Emmerdale: Live and Organized – December 19, 2018

Guess who’s back? For one day. I have a mental health day today. Tell a friend!

Let’s Crack On!

The Spencer’s

Way too many Spencer’s in this episode already.

Seriously. Which producers like the Spencer family? I like Kerry. I like Dan. Daz can choke. Amelia…I’ve had enough of her.

Swirling is just excited that he doesn’t have to interview a Dingle or Sugden. It’s a good day for him. *smirk*

I wonder if Maya has abused Leanna too. Jacob can’t be the first one Maya has gone for.

Also, Amelia, honey, after the stunt you pulled, people are going to find it harder to believe you when you tell the truth! It sucks but its true.

All of David’s Exes (Creepy Girlfriend too)

Leyla and Tracy running the pizza business together makes me smile. Just think….a year ago….they were fighting over David. They are in a MUCH better place.

Maya? Choke. I can’t stand her. She is creepy. So CREEPY.

Sports Watch with Ellis and Jacob

Ellis being a coach….LOVE IT.

Also, Ellis is getting a bit part of the Maya/Jacob drama…let’s hope Ellis is the one that puts two and two together. I was thinking he would be the first to figure it out since he is new. Other characters might not believe him right away.

Ellis is saying everything the fans are saying. Walk away. Get away from her. Self respect but also Maya is a predator.

Faith and Eric and a Special Nightie

Wow. Faith. Good for you girl! Stockings. Suspenders. High heels?

Eric suggesting a hotel room! OH MY GOD. I LOVE THIS.

Hey guys…there might be room at the INN!

  1. OOOHHH. Damn girl. See you at church? OH GOD. Seriously. OH GOD.

The Woolpack

Good to see Leyla back to normal with David. I hated the idea of them getting back together.

Also, this explains why Vanity is just moving too fast. It was for plot. They needed Maya in the hornets nest of Jacobs moms. Plot. Plot. Plot. That’s all Vanity’s got.

Oh. The seeds are out there now. Good for you Ellis.

They explained it away…oh boy. OH! I WAS RIGHT. They used Ellis’s new character smell to write it off. That makes sense. Good for you show.

The Church

I thought Eric and Faith spent last Christmas together? I forget….

Faith is writing Faith/Eric fanfiction now. *eyebrow raise*

Maya and Jacob

THESE TWO ARE SO CREEPY. The show is doing a good job. They are supposed to be creepy. GEEZ.


“I really liked you. I thought you were special. Mature. I was wrong. You are like every other stupid needy boy.” – Maya *OH MY GOD. THAT IS FUCKED UP WHAT SHE SAID. HOW MANY TIMES HAS SHE SAID THIS TO OTHER BOYS AND GIRLS*


FINAL VERDICT: Needs more Robert and Aaron. Liv. Seb. More Faith being hot and cute. Eh. It’s a strong episode. Maya is an abuser and creepy. SOmeone needs to save Jacob from himself. Faith forever and ever amen.

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