Are Christmas Movies Dead?



Ho Ho Ho! Welcome back to the randomness! Other than the obvious, what have I been thinking about a lot lately?

Are Christmas Movies Dead?

You are probably confused. You are thinking, you have written more about Hallmark Christmas Movies than anyone should. You have spent the whole month just talking about things that ultimately relate back to Christmas movies. What are you talking about?

Well, my dear reader, this question came to me while watching White Christmas. You know the film. Two guys fall in love with two girls while putting on a play for their retired general. It is lush, musical, bright and warms even the coldest of hearts.

While I think about this movie, I think about the most recent movie I have seen Love The Coopers. Another Christmas movie follows different members of the Cooper family on Christmas Eve. In comparison the film was dull (in color and topic), slow and less fun to watch.

What has happened to the Christmas film? What happened to these kinds of films that distract us from our problems for two hours. White Christmas lets go into a world where miracles can happen, and it can snow even when it won’t. Now, movies seem to take in all the problems of the world and display them back to us.

I know, as a society, we are much more open about problems and willing to talk about these problems. I’m perfectly fine with that. However, sometimes I need to take a break. Everyone needs a break from the real world. That is what movies are for! Especially movies set during the holiday season.

Hallmark does provide us with more holiday movies than we can handle, but something is off with those movies as well. It tends to follow the same formula of romance or over religious family drama. There is nothing lush or heartwarming about these movies. They are just there with their formulas and cutest covers of Christmas songs.

I wish Hollywood would try to make that type of movie again. I bet people would welcome the break from the real world. Even if the film is corny and full of dancing, I think people want to see that type of film again.
For now, are traditional Christmas movies dead? My final assertion? Yes. Mostly because, as a society, we have let that part of us die as well. That part of us that believes in the corny, lush, romantic, sweet world that could exist. It does not seem like it, especially these days, but on film, we can have that world. In two hours at a time.

Stick around because I will be listing my favorite traditional Christmas movies. See if your favorite is on the list!
Until then, the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed!


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