Emmerdale: Not So Live but Organized (The Week of 11/19-11/23 2018)

Hello everyone! Welcome to Emmerdale: Not Live but Still Organized. I know…it’s been a very long time! I am still adjusting to things going on in my life, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching.  It’s just time for me to voice my opinion again.

*superhero pose* *one person in the distance claps*

So, I just had some time this week, so I decided to do a week-long look at Emmerdale in my organized opinion. I’m sorry in advance. This will be long (it is covering a weeks’ worth of material) and it will be very stupidly funny.  I will be seeing myself out a lot. Sorry in advance.

So…shall we…crack on? *eyebrow raise*

The Art Heist of DOOM

Clive and Frank running a con is interesting.  I mean…I don’t ship them or anything. Nah. No. Not at all. NAH. *giggles*

I mean…getting drunk while watching someone paint…not a date at all. Nope. NOT AT ALL. STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. *writes fanfiction in my head*

Leyla calling the shots on the con now? YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

I’m joking around about this storyline because its interesting, sure, however…hard to write about. It’s just…a story for three characters who don’t get huge stories normally. So, I’m enjoying the ride.

Leyla’s acting. Its just…so beautiful. I shed a tear….from laughing so hard.

Frank is upset that Clive is making out with Leyla…my fanfiction is coming to life. *SNORTS*

I really have nothing but jokes for this storyline. I’m so sorry.

I kind of love the pink and red of Leyla and Megan.  They aren’t complementary colors, but they are shades of each other.  Think about it. Good for you costume department if that was what you were going for.

“Franks not a happy bunny.” – Clive *THIS SHOW TEASES ME WAY TOO MUCH*

I think Clive and Frank need a backup plan. That plan is…MURDER ROCK! *LONG LIVE MURDER ROCK!* (I feel so sorry for the people who don’t know or remember my murder rock love.)

“This woman flaunts her wealth. She deserves what she gets.” -Clive *How Kardashian of Clive.  Isn’t that why she was robbed? They watched what jewelry she wore on vacation through Instagram and then stole it?*

WHOA. WHOOOAA. Clive is screwing with the website?!? NOT COOL DUDE.

Mrs. Robinson and Jacob

I have seen people get upset about this storyline. I’ve seen people say they feel uncomfortable. They have trouble watching. GOOD. You are supposed to feel that way. What is happening is SO FREAKING WRONG. We have seen this story portrayed with the man in the older person role and a young impressionable girl. I like seeing this reversed.


It happens more often than you think. The older woman taking advantage of a boy. Also, Jacob is a boy. He is no man. She is a grown ass woman who should know better. It happens all the time. In America we have a very famous case about this.

The fact people are uncomfortable and upset means the show is doing its job well. They are happy at this reaction. We shouldn’t be shipping them. That is creepy and weird.

Moving on…Jacob saying he is having sex with Liv. SO NOT COOL AT ALL JACOB. If Aaron and Robert don’t get to Jacob first…Liv is going to KILL HIM. I will be there too…cheering her on.

Nicola and Robert: A Pair of Secret Agents

Robert and Nicola are an amazing comedy and overdramatic team. I love it. You love it. Lets love it together, shall we?

Robert playing with the kids was adorable. My ovaries burst into pieces watching that.  Also, Angel and Robert joking around was adorable. Everything was great. I also love that Carl was allowed to draw around Robert’s nipple on his shirt. Robert Dingle-Sugden…you are whipped my boy. (I LOVE IT).

As for the scheme against Graham. My speculation is as follows:

I think its to set up a big storyline for January with a King (Nicola and Jimmy), a Sugden (Robert and Aaron) and a Tate (Kim). Three major and beloved Emmerdale families battling each other? That sounds like some good television. Also, I speculate that its going to be more focused on Nicola and Jimmy than Robert and Nicola.  I think Robert will slowly start to drop out of the scheme. Just based off what I heard.

I’m never right though…which makes watching even more fun! *laughs*

I have to say though….Robert in scheme mode…he is so hot. *fans myself*

I’m someone who appreciates Graham as a character by the way. I still do but they seem to be having trouble giving him something to do. Other than be drunk. Sad. Destructive. Also, I won’t lie, if I have to choose between Robert and Graham…Robert always wins. *does a dance and sings* Robert take Graham for all his worth. I don’t care. *stops dancing*

Worried about what Kim will do to him. Kim will eat him alive. *Doesn’t want to think about it*

The Robron Corner

Now gather around children. Here is my opinion/take on Robron as they stand right now. I know people won’t like what I have to say but I need to say it.


Robert and Aaron are the healthiest couple in the village. I KNOW. INSANE. They talk about their feelings. They tell each other about their schemes. Let them in on the planning. Listen to each other. Tell each other where to draw the line. They are doing good. So good.

Whew. I know people won’t agree with me but here we are. Also, a few other observations:

Robert and Aaron can’t be apart for more than one day. ADORABLE.

Aaron loves Robert. Robert loves Aaron. LOVE IT.

Aaron would have thrown Robert out once he heard about the Graham scheme but this time he is more like, “Don’t get yourself hurt ok?”. Major glo up my friends.

Robert being very open about his motivations for this scheme with Aaron? Major glo up.

Robert thinking about his family and future and not just himself and for revenge? MAJOR GLO UP.

Robron will never be drama free but this time around we know…the love is strong, and it will take a lot to break them up the next time. So, in my humble opinion? Relax. Sit back. Enjoy the ride. It will be ok. *BIG HUGS*

OH…one more thing. I am convinced that Aaron is turned on by a scheming sweet Robert. *hums…writes more fanfiction in my head*

Another thing…I can see a lot of interesting drama coming from a surrogacy storyline. HOWEVER…I wouldn’t mind Robert and Aaron adopting a kid in need. Someone that is in a bad place like they were as children. Either way, I’m convinced we will be having many little Sugden-Dingles running around this village. *AHEM…Danny…Aaron is a Sugden-Dingle. Get over it* *LAUGHS*

OH…I know Danny said that Aaron is still just Aaron Dingle but the kids…I sense they will be Sugden-Dingles. Hmmmmm…why introduce it if Aaron and Robert aren’t really taking the names? It’s for the kids. Awwwww! I hope I’m right!

ONE MORE THING (I’m so sorry) but Aaron being so protective over Robert…very sweet. Always love seeing that. Aaron and Robert’s protectiveness over each other…makes my shipper heart sing.

I think Aaron is worried for Robert. Not mad. Not disappointed. He is worried. He doesn’t trust Nicola. He doesn’t trust Graham and Kim. He is just worried for his husband. It’s a MAJOR GLO UP. Ok…done adding things.

I have more opinions, but I’ll hold back.  Not because its bad or anything. This section has gotten WAY too long.

The Café Crew

I love how Rodney isn’t over Misty even though she wasn’t good for him.  Rodney still upset…its not out of the ordinary. It’s more truthful than having him be over it.  Good for you show. Following through on a storyline.

Tracy getting a storyline away from David? YES, PLEASE AND THANK YOU! Pizza and Prosecco is not a bad late-night idea. I’m into it. I would be at a café for that.

I would listen to Rodney about the vegan and healthy options. People are into that.  People want to stress eat but don’t want to gain the pounds…that’s a good option.

HA! Told you Tracy! TOLD YOU. Healthy junk food is really in right now.

Oh no. Brenda said no to alcohol. CRAP. TRACY. CRAAAAAP.

I won’t lie. Brenda is allowed to be upset. She could have lost a lot if the police found out they were selling alcohol illegally? I don’t blame her at all.  I love my girl Tracy but yeah. It wasn’t the best way to go. Maybe bring the business to the pub? The bed and breakfast (call it a midnight snack) or maybe David’s? NO. Not David’s. Ignore that.

Oh. Oh no. Tracy. I think you should let Rodney help. He saved your butt twice so far. Sigh. OH Tracy. Honey. No.

The Saga of Chas and Paddy (this is the song that never ends)

Just end it now. Put us and them out of our/their misery.

I like Chas. I like Paddy. Not together. Never have and never will. I think they rushed the Paddy/Chas reunion to do this storyline. Why? Lucy and Dominic are powerhouse actors. They are the ones that can handle this dark and heavy of a storyline. They did, and they did an amazing job.  Now its time to end this relationship and let them go back to their corners of the show again.

Mandy Dingles appearance and what she might be bringing with her (if the rumors are correct) could finally put a nail in that coffin.

I have to say…the aftershocks of this story is bringing up interesting new friendships and feelings. The true angel, Lydia, trying to be there for Chas has been great to watch.  Watching Paddy admit he is grieving in his own way…great. That Eric and Chas scene? Even better. There are good aftershocks but the people at the epicenter need to end this now.

I do love the song playing during the big fight. It fits so well. *The bells were ringing out on Christmas day…*

Also, as an aside…Eric made me cry a little. Again, bringing in another powerhouse actor to close this storyline out.  Smart move.

Rhona, Pete and ‘Holly-Lite’: Perfect Together?

I think Rhona and Pete are adorable.  I LOVE how everyone was interrupting them while they were trying to get it on. ADORABLE. I’m also getting used to the blonde hair on Rhona.

Vanessa walking slowly and just staring ahead made me spit up the water I was drinking. I would do that too. While sneaking a peek at Pete’s…um….abs. *giggles…writes more fanfiction in my head*

I have to say, could Pete clean up a bit in his place. It looked a bit…dingy. He isn’t hanging out with his brothers anymore. He isn’t a bachelor anymore. CLEAN UP THE PLACE.

Putting ‘Holly-lite’ with Rhona and Pete. Interesting choice. I can see Rhona wanting to ‘save’ her. Let’s see how this develops. I think this is the new showrunners way of figuring out who to keep and who to get rid of that showed up the last couple of months.

I won’t lie, I keep forgetting her name that is why I’m calling her ‘Holly-lite’.  Rhona said it five million times and I can’t remember it. Whoops.

DAWN. Her name is DAWN. I’m writing it down now so I don’t forget later.

The Little Stuff

“Clean your Aura. Drink my Juices!” – No Rodney. I will NOT drink your juices. *makes a face at the camera*

Ah. A Christmas tree lightning ceremony is being advertised! LOVE IT. Better be in an episode soon!

I want all of Leyla’s clothes and I want them now. Thanks Santa, baby. *wink*

I love Jimmy bringing up his family and how he doesn’t have anyone left. It’s a good look at the history of the show and how the Kings were a big part of the canvas for a while. Maybe its time to bring one back and one back from the dead. *writes more fanfiction*

Bob with his tip jar cracks me up. Anytime he talks to people and jingles the glass, I couldn’t help but laugh.

There are a lot of good village connections happening. Families arguing but not breaking apart. There is a lot of good happening here. I like it.

The actor who plays Jacob has a very breathy quality to his voice and it confuses me.

We get it, Vanessa. You are dating Charity and that just elevated your status in the village. WE GET IT. Thank you, next. (As you can see…not a Vanity fan…HOWEVER…if the powers that be wanted to give them substance and something interesting to do…I’m willing to look into them again.)

I have a crush on Matty, Ellis, and Clive. That is all.

I’m loving Robert’s man purse. Joey would be proud. (He really does look sharp.)

“Why are you staring at me like you are trying to figure out where to bury the body?” – Nicola *SNORT…we all know Cane takes care of that for family*

“Cons on Frank. Let’s get cracking.” – Leyla *THAT’S MY GIRL*

“Fidget spinners were a thing. Doesn’t make it right.” – Brenda *I agree*

Faith’s hair defies gravity. I love it.

“I can’t lose you too.” – Paddy *OUCH*

Um…Brenda and Rodney? Are we headed for a triangle? Rodney/Brenda/Doug? WAIT…four-sided SQUARE of doom? Rodney/Doug/Brenda/Bob? Oh god…the horror. THE HORROR.

I love how Christmas decorations are slowly going up in the background as our favorite villagers go through their dramas. How true to life is that?

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 

Gif by Lizzzzoo

“Merry Christmas and Happy Robron Days!”

Let’s all be kind to one another. Respect each other’s opinions. Enjoy the ride Emmerdale has us on. If you would like to check out the previous reviews, click here and enjoy my ramblings as we were building towards a reunion. If you want to check out my other opinions check out this link for some fun reads. Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr if you want to get in contact with me. Until next time, Emmerdale Live and Organized is closing out for the day. Eat a Snickers bar, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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