Archie vs CW’s Riverdale


Welcome back, random people! Having a good week so far?

I’ve been researching. That is what usually happens when I cannot sleep. I go looking around on the internet in the dead of night. I check up on the stuff that I normally forget to check on.  On this particular night, I came across a website that was talking about a new CW show by Greg Berlanti. Cool. I like Greg Berlanti shows. I’m already interested.

At least, until I saw what he was doing. Riverdale. An (as Wikipedia puts it) subversive look at the Archie gang aka ‘Twin Peaks meets Archie’.

I love Twin Peaks. I love Archie. I don’t love the idea of those two together. It is my ultimate ‘nope’.

Maybe I should back up. Why would this development bug me so much? Well, I hold Archie comics to a high standard. Archie came into my life in the most random way possible. I was being a brat while my grandma was trying to grocery shop. To shut me up she grabbed a double digest issue of Archie and Friends and told me to read it.

That is when I started my love for everything Archie. Especially when my grandfather was sick. I would buy as many different digests and bring them with me to the hospital. Reading those comics during that really hard time got me through. Especially after he passed away. The wholesomeness of the jokes and the sweetness of the comic is what got me through dark times when I was a kid.

This leads us back to the show they are calling the new mash-up of ‘Twin Peaks and Archie’.  I don’t want to see something that I hold dear become dark and overcomplicated.  This group in Riverdale is what got me through the darkness. I’d rather not see them go through darkness themselves.  This show just annoys me because I hold a very different view of the Riverdale gang.

Then again, I might be overthinking it. Maybe I need to let go of the feelings from my childhood and look at this comic/television show through different eyes. Maybe holding onto the past keeps you from something greater. I don’t know if this show will be a better direction but I can’t and shouldn’t dismiss the show so easily.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so protective of the source material. Let it grow into 2016 and beyond.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed.


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