leo!

Where is Jessie! I want more Jessie!


Why do I like Jessie so much? Not a clue. She just seems really sweet and interesting of a character. New blood that can act. LOVE IT.

It can’t be easy being an advocate for your child with special needs. God bless Rhona. Really can’t be easy. God bless parents who fight hard for their children.

Oh look. Chas is pushing now. That is true to character. Again, how romantic. Feeling like you are forced to lie to your family that you are over your soulmate you go out with a creeper. Kiss him. Not really over your soulmate. Just want your family off your back. Romantic stuff there. *SNORE*



“David I love you!” – Leyla *OH BOY*

They are going there. KNEW IT! *POINTS TO ALL*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

On the first day of hell week my Happy Robron Place gave to me…

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Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 1, 2017

Welcome to the preshow!

Is it Christmas yet?

Let’s crack on.

Alastair, that news anchor from ITV News. I like him. I trust him. If anything weird were to go down, I’m finding him. He reminds me of the newscasters of my youth. Dan Rather. Peter Jennings. That sort of thing.

The Café Crew

I love all the Christmas stuff up around the village. Makes me feel festive. *puts on elf ears*

I am very interested in the Charity and Debbie relationship. Its so damaged but Charity cares. She does.

I like Daz. He is slowly becoming a mini Bob? Maybe?

Oh, Lisa. I understand your feelings, but this is the wrong way to do it.

Wishing Well

Oh god. Here we go with Alfie. *cries* *I can’t deal with this storyline* *I CAN’T*

Oh hey. The tree is here. I’ve never had a real tree before. Don’t feel the urge to get one. FAKE TREES FOREVER!

Oh boy. Lisa is going to make the decision for everyone.

She is listing all the bad things that have happened at Wishing Well. Zak things about the good. Hmmm…bringing up Joanie. Wow. Good use of history.

David’s Grocery

I’m kind of into Leyla and David. I love David and Tracy too. WHATS A GIRL TO DO?!?! I’m not a multi-shipper! Where is this coming from?

“Do you feel sorry for him after everything that has happened?” – David *GOOD QUESTION*

I think Pete is messed up. I find it odd that Priya seems to be missing from the situation now. After all that.

David did that on purpose. Just saying.

The Mill

Sigh. That was an exciting moment between Robron. Some eye sex. My heart raced a bit. Damn them. Their natural chemistry is FINALLY back. *fans myself*

By the way, is the show changing the past again? Aaron kicked Dr. Creepy out. Not the other way around. I mean, if we have to change things I can easily watch over again…I’m going to call the show out. I’m not dumb.

Are they mocking the actor for being so creepy online? He is. Check it out. He keeps tagging people and no one answers.

I think they are using Liv to stop them from having ex-sex. Another reason I can’t stand the little witch right now. *Before everyone comes for me. I don’t like Liv. I understand where she is coming from, but she is a child. Back the fuck off Liv. You don’t control your brothers love life.*

The Pub Crew

Seriously. I think they are setting up a triangle between Tracy/David/Leyla. I see it.

David seems way into Leyla’s love life to just be a friend.

WELL. Chas isn’t in Roberts corner either. There goes my theory.

I hate this. Fuck off Liv and Chas. Before everyone loses their shit. I get it, but I don’t like it. I have every right to hate them right now. They are stepping between my favorite couple. If I get one message saying Robert deserves ALL of this? I’m not in the mood today. *Robert Sugden Support Squad Member Always*

Yes, Aaron is so fucking weak he can’t make his own decisions. You two must make ALL of Aarons decisions. *eye roll* fuck off.

After everything Robert has done for you two. SHAME. FUCK OFF.

Also, Aaron hasn’t been hanging out with the doctor so…whatever. Rewriting history.

Jacobs Fold


Charity looked a bit spooked. Does she know something?

Oh. Maybe not. Ok then. Come on show. There must be something else going on with him than the golf course. That is weak show if it is.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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