Emmerdale Title Card

The State of Emmerdale and Fandom

I am writing this as a fan. Someone who loves a great story. Great actors. Great flow. I can recognize when something isn’t working. I can call out my favorite shows. Even with some faults (all shows have faults), I believe Emmerdale has been great this year.  Now, everyone is allowed to have an opinion. Everyone can feel how they feel and that’s that.

Here is how I feel. Take it or leave it.

Now I’m breaking this down into sections. What I see the most on social media when it comes to the show, Robron, and Iain MacLeod. Get some coffee and a snack. This is a long look at Emmerdale and fandom (from my point of view).

The Show as A Whole

Emmerdale is finally being written as, “A Day in the Life in a Village.”  Everyone is interacting. No one is really in their story corners anymore.  People are mingling. They are reacting. People are interconnected. That makes it a lot more fun.  The girls going out to the club.  Rhona and Pete are getting closer.  Charity is helping Tracy while facing her own past.  These characters would have never interacted three years ago. If you look back and watch the episodes back, then (three or four years ago) everyone was in their corners. Not really interacting. Now, we have a real village feel.

The cinematography has been great. I’m getting so much ‘unsaid’ moments this year and it makes me understand character motivations a lot better. Less telling and more showing. I know some might disagree or say that I’m reading into things, but let’s look at what happened today.

The two-shot of Liv and Gabby. Rewatch it if you must. The slow push in as the judge spoke. The fact they dressed Liv in all black. Her side had a slight shadow on her. Painting her in a darker light.  Gabby, meanwhile, had more light and her clothes were brighter. That subconsciously told me how this would end. They both were in the same position, their hands folded on the table, but they were in very different places emotionally. Especially in the judge’s eyes.

The scene with Charity after she tells all to Vanessa about her past.  They shoot her sitting on her bed in her bedroom. They shot her from way above. That tells me she feels small. The random dingy stuffed animals might hint at innocence lost. It was telling and gave me more information that dialogue wouldn’t.

I’ve been slightly in awe of how great the crew has been on this show and makes me appreciate all the effort they put in.

One of the biggest complaints I hear about is how Iain keeps using the same plots repeatedly. Yes, the tropes are the same. As in every soap. It’s the characters that change the game.  Just because the plot is the same doesn’t mean things will run the same way.  The characters actions change things. I’d wait to judge a storyline before it airs. You might be pleasantly surprised. Going into a storyline with an open might can do wonders for one’s enjoyment of the show.  I’m someone that would prejudge a story before it aired and I found it ruined the show for me. Keeping an open mind can change a lot. That’s just how I feel right now, and you don’t have to agree. That’s just my opinion.

The show finally gave us a villain that they so desperately needed. I don’t consider Lachlan, a villain. Not the kind I want in a soap. Sometimes all soaps need a villain that is one-dimensional. Someone to shake things up. Screw with some settled characters. Yes, I know Robert and Aaron have just gotten settled, but I’ll speak more about that below in another section. Joe and his arrival with Graham has given us a villain to hate. Someone we can’t possibly feel conflicted about. Sometimes we all need a good villain to root against. Someone for the audience to bond over. Their hatred of this character. I’m glad Joe showed up. Let’s see what they do with him once he is done upsetting the status quo.

The show isn’t perfect, but I am really enjoying it right now.  I have let go of all my anger (I let go, but I don’t forget the anger), and I am enjoying the plot and where it takes me.  Sometimes we all just need to breathe, reboot and wait to see where a story takes us. It is a soap opera. A lot can change on a soap opera.

Robron (and Family)

Since Robron’s reunion, they have been doing what I expected.  They have settled in. They are communicating. They are trying to create their family on a much better foundation.  This time around Robert and Aaron are much different.  They are there for each other.  They listen. They care. They are a family now. A family that would do anything for each other. We weren’t getting that in 2016. That version of Robron wasn’t ready for the house, the family and facing difficulties together. Their foundation was cracked. Looking back in 2017, it hurt. It hurt a lot. However, there were reasons for the hurt. It built Robert up to be better. He went through hell and back and learned something from it. Same with Aaron. Aaron worked on his mental health with a therapist. He went on a vacation. He tried to move on with another type of guy.  Aaron and Robert got to burn to the ground and build back up stronger individuals so when they were ready to join forces, they were even stronger than before. The tools are there, and they are using them.

Sure, there will be setbacks. Aaron will do something stupid. Robert will make the wrong decision, but it’s on for their own self-interest. It’s for their family, and they are protecting each other. That’s what I am here for. These two stronger individuals working together. They are a family now, and I hate to break this to some people, but they are one of the healthier couples on the show. I know. Amazing considering their past. They needed that break to realign. It hurt, and some are still hurting, but it was for the best. Story and character wise. I see it as Iain MacLeod fixing Kate Oates mistakes with them.

I think that is why the show has attached Joe to them. Some can’t see why Joe would go after Robert. I personally do see a connection. Joe is a watered-down wannabe Robert.  He isn’t fully formed yet.  He has money and a bodyguard (that feels owes him) and a company but no heart. No real family. No real love. Since he doesn’t have that he must be better than guys who do have that. Robert is one of those guys. He has it all. He has the husband, the family, the business, and love. So, let’s go after him and destroy that. Bring him down to his level, and then he can rise above. Joe is a villain that thinks he can take on a former villain. Good luck Joe. You are dealing with Robert, Aaron, and The Dingles. He will win battles but never the war.

I know people seem to think because Robron doesn’t kiss as much as Vanity or Laurel/Bob, they aren’t looking at the context. Robron are not in their honeymoon stage. They aren’t in affair mode. They are settled. They are old marrieds who need a nap or two. I personally don’t need them all over each other to know they love each other. Actions speak louder than words. All the times they protect each other and are there for each other say a lot more to me than stolen kisses on a couch in the back of the pub. Would I like to see a kiss or two? Yeah but I know its coming. They have big things on the horizon, and if we all can have some patience and faith, we will be seeing it.

I say, when some of you get caught in the negative feedback loop that is social media, sit back. Read some good fanfiction. Think up how the wedding will go down. Think of how Liv will get out of her sticky situation. Come up with fun Gerry related events. Instead of staying angry over things you can’t change, think of all the good that is coming for the couple in the future.

Rebecca White

Ah. The thorniest of the thorns in fandoms side.  I’ll clarify here and now. I don’t like her. I never will. She can save the whole village, and I will roll my eyes at her.  I think what frustrates me now is what they are doing with her.  I have made my peace with last year. It happened. Nothing can change that. I still hate it, but I refuse to stay in that negative frame of mind anymore. In my eyes, she lost big time.  She wanted her family to burn, she wanted Robert, and she wanted the family money. What did she get? Her family (who she decided she suddenly cared about) died at another family members hand, Robert never loved her and never will, and the family has some money but not the millions she expected.  She lost it all, and that’s a good start to me. Now she has a permanent brain injury. Something the show went out of their way to tell us won’t have an easy way out. She has this for life. She is changed.

That is where I get frustrated. I expected the show to do something with her. Reset her character. Rebuild differently. Something. Right now, she is being used as plot devices for Ross, Lachlan, and Debbie. We are just waiting for the Lachlan storyline to explode at this point. In the meantime, she is playing a comedy routine in the pub.  Which is frustrating because its just…she is dead weight in my eyes.

By the way, Robron have no ties to her. Just Seb and that is thin at best.  For once she is being shown far away from them. Which signals that plot device is over. Some need to remember that and remember it’s not 2017 anymore. That story has passed and as the Twitter account said, “That is not the story we are telling.”

Either have her kill off Lachlan, Lachlan kills her off or something. Something needs to change. Right now she is just there. Staring off into the abyss is dead weight. I can’t wait to see this plot device move on.

Iain Macleod VS Kate Oates

I lied. He might be the thorniest of the thorns in certain parts of fandom.  I don’t hate Iain or Kate. I think both have their positives and negatives. I just like Iain’s Emmerdale more than Kate’s. I wrote this out (after I had a few mind you) but someone asked me on Tumblr to compare the two. So, here it is. There is more I would like to add, but this is getting too long already.

Kate Oates

What Works

Kate Oates is good at dark, dramatic story.  The ones that, if one thing is done wrong, the whole storyline is over. For instance, Bethany’s Grooming storyline was done beautifully. As is the start of David’s rape story.  She knows how to hit the right beats and promote social issues in significant ways, so it grabs the attention of not only the fanbase but the general audience as well.  That is great. On Emmerdale, she did this with Edna and her inability to pay for heat or food. Elderly not being able to afford the cost of living is a real problem in the United States (where I live) but the UK as well. I could argue her Woolpack Siege is part of the dark, dramatic story but didn’t have a social issue involved.  It didn’t have a great buildup, but once Cameron came out with the gun, there was this slow build up to Debbie/Cameron/Chas. She compared that human build up to the building filling with water about to explode. If I remember correctly the building exploded right when the triangle exploded.  It was great television and had a lot of great writing, direction and camera work. This covers the big helicopter crash that had a big build up with multiple characters involved.  Same with the ‘Who Shot Robert?’ storyline that borrowed from a famous Hitchcock movie but it still surprised people.

What Doesn’t Work  

Even though I said she is good at the big dramatic story, she tends to make everything dark. She has trouble with comedy plots. She tries, but it just doesn’t happen. For instance, on Coronation Street, Liz and Eileen hiding out in the toilets to avoid an annoying person were meant to be funny.  Also, Gemma (the resident comedy plot who I adore) was recently attacked by Fitz for sleeping with Tyrone.  Instead of it being dramatic they tried to make it funny, and it just left me hating everyone but Gemma because Fitz has no right to throw stuff and grab Gemma for something she let her boyfriend get away with.  Her idea of light and funny doesn’t exist. During her reign on Emmerdale that happened too. There was an imbalance of comedy to dark.  She had Alicia sexually abused, Adam cheated on Victoria and Ross shot Robert because Andy paid him to do it.  So much fun.

Also, I’m writing this here. She had a ton of cheating during her reign of Emmerdale and currently Corrie. So, the whole argument of Iain only does cheating storylines falls apart instantly since all showrunners use cheating. Even Kate Oates has used a cheating trope the wrong way. Tyrone/Gemma ring a bell? Aiden and Maria? Come on now. She planned to kill off Robert and just make him a one-dimensional character though he was a legacy and Ryan deserved better back then. Thank god fans grew to love him, and he got to stick around long enough to see a different showrunner direct the character.

She also repeats stories. Here is a list of all the stories she is repeating:

1) Kana/Billy and Todd = Robron (Kana is…less than impressive. Billy and Todd’s demise couldn’t be helped)

2) Cameron = Phelan (SIGH)

3) Summer = Liv (Ok…that is less repeating and more trying to compete and complete her new version of Robron. Sorry. I like Summer but Team Liv)

4) Eva/Aiden/Maria = Ross/Debbie/Pete (think about it. Both had terrible people stuck in the middle. One named Debbie and one named Aiden. )

5)Rita (a beloved character) almost dying = Val (actually dying) (I think the fans saved Rita. Those campaigns to keep her around at any cost was intense.)

Those are few I can name off the top of my head.  I remember pointing out more with someone, but I lost track. Either way, she has her favorite tropes, or she tries to recreate, and it falls flat…most of the time.

Iain Macleod

What Works

Iain is good at using a shows history in a creative way.  Sometimes it easy to just barrel forward and leave your mark by creating new families or new characters and let them squeeze themselves into the canvas. Iain has been using the shows history and building on that history.  He did it with Robert and his sexuality and daddy issues.  Which did upset long-term viewers since some long-term viewers view Jack as a bit more innocent than he was actually on screen. He recently showed this strength by bringing a beloved family back, The Tates.  Using that history (that family has a strong history), he can easily bring back fan favorites while developing a future for them in the village.  Joe fits, and because he fits so well, Graham (who he brought with him) fits in as well.

He knows how to mix the village up.  For some reason 2017 had everyone in their corners but around November 2017 and beyond the village starting mixing again.  People who aren’t in the same storylines still hanging out at the pub together or having a conversation in the pub is happening again.  I think Robert being taken out to a club by other characters wouldn’t have happened in 2015 or even 2017, but in 2018 it worked. Everyone was talking and taking advice from each other by that point. The village feels alive again.

He is good at creating new characters.  Jessie, Gerry, and Graham are some original characters that have added so much to the village and still have a long future ahead of them.  I can see all three characters sticking around for a long time.

What Doesn’t

I think he has trouble working with characters that he didn’t create, or he can’t draw some history from.  That is why direction for The White family has been a bit on the crazy side. Not in a good way.  Since The Whites are limited in terms of history, he seems to struggle with what they will be or do next.  Which lead to uneven characterization and general confusion.  Killing off two seemed to cut down on the confusion but who is left is just hanging out till the next plot point. So, that was horribly done.

He is headstrong. If he wants to see something on screen, we are getting it.  He wanted to see Robert with a kid.  We have it (I say it worked out ok for now, but it was rough going getting there).  He wanted to see some couples broken up and mixed up, so we got Pete and Priya (hot summer romance…not.).  He doesn’t look at the bigger picture or long-term effects of storylines.  There is quite a bit of 2017 that is full of experiments that just failed miserably.

He loves his favorite plot devices. He loves babies (everyone got a baby last year…and Chas this year.), and he falls back on cheating even when it doesn’t make sense (Laurel/Bob and Priya/Pete) and many more that is abused quite a bit on the show. To the point when we were tired watching.

To tell you the truth, one thing they both are good at is getting viewers to watch, comment and freak out over the show. Both shows are consistently neck and neck in the ratings and have created their own little corner of the soap world that is getting both Corrie and Emmerdale noticed internationally.  Both have many faults, but they have done a lot of good as well.  They understand social issues, and how to relate those issues to their audience. One would argue both have gotten attention from a younger viewer base than former showrunners.  However, right now…I like where both are for the time being. I think Kate Oates needs to stay at Corrie and people need to recognize that 2018 has been better than 2017 for Iain MacLeod.  He is learning, slowly, from his mistakes of 2017.  So, let’s keep everyone in place for the time being. For my sanity.

In Conclusion

I think it’s easy to stay negative.  It is easy to hate everything before it can hurt you. I get it. 2017 Emmerdale was rough. It hurt. I was bitter. Angry. I have all my reviews and theories to prove that. However, now that I can see the faults and the good, I am willing to let go of the past and move forward. Doesn’t mean I won’t be unhappy with the show but I don’t think it’s the worst show in history or constantly disappointing me. I’m willing to go for the ride and try not to judge too soon.  I think Robron has a lot of good coming. A lot of hard times but they are stronger and won’t make the same mistakes again.  I think the characters being mixed about is great. I think there is a lot that will develop with Joe that will make us happy.

Its ok if you are negative or upset. I just hope you don’t stay there for long. See the humor in situations and try to see the good instead of only seeing bad. Don’t take this as me telling some to lighten up or anything. This is just my opinion and how I approach the shows most talked about topics. I hope you see the good soon and I’ll see you around Emmerdale.

Robron Reunion

Saturday Positivity: Robron Reunion 2.0 Talk

I am here with some positivity. Some Robron Reunion positivity. After yesterdays war zone that made me walk away for a few hours, I have decided to come back with some positivity. Something to fight the negativity out there.  Now, everyone has been giving their opinions on the reunion, so I decided to jump on in and explain why that reunion episode was exactly what the doctor ordered. Sadly, this reunion was not ordered by Doctor Alex Mason. Did I say sadly? None was sad for Dr. Alex.

Anyway, after my millionth rewatch of the reunion episode, here are three reasons why I loved the reunion and a few extras that made the episode extra special. I’m sure this has been talked about, but you haven’t heard my reasons so sit back with your favorite Snickers and coffee and enjoy the ride.

Aaron’s Speech

hug robron

That speech at the end of the episode was everything. Not only did it answer questions many of the general audience, fandom and some antis had, but it also showed how far Aaron had come as a character from the July breakup.  It also showed how this reunion (reunion 2.0) was a lot more stable than the first reunion (reunion 1.0) back in 2016.

Aaron doesn’t pull punches. He knows Robert’s shortcomings. He listed them off the bat. He isn’t blinded by the idea that Robert is perfect in any way which is good. Very good. That shows they are past that initial stage of puppy love/blinding love. They are very much comfortable with themselves and know all the negatives.

The next part of the speech is listing all the good Robert has done. For the past year, we have been hit over the head with Robert imploding. That came with the darker meaner side of Robert that only seemed to show all the bad Robert can and did do.  Aaron was there to remind us of all the good Robert has done. He loved Aaron, saved him, believed him, loved Liv and did everything possible to love Aaron even when he was difficult. This is important for Aaron to say (in my eyes) because it proves what I’ve been thinking all along about Robert and Aaron’s love story. Robert and Aaron are just big messes. They aren’t great at coping or picking the right choices at the moment. However, they know this about each other and still see the good in each other. Which is a powerful type of love. It’s saying, ‘Yes, you are a screw-up but I know you will always try to not be a screw-up and I see that. I see the good and the bad, and I love you.  During reunion 1.0, Aaron was still putting stipulations on Robert and not trusting him and thinking the worst. Reunion 2.0 has Aaron knowing that bad side but believing and supporting the good. Even if Robert screws up he will be there. He won’t let go so easily. He will be there for him this time.

Yes, it was very romantic, but of course, there was that classic Aaron spin, the lines, “Shut up and listen for once” and “You can talk now!” at the beginning, and the end is what made that passionate speech to Robert uniquely Aaron Dingle. I loved every moment of it and how much stronger Aaron is and how much stronger Robron are as a pair.

The Garage False Start

Robron hands

This false start, in hindsight, was perfect. That is the place they got married. That was the place they shared that intensely sweet moment before everything went to hell.  It was the perfect place to start off the reunion.  It gave us Aaron’s point of view on how he really handled their wedding anniversary, how he feels about Seb (Thank god) and how he felt he could go forward with Robert. Yes, it doesn’t work out, but it wasn’t meant to work out in the garage. More on that in a second.

The moment I love and continue to love is when Aaron takes Roberts hand and the long focus on there joined hands and Aarons hope as he examines their intertwined hands. I love this moment because of what came before. In the past we saw Robert and Aaron grab hands and the camera focused on these moments. One thing I noticed is how their fingers never intertwined. They were cupped together (James’s Funeral in SSW 2016), they were awkwardly grabbed before Aaron walked into his ‘Welcome Home’ party after he got out of jail and then the way their hands barely held on after the big ‘Reveal Blowup’ episode. All of these moments had them struggling to fully contact.  They weren’t fully grabbing onto each other. They were connecting but it wasn’t all the way. It was half efforts. Sort of like that first run from Reunion 1.0 to the bitter breakup. This time? They were fully connected, fingers intertwined. Palm to palm. Fingers wrapped together. Aaron looking at peace. It was like the show was saying, ‘They are finally connecting the way they should have the first time around’ Which makes me think they are in a much better place after reunion 2.0.

Robert finally got to say what he wanted to. How he felt during the breakup. We did get a ton of his point of view, but it was about what he did. We never got his feelings. At this moment, everything was out on the table and Robert said what I think a lot of us were thinking. Robert lost it all, and he burned for it. Did a lot of bad things and now he is just trying to survive and learn about this new version of himself. He doesn’t know if he could handle losing Aaron again with this new mindset he has adopted.

Victoria and Aaron’s Pub Chat


This is a small moment, but I love how this small chat springs big results.  Not only does someone that has a strong relationship with both Robert and Aaron finally give her opinion on what is going on, but Victoria is the one to give Aaron a push in the right direction.

Aaron is finding any excuse as to why Robert would go out to the new gay bar and want to pick up a bloke. First, he hates gay bars. Then, why isn’t he taking care of his kid? Aaron is full of excuses for Robert because he secretly doesn’t want Robert to be doing what Victoria is implying but also, Aaron liked having Robert be there in the background. A possible choice for when he felt ready to make the leap. Robert left the picture and Aaron didn’t like it.

I saw Victoria as the Robron/General Audience questioning Aaron and trying to get answers out of him. What does Aaron want? Does he want Alex, or does he want Robert? This conversation with a trusted source was a good push in the right direction. I also love seeing sassy Victoria (welcome back) and Aaron fumbling around trying to hide in the dark when all he sees is the light.

Some Extras

Roberts Girl Squad

girl squad

This was everything.  It had characters that generally never mix hanging out together and meshing well together.  Everyone played off of each other well and created some funny and sweet moments.  Some of the best moments from our girl group?

  • Priya taking out the DJ for taking her money but not playing her requests. Extra points for Kerry being the mom and trying to pull Priya off of him.
  • Vanessa and Bernice trying to get Robert to have fun and get his mojo back.
  • The Never Have I Ever Game that had everyone joking around about their favorite times around the village. Even better, we have confirmation of Robron fun times in the portacabin.
  • Everyone’s dance moves. We all think we dance like Priya (sexy and moving our butts to the beat), but we are all Robert. All limbs and awkward head bobbing. I loved every second of it.
  • Bernice thinking Priya gave the DJ a hand job to play their 90s Europop songs was funny in a nudge nudge wink
  • I own all those songs they played. I’m not afraid to admit it. I love my 90s club hits. Brings me back to my childhood and makes me miss the old days.
  • The look Vanessa gives Aaron after they successfully get Robert onto the dance floor. Almost like she was checking to make sure they have enough distance between Robert and Aaron. She was being a good friend, and I love her for it.

Vanity Reloaded

vanity kiss

I wasn’t sold on Vanity. I didn’t like how Charity was treating Vanessa who was new to this world of bisexuality.  Charity seemed to enjoy putting Vanessa down while sleeping with her.  This episode sold me on Vanity after Vanessa put Charity in her place and they finally had that talk I was waiting for. They aren’t just a fling and Charity needed to be nicer.  I think they finally gave them a foundation to work off for future storylines.  I needed that, and I’m glad Maxine gave us the foundation. Now, we need to actually see them, but I sense we are about to see a lot of them with Charity’s upcoming storyline.

Aarons Stalker Club – Inquire Within

aaron stalker moment lol

At any given moment Aaron was in the background watching Robert drink, awkwardly flirt, get Mike the Hikers number, dance and run out of the club.  Those little stalking moments were just adorable (the only time I will call stalking adorable ever on this blog) and were fun to find after the initial airing. My favorite moment I didn’t pick up on during the original airing? When everyone was trying to get Robert onto the dance floor, Aaron’s head was visible in the background watching Robert as he was pulled away.  I also spit out my coffee when I noticed. Aaron was just a beautiful mess during the club scenes and I loved every second of it.

This is what I need people to remember when that old negative feeling comes back, or someone manages to stroke the flames of anger and jealousy.  Robert and Aaron are in a much different place than during and after reunion 1.0.  That episode set up a great foundation of strength that would take a lot to break down this time around.  These two have been burned down and rebuilt to be more open, loving and aware than ever before. That makes them a strong couple and no matter what comes at them they can handle it right now. With everything going on it is important to remember that and enjoy watching them be on screen, together. If you ever feel down or angry, remember what was said during the reunion 2.0 and take comfort that they won’t fall into those old traps this time around. Queen Maxine made sure of that this time.

So, how many times did you watch the reunion? Tell me your favorite parts down below and remember to not let the negativity get you down for long.  A lot is coming and it is going to be great. Why? Our favorite couple is going to weather the storm, together. Until next time, see you around Emmerdale.

Tips on How to Watch Any Soap (From an Old Timer to a Newbie)

Soap Operas. They have been around since radio ruled the world.  It has developed into a genre that has, no matter what thrown at it, maintained its place in the world of television. Recently, I’ve noticed there have been quite a few new fans to the genre which is exciting, and I hope the trend continues. However, some people seem confused as to how to watch it. Yelling about plots, characters, writing and how the show is advertised when longtime fans of the genre know it’s all part of the game.  So, here are some things to remember while watching any soap opera.

  • Always Look Deeper/ Face Value Doesn’t Always Exist

I hear this often. How soaps aren’t that deep. They are trashy. They don’t provide any real thought or value. They are the sugar donuts of television. Well, I will profoundly disagree about that. When people think soap operas, they think the 80s. The big hair, harsh lighting, and bad sets. Things have changed since then. That includes the writing.  Soaps have their silly lighter plots, but since the late 80s soaps have been making their viewers think beyond the story, they are telling.  Not only are characters getting to develop a deep connection to the audience they also get to develop9 layers which informs their actions.  It makes viewers help understand what is happening and even gives them a reason to care more.  Soaps have to compete with competition that stole their formula. They had to go deeper. For people to say that soaps aren’t that serious or deep need to take another look. Things have changed and for the better.

  • The Writing, No Matter How Crazy, Always Has a Grounding Force

One of soap operas big draws or detractors is the writing. Sometimes it can be stupid. Sometimes the dialogue or situations are so ridiculous even the hardcore soap opera fans roll their eyes and take a break for the day. However, no matter how crazy or over the top, the dialogue is there are always moments or kernels of honesty. Words that need to be heard. Words that highlight or bring the show back down to the ground. The conversation between two family members, lovers or someone near death. There is always a grounding force. Quiet words among the crazy. Look for those moments. They are precious and provide much-needed character development.

  • Don’t Trust Media/Interviews

This seems to fall more for UK media than US media.  The fledgling magazine industry has to up their game. They need that hook to get people to click on their articles or buy their magazines.  That means making everything sensualized. Everything is life and death. Characters that aren’t pure evil are being played up as the evilest characters ever. Also, the sanitization of characters becomes extreme. They want to create differences and parallels to get consumers attention. People who don’t need that type of sensationalism get caught up in the extremes, and it gets upsetting or annoying. For others, it creates pictures of characters or situations in the wrong light. That is why it is confusing when one watches the actual show or episode in question.  Also, actors are trying to sell the story or their characters. They will never give you the truth. NEVER. Never trust an actor’s words when it comes to storylines. They need to sell it just as hard, and they want the audience to have a good time with any surprises on the horizon.

  • Any Character is Capable of Anything

Yes. I get this a lot. ‘No way could so and so do that!’ Yes, they can and they will at some point. To make storylines work characters will do objectionable or noble things.  Soaps are designed to be a heightened version of real life. The characters are like the viewers and will end up doing things for the right and wrong reasons. YES. Your favorites will screw up on the regular. Your love to hate will make the right decisions for the right reasons. Much like life, people can change and soaps reflect that.

  • Unless Your Favorite Character/Couple is Leaving Soon, They will Never Be Super Happy for Long

This is more for new fans coming into soaps with the mindset of nighttime dramas.  Your favorite couple? The one you are rooting to make it? To defeat all odds? They will always be doing that. They will have their moments of happiness but be aware of those moments. When a couple is at its happiest and doesn’t have conflict? That is when the hand of doom is coming.  There are different couples with different agendas, but the super couples will never be happy for long. The comedy couples will be happy but only used in one capacity or until the writers find them a good story.  The mid-player couples that are on and off, but the audience doesn’t notice or mind.  Doesn’t matter. Just be aware, unlike a nighttime drama that is being played out in 22 episodes and then a nice long break, soaps are constantly moving. Never to break for anything (holidays mostly) so things can’t stay rosy for long.  It’s the most difficult level of the shipping game. It’s not for the faint of heart.  When shipping a soap couple, you need to have a strong heart and stomach.

There are more tips, but I’ll end it there. Soap operas are designed to reflect our daily lives but heightened and more dramatic.  We are meant to relate, cheer, cry, hate, and love these characters and the places they live.  If you remember those tips I listed above, you can have a great experience watching too.  It won’t always be perfect (what is?) but remember the biggest tip of all, sit back and enjoy the journey. You never know where it is going on a soap.

Do you have any tips to add? Is there anything you would like me to cover on this blog? Please feel free to leave a comment down below or tweet me @AmandaJ718! Until next time, you know where to find me. That’s right. In front of the TV.

The White Family Analzyed – A Visual Review

Since 2014, The White Family has been the fixture at Home Farm. Chrissie, Lachlan, Lawrence, and Dog brought back with them a legacy at Emmerdale, Robert Sugden, to stir up the village for the better (Robert) and for the worst (the rest of them and Rebecca). The Whites are the typical wealthy family that comes across being the ones with taste. They have options and could live anywhere, but they moved to Emmerdale. Since their arrival (and Rebecca White’s arrival) they have been polarizing in the fandom. Some enjoy them while others want them dead and gone.

It is no secret that I hate The White Family.  They are one Home Farm family that doesn’t seem to fit in any way shape or form. This becomes painfully obvious as I work my way through some older episodes of Emmerdale and watch those Home Farm families integrate into the village with ease.  Robert has come back and found his way back into the fabric and heart of the village. The White Family, not so much.

Recently, on Tuesday’s episode (10/17/2017) there was a small scene that grabbed my attention. It seemed to set up the rest of the week, but I saw something bigger. It seemed to be the perfect representation of The White Family dynamic and why they don’t fit into the village.

Here is where I put the general lessons I learned in my film classes to work. Some of this might sound weird, but these little hints or clues are subconscious ways of telling us more about a character. So, grab a drink, sit back and look at what the whites are and why they just don’t fit.

The Scene (Starts at the 6:54 mark and ends at the 8:17 mark): Chrissie is sitting on the couch doing her own research on this investor deal. Lachlan comes in to say that its good she is doing this because Robert is the one who put it together, not Rebecca. Meanwhile, Rebecca comes in all upset with Kath’s number. Chrissie confused at her anger tries to get to the bottom of it before Lawrence comes in and takes Rebecca’s side

Chrissie and Lachlan

Chrissie has always been the responsible daughter. She is the one with her own businesses (salons), and she has run the family business since we met her.  She is the one with the spark that has managed to fit into the village in little ways. She can be a real pill to handle, but she is the classic soap agitator.

In this scene, she is wearing a white top and black pants. She has an open stance of her body. This tells us that because of the white she is an innocent in this scene. The pants tell us that while innocent she has some darkness there or some bite to her. The openness of the body could tell us that she is open-minded and open to others coming into her space.

Which brings us to Lachlan. Lachlan was a teenager with issues. He thinks he can do anything or do anything to anyone.  He has a dangerous past of forcing himself onto others, trying to shoot his grandfather and being a general jackass. Since going to jail and getting a girlfriend, he has mellowed out working for the family.

He has a mostly dark suit with a white shirt. That could mean his dark clothes are making him appear closed off and not as angelic. However, the white shirt might show us there is something good underneath, but we may never see that. His stance is between open and closed. He is closed off but not to his mother. Just when Lawrence and Rebecca enter the room.  That could mean that Lachlan trusts his mother, but when it comes to Rebecca and Lawrence, he doesn’t.

Rebecca and Lawrence

Rebecca is the wild child of the family.  She is the youngest and never had the responsibility of having to take care of family business. Once a DJ, she has seen a lot of the world and tends to only think of herself and what the world can give to her (I’m a bit bias here…sorry it is going to be). She wants whatever her sister has. She thinks of herself as the princess and Chrissie as the goblin (remember the story Lawrence told Ronnie. I feel that was significant).

Here she is wearing a dark coverup with darker colored yellow. It’s the dark yellow they love to put her in a lot lately. The dark colors mixed in with a stripe of white might mean that she is muddled. Much like the writers and the actress playing her they aren’t sure who she is supposed to be or that might be what they are trying to tell us. She isn’t meant to be figured out yet. She is hiding a secret of sorts. Her stance appears defensive and continues to be defensive up to when Lawrence comes in.

Lawrence is someone who has been hiding all this life. He did what was expected of him. He married a woman. He started a business. He had children. He became a pillar of the community. However, he was hiding how he really felt. He didn’t like women but men. He never felt comfortable in his skin and just started feeling like he could be himself.

In this scene, he is wearing a black jacket with a light shirt underneath. His stance goes from open to defensive based on what he hears as he enters the house. What this could say is he is a lot like Lachlan. He has a lot of darkness but some light underneath. His defensive stance could be from him holding on his true love alcohol and in defense of his daughter, his only blood daughter in the room.

What The Hell Does This All Mean (God, this is weird!)

This is called mise en scene. This is a fancy way of telling a story not through the dialogue but through the visuals. The clothing, camera angles (Emmerdale does that a lot) and lighting. This gives us clues into the characters psyche and where they stand in the story.  It’s meant to be subliminal, and if you are like me, you took a film class that taught you to read the signs making movies/television easier to read (I figured out so many twists in movies because of my knowledge of how to do this…thanks film professors).

I see this innocuous scene as a definition of The Whites. We have two people on two different sides. The lines have been drawn.  Their clothing, their body language and the set this happens on tell me a lot about where The Whites stand as we go forward.

Chrissie and Lachlan are on one side. Their scenes are up against a wall. No layers there. What you see is what you get. They are not Whites by blood. They are mother and son. They are the ones that have their eyes open wide enough to notice that Robert might be up to something. Chrissie is a layered person who is capable of good and bad, but Lachlan is capable of more bad than good. This might feed into the speculation that Chrissie might be the one to take Lachlan out someday. (She is the one on his side but also the one to make sure he can’t hurt anyone again).

Lawrence and Rebecca are on the other side. They are positioned against all the open doors telling me that they have more than meets the eye. They are holding onto something that needs that much room. They are related by blood.  They both have heavy darkness on their side. They are capable of doing more bad than good. They are also the ones that Robert is messing with the most, and they are falling for it, hook line and sinker.

A small note about the Lawrence and Rebecca moment after Lawrence tells Chrissie off. The lighting. Before Lawrence and Chrissie are in shadow. Small shadows but shadows. When Rebecca goes to look at Lawrence, the light changes to give her a halo effect. Showing me that Lawrence sees Rebecca as the angel and not Chrissie. Meaning, that view Lawrence had before of Chrissie being the good one over Rebecca has changed.

The camera angles are interesting too. Chrissie and Lachlan are being filmed from a higher angle than Rebecca and Lawrence. This gives me a possible clue that Rebecca and Lawrence feel they are above Chrissie and Lachlan. Like, they don’t need them. They are better than them. They know better than them. This could play into their exits or their own destruction as a family.

This also tells me why The Whites never worked on their own. They were always tied to Robert, the more interesting character. The developed character. The legacy. Usually, this is how you get new characters introduced by tying them to a legacy character. However, without Robert, they floundered and never connected with anyone else. The Whites argue about their own petty problems and then move on. Then they do it again next week. It never ends. Robert adds that undue influence to move things along. Robert is needed, but that limits that character making the White useless to us as viewers. We don’t want to see Robert brought down, he is part of the village. He is better out there with Aaron and the Dingles. The Whites as characters just don’t work.

By the way, this could all be crap. Sometimes shows take the time to do this but for a soap opera on a time and budget crunch, it might be harder to pull off. However, I have faith in Emmerdale. I’ve seen them do great work with mise en scene before. I think they are doing it now too.

I don’t see The Whites sticking around. Hell, I don’t see a baby sticking around, but that is for another time. What do you think? Go watch the scene and tell me what you think is happening below or tweet me @AmandaJ718! Until next time, I’ll see you around in Emmerdale.

Aaron and Robert: Want vs Need

On Thursdays Maxine written episode Aaron says this line to Liv:


“My counselor reckons what you want and what you need are different things sometimes.”

Which the Emmerdale Twitter account retweeted themselves. I’ve read about this line in a few fanfictions over the past year and maybe even talked about it briefly on Tumblr…somewhere. I can’t find it now, but I can’t get this line out of my head. I have to talk about it and how it relates to both Aaron and Robert as we seemly get to the point of this storyline that has driven fans a bit nuts (myself included).

Now, if you are human you naturally have needs and wants in life. Personally, and in your relationships. In a personal relationship (girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband) there can be an imbalance of needs vs. wants.  One blog entry, Wanting vs. Needing a Relationship, said:

I feel like you shouldn’t need in a new relationship. You should want. Because if you need, it means you weren’t a complete person when you entered into it. To want means that you are making a conscious decision to make room for this person in your life. But maybe that doesn’t feel secure enough to the other person.

One could guess, off that quote, that Robert and Aaron and their needs and wants are a big part of their breakup and their upcoming reunion.  Read on if you want to see how.

Aaron and Roberts Wants and Needs

Now, let’s get back to Aaron and Robert.  At the beginning of their affair, both ultimately needed each other for different reasons. Both were fulfilling a natural need while getting some nice extras on the side.  Robert needed to scratch an itch he refused to acknowledge out in public.  Aaron got some without having to run out to the bar every time and then making the walk of shame in front of his mother. What did both get? They both got someone to talk to without much judgment. Something both hadn’t really had in a long time.  Something they both secretly wanted. Even though it wasn’t always seen on camera, those two knew things about each other that they wouldn’t normally know unless they had some pillow talk.  Robert knew when Aaron was self-harming again and Aaron knew Robert was hiding his true feelings of bisexuality also hiding his love for Aaron.

Before the start of their real relationship, Aaron had needed Robert there to admit the abuse, get his family on board and then get Gordon put on trial for his crimes towards Aaron. Aaron couldn’t do it alone. He needed Robert to push forward. He needed Robert there for him to get through that trial and the after effects.  He needed Robert to hold onto for support.  That continued as they found Liv and after the trial. Aaron even saying he couldn’t know what to do without Robert. He could lose him.

That need made them very co-dependent on each other. Some online have said unhealthy co-dependent (It is a soap. Most soap couples are unhealthy.) which caused them to implode once they were pulled apart.  Since then, since the breakup, Aaron has purposely tried to get better, mentally and physically. Going to therapy, exercising, and trying to do things in his own way has made him a more complete person. He doesn’t need someone there to do what is right for him all the time. He doesn’t need someone to push him towards a better life. He can do that himself now.  He can stand on his own two feet.

Now, I think Robert was taught by Jack, he should want and need these things: a wife, money and some power.  He needed his father proud of him. Not what he wanted though.  He wanted to be happy with himself, be loved and have a warm, happy family.  We can argue that Robert had all of that with Aaron and Liv. The White Family was what Jack made him think he needed but not wanted.

Robert, since the breakup, has self-destructed. He has always been self-sufficient in the past, but since falling in love with Aaron and being honest with himself about his bisexuality, he has been opened emotionally. Something he tries to cut off but does horribly.  He has been opened and can’t go back to that old life or his old coping methods.  He needs Aaron more than ever.

I guess this means that Aaron has learned he doesn’t need Robert to be happy or a complete person but he wants Robert because he does love him, their life is never boring, and he is part of his family.  For once, Aaron is the strong one. Robert the weak. Robert needs Aaron to admit that his scheming isn’t going to help him in the long run, he needs his family (Aaron and Liv) on his side and needs to face the future and his responsibilities as a “dad.”

Since Aaron went to jail and everything that followed, Robert has been lost. He lost his home (Aaron), and he even lost what he found in that home. His true self and his true love. Now, he has fallen back into old habits deciding he needs to be like what Jack wanted (power and money) to fill that Aaron shaped hole. He needs Aaron to remind him of what is underneath and what he wants in life. He wants to be his true self, and he wants to be his true self with Aaron.

It’s a reverse of Aarons story the year before. That might have been the clue to this story all along. Aaron and Robert had to be torn down and rebuilt. Only Aaron is doing it first, and then he needs to help Robert come back from the revenge void. Then Robert can rebuild to not just needing Aaron but wanting Aaron for who he has become.

That might lead them to a reunion, becoming a stronger couple and then their real wedding. That was what we have been waiting for all along.

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me your thoughts @AmandaJ718! Until I need to babble again, I’ll see you around in Emmerdale.

Help from Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) 

Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – July 5, 2017

My feed was wonky, so I had to wait for the recap. So, it’s not so live, but I did try.

No one gets the bubble wrap today. I’m using it on Robert because the show, once again, doesn’t want to take care of him at all.  Wait, why should I be surprised?

*Bubble wraps Robert Sugden* #RobertSugdenDefenseSquadWasHere

The Whites

Lawrence hiding something (water, rinse repeat). I see where Rebecca gets her plot device nature from.

Lawrence meeting up with Chrissie’s uncle.  He doesn’t look like how I expected him to look like.  Interesting. Lawrence might be playing a few games with Chrissie right now. I’m sure Lawrence did something wrong. He always does.  He is like a mini Victor Newman.  Without the mumbling.

$20,000 pounds! That sounds like a lot of money! *American runs to google for conversion*

Let me guess. All those wedding photos that were on the internet today was Ronnie and Lawrence’s wedding.  *pops some bubbles on the wrap in contemplation*


I wait for men to act like Tracy is a “shrew” when she is just disappointed in her dad.  I’d be upset with my dad too.

“I reckon tart is on the menu” – Tracy (HA)

“If I want dubious relationship advice I will go to Bernice.” – Tracy (She is on fire today)

We were in the car…. resting.” – David (Good save there, buddy!)

Tracy just called Charity a skank. (Eh…while this is traditional soap….I don’t like seeing Charity kicked while she is down. Way down.  There is a limit.

Leyla was drunk yesterday! HA. Knew it.  Love her.

“Sleeping with someone’s fella without thinking twice!” – HEY! Tracy just described Rebecca! That means she should show up, soon right? Like if we say it three times in the mirror she will appear like a demon in the night?

Well. THANKS, TRACY. *bites into snickers*

Whoa.  Megan just went full out slap happy.  Damn. That was dramatic.

Tracy is rethinking that reveal. Why is David so quiet and looks freaked out? Instead of helping guide Tracy to calm down he is just helping her set aflame her father’s relationship.

The Thomas Family/Emma

I’m sorry. I know Laurel is stressed and distracted by I’d notice if someone kept wanting to hang out with my kid.  Like, no. Stop it. Laurel doesn’t even like her!

I think I’d notice if my kid got all weird around other adults like Arthur does. Then again, Laurel is stressed and not thinking straight.

Emma: Creeper you see on Dateline.


I feel like the writers forgot Charity and Frank hooked up in February because a lot of this feels like an afterthought.  Like, ‘crap. We forgot! We have to tie this up before everything else starts up for the others!’ stuff.

I like that Debbie and Charity are starting to mend their relationship.  Debbie is trying to get her mother back on track. Which is very sweet to watch.

The Attic Characters

There is a ton of Nicola lately. Not that I don’t love it, but I’m afraid something is coming with her. Something wrong.

I do love that no one is taking Bernice seriously.  That must mean down the line she does do some good with her online ‘degree.’ Kids don’t even respect Bernice. That is just funny.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Originally posted by welcometoyouredoom

I picked one well of a week to want to avoid spoilers and speculation. I am going to try and stay on that path because right now, I’m this close.

As per usual, tell me below what you think or tweet me @AmandaJ718.  If you are rude, you will not be answered. Until tomorrow, I’ll see you around in Emmerdale.

I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone… (Goodbye HBO’s Girls)


After six seasons the polarizing television show, Girls, ended its run on HBO.  I’ve been watching since I day one.  I remember seeing the articles and the commercials and getting excited. I felt like I found a show that might relate to what my friends and I were going through in our twenties.  I wasn’t wrong.  The show did cover how different being in your twenties was compared to when our parents were in their twenties.

Sure, I didn’t always relate. I had a different life in my twenties (I’m 29 going on 30 in July).  I wasn’t running around New York City. I was trying to get my bachelors/graduate degree. I was tethered to my small-town world.  I was living vicariously though the show sometimes. I hated a lot of my twenties and man did I hate quite a few seasons of this show.


I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me explain how I feel about this show now that we have a final episode.  I see this how as a character study.  We, as an audience, joined these characters at one point of their lives, stuck around for six years and then moved on.  We were never meant to see any final decisions. It was just a slice of life. We had six years with these people, and we know as much as they do.

That is what Girls was.

We are left with so many questions because life leaves us with so many questions. To tell you the truth I felt like everyone had a better ending than I expected.  My favorites, Shoshanna and Ray, got their happy endings (not with each other which surprised me).  Jessa is still looking for a reason for her existence, but she has a grounding source in Adam. Adam is grounded but can still be crazy with Jessa. They work together.  Elijah finally started to grow up by finding his own path.  Marnie, being the eternal optimist, is still searching but perfectly ok with that.

Which leads me to Hannah.  I’ve been seeing lots of posts saying that the show set a dangerous precedent by saying that the only thing to make Hannah happy was a baby. I didn’t see it that way at all. This character runs from everything. That is her own arc for the show.  She is always searching for something to make her stay.  Each season she would set her sights on something and the minute it doesn’t fit she ran for the hills. She was constantly looking for something to make her stay.  She found it in the one aspect of life that requires you stay.  She found it in someone she can’t leave behind. If that works for Hannah, good for her. It was time for Hannah to quiet her mind and just settle.

This show also covered the idea of friendships, female and male.  As much as we wish it were true, the television show Friends isn’t a great representation of friendships. I’ve had so many friends over the years. Some stuck around, and some have left. Some have left great memories, some make me angry, and some don’t even get to be remembered. Friendships are fleeting or forever, and that is ok. In fact, I’m convinced that my oldest friend, she won’t read this, Erin and I are a mix of Marnie and Hannah. Depends on the situation. We can go years not talking, but then if something comes up, we are back in each other’s lives. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, we aren’t going anywhere, but we have to lead our own lives. That requires not talking for years, so be it. That is fine. That is our friendship. This show talks about that, and it is refreshing. It acknowledges that friendships aren’t meant to be forever. Those friends you make in college, or high school isn’t always going be there regardless of what those movies and books tell you.

Sometimes you need someone for a particular time, and that is ok. That is something people talk about in entertainment, but Girls did, and I will always appreciate that. Speaking of which, Girls was a show that I needed for a time.  Sure, I’ll come back and visit, rewatch my favorite episodes, revisit a few friends but then move on because that is human.

I’m very happy this showed existed, but I think it ended at the right time.  So, goodbye Girls. I appreciated our time together, but it’s time to move on.

Golden Questions: What Happened to Coco?

As much as I love The Golden Girls (I bet you didn’t know that) you watch it enough you start to notice plot holes and wonder, what is that about?

Here are the top three plot holes that I wonder about every time I watch the show.



Rebecca’s Amazing Transformation

Rebecca Devereaux is Blanche’s daughter who we meet in season four. She was built up to be a model and incredibly beautiful. When we meet her, she has put on some weight, and her self-esteem was low leading her to almost marry a man who emotionally abuses her. She almost does this because she is convinced she will never get married or have children otherwise.

When we run into Rebecca again, she is thin, has loads of self-esteem and decides to do IVF to have a child on her own.  She is strong enough to be a single mother.

What? What could have changed in that time? One could argue that she lost weight, gained some confidence and decided to have a family on her own terms. Which would be great, if we didn’t see Rebecca two years later. Yes, she could have done all that work in two years, but it would be hard to do. Especially for a character that was so emotionally damaged.

How Old Are They?


This is one that is talked about all the time.  How old are Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia? Their ages seem to change from season to season.  During the first episode, they are all in their 60s but then the rest of season one they are in their 50’s. Sophia is the only one that seems to stay the same throughout the seven seasons. She stays between 80 to 81 years old.

At one point Sophia makes a joke about planning on telling Dorothy about sex when she is 60 years old. A couple episodes later Dorothy is now in her mid-60s. Ok then. Why do their ages keep changing? Is it typical sitcom forgetfulness or is it just plot convenience?

What Happened to Coco?


Coco is the keeper of the house. He cooks, cleans and helps our girls. At least that is what I think he was there to do. Coco appears in the pilot and is never seen or mentioned ever again. There is a Mental Floss article that said Sophia was to be a character that just visited Dorothy. Maybe Sophia took the place of Coco. Either way, I wonder if the show would have been different if Coco stuck around.  He and Sophia could have been quite the pair, however, would Coco being there have ended all of the possible Dorothy and Sophia moments we have come to love? Will may never know.

Do these plot holes annoy you too or do you know of some other issues with The Golden Girls? Leave a comment below or tweet me with your golden plot holes (oh, that didn’t sound right).

Stick around because on Saturday I will be tackling The Golden Palace. Did it deserve to die out or did it deserve more to time to flourish? Until then.

The Golden Girls Favorites

I’ve always been a Golden Girls fan.  Recently, Hulu released the whole series onto their service, and that has created a monster. Having now re-watched the entire series in the matter of a week (Shut up. My mom thinks I’m cool) I have a new respect for what the show stood for and the extra laughs I got now that I’m an adult watching this show. When you are a kid, you miss a lot of the jokes.

Anyway, having come out of the other side of that rewatch with a renewed view of the show, I have found my top three favorite episodes. Keep reading to find out what they are!


“The Case of the Libertine Belle” – Aired September 28, 1991


 Blanche hosts a company event at the Maltese Falcon Club Mystery Nights. However, Blanche gets into some hot water after her boss is found murdered in her room.

Why is it Great?

This is a classic because of how everyone played a part in this episode. Usually, there is one plot, and everyone veers off to little plots, but this one was focused on one place.  It made the jokes sharper, and for once, Rose got the upper hand over her roommates. The mystery is a lot of fun too.

Favorite Quote


Sophia Petrillo: Not part of the show, people! Not part of the show!

“Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?” – Aired December 3, 1988


The girls $10,000 scratch-off ticket is left in Blanches new jacket which is accidently given away to charity. They chase the jacket down to a homeless shelter where they spend the night.

Why is it Great?

This episode always bored me as a kid. I always thought the song at the end was corny as well. However, as an adult, that episode just broke my heart. Not only does the show break the stereotype of what people consider a homeless person to be, but they also point out that we don’t seem to try and take care of these people. It must have been big for a sitcom to highlight these people and highlight that we aren’t doing enough to help them live as a productive person in society.

Favorite Quote


Ida: The retirement home costs money, the doctors cost money, medicine costs money. I always thought it was so sad I’d outlived my whole family, but I didn’t know that it was going to be a punishment.

“Mrs. George Devereaux” – Aired: November 17, 1990


Blanche’s husband comes back from the dead, faking his death to take down his business partner. Meanwhile, Dorothy has two celebrities chasing after her affections.

Why is it Great?

This episode lets us go beyond the ‘sex-pot’ image and see that she does miss her husband.  She does dream that he is alive and she could continue her old life with him.  Breaks my heart when it turns out to be a dream. Though, all the little subplots within the dream are hilarious. Dorothy being fought over by two celebrities and Sophia admitting she was a spy is something fun to see. By the way, I’d totally buy Sophia being a spy in real life. It makes sense.

Favorite Quote


There is so much to love when it comes to The Golden Girls. You can now watch those episodes and more on Hulu.

What are your favorite episodes? Tell me below in the comments section or shoot me a tweet. I love to talk television with anyone.


Stick around for more Golden Girls fun while I nitpick at some Golden Girls plot holes! Until next time.

Flynn Carsen and the Librians: My Learning Soulmates


Flynn Carsen is my soulmate. No, not romantically (I’m not smart enough for him) but he is my emotional soulmate. Let me back this up.  Flynn Carsen is a character from The Librarians series.  It starts with three movies following the new librarian, Flynn Carsen as he learns about the ancient world of the Library and its artifacts. The television show continues the journey with Flynn, Eve (his guardian/girlfriend), Casandra (Librarian in Training #1), Jacob (Librarian in Training #2), Ezekiel Jones (Librarians in Training #3) and Jenkins (the Caretaker).

It’s a great show. Check it out.

Anyway, Flynn Carsen is my emotional soulmate.  He is someone who failed to launch. When we meet this character in the first movie, he is in his early thirties and still in school.  In fact, he has multiple master degrees and PHD’s. He is thrown out of school and must figure out his life.  He is a mess. He loves to learn, and he knows he is smart. He just doesn’t know where to start. He doesn’t know what he is worth out in the world.

That is how I feel right now.  I graduated with my master’s degree four years ago, I’ve been taking freelancing work but haven’t found a steady job. I’m floundering. This is something that I love about Flynn. Like him, I love to learn. I’m having trouble finding my way. I automatically felt connected to him.

We need more characters out there like that. We have enough of young teenagers-early twenties stories of finding their way. Let’s start talking about the people who took more time to get to a certain point. Not everyone works off the same time schedule. It’s time for our media to reflect that.

I know things are crazy and life is very uncertain for us all. Sometimes it takes a good book, movie or television show to help ground us and help us work out some issues. For me, Flynn Carsen is that person to do that for me.

I’m truly glad Flynn Carsen exists out in the fictional world. It’s good to know that I’m not alone.


Now it is your turn. Which character do you relate to out there in the fictional world? Tell me below!

Until next time.

This has been Amanda living in the fictional world.