A Look Back At…

Welcome back! I was recently listening to Spotify, and a very familiar song came on the radio. It brought me back to my middle school days, and it made me smile. The same feeling happened again when walking about Barnes and Noble (the only bookstore left…that is an entry for another day) when I came across a book series that was a big part of my childhood. Same when I go through Netflix and come across a show that defined my teenage years.

Sometimes that feeling is warm and sometimes it makes me feel sad. Sad for the days that have passed me by. I am sure you have experienced that as well. Those old feelings that bring you back to happy and sad times.

That is when I decided I needed to write about these feelings. I am going to look back on those songs, movies, books and television shows that bring out those very strong feelings in me. I am going to look back with nostalgia but look with a much critical eye. It is amazing to think that we look back at certain situations or media with rose-colored glasses.

Sometimes to move on you need to analyze your past to move onto your future.

The first topic to be discussed on this journey into the past? Boy Bands. Oh boy. I grew up in the boy band boom, and it was a glorious ride.

Do you like to look back or do you just keep moving forward? Tell me below in the comments section.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoy this new look into my nostalgic past.


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